The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

When they got home George and Sam went straight to the bedroom. George's shirt was almost off as he went through the door.

Phillip stood, arms at his sides, facing Amy. Neither one knew what to do.

"We just won't," said Phillip. "We'll do something else instead. You want to play a board game?"

"No," said Amy softly. She reached for the buttons of her blouse.

Phillip watched nervously as her bra became visible. "A snack! We could make something to eat."

"I'm not hungry," she said. "Not for that." She draped the blouse over the couch and reached behind her. She did that magic girls can do with just two fingers and her bra popped loose. She threw it on the couch, proudly thrusting her pale breasts at Phillip.

"Suck them," she ordered.

To give Phillip his due, he tried to resist, but the sight of those cherry nipples made his knees weak. He collapsed on the couch with her and nursed her nipples gently as she cooed and told him what a good boy he was. She worked at the fastener of her shorts and began pushing them down over her hips. Her panties caught in them and began to slide down too. She didn't care and pushed until they were at her knees and she could kick them both off.

Suddenly she was naked and warm and wanting him. Now her fingers worked at HIS clothing. As a last ditch effort he kissed his way down her belly, toward her pussy. But she stopped him, making him get naked with her and THEN she pushed his head toward where she was spreading her legs.

"Taste me," she ordered.

He did and she had an orgasm almost instantly, just like the last time he'd done this. He let her writhe and gave her long flat-tongued licks that covered both pussy lips as she came. Then he went to work on her clitty and probed her vaginal canal with his tongue as she trip hammered into another long glorious orgasm. Rather than satisfying her though, those orgasms only made her feel even more empty. His tongue was wonderful, and she knew she'd always love the feel of it trying to slide inside her, but she wanted something bigger... harder... longer.

She knew it would hurt, but she no longer cared.

She contorted herself until she could reach her shorts with the fingers of one hand and she dragged them to her. Her hands fumbled with them and she pulled out the little packet.

She was about to rip it open and, in the process, peered at it. In fancy script were the words:

"Genuine Imported French Tickler, ribbed for her pleasure" and, under that, in tiny letters almost too small to read "Not a Prophylactic Device. Use in conjunction with protection."

Frantic she tore open the packet and pulled out the bright red rubbery thing inside. It was a ring of rubber, not a sheath. She unrolled it and found it was about two inches long, with bumps and ridges along most of that distance and spikes of semi-soft rubber at one end. It was obviously designed to be worn at the base of the penis. It looked like some kind of torture device.

She felt a terrible ache in her belly. She wanted to be filled... NEEDED to be filled. "Phillip," she moaned, as he slurped away at her flowing nectar. He raised his messy face, grinning from ear to ear. Phillip was having a great time.

"I need you," she moaned again. "I need you in me."

Phillip's eyes got round as quarters. The smile disappeared.

"We can't," he croaked.

"I NEED you Phillip. Pleeease," she begged.

He looked at the thing in her hand. "Where's the rubber?" he asked.

"It ISN'T a rubber. It's something else," she whined.

"Then we can't," he said firmly. He couldn't believe he was saying that, but he felt stronger than he had in a long time.

Amy reached and pulled his face to hers. She licked her juice off his lips and kissed him. "I love you more than anything, and I know you think you're doing what I want you to, but Phillip... I NEED YOU IN ME RIGHT NOW AND I MEAN IT. PHILLIP, YOU'D BETTER FUCK ME RIGHT NOW OR I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU MYSELF!"

Her hand reached for his cock and found it, rock hard and ready to do exactly what she wanted it to do. She pulled on it and moved him into position over her. Now she spread her legs as widely as she could, whimpering, cooing, whispering to him, pulling his cock ever closer to her slippery sex.

"OH pleeeeeeaaaase, Phillip," she cried.

Phillip was actually in complete control of himself. But he also knew that something was happening that he had no control over and he was terrified that it would drive them apart after it was all over. What he couldn't decide was whether DOING what she wanted would drive them apart, or NOT doing what she wanted would drive them apart.

He gave it one last try.

"Are you sure Amy?" he pleaded.

"I've never been so positive about anything in my whole life," she said and she said it with conviction that got through to Phillip.

He sagged and let the tip of his cock touch her. She moaned when she felt his touch and wiggled in anticipation of being full.

"I should go slow," he whispered in her ear.

Her hands went to his ass and pulled. "No," she breathed.

"I'll hurt you," he whispered.

"I don't care," she urged him on.

Now the tip of his cock was seated in wet heat and he wanted to push. But there was resistance and when he pushed against that resistance she moaned and her legs flopped.

"Kiss me," she demanded.

He covered her lips with his and her fingernails dug in deep in his ass. He couldn't do anything except go forward. The pressure got harder and she whined in his mouth. Then something gave way and the force he'd been pushing with was more than enough to sink him more than halfway into her hot, wet sheath. She groaned into his mouth, but kissed him harder, more urgently and her fingernails kept digging. He gave one convulsive thrust and his pubes meshed with hers.

He was all the way in her.

Now her arms dropped to the couch, nerveless. He broke the kiss and looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed and she was biting her lower lip. She wiggled her hips and he couldn't tell if she was trying to get away from him or just move.

"You want me to take it out?" he whispered.

"You do and I'll thrash you within an inch of your life," she rasped.

"Are you OK?" he asked, giving in to the urge to push a little harder.

"Ohhhhhh," she groaned as he got even further into her virgin slot. "It hurts, but it's the best hurt I ever felt in my whole life."

"I don't want to hurt you," he whispered in her ear.

"Then FUCK me," she grunted, and she threw her pussy up at him, or tried to. He had her pretty well pinned to the couch.

Phillip threw caution to the winds then and, somehow knowing what to do, withdrew most of his rigid prick from her overstuffed puss. Then he reversed and slid it all right back into her, banging off of her pubic bone when he hit bottom again.

"OHHHH YEEESSSSSS!" she squealed "OHHH PHILLIP THAT'S JUST WHAT I WANT." Her hips went crazy as she tried to make him repeat that movement.

"Lie still!" he ordered. Her eyes opened wide at the tone in his voice, but she went limp.

Then Phillip fucked her. He made ten or twenty thrusts, pulling back as much as he dared each time, determined that he would do this to her until she babbled and screamed. But then he needed to push in and stay there, because he was about to cum and he didn't want to.

When he pinned her again his toes slipped on the carpet and his pubic bone mashed hers as he slid a little. He immediately felt her jerk, as if she had been shocked by some electric jolt and he knew he had just discovered something important.

He got a grip with his toes and rocked upwards, mashing and rubbing her clitty with his pubes and she yelped, her arms crushing him to her. Fascinated with how she was responding to him, Phillip found he was calm and that the urge to blow his wad had backed off a little. So he began to play with her, trying this type of thrust, or that kind of hip swivel, leaning in to suck at her nipples, or lick her neck as he prodded her. Slowly he learned what made her twitch and moan the most and he fine-tuned his actions until she DID scream, and her whole body vibrated as she came so hard that spittle flew out of her mouth as her head flopped back and forth.

She DID babble now, saying his name, and various curse words he didn't even think she knew. Her nails raked his back painfully and her legs came up off the floor and wrapped around his back. She began to chant that she loved him and he felt his balls contract, about ready to empty themselves into his prick, which would then spurt his cum ten feet if what he felt was true.

Once more he leaned down and whispered in Amy's ear. "I have to cum now Amy. I can't stop it anymore."

"YEEESSSSSS!" she screamed, and her hips went crazy as she slammed her pussy up onto his prick.

"Not in you honey," he groaned.

"YEEESSSSS IN MEEEEEEE," she whined, and she wouldn't let him go.

He stopped, frozen in a moment of time they'd both remember for the rest of their lives. Her eyes flew open, wide, almost scared, as she thought he was just going to stop.

"Pleeeease," she whimpered.

He stared deep into her eyes and his prick lurched as the first liquid fire leapt out of it and splashed her pussy full. Her pupils dilated as she felt her lover's sperm injected deep in her belly and she smiled.

His first burst was followed by six more, each a little less than the others, but each one clearly felt by the girl who now craved that feeling.

Fate roared and jerked his knobby prick harder. Just as it began to spew, and he aimed it at the young couple, another situation he was monitoring ripped his attention away from them and his fateful cum arced over Amy and Phillip to fall harmlessly to the side.

Fate didn't notice that he had missed.

Phillip's sperm cells were just as agitated and active as George's had been when they sought out Sam's egg and attacked it. But there was no egg in Amy's uterus for them to hunt down and ravage. That egg was still safely behind the sturdy walls of her ovary, and would not venture forth for another four days. By then, unless Phillip replaced them, his little soldiers would all be dead.

The only noise in the living room was the panting gasps of Phillip and Amy as they tried to catch their breath. Phillip was still hunched over Amy, still plugged into her tightly, though he wasn't hard any more. Amy's hands were still gripping his hips, though lightly now, as if they were just lying there. His face was buried in the soft hair that covered her neck and he breathed in her scent, loving it.

Finally he pushed with his arms, and lifted his body off hers. Her head was lying back on the couch, her eyes closed, and her hands fell limply to her sides as he moved.

Phillip didn't know what to do... to say.

"Are you OK?" he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Amy opened her eyes and they stared soberly into his. Then she smiled, a tired smile, and her hands came up off the couch to tenderly hold his head and pull it toward her for a kiss.

"I love you," she said, and she kissed him with a kiss that was hungry and demanded that he love her back. He let his chest back down on hers and returned that kiss with every bit of passion he had left in him. It was only because he had ejaculated only minutes before that he didn't stiffen again.

Finally the kiss broke and Phillip said "I don't want to move, but I know this is uncomfortable for you."

"It's OK," she said, and pushed on his chest. They both looked at where they were joined sexually and watched as his soft, wrinkled cock backed out of her pussy. It was closely followed by a thick pool of white, shiny cum. Amy reached with one finger and dipped it in the pool of spunk, then brought that finger to her mouth as Phillip watched in slack-jawed wonder.

She put the fingertip in her mouth and sucked it clean, then looked at Phillip. "That's definitely you. I'll never forget your taste."

Phillip sat beside her. "We probably shouldn't have done that," he said, as his conscience began to bother him.

Amy reached over and slapped his thigh. She was still sitting splayed out, completely unashamed of what some might call her 'slutty' pose.

"Don't get used to it," she said. "But I can tell you right now that's not the last time we'll ever do that. I wish we could do it again right this second."

"Didn't it hurt?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes, but it was a good hurt. I can't explain it except that while it hurt a lot, I wanted to feel that hurt somehow. Then it changed and it didn't hurt very much at all. Then it changed some more and I thought I was going insane. I never knew anybody could feel that good and not just die of happiness."

She got an odd look on her face. "Wasn't it nice for you?" A married man would have recognized that tone of voice at forty paces. Phillip, by virtue of his truthful innocence, dodged a bullet simply by the amount of emotion that was in his voice when he answered her.

"Nice isn't the word I'd use," he started. "Amy I've never felt anything like that... EVER, and I didn't want it to stop... EVER and if you don't marry me some day, so I can do that whenever I want, I don't think I'll EVER get married because it couldn't POSSIBLY be better with another girl."

Phillip was suddenly covered with wiggling, warm, naked girl. She was so excited that she actually bit his shoulder and drew blood with the sharp corner of one tooth. Then she kissed him everywhere she could get her lips until he had to tickle her to get her off of him. He ended up lying stretched out on the floor beside her, holding her two wrists above her head with his hands.

Still she fought with him, giggling now, and licking him instead of kissing. He rolled on top of her and pinned her butt to the floor with his weight, sitting on her hips. Her hands were slightly higher than her head now, and firmly held to the floor by his hands. Now she couldn't reach any part of him to lick and she panted, trying to catch her breath. Her hair was half covering her face and she tried to shake her head and then blew with her mouth, but she couldn't move it all.

"Help me," she ordered, apparently oblivious of how helpless she was.

"I'll help you," he growled and he scooted down until he was sitting on her thighs and began licking and sucking her nipples.

Amy squealed and laughed and ordered him to stop, but he was through taking orders for the day. He got her nipples hard until, if she'd been standing, she could have hung a necklace on them. His cock got hard again, and he wiggled until it was lying in the crease between her legs, the head resting on her still messy mons.

"I could help you with that," she panted, raising her head and looking at his prick.

"I don't need any help," he said, still growling.

He lay forward on her, with his legs outside hers so she couldn't actually spread her legs very much and began to slide his slippery cock up and down the crease in her legs.

"I might let you help me in a minute," he said, having fun just rubbing up against her.

Then, to both their delights, his cockhead found her newly deflowered opening and plugged into her pussy. Now her legs pressed hard, trying to fly apart, and he had to carefully lift one knee and put it inside her legs, without pulling out of her, and then the other. Her thighs opened wide for him. With a sigh of contentment he slid the rest of the way inside her until, with a wet squelch, their pubes meshed again.

"Please let go of my hands," said Amy in a little girl voice. "I promise I won't bite."

Phillip did and her hands flashed to his back, pulling him down until he was lying full on her. He was sure his weight would be uncomfortable, but she pulled and moaned her appreciation at the feel of him covering her as he pushed deeper, always trying to get more cock in her.

"I love this," she moaned. "I can't believe I made you wait as long as I did."

"We shouldn't even be doing this now," he moaned back, but made no effort at all to pull out of her.

"Oh yes we should," she groaned back, pulling his face to hers for hot kisses.

Their lovemaking this time was less hurried and more experimental. She tried things with her hips and the muscles she hadn't ever felt until they were in contact with a hard cock to push against. He played with his ability, being on top, to move this way, and that way and was able to tell from her reaction which ways she liked the best. He went back to that little half circle he'd discovered by accident and she came like a rocket going off, saying his name mixed in with thank you over and over again.

This time, when he felt the need to cum he put his mouth by her ear and said "I'm going to cum in you one last time before we start using protection." Her hips went crazy as she chanted "Yes" over and over again until she felt the warm balm of his offering. Phillip froze over her, his face a rectus of what looked like agony. The only thing moving on his body was his cock as it jumped and spat a thick stream of sticky sperm into Amy's belly.

As the last of his sperm flowed into his lover, he pulled on her and rolled until she was on top, draped limply over him like a blanket, her head on his chest as they both caught their breath and rested.

When Amy finally lifted her head to see what time it was, she barely had enough time to get Phillip in the shower so he could get dressed so he could go back home on time. She had to go into the bedroom to get Sam up. She and George had fallen asleep, naked, after they had made love. As Phillip got out of the shower, Amy pushed a naked Samantha in.

The next Wednesday, Sam expected her menstrual flow to start, but it didn't. Neither did she have any of the signs of what would, in a later decade, be called Pre-menstrual Syndrome. There were no home test kits in those days. Either a girl went to the doctor to see if she could kill a rabbit, or she waited.

Sam waited. She couldn't admit to her parents that she might be pregnant. And, sometimes, girls were late.

That weekend they went to a movie. Sam had told George. George then confided in Phillip, and he told Amy. This was the first chance they had all had to be together. There was an uncomfortable silence as they drove toward the theater. There wasn't much to talk about, though Phillip did ask Amy if she was afraid the same thing would happen to her. She confidently shook her head. "I don't think so," she whispered. Then she kissed him on the cheek and said "And I don't care if it does."

That was supposed to make him feel better, but it didn't. That night, when George stopped to put a dollar's worth of gas in the station wagon, it was Phillip who went into the bathroom and bought four rubbers for a quarter apiece.

With every quarter Phillip dropped, Fate growled his unhappiness.

The two couples sat in the theater, holding hands, thinking about... things.

Nobody had any sex that night.

The next weekend, Sam showed up with Phillip in tow at George's house. She had a Monopoly Box under her arm, and the four of them played until it was time for them to go home.

Their kisses were warm and loving when they all parted, and the boys' hands flitted all around the girl's bodies, but stayed outside their clothing.

The week after that they didn't feel like playing a game and George didn't want to go to a movie. He put two blankets in the car and drove them to the lake again, to the same place where he had taken Sam's virginity and possibly made her pregnant.

"We need to talk," he said, putting the blankets on the ground. Phillip and Amy started to walk away but he said "No, you two need to stay."

All four sat in a circle and they talked about what to do if Sam was, in fact, pregnant. When Amy said she and Phillip didn't need to be there, her brother leaned over and, in a serious voice, said "Yes you do. You and Phillip might be in the same situation." Amy started to deny it, but George said "We HEARD you Amy. You were yelling loud enough to wake the dead!"

Amy hung her head.

George turned to Sam. "I love you. And I'm not running out on you."

Sam cried then, and said "But we're only seventeen and by the time we graduate I'll be as big as a house. They don't let you go to school when you start showing."

George got up and paced. "I went and talked to a recruiter yesterday," he said.

Everybody got deathly still.

"He said that after Basic Training we can get married. They'll take me now."

"The Army?" asked his sister. The thought of her big brother being gone suddenly seemed awful.

"Yes. The Air Force and the Navy both want you to graduate first, but the Army will take me now. My parents would have to agree, but I think they will."

"But where would we live? HOW would we live?" asked Sam. She'd never been further than fifty miles from home, except on vacations, when the whole family was with her.

"Sweetheart, they pay a hundred dollars a month. And that's just for me. For you and a baby I'd get an extra almost eighty dollars a month. That's a hundred and eighty dollars a MONTH!" said George, who was excited at the very idea of making so much money. "I asked Dad and he said our house payment is forty two dollars a month, and look at how big our house is. With that kind of money we could have our own car too Sam."

Samantha looked doubtful, but George was on a roll, being the big brother and head of household. He turned to Amy. "What about your situation? Are you late too?" he asked.

Amy jumped to her feet to. She was irate. "First of all it's NO business of YOURS whether I'm pregnant or NOT!" She moved toward him, standing right in front of him so close that her breasts were touching him. Her hands were on her hips and she looked up at him with a frown on her face. "And if I AM pregnant, then Phillip and I have some talking to do, and we'll have to tell Mom and Dad and HIS Mom and Dad and then make some decisions. But it will be US who make those decisions, George, and NOT YOU!"

By the time she yelled "YOU" she was pushing against him so hard that he stepped back.

Amy would have been even more pissed if she knew that what George was actually thinking about during her lecture was how her breasts felt pressing into his stomach, and what they had looked like in the pool and even what they might taste like.

But he knew what to say to get her to calm down. "OK, OK, don't get your panties in a wad."

After more discussion they decided to wait one more month, just in case Sam had missed her period for some other reason than what they all pretty well knew it had to have been. That would also give them time to see if Amy had her next period, which was due within the next week.

During that time they all refrained from having intercourse. There were two hot and heavy sessions during which they discovered what the world would later call "69". For George and Sam, that was a wonderful release, especially for Sam, who had two or three orgasms before George shot her throat full of his cream.

For Amy and Phillip, though, it didn't work out as well. They both loved the taste of each other. That part was fine. And Phillip learned enough that he got her off, but it still wasn't enough for Amy. The second time they did it, Amy, figuring that if she was pregnant it couldn't hurt, and that if she wasn't, it was too close to her period to be dangerous, demanded to be filled with Phillip's wonderful long, strong prong. She never came as hard as she did when she felt his warm spunk squirting all over the inside of her pussy.

When, two days later, Amy started her period, they all celebrated, but Amy made a rule that they couldn't do ANYTHING other than kiss unless it was within four days before, or after her period.

For the rest of that month they played board games together, went to the movies, went roller skating or bowling, or just sat and talked. Phillip turned sixteen and they celebrated together, but he didn't have a party.

Sam missed her next period too.

It was predictable how the parents would react. It was 1961, and only bad girls got pregnant out of wedlock. It was shameful and lots of parents shipped their daughters off to live with some relative far away until the baby could be born and adopted out. Then the girl could return home with the neighbors none-the-wiser.

The first thing both parents did was forbid their children to see each other. When George's father suggested he would pay for an abortion, George gritted his teeth and announced he was going to join the Army. When his father laughed at that George knocked him down. The story of the resulting fight would be told and retold for decades at family reunions.

In reality it was pretty much a draw, but it ended with them talking about things, instead of either one of them dictating what would happen.

That incident also got Phyllis and Margaret together again. This time they included Sam, who gave them the kind of information about possible future plans that gave them all some hope. In the end, it was agreed that Sam and George would get engaged. George would be "encouraged" to further research this Army idea he had.

Neither mother thought to ask about what kind of relationship Amy and Phillip had, and Sam decided not to open her mouth about it.

As things progressed, George did, in fact join the Army. Sam insisted that they get married before he went off to basic training, but continued to live with her parents. While George was gone, both sets of parents observed that Phillip seemed to end up over at Amy's far more often than anyone would have thought was normal, considering how they had moaned and groaned about having to chaperone their siblings in the first place.

Then, one night, Amy's mother saw them kissing.

Phyllis and Margaret met again. They weren't taking chances this time. The relationship was forbidden. The parents congratulated themselves for nipping another "situation" in the bud. After all, the children were only fifteen. They'd forget all about each other in a few months and all the parents involved had already decided that children shouldn't even be allowed to date until they were eighteen. Maybe even twenty-one.

Now Sam DID speak up. She tried to tell her parents that they were making a mistake. No one listened to her. She was just a seventeen year old pregnant girl who was married, but still living at home.

They still got to see each other at school, but that just amounted to torture.

Amy's grades had always been mostly A's and a few B's. Her next report card was straight D's.

Phillip had been a solid B student. His report card had two F's on it. He failed his driver license test and didn't appear to care.

They quit taking care of their appearance. They were surly and uncommunicative at home. They had to be dragged places, and then they embarrassed their parents by being vulgar or rude. Their rooms were trashed all the time and no kind of punishment made any difference in either their attitude or behavior. If things didn't improve soon, there was no way either of them would have the grades to attend college.

Paul Kennedy, Amy's father, told Amy that, if she straightened up and brought her grades up, he'd buy her a brand new 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air for her sixteenth Birthday, which was only three months away. Amy suggested that, since she didn't want a stupid driver's license, and wouldn't drive the stupid car, it would be a pretty stupid present.

The parents got together and blamed rock and roll for the problems.

George came back from Basic and no one recognized him. He was tall, fit and confident. He had done so well he was already a PFC and he had been chosen for a special assignment. He was to go to a special school to try to become a Green Beret. If he was able to do that he would be a member of a team of advisors in a faraway place. It was called Viet Nam, and no one had ever heard of it before.

George also had two months pay in his pocket, and two weeks of leave before he had to report back to the Army. He'd be gone for a year after that, but he got extra pay for this job. With all of his entitlements, he'd be getting over $230 per month. That was almost as much as his father made at the factory, and he was a supervisor!

In those two weeks he and Sam found a small two bedroom house and furnished it with castoffs from family and friends, and from a few auctions and yard sales. Suddenly, Sam was a housewife. True, she had a swollen belly, but none of her neighbors knew or cared when the child had been conceived. All they knew was that her husband was in the Army and was going to be gone when the baby was born. The women who lived nearby gathered around her like protective hens. They all cried with her when George shipped out to the school where, it was said, he might actually be required to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. He'd have a parachute on, of course, but it still seemed odd.

Sam's new house also created an opportunity for Phillip and Amy. It gave them a place to meet in secret. Phillip, of course, had no problem getting permission to go to Sam's. She was getting bigger and bigger now and often needed help with one thing or another. And, since he was being kept away from the girl he loved, he hated sitting around his parent's house anyway. So, when Sam called one day and asked his parents to send him over to climb a ladder for her, and they ordered him to do it, he pretended to be angry about it, but was glad to go.

He was astounded when he arrived and found Sam and Amy sitting at the kitchen table, drinking Nehi grape soda. Sam had simply called up Amy's parents and asked if Amy could come over to visit. Amy's parents had finally come around and decided their new daughter-in-law was a fine young woman, who was going to give them their first grandchild. They thought nothing of her wanting to see her sister-in-law.

Phillip and Amy crashed together in a hot embrace. Neither could keep their hands off each other. Their kiss was broken up by Sam.

"Look you guys. I don't mind you getting together over here, but you can't end up like this." She patted her bulging belly. "So here's the rule. Any time you're here, I have to be in the same room as you if you do anything. I mean... well, you know what I mean. And I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to let you have sex in my house."

Amy drew in a breath to complain and Sam cut her off. "Not unless Phillip wears a rubber, anyway."

"Where am I going to get rubbers?" whined Phillip. His cock was so hard it hurt him. He was sixteen now. The idea of riding his bike to the gas station to buy a rubber out of the machine was beneath him now.

"You'd be surprised what being pregnant and married will get you. Nobody asks me how old I am any more. I even bought George beer at the liquor store when he was home on leave. I can get you rubbers. They'll look at me funny, but I can get them. That's the rule. OK?"

Both younger teens agreed immediately, but there wasn't anything they could do about it that night. Phillip DID learn a valuable lesson that night, though. It was a lesson that would probably be the most important lesson of his young life. He learned that not having sex with your girlfriend when you really REALLY want to won't actually kill you.

Instead, he and Amy just sat and talked and kissed and stared into each other's eyes.

It was, all things considered, a wonderful night for Phillip and Amy, even though both wanted more. Being able to be together again was so valuable to them that they gained some self control. Three hours later Sam made her brother leave because she was so tired that she was going to fall asleep, and she knew what the young couple would do if she did.

On his way out Phillip stopped and hugged his sister. "You need to get the rubbers soon," he rasped, looking at Sam. She just grinned and pushed her baby against him.

That was the pattern they slipped into for the rest of the school year. They met at Sam's as often as they could and, even though she provided Trojans for them, they didn't use them very often. For one thing neither of them liked the feel of his sheathed prick in her.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking they were taking chances. But when I said they 'didn't use them', what I meant was they elected not to have sex. That's right. They liked having sex bareback so much that they'd rather just go without than do it with Phillip's prick in a bag.

Occasionally, for a VERY special occasion, and when Amy had just finished a period, she would let him slide his naked cock in her equally naked pussy. They made those times last, sometimes coupling for an hour or more, kissing and talking until they'd both strain to reach a climax. But even then Phillip pulled out and she swallowed his warm spunk, loving his cock with her mouth. When they were finished with THOSE sessions, Sam sat with glazed eyes and her hand still in her pants from masturbating herself while she watched them.

But those occasions were rare. They made do with oral sex or no sex at all most of the time. Both realized that a pregnancy in Amy at this point in her life would ruin things for them, and neither wanted that. Instead they dreamed about how things might be some day and studied together at Sam's. Their grades improved.

All the parents gathered every once in a while to play cards, or go bowling. It was at one such get-together that Margaret mentioned Amy was at Sam's house. Phyllis turned white and sat up straight. "So's Phillip," she said, her voice tight. The card game came to an abrupt ending and all four parents decided to go visit Sam.

When they walked into the kitchen unannounced, they found Amy on one side of the table, quizzing Phillip on Algebra equations. School books were spread all over the table, and it was obvious that nothing... suspicious... was been going on.

There was some shouting. Sam told everyone to be quiet and asked the parents when their children's grades had come back up. That was when the parents found out WHY their grades had come back up. In the end the adults threw up their hands and begged the kids not to make the same mistakes their elder siblings had. Margaret quietly obtained birth control pills for Amy and told her "I don't want to know if you need these or not... but I want you to take them." Amy simply held out her hand for the packet.

After that their lovemaking increased, but they still engaged in it only for special occasions. And Phillip still pulled out so Amy could drink his seed. Even the pill wasn't a hundred percent effective.

Sam gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, who she tearfully named Georgette, to the disgust of her mother, who had pushed hard for the name of her own grandmother - Beatrice. Amy spent almost all her free time at Sam's. Phyllis, got over her funk about the name of the baby, and was enjoying her new role as a Grandma. She insisted on "helping out" around the house while Sam got to know her baby and learned how to take care of her, so was also there a lot. In the process she got to know Amy pretty well too, and decided that this young girl had a good head on her shoulders.

To everyone's relief, George came home a month later, safe and sound. He still had a year to go on his enlistment, but he was now a Corporal and was going to be assigned to a basic training unit to help train the flood of soldiers who were going to be sent to that far away place. Before he could be sent back there, his enlistment would expire. One of the first things he did was talk to Phillip, explaining that Phillip should think long and hard before he joined the service. He wouldn't tell Phillip what it had been like in that far away place. All he said was that Phillip wouldn't be interested in doing it too.

Phillip had already been thinking about that, though not in those terms. He was thinking about joining the Air Force and, to prepare, had gone to summer school and taken extra classes, which would allow him to get his High School diploma in December. Based on his continued discussions with George, he enrolled in welding school instead of joining the service.

The first of May was a happy day in both households. Phillip passed an important test, performing difficult welds flawlessly on a variety of materials, none of which were magnetic. As a result, he was offered a welder's apprentice position at a company that was going to make part of the Army's newly designed M-60 tank.

In Amy's house there was excitement as she announced she was going to the Prom and asked her mother to help her design and make her prom dress.

"I didn't think Phillip would ask you to a high school dance, since he already graduated," said her mother, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Actually I asked HIM to take me," said Amy smugly. "I felt very modern when I did it."

Margaret stopped for a moment. She looked up at her daughter's beaming face. "You really like Phillip, don't you?"

"I love him, Mother," said Amy. "I know you think it's just puppy love, and that we're too young, and all that. But look at Sam and George. They're gloriously happy. I know things haven't worked out for them like you and Daddy might have wanted, but they're happy mother. Isn't that worth something?"

"That, my way-too-smart daughter, is the whole point," murmured her mother. "Your father and I want you to go to college," she said.

"And I will," said Amy. "If it works out that way. I don't know what's going to happen. All I know is that I haven't been interested in any boy besides Phillip for over two years. NONE, mother... not even once."

Margaret just groaned and continued making measurements.

Even though it was a home-made dress, Amy was heart-stoppingly beautiful in it, as far as Phillip was concerned.

Prom was anticlimactic for Phillip, and a dream come true for Amy. She held his hand all night and danced every dance with him. He'd gotten pretty good at the fast dances, and for the slow ones they usually danced Amy's style, close, holding each other tightly. Once he insisted on whirling her around and around, like the waltz he had done with her in the grass so long ago.

At a break they went outside to catch their breath, gulping punch and laughing.

Amy put her cup on the handrail and held Phillip's hands. "Do you love me Phillip?" she asked.

He snorted. "You know I love you."

"Let's go for a ride," she said, pulling on his hands.

"But the Prom's not over!" he said. He'd had to pay nine dollars and fifty cents to rent his tux and he wanted to get his money's worth.

"Let's go for a ride," she said again.

Phillip had learned a lot about dealing with women in the last year. He thought about his options and said "OK."

Amy was driving. She'd insisted, since she had asked him to the prom. Her father had, in fact, honored his pledge and her shiny new white-over-red Bel Air hummed along the highway quietly. They rode in companionable silence until she turned into the park at the lake.

"Remember this place?" she asked, driving deeper into the dark park.

"How could I ever forget this place?" he said, a smile in his voice. "I saw the woman of my dreams naked here." He let some mischief creep into his voice. "I should introduce you to her... you'd like her."

The car swerved as she slapped his arm and he laughed. She drove to the same circle parking lot and turned the car off, removing the key.

"Aren't you going to leave the radio on?" asked Phillip, assuming she'd brought him here to dance in the darkness.

"No," she said, and got out. She went to the trunk, opened it and pulled out two blankets. "I asked Sam if I could borrow these," she said. Then she walked off into the dark.

Phillip hurried after her and caught up as she was spreading one of the blankets. He helped her and then watched as she shook out the second one and dropped it.

"What are you doing?" asked Phillip. She was in her prom dress and he was in a tux. Neither of them was dressed for cuddling on a blanket.

"What I've wanted to do for over a year, Phillip."

Then she began taking her dress off.

Phillip stood, mouth open as he watched. He'd seen her do this before, of course, many times in fact. But he was taken back to a night almost two years before, when this same girl had taken her clothes off in the moonlight and he'd watched.

When she got her dress off she laid it carefully down on one end of the blanket, so it wouldn't wrinkle. She stood in bra and panties and looked at him.

"I don't want to be the only naked person here," she said in a flat voice.

Phillip came out of his trance and began to climb out of his penguin suit. He dropped items on the blanket and Amy picked them up and laid them with her dress, scolding him gently about wrinkles. Then she stood up and dropped her bra before sliding her panties down.

She stood back up naked and Phillip's heart pounded in his chest. His prick was tenting his shorts.

"Gee, you look familiar," she said, bending over and talking to his briefs. Then she pulled them down and his rampant boner flopped in the moonlight. "Awww he looks cold... all frozen like." she teased.

In truth it WAS chilly, and she pulled him down and then pulled the second blanket over them as she snuggled up to his hard body.

"I know someplace he could get all warm," whispered Amy into Phillips ear.

She tugged at him, kissing him and pulling him on top of her as she spread her legs to give him room. He wasn't fumbling this time, and fisted his cock, bringing the tip to her opening. There were twin sighs as he slid home, deep into her.

She pulled on his butt cheeks, holding him deep, letting him soak in her warmth.

"Phillip?" she said.

"Hmmm?" he answered.

"Would you marry me?" she asked.

There was no hesitation in his voice, almost as if he'd practiced and was waiting for her to ask. "You're not supposed to ask me. I'm supposed to ask you."

"Oh" she sighed, squeezing his cock with her internal muscles. "Well, are you going to ask then?"

"I'm going to be a welder Amy," he said.

"And I'm going to be a teacher some day," she said back.

"Do you WANT to marry me?" he asked.

"Are you asking me to marry you?" she came back. Her pussy muscles squeezed him again.

"Well, if I thought you'd say 'yes' I might ask you," he said, his breathing getting deeper.

"So ask and see what I say," she told him. She milked his cock again.

"I don't think you're supposed to ask a girl to marry you when you're... doing this," he moaned.

"Phillip Rollins are you going to marry me or not?!" She dug her long, sharp fingernails into his buttocks.

"OW! YES! I'm going to marry you! Now STOP THAT!" he yelped, trying to get away from her nails. All that did was press him deeper into her pussy.

"Thank you," she said, almost primly. "You know these blankets are the same ones that Sam and George were using that night we saw them... doing this." It was a statement, but sounded like a question.

"Really?" asked Phillip as he drew out a little and then pushed back in.

"Yes they are" she breathed, bucking her pussy up at her lover. "They might even be the blankets they were laying on when George got her pregnant." She pulled his hips and made him do a circle to mash her clitty.

"Mmmmm you feel so good," moaned Phillip. He was done soaking and began to slide in and out of the woman he loved. "I'm not going to last very long tonight. Sorry," he groaned.

Amy pulled him down for a tongue swapping kiss. "That's OK," she said.

"I'll tell you when I'm close," he said, falling back into their routine.

"This is a special occasion. You don't have to take it out tonight," she breathed into his ear.

"Really?" his voice went up. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," she panted, matching his strokes with thrusts of her pelvis up at him. The tip of his cock was prodding her cervix now, something they both loved. "I want to feel you spurting in me tonight," she moaned.

"I want to spurt in you, baby," he moaned back.

"I quit taking the pill, Phillip," she panted.

"But..." he thrust harder now, instinct pushing him to climax. "You could get pregnant!"

"Of course I could," she gasped. "Why do you think I brought you here?"

"But..." he actually tried to slow down, to stave off the inevitable, to follow their plan.

Phillip learned another valuable lesson that night. When a woman has a plan today, that doesn't mean it's going to be the same plan tomorrow.

"You said you'd marry me!" she gasped.

"Oh Amy!" he cried out. And then he came. When she felt it happen she put those muscles to use again, squeezing and coaxing every drop of his creamy spend out of his prick and into her pussy, right by the mouth of her womb.

Fate stood, arms crossed over his chest. He'd waited a long time for this, and he enjoyed it all the more as his plan for these two FINALLY came to fruition. These two had given him fits, but he'd been patient. Fate smiled, gave the couple one last longing look, and turned to attend to other issues in the world.

At one in the morning, Amy dropped Phillip off at his house, giving him a lingering kiss before he got out of the car. When she got home her mother was waiting up for her. She looked sharply at her daughter, who had a look on her face that her mother had seen in the mirror when she had first been married, many years ago.

"Did you have a good time, dear?" asked Margaret.

"I had a WONDERFUL time!" sighed Amy. She looked at her mother's concerned gaze.

"He said YES, mother!"

"Yes?" asked Margaret.

"When I asked him to marry me. He said YES!" She crashed into her mother's arms and hugged her fiercely.

All Margaret could say was "What is this world coming to when a girl asks a man to marry her?"

Phillip arrived at the Kennedy house later that afternoon, with a diamond ring in his pocket that he'd bought on credit with part of his very first paycheck. When he asked Amy's father for her hand in marriage, and when her father had hesitated, there had come a stern "DADDY!" from his little girl.

With a wry smile he nodded and held out his hand.


In the spring of 1968, two families gathered to watch Amy Rollins cross the stage to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. It had been a long, hard road, but she had pursued her dream with all the tenacity she had pursued her man.

In the audience Phillip sat proudly. He pointed, talking to the six year old girl on his left knee. "See Sandra? That's Mommy!" Then he turned to the four year old boy on his other knee. "See Jimmy? See Mommy up there?"

As Amy received her sheepskin in one hand, and a handshake in the other, she heard twin voices squealing "Mommy Mommy!"

It was music to her ears.

The End

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