The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Seven

Had they been alone in the pool, Sam and George would have soon been engaged in what was now their favorite game - hide the sausage. But they weren't alone and, for some reason, George just couldn't mount his girlfriend and slide his aching penis into her while his little sister watched.

As for Amy and Phillip, they ended up panting and horny, with no outlet for their passions and both felt itchy and jumpy as they pulled apart to try to catch their breath. Both wanted something more, but both were scared to do anything else. Amy loved the feel of Phillip's hot spunk on her skin, and when he'd shot off between her legs she'd thought she was going to pass out from the joy of the feel of all that dangerous sperm so close to where it could change her life forever. But the thrill of being that close to danger was enough for now... almost, anyway.

Samantha gazed at her little brother and saw the same signs in him she'd seen in George when she and he had first started playing around sexually. Now that she was more experienced, she knew several ways that his no doubt aching balls could be relieved. And, having experienced the joys of feeling George's mouth on her sex, she had a pretty good idea what would help out Amy's wild eyed appearance too.

She pushed George away from her. "I want to go talk to Amy for a minute," she said. He moaned his disappointment and she glared at him. "I'll be right back, you big baby."

She floated over to the younger couple, keeping her breasts below the water. It sent a thrill through her when her little brother looked at them, but she had more important business to attend to. If things worked out, she could get her cookies without going back to the house, where it would be too easy to lie down and let George fuck her brains out again.

"Go talk to George," she told Phillip. When he balked she snaked her hand out and tried to grab his balls again. He yelped and backpedaled.

"I want to talk to Amy... alone." She pointed toward George. "Go do man things for a minute."

As Phillip floated across the pool Sam faced Amy. "You feel all nervous inside... don't you?" she prompted.

Amy looked at the older girl with helpless eyes and nodded.

"And you're thinking about letting him do... things," prompted Sam again.

Amy's mouth opened and closed several times. "Yes," she whispered, her eyes darting toward Phillip. "But I don't want to." Her eyes teared up. "I mean I WANT to, but I DON'T want to. It's all so confusing!"

Sam patted the girl's shoulder. "I know. I felt all those things. It about drove me crazy. But I have an idea."

"What?" asked Amy, wiping her eyes.

"You remember the first time you and Phillip saw us? At the drive-in?"

Amy's head almost exploded as the image of Sam, leaning over George's hard prick, rivers of white running from her nose, filled Amy's mind. She grimaced.

"I know it LOOKED terrible" said Samantha. "But it WASN'T! Really! It was FUN! I mean I did it wrong that time, and things got sort of turned around. But since then I've learned how to do it better and I'm telling you Amy, it makes him happy and it makes me feel better too. And he can do the same thing to me and it just feels so wonderful."

Amy didn't say anything, but she didn't frown any more either.

"I can teach you how," said Sam, her voice low, so it wouldn't carry across to the boys, who were now pushing and shoving each other in a display of testosterone induced machismo.

Amy looked at Phillip, posturing in front of her, maybe even without knowing it. She felt a surge of something that made her whole body tingle.

"Isn't it... icky?" she asked, darting a sideways glance at Sam.

"I don't think so," said Sam firmly. "I love his taste and his... his prick feels so cool when it's shooting into my mouth. There's this little place way in the back of my throat that makes me have an orgasm when I rub the tip of his prick on it. Amy I'm telling you it's FUN. Besides, if you don't like it you don't have to do it anymore. OK?"

"But won't Phillip think I'm... slutty?" asked Amy, and then she realized what that communicated to Sam about what Amy thought about Sam, since Sam obviously did that.

Sam didn't take offense though. Instead she grinned. "If my little brother thought you were a slut, he wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. In fact, I think he USED to think you were a slut, but has changed his mind."

There, that ought to rattle the girl a little. She deserved it for her stereotypical thinking.

But Amy wasn't stupid, and she saw the truth of what Sam had just said. Her friends DID act like sluts, teasing and letting boys do things to them only if they got money, or gifts or status because of it. Her friends were much more like whores than Sam ever could be.

"I'm sorry Sam," she said, knowing that the apology was somehow understood. "Yes. I want you to teach me. I want to make him happy."

"Goody," squealed Sam. She turned to the boys, who had calmed down and were now trying to eavesdrop on the girls' conversation. "Oh booyyeeees," she called out. "We have a little treat for you."

The girls herded their men to the little platform that was accessed by metal stairs from the ground. It was technically where you were supposed to get in and out of the pool. They made the boys sit on the platform, where their jutting penises were exposed, sticking up out of their laps like little anti-aircraft guns, searching for something to shoot down... or in, as it were.

They didn't tell the boys what was going on. Sam just said "Amy wants to see something," and she started pointing out on George's stiff cock where he was the most sensitive, and describing how to slip the tip of the cock past the gag reflex place at the back of the throat so it didn't make you choke.

Then, before the startled and amazed eyes of three other people, she slid her mouth down over George's cock until her nose was nestled in his wet pubes. George groaned as her throat squeezed his prick.

Then she pulled off, eliciting another groan from George, who didn't want her to stop. She turned to Amy and reached for her brother's rock hard phallus.

Phillip thought he was just getting to watch something that was pretty hot to watch. He had no idea that he was in for the same treatment. So Phillip wasn't at all prepared when his sister grasped his penis, skinned his foreskin back over the purple helmet, and started pointing out places that Amy might want to use her tongue on it.

"What... ?" he blurted.

Amy shushed him, looking interestedly at the things Sam was pointing out. Sam pushed against a place just behind the head with her fingernail and a bubble of milky white stuff oozed out of the hole in Phillip's penis. Sam scooped it up with her forefinger and held it out to Amy.

"Taste," she ordered. "I just know you'll like it."

Amy looked at Sam, then at the blob of goo on her fingertip, then at Phillip, who was staring back at her like she was an alien from Mars. She stuck her tongue out and Sam wiped the blob off on the tip of it. Closing her eyes she slurped her tongue back into her mouth and, afraid of the results, tasted.

At first there wasn't much of anything. Then there was a slightly salty sensation, and something musky, like one of the perfumes she liked, but had to use very sparingly or it was overpowering. She looked at Sam again and then back at Phillip, who was still staring as if she'd grown another head.

"I can't tell. I think I need more," she said.

Sam grinned. "I don't think that will be a problem, based on my experience." She ran her hand down her little brother's stalk and then squeezed hard as she pulled her hand back toward the tip. An even bigger bubble of thicker white welled up out of the slit.

This time Amy went straight to the source to taste. Instead of using her finger, she reached out and grasped her boyfriend's leaking cock firmly. Then she leaned forward and swiped the tip of her tongue across the head. She marveled at how smooth the tight skin was, and how warm the blob of his stuff was. This time she tasted more. It was hard to describe because she'd never tasted anything quite like it.

But it wasn't bad, and it wasn't icky.

She raised her head and smiled. "I like it," she said. Then, without even thinking about it, she skinned her hand along his cock twice.

Not only was Phillip not prepared for what she'd just done, he was so blown away that he lost control. On the second jerk of his girlfriend's hand he exploded, his cum spraying everywhere as he fired off over and over again. One long string splatted on Amy's chest, and two more went in the water to one side.

"DON'T WASTE IT!" yelled Sam, and to EVERYONE'S surprise, including Sam herself, she swooped down and her mouth closed over the tip of her brother's cock.

She got two good spurts before Amy reacted enough to push her away and take her place. Sam reared back, but swallowed, noticing immediately that her brother's cum tasted slightly different than George's. Then, her appetite whetted by the two spurts she'd just swallowed, Sam dove back down on George's prick and deep throated him, moving toward her orgasm with a vengeance.

Amy, meanwhile, was exploring Phillip's penis while it dribbled the last of his emission into her mouth. She sucked hard and milked his cock like she'd seen Sam do, getting enough cum that she could really taste it this time. She pulled off, swirled the hot stuff around in her mouth and then swallowed it with a long "Mmmmmmmmm". Phillip fell over backwards on the platform as his world exploded and he felt faint.

Soon George was humping and groaning as Sam sucked his balls dry, tickling that special spot in the back of her throat until she squirted girl juice in the pool as she rubbed her clit.

It was quiet as all four of them recuperated. The only one who hadn't had an orgasm was Amy, and she was in a bad way without being able to identify just WHY she felt so... so SOMETHING. Sam saw it in her face, the mixture of frustration, the overabundance of energy, the look of a woman in heat.

Sam pulled at her brother's arm. "Get up lazy. Amy needs you," she chided.

Phillip sat up, a dazed look on his face. "What?" he croaked.

"Amy needs you. She took care of you and now you need to take care of her. Come on!" Sam pulled and he slid into the water. Then Sam was maneuvering Amy up and onto the platform, spreading her legs and pulling her until her pussy was right at the edge of the platform. She guided Phillip in and draped Amy's legs over his shoulders.

Sam reached up and rubbed two fingers across Amy's hidden clitty and Amy jerked, her eyes going wide as she was touched by another girl. Sam ignored her and used two fingers to spread Amy's pussy lips.

"See that bump?" she said, pushing Phillip's face to within a few inches of Amy's gaping pussy. "That's what I want you to lick, and suck, and nibble on, OK? This is important Phillip. Listen to what Amy tells you as you do this and DO what she tells you. OK?"

Phillip licked his lips. This was all going too fast for him. He'd dreamed of one day doing this very thing, dreamed of it as he stroked his cock, imagining what Amy's pussy would look like. Now, there it was, laid out for him like a hot meal. He wanted to suckle that bump. As he leaned in he remembered his promise though and he stopped.

He looked up at Amy's face. Her eyes were wild and she was gasping for air. Her legs were pulling him to her and she... wiggled... all over.

"Is it OK Amy?" he asked, hope in his eyes that she would let him do this.

"Ohhh please Phillip... I can't stand it. Pleeease just do SOMETHING! I don't know what to do and I can't take much MOOOOOOOORREEEEEE," she ended with a wail of intense joy as he sealed his lips around her clitty, then sucked hard and chewed through his lips on the little nubbin.

Then she lay back and flopped as he licked and pressed and did everything except bite it off. She saw stars as her orgasm burst out through her skin. She swore her whole body had broken into fragments and was shooting up into the air like fireworks. Her hands made fists, then opened and made fists again as she grabbed for something she couldn't see. It was good she couldn't reach his hair. She'd have torn it out at the roots. Her pussy writhed and she produced a thick squirt of clear juice that splashed against Phillip's chin. He instinctively lapped at her pussy lips, sucking up that juice and swallowing what he could get in his mouth. He realized how soft the inside of her pussy was and licked at that like a dog going after peanut butter.

At that precise moment, Phillip owned Amy and she would have done anything... ANYTHING... to ensure that he would do this to her again.

Phillip, who a month ago would have punched anyone who suggested he would lick pussy, discovered a whole new world with his mouth glued to his girlfriend's slot. His tongue actually hurt from trying to lick her so deeply and so often, and he had to rest it occasionally and suck instead. She was so slippery that he found he could slide his beardless face around in her sex and he found that he loved to do that, his nose poking into her and then rubbing over her lips and over that amazing little bump. In the midst of this he remembered seeing George doing exactly the same thing on the blanket by the lake. Now he understood.

On impulse he blew with his lips pressed firmly around that bump and made a farting noise against her skin. The vibrations of that blasted Amy with another orgasm that was so intense she gurgled, unable to breathe in enough air to let out the scream she wanted to. That was a good thing, because the neighbors would have thought someone was being murdered if she'd been able to make the sound she felt like she needed to make.

Somehow Phillip knew when to pull back. He did and stared at Amy's pussy lips, which moved of their own accord as her muscles flexed and she shuddered through her cum. She was making little mewling sounds that made Phillip think she was crying and his heart seized as he thought she was unhappy with what he'd done. Immediately he crawled up out of the water and, on his hands and knees, put his face in front of hers. She WAS crying, but she was smiling too, and his heart relaxed as she reached for his face.

"I love you SO MUCH!" she sighed and pulled him down for a kiss, regardless of the fact that his face was covered with her juices. It was therefore a sloppy, wet kiss, and, as far as Amy was concerned, it was the best kiss she'd ever had.

George had slipped into the water when Sam was getting his little sister ready to have her pussy eaten. He'd watched as Phillip buried his face in what he had to admit was a beautiful snatch. He found himself wishing that he could taste her too. Then he realized that, despite the coolness of the water, he had another raging hardon. This time he wouldn't be denied and he captured Sam, who was busy watching Amy get her pussy eaten too. Lifting her so she had to grab onto the edge of the pool to stay afloat, he maneuvered her legs around his hips and fisted his prick, nosing the tip into the heat of her pussy. He had to go slow because her natural lubrication had all been washed off. But, as he worked the tip into her, little by little, she replaced what was lost and soon he was buried balls deep in her. It was only a short time until he bent over her back, cupping her stomach in his hands and pulling her toward him in the water as his prick belched her full of hot cream.

He wasn't aware of it then, but he was cupping his baby in his hands as he filled Sam up.

There was a comfortable silence as they rested up from round two and then they floated, a little embarrassed about the level of passion they had let the others see. Eventually Sam suggested she was hungry and that they should get something to eat. Neither girl was willing to make the dash between the pool and the house naked, so they pulled on clothing while the boys, in juvenile abandon, streaked to the back door, looking around to see if they'd been observed by anybody. Because they thought they'd gotten away with it, neither boy got dressed when they got into the kitchen and they waited for the girls, planning on jumping out at them naked.

Amy, knowing her brother, convinced Sam to go in the front door with her and they snuck along the hall to the other entrance to the kitchen, where they saw the boys lying in wait for them. When the girls screamed at the top of their lungs and jumped into the kitchen, both boys about peed themselves and there was laughter all around.

They fixed sandwiches and George pulled sodas out of the fridge and they all ate hungrily, the girls only mildly embarrassed by the nudity of their lovers. After they were done George tried to entice Sam into the bedroom again, but Amy suggested loudly that a good relationship was built on more than just sex and that they should go do something OTHER than that. Sam joined her and demanded to be taken to the mall for ice cream.

It might have worked out too, if something hadn't been unleashed in Amy. The whole time she walked, hand in hand with Phillip, along the long Mall hallways, all she could think about was how fantastic it had felt to be loved by him. She was in a state of constant horniness and it caused her to touch Phillip frequently - unnecessary touches on his stomach, or his butt, along his arms. Twice she snaked an arm around his waist and pulled him against her as they walked, in step. She thought about how difficult it had been to tell him she loved him. Now, it was like saying there was a sun, and it came up daily. That love had sunk into her bones in a way that meant it would never truly leave them, no matter what happened. She would always love Phillip at some level.

By the time they were done and it was time to go back to the house, she knew she was in trouble. She knew that she wouldn't be able to say "No" if Phillip wanted... more.

She reached for her pocket and felt the lump that was the little foil wrapped packet her brother had thrown in Phillip's lap.

It was still there. It felt... warm somehow.

Phillip was in motor-mouth mode on the way home. He sat by the woman he loved in the back seat and, fifteen though he was, he WAS in love. It was quite possible that the love wouldn't last - it rarely does at that age - but it was as real as the atomic bomb was over Nagasaki in 1945, and it was affecting both of them in the same way. Their lives had been wiped clean and they were starting all over. Now it wasn't 'I' and 'me'. Ity had somehow changed to 'us' and 'we.' And, because he was so full of that love, it gushed out of his mouth because it had no other outlet. He was talking about everything and nothing, but it was an unending stream of noise.

She shut him up by kissing him and putting her hand on his basket, giving the lump a little squeeze. The kiss was tender and sweet, and it lasted a long time. When it broke her liquid brown eyes gazed into his. Then she reached up and her breath tickled his ear as her ruby lips whispered to him.

"I have a rubber in my pocket." she announced, her voice low and husky.

Phillip still hadn't caught up with where they were in the pool. He missed the inference completely.

"Why?" he asked. Considering all she had said it wasn't a stupid question, but it sounded stupid.

"In case," she hedged. She didn't want to reverse her rules, but she knew, deep in her heart she already had.

"Amy?" was his response. A small part of his brain knew exactly what "in case" meant, and it howled like a wolf on a lonely night. But the rest of him was too civilized. "I don't think I understand."

"I don't want you to... put it in me," she said, unable to say the words 'fuck me'. She knew if she ever said those words they would be a demand, not a description. "But I think it's going to happen. George got some rubbers and he gave you one."

"He did?" Phillip's voice rose a whole octave.

"Remember when he put something in your lap in the car? At the gas station?"

Phillip's eyes widened. "That was a... ?"

"Rubber," she finished it for him.

"Oh shit," said Phillip. He may have been fifteen, but he was smart enough to know that, if they thought they could get away with it, things had a way of happening that they hadn't really planned on doing. He SURE hadn't planned on eating her pussy.

"What are we going to do?" she asked. It wasn't a trick question, and there was no pun intended.

"We just have to stay outside or something." He knew how ridiculous that sounded. "I mean we'll just have to not do it. If you don't want to do it then we won't." His voice sounded deadly serious.

"I think I DO want to do it," she said softly.

Phillip groaned. He had just been introduced to the thing about women that drives men to hard drinking.

"No you don't. You said so. Remember? No way! No how! I remember that part perfectly." His voice was still firm.

"I know." She looked down in her lap.

"So you still feel that way, right?" he insisted.

Her eyes were liquid again as she looked at him.

"I don't think so," she whispered.

Phillip's head hurt. Something moved in his pants and he stared at his lap dully as his cock became hard as a rock.

Her hand was still on it and she squeezed it again.

Fate was grinning from ear to ear. He had unzipped himself and was playing with his dark, fearful prick. He gibbered as he heard the girl admit that all her rules and all her morals couldn't prevail against his workings. Fate darted a thought to the little living thing that was growing in the womb of the older girl. It would be a fine healthy girl, who would grow up and become a new playground for Fate. Fate drooled a little as he waited for what would come with this other couple.

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