Bra Shopping With Uncle

by Lubrican

Chrissy was happy to be spending the summer with her Uncle Bob. He was her favorite Uncle because he was always so happy to see her. He was nice, and smart, and funny and handsome too.

Whenever he looked at her and gave her his warm hugs, she always felt so special. When her mother had decided to go to Europe with her father to set up the new branch of his company, Chrissy had begged to be allowed to stay in the United States. Her father had estimated that it would take a year to get the new branch off the ground and making a profit. Chrissy didn't want to go to a strange school in a foreign land. But they wouldn't let her stay at home alone in the big old house. And, since Uncle Bob lived across town, She could keep an eye on the house and stay with him while he kept an eye on her. It was the perfect arrangement, assuming Uncle Bob would consent to being "babysitter" for a teenage girl.

When his sister asked him, Bob had acted like it was a bummer, but had agreed to take his niece in. Secretly Bob was ecstatic. Chrissy was his favorite niece. She was beautiful, a good hugger, and intelligent too. Bob didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he'd had several excellent beat off sessions with her in mind after seeing her in a thin T shirt, or that little blue bikini she wore in the back yard to suntan in.

So it was that Chrissy arrived at Bob's house with two suitcases in tow, and a worn Teddy bear under her arm. Fran, her mother, told Bob that if she needed more clothes, they were in the house, and gave him a key. Then, with a quick kiss goodbye, and an admonishment to Bob to take good care of her baby, she was off.

Bob had married his high school sweetheart right after school, and had lost her a year later in a terrible accident. He'd been too devastated to re-enter the dating game and, other than his frequent beat off sessions, he'd just done without sex in the ten years since then. Their original bedroom had been left just as it was and he'd moved into a downstairs bedroom. There was another one down the hall, and he gave that one to Chrissy.

It was summer, so there was no school. Bob conducted most of his business on the internet, so he didn't have to go anywhere to work most days. He spent hours in front of the computer, while Chrissy spent hours working on her tan.

Chrissy, after tasting bachelor food, taught her Uncle to cook. It was during one of these sessions that things started to cook. Pun intended.

Chrissy was dressed in her customary gym shorts and tank top. As she showed Bob how to read and interpret a recipe he leaned over and got a good look down the loose tank top. He sucked in his breath. Chrissy wasn't wearing a bra. Her modest breasts were perfectly white where her bikini covered them, but the surrounding flesh was dark, almost brown. In the middle of each white area was a circle of pink, with a nice perky nipple perched on each one. Bob felt his cock begin to stiffen. He knew what his beat off fantasy would be tonight. He managed to get through the recipe, but had to excuse himself to go to the bathroom, where he pounded his meat and shot off in the stool so he could get his cock to go down.

Then they ate what they'd prepared. It was delicious, he decided, just like his cute niece. Later that night, while he was watching TV, Chrissy was taking a shower. When she got out she wrapped a towel around her long blond hair, and another around her torso. It covered her from chest to thigh and she thought nothing of walking into the living room to ask her Uncle where the body lotion was. He stared at her and didn't answer.

"Uncle Bob?" she said. "Are you okay?"

Bob was staring at the bottom of the towel, imagining that it was only about two inches from a juicy teenaged and probably virgin pussy. He finally snapped out of it. "Huh? Oh. Uh yeah. I'm fine. What was it you wanted?"

"Body lotion" she said again.

"Um, gosh. You know, I don't even know if I have any. Would massage oil be the same thing? There's some of that up on Mary's dressing table."

Silence. Mary was his dead wife.

Chrissy looked uncomfortable. He shook his head. "Oh. Here. I'll go with you." He stood up and immediately turned around. His dick was stiff again, and it was making an obvious tent in his silk pajama bottoms. Quickly he snatched an afghan off the back of the couch, muttering, "Let me just straighten this up," and held it in front of him as he led the way to what he now called "Mary's room."

When they got there the hinges squeaked as he opened the door. "Hmmm. I need to oil those" he said. "I don't come in here much any more." Chrissy was staring around at fashions and decorating that was ten years out of date. Bob walked over to the vanity and picked up a dusty bottle. He looked at the label. "Mad Jack's Scented and Edible Massage Oil," he read out loud.

Then he blushed as his niece turned. "What a funny name. Who would want to eat massage oil?" She came and took it from his hands, turning over to read the contents. "This will do just fine" she said and rising on her tip toes, she hugged her Uncle.

Several things went wrong. His stiffened penis probed directly between her legs, just under the edge of the towel.

His arms went automatically around her and his hand brushed where she'd tucked the towel in to keep it secure. That end popped out and the towel fell to the floor... or would have, except that it caught on the tent in his PJs where it pressed into her.

There, in plain sight, were her magnificent milky white breasts with their luscious strawberry nipples. The towel covered her silken pubes.

"Oops," yelped Chrissy.

"Oh Shit!" yelped Bob.

Chrissy stepped back, grabbing at the towel and lifted it to drape across her front. That exposed the now huge lump in the front of Bob's PJs. Chrissy stared at the lump while Bob stared at Chrissy. Both pinked up in the face.

Again, Bob said, "Oh Shit!" and his hands jerked to cover his erection. "Um ... sorry" he said and he turned and fled downstairs to his bedroom. That night, when it came time for his cum to arc out onto the towel he'd spread on his bed beside him, Bob had to get up. He'd shot past the towel, and his spooge was all over the floor.

The next morning, as they ate breakfast, neither of them could look at the other. They managed to get through breakfast and Bob went to the computer. He had a new email, inviting him to a party at the yacht club. He was invited to bring a date. He sat and tried to think of a woman he could invite, but he really didn't know any he would like to take except some married women, and that wouldn't go over.

Then he thought of Chrissy.

He found her on the lawn, beside the swimming pool. She was in that tiny bikini he liked so much, the one that was responsible for the super white skin around her pink nipples. He couldn't look at her now without getting a boner, he thought in panic. "Chrissy, I've been invited to a party ... a fancy party ... and I need a date. I don't suppose you might be willing to go?"

She bounded up off the ground, her bikini-covered breasts bouncing delightfully. "I'd love to, Uncle Bob. That would be just too cool. What should I wear?"

"Well," he said "most of the women will be wearing designer gowns. Fancy stuff. Do you have anything like that?"

"The only thing I have is my prom dress. But my mom made it and ... I don't think it would do."

They thought.

Bob remembered a particular dress his wife had worn one time, a dress that had taken his breath away. It would still be on a hanger in her closet. He looked at Chrissy critically. She was about the same size. "Come with me," he said.

Again, they found themselves in Mary's room. He rummaged through the closet, looking for a deep blue long dress. There. In the back. He brought it out and held it up.

"Uncle Bob!" sighed Chrissy. "It's beautiful"

"Not nearly as beautiful as it will be when you're in it," he said.

"Let me try it on," she said, and she pulled it on over her bathing suit. It fit her like a glove, but the straps of her bikini showed. "Turn around" she said, and he did. The vanity mirror was right in front of him and he could see her clearly in it. She dropped the dress to her waist and undid her bikini top, dropping it to the floor. There again were her luscious tasty looking breasts. She pulled the dress back up. "Okay, you can turn around now." she said.

It still fit her well, but something was missing. She noticed too. She faced the mirror and finally she put her hands on each side of her breasts and pushed them together, and up. Instantly she had cleavage and the dress looked much better.

"My boobs aren't big enough," she moaned.

Bob's hands were itching to take the place of hers. "Nonsense," he said. "You just need one of those Wonder Bras or something."

"But my bikini strap lines show too" she complained. This was true. Where the spaghetti strap that went around her neck was there was a thin white line.

"Well, you'll just have to suntan without that strap on. That should do the trick." said Bob.

"I don't have a bra," she said. "Not that would work with this dress."

"Well then," said her Uncle. "I guess we need to go shopping."

An hour later they were at an exclusive lingerie shop in the mall, talking to a stunning looking woman about 40 years old. Bob explained "I'm taking her to a fancy party and the evening dress she'll be wearing won't allow a regular bra, but the one she gets needs to be like one of those wonder bras."

Chrissy added in, "I'm too small for the dress." The woman looked Chrissy up and down appraisingly and Chrissy blushed. "I mean my breasts are too small."

"Honey, if you're too small for any dress I can imagine, the dress must have been made for an Amazon," said the sales woman.

Bob's head jerked. Mary had been over endowed in the breast department. She'd been a 38DD and Chrissy must only be about a 36C.

The woman looked at Bob. "Okay, you go home and get this dress, and I'll work with your girlfriend."

Bob flushed at the idea Chrissy was assumed to be his girlfriend, but left. He noticed that Chrissy didn't say anything either. When he got back, Chrissy and Janet, as he was now introduced to her, were the best of friends and there were items of lingerie draped everywhere. Janet stood up and took the dress, holding it out to examine. "Hmmmm, this is a beautiful gown. I think we might just be able to make this work." She took Chrissy and the dress into the back of the store.

Bob, with nothing else to do, began to look at the items spread out in the waiting area. They hadn't been there when he left, so Janet had obviously been showing them to Chrissy. He looked at the sizes and they were about what he'd expect Chrissy to wear. Then he saw what some of them were, and his dick started to get stiff again.

There was a gold colored teddy that would go very well with Chrissy's hair. It had a bra with it that had holes where the nipples would be, and with lace around those holes. The panties that went with it were so sheer as to be almost invisible. The jacket would come down only to the top of the hips, and was more to hide and expose the bra than to keep anyone warm. Any woman who wore this outfit was screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" without saying a single word.

Next he looked at a purple outfit that was a half bra that held up the breasts, but didn't cover them at all. The panties that went with this thing were crotchless.

There were more like this, about six or seven outfits in all, and all of them made to advertise a woman's wares and cause a man to shoot in his pants. The aggregate message they sent was, "I want to get pregnant, and I need a little help please." By the time Bob had examined them all, his cock was iron hard and his balls were tight and full. He was about to sit down to hide his erection when Janet waltzed out of the curtained back room.

She stopped, staring at the front of his pants and then laughed. "Well, I can see by the evidence that I've chosen well for your sweetheart."

"What?" Bob croaked.

Janet grinned. "You dirty old man. You're robbing the cradle for sure with little Chrissy, but she says she loves you and she sounds like she means it. And who am I to say you're too old for her?" She touched his arm and pointed at the seat. "Here, sit down before you get dizzy and faint. Chrissy's ready." She called out Chrissy's name. The curtain moved and his niece came out. It was a good thing he was seated, because he'd have fallen over backward for sure.

Something had been done to the dress to make the bust area smaller. Now Chrissy's breasts bulged outward, with fully half of them exposed, almost to the nipples. He thought he saw a hint of pure white skin where the neckline finally stopped. It fit her like a glove. She twirled and he gulped as he saw nothing across her back but tanned soft skin.

"Ahhhh....rrrg....mmmsssllll ... ggllssstn." Bob was making very unusual sounds as he tried to breathe and tell Chrissy she was the most beautiful vision he'd ever seen in his life.

"I think he likes it," said Janet laughing. "And, Chrissy?" She got Chrissy to stop twirling, "The things you picked out passed the boner test with flying colors."

Chrissy blushed and Bob looked from one woman to the other helplessly as he tried to figure out what was going on. Janet assumed her professional sales person persona and gathered up the purchases. As she rang them up she said, "I did the alterations for free once I got to know Chrissy. She's a real darling. I only charged you for the materials for the built-in bra for the gown. But I'm making some money on the rest."

Her chatter distracted Bob from looking at the final bill and Janet gladly accepted his credit card. She kept up the chatter until he signed it. Then she leaned over and whispered, "You're a very very lucky man to have a girl like Chrissy. And you're going to be a very very happy man later on tonight."

On the way home it took all of Bob's attention to stay on the road. He glanced at Chrissy, who smiled at him occasionally but otherwise acted like nothing odd had happened at all.

"Boner test?" Bob said helplessly.

Chrissy grinned and then blushed furiously. "Janet said that if the man sees the stuff and gets an ... erection .." she looked out the window when she said the word, "well, it means he likes it."

They drove on a little longer. "And you picked out all that stuff?" said Bob.

"Well, Janet helped. I mean she asked me some questions and all. I sort of let her believe you were my ... boyfriend. I'm sorry, but then she showed me some things. We talked about them a little. She sort of made suggestions and I thought they were good suggestions. I guess I thought the outfits were pretty. When I tried them on they made me feel ... I don't know ... special. You know?"

Bob did not know. But if he understood her, Chrissy had just said that she'd either chosen the items he'd seen, or had agreed with Janet that they would be good for her to own. Just the thought of Chrissy in even one of those outfits made Bob's prick leak cream in his pants. And she said she tried them all on. IF he was going to make it home with dry pants he'd have to do something drastic.

He did Calculus in his head for the rest of the ride.

He made it home dry.

He told Chrissy to go on in and he'd be in in a minute. He didn't dare get out of the car the way he was. She'd see for sure. He puttered around in the garage for a few minutes, practicing some yoga breathing, trying to relax. Finally his prick relented and fell to half hard.

When he went in he smelled cooking. She'd started without him. He went into the kitchen and saw bowls and ingredients spread all over the place.

"It's Lasagna tonight" she said cheerily and she commenced to tell him how to make it. They chatted as they ate and he helped clean up. He sat down after dinner to watch TV, but Chrissy said she was going to "go play with her new clothes." It all came rushing back - his vision of her wearing the gold outfit, her pink nipples up thrust through the holes, begging to be sucked. He saw in his mind's eye her reddish muffy through the translucent panties. He imagined her looking at him, wanting him .... letting him.

He was hard as a rock in seconds. The TV show forgotten he got up and went to his own bedroom. He made it last, this beautiful fantasy, as he stroked his rigid cock, and let himself come close to cumming several times before, with a soft groan, he emptied his balls on a towel, this time making sure it all went in a big puddle there. He drifted off to sleep in the rosy afterglow of a good squirt and was sleeping quite soundly when Chrissy opened the door and came in to get her good night kiss.

Chrissy gasped as she saw her naked uncle laid out on the bed. One leg was straight, and the other bent, his hands at his side. He snored lightly. There was a folded up towel beside him on the bed, by his hip. She stared at his penis, a dark wrinkled sausage lying sideways on a nest of brown hair. It was pointing at her.

She couldn't resist getting to see a real grown up penis up close. She'd been in heat ever since his boner had pressed into her groin that night. She'd felt it first, and when he stepped back she saw the tent. It was lots bigger than she'd thought something like that would be. Now, there it was, right in front of her. She tip-toed over to the bed and bent over. She smelled something musky ... manly.

Her eyes went to the towel and there, in one corner, was a raised puddle of something that looked a lot like pudding. It was thick and white. She shivered as she realized what it must be. She knew about masturbation, at least in theory. She often stroked herself in the shower, and sometimes in bed if she was too agitated to get to sleep. So that white stuff must have come from ... his penis.

Janet had said he was hard at the shop, when he saw the things she'd chosen. Up to that point she'd just tried them on for fun, but when she found out they gave her Uncle an erection, she decided she wanted them. For some reason she wanted to wear them. For him.

She shivered and stared at his penis. It didn't look very impressive. It was only about three or four inches long, and maybe as big around as a fat carrot. It had skin that covered the head almost completely, except for a tiny little circle of shiny darker looking skin underneath. That part had a little slit in the very tip. There was some of that milky looking stuff that had oozed out of that slit and had caught around the puckered edge of the circle of wrinkled skin. She thought back to health class. Foreskin! That's what they called that hood that covered the tip. At the base of this strange thing there was a round sack that she knew contained his balls. It too was shriveled up and looked almost limp. But inside that sac was where the stuff on the towel came from.

She thought about what Angela Thompson had told her one night during a sleepover. Angela had bragged she'd given her boyfriend a blowjob and that he had shot off in her mouth.

Chrissy had been aghast, squealing "Ewwwwww", but Angela swore that it tasted almost sweet and wasn't nasty at all. And there, right in front of her, was some of that mysterious sperm. She touched the puddle with one finger.

It was cold.

A glob stuck to her fingertip as she raised it, stretching out a string that only broke when she got her finger six inches away. About a two inch string stuck to her finger, hanging down.

She had to know.

She opened her mouth and looked up. Then she lowered the string into her open mouth. She squeezed her eyes closed as it went past her vision. It hit her tongue and she closed her mouth on her finger, dragging it out.

The sperm stayed inside.

She couldn't decide what to do next. Should she leave and spit it out? She didn't want to swallow it. Events overtook her, though, and her mouth filled up with saliva.

Finally she allowed herself to taste it. Hmmmmmm. Nothing much, really. Maybe musky tasting, like the smell. But not bad. Uncle Bob rolled over and she fled out the door, scared to death that he'd wake up and find her looking at his naked body. She ran to her room, closed the door and jumped into bed.

She was agitated. She couldn't get to sleep. She knew what to do about that. She used the same finger that she'd dipped in the sperm.

The next morning Chrissy acted like nothing had happened, but she felt a thrill as she kissed her uncle goodbye as he went off to attend a meeting of some kind. She was very excited about getting to go to the party. It would be her first grown-up party. She planned on looking grown up. She spent most of the day taking care of her skin, and getting her hair just so. She did her nails and even painted her toenails like her mother did. Then she went over the dress, pressing it, making sure everything was perfect. She loved the feel of it as it cupped her naked breasts. For reasons she couldn't quite explain she decided to wear the purple panties Janet had picked out for her ... the naughty ones ... with a hole between the legs. It made her shiver just thinking about wearing them.

Bob called Chrissy around 3:00 PM to remind her that the party was that night. She told him she'd be ready to go, but that he couldn't see her until they were ready to leave. He got home at five, took a shower and put on his tux. When he was ready to go he knocked on her door. "Be right down" she yelled, and he went downstairs to wait by the door.

He heard a noise and looked up. He knew he was in trouble.

She was gorgeous and she looked about twenty four, instead of the sixteen he knew she was. The dress fit her like a glove now. She twirled for him. Janet had done more than adjust the bust. The back plunged almost to the crack of her ass. Her entire tanned back was bare. It was one of those things that made a man think the dress might just fall off of her front any minute. With the dark blue of the dress he almost missed the band of the purple panties, just barely visible at the bottom of the back.

"How do I look?" she said, like a little girl.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to have to stop and buy a gun on the way. Otherwise every man in the place will be after you," he said.

She dimpled and twirled again. The dress settled a little more and the purple panties showed up more visibly.

"Um ... the dress drops a little low in the back" he said.

"It's supposed to, silly" she replied.

"Yeah, but I can tell what color your panties are." he tried not to smile as her mouth went to an 'O'. She blushed and ran into the bathroom. Half a minute later she came back out.

She turned her back to him. "Better?" she said.

Now he could see the beginning of the crack of her ass. He looked more closely. She'd shoved them down somehow. He couldn't see them any more. He sure enjoyed trying, though.

"All better," he said and held out his arm. She turned and covered her smile with one slim hand. She was looking at his lap. When he glanced down he could see the same tent she was looking at. "I guess you pass the boner test," he said ruefully. She wasn't scandalized, like he thought she would be. She just giggled and took his arm.

"It won't look like that all night, will it?" asked his niece.

"I sure as hell hope not," he said under his breath.

They both had a wonderful time at the party. Bob was proud as the other men at the party looked enviously at his date. She convinced them all she was at least twenty-five, and the women hated her. Several men asked her to dance, but she rebuffed them gently, saying she had hurt his feelings earlier and had promised to make it up to him by dancing only with him that night.

And dance they did. He couldn't believe that dress clung to her body when she danced to rock and roll tunes. And on the slow dances he held her close. She snuggled in, putting her arms around him. Several times he found his hands sliding up and down her naked back, his erection plainly digging into her stomach. Twice he apologized to her, but each time she said, "Hush ... just dance with me."

He almost had it under control when, during one slow dance he got carried away with the music and slid his hands down farther than he should have. They dipped into the back of the dress and he found himself holding two firm naked ass cheeks. She hadn't shoved the panties down. She had taken them off!

"Uncle Bob!" she whispered into his chest. He jerked his hands out, but the feel of her flesh remained in his mind. Her hands squeezed his butt and she giggled as his erection poked her again. "I'm tired" she said softly. "Can we go home now?"

They didn't speak on the way home. He was sure she was disgusted with him for being so blatantly turned on. For her part she had had a wonderful time and was just thinking about how nice it had been. They got home and he pulled off his tie. "Chrissy, I want to apologize ..."

She whirled and held up her hand, palm facing him. "Don't say a word!" she barked.


"Not one word!" She looked stern. She went to the stereo in the bookcase and began fiddling with the radio. Soft music came out and she came back to him. "Dance with me," she said. "One last dance. The perfect end to a perfect night."

Surprised and relieved, he took her in his arms again. They swayed and his hands were once again on her naked back. He couldn't help it. His hands went lower ... lower ... lower. Her hands followed, ending up on his butt as she pulled his loins against hers. His hands slipped into the dress. Her butt cheeks were hot ... soft ... firm. She went, "Hmmmmmmm." Then she pushed him away and said, "I'd better go get ready for bed." She kissed him on the cheek and ran down the hall to her room.

Bob stood there, aching with need. There was no way he'd make things last tonight. He was going to blow his cork soon and probably twice before he would be able to get to sleep. She was one sweet piece. He made it to his room door and was about to go in when Chrissy stuck her head around her own slightly open door.

"Uncle Bob?" she said.

"Yeah Sweetie?" he stopped at the door.

"Don't um ... don't do anything until I come kiss you good night." She ducked her head back into her room.

Now what was that all about? He didn't want to be caught with the tux pants showing his hard on, so he slicked out of his monkey suit and threw it in a corner. He slid on a pair of gym shorts and got into bed. He laid his rod up along his stomach and pulled the sheet up over it, bunching it up a little to conceal his desire. He wished she'd hurry up. He needed to beat off in the worst way.

He was wondering if maybe he could get a load out before she came in when his door opened and his niece came in.

She was wearing the gold teddy.

"You got me a new night gown," she said, with a great deal of dignity. "I wanted you to see it. Does it look okay?"

Bob stared, slack jawed. She still had her makeup on and her hair was still done up high on top of her head. She reached up, pulled some pins and her hair fell down around her shoulders. Her nipples looked stiff and swollen. They were dark, almost red. In fact, they were the exact same shade as her lipstick.

She took a step toward him. "Uncle Bob?"

He stared as she came closer and closer. Then she was standing right next to the bed. Her hand reached out slowly. She grasped the sheet and lifted it slightly. She pulled it down, exposing his shorts, exposing the tent in his shorts, exposing him for the pervert he was.

She sighed. "Thank goodness," she said.

Bob looked up at her confused. Her eyes looked smoky. Very slowly she slid the jacket off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then, as he watched in a daze, she grasped the waistband of his shorts and began tugging them down. He reflexively lifted his hips and she gave a little sound as his rampant prick came into view. She kept going until the shorts were completely off. Without a word she tugged his legs apart. Her hand went to heft his balls, like she was weighing them. Then her fingers, light as silk, drifted along his exposed erection. It wasn't lying down on his abdomen now. It had raised itself up to maybe a 30 degree angle. One finger slid gently over the tip and then she pulled that finger up in front of her eyes. There was a dollop of cream on it - precum. In abject amazement he watched as she put that finger in her mouth and sucked the white dollop off of it.

She looked him in the eye. "I was afraid it wouldn't be hard ... that you wouldn't find me ... attractive." She climbed up onto the bed and straddled his legs. With her legs spread he could see right through the sheer panties. What he saw were a pair of pussy lips.

Nothing else.

Just bare, bald pussy.

Then his view was blocked by a pair of swollen nipples protruding from the holes in the lacy bra.

"But you do find me attractive ... don't you Uncle Bob?" she said, and she shoved one of those delicious little bites against his lips.

Naturally, he opened his mouth. Then he feasted while she squealed and writhed, mewling and whining about how good it felt for him to suck her, and how he'd better not stop.

An animal sense overtook Bob. He couldn't have told you how he did it, but he suddenly found himself on top of his niece, between her wide spread legs, the sheer gold panties dangling from one ankle. He didn't remember taking them off, or moving over her helpless body, but then his prick was buried in her hot, clasping, teen pussy. He couldn't remember if she had been a virgin or not, if he had hurt her or not. All his senses were arrowed in to the feeling of hot, wet, pussy wrapped around his prick, and the feeling of stroking into that priceless pussy as her teenaged voice wailed in pleasure.

Then, before he knew it was happening, and long after he should have thought about the fact that his naked prick was in her unprotected pussy, he was spurting long, thick ropes of sticky white sperm deep into her belly. His cock spat over and over again while his brain floated in a sea of cotton.

He didn't know it, but in his wild mating with his niece he had pounded five or six orgasms out of her and left her a gibbering wilted heap of well-fucked girl.

Chrissy woke. It was dark. She still felt wrung out, and there was an odor in the air she wasn't familiar with. It was the odor of sex, and it smelled good. She sensed, more than felt her Uncle's body in the bed with her. Memory cascaded into her mind and she gasped at the remembrance. She'd planned on something happening, but she hadn't been prepared for the intensity of it all. There was a distant ache in her loins, a soreness of muscle, as if she'd done too many sit-ups or something. She slid a hand down her naked stomach to where she'd shaved all the hair off. It was still soft. And wet. And slippery.

She smiled in the dark as she remembered how he'd been mindless until he froze, growling. His penis, that same shriveled piece of sausage, had been deep inside her. Only it hadn't been shriveled any more. It had transformed into something eight inches long and at the same time hard as rock and soft as a baby's butt. Then he'd given just a little push, like he was trying to get it even deeper and it had swelled. Then ... warmth ... and wetness ... spurts of wet heat she could feel in her core. She'd known instantly that it was his seed, flowing into her.

She hadn't actually meant to lose her virginity. Well, not this particular night, anyway. But once that pain was gone and the amazing overpowering feeling in her loins started, all that was thrown out. She knew right then that she wanted this wonderful thing in her again and again and again. And that was before her first actual orgasm. She smiled again and went back to sleep.

She woke again and now it was getting light out. She had to pee, so she slipped out of bed without waking her Uncle. Then she took a quick shower and put on a robe. She was finishing up waffles, sausage and eggs when her Uncle stumbled into the kitchen, fresh out of the shower himself. He looked like he was in pain.

"Chrissy!" he sighed. "I was afraid you'd be gone." He collapsed in a chair, his head in his hands.

She crossed her arms under her breasts. She knew guilt when she saw it. She didn't feel guilty, and she didn't want him feeling that way either.

"The only thing I need to go out for today is linguini. We don't have enough for lunch."

Bob looked up, confused. "But after what I did ..."

Chrissy went, pushed him against the back of the chair and swung a leg over his lap. In the process her robe gaped open and it was obvious she was naked beneath it. She sat, facing him, and tried not to squirm.

"If I want something to pass the boner test, then doesn't that require someone to have a ... boner?" she said.

Then she kissed him.

It wasn't a long passionate tongue swapping kiss. It was just the kiss of a woman who loves a man and wants him to know that. When she was finished his eyes were round and he had a look of hope on his face. "Now, eat your breakfast before it gets cold. You need a good breakfast so you can get through the rest of the day." She slipped off his lap and served him his plate. While he was eating she started for the doorway. "I need to get dressed. There's something I want to do today."

"But I thought you said ..." Bob let it die as he heard her feet hitting the squeaky boards in the hallway. He didn't think he'd ever understand women. He thought back to the night before. Bits and pieces of it were coming back to him. He kept examining his memory for looks of horror or hurt on his beautiful niece's face, but they weren't there, thank goodness. All he could remember were her arms pulling him closer, her hips slamming up at him and her warbles of ecstasy as she rolled from one orgasm into another.

He felt his rod getting stiff again just from the memory.

He had to control himself. What had happened was a fluke. She'd apparently forgiven him. He mustn't blow it now. He heard her coming back down the stairs.

"You done yet?" came her far-off question.

"Just about," he yelled back.

"Good," he heard her say as she came through the door. "I need your opinion about another outfit."

He turned. This time it was the purple one. With the crotchless panties. He actually looked up at her face.

She was grinning. "Things happened awfully quickly last night. Some of it is kind of foggy in my mind. Do you think we could do that again? Maybe I can pay better attention to what's happening."

He was stunned. A lot of the guilt he felt was about filling her belly with his virile spunk.

"We shouldn't," he heard his voice say. "You could get pregnant."

"Maybe," she said. "But I don't think I'm actually pregnant yet." she said softly. "Do you suppose you might find time today to help me with that?"

He helped her.

He helped her in the kitchen, where she sat on the counter, her legs resting on his shoulders as he powered his first load of spooge into her nubile teen pussy.

He helped her in the bedroom, where she rode him, squealing like a cow girl until he washed her womb with his thick spend.

He helped her in the bathroom, in the shower, as he pinned her to the wall and pounded another thick load of his sticky seed deep in her pussy.

They stopped and ate and talked about inconsequential things until his penis announced it was ready to go again. She gleefully learned how to conduct amazing oral sex on a man, to get him just as hard as it was possible to get him, before spreading her legs and welcoming another load of his incestuous baby batter into her inner secret spot.

In fact, he helped her for the rest of the summer, even though by late August it was obvious that Chrissy was doing what women were made to do - carrying a baby. She loved this particular bun in this particular oven, because she loved its father. She wasn't sure how it would all break out with her parents, but by the time they got back to the States the baby would have been born and be several months old. It would be a little late to "send it back," then.

"Who knows?" she thought to herself as she softly rubbed the slight swell of her belly. "Maybe by then there'll be another one on the way."

The End