Sleeping Booty

by Lubrican

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful little princess. Her name was Aludra, which, in the language of her people, meant "unwanted one". Of course she didn't know this, because all the servants in the palace DID want her. They loved her dearly. She was sweet and pretty and fun to be around, whereas her mother was a stone cold class A bitch. The queen was such a bitch that, after her husband, the king, knocked her up with Aludra, she poisoned him.

"Imagine," she thought. "That pig making my belly swell, giving me stretch marks, making me look FAT!" It had been unpardonable, and so she made him pay.

Unknown to the king, she was a witch of the most evil sort. And so she used her magic to create a poison that would, to the king, be irresistible, and which she knew he would gladly take.

But I get ahead of the story. You'll learn more about that later.

Aludra was different than her mother in many ways. While the queen was evil incarnate, Aludra was born pure and as unstained as a human being can be. In later years, philosophers would argue that all hint of goodness in the queen was fed to the baby in her womb, leaving the queen without a single iota of decency after the birth. The queen ranted and raved, and had people beaten and whipped for the most trifling errors. Aludra loved everyone and protected them as she got older and realized she could do so.

In one thing were they alike. Both were beautiful. In fact, one might have looked in the official dictionary of the kingdom (now queendom?) for the phrase "Brick Shithouse" and their pictures would have been there as an illustration. But the queen was dark of skin, with raven black hair that fell to her buttocks. She never ever cut her hair, because it had been imbued with magical powers when she was a little girl herself.

Well, she never cut her head hair.

There was other hair on her body that she took great pains to keep well trimmed and shaped. That hair was between her legs. It also had magical properties, for whenever she showed that hair to a man, he became her slave. Her body was the epitome of classical femininity. She had a small waist, below which were hips that beckoned a man and which framed a pussy that most men would die for (and which no few men HAD died because of). Above her waist swelled a pair of breasts that caused most men to stop breathing, sometimes for an extended period. Her firm jutting breasts were the foundation for a pair of nipples, coal black, set on only slightly lighter areolas.

No man except her husband, the king, had ever been allowed to suck at those nipples. And it was through those nipples that she introduced the poison that had killed the king. She had cast a spell upon her own breast milk, a spell of the darkest sort and, when the king sucked her nipples, she smiled, not from pleasure, but from the knowledge that he would be dead before morning.

As for her daughter, she had plans for that unwanted babe, and couldn't afford to kill the runt off. Not yet anyway. According to the old scroll the queen had found, a virgin princess of one's own blood could be involved in a magic spell that would result in immortality. It meant killing your own issue, but ... it was worth it. And so, due to the spell, she denied her only daughter her breasts, and the deadly milk they held.

Or at least she THOUGHT she had denied them. For, you see, after Aludra was born, and the queen had glanced at her, frowning and yelling to get the brat away from her, she had fallen into a deep sleep. The midwife, not knowing about her dangerous breasts, had laid Aludra on the queen's breast while she slept. And Aludra, being a baby, had done what babies do and had suckled her mother's tit.

She had swallowed only one gulp, however, before she began to scream and cry so fearfully that the midwife immediately snatched her up and carried her to the royal nursery, trying to quiet her loud complaining screams. Of course the reason she cried so, was that the magic in the milk was of the evil sort, and the innocent and sweet Aludra's body was shocked by the foul tasting and deadly milk.

Of course no one knew why poor Aludra was crying. What neither she, nor her mother knew, was that some of the queen's antibodies to the poison had been in that sip of milk, and thus, the baby didn't die. Even more important, though, was that a tiny bit of dark magic had passed into Aludra in her mouthful of milk.

Further, because it was only a tiny amount of magic, and because Aludra's essence was so pure and good, the milk's inherent evil was first weakened, then neutralized, and finally turned to good. It soon coursed through Aludra's veins, moving to every part of her body.

She finally stopped crying and her nurse suddenly realized what a beautiful baby this was. In fact, the nurse was so taken with the child she couldn't stop staring.

This was to become a well known phenomenon where Aludra was concerned. It was as if she were a magnet to the eye of the observer. And everyone who saw her thought she was the most beautiful girl they'd ever seen.

The queen didn't mind. After all, she wanted nothing to do with the girl and had no plans for her until her 18th birthday. At that time the queen planned on performing a ceremony that, among various incantations, involved cutting out her daughter’s heart, cooking it just past medium rare, and eating it, from which point on the queen would never age, her beauty would never fade, and she would begin her life as an immortal.

It was therefore imperative that Aludra remain a virgin until her 18th birthday. About this the queen didn't concern herself.

At least not until Aludra began her menses, and began to bud into sweet womanhood. It was at that point that the queen noticed an elderly courtier, Count Versnov by name, who was staring at Aludra as she walked through the throne room. Aludra was dressed in peasant's clothing, which the Queen required her to wear quite often in an attempt to crush her spirit. And so, the simple, light dress Aludra had on, did almost nothing to hide her budding breasts and swelling hips. Count Versnov, who by anyone's reckoning was at least seventy, let his mouth slowly drop open and a thin line of drool ran down one corner as he gaped at the girl. The queen dropped her gaze and to her immense surprise, she observed that Count Versnov's penis had stiffened to the point that it poked his pants out at least six inches. Even the count was astounded when he looked down and saw his noble member acting as if it were thirty years younger.

That night, the count was invited to attend the queen. He was the second man in the world to taste the delights of the queen's nipples, and he too was dead by morning.

The queen began to take more notice of how people responded to her daughter. Men were struck dumb in her presence. True her skin was the color of new fallen snow. True her lips were red and full. True her breasts were large and firm. True her hair was golden. The queen dropped in on her daughter at bed time one night and her fears were confirmed. Aludra's breasts were graced with light pink areolas, capped with bright red nipples just aching to be nibbled like fresh strawberries. Aludra's pubes were golden, almost invisible, and did nothing to cover the plump pink lips that pouted between her thighs. The queen found herself wishing she could sup at those lips - drink her fill with the nectar that no doubt rested within...

She shook her head, shaking off the spell and realized for the first time that, within her daughter, rested something else - magic - and not just any old magic, but magic that made her irresistible to the opposite sex. And maybe even to her own. Aludra turned to her mother. "Mother!" she smiled. "What brings you here?". Again the queen felt the intense desire to love and touch and nurture this girl.

Horror of horrors.

She fled.

Something had to be done. The girl would never remain a virgin if this were allowed to continue.

The queen retired to her tower study and pored through her arcane books. She found a spell that was supposed to snuff out love - sort of an anti-love potion. It required the sperm of an adolescent blacksmith, among other ingredients.

And, as it happened, after bedtime several nights later, Aludra approached her mother's bedchamber to ask her mother why she had fled the other night. Aludra had never gone to her mother's rooms before, and she was not aware that one could enter only after ringing a bell and receiving permission.

Instead, she just opened the door and walked in. She was perplexed immediately upon seeing something round and white, rising and falling rhythmically in the center of the bed. As she stared, she realized it looked just like a pair of buttocks. She had seen buttocks on numerous occasions, as she walked by men who had dropped their pants to urinate in the fields or alongside the road.

Then she made out a leg, bent at the knee, that was beside the buttocks. No, a pair of knees that the buttocks were between. Suddenly a man's back rose from behind the buttocks, and she realized she was looking at a naked man's back. The man's legs were covered by bedclothes. She stared in shock as she realized the man was Adomos, the blacksmith's son.

She heard a voice. "Yes, boy, you are doing well. Now you must go faster." It was her mother's voice! And it was coming from the person whose knees she saw straddling Adomos's backside.

Aludra crept closer to the bed. What in the world was going on?

Adomos kicked his legs, knocking the covers off of them and Aludra barely kept in her gasp of surprise.

Now she knew what was going on.

She could clearly see the funny thing that men peed out of, which they called a penis. It usually hung between their legs, like a shriveled sausage, but the one on Adomos had become quite stiff and long. Not only that, but Adomos had placed his penis into a hole between her mother's legs, and was ramming it repeatedly into the hole. Apparently it was painful to him, because he was groaning and moaning as if his life were at an end. He even yelled at one point "Oh, my Queen, I fear I shall die!"

The queen murmured something back. Aludra knew she hadn't heard right. It sounded like her mother had said "Oh, I'll not be surprised at that."

Then Adomos cried out "Ohhhhhh ... it is time ... Oh, my queen ... I give thee my gift ... Ahhhhhhh."

Aludra watched, first with interest as the stiff thing between Adomos's legs began to jerk and a circle of creamy white fluid built up around it where it entered her mother's body. But her interest turned to disgust and then horror as it jerked harder, now shaking Adomos’s entire body as he flailed and writhed and cried out. His skin began to wrinkle, as if his insides were getting smaller. His cries grew weaker and weaker, as his inner body shrank more and more, until all that was left was a leathery bag that was once his skin.

Aludra opened her mouth to scream out her horror but the sound froze in her throat as her mother grasped the empty skin of her lover and flung it on the floor beside the bed.

"I have no more need of YOU, oh son of the blacksmith."

Aludra knew she had to hide - that if her mother saw her, something even more horrible would happen. She stepped behind a tapestry hanging on the wall. She found a moth hole she could spy through.

Again her groin tightened with horror as she watched her mother get out of bed and squat over a stone bowl. The queen appeared to flex the muscles of her abdomen and a large gooey mass of glowing ivory drooled out of the hole between her legs and dripped into the bowl. When it had stopped dripping, the queen stood, inspected the pool of glowing liquid and nodded her head. "Now, my little vixen, we'll ensure your virginity until I need it." She threw on a robe and left the room through a door that led to steps going up.

Aludra was almost unable to make her legs work. What had her mother been talking about? Who was she talking to? What had she done to poor Adomos? She tip-toed over to what was left of the boy and knew immediately that Adomos was no more.

She also knew, for the first time, that her mother was a horrible person.

Aludra didn't know quite what to do. Without thinking, she ran out of the castle and to the house of the blacksmith, Goodman Buden. She pounded on the door again and again until she heard the blacksmith's rough voice "Coming, coming. Ease off there, whoever you are. I'm coming." The door was flung open and Aludra found herself looking at the blacksmith's chest. He was two heads taller than Aludra, and wider by far - almost as wide as the door. He was also staring out into the night, right over Aludra's head. "What?!" he roared, before realizing someone was standing in front of him.

He peered at her. "Princess!" he barked. "Whatever is wrong?"

"Oh Goodman Buden, I fear your son is dead! I saw him wither and die before my very eyes and I don't know what to do."

"Quickly" he barked again. "Come inside and tell me what happened."

So Aludra found herself in the house of the blacksmith, a widower, by chance, and a man dressed only in a light nightshirt. Aludra had fled the castle in such a hurry that she wore only her thin nightdress, a diaphanous slip of silk that was almost, if not quite, transparent. Further, she was panting with the exertion of having run all the way to the house, and her succulent breasts were heaving.

The blacksmith, who was quite aware of the seeming enchantment upon the princess, averted his eyes immediately. He had found himself standing stock still, staring at her beauty, on many occasions before he had figured out she attracted men's eyes with magic, somehow. And, he had decided that the only way to converse with her (or get any work done) was to talk to something close to her, and not to herself at all.

He was holding his own, though not completely able to concentrate on exactly what she was saying. Then the words "ramming his penis into my mother" broke through the haze in his mind. Startled beyond control, he looked straight at her.

The fire was behind her. Her gown was all but transparent. The magic snared him.

"And then his penis started to swell and jerk and he began to ..." Aludra was trying to tell Goodman Buden what had happened, but she trailed off as his eyes glazed over and he sort of leaned to one side.

He moaned.

One of his massive hands brushed the front of his night shirt. Aludra looked down and saw a huge tent in the front of the shirt. His hands were fumbling with the shirt, pulling it up, bunching it around his waist.

"You mean," he droned, in a hypnotized voice. "His penis ... like this?" His hands dragged the hem of his night shirt above his waist.

Aludra stared. Her face burned as she blushed. Goodman Buden had exposed his own penis to her!

And WHAT a penis it was! It was MONSTROUS! It was at least three hand spans long. It was as big around as her wrist. It had a big purple knob at the end, which had something beginning to ooze out of a little hole there. The sides of the tube were gnarly with curving lines, and it was rooted in a bush of dark hair that flew out in all directions. And hanging below all this was a sack that looked like it could hold a king's ransom in gold. All in all it looked like it could be used as a pretty effective club in time of war! One of his hands grasped the penis and stroked it, forward and back once.

"I have a penis," he sighed, taking a step toward her.

Aludra's eyes went round. What was he doing?

Then she remembered what his son had done with HIS penis, and she began to back up, the pit of her stomach going warm and fuzzy somehow. But her mind was sharp, and she realized he was not in full control of his faculties.

She also knew that if she did nothing HIS penis would soon be doing what his SON'S penis had been doing - albeit in a different vagina. Part of her thrilled at the chance to find out what that might feel like.

But she liked Goodman Buden, and couldn't begin to accept that what had happened to his son might happen to him too. She had to do something to snap him out of it. Her hand went behind her to the table top. She felt something. A spoon. A long wooden spoon. She grasped it. Then she swung.

The spoon contacted exactly on the bulbous tip of Goodman Buden's penis. His eyes cleared, he dropped his eyes to the point of impact, and he folded like a piece of cheap paper. The sound he made caused her spine to shiver.

Aludra addressed the man who was now curled in a ball on the floor. "I'm so sorry, Goodman, but you weren't yourself and I had to do something ..." The sounds he was making nearly made her heart break. She saw that his hand was now wrapped around just the tip of his mammoth member, and he was squeezing it tightly.

She went to the fire and found a pot of water sitting to one side of the firebox. It had hot water in it. She dipped a cloth into the water and returned to him.

"Here, apply this hot compress. Maybe it will help."

But he was rocking back and forth, moaning piteously. So she pried his hand away and swathed the swollen tip in the hot, wet cloth.

"Ahhhhhhh," he sighed. Slowly his eyes opened and looked into hers. "Princess, I cannot look at you, or else I'll lose my mind again," he groaned. "But I am in such pain. And what you are doing brings such comfort."

He was not a stupid man. "I have an idea," he said. "I will keep my eyes closed. If you will follow my instructions, we may be able to find out if this enchantment can be broken."

She was willing. "Of course, Goodman," she said.

Which is how it came to be that Princess Aludra found herself being taught how to pleasure a man with her hand. Her stroke was light and quick, but with enough firmness to ensure the entire surface of his prick was stimulated. That would have been enough for any man, but she could see where she had caused a bruise, where there was a darker purple swelling on one side of the tip. And, quite innocently, she leaned forward to place a kiss upon that injury.

Which is how it came to be that Princess Aludra found her face covered in a thick coating of the blacksmith's rich white semen. It filled her eyes, and in trying to drag it clear of them she got it in her mouth.

The blacksmith, being a healthy man with a diet rich in greens and fruits, had sweet tasting semen, and she soon found that the simplest and easiest way to deal with the mess was to scrape it all into her mouth and swallow it.

Then she remembered the hot rag and brought it to bear. Once she got her eyes open, she found the blacksmith staring at her as if she were some sort of mythical creature, seen once in only a thousand years. But his eyes were clear. He started when he realized she was inspecting him for signs of intelligence and control.

"It seems, your majesty," he said gravely, "that once ... things are taken care of ... the enchantment passes." His mighty penis gave some small lie to this statement by jerking in her hand. He pushed her hand away. "But let's not test that theory so soon." He smiled tentatively.

Then he heard her story and grieved for his lost son. Aludra told him everything, each sordid detail, including the part where her mother had obviously collected his dead son's sperm and even the essence of his life itself, to use in some evil plot involving some poor virgin.

Buden, as has been said, was not a stupid man. He had suspected for some time that the queen practiced evil magic, and now, here was proof. But she was the queen, and he was only a lowly blacksmith. He agreed to think on what she had said and to try to contact her later. She offered to come to his home again, but risking a glance at her gorgeous form, he thought that not a good idea. In fact, his prick was once again rising to praise her beauty, though he was at least able to keep his brains this time. She noticed though.

"Goodman, why does your penis stiffen like this?" his princess asked.

"Well, your majesty, you see, when a man sees a beautiful woman, such as yourself, it is only natural that he wishes to make a baby with her. It stiffens for that purpose."

"You mean it wishes to make a baby now? Here? With whom, Goodman Blacksmith?”

"Ah ... er ... well, your highness ... uh, you see ..." he stuttered.

Aludra stamped one pretty little foot. “Goodman, what is wrong with your mouth? I asked a simple question. Your penis has stiffened and it wishes to make a baby. Is that not correct?" she frowned.

Buden spoke to a point just over her head, to a nail in the wall actually. "Ah .. yes, your highness."

"Now," she said slowly, as if talking to a simpleton. "Who does your penis wish to make a baby with?"

"In, actually," said Buden, before he could think enough to clap a hand over his mouth.

"Very well, master blacksmith," she said. "Who does your penis wish to make a baby IN? Speak up, Goodman."

Buden didn't know what to do. Here was his princess, whom he couldn't look at, demanding to be told that he wished to jam his prick into her soft pink pussy, whereupon he wished to deposit gallons of his virile sperm, such that she would bear his twins (if possible) in nine short months. Of course she didn't know that was what she was demanding to be told. But he did. And he was quite sure his head would roll if he did so. But he had to tell her something.

"There's a lass," he said slowly. "A milk maid I saw in the market this morning." He gulped. "Your highness reminded me of her I suspect."

"Oh," said Aludra. "Well. That's fine then, but we can't waste time thinking about milk maids now, can we. We have an emergency. A problem of the highest magnitude. My mother has killed your son in a most vile and unnatural way. Whatever shall we do?"

She didn't notice Buden sigh with relief at her acceptance of his lie. "As I said, highness, I will contact you later, after I have had a chance to develop a plan."

"I shall await your message," Aludra said breathlessly, and turned to run back to the castle. Of course Buden looked at her fleeting form, at which time he saw her lift her gown to her thighs and run. The night breeze uncovered her bare buttocks for just a moment and Buden was ensorcelled again. Had the princess looked back she'd have seen the man jerking another load of that yummy tasting white fluid toward her as she ran away.

The next day, the queen completed her nasty business. Her evil spell had been concocted and the poor essence that had been the son of the blacksmith had become a vile liquid contained in a jade jar. The queen went to the kitchen and selected the most beautiful apple of all that were there, then rubbed the evil brew all over the ripe red skin of the fruit. Knowing her daughter loved to go to market on Thursdays, to mix with the unwashed of the village, she performed another spell that changed her appearance to that of an old hag. Then she took the poisoned apple and went to the village.

Aludra was walking through the market, leaving a trail of love struck men (and women) behind her, when she was approached by a short and ugly hag who was holding a lovely red apple. "Here, princess ... for you," croaked the hag.

Aludra started to say no. "I have no money," she said, but the apple was thrust into her hands and the hag turned and disappeared into the crowd.

Aludra looked at the apple, took a dainty bite, and fell to the ground senseless. She had been magically put into a deep sleep. A sleep that her mother planned her never to awaken from.

The next day, with great fanfare and many retainers, a coal black carriage pulled up and parked in front of the smithy. Buden, of course, knew who was in that carriage. He had made that carriage, after all, for the king, who gave it to his wife. Buden assumed that she had somehow found out that his sperm had crossed the lips of her daughter and was there to kill him. He had been working on a wagon spring, but when the queen breezed into his shop he held a broadsword of immense proportions and was keenly examining the edge on the weapon. When the queen came into the room he knelt, the tip of the sword at his feet, his hands on the crosspiece. "My queen," he rumbled.

"Ahh, Goodman Blacksmith" the queen said sweetly. "I have need of your skills."

Buden glanced warily up at the evil woman. He felt no sorcery or enchantment. "How could one so low as I possibly be of service to you, your majesty?"

"Rise ... rise, blacksmith," commanded the queen. "I don't wish to address the floor. Now. I have a daughter. You may know of her."

Buden had risen. At mention of her daughter he gripped the sword's hilt. "Yes, your majesty," he said simply.

"She is a wild and unruly girl," said the queen. "If you've ever had children, you know how ... unappreciative ... they can be."

He gripped the hilt of the sword harder, until his knuckles whitened. One stroke was all it would take to rid the kingdom of this horrid witch forever. But there were soldiers outside and his life would also be forfeit. "Of course, your majesty," he said. He had an idea. "My own son has not come home from his frolicking this morning, and his work lies as yet undone." He peered at her closely. She made not a blink and showed no indication of any kind that she knew quite well why this was the case.

"Yes, well, peasants are generally unreliable," she said in a haughty voice. As he thought again about lopping off her evil head she went on. "But I'm here to talk about my daughter. She has gone and gotten herself enchanted in some way. She is sleeping, and no one can awaken her. She is not exactly dead, but she must be protected until she is eighteen ...." She stopped suddenly, glaring at the blacksmith, who was intelligent enough to be looking at her feet, where a good peasant should look. "As I say, she is ensorcelled and will not awaken. Until I can find a cure, she must be protected. And so I am in need of a casket, not one for a dead person, but for my poor daughter. It must protect her and be unable to be opened until I wish it. This you must do on pain of death."

And so it was that Goodman Buden fashioned a casket for the princess that had a thick crystal cover atop iron-strapped oak of immense strength.

He fashioned a cunning lock for which he made one key which fit, but did not open the lock, and one key which worked in every way.

The second key he kept.

When he delivered the casket, however, he gave the queen only the imperfect key, saying she should keep it well protected, as it was the only one to the special lock. "Your majesty, I have made this lock so powerful that, should you lose that key, not even I will be able to break your daughter out of her prison ... er, I mean cocoon of safety." The queen, who had watched the blacksmith lift the heavy casket off the wagon by himself, and suspected the muscle between his legs might be just as well developed as all the rest, took the key and dropped it into her deep, well defined cleavage.

"Should I ever need help in finding it, I shall call you, good blacksmith." Then she leered at him, not knowing that all this did was fuel the fire in his heart for revenge.

Then Buden picked up the princess and placed her gently in the casket. In the process he pulled a finger full of her blond hair out and hid it in his cuff. Then he closed the lid and depressed the lock.

A loud click was heard.

The queen immediately turned to the captain of her guard and ordered "Break open this box that holds my daughter. If you can, the blacksmith dies."

The man instantly attacked the casket, beating at it with his sword, then with a pike, and finally with a morning star.

None of them penetrated the box in any way, so well had the blacksmith constructed it. When the man was panting and unable to go on, the queen turned to Buden and said "Well done. You shall live after all." With that she gave him a bag of gold and had him shown out.

The queen, ever willing to be mean and break hearts, intentionally left her daughter's sleeping body on display in the castle courtyard. Folk came from miles around to stare, transfixed, at the beautiful girl sleeping in her impenetrable container. It drove some mad and men tried to breach the box, to kiss the lovely girl inside. Those were taken and impaled on stakes atop the castle walls. When a man was found masturbating while gazing at the girl, his head decorated a spike, and it wasn't his tongue that hung from his open mouth.

Aludra slept on.

Buden, meanwhile, took the gold the Queen had given him, and the lock of hair he had pulled from Aludra's head, and went looking for a sorcerer he could trust.

It took him almost a year to find one he thought could answer his question and be trusted not to spread that answer around. An old seer peered into sweet smelling smoke and said he saw the name "Polugra" as the answer to the Blacksmith's quest. It took another month to find someone who recognized the name. The old toothless farmer peered up at the blacksmith and said "'e’s on sabbatical".

That, it turned out, meant he lived in an old tower in the country which was protected with traps and spells of all kinds. He didn't wish to be disturbed.

Once Buden got through all the traps and spells, most of which required immense strength, he came at last to the entrance of the tower. Thinking his trials over, he entered and was at once ensnared in a spell of great power.

"AHA!" cackled a leathery voice. An old crone came from the dark corner of the entryway and looked him up and down. "At last, one has made it through all the traps and trials my brother has set, but has been caught up in MY spell. Perhaps you will be the one." She spoke as if she had just explained everything.

Buden addressed her. "Mistress, I mean you no harm, nor to your brother do I wish ill. I have a problem that only your brother may solve and so I have hunted for him an entire year. Surely you will not deny a poor blacksmith this quest."

"That all depends" she said shortly. "How old do you think I am?"

Buden looked at her withered body and gray stringy hair. "Surely you have lived eighty summers good lady".

"HA!" she yelled. "I'm thirty-one, and I've my brother to thank for this visage. He put a spell on me ten years ago. Said I was nosy and noisy and had too many men callers. Made me look like THIS, the bastard! So if you want anything from him, you have to give something to me first."

"Of course, my lady," said Buden.

The hag cackled and shed her rags with unnerving swiftness. Her poor old milk bags hung empty and wrinkled. Her abdomen was flabby and fish belly white. A great growth of unruly hair bushed between her legs. Her knees were knobby too!

"You have to plunge your tool in my sex!" she said triumphantly. "And if you please me, I'll let you live and talk to my brother. If not I'll suck the essence of your life out of you to give me a little facelift."

Buden was horrified. To have sex with this withered shell of a woman was abhorrent. But he needed the antidote to whatever the queen had done to the sleeping princess.

He steeled his courage. "As you command," he said stiffly.

Unfortunately, that was the only thing stiff about him. When he disrobed the hag dropped her jaw and hopped from one skinny foot to the other with glee.

"Surely I tell you, blacksmith, never have I seen such a tool as yours. I think you might actually get to live!"

He saw a dribble of drool slide from the corner of her mouth and shuddered. Then she spoke again, and there was iron in her voice. "But only if you get that thing hard for me. Otherwise I'll do it the hard way."

She grinned and he saw her teeth were filed to points. She stared at his penis and licked her lips. What could he do? He had to do something. He thought of poor Aludra, picturing her in her casket.

He felt a twitch in his cock.

That was it! Aludra! He thought of her as he had seen her that night in her almost transparent nightgown. He thought of her handling his cock, of his spend drenching her hand, of her mouth sucking up and swallowing his issue.

His prick sprang to attention.

With a cry of relief he grabbed the crone and, with little ceremony, lifted her up like she was a baby.

She squawked and her legs flew apart as he held her in front of him. He set her on his massive rod and it held up her entire weight!

"You'd better enjoy this," he growled.

She was gibbering, saliva spitting all over his chest as she tried to wiggle her ancient pussy onto his cock. He hawked and spat a glob of saliva that splatted right where her pussy rested on his rod. He dragged her back to the tip of his cock and, like she was a stuffed animal, began to force his cock into her old woman's sex. He thrust and pulled.

She screamed and fainted. She was impaled!

Buden closed his eyes and thought again of his beloved Aludra. This wasn't an old crone's pussy dragging at his cock. It was the princess's. It wasn't an ugly hag wrapped around his jutting penis. It was the soft warm body of his fantasy woman. It seemed so real that he was surprised when his prick jumped and belched out a lemon sized glob of thick white peasant cum.

The hag's eyes flew open. "Oh my," she said.

And she began to change before his very eyes.

Her hair went from gray and white to shiny reddish brown. The wrinkles disappeared from her face, then her torso and, though he couldn't see them, her legs. Her breasts filled back up and stuck out proud, firm, tempting. Her nipples stuck out even further and began spurting milk! Her pussy, which had been dry and grimy, fleshed out. Her pussy lips became plump and pink and now wrapped themselves lovingly around the monster penis that parted them.

As Buden's penis threw another cupful of his sperm into the woman, she looked fifty years younger. Her pussy rippled and spasmed as she went into a powerful orgasm. She blinked her startling green eyes at him once, screamed in joy, and collapsed, senseless. He caught her and, ever so gently, pulled her off his steaming rod.

He lay her gently on the floor, for lack of anywhere better, and stared at her. She was beautiful! He slapped her cheeks lightly and her eyes fluttered open. She raised her head, looking at her breasts. Then she brought a hand up into the dim light and examined it, her eyes opening wider and wider. Then she lurched off the floor, her arms gripping the blacksmith's neck as if to try to break it.

"You've SAVED ME!" she sobbed. "You've broken the spell." Then she rained kisses on his cheeks, his lips, his beard, everywhere she could reach.

Finally she was able to speak without crying. "My brother cast that horrible spell on me, making sure no man would ever find me desirable again. He taunted me for years that the only way it could be broken was if a man took me of his own free will, with real desire in his heart. And you have done, that you wonderful man. You've saved me and I am your slave, yours to command."

"Then I instantly set you free to pursue your own desires," said the honorable blacksmith. "But first, could you take me to your brother? I fear only he can help me, though I am very angry with him right now for doing that to you. I will have to restrain myself from thrashing him."

Her head bowed. "No you won't. I killed the bastard five years ago. Bashed in his head with a shovel. He'd protected himself from all sorts of magical assaults, but a plain old shovel did the trick. I fear, master blacksmith, that I cannot take you to him."

Then Buden wept, long and bitterly. He'd used up almost all the gold the evil queen had given him, and he'd thought his search was at an end.

Tearfully he told his tale to the girl, ending with "and the seer said that only the sorcery of Polugra could help me and now you tell me that this sorcerer is dead and I have done all this for nothing. I am a failure and my beloved princess will die because of it!"

The girl looked at him strangely and then broke into laughter.

He glared at her until she raised a hand that was now slim and dainty.

"Good Buden, it is I who am named Polugra, not my brother."

Buden's mouth dropped open as she went on.

"Yes, it's true. Both of us studied sorcery and it was I who was the more powerful. He was jealous and prepared a black spell using evil magic to entrap me in the useless body of the hag you saw before. Now you have broken that spell and I am returned to my power."

With that she snapped her fingers and torches in the hall sprang to light. Then she looked at the blacksmith with gentle eyes. "Come with me, blacksmith."

She led him up a dusty staircase that circled the wall inside the tower, to a large well lighted workroom that was heavy with dust and cobwebs, and signs of disuse. She clapped her hands and things straightened themselves magically. Apparatus put itself away. Dust blew itself out the windows. Roses appeared in what had been empty vases. Suddenly she was clothed in a dress of finest satin, pale blue, with darker blue ribbons. Buden goggled, then glanced down at his own body, which was still naked.

He looked at her.

Her eyes gleamed.

"In due course, good Buden."

Then she asked him for the lock of the princess's hair and, after he ran back down the stairs to retrieve it from his discarded clothing, she began her examination of it.

Long into the night did she toil over the hair, using spells and liquids and concoctions to pull the queen's evil secrets from the golden hair. Buden fell asleep on a pile of burlap bags.

He awoke with a start. It was morning and the sun was up two or more hours. He looked wildly around and saw Polugra asleep in a chair, her burnished hair showing red glints in the morning sun. She was still beautiful, and seeing her so made him realize he was still naked and his thick member was, as usual in the morning, rock hard and full of yellow piss. He looked around for a chamber pot and, not finding one, stood by an open window and anointed the grass far below. He turned around to find Polugra staring at him, and the now only half hard sausage hanging between his legs.

"You are truly a man, Buden of the far kingdom. I am very grateful to have met you." She smiled and her eyes strayed back to his penis. The tip of her tongue came out briefly and licked her lower lip.

"But wait! I have solved your conundrum, or so I believe. This queen of yours is a terrible woman if what I have discovered is true." Then she told him what the golden hair had divulged.

The queen had made a potion, using the life essence of a young boy, probably one of powerful build, who worked with his hands. This boy's essence had been sucked out of him by magic. She blushed here, remembering she had planned to use the same kind of magic to take Buden's life essence to extend her own life.

"Somehow she got the princess to ingest some of this potion - probably put it on something the princess ate - and now the evil brew courses through the girl's veins. That poor boy's life force has been made evil, and it subverts the girl's life force, keeping her unconscious."

Buden told her of what Aludra had seen his son involved in.

"That's it!" she yelled. "She used the life force in his sperm to create the potion." She ran to a large book on a shelf and pulled it down and open. She flipped through pages, settling on one.

She gave a shout. "Yes! I think it can be reversed!"

"How, my lady?" questioned Buden.

"You are the boy's father? In truth, I mean? Your wife did not beget this boy with another?"

Buden's visage clouded over and his scowl was mighty. "His mother was a virgin when I took her on our wedding night. She had the boy nine months later and never knew another. She died bringing him into the world."

"OK, OK, I had to ask." said Polugra. "Because if what I believe is true, then only YOU can undo the spell."

"Oh!" he said. "How?"

"You must put your own life force into her, to counteract that of your son that has become evil. It must be the life force of a direct relative of the one whose life force was misused. In this case that means you."

He gulped. "I must ..."

"You must bury that magnificent tool of yours in her belly and fill it just as full of your sperm as you did mine." Polugra said plainly. Then she blushed. "And I have no fear that you will be able to perform this little task. I was most taken with the skill with which you broke the spell I was under."

Buden colored. "Hmph ... well ... yes, I suppose so, but I can't just go back there and fuck the princess." The very thought of it paralyzed him.

Polugra smiled sweetly. "But of course, I'll be going with you, brave Buden. I will see what can be done about this queen of yours and, once she is taken care of, perhaps you will then be able to, shall we say, effect the princess's cure?"

In fact, the thought of "effecting the princess's cure" was having a very obvious effect on Buden himself. His member was becoming alarmingly stiff again.

Polugra noticed. "But first, I must properly thank you for effecting MY cure."

She snapped her fingers and her gown dropped to the floor, leaving her completely, gloriously naked.

"I shall not take no for an answer, goodman. And, if THAT is the result of simply thinking about your princess," she pointed at his bobbing boner, "then I absolutely insist that you think long and hard (hee hee) about her for, oh, say the next fifteen minutes. Now. Come here."

He did, and gladly.

And he thought about his princess for twenty minutes while Polugra arched and ohhhed and ahhhed as his sapling sized penis reamed her newly restored pussy until she'd had six more orgasms, including that odd squirting of milk from her nipples.

When he finally began to deliver what had made such a difference in Polugra's body before, he was awed to see her belly actually bulge with the force and amount of his life giving spend.

He was even more amazed when at last he pulled his soggy penis out of her and the bulge DIDN'T GO AWAY!!!

Polugra raised her tired head from the bed and caressed her swollen belly with both hands. "I must thank you yet again, goodman blacksmith. My condition at the time of my brother's curse was as you see me now, several months with child. I know not whether you have revived that child, or have given me one of your own, but I tell you this - I shall cherish this child beyond all else I have, and his name shall be Budan, in your honor. Further, I must say, have no fear that your goodness will fail to overcome the evil of that witch. You are a MOST powerful man."

They packed and left the next day. Buden offered to let Polugra "thank" him one last time before they left, but she shook her head, laughing. "I fear if I let you in me yet again I shall end up with triplets. Fear not, though. If your princess allows, you shall know me again, most intimately." Buden blushed and then grinned as they set out for the kingdom and his princess.

Two weeks later they snuck into Buden's shop in the dead of night. Polugra had been unable to control her carnal urges on two occasions during their return. She was very happy that her third and fourth "encounters" with Buden's manhood had not accelerated her pregnancy. Apparently his powers simply overcame those of the dark arts, but added nothing of their own.

She still walked a little bowlegged, however. He WAS well endowed, after all. Unknown to Buden, she had captured his last offering of life-giving sperm, much as the evil queen had captured his son's. She had then spent some time concocting her own spell which she placed on the potion she made from Buden's issue. She carried that in a special container around her neck, close to her heart, where it would stay warm and virile.

The next day Polugra changed her appearance to that of an 11 year old peasant girl. She went to the castle, where she got into line to see the sleeping princess. She understood the power the sleeping girl had over Buden and the rest in the kingdom as soon as she laid eyes on the slumbering beauty. Polugra had to tear her own eyes away, helped by the shoving of the next person in line who wanted his own look. Polugra was horrified to see this man grab his penis through his dirty trousers as he stared at the princess.

Suddenly he was jerked from the line by a soldier who yelled "What's this? Do you defile the princess by rubbing your putrid genitals in her presence?" The man cried out and was instantly run through with a sword. Then, in horror, she watched as the unfortunate man was hoisted up and impaled on a long, darkly stained spike standing along the top of the wall in the courtyard. She saw there were six other corpses present that she hadn't noticed before.

Then, in a whirl of black, the queen strode into the courtyard. Her nose was up in the air and her head turned this way, then that.

"There's magic in this courtyard," she howled. "Someone is holding magic in this courtyard!"

Polugra, hiding behind a grown up, brought out the container that held the potion she had made from Buden's sperm-laced semen. She opened the container and tipped it up to her lips. The potion slid inside her mouth, as if it were alive. It tasted sweet, but she did not swallow. Instead she moved out from behind the adult and stood where the queen could see her.

"YOU!!!" screeched the evil queen. "YOU'RE THE ONE HOLDING MAGIC!!! I CAN FEEL IT."

Polugra simply stood there, and put her hands on her hips. Her appearance wavered and suddenly her true nature revealed itself. Several of the men in the compound gasped at her beauty.


She stomped toward Polugra, her hands weaving the beginnings of a spell Polugra could have countered when she was thirteen years old. She almost laughed, but couldn’t because of what was in her mouth. Instead she smiled sweetly at the queen.

Then Zuludra was within reach. Polugra didn’t wait. She took a deep breath through her nose and spat the potion into Zuludra’s face.

The queen stopped cold, thick white spooge running down her face. She blinked and tried to wipe her eyes. Then her mouth opened and an inhumane wailing came out.

That voice caused grown men to wet their trousers and women to faint. It was the sound of true evil being thrown from the carcass it infested. It was the sound of the host of that black magic parasite dying and the parasite being forced back into the abyss.

The queen’s face changed first. It darkened, then began to dry and shrivel like Adomos had when the queen had stolen his life force. She shrunk, getting shorter and thinner until all that was left were the clothes that had covered her body.

As a final wisp of dark smoke drifted up out of those clothes there was a far off wail of “Nooooooooooooooo!” that faded into a horrible scream as Zuludra’s life essence followed her evil parasite into the abyss.

Polugra dusted off her clothing and looked at the frozen people who had watched the entire scene. Then, in a serious and ringing voice she announced: “The queen is dead ... LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!”

She placed her hand on the casket in which the princess, now the queen of the land, lay. She glanced at a lad who was staring at her, his eyes wide.

“Boy ... do you know Buden the blacksmith?” The boy nodded as if he were sleep walking.

“Well, go and fetch him ... make haste ... your queen awaits his service.” He faltered, looked from her to the casket and then back to her. Then he ran like the old queen was on his trail.

Polugra ordered the captain of the guard to clear the courtyard and remove the bodies from the wall. It was evidence of her natural power and authoritative figure that he obeyed her without question.

Then, when only the soldiers were left, she approached him. “I’m going to have the blacksmith open the casket and then I will see that your queen is awakened. No man other than the blacksmith may see this ceremony or the magic that will be used ... on .. pain ... of ... death. Do you understand me completely, captain?”

He stuttered and nodded and then ushered his men out. None of them looked at either their new queen or her savior. The captain was standing guard at the portal himself when the blacksmith arrived.

“If I were you, I’d turn around and go the other way, blacksmith,” he said. “The woman in there is more deadly than the old queen.” Then he muttered “Not that I miss her a whit.”

Buden nodded his head and said “I must serve my queen. See that no one intrudes,” he said. “I know a little of this woman you speak of. She is a terrible foe to some. I’ll do my best not to become one of those.”

The captain shuddered and turned about.

And so it was that Buden found himself staring, entranced, at his beloved princess as he opened the box she had slept in for over a year. His heart melted at her beauty. Polugra stood by his side. “There is magic in her,” she said. “It causes all who see her to love her beyond all things.”

He looked at her. “People should love her for who she is and what she does, not because they are forced to. Can you remove this magic?”

She put her fingers to the girl’s head. “It is defensive magic. Perhaps if she is loved by someone regardless of its pull, then that pull will become unnecessary. I cannot change her, but I can shield you from the effects.”

“Do so please,” he said soberly.

Polugra spoke the spell and Buden felt a tingle go through him. He looked at Aludra. She was still beautiful. He still loved her. His prick still stiffened, tenting his rough trousers. “It didn’t work,” he said sadly.

“Oh, it worked,” said Polugra laughing. “What you are feeling now is real and quite normal. I think we should proceed with ‘the cure’,” she said.

Buden removed his own clothing while Polugra magically stripped the princess. Buden lifted her naked body and carried her into the castle. They found a bedroom and he placed her tenderly on a bed. Polugra spread her legs, exposing her royal box with it’s pretty pink pussy lips, waiting to be violated.

Buden grabbed his prick. It was achingly hard and he wanted badly to slide it into that pretty pink pussy. He wanted badly to shoot gallons of sperm in that pussy.

“I can’t,” he groaned. “It would be like rape. Alas she cannot give her consent.”

“But you MUST,” said a frustrated Polugra. “It is the only way to awaken her. Your seed must enter her body to combat the poison.”

“I know,” he moaned. “But I cannot violate her tender sex. There must be another way.”

She thought. “I have an idea,” she said.

And she promptly went down on him, sucking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

“Ohhhh,” he groaned. “I appreciate your willingness to relieve the pressure until we can determine a good course of action, but how will this help my queen?”

She stopped sucking reluctantly. “Be patient and watch, good blacksmith.” Then she returned to her oral chore.

She was good and he was primed. It didn’t take long until a thick river of blacksmith spunk shot into Polugra’s mouth. That one spurt filled her mouth to overflowing and, with two fingers and her thumb, enhanced by magic, she clamped off the base of his massive bone, stopping his flow.

“Auuugggggg,” he groaned, almost in pain. She held up one finger, warning him not to move, and then her mouth went to the tender pussy opening of the new queen.

Polugra sealed her lips to those of the princess and she blew. Then her jaws worked as she spit and tongued as much of his spooge into Aludra’s sex as she could manage. She fell back gasping for air. “Quickly, use your finger to stuff it further in,” she gasped.

Buden leapt to do her bidding and he slid one of his long, thick, calloused fingers into his queen’s pussy. Her body shuddered violently and a moan escaped her sleeping lips.

Polugra sat up quickly. “Yes, do that more. Move your finger in and out.” He did so and was rewarded by more movements by Aludra. At last her eyes opened halfway and she looked at the naked blacksmith.

“Goodman Blacksmith,” she murmured softly. “You have on no clothing.”

“Yes, my queen. Should I dress immediately?”

“No,” she mumbled. “I’ve been asleep, but I wasn’t really asleep. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear everything. What happened?”

Softly Buden explained what had happened. Polugra helped where her knowledge exceeded his.

“I feel so weak,” said Aludra. “Lift my head up please.” Polugra did so and she looked at them both. “Good blacksmith, your penis is fully as hard as it was the last time I saw it. Does it wish to make a baby still?”

Buden pinked up. “Yes, my queen, it does indeed.”

“And I now understand that it is ME your penis wishes to make a baby with,” she said softly.

"In," repeated the blacksmith, unnecessarily. He coughed, embarrassed.

“It would help you feel much better,” said Polugra. “I promise, though there might be some small pain at first.”

“And my mother is really dead and gone?” said the no-longer-princess.

“Alas, tis true,” said Buden sadly.

“Then, good blacksmith, I am your queen, and I am in need of your services,” she said a little more firmly. “I wish for you to make me feel better.”

And so it was that Buden the blacksmith found himself perched between the silky white thighs of his queen, while a red haired vixen held his leaking member to the sexual portal of that queen. Polugra tapped Aludra on the head three times, after which her head rolled limply to one side.

“Quickly now, take her while she is senseless and cannot feel the pain. Fear not, she will awaken all too soon. You must loosen her up before she does.”

And with that Buden forced his mammoth cock into the young queen’s pussy. She was tight beyond belief, but he pushed mightily. His previous spend, placed in that pussy by Polugra, helped a great deal, but still, when he felt his mighty prick tip press into the end of her queenly channel, three inches of his rod were yet to be sheathed in that soft, hot scabbard. Now a sort of madness overcame Buden and with a growl he jerked his cock out and rammed it back in. Then again and yet again. The poor girl flopped under him as he battered her with his oversized prong.

Then, he was awakened from his rage by the feel of feminine hands parting his hairy butt cheeks. One of Polugra’s saliva slickened fingers slid into his asshole without warning. Buden exploded.

Well, it would be more nearly correct to say his prick exploded. His previous orgasm, having been rudely interrupted, reasserted itself violently. Streams of his hot cum poured into Aludra’s ravaged sex.

It’s effect was both instant and noteworthy.

Aludra’s eyes snapped open, as did her mouth. There came a wail from her lips as her mind connected with what her body was experiencing.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried.  And then, her queenly hips, which before now had lain limp and unresponding, slammed up off the bed. This action, accompanied by Buden’s downward thrust, finally sheathed the rest of his virile penis in her body by the simple expedient of forcing the head of his penis into her womb, where it continued to spew it’s precious cargo. That cargo, in overcoming the evil magic flowing through her veins, resulted in the first orgasm Aludra had ever experienced.

The result of that was spectacular. “AAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” came her agonized sounding scream.

Agonized, however, she was not. In the throes of her pleasure, Aludra’s pussy clamped down on Buden’s penis and began milking it of all his stored up semen. Soon his penis and balls were empty, but still his penis tried to send something into her body. He groaned and rolled, so as not to crush his lover, and an amazingly revived Aludra ended up on top of the huge man, still impaled on his spear of love, and now in complete control of her faculties. Her recovery was both successful and appreciated. She sat alert and in full control of her body. She squeezed his prick with her muscles.

"Goodman Buden, you have done a great service to your queen and the kingdom. I am quite recovered from the evil plans my mother set in motion. And all because of your bravery and,” she squeezed his prick with her pussy again, “your endurance. You are due a reward for your service.”

Buden was gasping for air. “Your highness,” he began “I ...”

“Hush,” said his queen. “Do not waste your valuable energy on speaking.” She turned to Polugra, whose hand was busy between her own legs, having watched the energetic manner in which Aludra’s virginity was dispatched.

“Lady Polugra, in the ... absence ... of my mother, I find myself in need of an advisor ... nor do I have a royal sorceress. I also owe many thanks to you for your role in ... curing me. If you by chance have no plans for the immediate future, might I impose on you to stay a while? I can compensate you handsomely.”

“It would be my pleasure, your highness, to attend to your magical needs,” said the sorceress.

“Well, then. Excellent.” She jerked her hips and the blacksmith’s now flaccid penis slithered out of her wetly. “Oh my. Have you any magic that can bring life back to such as this?” She lifted his member with two fingers.

“No magic is necessary, your highness,” said Polugra smiling. “Only your lips are needed in this case.” And when the sorceress explained the process Aludra’s face lit up.

“Oh, but I’ve done that already one time, and to this very penis,” she cooed. Then she commenced to practice her oral skills on poor Buden’s flagging prick.

It didn’t flag for long. After all, this is a fairy tale. Soon it was standing proud and strong again, and when it was, the queen happily mounted her new toy again and rode it until again she felt that wonderful electric feeling in her body and the warm wet feeling of Buden’s penis making a baby in her.

“In this way must you serve me from now on,” she pronounced. Buden groaned. She laughed. “Poor man, I’ll only need this perhaps three or four times daily. And at night, of course,” she smiled.

And they all lived ... and fucked ... happily, ever after.

The End

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