The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Three

George was a happy, happy man. His prick was lodged so deeply in Sam's throat that he knew if he shot off now his cum would splash right into her stomach. The first time he'd cum she'd pulled almost off, and let his spunk fill up her mouth. Then she ran her mouth up and down his rod, leaving it covered with sperm. She'd gulped twice and then started licking the slippery treat off his cock while he stared in amazement. She'd gone back to deep throating him, and he'd stayed hard. Now he was close again. Without warning, she pulled off of him and, her voice husky, asked him to reciprocate.

For the first time in their relationship, her pants were off and her legs were spread for him. As he crawled between her naked and wide spread thighs, he wanted to fuck her so bad he could taste it.

But he tasted it instead.

He decided to apply himself to his job, since she had done such a fabulous job in deep throating him, so he licked and sucked and chewed until Sam whined out her joy, beating the ground beside her as she wrapped her legs around his head. She also hoped that he didn't crawl up and try to stick his prick in her, because if he did, at that particular point in time, she would let him.

He didn't though. Her reaction was so powerful that he decided to keep licking, sucking and chewing, to see if he could get that reaction again.

Amy unbuttoned the neck strap of her halter top and let it fall. Now there were two big buttons that held the strap behind her back together. She turned her back to Phillip and said "Could you help me?"

A part of Amy was watching all this, as if separated from her body. That part was screaming. It said things like "YOU'RE NOT THIS KIND OF GIRL!" and "YOU'RE NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO LET THIS BOY SEE YOU NAKED!" At the same time she waited for his fingers to touch the buttons on her back, she wondered what had happened that had changed her so much - had, in fact, changed her into exactly that kind of girl.

And the answer that came back was that, at last, she was with a boy she could trust. She could trust him to control his own urges, while she released control on some of hers. She was sure of it. And because of that, she was no longer afraid, and not even very nervous.

Phillip couldn't make his fingers work as he touched the fabric. He saw her slide her thumbs in each side of the waistband of her shorts, preparing to slide them down her slim hips and his cock leaked what felt like a quarter cup of fluid. She waited patiently for him to get his fingers working and, when they finally did, her top flopped to the ground in front of her. She immediately bent over and skimmed down both her terrycloth shorts and panties at the same time, flashing her pale buttocks at him.

Phillip groaned.

Amy turned around, as if she were completely dressed, instead of being gloriously naked.

"What's wrong?" she asked, in response to his groan.

In the moonlight her breasts looked smaller somehow, than they did when they were inside the halter top. His eyes were drawn to their tips, dark and insubstantial in the low light.

"Phillip?" she asked.

Phillip flushed and turned his head away. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but look."

Amy, in a voice she might have used with a friend, said "I told you you were allowed to look. Come on, let's go swimming."

But Phillip had a problem. If he dropped his shorts now she would see that he was painfully erect, and he didn't think she'd appreciate that at all. "I can't take my shorts off right now," he said.

Amy had a pretty good idea of why he was being so shy and she thought he was sweet. "Sure you can. You unbutton them, pull down the zipper and let them drop," she said back.

"But I can't," he insisted.

Amy knew that most boys would be flaunting their erection, trying to get her to touch it or kiss it or worse. She felt warmth in her belly for this boy who respected her. "OK, tell you what, I'll go down by the water and wait for you there." She turned and walked away.

Phillip would never in his whole life forget seeing her tanned body, with her two white buttocks lifting and falling opposite each other, as she walked naked away from him. It was just like at the drive-in, except now those bouncing white buttocks were bare, instead of encased in white cloth.

More juice leaked from his cock.

He had just dropped the last of his clothing, and was trying to figure out what he could do about his erection, when he heard his sister scream like she was being killed.

Acting on instinct, Phillip turned and ran in the direction of the scream. In his peripheral vision he saw the white streak that was Amy, running on a tangent, but for the same place. She had something dark in her hand... he peered and saw a stout looking stick... just as his bare foot hit something and he went flying.

Amy got to the area of the blanket first, drawn to the exact spot by the moaning of a very happy Samantha. Amy peered around an evergreen tree to see what was going on and her fingers went slack. The stick dropped to the grass. Her brother had his FACE between Sam's legs and he was... making awful noises down there... and moving his face back and forth.

George rode with the thrust of Sam's hips as she shoved her pussy up toward his face, and sucked in the hard little nubbin that he had discovered at the top of her slit that seemed to make her writhe more than when he touched anywhere else. His face was wet, but he was having the time of his life.

Phillip limped up behind Amy and saw the stick on the ground under her hand. She was breathing loudly. He peeked around her and saw what was going on.

He knew about this thing, had heard about it anyway, but hadn't thought boys actually DID it. He saw Sam thrust her hips up off the blanket and she cried out again. Now that they could see her it was obvious she wasn't in pain, that she wasn't being forced, and that something that felt exceptionally good was going on.

Sam felt that astounding feeling coming back when George fastened his lips around her clitty and sucked it in. "YES!" she shrieked. 'RIGHT THERE... SUCK ME... OHHHHHHHH" Again she screamed and her hands went to George's head and pulled his face hard against her sex.

Amy turned to run, took two steps, and her naked body slammed into Phillip's. They both went down in a tangle of arms and legs as her chest pressed against his. His penis slid between her legs as they hit the ground. She ended up on top of him, but listing to one side. She could easily have rolled off, but she didn't. Instead she panted like she had run a mile for her life.

Her face was only inches from Phillip's and suddenly she kissed him.

She'd made out with lots of boys, and passionate kisses were her specialty. But she'd always done them artfully before, divorced from the feeling of it all, using her kisses to achieve a goal, and that was to dominate the boy.

Now she felt the passion of those kisses and it scared her to her core. Like Sam, she knew that if this boy she barely knew tried to have sex with her right this second, she'd let him... welcome him into her body... and that frightened her to death.

She pulled away from him, pushed off his chest and, scrambling up, ran, as if her life depended on it.

Phillip, shocked by the collision, shocked even more by the entangled fall to the soft grass, and blown completely away by the kiss, did nothing based on his own brain. That brain was in shock and had temporarily suspended operations. But the Neanderthal in him saw his prey escaping, and adrenaline shot into his bloodstream.

Almost instantly he was up and chasing her.

One would wish that someone had been there to see this chase, because the description of it would have been entertaining. But no one was, and so we can only postulate what it was like. In fact, both of them were running flat out, their young, strong bodies striding as only healthy teens can, covering ground at an astonishing pace. But Phillip was two inches taller, and those two inches were in his legs. Two inches doesn't seem like much, but males generally have the advantage over females in running because of small differences in anatomy of the legs themselves, primarily the pelvic girdle. And so Phillip gained on her and, while his brain hadn't the faintest idea of what he would do if he caught her, his iron hard penis couldn't wait.

Then she, like he had, tripped on some irregularity in the ground, and went flying. She cried out an explosive "OOFF" as her chest hit the ground and her breasts slid painfully along the thankfully thick grass. Her hands pushed off the ground and she rolled over, cupping her tender orbs and crying.

Phillip caught up and civilized man took back over. He knelt beside her, worried beyond what he thought was possible.

"Are you OK?" he asked, his worry evident in his voice.

She didn't answer, just looked up at him with eyes that glittered in the moonlight. He started to touch her shoulder, but she flinched away and he backed off.

"Are you OK?" he said again, his voice steady now, calm, in control.

She nodded, almost imperceptibly. "Yes" she said in a small voice.

Somehow Phillip knew that, even though he didn't understand what was going on, she felt threatened, and needed him to do something normal.

"I think we should go swimming now," he said conversationally. "You still want to?" He stood up. He was still hard.

Amy looked at his hard prick. She licked her lips, remembering the feel of his lips on hers, remembering his taste. She was so confused she didn't know what to do.

"OK... yes," she said.

He reached his hand down, but didn't touch her. She hesitated, then grasped his hand and let him pull her up.

"Thank you," she said.

She wasn't talking about him helping her up. She was talking about him being a gentleman. And the strangest part of all, and the part she was acutely aware of, was that he was a gentleman while being at the same time, a fifteen year old boy whose naked hardon was flopping around right in front of her. She felt pain in her nipples and looked down at them.

They were dirty and sore... but they were also erect.

The water felt good on their hot bodies, and cooled off more than just their skin. Now that they couldn't see each other's nakedness, the passion that had filled them both began to seep away and they could think again. That would have been fine, and Fate might have ended up with blue balls, except the obvious thing to talk about was what they had just witnessed.

"Could you believe that?" asked Amy, waving one hand through the water, making swirls. She was standing a couple of feet away from Phillip. The water came up to her collar bones.

"I've heard of it. I never saw it before," he said. "But I never saw what they did last time before either." His penis had lost its aching hard, and now just felt pleasantly stiff.

"I couldn't ever do that!" Amy said vehemently.

"Which one?" asked Phillip.

Amy turned her head to stare at him. "You mean you COULD?" she asked, aghast.

Phillip flushed and was glad it was dark. "It was pretty plain that she was having a good time. I mean if I could make a girl feel like that I think I'd want to do it."

"But it was running out her NOSE!" squealed Amy, talking about a completely different event.

Phillip fielded the change flawlessly. "Yeah, but she went out with him again, didn't she? I mean it must not have been as bad as it looked."

They didn't say anything for a while. They floated together, bumping their shoulders. Neither pulled back.

Phillip asked "Why did you kiss me?"

Now she moved away from him, swirling water all around.

"I don't KNOW!" she said. "I felt so... so... I don't know how to describe it. When I saw her lying there and beating the ground it made me... hot inside or something. And you were there, and I like you and I wanted to kiss you."

"Then why did you run?"

"Cause I was SCARED!"

"Why would you be scared of ME?" he asked incredulously.

She sighed. "I don't think I was scared of YOU exactly. When I kissed you I had this thought... sort of a picture in my head? It was of you and me... doing... that. And it made me WANT to do that, but that's all nasty and everything."

Phillip was rock hard again. "Maybe it's not."

"Not what?" she asked.

"Nasty. Maybe it's not as nasty as it... looks. I mean both of them sure seemed to like doing it, and some of my friends say they do it and it's great."

"Me TOO!" squealed Amy. "I've got at least five friends who say they LIKE doing that!" There was relief in her voice - relief that she wasn't alone in having friends who did things she didn't do.

"You mean they like doing it to a guy, or they like having a guy do it to them?"

"BOTH! I was at a sleepover three weeks ago and Cath... I mean... well it doesn't matter who said it, but she said her boyfriend wanted her to do that to him and she didn't want to, so he did it to her first and she said she almost let him have sex with her after that! I couldn't BELIEVE it! And then she said she did it to him instead of letting him have sex with her and she LOVED it!"

"Wow!" said Phillip. "Cathy Dawson gave Mike a blow job?"

"Yeah, and... HEY! YOU TRICKED ME!" Amy acted madder than she actually was and started splashing water in his face. He splashed back and the next thing they knew their naked bodies were in a clutch as they wrestled each other, each trying to dunk the other.

Phillip felt her soft/hard breasts pressing and rubbing against his arm as he got behind her and put his arm around her waist, lifting her off the bottom so she had no grip to fight him with. Amy felt his stiff penis press into her buttocks and then slide between her legs. She gasped and got water in her throat, making her hack and cough. Phillip realized she was having trouble and let her go, standing her back up and pounding her bare back as she tried to clear her lungs. After sixty or so seconds of coughing she turned on him.

"You almost *cough cough* killed me *cough cough*." she managed to get out.

"I'm sorry," he said, though he didn't really feel like it was his fault. "Why didn't you hold your breath?"

"I was, but then your... your... your THING went between my legs. I'm probably pregnant or something." She pushed him with her hand, and his chest felt slippery and nice under her fingers. He pushed her back and that led to more wrestling.

But this time it was different. Both kids were excited now, in ways they hadn't allowed themselves to be excited in the past. Each time they touched each other's naked slippery bodies the excitement grew until instead of wrestling, they were caressing and splashing.

And then, suddenly, and without warning, like the last time, they were kissing. And this kiss lasted as their bodies pressed against each other. Something in each of them had accepted this, and there was no attempt at modesty, or to act in the ways they knew their parents would want them to act. Here and now they were doing what felt good. And this time, when his rock hard penis slipped between her legs she closed hers tightly, trapping it. Her hips did something she would never have believed as they bounced toward him several times, jacking his cock and rubbing it along her pussy lips.

The kiss broke and they both panted into each other's mouths. Amy's dark eyes glinted in the moonlight.

"I'm scared" she said. But she didn't let go of him.

"Why?" he asked, and his question was for himself too, because he was scared as well.

"I don't want to get pregnant," she said.

"We're not doing anything," he said defensively. "I mean not that could get you pregnant."

"It's touching me... down there," she said, and her hips jacked him gently.

"I think you have to do a lot more than that," he said.

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