Marci Gets A Pussy Bath

by Lubrican

Marci loved to babysit for her Uncle Bob. Mostly it was because he paid her really well, but he always made her feel good too. He always seemed to notice something about her that he commented on. Maybe it was that she was smart. Maybe it was her talent for singing. Sometimes it was about her hairdo or body.

Marci had just turned fifteen and she was beginning to have strange feelings in her body. Well, it wasn't that they were so strange. It was just that they were more frequent and stronger than in the past. There were some boys at school that when she looked at them, she felt funny in her stomach. And lately, when she was in the shower, washing her body made her feel funny too, especially when she washed her breasts. It had felt good for several years, but now it was positively delightful.

Marci's breasts had doubled in size in just the last year. They had been modest mounds of hard flesh with big brown stains on the tips, but in the last year her nipples had burst into prominence while her hard mounds had grown and softened. Now she had double handfuls with nice puffy areolas, on top of which sat raisin sized nips that got hard and tingled deliciously when she washed them. But that was nothing to what she felt like when she washed herself between her legs. Sometimes that felt so good that her knees got weak and she had to lean against the side of the shower stall.

It was almost like she had grown a bunch of new nerves as her body continued to grow and change.

And apparently Uncle Bob had noticed. Marci had seen him stealing lots of looks at those breasts. He hadn't said anything about them, of course, but he sure seemed to like to stare at them. That made her tummy feel strange and funny too. She liked her Uncle a lot. He was strong, and handsome, and he had a wonderful smile. Whenever he smiled at her it made her feel special.

Tonight she was going to baby-sit for Randy. She thought Randy looked just like Uncle Bob. He was a good kid too. He was six and he was no trouble at all. All she had to do was promise to read him a story and he'd do anything she wanted him to. It was fun reading to him, as she pretended to be each different character, and adopted different voices for them all. She especially liked it when she got to growl, because that always sent Randy into a fit of giggles.

She threw on a loose tank top. No bra tonight. They were too tight and she liked the feeling of her breasts wobbling around, her nipples scraping against the cloth. A pair of bikini cotton panties and cutoffs came next, and flip flops for her feet. She put her long blond hair back in a pony tail and was off to her Uncle's.

Aunt Janet answered the door. Marci thought Aunt Janet was the most beautiful woman in the whole world, next to her own mother, Uncle Bob's sister. Janet always looked perfect, with her coal black straight hair and her lush woman's body. Her breasts stuck out a foot from her slim body and Marci had always hoped her own would look like that some day. And her skin was so white and flawless.

Janet smiled. "Marci, dear, we're so glad you could watch our little man tonight. We're going out dancing with your parents."

Marci knew that, of course. She had seen her parents getting ready.

Janet went on. "Now Randy must be in bed by nine. There's pizza in the fridge. And no boys!" she smiled again.

"Aunt Janet!" said Marci. "You know I wouldn't let anybody come over while I'm babysitting."

"Of course dear," said her aunt. "Its just that you're getting so grown up. I know the boys are chasing you around all the time, trying to get in your little panties." Uncle Bob came in at the end of her statement.

"No they're not!" yipped Marci, embarrassed by the idea that her Aunt thought she'd let boys act like that.

"Well they should be!" chimed in her Uncle. "And very sexy panties I bet they are."

"Uncle Bob!" gasped Marci.

"Leave the poor girl alone, you letch." laughed Janet. "Save it for me."

Bob leered at his wife and reached out to grab one of her pendulous breasts. He squeezed it lightly. "I'd be delighted to, but why wait until later?"

She batted his hand away while Marci blushed crimson. Her own breasts tingled. Her aunt laughed. "No way, stud! I want to be wined and dined first. Let's go."

They both hugged Marci goodbye. When she hugged Uncle Bob Marci felt his crotch press against hers. There was something lumpy down there, and it pushed into her. She blushed even more as she realized what it was. That made her feel all tingly too. Her uncle looked in her eyes. "I'll see you later, little girl."

Marci bristled. "I'm not a little girl".

Her uncle glanced pointedly at her heaving chest. "You're right, at that," he said. "My apologies to a lovely young woman." He kissed her right on the mouth! and then went out the door after his wife.

Marci's knees felt trembly. Uncle Bob had kissed her on the lips! His lips had been so warm and mushy. She realized she had been holding her breath and was panting a little, and that feeling in her stomach made her want to wash herself between her legs.

She and Randy had a nice night and he went to bed promptly as she read him to sleep. Then she watched some TV and took a short nap herself. She woke up during an especially loud commercial. It was one in the morning. She stretched and right then headlights swung across the front windows. They were home.

She went to the front door to unlock it and opened it to find Uncle Bob holding up a very limp Aunt Janet. Janet was singing a little song, something about a virgin and a wolf and the wolf had a staff he was going to use on the virgin. She lit up when she saw Marci. "Oh!" she said loudly. "Here's our virgin now!" She started laughing and her hand groped the front of Uncle Bob's pants. "Now where's that damn staff?" She started laughing gaily as Bob dragged her across the threshold.

"She had a few too many margaritas," said Uncle Bob apologetically as he saw Marci's mouth drop open. "Help me get her up to bed?"

Marci jumped and then took one side of her aunt, while her Uncle took the other. They struggled up the stairs to the bedroom, and along the way Marci felt a hand squeeze her butt! Janet rolled her head toward her young niece. In a falsely low voice she said, "My, but what a nice plump butt you have, said the wolf." She giggled again and Marci felt the hand squeeze her butt cheek again. Janet raised her voice, trying to sound like a little girl. "The better for you to kiss it! said the virgin."

"Janet, shut up," growled Uncle Bob.

Janet just laughed and, as she flopped face down on the bed, limp as a noodle, came her muffled reply. "You better save some for me mister wolf... you promised..." Then, as if somebody had flipped a switch, she was snoring.

Bob and Marci dragged Janet around straight in the bed and then undressed her. Marci bit her lip when they got down to the bra and panties, but Bob never blinked an eye as he rolled her to one side and reached for the bra clasp. "Get her panties?" he glanced at Marci.

Gulping, Marci grabbed the waistband of her aunt's powder blue panties and tugged them down past her hips, onto her thighs. There, right before her face, was her aunt's completely bald pussy! Marci could hardly believe her eyes. Marci had examined her own young sex with a mirror. Her own pussy lips were tight, almost straight, and thin. There was a small mat of curly blond hair above them, that you could see right through. But Janet's pussy lips were huge and floppy, with wrinkles in them. For some strange reason Marci found herself thinking that if you grabbed one of those lips, you could pull it two inches away from that pussy. She flamed red as she realized what she was thinking. She realized she had stopped pulling her aunt's panties down when Bob's hands grasped hers and helped her pull them the rest of the way off. Bob grabbed one of his wife's knees and bent it when the panties got to her ankles. That foot slipped out as Aunt Janet's legs spread. Now those huge purplish lips were clearly visible. Marci stared.

To her astonishment, her uncle leaned his head down. He pursed his lips and kissed Aunt Janet's pussy lips!

"I'll be seeing you later," he said to his wife's pussy, and he grabbed the blanket and draped it over his wife. She still snored.

Marci was paralyzed. She stood, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her pussy felt ... squishy ... wet! Her nipples tingled and she wanted to rub them. Bob stood up and looked at his niece. Her face was pale, her breasts rising and falling quickly, her fingers twitching. Bob recognized the signs.

"I love a bald pussy," he said quietly. His niece looked at him dumbly.

"And big soft breasts ... like yours," he went on.

Marci couldn't say anything. She couldn't move.

"You've grown into a beautiful woman, Marci," he went on, his voice calm and soothing. "Especially your breasts. They've grown into a beautiful set. Want to hear something terrible?"

"What?" Marci's voice sounded weak.

"Sometimes I wish I could see them," he almost whispered.

Marci gasped, finally, breathing deeply.

"You know, Janet was probably right" her uncle went on. "I bet the boys are trying to get into your no-doubt-pretty panties all the time ... right?"

"Ummmmm," Marci managed to get out.

"Is your little pussy shaved too, Marci?" her uncle growled. "Is it shaved for all those horny boys? Have you let them stick their little teen peters in it Marci?" Now he was rubbing the front of his pants.

Marci dropped her eyes to his hand. There was a big bulge in his pants. It startled her to feel sweet, slightly painful tingles running from her nipples, where they scraped against the cloth of her tank top, to her damp pussy, snug in her shorts.

"Oh no!" she yipped. How could her uncle think she was like that.

"You mean you really are a virgin, Marci?" her uncle leaned close to her, still rubbing.

"Uh huh," she nodded her head. It was all she could force herself to do. Her hand went to her crotch, almost a defensive motion, as her fingers covered the pussy she was trying to protect. But those fingers betrayed her as they pressed into her pussy. She rubbed. Her Uncle saw her rub.

"But your sweet little pussy is shaved, right Marci?" her Uncle said, almost conversationally.

"No," she said in a small voice. It felt good to rub, especially when her uncle said the word `pussy`. Now her other hand came up to pinch a nipple through the thin shirt.

"You should do that," said her Uncle Bob. "You should shave your pussy for the boys. They would love it if you did that." He rubbed his cock some more.

Marci couldn't think too clearly. Her hormones were rushing through her veins. "I wouldn't know how," she said, without thinking too much. She was just responding to the most recent stimulus now, not thinking about the future.

"I could help you with that Marci," her uncle said soothingly. "Let me help you shave your sweet teen muff."

"I don't know," moaned Marci. One tiny part of her brain was still working.

But her Uncle reached out and grabbed her hand. His hand was hot ... strong ... smooth. He led her out of the bedroom and down to the huge master bathroom. It was brightly lit. There was a vanity there, with a lit mirror and a stool to sit on while you applied your makeup. There was a large counter with a big sink. Uncle Bob sat on the stool and leaned her against the counter.

Marci stood there. She didn't know what to do. She felt so strange. Uncle Bob raised her hands up in the air. He grabbed the bottom of her tank top and raised it.

"We don't want to get this all wet," he said, and he pulled it above her naked breasts. He hissed as here succulent orbs came into view. "I knew they'd be beautiful," he said. Marci took in a ragged breath. Things were happening to her. She felt so funny.

And then he was kissing her nipples. and then he sucked one into his mouth! Marci's brain went on hold as the sweet pains of his sucking lips shot through her body. She had never felt anything this good in her whole life. She tried to breath in, but she had been holding her breath and it came out in a sob. Without thinking about it her hands came up behind her Uncle's head, holding him there. She didn't want him to ever stop. Then he changed nipples and sucked the other one. Soon both her little nipples were rock hard and standing proud from her puffy areolas. She was panting now. She looked down. She saw her uncle's mouth on the breasts she was so familiar with, but which no man had ever touched. She saw her own hands behind his head. She felt her pussy spritz.

The tiny, still conscious part of her brain spoke again.

"We shouldn't," she gasped.

Uncle Bob stopped sucking her nipples and raised his head. Part of her wanted to scream for him to start again.

"I won't hurt you" he said. He pulled her face down to his and kissed her on the mouth again. His lips covered hers. She felt hers go slack. Then his tongue slipped into her mouth. It darted around, over her teeth, against her own tongue, along her cheek. It was marvelous. She felt his hands at the snap of her shorts. She knew she should stop him. He even offered to stop if she wanted him to.

But she didn't want him to.

Marci's cutoffs hit the floor with a plop. Bob went back to sucking her nipples. His fingers found the band of her panties and started sliding them down, over her blooming hips. She leaned into him automatically, away from the counter, and her panties slid down her legs.

Bob knew he had her, but he also knew she wasn't thinking ... wasn't choosing to let him have her. He didn't want her to regret anything that might happen between them. He knew he had to slow things down a little. He reluctantly let her nipple slip out of his mouth. He grasped her around her slim teen waist and lifted her up, sitting her ass on the counter. He scooted the chair between her legs.

"Doing that kind of thing is very nice," he said in a business like tone. "But we have work to do."

He leaned over to get the razor and shaving cream. When he came back he took his first look at his niece's pussy. Of course he'd never seen her pussy before. If he had, he would have noticed that her pussy lips weren't so thin any more... weren't so pale. Now they were engorged with blood, swollen and pink. It was a most beautiful pussy. He said so as he took a hot washcloth and laid it across those engorged lips, covering them. The heat felt wonderful and she moaned.

"Marci you have a positively delightful little pussy," he said, as he rubbed the washcloth around her mons.

Marci leaned back, her shoulders hitting the cold glass of the mirror. She didn't mind. It helped her think a little better. Her Uncle was between her naked legs, his hand rubbing her sensitive teen pussy, even if it was through a washcloth. It felt just fantastic. She closed her eyes.

"Do you really think it's pretty Uncle Bob?" she murmured.

Bob looked up at her and smiled. "Yes, dear. I really mean it. I'll prove it to you later." She opened her eyes and looked at him, waiting for him to say more, but he didn't.

Marci felt shy. "Nobody's ever seen me down there Uncle Bob. This feels kind of funny. We really shouldn't be doing this, should we Uncle Bob?"

He stopped rubbing. This was the moment of truth. "I'm glad you don't let everybody look at your pussy, honey," he started out. "But it feels funny because your pussy was made to be rubbed and ... other things too." He hastened over that part, not wanting to panic her. "And I suppose you're right. Society looks down on this sort of thing between Uncle and Niece. But I love you and you love me and I love looking at your beautiful body, and you taste marvelous. I want you to be happy though. I'll stop if you want me to." It was the second time he'd offered to stop.

He waited, not moving. She stared at him, biting her lip.

Finally she said something.

"What are you going to do?"

He knew what she meant. What he wanted to do was bury his fat cock in her and give her a good dose of Uncle Bob's spooge. But he couldn't do it against her will. "Right now I'm going to shave your sweet pussy and make it all nice and smooth and clean. After that we can decide if you want to do anything else. How's that?"

Marci remembered what her aunt's bald pussy had looked like. "Okay," she said simply.

Bob heaved a sigh of relief. His cock was painfully hard. He decided this might be a good time to see how safe she felt. "Honey, you know about how a man's penis gets all hard when he sees a beautiful woman, right?"

She nodded. She wasn't stupid. "It's called an erection," she said.

"Well, as I said, you are very beautiful, and my penis is very hard right now, and it sort of hurts, all cramped up in my pants. Would it make you very nervous if I took my pants off?"

Marci felt a wave of heat go through her pussy that had nothing to do with the hot washcloth still covering it. The though of seeing her Uncle's hard cock was very appealing to her.

"That would be okay," she said.

Uncle Bob stood. He unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and let them drop. His briefs were tight, with a point towards her that she knew was the tip of his cock. He bent over and she saw the white cloth sliding down his legs. Then he stepped out of pants and briefs and stood up. Marci saw her very first erect penis .. and it was pointed directly at her.

She gasped.

His cock was thick, and long. It wasn't circumcised, and the little slit on the end was peeking out of a fleshy hood. She could see that under that hood the head was shaped like a blunt arrow head. She knew that men put cocks like those inside girls like her every single day of the year, but it was hard to believe. She could understand now why her aunt's pussy lips looked like they did. It had to stretch a girl to the breaking point to wrap a pair of pussy lips around a cock like that. She blushed as she realized what she was thinking about.

Her mind in a turmoil and she blurted, "It's beautiful".

Her uncle smiled. "Why thank you my dear. I'm rather proud of it, actually." Then, though he hadn't said anything about getting completely naked, he unbuttoned his shirt and let it slip off his shoulders, dropping to the floor. He sat down. He pulled the washcloth from her mons and exposed her pussy again.

"Okay" he said. "You just sit still and I'll take care of everything." He squirted a glob of shaving gel onto his fingertips and worked it into the hair above her pussy. He `slipped` intentionally and ran his slippery fingers across her pussy lips and the little bump at the top of her slit that was already bigger than it had ever been before. Marci felt a thrill and giggled.

"I don't think there's any hair down there Uncle Bob," she said with mock severity.

"I know," he grinned. "But your pussy is so beautiful I just can't help but touch it. I'm honored to be the first man to do so." He began to rub her pussy lips more and more, letting a finger slide between them and into her hole. He pulled it back out, found the knob that was her excited clitty and began to tease that too.

Marci breathed deeply. "Mmmmmm that feels nice" she sighed, "but I'm sure there's no hair inside me."

Bob reluctantly stopped and reached for the razor. He held the skin of her mons while he carefully scraped away a razor full of hair. Her pale skin shone through the greenish gel. It only took five or six more swipes before all traces of her teenage bush were gone and she was as bare and soft as a baby's butt. Bob grabbed the washcloth and heated it again under the water. Then he dragged it across her pussy, revealing her newly shaven puss. Now her pink, swollen pussy lips looked like a split peach. He couldn't resist. He leaned in and feasted on that peach.

Marci saw his head going toward her bare quim. She knew what he was going to do. She made no move to stop him at all. When she felt his lips kiss hers, and his tongue slide into her pussy hole, she groaned and spread her legs wider.

Bob licked and sucked until her clitty came all the way out to play. Then he licked and sucked that too, until it was fully emerged and he could get his teeth on it.

Marci thought she was going to just curl up and die. If his sucking of her nipples had felt better than anything else in the world, this was twice as good as that! She saw movement of Uncle Bob's arm and looked. His fist was around his beautiful cock and he was jacking it back and forth. The head was coming out of its hood and going back in. That head was dark, almost purple. It was hard to see.

"Uncle Bob?" Marci moaned.

He stopped slobbering in her pussy. He stuck a finger in her, deeper, deeper, deeper until it was all the way in her. She was tight, but her cherry was gone, probably to tampons.

"Ungh!" she groaned as she felt the invading finger. "Oh Uncle Bob," she moaned. "I feel so strange. I want to ...I want to .... I want you to ....." she couldn't finish.

Bob stood up. He pointed his straining jacking cock at Marci's pussy. He jacked on it hard. He moved closer and then his cock touched her pussy! He rubbed his cock head all over her pussy mouth, between her lips, over and over her clit, up onto her newly shaved mons. Marci sighed and wiggled. It felt so marvelous. She knew he was going to stick it in her. She knew she shouldn't let him. He could make her pregnant. But he felt so good.

"I don't want to get ... pregnant." she moaned. "But ......"

"Well, sweet thing, unfortunately, I don't have a rubber." he said. He jacked and rubbed her pussy with his cock.

"But you want to put it inside me, don't you?" she husked.

"Yes, darling, very very much," he panted.

"I love you Uncle Bob," she sobbed.

He knew what that meant. He jerked harder, faster.

"I'm going to make some lubrication for you baby," he gasped. "Something to make it easier for you, so it won't hurt." He felt his spooge rising. Then, at the last second he stopped his hand still. He lowered the tip of his cock to her pussy and nosed it between her virgin pussy lips. He felt it pulse and he saw his creamy white spend well out of he opening, around the tip of his cock. He pushed, sealing off her pussy with his fat cock head, and sent another bolt of slippery man cum up into her pussy.

Then he pushed. His cock head spread her pussy mouth, stretching it painfully, and popped inside. She grimaced at the initial pain, and then heaved a sigh when the stretching pain began to fade. Bob's head coughed out two more strings of dangerous cum, filling her unused channel, and he pushed again. His sperm did the trick. She was tight, but his slippery stuff oiled his entrance. In one long slide he socketed his rampant boner in his niece's hot teen pussy. His pubes mashed into where hers had been a short time earlier.

"Ohhhh shit" grunted Marci. She was about to say she couldn't take any more when he suddenly pulled it back out of her. Suddenly she changed her mind. She wanted it back in! Then she let out a long sigh of relief when he did just that. He slid it back in, the tip nudging into the back of her pussy, making her tingle with joy. She felt his arms around her and suddenly realized he was standing up! Now she was impaled on his stiff cock, her whole weight pinning her to it. Only his cock was keeping her from sliding down to the floor. As she instinctively raised her healthy strong legs to wrap them around his buttocks she felt pressure on that place he had been nibbling before - her clitty. It started to overpower her. She felt pressure starting to build and felt like her whole body was going to explode into a million pieces.

Bob held his orgasming niece to his body as he walked back to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping off her inebriation. He wanted to prong his niece on a bed, and that one was the closest. She was cumming on his cock. He could tell from the spasms of her pussy. He knew the tip of his monster cock had to be penetrating clear into her womb, and that already way more of his potent sperm was in there than was good, but something about her nubile young body demanded that he do his best to put a baby in her belly. He leaned her onto the edge of the bed and she lay back, her head falling on her aunt's thigh.

Then he fucked her good and proper.

Uncle Bob reamed her out. He pushed and pulled and worked his cock into every part of her famished pussy. Marci came at least five or six more times before she was so relaxed that she just flopped back. She lay there enjoying the thick sausage that was making her feel so wonderful. She looked down at the joining of Uncle and Niece. His dark cock was sliding in and out of her stretched pussy lips. There was a ring of white froth around his cock when he pulled it back out. She knew that was sperm. She knew her pussy was full of his sperm. She knew that he might be fucking a baby in her at that very instant. But she just didn't care any more. She loved the feeling. She loved seeing that ring of sperm around his cock. She loved fucking. She looked up adoringly at her Uncle. He was frowning, panting, gasping. He looked just like he had before he'd blown that first bunch of slippery white jizz into her pussy mouth.

"Ohhhhh Uncle Bob, are you going to squirt again?" she moaned.

"Yeah baby" he gasped. "Gonna do it again."

"You wanna squirt in my pussy again?!" she gasped hotly.

"I want to baby" he panted. "I know I shouldn't, but I want to."

Marci reached up and pulled his face down to hers. Just before she kissed him she hissed, "Give my pussy a bath Uncle Bob".

Bob felt a jolt as he realized that not only did his niece want him to fuck her, she wanted his cum in her pussy! He couldn't believe it. He'd been trying to figure out what to do about the fact that he'd spermed her already. But now he let himself go. His prick bulged and belched a huge rope of silvery cum into her teen pussy. He slammed it home as a second, third and forth shot left his cock to flow wetly into her womb.

They kissed hungrily as his cock emptied itself into her. Then there was a sound.

"Bob?" came the muzzy voice of Aunt Janet. They turned their heads as his cock dribbled out one last ounce of potent cum into Marci's well-fucked and satisfied pussy. Janet's head was raised up. Her eyes were open. She was looking straight at them.

"I thought the big bad wolf was supposed to save that for me!" she whined, and her head flopped back down, unconscious again.

It wasn't nearly as awkward for Marci as she thought it would be. They both watched as he slowly dragged that long thick thing out of her pussy, dripping with a milky white covering that was proof that his seed had soaked her nubile pussy.

"I hate to take it out," he moaned.

"I feel so empty now," she moaned back.

"Can we do it again some day?" he asked.

"Any time you want." sighed Marci.

It turned out he wanted to again, just as she was leaving.

So she called her mother and said Aunt Janet had drunk too much and was sick, and asked if she could stay the night to help Uncle Bob take care of her.

She got her pussy full of hard, spurting prick three more times that night.

She knew she'd get a pussy bath plenty more times, and that was just fine with her.

The End