Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance

by Lubrican

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Author's Comment: This story is dedicated to two readers. They don't know each other ... at least I don't think so ... but they asked for the same story, or at least the same kind of story. So, I wrote them one. This is for Gordie, and Lily


This story was written as the direct result of a remembrance, told to me by a woman who wrote to me about another of my stories. Her remembrance was very erotic, but involved something I didn't really understand. I took her remembrance, and spun a fantasy out of it that is supposed to be all about not consenting ... but wanting things to happen. It goes further than that, and I suspect that it is something that only a woman can truly understand. None the less, I tried to grasp the spirit of what she told me, and take it to what is, at least to me, its logical conclusion.

I have no idea if I did it successfully or not. I'm sure there are women out there who will fill me in on that. This story probably isn't for everyone. It's for a very special group of women who have a very special kind of fantasy. This for all those Glorias out there. I hope this trips your trigger, ladies.


Chapter One


Gloria struggled with her heavy suitcase, as she dragged it out of the bus and lugged it toward the headquarters building. It was the same building she had lugged a suitcase toward for as long as she could remember, each summer, when she went to camp. The trees were the same, as was the swimming pool, in the distance, and the loosely circular ring of cabins set back into the woods. Even some of the other kids she saw were the same ones she'd been going to camp with for years.

There were squeals of excitement from the girls, as they recognized friends they hadn't seen since last summer, and old friendships were refreshed in little groups. Boys ran at each other, bumping into others, like the play of puppies, snarling and posturing as they flexed youthful muscles and, in reality, did the same thing the girls were doing.

It all felt different to Gloria this year, though. Somehow, the familiar surroundings seemed strange, and the other kids she saw seemed like they were strange too, even though she knew where most of them were from, and what they liked, and didn't like. She wondered why she felt so ... nervous. Maybe not nervous. Maybe "excited" was a better word. At any rate, she knew, somehow, that this year was going to be one of the best. She could just tell.

She finally dragged her suitcase up onto the porch of the headquarters building, and left it there, along with fifteen or twenty others, and went through the screen door, inside, to sign in. She realized her ditty bag was still slung over her shoulder and across her chest, and turned back to leave it with her suitcase.

As she pulled the strap over her head, it dragged at her left breast and she sighed. In the short year that had passed, her breasts had almost magically gone from mere swells of flesh with pink tips, to what she thought of as bulging lumps under her shirts. It was like some fairy had snuck into her room, inserted balloons into her chest, and then pumped them up. Her nipples, which had always been unformed tiny spots, had defined too, and almost drove her crazy with their tingling. Everything seemed to scrape against them, and when it did, she got "those feelings".

She knew what "those feelings" meant, of course. She was aware of sex, like any fourteen year old is aware of sex. It still seemed foreign to her, scary, a big thing looming in the darkness around her, a darkness that somehow resisted daylight even. But for Gloria, sex was something other people did. It was interesting, in the same way that a car accident was interesting. As your parents slowly drove by all the flashing lights, you craned your neck, trying to see what had happened, hoping, but also afraid, that you'd see something horrible.

"Sex" was like that for Gloria. She didn't know what it would be like, but she was filled with both hope and dread about finding out some day.

She didn't think that would be soon. She thought of herself as ugly and misshapen, with her jutting breasts, that seemed to get in the way of everything. Her hips were getting bigger too, and she thought she had a big butt. She had her mother's chin, which, on her mother, looked strong, but in the mirror, on herself, looked masculine to her. She also had a pug nose and freckles, probably from spending too much time in the sun, according to her mother, who also had freckles.

To Gloria, her mother was the most beautiful woman on earth. She didn't see the resemblance of herself to her mother, except for the chin. And maybe the breasts. Her mother had big breasts too, which her father seemed to talk about a lot, and even squeeze sometimes, when he thought she wasn't watching. But her mother had always had big breasts, and they just looked normal on her.

Looking down at her chest made Gloria think of her other problem, which was further down. The hair between her legs had somehow gotten some of the same fertilizer that had made her breasts grow so much in just a year. She now had a lush forest of silky brown hair there, which was going to be a problem, because her mother had finally let her buy a two piece swim suit. But, when she got home, and tried it on, some of that hair stuck out. It took her five minutes just to get it all tucked back in. She had to shave her legs now, and her armpits too, and she knew some women shaved that other hair too, but she was scared to try that. She cut her legs all the time.

Looking down, Gloria sighed. Yes, it would be a long time before boys wanted to look at her, like her father looked at her mother.

"Well look what the cat dragged in!" came a familiar voice.

Gloria looked up, her face transformed into a beaming smile.

"Judy!" squealed Gloria. She burst into movement and hugged her counselor, almost knocking her over. "Is Brad here too?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes, he's going to inflict himself upon as again, this year," sighed Judy theatrically. "He's like a bad penny, always turning up."

"You don't mean that," said Gloria, giving the woman a tight squeeze and then letting her go. "I've seen how you look at him."

Judy laughed. "I'm a married woman, young lady!" she said. "And while I'll admit Brad is easy on the eyes, and all you silly girls fawn all over him, I'm certainly not interested!" She rolled her eyes.

"Don't lie, Judy," said Gloria, grinning. "I know you too well."

Judy's eyes narrowed, and a tiny frown made her eyebrows dip in the center. Her eyes went up and down Gloria's body.

"Well, you certainly have grown up in the last year," she said, folding her arms over her chest. "Can it be that you're the one interested in poor Brad?"

"He's a hunk," said Gloria, agreeably. "But he's old."

Judy laughed again. "I'll have to tell him that," she said. "He just turned twenty-two and I can't wait to tell him the girls think he's an old man now!" She sobered. "Oh, no!" she moaned. "I'm twenty-six! Where's that pesky walker? I can never find it when I need to take more than two steps at a time." She started staggering around, bent over, shaking her hand like she had a cane in it and was about to fall down.

They were interrupted by more kids coming in. The scene was repeated more than once as other campers who had been in Judy and Brad's group for the last couple of years came in and excitedly greeted the counselor. They greeted each other too, and it turned into a milling concentration of barely controlled mayhem.

Gloria turned to find herself face-to-face with a boy she'd never seen before. They were almost touching. He was taller than she was, and she looked up into the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. He had a half smile on his face.

"Hi," she said, her throat suddenly tight.

"Hi," he said back. "Is it always like this?"

His voice did something to her stomach. She stared into his eyes, and thought about swimming, because they were so blue. He had long hair ... way long ... that came down past his shoulders. She had an errant thought that he could put it in a pony tail that would be longer than hers. He was slim, and his cheekbones stood out on his tanned face.

"I guess," she heard herself say.

"I'm Arden," he said, his voice soft, but somehow heard over the din of the others milling around them.

She had only enough time to think that "Arden" was a strange name when she was almost knocked off her feet sideways. Only arms around her saved her from sprawling into the others next to her.

"GLORIA!" squealed the girl, whose arms were around her.

It was Amy, her best camp friend, who had been her best camp friend since they had both come to camp the very first time. Gloria grinned and squealed back, and both girls jumped up and down, holding each other. Gloria twisted her head, to see if the boy was still there, but he had disappeared.

Like she had been asleep, she felt energy flood her body and turned her full attention to her friend.

Gloria thought how odd it was that she was actually ready to go to bed. She didn't usually get tired until after midnight. It was dark outside. All the registration activities had been completed, with the name games that went with them, to introduce newcomers to the veterans, and vice versa.

They used the same games in their group every year. In one, they made a circle out in the sun, and tossed a volleyball to someone in the circle of ten kids, calling out that person's name as it was tossed. In another they had to figure out how to say the other person's name backwards, and call that out. That meant you had to be able to recognize your own name, backwards, because whenever your name was called out, it was your turn to call out a name. At the same time, you had to really think about the other kids' names, because you had to have one ready to yell out, when it was your turn. The idea was to go faster and faster, in both games, until the names just sank in, somehow. Some were easy, like Amy, who became Yma, and Ned, who became Den. Airolg, which Gloria was stuck with, caused a lot of laughter, as did Ekim, which was Mike, backwards. He was Amy's camp boyfriend. They'd been "going together" at camp for three years now.

The new boy had ended up in her group too, and Gloria was glad about that, for some reason. She didn't have a "camp boyfriend", like her best friend. Amy and Mike managed to get "lost" together, occasionally, but Gloria didn't mind. She was good friends with others in the group too. This year there were four new people in her group, Arden among them. Calling him Nedra, during the game, hadn't seemed any different than calling him Arden. Both names were equally strange. At one point Arden had yelled out "Nivea!", and the game came to a grinding halt. He blinked, and then said "I mean Airolg!" He had become confused by the speed of the game, and was looking at Gloria as she spread Nivea cream on her arms, to protect them from the sun. Having played this game for years, she was able to do that and play the game at the same time. He took a lot of ribbing once the group realized what he'd done.

After name games, there had been the orientation speech. Judy and Brad had stayed with "their group" as that group got older. Actually, the way it worked was that, when you got to camp, you signed up for a group, and the same kids chose the same counselors, often. This year the tone of the orientation speech had been a little different. Judy had started with the usual stuff about what activities were available, and where they were. There was group time each day in the morning and afternoon. That was to talk about "life issues". A lot of the kids who came to camp only had one parent, or had gotten into trouble for this or that. They were from all walks of life, some rich, some poor, and during group time anything at all could be discussed. Quite often problems at home were talked about. It wasn't supposed to solve anything, really, but gave the kids a chance to talk to other kids in a non-threatening atmosphere, with some adults there too. Group time was when close bonds were actually made.

Brad took over to talk about camp rules. One of the rules was that boys and girls weren't supposed to be alone together.

"Now, as you all know," said Brad, sounding serious, "Amy and Mike always seem to get lost, somehow." There were snickers from the veterans, and looks of confusion from the four new kids. "That is, of course, against the rules, so we'll need everyone to help them, to make sure that this year, they don't get lost."

"Awwww," moaned Amy. "You're no fun at all!"

There were more laughs, but then Judy stepped forward.

"You guys are getting older now, and, if you haven't already, you may get interested in the opposite sex."

She had to wait a full minute for kids to stop laughing and poking each other.

"I'm serious, here," she said, sounding serious. "Don't go running off alone with each other. Things can happen. 'Nuff said?"

Of course all the kids promised to behave themselves, all the while looking around interestedly at each other, to see if there was anybody in the group they might be interested in running off alone with. Gloria found herself looking at Arden, who, for some reason, was looking back at her. She looked away, embarrassed that he had seen her look at him.

Then there had been supper, with the wonderful camp food, and evening games. This year, because it was so hot, the first night games had involved water balloons. Groups were pitted against each other in one event where sheets were stretched out with the group around them, on each side of a volleyball net. A water balloon was put into the sheet and they tried to launch it over the net. If the other group caught it in their sheet, they could send it back. If the balloon broke, whichever side had launched it got a point.

Arden had stood next to her in that game, laughing as water balloons broke around him. One balloon had been successfully launched and caught five times before he grabbed it and threw it through the net, spraying the opposite side. They'd been docked two points, but nobody cared. The returning campers knew that, eventually, the whole thing would degrade into a free-for-all water balloon fight. You knew when that was about to happen when certain counselors began to drift toward the dining hall, to get out of the way.

Judy and Brad didn't retreat, though. They were some of the most vicious combatants in the water balloon war, often pelting each other more often than they picked out campers to drench.

Then campfire, and songs, and the counselors put on some skits. Groups would be responsible for future campfire programs, but on the first night the counselors did their thing.

So, now that it was close to midnight, Gloria was tired, and ready to sleep. Their cabin had girls from two groups in it, along with Judy and another counselor from the other group. Both women were trying to get the girls to calm down, with limited success.

Gloria climbed into her sleeping bag and relaxed. It had been a good day. Camp was the best. She already wished it was longer than just three weeks. Tomorrow she'd go horseback riding, maybe, or canoeing. Maybe this year she could paddle a canoe without tipping it over. Her mind drifted to Arden. He had become sort of her defender, during the water balloon war. He stepped in front of balloons thrown her way, either trying to catch them, or just letting them splatter against his chest. He'd taken his shirt off, and ran like a deer in just his cargo shorts, leaping off the ground. Whenever somebody threw a water balloon at Gloria, he threw two at them. He'd been mobbed, eventually, and stood, grinning, his long hair plastered to his back and shoulders, as water balloons burst against him two and three at a time.

It was all good fun, and she wasn't sure he'd actually been concentrating on her. It had seemed like it, but he hadn't spoken to her, or really looked at her all that much.

She hoped he hadn't been looking at her very much. During the fight, she'd seen Judy take a water balloon right in the middle of her chest, and her white T shirt had suddenly showed two dark circles through it. Gloria had been astounded that Judy wasn't wearing a bra, and had looked at her own wet shirt, only to be horrified by seeing that her recently formed nipples had pushed clear through her bra in the excitement of the game, and were making two obvious bumps on the front of her own shirt.

She realized her hand had strayed to the front of her sleep shirt, and that her fingers were playing with one of those nipples now. She felt a rush of excitement as the tingling started. She'd found out, in the last six or eight months, how good it felt to do that, in the shower, or in bed at night. It felt good to touch other places too, but she was nervous about that. Amy had taught her how to do that, last year, and Amy was a self confessed non-virgin. Gloria wasn't ready for things like that. She was quite sure of that, somehow. She was afraid that touching herself too much ... down there ... might end up making other things happen that were scary in the extreme.

Judy turned out the lights, and demanded that the girls stop chattering. She announced she was going outside, "to make sure everything was OK". She did that every night, dressed in her own sleep shirt, and always had. It made the girls feel more secure. It made Gloria feel secure.

It took a while for Gloria to get to sleep, but not as long as it took Judy to make her security check.


Breakfast was a raucous affair. After a good night's sleep, all the kids were full of energy. Group time started right after breakfast, and then three hours of activities time, before lunch, followed by another hour of group time, and three more hours of free time. Supper was followed by group activities, campfire, and then it would be time to hit the sack again. It seemed to fly by for Gloria. She planned to go horseback riding in the morning, and would go out on the little lake in the afternoon.

During group time, she heard the stories of her group-mates. Some of them were very sad, with broken marriages, and kids being shuttled from parent to parent, or even having to live with grandparents. But, along with the baggage kids had to carry, there were other things too. Some of them were quite interesting.

"What's the strangest thing about your family?" asked Brad, at one point. "The thing that you think everybody would laugh at, if they knew."

For Mike, it was the fact that his family lived in town, and had ten different animals living with them, four dogs, two birds, a ferret and three cats. One girl said that her dad drove a car that he had to actually crank to start. The boys all thought that was cool. Gloria couldn't think of anything.

"Our family is so normal it's just boring," she said.

Judy smiled. "What about your cousin? Didn't you tell me you hang out with him all summer? Relatives are always good for something goofy."

Gloria thought about Bobby, her cousin, a year older than her. He lived with her Aunt Polly, three houses away. They'd grown up together. He was a little strange, in some ways. He was an athlete, but he was also a little bit of a geek, too. He'd always gone to computer camp, instead of this one. He could write computer programs, and had built his own computer one year, at camp. They spent most days together, during the summer, when they weren't at camp, because it was comfortable. Both of them loved to read, and they spent hours, sitting in the tree house, or on the bank of the fishing pond at their grandparent's farm, on the edge of town. As she thought about Bobby, she could only think of one thing that seemed goofy, at least to her.

"The only thing I can think, is that he likes to do needle point," she said.

That turned out to get hoots from the boys, and almost made her angry. Bobby might be shy, like her, but he could run circles around any of them, with his feet and his brain. He was on the cross country team, and usually came in within the top five in every race, and he had only just turned sixteen. She swallowed her anger, though. It was somebody else's turn.

Eventually only Arden was left. He didn't talk much. He'd said where he was from, and how many brothers and sisters he had, and that he loved skateboarding, but not much else. Everyone looked at him.

"I don't know," he said softly. "Maybe people would think it was strange that my whole family are nudists?"

Oddly, there were no catcalls. In fact, there was only shocked silence, as kids automatically tried to visualize Arden naked. That led to looking around and trying to visualize everybody else in the group naked too. There were blushes, from both girls and boys, as eyes met and kids instinctively realized that the others could somehow tell what they were thinking. It didn't occur to any of them that everybody was thinking the same thing.

"Well, that's interesting," said Brad, glancing at Judy. "Perhaps you can tell us what that's like ... later."

The way he said it made it clear that, if Arden said any more, it should, in fact, be later, and not now. Arden just shrugged.

The counselors split up to supervise the various activities during free time. As it turned out, Judy was in the stable when Gloria walked in. Judy helped her pick a horse, and get it saddled.

"Arden's kind of cute, huh?" said Judy, off handedly.

Gloria whipped her head around. Why had Judy said that?

"I guess so," she said.

"I guess so too," said Judy, smiling. "You sure look at him a lot."

"I do not!" said Gloria.

"Hmmmm," was all she got in response.

Then, later, while they were riding, Gloria ended up beside Judy. They talked about what had happened in both their lives, during the year since they'd last seen each other. The horses plodded along, stopping now and then to pull at a tuft of grass, and the women had to prod them to move on. It was OK, though, because it wasn't scary.

Then, later, on the way back to the barn, the horses, eager to get home, where they'd be fed, broke into a trot. Gloria held on for dear life, and marveled at the way Judy sat straight, the reins in one hand, smiling. Gloria saw the woman's breasts bouncing wildly, and realized that, once again, she wasn't wearing a bra. Gloria had never even thought about going out of the house without a bra on, especially since her breasts had grown so much. She could feel them wobbling on her chest now, and she had on her normal sturdy bra!

Of course Judy's breasts didn't look as big and bulky as Gloria thought her own did. Judy was quite possibly the second most beautiful woman in the world, next to Gloria's mother. Everything about her seemed to be perfectly proportioned.

Gloria felt herself sliding to one side, and stopped looking at the bouncing woman beside her. It was all she could do to stay in the saddle. Her butt was going to be sore when she got back, but even so, this was kind of fun.

Gloria frowned, looking at herself in the mirror. Her new swim suit hadn't looked this small, somehow, when she'd tried it on over her T shirt at the store. It hadn't seemed so small when she'd tried it on at home either. She stared at the errant hairs that poked out of the bottom, and slid her hand inside the panty to pull them back in. She wished she had some scissors. She thought about asking Judy what to do, but was too embarrassed about it.

Finally she got the bottoms arranged the way she wanted them. Her breasts bulged in the bra, showing so much inner breast that she was afraid the counselors might make her wear a shirt over it. To avoid that, she put a T shirt on. That just made it look like all she was wearing was a T shirt, but it was better than flashing her boobs at everybody. With a sigh, she put on her tennis shoes and headed for the boat house.

Others had gotten there before her, and were already out on the lake, paddling around. She saw Mike and Amy in a canoe, and watched as Mike intentionally tipped it over. Amy screamed, and then bobbed beside the overturned craft in her life jacket. Mike swam over to her, laughing and kissed her. She jerked and slapped at him, pushing away.

"Don't touch me THERE!" Gloria heard her say, her voice carrying across the water. "Somebody might see!"

"We're in the water!" objected Mike, looking around. It was clear to Gloria that they didn't think anyone could hear them. "Come on, baby."

"Just a little bit, then," said Amy, looking around. Gloria averted her eyes, but watched out of the side of them. Mike pulled Amy through the water, around, behind the canoe.

"YOU GUYS OK OUT THERE?" called out the male counselor who was manning the boat house.

"We're fine,," came Amy's yell. "We just tipped over."

The counselor stepped into the row boat they used to go help people who tipped over. "Hang on. I'm coming," yelled the counselor.

"Me too," came a faint giggling voice from the other side of the canoe.

"Hi," came a voice behind Gloria.

She turned to see Arden, shirtless, walking toward her. He was in cutoffs and tennies. He looked skinny, but his muscles were perfectly defined in the sun.

"Hi," said Gloria, feeling her stomach flip flop.

"You going boating?" he asked.

"Yeah ... canoeing, I guess," she mumbled.

"Want some company?" he asked.

"I guess so," she said, feeling tongue tied.

She walked with him to the boat house, and into the darkness there. After the bright sun, it was hard to see. There were life jackets hung all along the walls, and she reached up to pick a bright orange one. She shrugged into it and felt his hands, helping her adjust straps. He turned her around and tried to pull the bulky halves of the front together. She felt her pressure on her breasts as he pulled.

"I think you might need a bigger one," he said. "Take off your shirt. That might help."

Gloria hadn't intended to take off her T shirt, but somehow, her bottle of Nivea ended up in his hands, and she found herself pulling her shirt up, and over her head. When it got caught in her pony tail, she felt his hands pull it away. As it cleared her head, she saw him looking at her chest, and the butterflies in her stomach flew around more wildly.

He tried the same vest again, handing the Nivea back to her and staring at her cleavage as he tried to pull it closed and engage the snap.

"Still too small," he said. "You need a bigger one."

She stood, almost paralyzed as he took that one off her. His fingertips brushed the sides of her left breast, in the process, but it didn't seem to be on purpose. He hung that one back up, and surveyed the rest. He finally decided on one and held it for her.

She stood there, still unable to move, for some reason, and felt stupid. She forced herself to take a step and turned, to put her arm through one hole. This one fit better, though it still squashed her breasts. She felt his fingers trace along the outside of both breasts, as he adjusted the straps, standing behind her.

"How's that?" he asked.

Gloria had no idea how that was. The touch of his fingertips had frozen her again.

"Fine, I guess," she muttered, finally.

He picked a ski-type vest, and buckled it on like it was his own. Then he picked two paddles, one longer, and one shorter. He handed the shorter one to her.

"Bow or stern?" he asked.


"Do you want the front or back?"

"I don't know," she said. "I've only done this a couple of times."

"The stern is what controls where you go," he said. "The bow supplies power to move."

"I just want to float around," she said.

"OK, you get in the front, and I'll take the back. We can switch later."

He seemed so sure of himself ... so competent, as he held the canoe for her to get in, and then stepped easily in himself. The canoe rocked, and she grasped the sides frantically.

"Wait," he said. Then he got out and went back into the boat house. He came back with two rubber pads and handed her one. He told her how to put it on the floor of the canoe, and to kneel on it, with her butt resting on the seat, but not sitting on it.

"That will make our center of balance lower, and let you lean forward to stroke better," he explained.

Within five minutes Gloria was having the time of her life. The canoe was much more stable than when she had been sitting on the seat, and, despite what Arden had said about the bow paddler supplying the go-power, he both steered and propelled their canoe through the water at what seemed like a breathtaking speed to her.

"Are we allowed to swim?" he asked.

"What?" she called over her shoulder.

"Do we have to stay in the boat, or can we get out and swim too?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said.

She looked around. The counselor was helping another pair of paddlers get their canoe turned back over. He pulled the canoe, upside down, up and across his row boat. When it was empty of water, he flipped it over and slid it back into the water. She knew he'd help them into his boat, and then they could climb back into theirs. She realized Arden was propelling them toward that scene, and leaned over to help paddle. She liked the feel of the water against her paddle, and could feel the canoe surge forward each time she pulled.

Arden asked the counselor if they could swim, and got the approval, saying he'd keep an eye on them. Gloria listened as Arden instructed her how to get out of the canoe without tipping it over, and then demonstrated. She lost her balance and fell overboard, but he kept the canoe from tipping far enough to fill with water.

She came up sputtering. "How will we get back in?" she asked.

"I'll show you," was all he said.

They floated, neither one saying much of anything. Gloria still felt tongue tied, and Arden didn't seem to have much to say. The silence eventually made her almost crazy, and forced her to say something ... anything. She was horrified when what came out of her mouth was: "So your family are nudists?"

He had been slowly turning in circles, and came back to face her.

"Yeah. Pretty strange, huh?"

Gloria knew her face was red, but she forced herself to go on.

"I could never do that," she said. "Isn't it embarrassing?"

He looked at her. "Naw, you get used to it, I guess."

"How could you get used to being naked in front of other people?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said, sweeping his arms together, in front of him, and propelling himself away from her. "I've done it all my life. I like it better when I don't have to wear clothes. You should try it some time. It's really comfortable."

"No way!" gasped the girl. "I'd just die of embarrassment."

"No you wouldn't," said the boy.

"But what happens if ..." Gloria blushed furiously. She had almost asked him what happened if he got an erection.

"If what?" he asked.

"Never mind," she moaned. "I'm so embarrassed!"

"You don't need to be," he said easily.

That was it. They managed to talk about a few other things, and then he showed her how to kick hard and reach across the canoe to pull herself up and in, while turning to land on her butt on the floor. He made it look easy, but she couldn't quite pull it off. Eventually he got back in the water and helped her. His hands on her buttocks made her want to scream, but she didn't. When she finally got in, she lay there, panting, as he arched up out of the water to land beside her. He was grinning.

"See? That wasn't so hard."

She felt the sun, hot on her skin.

"I forgot to put on my sun block," she said.

She looked around, and found the bottle lying in the bottom of the canoe. She rubbed some on her arms, but the life jacket was in the way, and made it hard to reach everything. the canoe rocked gently, and his hand came to take the bottle from hers. When his hands smoothed across her back, she wanted to moan. His hands slid under the life jacket, along her sides, and up to the sides of her breasts. He did her arms again, getting under them, and then leaned around her to smooth his hands along her legs too. She wondered why she was just sitting there, letting this strange boy touch her like this. She could have stopped him. All she had to do was say "I'll do it."

But she didn't.

They spent another hour paddling around, and then went back to the dock. She wasn't sure, but this time, when he helped her out of her life jacket, his fingers seemed to touch the sides of her breasts a lot more.

She didn't tell him to stop doing that either.

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