The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Phillip stepped back from Amy and there was a wet sound. Both of them looked down in the moonlight and saw his essence dripping from her loins. She could feel it, still warm, running down her thighs, and there was a long drip hanging from his penis, which was quickly drooping to hang between his legs.

Suddenly, overcome by passion and feeling, Amy threw herself at him, hugging him and crying and saying over and over "I love you... I love you... I LOVE YOU!"

Phillip was completely unprepared for her ardor and could only hold her close as she wilted in his arms, her knees buckling as she sobbed, not understanding the feelings that were coursing through her body and mind.

Phillip didn't know what to say. He didn't know what "love" was exactly, and he was reluctant to just say it back to her unless he knew he meant it, so he just held her and stroked her hair. She raised her tear stained face to his and whispered "I love you, Phillip."

He had to say something, so he told her what, of all his feelings, he could recognize. "That makes me so happy... to hear you say that... I almost can't breathe."

She buried her face in his chest, happy beyond imagining that he hadn't pushed her away, or had in his eyes the look that said she had bared her emotions to someone who really didn't care what she was feeling. She'd been through that before. True, it had never been at THIS level, but she remembered the hurt of seeing that lack of caring in a boy's eyes.

She pushed him away, firmly, but not with anything he could interpret as anger. "I need to get cleaned up," she said, and she pulled him toward the water again. He tried to help, getting his hands on her butt and hips and sneaking a feel of her breasts as she giggled and pretended to defend herself. They still ended up in a close embrace, kissing hotly before she DID push him away.

"We HAVE to stop now Phillip," she said firmly. "I'm about ready to let you do something we shouldn't do, and I don't want to let you do that."

Phillip felt a streak of mixed terror and joy flash through him as he realized what she was talking about. The terror - of trying and messing it up - held sway and he backed up, behaving himself.

They got to the grass and started putting on their clothing, despite the fact that they were both wet. They helped each other get cloth spread over wet shoulders and backs and hips and then, hand in hand, walked silently toward the car.

Both were in their own little worlds as they rounded the big evergreen tree and were confronted with the sight of George, on top of Samantha, between her naked and wide spread thighs, obviously ramming his engorged prick in her pussy, fucking her with long violent strokes as she suddenly burst, more or less, into speech that begged for more.

Amy, who had herself been thinking about the act of intercourse, as described by her friends who claimed to have "done it", had been trying to picture what it must be like. It wasn't that she planned on actually DOING it... she was just... curious, based on the somewhat amazing things that had happened to her in the last weeks, and ESPECIALLY the last two hours.

And so, when she SAW what it was like, she shuddered at how violent and painful it looked. As she was arriving at that conclusion, she then HEARD what Sam was saying, which, paraphrased (it's awfully hard to spell some of the things that were coming out of her mouth) was something along the lines of "OH BABY, WAAAAAAAAAAAA, OH GEORGIE, UMMMMMMMM, I LOVE IT, HONEY. OH BABY, DON'T STOP... DON'T EVER STOP. OOOHHHHOWWWEEEEE!"

Suffice it to say that it was crystal clear to Amy that Phillip's sister was having an orgasm... and not just ANY orgasm. She felt a sudden hunger in her own pussy for an orgasm like that.

Phillip, on the other hand was all but blown away by the sight of a boy fucking his sister. He stopped and stared, frozen as his sister made obvious sounds of approval for what George was doing to her. Phillip had seen porno films before, but this didn't look like those. This looked animalistic somehow and it lit off a primal fire in Phillip's gut that he knew, somehow, had changed his life forever.

Then George bellowed and shot Samantha full of his teenage sperm again. The damage was already done, though they didn't know that yet, but this time he was anticipating shooting inside his lover's pussy and it was no accident. He reveled in the feel of breeding 'his woman', and of her letting him do it.

Sam squealed "I feel it George. It's hot... I can feel you spurting in me... Oh baby..." She pulled his head down to hers and they kissed as his cock pumped his balls empty and he flooded her pussy.

Amy whirled around when she realized what George was doing inside Samantha. She couldn't take that image in her mind... the image of what she'd seen coming out of Phillip's penis... what had clung to her skin until she washed if off... that image going inside Samantha's body. She couldn't deal with the wild emotions that it caused in her. She tried to run again, like she had before, but slammed into Phillip again.

This time he had seen her coming, though, and he grabbed her, holding her tightly.

"It's OK," he whispered into her ear, stroking her back. "It's OK." He led her, almost like they were dancing again, back around the tree, out of sight of their older siblings.

"I can't watch that," she whimpered.

"It's OK," he repeated, stroking her hair. "You don't have to. Nobody's going to hurt you." He didn't know why he said that, but it seemed to help calm her. "You wait here," he said.

Phillip snuck back around the tree and was in time to see George stand up, with his shorts in his hand. "We'd better get dressed," he told Sam. "They might be back any minute."

"I know," she sighed. "We shouldn't have done that George."

Phillip looked at his sister and realized how beautiful a naked woman could be, who was lying on the ground, relaxed and with a pussy full of sperm. He suddenly understood exactly what was meant by the term "well fucked woman". He felt his cock stir in his pants again. For his own sister. He whirled himself this time, hurrying back to Amy.

"Let's go over there," he pointed toward the lake. "And sing or something as we walk toward them. They'll be dressed when we get there. I promise."

Amy nodded and let him take her hand. He led her a hundred yards away and stopped. In the process he thought about what he would do for this girl. He would do anything she asked him to. And anything she asked him not to do he would avoid, no matter what he felt about it. He wanted desperately for her to be happy and, if she was, he somehow knew he would be too. Something lit up inside his mind.

"Amy?" he said, trying to look in her face.

She looked up at him. She looked scared.

Something twisted inside his gut as he saw her face. "I love you too," he said softly. He meant it too.

Then he waited to see what she did. It wasn't an easy wait, because he didn't know if she'd changed her mind or not.

The transition on her face was startling. As if it were in slow motion, her facial features moved, changed, altered slowly into a blazing smile as tears winked in her eyes. She was suddenly insanely happy and she threw herself at Phillip, hugging him fiercely.

"Oh thank you," she said in his chest. Then she pushed him away, looking back at the tree they had peeked around. "But you're NOT doing that to me! OK?"

He was hers to command. "Absolutely not!" he confirmed. "It'll never happen. Nope! No way that'll EVER be us!"

She slapped his chest. "I didn't mean NEVER!" she said. "Just not right away."

Again his world was rocked and he couldn't take in a breath. He looked to see if she was serious, or joking or even talking about something completely different. What he saw on her face calmed him with the assurance that he had found his special person.

Only fifteen years old, and he'd found her. Some people NEVER find their soul mate, but he knew he had.

Phillip knew that his life had changed for the better this night and it was in his voice.

"OK, not happening in the next hour. NO SIR! You're ABSOLUTELY safe for at least thirty minutes. NOT to worry, at least until we get to the car." He reached for his zipper, growling like a bear.

She shrieked and took off running, but not toward the blanket. She ran fifty yards with him lumbering along behind her, arms swinging like an ape's, yelling "COME ON LITTLE GIRL, I WON'T HURT YOU... MUCH. YUM YUM YUM."

Amy squealed over and over, yelling "HELP HELP" in a falsetto and obviously un-afraid voice. Then she changed direction and ran to the car, putting it between her and Phillip.

George and Sam were in fact dressed by that time, though Sam's panties were completely soaked with George's jizz, which was draining out of her at an alarming rate. They watched, mouths open, as their brother and sister who, up to now, had appeared to disgust each other, played some weird game. When Phillip, running at full speed tried to vault OVER the station wagon to catch Amy, she shrieked again and started laughing wildly. She ran AT Phillip as he slid over the top of the car and fell down the other side head first, disappearing from view.

Sam and George hurried around the car to find Amy sitting on top of Phillip's chest, her hands holding his wrists on the ground by his head, her hair grazing his face as he "tried" to break her grip. Now SHE was the one growling like a bear.

Sam looked at George and he just shrugged. "Knock it off you two!" he ordered. "We have to get home."

Once they were back in the car, Amy snuggled up to Phillip in the back seat. She couldn't resist a barb. "Gee, something smells funny," she announced. Phillip slapped her thigh and she yelped. She was quiet after that, kissing her date over and over again while they were driven home.

School started and Phillip and Amy saw each other in the halls. Neither made a big deal of their new relationship, bragging to friends and such. That wasn't because either was ashamed of the other. It just didn't seem to either of them that it was anybody else's business. What they felt for each other was very... personal, and it wasn't something to gossip or brag about. That they saw each other in school wasn't unusual. Every time they did, though, they ended up standing, face to face, often just looking at each other.

That WAS unusual, and their friends noticed it.

Rhonda Phelps walked up beside Amy as she was going to English. Rhonda was a popular girl, and she was trying to raise her status in the group. "I see you've been slumming," she said conversationally. "Does he buy you expensive things, or does he just have a big fat prick?"

Amy looked over at the girl and wondered why she'd ever thought Rhonda was cool. "It's an arranged dating thing. Our parents are making us go out to keep an eye on his sister and my brother. Turns out he's OK, though. Who would have thought it?"

Rhonda looked skeptical. "But isn't he one of those Chorus geeks?"

Amy looked the other way, partly from embarrassment that, a month ago, she had been the same prejudicial kind of girl, and partly to keep Rhonda from seeing the anger in her eyes.

"Yeah, but, like I said, it turns out he's not so boring. I gotta go. See ya." Amy turned off to take the long way to her class, because she knew Rhonda wouldn't go that way.

Phillip was going through somewhat the same trial. His best friend "Hooter", so named because he had Asthma and made a hooting sound when he had an attack, came up to him in the hall.

"Hey, you haven't been over to play Risk for a month or more. And people are starting to talk about you and that girl." He knew about Amy, of course, because Phillip had complained to him about what their parents were making them do.

Phillip felt the heat rise in him. "So?" he said, stopping and turning to face his friend. Other students parted and flowed around them like fish swimming around a big rock in the stream.

Hooter's eyebrows rose. "What's going on with you? Don't tell me you like her! Phil, you have to remember those girls are not for guys like us. Don't get yourself in some kind of trouble here."

Phillip WAS angry now. "Who SAYS they're not for 'us'? Why is that Hooter? Who says we can't like them, or that they can't like us?"

Hooter backed up a little and raised his hands. "Hey, take it easy. I just don't want you to get hurt. Those girls are bitches..." he stopped suddenly as he saw rage in Phillip's eyes. "I mean MOST of them... not all of them... man, Phil, I'm sorry. What did this girl DO to you?"

Phillip turned around and walked away. He knew Hooter couldn't understand what was happening to him. None of his friends would be able to understand it.

The next Friday afternoon Amy got home from school and her parents were packing the car. She felt fear clutch her stomach. Where were they going? Wasn't there going to be a date this weekend?

"Hey, Mom." she tried to say lightly. "Where are we going?"

Her mother looked harassed. "YOU aren't going anywhere. Your father and I have to go to Aunt Mabel's twenty fifth wedding anniversary over in Lincoln. We'd have taken you and George but we don't have time. I have to be there to help the caterers or it costs her an extra five hundred dollars. It would have been nice if she'd have told me that before now. We have to get there a day early and I'm just not prepared."

"Oh" said Amy in small voice. "When will you be back?"

"Sunday some time dear. You two are almost grown. You can take care of yourselves." Then she stood up and turned around. "But you make sure you and Phillip go with those two, EVERYWHERE they go. Got that?"

Amy knew her parents. "Aw Mom, do I HAVE to?" she put on a sad face.

"Yes you do, and you KNOW you do, so don't play with me. You just keep an eye on that boy."

Amy smiled. There was a boy she'd be HAPPY to keep an eye on. Then, stunned, she realized she had just done what Phillip would call 'acting'! And it HAD been fun and exciting, trying to convince an 'audience' the truth of something that was basically fiction.

George wasn't home yet, and their parents left before he got home. Amy was cooking supper when he came in.

"Hey squirt, where's Dagwood and Blondie?"

"Our PARENTS are in Lincoln... until Sunday!" She crossed her arms under her breasts and stood, looking at her brother.

His eyes widened. "No SHIT?! Hey! That's GREAT!" He went immediately to the phone on the wall.

"Mom reminded me to keep a close eye on you and Sam," announced Amy.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said, dialing. He talked to Sam for a minute and hung up. "Oh this is going to be SO great."

Amy, watching her brother, remembered him flat on his back, with Sam's mouth on his cock, and then on top of her, his butt bouncing up and down as he had violent sex with her.

"George?" she said tentatively.

He was in a good mood. "What?" He even smiled at her.

"Are you being careful with Sam?" she asked.

"Careful?" asked George, obviously clueless as to what she meant.

"You know... CAREFUL," she emphasized the word, "when you're... together."

"What in the world are you talking about?" he was starting to return to his normal sour self.

"Are you using any birth control?" she blurted out.

It was so silent she could hear the clock in the living room, ticking away.

"What are you talking about?" asked George in what he thought was a cleverly level voice, but which in fact cracked twice. George was no actor.

"George, we SAW you!" said his sister.

"Which time?" he said, and then looked at the ceiling at how stupid he was to announce there had been more than one time.

Amy didn't want to play games. "On the blanket... at the lake."

"Oh," he said. Then all possibilities of conversation fled from his brain. He couldn't talk to his sister about having sex with his girlfriend. Nobody did that.

"Well? Are you? Being careful?" Apparently his sister didn't know about that rule.

"Um... well, see... it just sort of... happened. I mean we weren't planning on it or anything and it happened and then it was too late..." He had the class to look at his shoes as if he actually felt bad about it. OK, he could act a little bit.

"George you have to use a rubber or something," said his sister. "You're going to get Sam pregnant if you don't. Is THAT what you want?"

"Of course not." He looked hurt. "Like I said, it just sort of happened. We'll be careful from now on."

"Oh, so you have something for tonight?"

"Well, um... no, not for tonight. I haven't had time yet."

"George, if you make love to Sam again without any protection I'm going to tell Mom and Dad that you did it."

George reared back. "Come ON Amy, the girl doesn't get pregnant every single time. Where am I going to get rubbers? If I try to buy them down at the Rexall Mr. Johnson will tell Dad for sure. Hell, he probably wouldn't even sell them to me, at my age."

"Don't they have them in machines... at the gas station?" Amy blushed at the fact that she knew that.

"Hey! Yeah! That's it. I'll pick some up on the way back here when we pick them up." A crafty look came into his eye. "By the way, what's up with you and Phillip? I thought you two didn't like each other. But in the car it sure didn't look like you were fighting him off. Do I need to get more than just for me?"

Her head jerked up, her hair flying and outrage on her face as he guffawed, pointing at her. "No, of course not. Little Miss Amy isn't going to have sex until she finds the man she's going to marry and drags him down the aisle. Isn't that right?" He laughed some more.

Her nose went up in the air. "Yes that's EXACTLY right. And YOU should have done the same thing. Would YOU be willing to marry Sam if you had to?"

To her immense surprise, he actually thought about that for a few seconds. Then he looked at her and, quite seriously said, "You know what squirt? I think I would." He looked amazed himself. "I really think I would. She's some girl."

An hour and a half later George pulled the station wagon up to Sam's house. Sam was sitting on the porch and Phillip was right beside her. They were talking about something, but stood up and walked toward the car when it pulled to a stop. Sam got in the front and Phillip climbed in the back. Amy was sitting on her side of the car, looking at him. He wanted to slide over next to her, but it was still light outside, and that made him nervous for some reason.

When George turned into the Texaco station, but didn't park at the pump, Sam looked at him.

"I'll be right back," he said and dashed to the bathroom.

She turned around and looked at Amy in the back seat. "Now I know why my Mother always makes us go before we start on a trip." She laughed.

George came running back to the car, his hand closed around something. He got in, put the car in gear and sped off.

"What's going on?" asked Sam. "Where are we going tonight?"

"We..." said George, "are going to our house, where there are no parents, and where there will not BE any parents until Sunday." He grinned. He put his arm behind Sam as she scooted over against him. His hand flipped and something landed in Phillip's lap. Amy saw it was a little foil covered packet.

George laughed.

Amy's hand snaked out, quick as lightning and snatched the packet out of Phillip's lap before he could do more than shift his eyes toward it, trying to see what it was.

"What... ?" he started.

"NEVER MIND," said Amy and reached up to slap her brother on the back of his head.

"HEY!" he complained. "Don't mess with the driver. And fasten your safety belts back there. You never know when you might need PROTECTION from disaster." He laughed uproariously as Phillip and Sam stared at him, wondering what was going on.

Amy just gritted her teeth and blushed.

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