Uncle Bob's Gas Station

by Lubrican

Chapter 1

Lana Masters approached her brother's service station with some trepidation.

This was her first job, in actuality. She'd married young, when her boyfriend had knocked her up at age seventeen. The following ten years had been good, but then he'd been killed by a drunk driver leaving a bar. The life insurance had carried her and their daughter Mindy through for another four years, but then things began to get tight.

Lana and her brother had been close when they were younger... closer than most brothers and sisters. Growing up in a rural environment, they had only each other to experiment with. In fact, it was Bob who had gotten her pregnant, in one sense.

They had practiced kissing, then they got into petting sessions and finally he had slipped his adolescent penis into her teen pussy, at which time she decided she wanted to do this a LOT.

Bob always pulled out of her and spurted on her stomach, but when she went to visit her grandmother in the city and met a handsome young Marine named David... well... he didn't pull out like her brother did.

She never would have spread her legs for that Marine if it hadn't been for the hunger she developed in her pussy because her brother fucked her regularly. Of course when she got married, it wasn't right to continue her sessions with Bob, so she quit doing that.

So when it became obvious she was going to have to become employed, she felt comfortable approaching her brother Bob to ask if he knew of anyone who might hire her. She didn't really have any formal skills, though she was good with people and intelligent. To her surprise her bachelor brother had insisted that she come to work for him. The salary he offered would work for her, and while she didn't understand a lot of what he said she'd be doing, she knew she could learn. Today was her first day.

She was still a young woman, and she looked even younger than her age. She was in good shape, having regained her figure after delivering Mindy. Except for her breasts, anyway. She'd breast fed Mindy, who was a lusty, hungry baby. Her demands had swollen Lana's breasts, and they had never really gone back to their pre-birth size. They were heavy, and while they didn't sag too much, they didn't jut out unsupported like they had in her youth. She had grown up hating bras, and didn't wear them unless she was forced to. She'd had to wear bras when she was breast feeding, but when she weaned Mindy and her breasts went dry she quit wearing them again.

Now that her boobs were beginning to pull down a little, she thought about starting up with the bras again, but hadn't taken that step yet. She owned bras for special occasions, but rarely wore one. She found that, like today, a good halter top gave her plenty of support and left her mams free to wobble and move comfortably. It didn't occur to her that this drove the men around her wild, as they watched her orbs jiggle and shake, or her nipples pop out through whatever she was wearing. Her slim waist swelled out into hips that had delivered one baby and were ready for another any time. She had let her long dark hair grow and she usually just gathered it in a long pony tail, or French braid. Her green eyes made her look like some wood nymph that had left her tree to join the human race. She left raging erections everywhere she went, and didn't have the faintest idea what was happening.

She remembered sex, but had more or less put that away after her husband died. She was trying to raise a daughter in a rough world, and gave that her full attention.

Now Mindy was fifteen, with a good head on her shoulders. Lana hadn't kept her away from boys, but didn't let her get into situations where her hormones and natural urges might produce a repeat of her mother's history. She had learned how to pleasure herself during her husband's long deployments, and after he was gone, as the years went by she took care of things that way when she allowed herself to get horny at all.

So, as she approached her brother's business and her new job, she had no idea that her life was about to change in ways she hadn't thought about for a long time.

She smiled and waved at him when she went in. It was summer and he had told her to wear whatever she thought was comfortable. so she had on one of her many halter tops and a pair of short tight cargo shorts. Tennis shoes made her look almost like a teenager with her bouncy pony tail and smooth skin.

He put her to work pumping gas at the full service island, where she could use her considerable people skills and suggest that tires were beginning to look a little thin, or it sounded like the motor was running a little rough, or mention the fact that those windshield wipers looked like they were streaking.

They couldn't know it then, but in the next two weeks his business inside the garage part of the shop would quadruple. Women trusted her to recommend things that were actually needed, and men just wanted her to bend over and talk to them through the window of the car.

Of course Bob pretty well figured this might happen. When she had come to him about needing work it came to him in a flash that having a good looking woman out at the pumps could be a very valuable thing. He wasn't sexist or anything, and didn't plan on "using" her, but he knew his customers and he knew his sister, and he thought they were a good fit for each other.

The other reason he wanted her around was because he was still in love with her.

She had been his first love, and when she got pregnant and went off with that Marine it almost killed him. He'd kept a stiff upper lip, and spent what time he could with her, but she was a happily married woman who didn't need him any more and he'd felt empty.

He'd tried to have relationships with other women, and had actually met some he thought might work out. But they never did. That was why he was still a bachelor. He watched her now as she smiled at the customers.

A few of the women threw her frosty looks, but most liked her. All the men spent WAY more time at the station than they would have otherwise and he sold quite a few snacks and drinks as a result. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.

She was beautiful.

He felt the familiar ache in his loins as he admired her butt when she bent over and the way her breasts swayed when she walked. She'd never given even a single hint that she wanted to take up their relationship where it had left off, and he assumed those days were in the past. Maybe she was even ashamed of them. Most women would be.

He sighed and went to the back office where he closed the door, hauled out his cock, and beat off.

It was evidence of his passion for her that he produced five long streams of spunk in less than two minutes just thinking back on how she looked. He tried to catch it all in a tissue, but he missed completely with one stream, and the tissue was overloaded when he got done and it was all over his hand, dripping to the floor. He heard a customer come in the front and hurriedly tossed the tissue and another one he used to wipe off his hands into the trash. Then, pasting a smile on his face, he went out to sell a battery.

By the end of the day Lana was tired, but she was also elated. She loved her job. She got to talk to all kinds of people, lots of whom she knew anyway and could chat with about family and the world in general. And she met fascinating strangers. And, she'd begun to realize what was in the eyes of most of the men she dealt with. There was a hunger there, in their eyes, and those eyes roamed all over her body.

At first she was a little put off by it, but when almost all the men did it she admitted that maybe it was because she was attractive. Her husband had raved about how beautiful she was, but she attributed that to husbandly sucking up. During a lull in business, as she reflected on it, she suddenly recognized herself as a woman again. She was comfortable with the concept of being a wife and a mother, but... woman? It had been a long time.

She was suddenly faced with lots of options she hadn't even thought about for over a decade. The only customer there right then was talking to her brother, so she went into the office, where there was a refrigerator, and got herself a Coke. She sat down to rest her feet and took a swig. Her eyes fell to the floor and she saw a streak of something white.

It almost looked like... but that couldn't be. How could semen get on the floor? Only Bob had been in here. In a moment of clarity she went to the trash can and found the tissue Bob had soaked. She sniffed it and knew immediately it was her brother's. She remembered that smell. Looking at the tissue she had a moment of deja vu as she remembered swabbing his spunk off her belly with tissues many a time. She felt a tremor in her stomach, but before she could fully process the information the driveway bell rang twice and she went out to pump more gas.

Over the next week Lana learned how to do more and more things at the station. The mother in her liked taking care of people's cars, topping off washer fluid, oil, brake fluid and things like that. She liked to make sure tire pressures were right too, and it was amazing how many people, mostly men, requested that she do that for them each time they came in for gas. They got out of the car and talked to her while she bent over to use the little pressure gauge.

Of course what they were really doing was looking at her sexy cleavage in the halter tops she usually wore. When she bent over and her heavy jugs fell down, the cloth caught them, but it showed acres of sweet tit flesh. If the customer was an ass man he got a view there too, since she rarely squatted, and instead bent over, sticking her gorgeous ass in the air.

The fourth day she was there a customer hit on her. He asked her what she was doing Friday night and whether or not she liked the Bar-B-Q down at the Sweet Spot, which was a local girlie club.

She stood up from where she had been bent over checking his tires and arched an eyebrow at him. "Tom Jackson, I'm surprised at you. I suppose Emily will be coming along with us to eat, since I know you're happily married to her."

He leered at her. "Well dammit Lana, Emily just isn't as frisky as she used to be. I need me a hot woman like you. I got an itch in my pants that I just know you could scratch."

Lana wanted to slap him, but instead she called on a sudden insight and pinched his cheek. "Golly gee Tommy, I'm sure sorry for your pain, but Emily's my friend, and I just wouldn't feel right about taking a piece of her pie without asking. Should I ask her Tommy?"

He made haste to leave.

She got her first tip two days later, and that made her mad too. It was a good tip - a ten dollar bill - but it came from Marjorie Weston who handed it to her and said "This is for you dear... so you can buy you something to wear that isn't quite so trashy." Then she drove off, spinning her tires.

Lana was stunned. Whatever in the world had she done to deserve that? She started to cry and ran inside so she wouldn't do it in public. She had tears in her eyes and couldn't see, which is why she ran into her brother so hard that she fell back on her butt. Then she just bawled.

Bob was astonished to see his beautiful sister crying her eyes out.

"Baby" he said, kneeling down and helping her stand back up. "What's wrong?" When she came up she went straight into his arms. They hugged each other tightly as she sobbed.

"M... M... Marge Weston... told me... I looked... TRASHY!" she sobbed into his chest.

Bob grunted "Huh! That dried up old prune? She only said that because Howard hasn't given her any dick in over five years."

Lana pushed him back "What?" she said, sniffing.

Bob didn't want to let her go. "Lana, honey, you're a beautiful young woman. You've got half the guys in town coming in here every other day to get five dollars worth of gas just so they can see those fabulous breasts of yours bobbing around in those halter tops you like to wear. Then they go home and do one of two things. They either jump their wives bones, or they lock themselves in the den and whack off thinking about you."

Lana said "No they don't! That's not true Bob!"

He went on "Now, in the first category, some of the wives have figured out that their husbands always seem to be horny after they get gas. Those women bring their cars here too, and they see first hand what got their men going. The second category turns out to be even worse, because Momma isn't getting any and you look like you just got laid most of the time."

Lana was beside herself. "Bobby Vaughn! You are a liar! And where do you come off saying I look like I just got laid? Why in the world would you say that?" Bob pointed to a chair and made her sit down. "Lana, how have you felt for the last week? I mean do you like working? Do you like the job? Are you having a good time?"

She frowned. "Of course I like my job and yes, I'm having the time of my life. What's that got to do with anything?"

"Because," he said "you look relaxed... happy... smiling... sexy... satisfied... like a woman who's just had two or three orgasms. So naturally, some of these dried up biddies ASSUME you've been on your back with your legs spread. They're JEALOUS of you baby! That's what Marge was REALLY saying. She wasn't saying you were wearing something too revealing - she was saying that she can't wear things like that and it pisses her off!"

If anybody else would have talked to her this way she would have been too embarrassed to sit there and listen. But Lana remembered quite clearly the relationship she had enjoyed with Bob before she got married. When David asked her to marry him she knew it was because she was pregnant, and that he probably wouldn't have asked her if she wasn't pregnant.

She quit having sex with her brother after that. After all, she wanted her husband to be faithful to her, so she meant to be faithful to him. After David died, she missed him so much that she refused to let herself think about sex, and other men, including her brother. So she knew that Bob was being truthful with her when he said she was sexy and all that stuff. And he was probably right about Marge, now that she thought about it.

"Did you know that Tom Jackson tried to get me to go out with him the other day?" she commented.

Bob grunted "Doesn't surprise me. Tom's an alley cat. He's probably got Herpes or something. I hope you shut him down."

She nodded. "I did, but it seems to me I remember, way back in High School, that if a guy tried to get something from a girl and she wouldn't put out... he spread rumors about her. You don't suppose Tom would stoop that low do you?"

"Well, he might. Everybody knows that the guys who brag the most about all that pussy they get are the biggest liars, but when the women hear these things they tend to believe them. Women are some nasty characters sometimes." Bob shook his head.

Lana sighed. "What am I going to do Bob? I don't want the whole town to end up thinking I'm a slut. But I don't want to give in to a bunch of - what did you call them? - dried up prunes?"

"I'll tell you what I think," he said. "I think the next time you see Emily you should say something like" he cleared his throat and affected a high falsetto voice "Emily, dear! I believe you need to wear that husband of yours out more often. Why he actually FLIRTED with me Emily! Well I tell you, I set him straight. I wouldn't have said anything Emily, but you're my friend and we girls need to stick together."

By the time he was finished Lana was holding her stomach and laughing.

"If I said that she'd be home smacking him with a frying pan inside ten minutes."

"That's the point" said Bob, more seriously now. "The women of this town need to know you'll level with them. And even more important is that the men need to know that too! Then they'll just lust after you secretly, and any rumors they try to spread will be seen as false right away.

About then the driveway bell rang. Bob told her to sit there and get herself back in order. Then he went out to see what the customer needed. When he came back in he said "That, my sexy assistant, was Charley Frost. The first thing he wanted to know was why I was pumping his gas and where was that good looking sister of mine? When I told him you were inside he said something about needing his tires checked."

"What IS it with these guys who think they're losing air or something?" she said.

Bob laughed. "You really don't know?"

She looked perplexed and he said "Bend over, like you're checking a tire." She did and he whistled. "My my those are some pretty titties you got there ma'am."

She colored and stood back up. Then she smiled "You always did like my boobs Bobby". Suddenly she remembered that streak of semen on the floor of the office, and the soaked tissue in the trash can. Bob DID still like her boobs!

"And so does every other man in town, little sister, and I'm gonna get to retire sooner than I thought because of it."

Lana laughed. "Well, poor old Mr. Frost out there doesn't have a dried up old prune any more since his wife died. I think I'll just go out there and check his tires for him." She went out, her sunny disposition back.

That night, when they closed up, Lana said "Bobby, when was the last time you had a home cooked meal?"

He posed like he was trying to think. "I believe it might have been back in February of seventy-two, but my memory's getting a little unreliable lately."

She laughed. "Get cleaned up and come on over to the house. Mindy will be glad to see you and I'll feed you something that doesn't come out of a can."

Chapter 2

Bob knocked on the door two hours later, with flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Mindy flew to the door and screeched "Uncle Bob! My FAVORITE Uncle!"

Bob laughed and hugged her. "I'm your ONLY Uncle princess."

She pressed herself against him. "I know. You smell good" she said, pushing her nose against his chest and inhaling deeply. "You smell like you're going on a date."

"It's just after-shave silly girl" he said. "I shaved so I wouldn't rub your face off when I did THIS!" He stuck his face into her neck, between her shoulder and head and sealed his lips on her throat. Then he blew a gust of air that made a farting sound as it broke the seal. Mindy shrieked and pushed at him, trying to get away. Bob picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, and then walked into the kitchen with her kicking and screaming and laughing all at the same time. He had to hold onto her to keep her from falling and his hand slapped down on her pert bottom. He couldn't help but notice how firm and round that teen bottom was.

Lana was standing at the stove in shorts and a tube top, with an apron covering her from neck to thighs. Printed on the front was "Kiss the Cook!".

Bob leaned over and put his niece on her feet. She was still laughing and tried to tickle him. He tickled back and stuck his fingers into her ribs. As she wriggled his hands tickled her breasts too and she giggled hysterically, but didn't bat his hands away.

Finally he gave the sports sign for "Time Out" and she paused, gasping for breath. "I gotta do something" he said. "Be right back".

Then he went to Lana and bent her over backwards, kissing her on the mouth. She had to hold onto him to keep from falling. It was a powerful kiss. Before she could react he brought her back up and stood back. She was blushing and sputtering.

"MOM!" gasped Mindy "You KISSED Uncle Bob!" She sounded scandalized.

"I most certainly DID NOT!" said Lana. "HE kissed ME!"

"Yup!" cracked Bob. "I HAD to! It was a RULE! See... it says so right there!" He took his two index fingers and underlined the words on her apron, pressing the cloth. It looked like he was underlining her breasts, because his fingers drew lines on the undersides of both breasts.

"MOM!!" Mindy yelped. "Uncle Bob TOUCHED your BREASTS!!"

"Yes Ma'am I did" growled Bob "And I'm gonna touch YOURS next!!" He stuck his two fingers out and advanced on Mindy. Her initial look of panic was immediately replaced with calculation, like she had a plan, but she backed up, her hands waving in front of her.

"Oh no you don't you horrible old man" she cried in a voice that made it obvious that she thought he was neither horrible nor old. "No man has ever touched my breasts... and YOU shall NOT be the first!"

She darted to one side and as he lunged for her she stopped and dove TOWARD him, diving through his legs.

She almost made it too! But he was able to catch her ankle. Then he grabbed her calf with the other hand, and then moved his first hand to her knee, climbing up her leg while she howled with laughter and kicked at him with her free foot. He squeezed her knee, just above the kneecap, where it tickles maddeningly, making her helpless and then sat down on her thighs. Now she could only bat at his hands as he poked her stomach and ribs, getting closer and closer to her breasts.

She was almost helpless with gales of laughter and she finally shouted "STOP!"

Bob froze and Mindy gasped in two or three great lungfuls of air. Then she flopped her arms out beside her, leaving herself completely open and said "I surrender you horrid beast. Have your way with me if you must, you disgusting pervert!"

Quick as lightning, Bob cupped both hands and covered a breast with each, giving each of her breasts one quick squeeze. Then he jerked his hands away so fast that an observer might not have believed he actually did it. In the process he discovered his niece was not wearing a bra, and that her breasts were mighty firm and fine.

Mindy, for her part, had been telling the truth. Not being allowed to date yet, no man HAD touched her breasts. She hadn't thought he'd actually touch them if she 'surrendered', and the feel of her Uncle's hands on them sent a thrill through her that she wasn't at all prepared for. Bob got up and she found herself lying on the floor, trying to catch her breath. Her Uncle held out a hand and she grabbed it, letting him pull her to her feet.

She glanced at her mother, who had watched the whole scene smiling.

"Don't look at me" Lana said to her daughter. "You're the one who told him to have his way with you."

Mindy sighed and looked at her Uncle who had sat down to rest after all the effort. She went over to him and promptly sat down on his lap. She wiggled to get comfortable and felt a distinct lump under her butt. She wasn't stupid. She knew exactly what that lump was, and it sent a thrill through her too. "My my" she said softly in his ear. "You really ARE a pervert!" She wiggled her butt as she said it and then laughed as he turned red.

"Leave the poor man alone Mindy" chided her mother. "He's not used to having girls rubbing themselves all over him. You might just bite off more than you can chew."

Just then Bob brought up one finger and pointed it at Mindy, making it go in circles. She scooted off his lap and escaped, giggling. Then she helped her mother set the table.

They ate Lasagna, salad and green beans, stuffing themselves with the excellent meal. Afterwards Mindy went to the refrigerator and got out a bowl of chocolate pudding. "I made this for dessert. That makes me a cook too, doesn't it? Shouldn't I get a kiss too?" She put it on the table, along with bowls.

Bob served himself. "I'll have to taste it first. It might not be any good, you know! No kiss if it's no good!" He took a spoonful and savored it. Then another. "Hmmmm, I can't tell. I may have to try some more." Mindy complained he was teasing her and he promised her a kiss at bedtime.

Lana smiled at the two of them, then said she'd picked up a few movies they might want to watch. They left the dishes for later and went to the living room. Bob and Lana sat down on the couch, thigh to thigh and he put his arm around her. "That was a fine meal Lana" he said. "A guy could get used to that pretty easy." She preened at his compliment and lay her hand on his thigh. "You're welcome any time big brother." Mindy had put a movie in and plopped herself down on Bob's other side. Soon they were immersed in the action adventure she'd chosen, all cuddled up together. Bob had an arm around each one.

Halfway into the next movie Mindy fell asleep leaning against her Uncle. Lana was drowsy but comfortable, encased in her brother's strong arm. She turned her head and said "You could stay the night... if you want. So you wouldn't have to wake up to drive home." His face was inches away.

"I don't want to put you out. Where would I sleep?" he asked softly.

"Well, there is the couch," she said. "But I have a great big bed that's way too big for just me. I suppose it would be more comfortable if I let you sleep there."

"Hmmmm" he said.

"But you'd have to behave yourself" she whispered, her mouth closer to his ear now.

"Hmmmm" he said again.

"I mean there hasn't been a man in my bed for four years" she said.

"And if there was all of a sudden, and he didn't behave himself, I don't think I'd be able to resist him." Her mouth was almost touching his ear. "I mean I'd be almost helpless... and if he was a horrible... old... disgusting... pervert... he'd be able to just have his way with me..." she licked his ear.

Bob shuddered. He was fully erect. He tried to control his voice. "I suppose I could promise to behave myself. Why don't you go put a few knives under the pillow... just in case... and I'll take Mindy up to her room."

They got up and Bob put one arm under Mindy's knees and the other under her shoulders and neck. He picked her up as if she weighed nothing and carried her to her room. She woke up, but cuddled against him as he walked. "Is it bedtime already?" she complained. He nodded as he lay her on her bed. "I have to have my jammies" she said, pointing to a chair that had a large T shirt draped over it. He picked it up and handed it to her.

"I'm so tired. Won't you help me Uncle Bob?" There was a glitter in her half opened eyes that Bob recognized as the look of a woman teasing a man to get his attention firmly on her.

Without batting an eye he unbuttoned her shirt, baring her teenaged breasts while she sat up. Then she lay back while he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off her hips, leaving her clad only in a pair of light blue panties. He stood, just looking at her. She was delicious looking.

She held up her arms and he pulled her back to a sitting position and dropped the shirt over them, pulling it down over her head. She lay back and held her arms up again.

"My kiss" she said.

He leaned down and gave her a kiss she would remember for the rest of her life. It left her limp. Had he stayed he could have done anything he wanted to to her and she could not have resisted. Instead he draped a sheet over her, kissed her forehead, and left, turning off the light. Before he'd gone ten feet her hand was in her panties and she was writhing under that sheet.

When he got to Lana's bedroom the door was open. She had pulled down the covers and turned on the ceiling fan, as it was a summer night. She was also naked.

"I sleep in the nude" she said. "I hope that's OK".

"Funny" he said, dropping his clothes. "I do too."

There was no pretense. They picked up their physical relationship right where they left it off, so many years before. She welcomed him as he mounted her and they moved together with remembered rhythms as he slid into her and she groaned with an immediate but small orgasm. He too was overly sensitized, and didn't last long.

For the first time in their lives, he didn't pull out. Instead he pushed hard as his rampant prick splattered her full of his incestuous seed. Clenching each other tightly, they rolled so they could cuddle with him still seated. Then, under the breeze of the fan, they slept.

He woke up the next morning feeling her warmth on his arm. They had rolled apart during the night and, at some time, she had apparently awakened and pulled the bedspread over them. He rolled his head to find her face inches from his, her eyes open.

"Hi beautiful" he said.

"Hi stud," she said back.

They might have said more, and done more, but just then Mindy came through the bedroom door with a tray in her hands. On it were two coffee cups, two plates with no-longer-frozen waffles on them, and a couple of forks.

"I made you guys breakfast in bed!" she announced gaily.

Lana flamed red and covered her eyes with her hands. "Ohhhh I'm so embarrassed" she moaned.

"Well Thank You Punkin!" said her uncle. "That was an awfully nice thing to do."

"What's the matter with Mommy?" asked Mindy, handing the tray to her uncle.

"She's embarrassed that you found us in bed together." said Bob, picking up a waffle and taking a bite.

"Oh" said Mindy. She climbed up on the bed, crawled over Bob as he held the tray up in the air, trying to keep the coffee in the cups, and lay between her mother and uncle. "Grownups are so silly" she said.

Her mother uncovered one eye.

Mindy looked at her with a serious face. "I know about sex, mommy." The incongruity of the first part of her statement, delivered in a very adult voice, followed by the word 'mommy', was so bizarre that Bob laughed.

BOTH women turned frosty stares on him.

"Hey" he grinned. "I'm just so happy I had to laugh."

"So it was GOOD sex?" asked Mindy, just as seriously as before.

"MINDY!" squealed her mother. "This is NOT a proper subject for conversation!"

Mindy ignored her and sighed. "Some day I hope to have really good sex. I think about it sometimes and I get all..." She wiggled and blushed.

"Horny?" Bob finished for her.

"BOB!" squealed Lana. "What has this world come to when my daughter and my brother are talking about SEX, while we're all lying in BED?" She was so agitated that she sat up. The covers dropped, exposing her breasts. She snatched at them, pulling them back up.

Mindy sighed again, picked up a cup of coffee and offered it to her uncle. "Mommy's really beautiful isn't she?"

Bob sensed she wasn't teasing. "Uh huh, she sure is." "Her boobs are so big and pretty. Men like big boobs don't they Uncle Bob?"

"Sure, sweetie." Bob had no idea where this was going, but he sensed ever more that something was bothering the girl and she really NEEDED to talk about it. "But breasts aren't the most important part."

Mindy's big, blue eyes stared into his. "Really? Cause my boobs will never be as big or pretty as Mommy's"

Lana opened her mouth, her eyebrows rising, but Bob reached behind Mindy and put a restraining hand on her shoulder. He gave a short shake of his head.

"I don't think that will matter even a little bit, even if it's true" he said. "What REALLY turns a man on is the woman's personality, and you have a fabulous personality. I don't think you'll ever have to worry about turning men on, Mindy."

Mindy almost glowed with pleasure and, taking the tray from him and handing it to her mother, she rolled over and hugged her Uncle fiercely.

"Thank you Uncle Bob" she said. "I love you."

Bob hugged her back and said "And I love you too pumpkin. I always will."

Mindy let him loose and rolled to face her mother. She snuggled against her, rather than hugging her. "And I love you too Mommy."

Lana melted and her eyes got wet. "I love you more than anything baby" she whispered.

Then, with as much energy as she'd used when she bounded into the room, Mindy rolled over her mother, who had to hold the tray up in the air to l et her go. Her feet hit the floor. "I'm going to go watch TV" she said.

As she got to the door she turned, and in that serious voice she addressed them both. "Try not to make so much noise the next time. I was afraid the neighbors would hear it and I got all embarrassed." With great dignity she turned and bounced out of the door.

Lana sat, staring after her. She wasn't aware that, in taking the tray and lifting it, the covers had fallen in her lap again. She looked at Bob with an open mouth. "What in the world was THAT all about?"

Bob took a sip of badly made, cold coffee and smiled. "I think little Mindy is growing up, Lana. That's what I think."

It was Saturday and Bob never opened the station until 9:30 on Saturdays, so they had breakfast, got dressed and went to work together. They only stayed open until two O'clock on Saturdays too, so they had a short work day. Lana took every possible opportunity to tease her brother. She was wearing a halter top again today, and she bent over constantly to pick some small piece of trash up off the floor or driveway. Sometimes she bent over facing away from him, letting her tight shorts outline her butt. She teased the customers too, though not nearly so blatantly. She just let them look, and if there was a particular part of her they seemed to like to look at most, she serviced their vehicles in such a way that what he was looking at was easy to see.

Between customers they sat in the shade and talked about things in general. She told him about how Beth Carleson, her best friend from High School, was getting married for the third time the next day and had called, frantic, begging Lana to be in the wedding.

"You'd have thought she was a virgin, the way she was carrying on." laughed Lana.

"Maybe she feels like one." said Bob. "You know, new guy and all that."

"Beth feeling like a virgin is like saying a dog thinks like a cat. She hasn't been a virgin since we were eleven. She was getting her pussy stuffed before you ever touched me!" said Lana. "But I have to go. I'm going to miss you though."

"You'll only be gone what... ten or twelve hours tops?" suggested Bob.

"Yeah" she sighed. "But that's a long time to be gone from... you." she blushed as he grinned and tweaked her nipple through her halter top. He was about to kiss her and slide his hand into that halter top when the driveway bell rang and they had to stop to attend to a customer.

She knew she would get laid as soon as they went back to her house. She was wet all morning, as a result of both that knowledge and the teasing she was doing. Twice she thought about trying to get Bob to take her into the back office to scratch her itch, but each time a string of customers came in to get their gas for the weekend.

By five 'til two she was so horny that she acted like what she thought a slut would act like. She brushed against Bob and said, in a low voice. "I need a prick and I need a prick soon."

Bob had been hard all morning, the natural response to her displays and touches.

"If I don't go home soon Buster will starve."

Buster was his dog, who, by virtue of having a doggy door to go in and out of, and an automatic filling water bowl, was only ten pounds overweight because he had a regular route around the neighborhood and people fed him scraps of meat cuttings, or bones, routinely. One of his stops was at Lana's house, so she knew Bob was teasing HER now.

She stopped and turned around, coming up and touching him with her breasts. "If I don't have your big, stiff prick buried in my pussy within ten minutes of you hanging up the 'Closed' sign of this station, I'm going to go find me some teenage boy who can go long enough to actually please me." She did a hip bump, bouncing her pussy off his boner gently. "It's my pussy you need to be worried about, not your dog."

It took him twelve minutes to lock the door, get her in the car, get her home, verify that Mindy wasn't in the house and get her clothing off. When, dressed only in panties, she watched him trying to get his pants off over his shoes, and she announced, for the SECOND time, that ten minutes was up, he took her watch off, threw it across the room and pushed her on the bed.

Then, shoes still on and pants down around his ankles, he pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and rammed his cock into her as she squealed and struggled to keep him from "raping" her.

Bob lunged into Lana until she shuddered through an orgasm. Then, to her great surprise, he pulled out, rolled off of her and said "Now that that's out of the way, you just lie there until I get these damn pants off.

When he was naked and crawled back between her thighs, her panties were gone and she wasn't 'fighting' him any more.

Now it was Bob's turn to tease his sister. He had good control when the situation was just right, and watching Lana's eyes roll up in her head, and feeling her shake and thrust at him as she had an orgasm, he fucked her with long clit-punishing strokes. As he sensed her tumbling into another orgasm he leaned his head down and lightly bit her nipples. That was guaranteed to make her buck hard enough to throw him off if he didn't ride her just so.

She gave up at six orgasms, had almost in a row. He had only been fucking her for eleven minutes. "OH STOP!" she begged, her hands pushing feebly against his chest as she gasped for air.

He did, soaking in her warm and sopping pussy. "I thought you needed this BAD," he said softly, licking one turgid nipple.

"I'm... sorry" she panted. "I'll... never... tease... you... again."

"You'd better tease me a lot, if you know what's good for you," he said in a low growl.

"You... didn't... cum yet." she huffed.

"That's because I'm not done yet." He pushed and she winced as her super sensitive clitty was squashed for maybe the five hundredth time in ten minutes. But he pulled very slowly, dragging his cock out of her until it fell free.

"I feel so empty" she moaned, her hands running up and down his arms.

"You'll be full again when you've rested a little. Then I'll finish." He kissed her and lay down beside her, draping one arm across her bare belly.

That's when they realized Mindy had come back home, had apparently heard them in her mother's bedroom, and had been standing in the open doorway long enough to be white as a sheet. Her right hand was also stuck down the front of her jeans shorts, and she was bent-legged in a half squat as she diddled her own clitty hard. Her left hand was holding her up by gripping the door frame.

"Oh Mindy" said Lana, embarrassed for both herself and her daughter.

"Mommyyyyyy" cried Mindy as she got to where she had wanted to be and felt her girlish orgasm send streaks of pleasure through her pussy. She squatted even lower and her knees gave out. She fell backwards, jerked her hand out of her shorts, rolled onto her hands and knees and then staggered up and ran down the hall toward her room.

"Sorry Bob" said Lana as she got up. "But I'd better go take care of her." She looked around for something to put on, but couldn't find anything right away. Not wanting to wait too long, she just padded down the hallway to her daughter's room. She could hear sobbing behind the door. She knew she needed to get permission this time, and knocked.

"Honey, it's Mommy," she said softly. "Can I come in? Please?"

Mindy said something and blew her nose.

Lana opened the door a crack. "Can I come in?"

Mindy's sigh of "Yes, I suppose so." let her push the door open.

"You're still naked Mommy!" said her daughter.

"I was worried about you. Do you have a T shirt I could put on or something?"

The biggest T shirt Mindy had fit Lana skin tight, and went barely to her naval, leaving her hips and pussy naked, but both of them ignored that as Lana sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm sorry Mommy" said Mindy. "I shouldn't have interrupted you."

"Sweetie, that's OK. Are you OK? When you fell down I was worried." That wasn't precisely true, but it was an opening to get the conversation going, so she used it.

"Yeah, I'm OK. Just embarrassed." Mindy was looking at her knees.

"Sweetheart, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about. What you were doing was just a reaction to what you saw and it's perfectly normal."

"Thanks, Mom." said Mindy. But I have all these... feelings, and... well, some of them..." She stopped and then looked at her mother. "What's it like? Doing that with Uncle Bob? Is it weird?"

"Weird?" asked Lana.

"You know... because he's your brother?"

Lana had been afraid this would happen. "Well, you see, we love each other, and even though most people would say it was wrong, he and I don't agree. I haven't done that with anybody since your father died."

Mindy nodded. "I know. I wondered about that. I mean I go over to my friend's houses and hear all kinds of stories about how their fathers are screwing their secretaries, and their mothers are having sex with the pool boys and all that stuff, but you never did it with ANYBODY. I thought maybe you hated sex or something."

Lana chuckled. "No, I LOVE it. But when your father died I wasn't interested in doing that with anyone. Then I realized I wanted to do it with Bob, because I love him a lot. And he wanted to do it with me, so we did. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes! I know exactly what you mean. I've always dreamed that when I had sex it would be with Uncle Bob."

Lana was shocked. "What?!"

Mindy thought maybe she shouldn't have said it, but it was too late now. "Well, you know. When we have fun together, and I tease him and he teases me, and when I touch him and he touches me... it makes me feel all... I don't know... special inside. I get all hot and tingly, and I want to do things that I know you wouldn't approve of. I'm just saying that I understand how you can feel about him."

Lana was stunned. "Mindy, you're not supposed to be thinking about those things. You're too young! That's why I won't let you date, baby, because the boys are thinking about those things and you're not." Her head jerked as she realized what she'd said. "Well I didn't THINK you were."

Mindy stared frankly at her mother. "Mommy, I've been thinking about boys and sex and stuff since I was thirteen. Three of my friends swear they've HAD sex already."

"Oh shit" said Lana.

"MOMMY!" scolded her scandalized daughter.

Even though she didn't allow Mindy to date yet, Lana knew there were times when Mindy was around boys when there were no adults around. It happened at school events, and at parties, and even at sleepovers if the host girl had brothers. "Mindy, have you ever let a boy... touch you?"

"No! Of course not!" said Mindy, frowning. Lana was about to sigh with relief when her daughter went on. "I already told you I'm saving myself for Uncle Bob."

Lana's mind reeled. She tried to get control again. "That's not what you said at all! You said you liked the way he made you feel."

"And I said that that if I had sex I wanted it to be with Uncle Bob." said her daughter.

"Mindy" said her exasperated mother. "Are you telling me you WANT to have sex?"

Mindy simply nodded, and then added "With Uncle Bob... not with anybody else."

Lana still didn't KNOW exactly what her daughter was saying. "OK, let me ask it this way. If Uncle Bob were here right now, and he said he was willing, would you want to have sex with him right now? Today?"

Mindy affected the look that so many teenage girls have mastered... that look of 'I've explained this FIVE times, in EASY to understand language, and you JUST don't get it, so I'll try it ONE more time because you're obviously an IDIOT!'.

"YES Mommy! That's what I JUST said."

Lana sat down. She felt weak. She looked at her daughter and, for the first time, saw her as a biological creature, rather than 'her little girl'. Mindy had breasts that were perfectly capable of producing milk for babies, and the swell of her hips was wide enough that she could go through labor without damaging her bone structure. She was a young... woman. And she obviously felt what all women feel sooner or later... the biological urge to... mate.

And she thought back to when she had felt those urges... and had indulged them... with Bob. It was a long time ago, but she remembered it like it was yesterday. She was at a pre-high dance, and Jimmy Ogden had asked her to dance every single time the band started to play. He held her close during the slow dances and rubbed his crotch against hers in a way that made her think of agreeing to go with him outside, where it was dark and they could be alone, like he kept suggesting they should do.

And when she DID go outside with him, and he DID get her behind a big lilac bush, she DID let him unbutton her dress and slide it down off her shoulders. Then he almost smothered her with kisses while his hands fumbled with the catch to her bra. And his mouth on her nipples... She could STILL remember that feeling. And the feeling of his hand sliding up her leg, under her dress, and the feeling that she WANTED all this.

And then Bobby was there, and Jimmy was sitting on the ground crying, holding his face where Bobby had hit him. She was furious with her brother for ruining her fun.

Until he took her home and showed her what ELSE Jimmy had on his mind that night. Bobby had taken her virginity that night and she'd been in love with him ever since. But between the dance and Bobby's bedroom, she'd hated him with a white hot passion for stopping her.

Lana looked back at her young, ripe daughter. She knew Mindy was too young for the emotional roller coaster of being fully a woman, but she didn't want her daughter to hate her for stopping nature in its tracks.

Of course nature hadn't quite gotten Mindy to the same place Lana had been out behind that Lilac bush. But it would come, and it would come soon. Some boy would sweep her off her feet... literally... and if Mindy was going to wind up on her back with her legs spread open, Lana wanted to control who would be between those legs.

"Well, darling" she said to her daughter. "I STILL think you're too young for all this talk about having sex. You must promise me that if you are thinking about having sex with anyone other than your Uncle Bob, you MUST come talk to me about it first. Is that clear?"

Mindy cast her eyes down demurely. "Yes Mommy." She was thinking about what her mother had said. Anybody else... OTHER than Uncle Bob.

Lana got up and walked out of her daughter's bedroom. She turned automatically toward her own, where she'd left Bob, but when she got there it was empty. Then she went looking for him and found him in the kitchen, making a pitcher of sun tea. All he had on was gym shorts. He turned when she walked in.

"How'd it... ?" He stopped and stared. "Damn! You want MORE? After all THAT?"

Lana stared at him until she realized he was looking at her groin. She looked down to find she still had on the T shirt she'd borrowed from Mindy, and was otherwise naked.

"Oops" she giggled. "I was so worried I didn't even think about how I was dressed."

"Good thing you didn't have company," he said, edging closer to her. "My dick's getting stiff Lana." he added.

She tried to push him away, but he bent over and hit her stomach with his shoulder, putting his hand on her naked buttocks. Then he stood up with her as she kicked and squealed, yelling for him to put her down. Instead, he carried her back to her bedroom, walking by Mindy's room just as she opened her door to see what all the ruckus was about. Her wide eyes and open mouth made Bob stop.

"She forgot to put on pants" he said in an aside that everyone could hear. "I'm just helping her. Must be Alzheimer's or something." He started on down the hall as Lana yelled at the top of her lungs about embarrassing her in front of her daughter. When he got her in the bedroom he threw her on the bed as she laughed and kicked at him.

But she was no match and he crawled on top of her, weighing her down and trying to kiss her.

She turned her head and beat at his shoulders, giggling and shouted "NO!"

"Come on baby, just let me kiss you" pleaded Bob in a voice of false agony.

"BEAST!" she yelled. "Get away from me. You disgust me."

He kissed her throat, since he couldn't get to her lips.

"BULLY!" she squealed, writhing under him.

He licked her ear and then gave her a hickey just under it as he ground his hardening prick into her naked pussy.

"Where's Mindy?" she suddenly asked, craning her neck, trying to see the door.

"Last time I saw her she was in her room," he said, holding her wrists and biting a nipple through the too-small T shirt.

Mindy was, in fact, standing in the hallway, trying to figure out if her mother really meant all those harsh words she'd yelled or not.

Bob bit the neckline of the T shirt and pulled, stretching it.

"BOB! STOP THAT!" she giggled. "I borrowed this from Mindy, don't ruin it!" Her legs managed to get free from being under him and she spread them as Bob's hips fell between them.

"AHA!" he yelled in triumph and pulled on the shirt again with his teeth.

"BOB! I'll take it off if you let me! Don't tear it!"

Bob scrambled off his sister and stood by the bed. He bent over and lowered his gym shorts as Lana sat up and peeled the shirt off over her head.

"You horny bastard" she said, her voice muffled slightly by the shirt as it covered her face and bared her breasts. "I can't believe you did that in front of Mindy." As the shirt came clear of her head she said "Are you hard yet? You should be. You didn't cum last time, remember?"

Just then there was a flash of movement as Mindy dashed into the room and snatched the shirt out of her mother's hand. She went within inches of her uncles rampant, straining prick, which was standing out proudly from his body.

"Thanks Mom, you can borrow it any time." she squealed and dashed back out and around the corner, as if to run to her bedroom.

Lana covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

She therefore had no warning that Bob was diving for the space between her legs, which were hanging over the edge of the bed. His mouth scored a direct hit on her pussy as she yelped in surprise. Then, giving up, she flopped on her back and let her brother bring her to a bone wrenching orgasm.

Mindy, back in the shadows of the hallway, clutched the shirt to her chest and watched. She watched until it was obvious her mother was having an immense orgasm. Then she did run back to her room, where she closed the door quietly, and went looking for her own orgasm to go with her mother's.

Back in her bedroom, Lana was gasping for air as her brother kissed his way up her body, over her flat belly, across her belly button, and to her breasts. He stopped there long enough to suckle each nipple and urge Lana further up onto the bed.

As he settled between her thighs and she reached for his rock hard tool to help him slide it into her, she teased him.

"Mindy wants you to do this to her" she said.

His face rose from her breasts. His nose was shiny with her juices. "What?"

"She told me she's saving herself for you." Lana pulled on his cock, nudging the tip between her wet pussy lips.

"What are you TALKING about?!" he said as he started sliding his cock into her.

"Ohhhh Bobby" she sighed as he prodded her cervix. Her hips jerked up at him. "When I went to talk to her? After she watched us? She said that all the girls her age are having sex, but she doesn't want to get her cherry popped by a boy. She's saving it for YOU!" she grunted as Bob slammed deep into her.

She felt him explode within ten seconds, his prick blasting her full of his creamy spend to the point that it spurted and dripped all around his cock where it plugged her pussy and making a mess on the bed. She went "Mmmmmm" as she realized that, for it to be coming out like that, he must have packed her womb full of his potent seed.

And she knew, at that moment, that the thought of doing that in her daughter was what had set him off.

As Bob filled his sister to overflowing with warm pearly cream, one part of her thought to herself that she should be furious with him for thinking about another woman while he shared the most intimate contact two people can share. But another part of her grinned at the thought that her precious daughter might not have to fumble and cry her way through that rite of passage that most girls eventually went through - losing her virginity to an inexperienced and sometimes uncaring bastard. Instead, her lovely Mindy might be able to experience true passion in a controlled setting, with a man who actually loved her and would think of HER needs, instead of his own.

Bob grunted and pumped even more baby batter into her.

OK. He'd think of Mindy's needs in ADDITION to his own.

And that part of her couldn't be angry that Bob was thinking of a nubile, cute teenager while he speared her pussy.

As long as he was only thinking of Mindy.

He sagged on her, pressing her whole body into the bed.

"You were a very bad boy," she said, ruffling his hair.

"I know" he panted into her neck.

"You were thinking of my poor daughter when you came." she accused him.

"I know" he panted.

"But I forgive you, because I know you're a man and can't help yourself," she said.

"I know." he took a deep breath. "And I appreciate it. Give me fifteen minutes and I'll cum in you again, and this time I PROMISE I'll be thinking only of YOU."

She laughed gaily and felt the thrill of a well-fucked woman who knows the man who did it loves her.

Chapter 3

Mindy couldn't believe her eyes as she peeked at her mother and her Uncle on the bed. She had a perfect view of her mother's pussy as Uncle Bob's cock tip first kissed it, and then slipped between the fleshy lips there. Those lips flowered open and seemed to caress his thick log as it began to sink into her. Mindy thought back to when she had sat on her uncle's lap. She had felt the lump there, and wiggled on it because it felt good. Now the thing that had felt so good against her own pussy was sliding into her mother's pussy.

It looked too big to fit in a woman. Mindy couldn't believe it was going in so easily. But it did... all the way in. It had to be pressed against her mother's beating heart!

And Mindy couldn't believe her ears either. First was a combined sigh from each of them, there on the bed, as Uncle Bob's prick slithered into her mother's pussy. Her mother's sounded like when she sank down into a tub full of hot water, a sigh of immense satisfaction and relaxation. Uncle Bob's voice sounded like he was in some kind of terrible pain until he was mostly sheathed in hot pussy. Then, when there was only a couple of inches left, her mother said something and he slammed the rest of his cock into her hard enough to make her whole body jiggle and shake.

What her mother had said was "Mindy wants you to do this to her." Mindy couldn't believe her mother had told him that. Then, her mouth dropped open and her hand slid into her crotch as her mother said the rest.

The effect on her Uncle was obvious to an observer. He had pushed his prick all the way in her mother, but suddenly he was trying to push it in even further, and his feet dug into the sheets and his butt cheeks flexed and he... grunted! He made funny sounds, again like he was in pain or something.

As her finger slid over her own aroused clitty, Mindy realized with shock that her Uncle was ejaculating in her mother. Part of her mind noted that his cock had been naked when he stuck it in her mother, and that meant his... sperm... was going inside her mother right this instant! The thought of what that must be like made her knees weak and she leaned against the wall. Her free hand darted to her panties and pulled them down so she could rub her pussy faster and spread her legs wider.

And, when her mother accused him of thinking of his niece WHILE he was shooting off his stuff inside her, and he admitted that he WAS... Mindy had her orgasm, her finger firmly planted in her own unused pussy.

Mindy knew she was breathing so loud that the rutting couple in the room must surely hear her. She edged along the wall toward her own room.

But she couldn't sleep until she'd rubbed herself off two more times. Then, later in the night, she woke up and had to rub her pussy again.

The next morning Mindy didn't bring them breakfast in bed. She couldn't because she was fast asleep when her mother wrung another cuntful of thick juice out of Bob's balls and then left him to doze off while she got dressed.

She grabbed a cold breakfast and left. She had a four hour drive ahead of her to get to the wedding. Beth was using the same dresses she had used in the previous wedding. Since Lana hadn't changed sizes since that wedding, she knew the dress would still fit.

An hour later Mindy woke up groggily and got up to go to the bathroom. After that she went to the same door she'd leaned against last night, having an orgasm while she watched her mother and uncle... mate. She knew her mother was gone to the wedding. Uncle Bob was still asleep... alone.

Mindy replayed her conversation with her mother, particularly the part about how, if she thought about having sex with anybody OTHER than Uncle Bob, she should talk to her mother first.

But she didn't want to have sex with anybody OTHER than Uncle Bob. And the feelings that had ripped through her last night, as she watched them... those feelings were still there inside her. She knew what Uncle Bob felt like during a hug... with their clothes on. She wondered what that hug might feel like with her skin... ALL of her skin... touching his skin.

Mindy went in and slipped in bed, sliding under the sheet and up against her warm, sleeping uncle. She didn't know how long her mother would be gone, but didn't worry about it. She wasn't breaking any rules. His skin felt good. It felt so good that it was enough... for now... just to feel him pressed against her.

She drifted back to sleep, liking the odor of Uncle Bob's back as she snuggled up to him.

It was Bob who awoke next. He'd forgotten all about Lana going to the wedding, and felt soft woman flesh pressed against his back. He registered that one of his lover's arms was lying, draped limply across his hip, her hand almost touching his cock, which began to stiffen at once.

When it was fully hard and aching to slide into a nice, warm, welcoming pussy, he reached down and grasped her hand, molding her hand around it and jacking himself gently. It didn't take long before he felt her breathing change as she exhaled in the middle of his back.

She was awake.

Her hand tightened on his rod and he didn't have to keep his hand there any longer, as she continued to slowly slide her hand up and down him, peeling his foreskin off his glans and then bunching it back over the sensitive tip.

Mindy had waked up in that way that puts us somewhere between dreaming and recognizing reality. It seems like a dream, maybe one you wish was true, and it's a nice dream, so you don't actually TRY to continue waking up. She squeezed the penis she was quite sure was in her hand and it felt real... strong... solid. That was when she opened her eyes and realized it WAS real.

Uncle Bob moved his hand off hers and let her stroke him. She felt a flood of wet in her pussy. It never even occurred to her young mind that he might think she was her mother.

Bob luxuriated in the feel of being caressed so intimately by the woman he loved. He felt her press her breasts against his back and suddenly smelled the distinctive odor of turned-on woman. He knew that her pussy would taste of fresh juice, and felt a strong urge to get his tongue into her pussy and suck up that wonderful nectar. But the need in his balls was too strong. He wanted to spurt up inside her again. An errant thought drifted through his mind, wondering why he hadn't asked Lana if she was on the pill. It seemed silly that she would be. She didn't date and, as far as he knew, didn't have any other... sexual partners. But she had to be. She'd let him cum inside her. She'd cooed in his ear as the tip of his prick kissed her cervical lips and then drenched those lips with sperm. She'd whispered in his ear that she wanted his essence deep inside her, urging him to cum in her. That thought drifted on as his prick began weeping drips of precum in preparation of flooding her inner lips again.

He rolled over, reaching for his lover.

The first thing he realized was that his lover had shrunk. At the same instant he recognized Mindy's face under all that blond hair that was draped across it. And he also realized that, while HE hadn't known who he was in bed with... she most certainly DID know it was his prick she still had clasped firmly in her hand.

Big blue eyes stared into his as she blew out of the side of her mouth, trying to clear the hair away from her face. Bob brushed it aside. She didn't smile, or talk.

But she kept stroking his cock.

To kiss seemed like the most normal, indeed DEMANDED thing for them to do, and that kiss started with soft, hot lips touching, gently, caressingly. It turned hard, demanding and passionate almost immediately.

It was a good thing Lana wasn't there. Her fantasy about Bob going slowly and carefully, making her daughter's first time a gentle event in which her maidenhood was coaxed into departing and fled painlessly... well it just didn't happen that way.

In fact, she'd have probably been beating him with whatever she could find, had she been standing there watching what happened.

Bob's need had been urgent when he first rolled over. It got white-hot during that kiss. In a rush of body movements, some made by him, some by her, he suddenly found himself hunched over his beautiful niece, her legs splayed open for him and the head of his prick pressed against her hymen. Their lips were still locked, as if glued together and stayed that way until, with a remarkable LACK of self control, Bob shoved half of his cock into the poor girl.

While Mindy and her girlfriends had talked endlessly about having sex, and while Mindy had heard all the descriptions from her friends who claimed to have actually done it, she still, for all intents and purposes, had no idea what to expect. As the kiss deepened to something she'd never experienced before and she felt a need inside her body that just HAD to be met, she felt her Uncle roll on top of her. She spread her legs for him willingly, lustfully, opening herself to him like she had dreamed of so many times.

And when she felt the blunt head of a man's cock at her virgin portal, her pussy squirted another dollop of lubricating juice into her pussy channel and it splashed against the smooth hard thing that was now closing off its escape.

And so, when her tender teen pussy was suddenly half full of throbbing man meat, Mindy wasn't nearly as prepared for it as she'd believed she was.

"EEEP!" she said into her Uncle Bob's sucking lips as her own lips tightened into a grimace at the pain. Her baby blue eyes opened wide, so wide one could see white all around the irises. Bob should have been able to see white all around them because his eyes should have been open, so he could watch her face and adjust his intrusion. But the feel of her jellied pussy squeezing his cock like an iron fist made him groan and close them.

Her squeak of pain, however, got through to him and he did open his eyes. He saw those baby blues, and the pain and the passion and the... fear that was in them.

He felt like the dog he was as shame washed over him.

"Oh baby" he whispered to those bottomless eyes. "I'm so sorry honey."

He literally jerked his prick out of her overstuffed pussy and pushed back onto his knees to take his weight off her torso.

The sudden emptying of her pussy resulted in immediate changes in Mindy. There was the instant disappearance of the painful pressure in her pussy, but, astonishingly, there was also the instant feeling of terrible loss as his hard prick left her body. And the stimulation of his skin against hers as he hulked over her, touching her almost everywhere at once was suddenly gone too. She was able to take a deep breath as she felt relief and terror at the same time. The terror was no longer based on pain, but on the fear that he was going to stop completely.

The look in her eyes changed somehow and she gripped his sides with her fingers.

"NO! Uncle Bob!" she pulled at him. "WAIT!"

He froze, the tip of his prick dipping a little and touching her pussy lips as he began to soften in shame.

"I'm so sorry baby," he said again, misery in his eyes.

"You can't just stop" she breathed at him. "I've waited so long for this."

There was no pretense between them. He knew she wanted him and she knew he was aware of that. Little Mindy had, indeed, grown up quite a bit in the last week.

"I want this" she said, pulling harder on him. Her hips arched up off the bed and his prick slid through the lubrication coating her mons. It didn't go in her, though, and slid up into her pubic hair.

Bob saw in her eyes she was telling the truth. He rolled backwards, pulling her over on top of him. She lay down on him immediately, re-establishing the tactile contact of her skin against his as she sought his lips for another kiss.

That kiss lasted for two full minutes as they explored each other's mouths with lips and tongue. She ground her pussy against his abdomen. When the kiss broke he helped her adjust until his again-hard prick dug between her tight labia.

"Now go slow" he warned. He pulled her down until he could get his lips around her left nipple and she sighed happily as streaks of pleasure shot from her breast to her pussy. She craved that pressure that, before, had been pain and shock.

Mindy began wiggling her way onto her Uncle's prick. With a chorus of "Uh"s and "Ah"s and "Mmmm"s she worked and worked until the pressure was back. But this time there was only a little pain. She opened her eyes and saw the love in her Uncle's staring back at her. Going back for another two minute kiss she used that kiss to hump the rest of the way onto his spear, until, at last, she felt her clitty contact the base of his cock.

She rested and kissed her Uncle some more. Then she began to experiment with the newly discovered muscles she felt being split apart by Uncle Bob's thick rod. She squeezed and wiggled, extracting a groan from him.

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Oh baby, you have no idea," he groaned. "How are you doing?"

"This feels good Uncle Bob. Could you... suck me... you know... some more? She arched her chest toward him. Her nipples were spiked and half an inch long. They weren't pink any more either, having turned a dusky, almost maroon color.

Bob leaned up and pulled her down at the same time, capturing a stiff nipple and sucking on it. He bit it gently and put his hands on her hips, helping her find the way to move so that his cock slid out and then back in. She pushed hard and he felt the tip of his cock dig into her cervix. She moaned, and it sounded like a combination of pain and desire.

"Does it hurt to go too deep?" he asked, mostly to try to keep himself from firing long ropes of sperm into her womb. He wanted to wait until she'd had an orgasm before he let loose, but it was getting harder and harder to maintain control.

"Awwwwww" she whined, pushing herself down on him hard again. "It's... I can't... it hurts, but it hurts good?" she was rocking now. "Does that make sense?"

"Ummmm" he said, trying to think of how many studs he'd have to buy if he wanted to build a thirty foot wall with studs on sixteen inch centers. He was leaking in her steadily now.

"She sat up, lifted her body and then let it slam down on his cock, driving him deeper into her than ever before. "Uhhhh h" she grunted, reaching up with her hands to pinch her nipples. "It's all the way in me Uncle Bob," she said. "Do you think you could get on top of me now? Like when you do this with momma?"

"I'd be happy to darlin'" he panted. But I'm about to cum and I can't cum inside you baby."

"Mmmmmmm, yes you can" she said. "I talked to momma, you know." She didn't want to lie to her Uncle, but she wanted very much for this to be as real for her as it was when he did this to her mother. And she HAD talked to her mother. That part was true.

Bob can be forgiven for understanding her to mean she was on the pill.

Once again they rolled together. Bob had only one hope to control his leaking cock. He pushed up against her, pinning her to the bed, and rolled his hips, massaging her clitty while moving his cock in her as little as possible.

It worked, and it didn't. It worked because Mindy, feeling that extra stimulation, went off like a cherry bomb. She whooped and let out a long, loud scream as her pussy fluttered around the invading prick and she came hard. Her heels came up off the bed and snapped back down inside his calves, pulling her pussy up against him as he continued to roll his hips. She was shattered by the experience, which was as different from her usual finger-induced orgasms as the Ocean is from a bowl of water on the table.

It DIDN'T work, because Bob still intended to pull out of his niece when he came. However, all that prodding around her cervix caused the tip of his cock to penetrate that little mouth, and her spasming pussy milked six long spurts of Uncle Bob's patented babymakers out of his balls. His internal struggle to stop that from happening only allowed the pressure to build up more before his prick burst and began spitting streams of spunk. Those spurts painted her fifteen year old womb with enough sperm to make over a million babies, assuming, of course, there were a million eggs present to be fertilized. There weren't, of course, but there were more than enough wriggling spermatozoa to handle one of Mindy's eggs, if there was one within reach. THAT, of course, was what Bob was thinking about and he sobbed as he gave up and started trying to HELP his cock give his lovely niece even more cream.

There was a period of perhaps ten minutes that was spent tangled, panting, limply lying together until he rolled for a third time. He intended to pull out, but Mindy wasn't having any of that. She'd worked hard to get that monster IN her pussy, and she wasn't ready to let it out yet. The fact that it was still half hard showed just how turned on Bob had been during the whole incident.

Mindy was the first to speak. Her face was lying on his chest and she could hear his heart beat clearly in her left ear. "I love you Uncle Bob," she said.

His arms came up off the bed and he hugged her. "I love you too baby," he said. "I can't believe how much I love you."

"Are you sorry we did this?" she asked.

"No, sweetheart. I can't say that I am. Are you?"

She lifted her head. "I want to do it again right now. Except that I'm kind of sore."

He chuckled and his prick jumped inside her. She smiled and squeezed her pussy muscles. To their surprise she pushed his cock out of her, along with a flood of his cum that ran out on his pubes and began dripping down his hip.

Astonishingly, Mindy was a teenager again and, with boundless energy she bounced up and dashed for the bathroom, squealing about how they were making a mess in her mother's bed and how much trouble they were going to be in because of it. She came back with a washcloth and towel and began cleaning up her Uncle's messy crotch, like it was a job she'd done hundreds of times.

Cleanup turned into her having a conversation of sorts with his cock. It was one-sided as she told his cock how handsome it was, and how tall, and how hard.

Then she kissed the tip and before either of them knew it she had as much of it in her mouth as she could get in. It stayed semi-hard, refusing to firm up any more, but Mindy didn't care. Her friends had said this was nasty, but Mindy didn't think so. She loved the feel of Uncle Bob's cock in her mouth, and thought she could do this for hours and be quite happy.

Then she dragged him off to the shower. She wanted to try everything she'd heard her friends talking about now, and was like a kid in a candy store. She tried to get him up in the shower, but all she got was squeaky clean.

In the end she had to let him take a nap. As an experiment she cleaned up her room, staying naked, and found herself giggling constantly. She got so horny that she had to rub herself off twice. Those were nice orgasms, but she couldn't wait to get that fat penis back up inside her.

She let him sleep two hours, and then went quietly back into the room where he was lying, still naked, on his back. This time, when she sucked his cock, it stood up proudly, hard as a rock. He, of course, woke up during her blowjob. He lay there, enjoying the feel of her mouth, and hands as she played happily.

He sat up and she looked up at him, unwilling to take her mouth off of him. "You want to try it again?" he asked.

That got her off him and she started to lie down until he stopped her.

"Have you ever heard of 'doggy style'?" he asked.

She grinned and nodded her head. Then she bounded onto all fours, spreading her knees wide and wagging her bottom at her handsome uncle. She looked back over her shoulder. "Like this?" she asked, knowing she was in the right position, but wanting to tease him.

"You might need to touch yourself" he said. Then he waded into position and notched his cock between her plump pussy lips. She was sopping, but he still went slowly until his pubes bounced off her tight buttocks. She gave out a long, contented "Ahhhhhhhh" as he filled her pussy again, and dropped her face to the bed, leaving only her ass high in the air and skewered on his shaft. In this position the head of his cock scraped all along her sheath. It felt so different than the other ways she'd felt him.

Then he took a firm grip on her hips, and began pulling and pushing, making long, deep strokes, building up speed slowly until he was slamming her over and over and over again, her body shaking from the impact of his abdomen on her shivering butt. She screamed into the mattress and her hand shot to her clitty where she pushed two fingers against it HARD and then rubbed as fast as she could.

She came almost instantly, crying out that she was cumming. Her voice was muffled, but her pussy action on his cock told Bob in another language, and he bent over her, lying on her back and reaching under her to find her breasts. He found her nipples with his fingers and squeezed them, pulling them in opposite directions as her pussy rippled and milked him.

With an agonized groan, Bob pushed forward, not even thinking about pulling out this time, and flooded his niece's teen pussy with another dose of steaming sex pudding, filling her to capacity.

Just like a pair of rabbits, they froze and fell sideways, still locked together, as his prick spat it's last.

It was dark when Lana got back home. The wedding had been beautiful and had caused the longing in her that weddings always did. She longed to be loved, to have a life-long partner to love her and care for her and, yes, to dump his potent sperm in her and give her babies. All the way home she thought about Bob, and the fact that, for the last week or so she'd been letting his beautiful long prick to inside her unprotected. She knew that if she let him continue she'd be pregnant within weeks.

That thought didn't bother her nearly as much as she thought it would have... or perhaps should have. The last hour of driving she'd been thinking of various men she could go out with. Being seen with them publicly, along with what the women of the town assumed about her, would cover for any pregnancy that might develop. As long as she was careful in choosing the men, there shouldn't be any real difficulty in letting each of them think it was a different one who actually got into her panties. She had thought of at least five she thought would be perfect for the "job" by the time she parked the car in the garage.

She noted with pleasure that Bob's truck was still parked out front. That was good. She was horny as hell from thinking about... things.

It was quiet in the house, which seemed odd somehow. And dark too. They couldn't both have gone to bed. Neither of them was an early-to-bed kind of person.

She looked in Mindy's bedroom first, from habit. Mindy was lying sprawled in bed, a sheet carelessly thrown over her. She was naked. That was strange too. She had a favorite nightgown she almost always wore, and if not that, at least a T shirt.

She pushed her own bedroom door open to see Bob lying peacefully on his back, the sheet covering his lower torso. A bulge in the sheet showed where his big lump of a prick was clearly located. She sniffed. The smell of sex was thick in the room.

Bob woke up as someone slid into bed with him. He hoped it wasn't Mindy. She'd worn him out by noon, but finally she lay sated and cum-soaked, too tired to chase him any more. That was good, because he'd about decided he was getting too old to see to the needs of a teenager. That afternoon they had worked side by side in the yard, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, trimming trees and laying down a pathway of stones to the site where Bob wanted to put a fountain.

He'd surrendered to the idea of showering together, but when she wanted to be fucked again he said he had to save something for her mother.

She pouted for a minute or so and finally agreed that her mother deserved some happiness. As compensation he worked on her orally, biting her over stimulated clitty as she came until she batted at his head with her hands, driving him away.

After a dinner of mashed potatoes and meatloaf, they'd both turned in early.

He felt a hand slide down his belly and lightly grasp his cock. He smelled the scent Lana used and rolled toward her.

"How was the wedding?" he asked.

"I had a good time" she said. "But not as good a time as you two must have had."

"What can I say? She's her mother's daughter. It was an accident, sort of." He'd already decided not to try and avoid the situation, whatever it might be. He knew they couldn't keep what had happened a secret, and most of him didn't even want to try.

Lana harrumphed. "Sure. I believe that. I suppose you have a bridge for sale too." She squeezed his cock, feeling it begin to grow.

"Did you talk to Mindy?" he asked. He wasn't sure how she was taking this.

"I didn't have to. She's lying in bed naked and this room smells like a French Bordello. Did you have to do it in MY bed?"

"We both love you," he said softly. "Maybe subconsciously that was a way to include you in what we were doing."

Lana laughed. "Wow! That's the most original bull shit I've heard in a long time." His cock was hard now, and her hand slid along it with an almost surreal familiarity.

"It's not bullshit" he said, more firmly. "We both DO love you."

"I know" she relaxed. "I'm just not quite used to the idea that... well that you and her... I mean I get this picture in my mind and it's kind of sexy, but... uncomfortable... all at the same time."

"Well, based on what I know about you, I can testify in any court in the land that she's your natural daughter. She's just as highly sexed as you are, believe me," he said.

"This complicates things," she said. She was jacking him with long slow strokes.

Bob brought his hand up to her face. "It doesn't have to happen again," he said.

"That's not what I mean," she said back. "I want to have another baby. Your baby, Bob. And if she's as highly sexed as I am it WILL happen again and there won't be anything you can do about it. I know you too, remember?"

"You want to have my baby?" he said, wonder in his voice.

"Yes I do," she said, kissing him. "And I don't mind sharing you, at least not with Mindy, but with two of us putting demands on you your sperm count will probably plummet. You're not as young as you used to be, you know."

"You want to have my baby?" He couldn't get past that astonishing idea.

"Come here and I'll show you how much I want to have your baby." she growled. She pulled on him, coaxing him between her legs. She still had hold of his erection. As he settled on his knees between her thighs, she brought the tip of his cock to her sex and urged him to penetrate her. He slid forward and realized she was soaked. That was good. That meant she really wasn't mad. Then it was long deep kisses and slow languid lovemaking for the next twenty minutes as both of them let the passion build to its natural climax. As he began driving into her harder she begged him to love her, and as her hips thrust up at him he told her he'd love her till he died.

He was close and Lana knew it. "You'd better not think of my daughter when you cum in me this time." she warned. "You promised."

Bob felt his balls tighten and slammed in one last time. His cock tip nestled in his sister's cervical mouth and began delivering the nectar she craved. "This sperm is for you" he grunted. "For our baby" His cock shot two more times. "For our FIRST baby" he sighed.

Lana gripped him fiercely. Her life was better now, and she was looking forward to the future. She kissed the man she'd loved all her life.

"Thank you." she murmured in his ear. "I don't mind if you take care of Mindy too."

"Thanks." he murmured back. "And thanks for putting her on the pill." He kissed the throat of the woman he'd loved his entire life.

There was silence. "I don't even let her date, Bob! What in the world made you think I put her on the pill?

Bob sagged on her soft body as he remembered how much of his potent sperm he'd packed into his niece's pussy. "Oh shit." he sighed.

"You pulled out didn't you Bobby? Like when we were young?"



The End