The Not-so-ugly Duckling

by Lubrican

Margaret, or Maggie, as everyone called her, smiled as her parents told her she was being sent to her Uncle Bob's farm for the summer. Her parents were archeologists, and during the summers, when they weren't teaching, they usually went off to some far off place to dig up what Maggie thought of as 'dead things'. And then Maggie always got sent off to Uncle Bob's farm. Her parents had been working on their PhDs for the last two years, though, so it had been two years since she'd spent the summer with Uncle Bob.

Actually, she reminded herself, he wasn’t REALLY her uncle. She was adopted. She knew nothing at all about her real parents, having been taken from them by some court when she was just a baby. But, as far as she was concerned the people who adopted her WERE her real parents, and her father’s brother was her REAL uncle, regardless of the lack of blood ties.

She was a little nervous about it this time. She'd always loved going to the farm. It was an old place, with lots of big barns and little outbuildings, and there were all kinds of interesting things to see and do. As she grew up, her Uncle gave her chores to do, and each year they seemed harder, and seemed to take longer. But each time she left with a feeling that she could handle almost anything. She knew how to use all kinds of tools. She understood the needs of animals. She could drive a tractor and set a fence post all by herself. Now that she'd turned sixteen, she was curious as to what trials he would set for her this year. She was a little afraid that it might be harder than she could do.

But ... she'd get to spend time with Uncle Bob, who was her hero in many ways. Maggie was what most people would call 'plain' looking. She had mousy brown hair that her mother liked to put into pigtails, and long bangs that almost covered her eyes.

She didn't mind that, though, because she liked the feeling that she was hiding behind them, looking out on the world which, for the most part, ignored her. She had been a skinny child, without much strength, and couldn't run fast, or climb trees quickly. When she rode her bike up a long hill she had to get off and walk halfway up, usually. She wasn't any good at baseball or other sports. And she had braces and wore big round owlish looking glasses.

As a result, she had few friends as a child. When she discovered reading in school, she found that books were her best friends, and she eventually gave up trying to find human ones. Uncle Bob was the one human outside her immediate family who treated her like a real person. He joked with her, teased her, asked for her opinion about things and generally treated her like she was already an adult.

It had been a particularly rough year for Maggie. She'd gotten her braces off finally, but still hadn't retrained her lips, so she almost never smiled. Her breasts had endured a big growth spurt, which meant they had been sore and tender a lot. She'd never worn bras, mostly because she didn't have anything to put in them, but then, almost overnight, they grew to the size of grapefruits and wobbled around inside her shirt.

When she put on a bra it hurt her tender orbs. So she wore thick heavy clothing to hide her bobbing boobs. When they quit hurting she was used to going braless and the loose clothes made that possible to keep doing.

Her hips had also swelled outward, but she thought that was a curse too because it just made her pants fit too tight. And that made it hard to put things in her pockets. Growing up was just a pain.

Having no friends to introduce her to boys, and being used to keeping her nose in a book, Maggie entered the period of her life when hormones began flowing through her veins and she had no outlet to deal with them. She'd recently discovered that, during a bath or shower, there were some places on her body that felt really good to wash, but she hadn't thought out what to do about that, except maybe wash a little longer than was really needed to get clean.

So, Maggie was looking forward to going to the farm for some reasons, and nervous about going to the farm for others. In other words, she had more in common with other teens her age than she thought. She was confused and unsure of herself.

Bob was taking a breather from wrestling with a recalcitrant bull when his brother drove into the yard. He'd been looking forward to seeing little Maggie again. He didn't mind being alone on the farm most of the time, but she was such a breath of fresh air that it was a treat to have her around. She never complained about anything he asked her to do, no matter how dirty or hard the job was. She had a good attitude about everything and was smart as could be. And she was cute too.

Bob didn't have time to date women, and his sexual needs were pretty well satisfied by beating off from time to time. He had some pretty hot videos and ten or fifteen fuck books that he rotated through. He was afraid he wouldn't ever get around to having children to pass the farm on to, but there wasn't much he could do about that.

It wasn't hard, though, as Maggie grew up, to fantasize about her. When she'd turned 13 she began to look more like a girl than a boy, and Bob's imagination took care of the rest. Of course she wasn’t a raving beauty or anything, but she more than made up for that because her insides, that part of her that was the REAL her, was beautiful and always had been.

Thinking about her now made his dick tingle. It had been two years since he'd seen her, and his imagination had made her into something he knew she probably wasn't.

The car stopped and the back door opened. A woman got out.

No, it was Maggie!

But she LOOKED like a woman. Bob couldn't believe what two short years had done to her boyish body. She had curves in all the right places.

She screamed out his name and came bounding across the yard, slamming into him in a bear hug. He felt soft breasts pressing against his chest and hugged her back. Her hair smelled good. She smiled up at him and he saw her braces were gone. Her smile was beautiful. His cock lurched in his pants.

Unconsciously he pressed his groin to hers and then backed off frantically, realizing what he was doing. He hoped she hadn't felt it.

His brother and sister-in-law stayed for dinner and then drove off on their way to the international airport. They'd be gone three months. Maggie and her Uncle were left alone in the old farmhouse.

It was May, and the planting hadn't started yet. Calves were due soon, but none were imminent. Bob had spent the winter repairing broken equipment. All in all, there wasn't that much for them to do for a week or two.

So Bob had planned on doing some home renovations, with Maggie's help. When he told her about it she beamed and when he asked her what her opinion was about colors, fabrics and furniture, she blushed with the pleasure of being important. Bob opined that they should start with the spare room, which Maggie always used when she was there. They planned and talked deep into the night and finally went to bed.

Bob jacked off, wondering what Maggie looked like naked, now that she'd grown into a woman.

Maggie, for her part, remembered how, when she hugged her uncle, she felt something pressing against her crotch. It had hit her right at the place where it felt really good to rub in the shower. She had suddenly realized what it was just as it was taken away.

Maggie knew about sex. She'd had her first lessons right on this very farm, seeing the animals mating. And, of course there was the obligatory sex ed class in High School, though it was short on real detail. She knew the mechanics of it, but had never seen a human penis before. She'd never even thought about how big one would be until one had pressed against her crotch. As she went to sleep she wondered about what her Uncle Bob's penis might look like.

In the morning Maggie bounded out of bed and put on a T shirt. She felt so comfortable at the farm she didn't even think of wearing her usual thick shapeless clothing. Jeans completed her outfit, though they were hard to get on over her recently swollen hips. She ran a brush through her hair and then tied it back in a pony tail so it wouldn't be in her face as they worked.

It didn't occur to her to look in the mirror before she went down to breakfast. If she'd looked, she might have changed clothes.

Bob was cooking eggs when Maggie walked into the kitchen and sang out her morning greeting.

He turned to look and dropped the spatula.

Her T shirt had been white when new, but it was more cream colored now. It was thin from years of wear and her areolas and nipples showed through it. It was also a little small for her. It being May it was chilly, and her perky nipples had lengthened considerably, making obvious big dents in the material of her shirt. Her jeans were skin tight and, to get them up and over her hips, she'd had to pull them tight in the crotch. Her camel toe was as obvious as her nipples.

Bob bent over to get the spatula and didn't want to stand back up because he knew his now stiff cock would make a big hump in his jeans.

But he had no choice. He sighed. "Man oh man, Maggie, you sure have grown up."

His comment caught her by surprise. Her Uncle was staring at her chest. She looked down at the front of her shirt, expecting to see a stain or something, and saw her nipples. She blushed bright red and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Oh no!" she wailed. "I didn't think." A tear started to form in her eye.

Bob could see she was embarrassed. "Maggie!" he said loudly.

She looked up at him timidly.

He went on. "Honey, you got nothing to be ashamed of. You're a beautiful young woman. You're in the prime of your life and it's only natural for you to look sexy. I'm just an old pervert to notice how desirable you are, that's all. It's really all my fault, honey, and I'm real sorry."

Maggie stood there, her hands over her breasts. That wasn't helping Bob any. It just made her look even more sexy.

She sniffled. "Uncle Bob, I'm not sexy, I just look ... slutty," she moaned. "I didn't think about how I'd look when I put this shirt on. I don't dress like this at home Uncle Bob, honest."

"Well it's a good thing, honey" he said grinning. "You'd have the boys hanging all over the place with their tongues hanging out and their hands in their britches."

Maggie's mouth fell open "You stop that right now!" she squeaked. "I'm embarrassed enough and you don't be needing to tell me lies like that. Boys don't ever look at me. I'm going to go change clothes."

She turned to leave.

"MAGS!" yelled her Uncle.

She stopped.

He came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. He turned her around. He was standing close to her, close enough she could smell his manly scent.

"Maggie, honey, I'm not making fun of you," he said seriously. He put his finger under her chin and lifted it until she had to look him eye to eye. "When I tell you you're beautiful, I mean it. When I tell you boys would kill to be near you dressed like that, I mean it. Heck, you gave ME a hard on!"

He stopped suddenly. He hadn't meant to say that.

"What I mean is, I'm not making fun of you at all. In fact, I'd like it a whole lot if you DIDN'T go change clothes. I don't get to see a sexy woman often, and you, little darlin', are one sexy woman." With that he hugged her to him, pressing those delightful breasts into his chest.

Her arms flew around him, hugging him tight and he let his boner lightly graze the front of her tight jeans. They held the hug for longer than usual, but it wasn’t uncomfortable because neither of them wanted it to end.

Finally he pushed her away. "Sweetie, I'm only a man. You can't rub that sexy body against me and nothing happen. And it ain't right for an Uncle to have the kinds of feelings about his niece that I'm having right now. Besides, we've got work to do."

Maggie didn't say anything. Her mind was running a mile a minute, thinking about all the things he'd said. She believed now that he'd meant them, and that was something completely new in her experience. No one had ever looked at her as a female, much less a desirable one. She liked the feeling ... a lot.

Maggie didn't change her clothes. She caught Uncle bob staring at her all day long and the hardon he'd mentioned was visible to her all day too. They got a lot of work done, but by the time the day was over both were horny, though Maggie didn't recognize that feeling.

She liked the way her Uncle looked at her. It made her feel squirmy inside. She'd always been able to talk to her uncle about anything, and she didn't think he'd mind if she did so now.

"Uncle Bob?" she said when they'd put away all the tools and were cleaning up at the kitchen sink.

"Yeah, baby?" he said, washing his big hands.

"Did you really get a ... hardon ... " she blushed as she said the word "because of me?"

Bob had been lusting after his niece all day long. As she worked he had stared at her loose boobs in their tightly confined T shirt. The thought of tweaking those stiff nipples and sucking on them until she spasmed was mouthwatering. And that sweet deep camel toe of hers, advertising her obviously virgin pussy.

Had he not been so hot for her, he might have moderated his answer, but instead he was bluntly honest. "Baby, you made me so hard today that sometimes it just plain hurt."

Maggie thought about that. Instead of thinking of him as a dirty old man, she felt a thrill of pleasure that a real man found her desirable. She knew full well what that meant, but that didn't scare her either. She had no experience of any kind, and had no idea what "sex" might be like, so it wasn't scary or "bad" in her mind.

"So that means you want to have sex with me Uncle Bob?" she said innocently.

Bob sighed. He knew exactly how wrong he was to want his innocent niece. but he'd been leaking in his pants all day long. "Sweetie, you are so hot looking in that outfit that any man on earth would want to have sex with you. I'm sure no different than they are."

"Is it painful? I mean ... would it hurt if we ...?" she asked.

"Yeah, it would. At first anyway. But baby, I'm your Uncle."

"I know that!" she said sharply. "I was just curious, that's all."

Neither of them realized that she didn't understand that he meant they SHOULDN'T have sex.

"Besides" she said airily "You’re not ACTUALLY my uncle. I’m adopted, remember?" She looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "I'm going to go take a shower" she said, thinking about how long it might take her to get clean between her legs. She had an awful itch there.

Maggie had no sooner closed the door of the bathroom than Bob was in his room shucking his pants. He gave a sigh of relief as his board-stiff cock bounced free and stood straight out from his body. An instant later he was jacking furiously on his rod. He didn't even go to the bed to lie down. He just stood, naked, knees bent, hips thrust forward, waiting for the sweet relief of his sperm to blast out and ease the pain in his prick and balls. He didn't need a book or video tonight. He just thought of Maggie in the shower.

The next morning Maggie got up and looked at her clothing, trying to decide what to wear. Most of her stuff was dull colored, and baggy. She chose those things on purpose, to blend in, so people wouldn't notice her.

But she wanted Uncle Bob to notice her.

She picked up a shirt and looked at it. Making up her mind she pulled at the arm until the seam tore. Then she removed that arm, and after that the other one. She put it on and, instead of buttoning it, took the tails and tied them under her breasts. She looked in the mirror, turning this way and that. She bent over and the shirt fell away from her chest. She could see her naked breasts. Now she picked up her jeans. They were old and soft, but they wouldn't tear.

Wearing the shirt and her panties, she walked out of the room and went down to the kitchen, where her Uncle was frying eggs.

She stuck her head around the door frame. "Uncle Bob? I need some scissors, or a knife or something," she said.

He looked at her, leaning around the door frame and put the spatula down. "What's wrong, Mags? Need help?" He came toward her.

"NO!" she squeaked. "I don't have on any pants. That's what I need the scissors for. I want to make my jeans into shorts."

Bob realized he was leaning sideways, trying to look around the corner. "Get a grip" he said to himself. "Maggie, honey, I've got a bunch of old running shorts from when I was in the Navy. Instead of ruining your jeans, why don't you try some of them on. I'll take you shopping later for some clothes."

He told her the shorts were in either the bottom drawer or the one above it in an old dresser in the back of his closet and she went off happily.

Maggie went to his room, and into the closet. She opened the bottom drawer. It was full of clothing and she started pulling it out, looking for something that looked like shorts. She found one pair that were gray and pulled them on over her panties. They were tighter than she thought they would be, but they fit OK.

She was looking for more when she found the books. There were two of them. Bob had forgotten they were there. He'd had them for years. They were fuck books, and they were illustrated. The covers had lurid photographs of young girls with thick cocks stuck up in their stretched teen pussies.

Maggie felt a thrill as she leafed through the books, looking at the pictures of girls as they were fucked good and proper. She read a few paragraphs about how one girl lost her virginity to the man she was babysitting for and she felt her panties get damp. Wrapping the books in a T shirt she went through the clothes and found two more pairs of shorts. She took them all back to her room and stashed them in her own dresser. Then she went down to breakfast.

Bob loved the "new" shirt. It gaped everywhere, and he got to look at Maggie's sweet teen breasts a lot. His bone sprang to attention almost immediately and he shook his head. Maggie pretended not to notice that her breasts were all but hanging out, but they both knew she was aware of it.

They were painting Maggie's room this day and Maggie made sure she was close to her Uncle as they worked. She snuck peeks at his crotch and smiled as she saw the tent in the front of it. When Bob announced it was time for lunch, Maggie was on her hands and knees, painting the wall where it met the floor. She saw her Uncle's shadow cast over her and suddenly she felt his hands cupping her breasts. He pulled her up to her feet and her back pressed into his front.

"Uncle BOB!" she chided. He didn't move his hands from her breasts. She knew her buttocks had to be right where that tent in his pants was, so she pushed her butt back into it slightly.

Bob squeezed her breasts and said "That's what you get for being a tease all morning."

Maggie lifted her head and in a completely normal voice said "Help. Help. My Uncle is molesting me. Oh. Help. Help. Somebody save me please."

Bob heard the invitation in her voice, the willingness for his hands to be where they were. On impulse he slid them in the armholes of her shirt and onto her naked breasts underneath.

"That's how it's really supposed to be done" he breathed in her ear. Maggie stretched, pushing her breasts into his hands. Those big rough hands felt so good on her soft breasts that she hoped he'd never quit. His fingers found her straining nipples and toyed with them, sending sparks through her.

"Ohhhh Uncle Bob, that feels soooo good," she moaned. "Nobody's ever touched me like that, and I didn't know it would be so nice."

Bob ground his hardon into her ass, but he knew he had to stop. "It is nice baby, but this leads to other things that we shouldn't do."

Reluctantly he pulled his hands out of her shirt. She turned around and crushed her newly fondled breasts to his chest and kissed him.

"Thank you for making me feel special," she said, and then she let him go.

They ate lunch, talking a little, but mostly looking at each other and day dreaming of what they'd like to do. After lunch Bob demanded that she close up her shirt.

"If you leave it like that I won't get anything done and bad things will happen."

That itch in Maggie’s untried pussy brought out the brazen action she took then.

She untied the knot under her breasts and said "You mean you want me to button it?" she said, holding it open completely. She felt so naughty, showing her titties to her Uncle. "Instead of tying it, like it was?"

Bob felt his cock rise to full alert as he gazed at her big, soft bouncy breasts, with their cherry red nipples that looked so suckable.

He licked his lips. "You got to cover them up, baby" he pleaded.

"But why, Uncle Bob?" she kept her shirt spread. Instinct caused her to wiggle her shoulders slightly, making her breasts shimmy and shake. She dropped the shirt halves and cupped her breasts, as if offering them to him. "What in the world makes you interested in these fat things?"

Bob took a step toward her. She held her ground, still cupping her tits.

He took another step and was right there.

He bent, his lips seeking her left nipple. "Because if I can see them, I want to suck them," he moaned.

And then he did it. He fed at that nipple like a starving baby, and then switched to the other one and then back, licking, sucking, nipping.

Maggie felt something happening in her abdomen when her Uncle's mouth latched onto her nipple. She liked washing them and pinching them in the shower, but they'd NEVER felt like this. This felt ... AMAZING! The pressure in her body made her tense ... and like something was growing inside her and was going to burst out.

"Uncle Bob" she said. "What's happening to me Uncle Bob? I feel all funny Uncle Bob. Ahhhh ... um ...OOOhhhhhh ... Oh please keep doing that" Bob was only too happy to keep feasting on her nips and he couldn't resist sliding one hand between her legs too. When he did she clamped down on his hand and all he could do was lift, and dig it into her crotch. When he did it put pressure on her inexperienced teen clitty and she exploded into her first orgasm.

Her hands went to her Uncle's head and held him to her breast while she squatted to let his hand play with her pussy through the thin shorts she was wearing.

Her pussy gushed and he felt the wet.

To Maggie it felt like she'd peed her pants, and she cried out "Oh Uncle Bob I think I peed my pants!"

Bob heard the horror in her voice and let go of her nipple. "No, baby, you didn't pee your pants. You just had an orgasm, honey. Nothing's wrong. You didn't do anything wrong. It's OK."

Knowing he was responsible for her very first cum was immensely satisfying to him, and he was so happy that the urgent need to fuck her waned a little, giving him time to control himself.

But he had to do something.

"Sweetie, you just had an orgasm. That's what a woman feels during sex. But I need you to help me baby, cause I'm hurting. I don't want to ... to hurt you honey, but I need some release. Will you help me Maggie?"

Maggie would have jumped off the barn if he'd have asked her to just then. She nodded frantically and wasn't even scared when he shoved his pants down and freed the boner he'd made reference to several times.

She stared at it in awe. THAT was because of HER?!

He showed her how to hold it and move her hand, and in no time she was jerking him off like a pro. She understood the technique immediately, sensing how, as his foreskin glided back and forth on the head of his cock, it would feel good to him. She knew about oral sex too, though she'd never understood why anybody would want to do that. Now she had a glimmer of understanding, because, as she jacked her Uncle's cock it looked ... yummy somehow. She looked at the big swollen sack under his cock and knew it contained sperm ... lots of it from the look of things ... and that it would be shooting out of his cock in a few minutes.

The thought that she had made him hard, and that she could make him squirt that stuff gave her her very first feeling of female power.

It was a feeling she liked very very much.

His moans and groans told her he was close. Still, she was surprised when his cock suddenly produced a long stream of white liquid that shot out and over her right shoulder. Some of it landed on her shirt. She continued jerking on his cock as it spat again and again, making a mess of her hand and everything else it hit.

He'd been standing up, and his knees gave way, causing him to stumble backward toward the couch. Reluctantly Maggie let got of his cock as he fell.

She stared at her hand, covered with his thick cream. It was warm and she couldn't resist the temptation to taste it. She decided it wasn't all that bad, and that oral sex might be fun.

They sat, four or five feet apart, reliving the experience as they caught their breath. Maggie was astonished at what had happened. It had happened so fast!

She remembered the feel of his boner in her hand. That was supposed to fit inside a girl?! There was no way in the world it would fit in her. It was just too big. She pulled the shirt over her breasts, wanting some time to think about things before she used her power again.

Bob felt bad. He hadn't meant for things to get this far. But they'd both satisfied each other and her virginity was still intact. Still, he'd have to do better next time. At least she'd covered up those fabulous tits.

He got up. "That was fun. But we have work to do, OK?"

She nodded and let him pull her up. She buttoned the shirt and they finished painting her room. They got the curtains up too, and got most of the furniture that was going to be replaced moved out into the hallway. All that was left was the bed and a little table for a reading lamp. Bob said they'd go shopping the next day for wall paper accents and furniture.

They sat on the couch together eating popcorn while they watched a movie. Maggie snuggled up to him and he put an arm around her. She took his hand and put it on her breast, but he pulled it back.

"Honey, what happened before ... it wasn't right baby. I know you’re adopted, but I feel like I'm your Uncle, and I know what we did was nice, but I wanted to do things to you that grownups do, and that wouldn't be right. Do you understand Maggie?"

She nodded her head and they watched the rest of the movie in silence. Then he sent her off to bed with a kiss on the forehead.

Maggie lay in bed thinking. She thought about how ugly she had felt all these years, until her Uncle made her feel beautiful and desirable. She thought about how she didn't know how to be a girl, until things happened with her Uncle that made being a girl seem like fun. She remembered that orgasm that had happened when the only thing he was doing was sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy a little. She thought about that big cock, shooting all that nice warm slippery stuff. She thought about how, if she were to go to him, and refuse to leave, that he would give in.

She got up.

Bob had been lying in bed thinking about many of the same things. He wanted nothing more than to bury his cock in this beautiful girl and make babies with her. But he knew he couldn't. She was vulnerable, unused to men. She wasn't making decisions, she was just reacting to hormones.

His door opened.

He knew who it was.

"Uncle Bob? My room smells like paint, and I can't sleep."

They both knew that was an excuse. But they both needed an excuse.

"Can I sleep in here? With you?" she came closer.

He groaned. "Maggie, what are you trying to do to me? I can't resist you."

"Good" she said shortly and got into bed with her Uncle. She was naked. Completely, totally, gloriously naked.

"You're ... naked" he said.

"You're not" she said. "It would be a lot more comfortable if you were."

He felt her pulling at his shirt. He gave up. He let her strip him and he folded her into his arms. Soon they were kissing and swapping tongues like they'd made out for months. She felt his iron hard cock rise up between her legs.

"Are you SURE it would ... hurt?" she said as she grasped his cock.

"Ohhh baby, I'm pretty sure. You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"Uh huh" she whispered in his ear.

"And you'd let me ... put it in you?" he moaned.

"I think I'd like that very much." she whispered.

He had to know, because the answer to his next question might give him the strength to shove her out of his bed and save her virginity.

"And your room really smells like paint? I mean you really can't sleep in there? Right?"

"No, I just wanted to come get in your bed" she admitted.

He was lost.

He was toast.

She WAS making decisions, even if they WERE affected by hormones. She'd made the decision to get up and come here. She WANTED him.

He kissed her and ran his hands over her body.

It took him about a minute before she was sopping wet.

It took him fifteen seconds to position and mount her.

It took him another thirty seconds to get the head of his cock past her pussy lips.

It took him forty-five seconds to find out she had no cherry to bust and get two thirds of his cock into her.

It took her half a minute to get used to those two thirds and shove her pussy up for more.

It took him one point five seconds to put the remaining third in her.

Just like that, he was fucking the girl he’d called his niece her entire life.

She was able to take two minutes of his rampant thrusting before she exploded into the second orgasm of her life.

Two minutes after that she got her first cunt-full of baby butter as Bob pounded his spurting prick deep in her belly.

We'll never know for sure, but there is a high degree of probability that it took him between two and five days to fuck her pregnant.

She'd arrived at the farm in the middle of her cycle, and she never had a period the whole two months she was there.

Her parents were pretty ticked initially. Then they noticed their shy, retiring, unpopular, and yes, plain daughter had disappeared, and in her place was a beautiful, confident, vivacious, and happy girl, who looked forward to raising her lover's baby.

The fact that he was not actually her blood relative, and that the State would probably sanction a marriage, played one part in their final decision making.

The fact that, if she wanted to, she could live on the farm to raise that baby, didn't escape them either.

She did want to.

Her parents never thought they'd be Grandparents to EIGHT children!

But they were.

The End