The Two Day Erection

by Lubrican

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Chapter One

Dr. Angela Webber picked up the next folder and glanced through it. Like all the others, there was very little information in it. She sighed. She was the very junior member of a small practice in Charleston. As such, she often got the short end of the stick. As, for instance, when she was assigned to go to the podunk little town of Turkey Hollow South Carolina, to cover for the regular town doctor, who was undergoing gallbladder surgery. Apparently there was a business partnership involved. It wasn't that she objected to the patients she saw. Medicine was her passion. But Angela thought of herself as young, vibrant and active and ... well ... there was nothing to do in Turkey Hollow when she got off work. The streets were rolled up at dark.

She'd been in Turkey Hollow for three days, and about the only thing she could show for it was that she had a new drinking buddy in the person of Holly, the nurse, receptionist, bookkeeper, and any other title that was needed at a given moment. Holly had a great attitude, but because she was stretched so thin, she didn't do the greatest medical histories on patients. She said Doctor Kimble had delivered most of his patients, and knew everything there was to know about them before they ever showed up at his clinic.

This was why the patient folder she was glancing through was so spare. In the space reserved to note the current complaint, there were two simple words: Personal problem.

She went into the little exam room, closed the door, and surveyed the man sitting on the exam table. He appeared to be in his late teens, with average looks. He was sitting somewhat hunched over, with both hands in his lap.

"Hi. I'm Doctor Webber. What seems to be the problem today, Mr. Fisher?"

He flushed, and looked sideways. "Um ... I thought doctor Kimble was who I'd see," he said.

"Doctor Kimble is out sick today," said Angela. "Even doctors get a bug now and then. How can I help you?"

The young man swallowed. "It's an ... um ... personal problem."

Angela wanted to sigh, but maintained control. Whether it was her gender, or the fact that she was only twenty-five, people seemed to question her credentials.

"I'm a doctor, Mr. Fisher. I've seen it all."

"Yeah, but you're an ... um ... lady doctor," he said glumly.

"Thank you for noticing," said Angela dryly. "Now, what's the problem?"

He seemed to screw up his courage, looked up, instead of at her, and then spoke.

"You know in those TV commercials ... about Viagra and such ... when they say if you have an erection for longer than four hours ... you should see a doctor?"

Angela looked down at the hands still covering the front of his pants.

"You took Viagra?"

"No," he said. "It just won't go down."

"You've had an erection for over four hours?" she asked.

"It's been hard for almost two days," he said miserably.

"Oh my. You must be in serious pain," said the doctor.

"No, it don't hurt. It just won't go down. Not even after I ..." He stopped and blushed.

"You masturbated?" asked Angela.

He looked horrified. "Heck no!" he yelped. "Mama said that makes hair grow on your palms."

Angela barely kept her eyes from rolling. Instead she tried to gather more information.

"You said you did something ... to try to make it go down?"

"Are you sure I can't talk to Doc Kimble?" the young man asked miserably. "I know it's all right to talk about this to him."

"I'm sure. Anything you can talk about with Doctor Kimble, you can talk about with me. Now, if you didn't masturbate ... what did you do?"

He looked down. "Well ... I had sex, of course."

"Oh," said Angela. She felt a little disappointment for some reason.

"And did you ejaculate?"

"Ejac-u-what?" asked the young man.

It was more than Angela could take. She momentarily lost control.

"Have an orgasm? Cum? Shoot? Spurt your man milk?"

He looked startled and blinked several times. "Yeah. I did that … lots of times."

Angela wanted to scream, but took a deep breath instead. She watched the boy - she had decided he was a boy, instead of a young man - stare at her breasts as she held the breath and counted. She let the air out and tried again.

"Tell me exactly what happened when you got the erection, and what you did to try to make it go down."

"Oh. Okay," he said. "Well I was just taking a bath. And Sue Ellen came in and got in the tub with me."

"Sue Ellen," said Angela.

"She's my sister," said the boy.

"Your sister came to take a bath with you," said Angela, deadpan.

"We have to heat water for baths on the stove, so we share," said the boy, as if that made all the sense in the world.

"You take baths with your sister," said Angela, her voice flat. She'd heard of this kind of thing, but hadn't really believed it still happened in this day and age.

"I take baths with all my sisters," said the boy.

"How many sisters do you have?" asked Angela, and then wondered why she'd asked.

"Three," said the boy. "There's Sue Ellen, who I done mentioned. And then Rose and Tiffany. Tiffany's the youngest."

"How old is Tiffany?" asked Angela, again wondering why she'd asked.

"Um ... she's fourteen, I reckon."

"So let me get this straight," said Angela. "You're what ... eighteen?"


"Okay, you're nineteen and you take baths with your fourteen year old sister, and two sisters older than that."

He looked confused, frowning. "Well Sue Ellen's sixteen and Rose is fifteen ... so yeah, they're older than Tiffy."

"Did you graduate from high school, Mr. Fisher?"

"It's Dub, ma'am," he said shyly. "Makes me feel all silly for you to call me Mr. Fisher." He sobered. "Pappy got all broke up in a mine accident, an I had to quit school to support my family. I'm workin' on my GED, though."

Angela was fascinated, despite herself.

"All right ... Dub. So Sue Ellen came in and got in the bathtub with you ... naked, I suppose?"

"Uh yup, as the day she was born."

"And that gave you an erection."

"It always does," he admitted.

"So that's when you go see your girlfriend?"

He looked confused. "I don't have no girlfriend. Heck, I ain't got time to mess around with no girls."

"I thought you said you had sex ... to get rid of your erection." Angela paled as she thought of some of the stories she'd heard about farm boys ... and sheep.

"Oh, that," he said. "That's usually with Matty."

"Do I want to know who Matty is?" asked Angela.

Dub blinked. "Well I don't know. Do you?"

"Please tell me she's not covered with fur," moaned Angela.

The boy laughed. "Naw, she shaves her legs and under her arms like city girls. But she does have some fur down there ..." Dub blushed again. "Um ... around her girly part."

Angela felt like she had been dropped into some bizarre dream. Still, it was the most interesting thing that had happened to her in a long time, so she went with it.

"Okay, so who is Matty?"

"She's my cousin ... Aunt Cherry's daughter."

"Fascinating," sighed Angela. "Tell me more."

"About Matty?"

"Did you have sex with Matty?"

"Yes Ma'am," said Dub. "But that didn't work."

"I see," said Angela.

Dub looked pleased. "So then I had sex with Aunt Cherry, and that didn't work, so Mama gave it a try." He frowned. "It was still hard when she got off and I think that's when they got worried. They broke the rule then."

Angela was trying to adjust to the fact that this boy had had sex with his cousin, aunt and mother, apparently all in a row. As a result she simply said "What rule?"

"I wasn't supposed to break Sue Ellen in until she got to be seventeen, but because it wouldn't go down, and she wanted a shot at it, Mama let her try too."

Angela felt a little weak. "So you had sex with Matty - and then with three more women?"

"Four, actually," said Dub. "Rose too. She said the rule was broke, and they couldn't take that back. So they let me break her in too. Mama put her foot down with Tiffany, though."

He looked around, as if he expected to see someone listening in. "Doc Kimble said that what we talk about in here is real private. That's right with you too, right?"

"Yes," said Angela weakly.

"So you can't tell Mama what I say in here?"

"That's right."

"Then I have to add Tiffany too." He frowned. "But not the first day. Just last night."

Angela swallowed. "I thought you said your mother put her foot down about that."

"Tell that to a horny girl in the middle of the night when all the others are wore out and cutting logs," sighed Dub.

Angela shook her head. "All right. So you had sex five times in a row and your erection still wouldn't go down."

"At least five," said Dub, frowning.

"You named five women," said Angela patiently.

"Yeah," he agreed, ticking them off on the fingers of his left hand.

"So you had sex five times in a row that day."

"Well, it was evening," he said helpfully.

Angela felt her patience flying away and took a deep breath to calm herself.

"Have you had sex since then?" she asked.

"Yesterday," he said.

Angela wanted so slap him, but didn't.

"How many times did you have sex yesterday?" she asked.

"I don't rightly remember," he said, shaking his head. "It kind of got crazy when everybody woke up and they realized it was still hard. It was like they was havin' a contest or sumpin’, cause they kept coming back all day long, trying to be the one to get it to go down, but nothing worked. I think that's why Tiffy was so hot to trot last night, cause she had to watch them all day long, and they kept squealing about how wonderful it felt, and all that. In the beginning they kept yelling for me not to stop, but they left off that by evening time. By then they just begged me to cum and get it over with."

"You ejaculated each time?!" gasped Angela, stunned.

"Well of course," he said, sounding injured. "Everybody knows you gots to cum to make it go soft."

"And you're not in pain," said Angela.

"No ma'am, but all the women at home are. They made me come here."

Angela toyed with the idea that someone, probably Holly, was playing a huge practical joke on her. But the boy didn't seem to be sophisticated enough to play this complicated a role. And, if it was a joke, there was one way to call their bluff.

"All right. Stand up and drop your pants. Let's just take a look at this persistent boner of yours," she said.

Dub stood up. The bulge in the front of his pants was instantly displayed, and Angela decided it was, in fact, some kind of practical joke. They'd gone a bit overboard and stuffed one too many towels in his pants. His hands went to his belt and undid it. They lingered at the button and zipper, though.

"I ain't never showed it to no strange woman," he said softly.

"I'm a doctor," she said, smiling. "Drop 'em, Dub."

He shrugged, did what was necessary, and dropped his drawers. Angela took two steps back and gasped.

It was no towel.

It was pure, raw 100% beef, and it looked like something she'd expect to see on a bull. She leaned forward, suspicious again, and tried to see a line around the base, where someone had glued something outrageous onto his normal penis.

There was no line. She bent over and moved the throbbing mass of meat to one side. She could see blood pulsing through veins in the shaft. She felt weak. She reached for a chair and pulled it under her buttocks just as her knees gave way. She realized her mouth was hanging open and closed it. Then she started examining the amazing thing in front of her.

It was, she estimated, a full nine inches long in it's erect state. He was uncircumcised, but the stiffness of the organ prevented the foreskin from covering the tip, which looked dry and smooth. She glanced at the sack of skin under the swaying behemoth. A baseball would almost have fit inside it. Eyes back on the penis, she saw there was a gentle curve to it where the shaft curved upward. This thing was perfectly formed to find and destroy a G-spot. Her hand circled it, and she felt her thumb tip barely reach the tip of her longest finger.

The door opened and Holly's face appeared in the crack. Angela looked up and realized that she was holding a stiff cock in her hand, which was pointed at her face, which was only a few inches away from the tip of the beast. It had to look like she was about to give Dub a blow job.

"Mercy me," sighed Holly, grinning from ear to ear. "And I always thought Cherry was lying through her teeth." She stepped into the exam room and closed the door firmly behind her. "Is that for real?"

"It's for real," said Angela, almost lisping. She sat back and let go of the phallus.

"How'd it get that way?" asked Holly, a knowing grin on her face.

"Sue Ellen got in the bathtub with me," said Dub helpfully. He didn't seem at all shy in front of Holly, but of course she was a woman from town.

"That would do it," said Holly, laughing. "Don't tell me it's been stiff ever since."

"You don't want to know what it's been doing ever since," sighed Angela.

"That's why I'm here," said Dub, who hadn't been willing to tell the nurse exactly what his complaint was, earlier.

"I'm sure Angela knows what to do about it," chuckled Holly.

"I do?" It was out of Angela's mouth before she thought about it. She felt her face getting hot as a blush formed.

"Any woman knows what to do with that thing," giggled Holly. She licked her lips.

"Apparently half a dozen women have tried that already," said Angela, and she clapped one hand over her mouth.

"Don't fret," said Holly. "Let's just say I'm not all shocked and leave it at that."

"We only got the quick course on this in medical school," sighed Angela.

"That's because you were supposed to have learned about it in sex ed classes," laughed Holly.

"You don't understand!" said Angela. "This is SERIOUS. This means blood isn't leaving his penis. If the blood in his penis clots, or all the oxygen is extracted, tissue could die. He could develop gangrene. It could require that his penis be amputated!"

"I don't want my tallywhacker whacked off!" moaned Dub. "You got to DO somethin'!"

"This might be a condition called priapism," said Angela. "If it is, he needs to see a urologist ... an expert."

Holly's jovial demeanor suddenly vanished, as she took on a businesslike attitude.

"Well, how do we find out? It takes pert near an hour to get an ambulance up here, and the helicopter costs more than anybody in this town can afford. If he needs to go to the hospital I'll take him myself, but I want to be sure it's worth it before we do that."

"I need to do some research," said Angela.

"I'll stay here with him," said Holly. "Do I need to get any samples? Blood? Urine? Semen?"

"I don’t' know yet," said Angela, standing up. "Get them all, I guess. I know a urologist. I can call him and see what needs to be done."

Angela hung up the phone, now armed with a list of questions to ask, and symptoms to look for. She picked up the notes she'd made and headed for the treatment room. As she reached for the doorknob, Dub's voice came through the frosted glass in the door.

"Ohhhhhh damn, Miss Holly!" she heard Dub groan. "That shore feels good."

Angela turned the knob slowly and pushed the door open only a few inches. About the time she thought she should have knocked, the thought was blown out of her mind by the sight that entered her eyes.

Dub was still sitting on the end of the exam table, leaning back on strong arms. He was breathing deeply, his head thrown back, as if he were staring up at the ceiling. Holly was hunched over him, her right shoulder and upper arm moving rhythmically.

"What in the WORLD are you doing?" blurted Angela.

Holly's head came around. Her face was flushed.

"I'm getting that semen sample," she panted.

Angela could now see Holly's hand, gripping Dub's rigid shaft firmly, flashing up and down as she masturbated him.

"That's not how it's supposed to be done!" complained Angela.

"Well he wouldn't do it himself," said Holly.

Dub spoke as solemnly as a young man can speak while a pretty woman is jerking his prod. "Mamma says it will ..."

"Yes, I know," sighed Angela. "Make hair grow on your palms."

"Yup," said Dub. He frowned. "Is it going to make hair grow on Miss Holly's palms?"

Holly laughed.

"No, Dub," said Angela sadly.

"This isn't working," said Holly. "We may have to go to plan B."

"Plan A is completely inappropriate," said Angela. "I don't even want to know what plan B is."

"What did your friend say?" asked Holly, licking her lips. She continued to skin her hand up and down Dub's rigid shaft.

Angela brought up the hand with her notes in it.

"Are you taking anti psychotics?" she asked Dub.

"Anti whats?" he asked.

"No," said Holly.

Angela decided that Holly would probably know, and took her word for it.

"Have you taken any cocaine recently?"

"HELL no!" said Dub, looking positively offended.

"And you're quite sure you haven't taken Viagra, or Levitra or anything like that," said Angela.

"I don't even know where to get that stuff," said Dub. "And why would I. I don't have no trouble getting a stiffy. It's getting rid of it that's the problem!"

Angela sighed.

"What's the chance he's got sickle cell disease?" she asked Holly.

"Hasn't been a case of that here since the town was formed," said Holly firmly. "Of course he's never been tested for it, but I kind of doubt it." Her hand never missed a stroke while she spoke.

"Were you, by any chance, bitten by a Brazilian Wandering Spider?" asked Angela helplessly.

"Wouldn't he have had to be in Brazil for that to happen?" asked Holly, looking disgusted.

"Those are the major causes of priapism!" said Angela. She watched Holly, still stroking Dub's penis. "Under normal circumstances, he should have ejaculated by now and the semen would have soothed the urethra, and he'd have gotten flaccid. I can't believe this isn't working. I've never seen a man who ... I mean I've never been in a situation where ... " She felt herself flushing red. "It always works!" she blurted.

Holly grinned. "So you ARE an expert."

"I am NOT an expert!" barked Angela, still flustered.

"Well whether you're an expert or not, we need to initiate plan B, because my hand is too tired to keep going. Take over." Holly let go of Dub's stiff rod and scooted back.

"Me?" Angela's voice rose an octave.

"Unless we don't need that sample after all," said Holly.

"Shit!" growled Angela.

"Why doctor!" chided Holly.

"Zip it," said Angela, sitting down on the stool that Holly had just vacated.

She scooted between Dub's legs and regarded the angry looking thing that strained out from the nest of brown hair at his groin.

"I got the distinct impression you were disgusted with me for doing that," said Holly, who stood, watching Angela slide her hand up and down the handsome prick in front of her.

"I was," said Angela, whose voice was a little rough. She'd seen a few pricks in her life, but none as magnificent as this one. As her hand moved along it, she felt like she was stroking a sapling with the branches cut off. It was smooth as silk, but in another way, there was nothing smooth about it. It made her want to do things that were much more inappropriate than what she was already doing.

"Seems like there's a double standard here," said Holly with a smile in her voice.

"This is an emergency," said Angela. She looked up at Dub. "Aren't you feeling anything?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said happily. "That feels right nice."

"But you don't feel the urge to ejaculate."


Angela looked up at Holly. "Is there a Playboy around here?"

Holly's eyes got round. "You mean like the magazine?"


"You have to be kidding. Doc Kimble is in his sixties."

Angela watched as her hand forced the foreskin up over the tip of Dub's penis and resisted the urge to lean forward and kiss that tip.

"Take off your top," she said dreamily.

"Me?" asked Dub.

"No ... Holly," said Angela.

"What?" asked Holly.

"Show him your boobs," said Angela.

"Show him your own boobs!" snorted Holly.

"All right."

Angela had her blouse unbuttoned completely before she realized what she was doing. She stopped as the blouse parted and her bra was exposed. Dub's eyes were glued to that part of her body. His breathing increased. She told herself it was because of that that she went ahead and unclipped the catch between the cups, and pulled them aside so he could see her breasts.

"There's definitely a double standard going on here," said Holly, but she didn't sound unhappy.

"Does this excite you?" asked Angela, cupping her breasts, as if she were offering them to the boy.

"Yes, Ma'am," he sighed. "You got right pretty ones. Even better than Sue Ellen's."

"Then cum for me, Dub," she said, renewing her attack on his penis.

Five minutes later Angela had to change hands, because her right one was cramped and tired.

"Why isn't this working?" complained Angela.

"You may as well do it," said Holly, who had moved closer.

"Do what?"

"Plan C."

"What's plan C?" asked Angela.

"You know what it is," said Holly, her own voice husky. "Just remember not to swallow. We need the sample."

"I can't do that." Angela didn't sound nearly as outraged as Holly expected.

"Well I can't because I'm married," said Holly. "Why can't you?"

"It's not ethical," said Angela.

"It's not ethical if anybody finds out," said Holly, altering the paradigm slightly.

"They'd revoke my medical license," whined Angela.

"They'd revoke your medical license if they found out," Holly corrected.

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