Mustang Niece

by Lubrican

Mandy peered at the currying brush she'd just dropped inside Widowmaker's stall.

Widowmaker, though he was perfectly nice to her, got his name from his propensity to kick and his stall had been equipped with plywood on the slats to keep him from kicking them out, or kicking through them. And now the brush she needed was inside his stall. Widowmaker stood placidly, facing her, waiting for her to feed him another sugar cube or apple. She'd been winning him over bit by bit ever since she'd arrived on her uncle's ranch for the summer. In just two weeks she'd managed to get the horse to come up to her whenever she came into the barn. He was her special project.

She couldn’t just open the gate and get the brush. To Widowmaker, an open gate was an invitation to run and he was pure hell to catch, once he got loose. He was a wild Mustang her uncle had bought at a government auction just before she'd come to the ranch. The very first thing she'd been told was, "Don't open the stall that the Mustang is in." She peered down into the dark stall. If she leaned over the top of the gate she might be able to reach it. She had one apple left. She took a breath, gave the horse the apple, and while he was munching on it, she put her waistline on the top of the gate and leaned over, stretching down.

She was wearing an old pair of shorts she'd found in the bedroom her Uncle Bob had given her. They were much too big for her, but she liked them because they had all kinds of pockets on them. So she cinched a belt through the loops to hold them onto her slim waist above the recently developed swell of her hips.

The tails of the short-sleeved shirt she'd also found in the closet in her room were tied across her stomach just under her breasts, and she'd buttoned two of the buttons to cover her braless breasts. That was one of the things she loved about coming to Uncle Bob's ranch. She could dress comfortably. Besides, Uncle Bob looked at her like she was a woman. He always had, commenting on how nicely her breasts were developing, or how sexy she looked in this outfit or that one. Ever since she'd turned thirteen he'd been the primary source of compliments about her femininity and appeal.

She overbalanced, and began to fall into the stall. She managed to get her fingertips onto a stall slat, but she could only hold herself, and was not able to push herself back up. It didn't exactly hurt. She only weighed 116 pounds.

But she felt stupid, and was worried that the horse might do something to her if she didn't get back up and out pretty soon.

It was just then that her uncle walked into the barn. The first thing he saw was a female bottom and two long slim legs kicking at him. He walked over to where she was stuck and admired her butt. The legs of the shorts were loose and he could see clear up to her ass cheeks. He could see just the barest hint of pale blue high-rise panties and licked his lips at the thought of what those panties were cupping. On impulse he slid his hands into the open legs of the shorts and squeezed her glutes.

"Hi, Pumpkin!" he said.

Her legs kicked spasmodically and she yelled, "Help! Is that you Uncle Bob? I'm stuck and I can't get out."

It was right about then that Widowmaker, having finished his apple, wondered what the cloth of her shirt might taste like. Luckily, his teeth grabbed for the collar, instead of the cloth stretched across her back or he might have hurt her. With that in his mouth, he gave a jerk and there was the sound of tearing cloth. Ironically, her uncle's hands inside her shorts stabilized her lower torso, and Widowmaker's jerk helped lift her upper torso, and she was able to stand back up with relative ease.

That left her pressed against the gate by her Uncle's big rough hands, which had jammed even further up into her shorts.

She looked at the horse and was mildly shocked to see most of her shirt in his mouth. He had, in fact neatly ripped the entire back of her shirt out of the garment, which was old and thin.

Mandy turned her head and saw her uncle behind her. She realized where her uncle's hands were about the same time she felt the front of the shirt begin to slip down her arms.

She crossed both arms over her chest and squealed, "Uncle Bob!"

Bob, who could not believe where his hands actually were, had the conflicting feelings of profound enjoyment at the feel of her firm teen butt in his hands, and embarrassment that she knew where those hands were.

"Um .. sorry, Pumpkin," he said, trying to pull his hands out. He couldn't though, because her weight was pressing on them as she leaned back. "I ... ah was trying to catch you and ... I guess things didn't work out just right."

"Your hands!" she moaned.

"I know, baby," he said, pushing on her ass, trying to get her to stand up on the slat and lean forward so he could get his hands out. "Pull yourself forward," he said.

Mandy, used to doing what she was told, did that, but it was hard to get a purchase with her feet because of the plywood on the inside of the slats. She took her hands away from her slipping shirt and pulled, leaning forward a little. What was left of the shirt slid down her arms to her wrists. She felt her Uncle's hands slide back out of her shorts and then immediately grab her waist. "I've got you now," he said, and lifted her off the stall gate. As her hands left the gate, Widowmaker neatly nipped the rest of the shirt, pulling it off her arms. When her feet hit the hay, she was topless.

"Ohhhhhhh," she gave an embarrassed moan, and her hands came up, each one covering a nipple.

"My my!" commented her uncle as he turned her around to face him. "Are you okay?"

"I think so," she gasped, "but my shirt's gone! I think Widowmaker ate it!"

"And here I thought it was going to be a boring day," quipped her uncle. He was leaning sideways, looking at her exposed skin, looking for injuries. Belatedly he said, "I think I love that horse."

She tried to be indignant at his lack of concern for her predicament, but it was impossible. He clearly wasn't trying to see her naked 16 year old breasts, and was concerned that she might have been hurt.

"I'm okay, Uncle Bob. He didn't hurt me. But I can't go out in the yard like this!"

"Well, why not?" he said, finally convinced she was truly unhurt. "It's just you and me." That was true enough. He ran a small operation and needed only occasional hired help. There were some high school boys in families on nearby spreads who came over to help when it was needed.

"But you'll see my boobies!" she whined.

"I love that horse," joked her uncle.

Mandy, rather than getting upset, decided to tease her uncle. She'd just embarrass him! She dropped her hands, exposing her succulent teen titties and said, "Okay, then, let's go."

Bob swallowed. Her breasts were perfect. Nice round globes with up thrust strawberry colored nipples. Those nipples were firm and jutting too, as if they were turned on by being exposed to the air. He felt his face getting red and had to control his urge to tweak and suck those nipples.

Mandy felt a rush of heat flow to her belly at the way her uncle was looking at her. He looked ... hungry. She almost covered her breasts again, but stubbornness won out and she teased him.

"What are you looking at Uncle Bob? You aren't one of those perverts are you? I'm your niece, you know! I don't think you should be looking at me like that." But she giggled, removing any belief that she was upset over the situation.

"Girl," he said, his voice low and raspy, "You could just flat kill a man, walking around like that. You need to get a shirt on and I'll just give you two hours to do it, understand?"

She laughed gaily and held out her hand to him. "Uncle Bob! You are such a flirt. I won't ever understand why you haven't gotten married. I bet the girls chased you for sure."

The girls had chased him, and still did now and then. But there had been two problems. First, what he had to offer wasn't much in his younger days. Second, once a woman got a look at what he wanted to use on her, most of them backed off. Even the ones who let him in them decided that too much of a good thing was ... well ... too much. Now that he was older and the ranch was doing well, he'd gotten used to being alone. There were a couple of women who went out with him now and again, mostly for the sex, because he was good in bed, but they didn't want the life of a ranch wife. The rest of the time he just beat off when he got horny. That was quick, easy and safe.

"I don't want them old cows," he drawled, still looking at her appreciatively. "I want me a young pretty filly like you. I do believe them's the prettiest titties I ever did see."

She kept her composure, but only barely. She knew he meant it, and that made her pussy wet. She hadn't had a wet pussy since she found that video tape in her brother's closet and watched a young girl getting her socks fucked off by an older man.

"Well, you can't have me," she pouted, hands on her hips. "I'm your niece, and that means no hanky panky." She grinned and jutted her breasts out at him, teasing him unmercifully.

"My head knows you're my niece," he said patting his head. "But my other head just sees a beautiful, sexy woman." His other hand grabbed his crotch. He saw her hesitate, unsure of how in-control things were. He decided not to uncover his crotch, which would reveal his bulging jeans. He used the hand on his head to grab hers and said, "But my stomach is yelling that it's time for lunch. Let's go!"

Mandy gasped as her uncle pulled her hand. The touch of his skin made her feel hot. He was so sexy when he teased her like that, it just took her breath away. And touching himself like that! Her knees felt wobbly.

He led her out of the barn and into the sunlight. He resisted staring at her half naked body, but snuck quick peeks, wanting to be able to remember it when he beat off during nap time. Bob took siestas, but called them 'nap time' for fun. They got to the house and she scampered off to her bedroom. He sighed, wishing he could see those fabulous breasts again sometime.

He got his wish as she reappeared, still topless. "Uncle Bob? There aren't any more of your shirts in my closet, and I like wearing them cause they're so nice and soft and cool. Have you got one in your room I can wear?" He told her to take her pick from his closet. She came out with one and he sighed again as she put it on, covering up her breasts. She tied it in the same way as the previous shirt, but did not button any of the buttons. The resulting view of the insides of her creamy breasts kept his prick hard all through lunch. She never asked him why he stuck his hands in the leg holes of her shorts that morning.

Bob made it through lunch, but the ache in his balls was beginning to build.

"Nap time," he announced. He didn't make Mandy take naps, of course, but she knew of his habit. She usually watched a movie on TV, or read a book or played solitaire or something in the cool of the big house. She sat down while her uncle went off to take his nap and picked up the book she had brought with her.

She was almost finished. In fact, she found she only had three more pages. The rest was all lists of characters and biographies and stuff she wasn't interested in. She needed another book. She remembered seeing one in her uncle's bedroom when she went to find another shirt. It was on his dresser. If he was already asleep she could just sneak in and get it without bothering him. She tiptoed up the hall to his room. the door was closed, but the handle turned in her hand silently. She pushed the door open a little and heard his raspy breath. Thinking he was snoring, she pushed the door open and walked in.

He wasn't snoring. He wasn’t even sleeping. He was beating his naked meat just as hard and fast as he could, his eyes screwed shut, visions of Mandy's perfect teen tits in his mind. He lay flat on his back on the big bed, and even though his hand was wrapped firmly around his boner, she could still see a lot of it. It looked huge! He wasn't circumcised, and his fleshy hood was whipping back and forth, covering and then uncovering the glans of his cock. She knew she should turn around and leave, but something right behind her belly button wanted her to stay and watch. She'd never seen a real live penis before, but it looked pretty much like the one on the video tape she'd watched, except longer. She knew from that tape that it would squirt white stuff out when he had his orgasm.

She wanted to see that.

She felt naughty, and she had no idea what she would do or say if he opened his eyes and saw her standing there. Since that might happen any minute, she decided to try to be less conspicuous. She slipped back out through the door, but peeked around the edge. She was none too soon.

Her uncle groaned and his hand flew faster as he moaned something. She leaned further into the room and plainly heard his voice. "Maaaaannnnndddddeeeeee," he moaned. Then it happened. His cock started spewing. But it wasn't like the video tape at all. On the video tapes the guy shot drops of stuff that went five or six inches and then landed, usually on the woman's stomach, or maybe her back. Then the man in the video rubbed the tip of his cock around while it oozed more white stuff.

But Uncle Bob's penis shot his stuff clear up in the air!

It went at least two feet up and it was a long, thick white ribbon! Then there was another one! That one didn't shoot quite as far, but it was still a stream, and not just some drops. She was amazed at how much there was. She knew enough about sex to know that when a man actually fucked a woman his penis would be inside her when that happened, and she couldn't believe that all that thick, sticky looking stuff could fit into a woman.

And, he had said her name!

He was thinking about her while he masturbated! She shivered. She'd known for a long time that he flirted with her, but this was different. That, plus the sight of a man's sperm, made her pussy clench in a little spasm that made her bend over. Her pussy spritzed a little wetness that she knew was soaking her panties.

She backed up and closed the door silently before he saw her.

As she stood in the hall she realized she was panting. She felt edgy, anxious, somehow unhappy and she didn't know why. She wanted to see him again, that was for sure. She found that stiff male thing he played with irresistible.

She knocked on his door and heard frantic movement inside. She smiled to herself. "Uncle Bob? Are you asleep yet? There's a book on your dresser I want to borrow."

She opened the door and walked right in, like there could be nothing wrong with doing that. There was a sheet over his lower body. His chest was, of course, bare. "Uh ... sure," he was still breathing hard and his face was flushed, his hair messed up.

The sheet over him was darkening where it was soaking up something on his stomach. She knew what that was, but didn't draw attention to it. "I saw it when I came to get the shirt." She picked up the book, looking at the front, then the back and pretending to read the synopsis. "Is it any good?"

Bob had recovered from the shock of her being at the door just after he finished his fantasy of filling her 16-year-old pussy full of his hot sperm. He'd snatched the sheet over his naked body as she walked in the door. But he hadn't had time to clean up. His eyes had been closed when he shot, so he didn't actually know where all that spooge had gone. He felt some of it on his abdomen, and glanced down to see a dark stain coming through the sheet. There wasn't anything he could do about it.

"Uh ... gee honey ... I'm not sure I've read it yet," he said, only half hearing her comments. She came over to the bed and stood right next to him, only two feet from his naked cock and held out the book. "This one," she said, standing there patiently. She looked down at the sheet, at the lump that was his penis, and at the stain that was his semen. He saw her look, but she didn't say anything.

"No, I haven't read that one yet," he croaked.

She said, "Okay," and, with a flip of her pony tail, she turned and walked out the door. He sagged into the bed.

Mandy was so excited she didn't know what to do. She had so much energy she wanted to run and jump and shout all at once. She'd never experienced this kind of feeling and had no idea that, in reality, she was just plain horny.

After siesta time, Bob got dressed and decided to work with the new Mustang who had been involved in the morning incident. He yelled to Mandy and heard her call back from outside. He looked and saw she had cleaned up a big pile of old boards and was pulling weeds from what had once been a flower garden. She had smudges of dirt on her face and arms. Her shirt was soaked with sweat and clung to her breasts like a second skin. He told her what they were going to do and she jumped up excitedly.

Widowmaker liked Mandy, and let her put a halter on him with no problem. Then they let him out and Bob walked him around the corral for a while Mandy sat on the fence and watched. He asked her if she wanted to try it and she jumped off the fence. He couldn't help but see her breasts bounce and wobble under her shirt and felt himself getting stiff again.

"Damn," he thought. "I have to quit looking at her or something. This is crazy!"

Mandy took the rope from her uncle and trotted around the enclosure happily. Bob got harder and harder as he watched her breasts. Finally he couldn't take it any more and told her to put him away. He supervised as she brushed Widowmaker down and he whickered, standing firm. Bob was amazed that a wild animal like this could be so taken with a young girl. But Widowmaker was a stallion, so maybe he thought she was cute too. Bob laughed at the thought of the horse getting a boner for the girl.

When they'd put Widowmaker back in his stall, Bob said he was going down to the creek to cool off in the swimming hole. Mandy chirped, "Good, I want to come too. I'm all hot and sweaty." Bob groaned. He'd planned on going down there and skinny dipping and jerking off again. "Uh, sweet cheeks, I'm gonna skinny dip. I don't have a real swimming suit," he said.

"That's okay," she said. "I'll skinny dip with you!"

"Sweetheart, you can't do that, we'll be naked," he said gruffly.

"So?" she said.

"I thought you didn't want me to see your sweet little titties," he said.

"Isn't that what skinny dipping means? What's the big deal?" she said. "You saw them this morning. What's the difference?"

"You sure didn't act like that this morning. You were mighty shy then," he smiled.

"Well, it wasn't so bad. And besides, it would feel really good to get cool in the creek."

He didn't know what to do, but the thought of seeing those lovely breasts again caused him to make a decision that would change their lives forever.

"Okay," he said. "But don't say I didn't warn you."

Now Mandy's energy level was enough to cause her to run down the path, stop and run back to where he was walking. She was jittery and talked like a motor mouth. When they got to the creek, however, she got more subdued at the thought of actually taking off all of her clothes in front of her handsome uncle. He, on the other hand, started taking off his clothing as if it were the natural thing to do. When he was naked except for his pants he turned to her.

"Mandy, honey, there's something you need to understand before we go swimming."

She looked at him, toying with the knot in her shirt. It was half undone and as he said that it came loose and hung. Now her skin was visible from neck to belly button.

"What?" she said.

"Well, when a man sees a good looking woman, there are changes that happen in his body," he started out. "He gets ... um ... he has ..."

"An erection?" she said, finishing his sentence. "Is that what you mean?"

He blushed. "Well, yes. He gets ... an erection. It's a normal thing, and if you should happen to see one ... I mean if I ... um..."

"Uncle Bob, do you have an erection?" she said, and at that precise moment she let the shirt slide off her back and down her arms to the ground. Once again she was topless.

Bob definitely had an erection.

"Uh, yes, Mandy, I do. But I don't want you to be afraid!" he said quickly.

"Uncle Bob!" she said. "I'd never be afraid of you. It just means you want to have sex with me, right?"

Bob looked around. What in the world was going on here? She was standing there, topless, her fingers on the button of his old bush shorts, asking him to confirm the fact that he wanted to fuck her brains out.

Those fingers twitched.

The shorts hit the ground like there was ten pounds of lead in them. Now all she was wearing were those powder blue high rise panties that had pulled up into the crease between her pussy lips.

"Uncle Bob?" she said.

He unfroze. She seemed to be taking this remarkably well. "Well, yes, I suppose there is one part of my brain ... a male part ... that sees you as a beautiful young woman and potential sexual partner, but you don't have to worry about that."

Her thumbs slipped into the waistband of those panties on each side and pressed downward on the high rise band. She bent over and suddenly the panties were at her knees, then her ankles, and then on the ground as one foot daintily stepped out of them, followed by the other.

"I told you I'm not afraid of you," she said, standing in front of him totally nude. "Now, are we going swimming or not?"

He was so rattled that it never occurred to him that she could have gone in the water without waiting for him to remove the rest of his clothing. But that's what she did. She put her hands on her hips and turned one foot outwards, standing hipshot like a horse, obviously waiting for him to join her.

"What the hell?" he said and dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear. His 42 year old boner stood straight and proud, pointing at the object of its desire. He at least got the satisfaction of seeing her eyes go round and a flush come to the skin above her breasts.

He took a step toward her and she broke like a scared rabbit. Every shred of the bravado she'd displayed fled and she screamed as she ran for the water. She tripped running in and bounded back up, jumping up and down, yelling and yipping until he thought she was hurt. He waded in behind her and was inundated with splashes from her frantic acrobatics.

"Mandy?" he said. She didn't seem to notice and he yelled "Mandy!"

She stopped and whirled, looking at him from only a foot away. Her eyes were wild, like the Mustang stallion's eyes had been when he first approached him. She stood frozen, trembling.

He lifted one hand. "Mandy, honey?" he said.

She made a sound low in her throat and threw herself at him. Her arms went around him in a bear hug and her body writhed against him. He couldn't believe the ferocity of her attack. But her nails were not raking, her fists were not beating. She seemed to be trying to envelope him with her arms and legs. He held her close to him, whispering soothing things into her ear as she struggled, not to get free, but to get closer to him somehow. His body reacted to her soft breasts pressing against his stomach, her soft pussy hair mashed against his thigh, where her legs were clamped.

His hands cupped her naked bottom and he pulled her upward. Her arms climbed him until they were around his neck and her face was under his chin. Now her breasts were pressed against his chest and his rigid penis was between her legs, pressed directly against her teenaged pussy.

She got quiet as suddenly as she had exploded into action.

"Mandy, honey, are you okay?" he said into her ear, holding her tight.

"I saw you today," she moaned, wiggling against him in a completely erotic manner.

"Mandy?" he was really concerned now. She was acting very strangely.

"I saw you in your bed today," she said into his neck.

He didn't understand at first, until he remembered her coming to get the book during siesta. "When you got the book?"

She shuddered and held him tighter. "Before that."

He went pale. "You mean when I was ...?"

"When you said my name," she sighed, her breath hot against his neck.

He thought about what he should do, what he should say. He came up blank. "Mandy ... I ..."

Finally her face lifted and she looked at him. She was crying and tears were streaming down her face. "It made me feel ... I don't know ... crazy!" she said.

He loosened his grip on her, letting her go, but she held him tight. "I feel that way now Uncle Bob. Like I'm going to fly apart. Like I'm going to explode or something. I don't know what to do Uncle Bob. What's wrong with meeeeee?" she wailed.

Finally he understood what was happening to her. She had hormones running through her blood like fire leaping from tree to tree in a forest fire. She was in heat, like a wild mare who had smelled the stallion.

He didn't think about right and wrong. He just thought about the cure for what ailed her.

He kissed her.

It was a lip-bruising kiss, that had every bit of passion he could communicate through his lips and tongue. She melted into him, going limp as if she'd passed out. He walked with her as the kiss deepened, carrying her out of the water to the soft grass that grew on the bank. It was deep and cool and formed their bed.

Never breaking the kiss he lay her down and his hands roamed over her body, caressing, stroking, tweaking, squeezing. He touched her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. Then he stroked her belly and rustled her pubic hair before sliding his whole hand between her legs, pressing as her hips jerked spasmodically.

Her legs opened and he rubbed her, first hard, and then with a feather touch. He let one finger skim between her labia and her hips jerked again. When his finger entered her body her tongue entered his mouth.

No words were spoken. None were needed.

He climbed between her legs and she opened them for him, knowing what to do, though never having done it before. He didn't ask, or wait. He simply slotted his prick in her pussy and pushed. Her groans and writhing hips communicated discomfort, but her nails in his butt cheeks pulled him ever deeper. He slid into her like a hot knife in warm butter, because she was super lubricated.

When he hit bottom he pulled his lips away from hers and let her breathe. She took in great shuddering gasps of air as her hips began to move, jerking, wiggling, sometimes trying to get away from the thing skewering her, and sometimes trying to climb further up on it.

She began a low voiced chant. "Uncle Bob ... Uncle Bob ... Uncle Bob ... Uncle Bob ... Unclebob, Unclebob, Unclebob!!" She wailed his name as her untried pussy spasmed around his cock and she fell screaming into her first orgasm as a woman.

Bob was swallowed by that hurricane of emotion and reaction and his cock played its part. He didn't think about it, just reacted, jetting his seed into her depths in long almost painful contractions of his cock and balls. Over and over his penis poured forth his offering of love and her pussy drank every drop, thirsting for more.

He collapsed, pinning her to the ground, so drained he could do nothing more than plant his elbows beside her ribs so she could still breathe. The weight of his thighs on hers kept his prick embedded in her as it oozed it's last drips in her.

When he could summon the energy he gave a convulsive flex of his muscles and rolled sideways. His cock, almost glued to her pussy walls by their combined jellies, pulled free with a sticky plop and he landed on his back beside her, too weak to move again.

She lay just as limply, legs still open, arms at her sides, eyes glazed and staring. Her well-fucked pussy still flexed occasionally, forcing big globs of creamy cum out of her vagina.

They both just breathed.

Eventually her hand lifted and sought his body. She touched him and her head rolled toward him. He was almost afraid to look her in the eyes. Hadn't he told her she had nothing to fear from him? And now he had violated that trust. But he forced himself to look at her. What he saw brought him wonder. There was gratitude, and love, and a tired laughter somehow.

She licked her lips, preparing to speak.

What would she say?

Would she curse him?

He didn't think so, but ...

"How long," she whispered. "Until we can do that again?"

The End