Megan Makes Her Move

by Lubrican

Bob Randolph turned the corner of the equipment shed and went toward the open double doors. He was looking for his niece Megan and he suspected she was working on that old Mustang again. As he got to the open doors he was greeted by the sight of a well filled pair of thin and worn cutoff jeans shorts. There were two nice looking tanned legs hanging from the shorts with feet that dangled a few inches from the ground. Head and shoulders were hidden in the engine compartment. He stopped to admire the sight. She sure was growing up!

Bob remembered the day ten years ago when he'd gotten the horrible news that his brother and sister-in-law had been killed in an avalanche. According to their will, their only child, a six year old daughter, was to be raised by him.

It had been rough at first. He'd never married, had never had time even to date really, what with his dream of raising horses. He'd been well on his way to having things the way he dreamed of them when he inherited the little girl.

He hadn't thought it would work. It was a rough life, far away from anywhere, and she was so small and helpless. At first she had been terrified of the big gruff man who now took care of her. For the first week she couldn’t sleep, wouldn't eat and it looked like she was just going to curl up and die. It hurt him to see her suffering. Nights were the worst, when she cried endlessly in her big empty bedroom. Finally, one night, he'd gone in there and, with her kicking and screaming, he'd dragged her back to his room and put her in his bed, holding her until she was too weak to struggle any more. She'd finally fallen into an exhausted sleep, cradled in his arms.

The next morning he let her sleep, afraid to move with her lying on top of his arm. Then, while he was staring at her innocent young face, her big blue eyes opened and she stared at him. He stared back and said, "You're going to be okay, Megan. Everything's going to be okay." She ate breakfast that morning, and when he said he had to do some work she followed him like a lost puppy. That night he took her to the bathroom and filled the old claw foot tub with hot water. Handing her the soap he left, only to return and find her still standing where he'd left her. Finally he'd stripped her and bathed her, bundling her in an old shirt of his. He went to get her some hot chocolate before bed and, when he went to looking for her, found her in his bed.

Thus had started a ritual that had lasted to this very day. She insisted that they bathe together, and she always slept in his bed.

It had been innocent in the beginning years. It wasn't too hard to bathe a preteen without it becoming sexual, though she sure liked to have the area between her legs washed. He'd always just used his hands. Washcloths were for sissies when he was growing up. But as she entered puberty and began to have periods, his thoughts about her had changed a little. She saw animals mating on the ranch, and went to school, so he knew that she had knowledge of things sexual, but the way she acted around him suggested that she never ever thought of sex in any way shape or form, except to insist that he washed her better than she could, and that therefore he had to keep washing her, even though he insisted she was getting too big for her Uncle to bathe her.

And when he suggested that they fix up the old bedroom, repaint it, get new furniture, "You know, so you can have your own space", she gave him a hooded stare and wouldn't talk to him for three days. He tried one more time when she turned fifteen, saying that Uncles and Nieces just didn't sleep together these days.

Again, she'd turned that stare filled with thunder and lightning on him and said, "Well, we do."

Other than having improper thoughts about the beautiful young woman whose naked body he stroked every bath night, and who slept next to him dressed in panties and a T shirt (unless it was hot and then it was just panties), he couldn't have been more pleased to have her around. She was loving and smart. She picked up mechanics with ease and had a way with the horses that was almost magical. Even the most contrary stallion stood still as she sang to him and slowly approached to slip a halter over his ears. The Mares acted like she was one of their sisters. The foals butted her like they were looking for a teat to suck on and then ran off frisking and playing with her. She could operate any piece of equipment they had as well as he could. He taught her to shoot, and she had a knack for sniffing out coyotes that menaced the horses. He eventually gave her his old Winchester to carry with her wherever she went, because she was a better shot with it than he was. She drove flawlessly at thirteen, so well that the Sheriff never seemed to notice her as she drove into town for supplies by herself. He was making money now, lots of it actually, and had saved enough that she could go to any college she wanted to.

In short, life was great.

The only drawback was that his niece gave him raging boners on a regular basis.

He smiled at her shapely ass. She'd found the '67 Fastback Mustang in old Mr. Peterson's barn one day when they'd gone over to his place to deliver some hay, and talked the old man out of the car. It had been his son's, and the boy died in Viet Nam. As such the car was practically new, except that it had sat in a barn for thirty years, with all the rubber parts disintegrating and all the seals shrinking. It needed a complete bumper to bumper rebuild. She had done everything on the car except the motor, and that was what she was working on now. She hadn't gotten her driver's license yet, and her goal was to drive that car to take the test in.

He slapped her on her pretty ass. "Hey princess, don't you have chores to do?"

She wiggled her butt at him and her voice came from under the hood. "You know my chores are done you old goat." She liked to call him an old goat, or say he was over the hill and other things like that. She grinned every time she said those things because he was anything but any of them. At 36 he was in great shape. Maybe not as buff as he'd been ten years ago, but still he was lean and strong, tanned dark by being in the sun a lot. He still had all his hair and it was all still dark brown.

She wiggled down off the radiator and stood up. There was a smear of grease on her cheek and her hands were black. But that wasn't what Bob was looking at. She had on a halter top, tied between her breasts. It was an old one. She didn't seem to have a yen for fancy clothes like some of her friends did. She wore things until they couldn't be worn any more and then, often as not, picked up something of her Uncles and made that her own. She didn't wear bras, though she needed to. She had large, firm breasts that filled her clothing in a very noticeable way. Every time he tried to take her bra shopping she resisted, saying they were uncomfortable, and pinched. She did allow him to buy her a sports bra to ride horses in. When she rode her breasts flopped around in an alarming manner until she started wearing that bra.

The halter top she was wearing was thin ... thin enough that her nipples showed through visibly. And her cleavage was magnificent. Her flat belly below the top just accented her voluptuous melons and made an ache grow in Bob's balls.

"What are you doing?" she asked him.

"Well, until a few minutes ago I was looking for you," he said.

"Ha ha," she said, enunciating each word. "Is it lunchtime already? Did I lose track of the time again?"

"No, it's time for us to head to town. We have some shopping to do."

"Oh really!" she said. "Give me ten minutes."

"I'll be in the truck," he yelled at her retreating form. "And put on a different top!" She just waved one hand in reply.

She dashed off and, true to form, was back at the truck in ten minutes. And she had changed into a short-sleeved western shirt that was tied under her breasts. She was hot looking with her blond pony tail and jutting breasts, and Bob sighed as he felt the familiar stirring in his groin.

"What are we shopping for?" she asked as he drove off.

"Your cousin Gretchen is getting married, and we're invited to the wedding," he said as he negotiated the rutted track that led to the road.

"So we're getting them a wedding present?" she said, bouncing in the seat beside him.

"No, we're getting you something to wear to a wedding," he said.

"Uncle Bob!, I already have a brand new pair of jeans and a fancy pearl buttoned shirt," she said, looking at him.

"We're getting you a dress pumpkin," he said, steeling himself for the storm he knew she'd raise. She hated dresses. She'd managed to ruin every single dress he'd ever gotten her, and in short order. They always got torn, or so dirty they couldn't be cleaned or something that meant she "couldn't" wear them any more. So he expected her to complain.

He was wrong. She just looked at him and said, "Oh, okay."

He took her all the way to Centerville, forty miles away, because they had a small mall there. By the time they got there her eyes were shining and she was excited. She didn't get to see the city often. She took his hand over and over again in the mall, dragging him this way, or that way, pointing at things, asking questions, making fun of things she thought were stupid or frivolous.

There was a shop Bob had heard about that might have something pretty in a dress and a sign said it was right around the corner. "The place we're looking for should be right around the corner," he said. They turned the corner and hit a dead end, with only one shop in view. It was named "The Sweetie Shoppe". They stopped outside, both of them staring at the display window.

The Sweetie Shoppe did sell dresses, but most of the front window was filled with lingerie of the kind that was intended to be worn for only extremely short periods of time and then ripped off in a frenzy by some horny male. Megan looked at her Uncle with one eyebrow arched. He swallowed and she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the store.

Julia Swallow, a name she had grown to love after a childhood in which she hated it with a passion, saw the couple come in the front door of her shop.

Ranchers. The clothing was a dead giveaway. The girl was beautiful, though, in that timeless way that truly gorgeous females have been for millennia. Good cheekbones, fabulous breasts, if there wasn't Kleenex stuffed in her bra, long thin legs. She could model easily. Rough hands - rancher's hands - but that could be dealt with.

The man ... she looked at the man harder. What a hunk! These rancher types were often good looking in a rugged sort of way, but usually they were either married, or ignorant, or brutes. This one looked different. For one thing he was actually embarrassed to be in the shop. His daughter was pulling on his hand like she was trying to lead a recalcitrant horse to water. Most men ogled everything and everyone in the store and their pants got tight. Her eyes dropped to the front of his jeans. There was a bulge there, an impressive bulge, and in jeans too! She wanted to know more.

"Hi!" she said brightly to the pair. "My name is Julia, welcome to the Sweetie Shoppe. What can I get for you and your husband?" she addressed Megan directly, ignoring the man for all intents and purposes.

The girl stopped short and shot a look at Julia like "What, are you crazy?"

Then she looked Julia over, like she was some sort of animal the girl might consider buying ... or riding.

"This is my Uncle," said the girl in a voice that melted Julia. Julia preferred a nice long hard prick in her pussy, but if the right girl came along she liked to play with them too.

Julia shook her head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. It's just that you two don't look all that far apart in age and these days ..." she let it hang.

The girl thawed a little. "You mean this old geezer?" she laughed, a tinkling laugh. It was clear she liked the man a lot, and that she wasn't being mean.

Her Uncle shook his head and came back to earth from wherever he'd been.

Wherever it was, there was a girl dressed in something he'd just seen, and it showed in his pants. He wasn't overt about it though, and she liked that.

After all, men were her best customers.

Julia tried again. "Oh, I don't know, he can't be more than ... say ... thirty-two, and you have to be at least twenty-one or twenty-two, and that's not such a huge gap in ages." She smiled, actually wanting to be friends with the girl.

The girl arched a perfect eyebrow. "You're gonna make a lot of money today lady!" Then she laughed again and went off to look at things in the store, leaving her Uncle standing there, shifting from foot to foot.

"Could I get you something? Coffee? Mr. ..." said Julia to the man with all that money the girl had just mentioned.

"Oh!" he jumped. "Bob ... Bob Randolph, of the Bar-Q-Doubled. Pleased to meet you ... "

"Julia" she said with a smile. My my. He was polite too! "And should I get a cup for Mrs. Randolph too? Will she be joining you?"

Bob had been looking around, probably looking for the girl, and his head jerked back toward her. "There is no Mrs. Randolph," he said. Then his head swiveled again. He seemed relieved to see the girl and his head turned back to her again. "Uh ... her cousin is getting married," he said.

"How nice" said Julia, being patient. This guy was obviously uncomfortable in the midst of feminine bedroom-wear, and wasn't married. Had she found a gem among the dust and coal of this county?

His head jerked again. "Um .. what I mean is ... she doesn't have anything to wear. To the wedding. She's not very 'girly' and I've never been able to get her in a dress. She needs a dress." He finished, stuttering a little.

"Well, Mr. Bar-Q-Doubled" she grinned. "You have come to the right place. You let Julia have your niece for a while and we'll get her all fixed up. What did you say her name was again?"

"Megan," he answered. "And thank you ma'am. I'm not used to this sort of thing."

He actually blushed a little! She was enchanted. "Okay, Bob, why don't you go around the corner to Sears. They have all kinds of stuff I'm sure you'd feel comfortable being around, and I'll take good care of Megan. Give us half an hour, okay?"

He almost bowed to her as he ducked his head. She got a look at his left hand ring finger. Despite his answer, she was sure this one had to have been married at one time. No dent. He hadn't worn a ring for a long long time.

Julia went over to Megan, who was looking at lace teddies that should have weighed about twenty pounds based on the prices, but which probably only weighed ten ounces. She was staring at a set made of dark blue satin, with cream lace panels in it that held things, but didn't hide them. "Megan?" said Julia.

Megan turned. The woman was there, but her Uncle was nowhere to be seen. She wasn't sure she liked the woman. There was something about her that made Megan's hackles rise a little.

"Where's Uncle Bob?" she asked.

Julia waved a hand toward the front of the store. "Oh, he said there was something he wanted to look for at Sears or something. I told him to be back in half an hour. Now. He said you needed a dress. I need to ask you some questions Megan. When a woman buys a dress, it can be for several reasons, and can be used in several situations if the right dress is involved. Let's look at it like it's a tool. You need the right tool for the right job, right?"

Megan cocked her head. She'd never met a sales person quite like Julia. This woman wasn't just trying to sell her a dress. They began talking.

Forty-five minutes later Bob wandered back into the Sweetie Shoppe to find Megan, with an armful of shopping bags, talking animatedly to Julia, who had a big smile on her face.

His rancher's savvy kicked in. "I see by the smile on your face ... Julia ..." he was obviously proud to have remembered her name, "that this is going to hurt." He looked pointedly at the bags cradled in Megan's arms. "All that just to go to a wedding?"

Megan smiled a smile he'd never seen on her face before. It looked .. predatory somehow. "Why, Uncle Bob, I only have the essentials here. I did get a few extra things, but they're all things I've been needing. I even got a bra!" she giggled. "Two of them in fact!"

Bob darted a glance at Julia. He was a little embarrassed to be talking about underwear in front of a total stranger. She just smiled widely at him and said, "I made a few suggestions, but I think they all made sense."

Megan nodded. "Really, Uncle Bob, I'm sure you'll agree this is all necessary once you get used to the idea."

Bob nodded, and didn't even flinch when Julia handed him the bill. In with it was her card. At the bottom it said, "I'll be in touch" whatever that meant.

He wrote a check and, with Megan happily bounding along beside him, they left.

They stopped for ice cream and dinner at the truck stop before finally getting home at dusk. They had a few evening chores to take care of and Megan announced it was bath night. "I want to try the dress on for you, and I want to be nice and clean when I do," she said. Bob looked at her. This wasn't the Megan he was used to. He'd assumed he wouldn't see the dress until the wedding and then he'd have to fight to get her in it.

When he got to the bathroom she was already there ... already naked. The same beautiful ass he'd viewed encased in jeans shorts that afternoon was now gloriously naked in front of him as she bent over the tub adjusting the water temperature. Her feet were a little bit apart and her pussy lips were peeking out at him from beneath her light blond bush. He felt his cock stiffen, and the ache in his balls was back.

"Sweetie, you've got to learn to take a bath by yourself" he said. "You're getting too old for this."

She stood up and turned to face him. Her upturned breasts were exquisite, with their pink nipples that looked up and to the sides slightly. Her flat belly just caused one's eyes to naturally slide down to look at her bush. She was gorgeous.

"No," she said. "I'm not." Then she stepped into the tub and stood there, hands on hips.

"I'm ready to be washed now, Uncle Bob." She stood there waiting.

Bob was helpless. He had, as Julia suspected, been imagining a girl dressed in some of the things she sold. That girl had been his niece Megan. Now she was here, naked, waiting for him to run his hands all over her body, including the area between her legs. He'd done it hundreds of times before, but this time it was different. His cock was hardening rapidly and he knelt, not to begin bathing her, but to hide it from her. She knelt with him.

"My back first please," she said and handed him the soap. She began chatting idly with him as his rough hands moved to her back and rubbed all over it. Or at least she tried to chat with him. He wasn't able to concentrate very well. She automatically went to all fours and stuck her butt in the air as his hands slipped over her buttocks and onto her thighs and calves. Then she sat back on her heels and half turned her body toward him, letting her head fall back as his soapy hands glided across her chest, breasts and belly.

"Mmmmmmm," she said. "I really like this" she sighed.

"Well you shouldn't," groused Bob, his hand getting all soaped up and ready to slide between her legs. "It just isn't right for a man my age to be doing this to a girl your age. If people knew they'd probably arrest me." His hand stopped on her abdomen, just above her short blond curls.

Very slowly her head came back level and turned to look at him. Her eyes were so blue, he was lost in them every time he looked at her this closely.

"Well, then, we'll just have to make sure no one finds out about it." Her hand came to his wrist and forced it down.

Bob was on the edge. His cock was leaking in his pants. He tried to keep his fingers stiff as they slid across her pussy lips and she spread her knees. He heard her knees bounce off the sides of the tub, but he was still staring into those beautiful blue eyes.

She licked her lips. "Uncle Bob," she said, her eyes going out of focus.

"Hmmmm?" he said, watching her face.

"Does doing this ever make you think of sex?"

"What?" he croaked.

"You know," her eyes focused on his again. "Between a man and a woman?"

Bob knew the right answer. "No! Of course not! I... I ... I mean ... you're ... my niece!"

Her eyes went out of focus as his fingers slid across her sex. she let out a big long sigh. "It makes me think of sex."

He was gasping now, not knowing what to do. "But ... but ... but..."

"It's made me think of sex ever since I was twelve," she said in that far-away voice.

"But ... but ... but ... honey ... are you sure ... I mean that's what I meant about a man my age doing this to a girl your age. It's not a good idea. I mean I'm not sure it's a good thing for you to think about ..."

"Sex?" her eyes focused on him. His hand was still between her legs, forgotten by him as he rubbed her pussy more out of habit than anything else. "Isn't it normal for a girl my age to think about that?"

Bob gulped. Of course it was. "Well .. yes .. I suppose it is. But not while her Uncle is giving her a bath!"

She closed her thighs, trapping his hand between them. "I suppose not," she said. Then she kissed him on the cheek and stood up, pushing her hand against his to keep it trapped , pressing against her sex. He pulled it clear only because it was still soap covered, as she said "Okay, I'm all clean. Can you hand me a towel?" Bob fled as soon as he handed her the towel that was covering up his erection.

He didn't know what to do. He masturbated occasionally, but when he began imagining Megan's face and body during his beat off sessions, some years ago, he'd stopped doing that. He got a beer and sat down in front of the TV. He turned to a 24 hour news channel. The news was bad enough that it got his mind off of Megan.

He heard her clear her throat twice before it was clear she was trying to get his attention. He swiveled his head and his jaw dropped. She was wearing a dress. She had taken her hair out of the pony tail it was almost always in, and done something to it to make it go in long waves of shiny gold. And she was wearing makeup, though he'd have sworn she didn't own any. The dress was a semi-formal type, showing quite a bit of cleavage, though it dropped almost to her ankles. It hung on her breasts like they were the only thing holding it up. She twirled and he saw that there was very little back to the thing. Her back was bare to the dimple of her spine just above where her butt cheeks joined. There was a thin spaghetti strap thing that went from one shoulder to the other, across the back, and he would have sworn that that was all that was holding that dress on her body. Besides her breasts, that is. There were no sleeves. Most of her upper torso was bare, and as she moved he could actually see the sides of her breasts.

"I thought you said you bought a bra," he said, inanely. She looked even better this way than she did naked. Well, maybe not, but his erection was back and at full force.

"I did, but not to go with this outfit, silly." she dimpled at him. "Well? What's the matter? Am I horribly ugly? say something."

Bob sighed. He was a goner and he knew it. He would just have to sit down with her and explain that she couldn't stay with him any more. He couldn't take it. She was luscious, she was gorgeous, she was every superlative of femininity he could think of. And he wanted her to have his babies. She'd just have to move in with somebody else. He was a beaten man.

"No" he said softly. "You're not ugly." He sat there while she waited. "You're beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. The dress is nice too, but I'm not sure you can wear it to the wedding."

Her face fell. "But Uncle Bob, why not!?"

"Because, dear, the groom will watch you all day instead of his bride." He went on. "Every man in the place will watch you instead of the woman he is with. You'll start a riot. People will sue me. The police will get involved!!" Tears started running down his face.

Megan stared at her Uncle. She was very concerned. He was acting so strangely. He'd always looked at her body. She was used to that and she liked it. She loved the feel of his hands on her. But he was crying! She ran to him and took his face in her hands. "Uncle Bob? What's wrong ... Uncle Bob ... talk to me ... what's the matter?"

"I love you," he sobbed.

"Of course you love me silly, but what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"No, you don't understand!" he sobbed, his shoulders shaking. "I love you. I'm in love with you. I want to do ... things with you! Things an uncle isn't supposed to do with his niece!"

He sobbed and she held him. Every time he tried to say something else she shushed him. The fact that his tears were staining her dress didn't seem to matter.

After ten or so minutes he sat up slowly. She looked at him with concern in her eyes, those big blue eyes. Then, as if he hadn't just confessed perverted desires, she said, "I think Julia likes you."

"Julia?" he asked dumbly.

"You know, from the place where we got my dress. I think she likes you. I told her you were never married. She seemed very interested in you."

"Julia," he said.

"Yes, Uncle Bob. When I realized she liked you and wanted to ... date you or something like that ... I got jealous."

"Jealous?" Bob was, at that point, the king of one word responses.

She sighed, and the cleavage she was showing deepened wonderfully. "Yeah. I guess I've had you all to myself all these years, and I kind of got used to being your special girl." She looked in his eyes. Hers were so blue. "So I picked a dress that I thought might ... " Now she blushed a little, "might make you notice me."

"Notice you," he said mechanically. At least he'd added another word.

"You know ... as a ... woman." Now she looked down. "I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"You wanted me to notice you as a woman," Bob said flatly. "You silly girl, I've noticed you as a woman for five years! You can't bathe a beautiful young woman and run your hands all over her body without noticing she's a woman!" He was growling now.

"But you said it doesn't make you think about sex!" she accused.

"I lied to you ... you ... you ... You're my niece! A man isn't supposed to think about fucking his own niece! And he's for sure not supposed to tell her he's thinking about it"

Oh Boy, now he'd done it. He'd gone and used the "F" word.

He stopped talking as her face lit up in a radiant smile. She stood up. She pointed one long slim finger at his face. "You stay right there. Don't you move a muscle. I'll be right back."

Picking up the bottom of her dress she skipped out of the room.

Bob leaned back against the couch, trying to regulate his breathing. She was probably calling the Sheriff. That was it. She wanted the ranch for herself, and if he was in prison she could stay there and run it.

"Uncle Bob? Are you still there?" she called from the bedroom. "Don't go anywhere."

He stared dully at the doorway she'd disappeared into. Maybe she'd bring back the Winchester and just put him out of his misery.

She appeared in the doorway. His heart almost stopped. She had on a teddy.

It was maroon silk that went with her hair. The bra had sheer black lace panels in it that held her breasts. The lace did nothing whatsoever to hide her breasts. He could see them clearly. The panties were a match except there was only a strip of the black lace attached to a band of the maroon silk that had been rolled into a string that went around her waist. The lace cupped her pussy lips and pubic hair and rather than hiding them, made them obvious. The jacket might as well have not been there.

"Julia said that she would choose this one to wear with you," she said, her voice low ... sexy. "I didn't want you to see her in it. I was jealous." She began walking toward him, her hips rising and falling like those of a stalking tiger.

His eyes were riveted to her pussy. Except when they were riveted on her bobbing breasts.

She came and bent over, her hands moving his knees apart so she could stand between them. Her breasts hung, encased in black lace, in front of his face. He felt her hands at his shirt buttons, and then her hands were roaming across his hairy chest.

"I've slept beside you for ten years. You've given me everything I ever needed. You are my man. I don't know what you are supposed to want to do or not. I don't care what other people think. I love you too. I'm in love with you too. And there's something I need Uncle Bob, something I want only you to give me."

She kissed his dazed lips, and then licked them. "It's bedtime Uncle Bob. Take me to bed."

Bob was reacting out of impulse, his fragmented brain unable to make a coherent plan. On impulse he said, "I can't take you to bed. I don't have a condom."

She shattered his composure by saying, "I don't care. We don't need condoms. I'm a virgin and you don't have any diseases."

He stammered "You k..n..n..know what I mean. We can't. You could get pregnant."

She stared into his eyes with those baby blues. "Oh, I'm aware of that."

She took his hand. She pulled and he stood up. She pulled again, leading him gently toward the bedroom. His eyes were wild, darting everywhere. He had to get away. He wanted to resist. But there was something in her eyes, in her voice as she hummed a tuneless little melody, in her touch.

He found himself in his bedroom, not remembering the trip. Then he found himself naked, not knowing how his clothes came off. She was all around him and he could feel the cloth of her wispy jacket brushing up against his skin. He felt the chill of his penis being bared as his shorts were pulled down and heard her delighted gasp as she found out what he had in common with his stallions. He jerked and felt himself falling, landing on the bed. His view of reality was fractured and he thought me might be going mad.

She was on top of him now.

The outfit was gone.

She was naked.

He was on his back. She was sitting on his thighs. His rampant prick was lying on his stomach, primed, loaded, ready for bear.

And the bear was between her legs.

Her hands were on his shoulders as she bent over him, her long hair hanging down, almost touching his face. He could see her perfect, naked breasts, just a hand span above his mouth. He licked his lips. His attention was fragmented when she whispered, "Uncle Bob ... have you ever ... fucked a woman?"

He gulped. "Yes ... several times."

"Then you know how to please a woman?"

He groaned. "Yessss."

"Please me," she ordered.

She kissed him, and her hair tickled his face. His hands came up. He should push her away. He should push her off. His hands cupped her fabulous breasts. His brain thought soothingly to him, "She knows what she's doing. She might be young, but she's very serious about this. You must give her what she wants."

"If I do ..." he said, pushing her up, his hands on her breasts. "If I do, you'll never be able to leave. I can't marry you by law. If you get pregnant you'll be a single mother and stuck here. It's a big world out there Megan, honey, listen to me. Don't you want to see the world? Meet boys your own age? Raise a family?"

She kissed him again. "Yes," she said. Her hand went to his cock and she grasped it. He trembled at the touch of her cool fingers around it, lifting it, squeezing it, feeling it. Bending it. She raised her ass off his legs and she bent his cock some more. He felt the tip nose into wet heat.

"I don't want a husband," she said as she let her weight down slowly on his cock. She grimaced as his cock filled her virgin channel. She had to work at it, moving this way and that. She wanted him in her badly enough that she didn't mind the work it took to sheathe him in her pussy. Finally she was all the way down and she sat still.

Her hands came back to his shoulders again as she rested, panting. "I don't want to leave here," she said.

She bent down and kissed him again. "Boys my age don't interest me".

She lifted her pussy halfway off and then let her weight down on it again, moaning. "I've got plenty of time to see the world."

She slid backward and then forward again, causing his cock dig into her pussy delightfully. "I do want to raise a family."

She began to fuck him in earnest. "And I don't think being stuck here is such a bad thing ... especially if I'm stuck on this." Her pussy squeezed his cock as she pounded down on him.

"Oh baby" he groaned. "I'll never be able to give you another bath."

"Why not?" she panted.

"Cause every time I see you naked from now on I'm going to want to do this," he moaned.

"I think I'm going to throw out every piece of clothing I have," she gasped.

He laughed, and suddenly everything was okay. She was a big girl, and he hadn't forced her. He could still pull out ... maybe ... he wasn't too sure he had the willpower to do that, but he could concentrate on that when it was time. And it was going to be time very soon.

"At least let me pull out," he groaned.

She stopped suddenly. Her pussy began to ... move ... writhe somehow. She was sitting stock still, but he felt things happening inside of her. Her pussy was ... milking him.

She leaned close again. "Julia is going to call you, Uncle Bob. She's going to come see you, and she's going to try to get you to do this with her. If you cum in her before you cum in me I'll burn down the barn. Is that clear?"

He let go. He quit trying to do the accepted thing. His balls belched, his cock swelled, his semen raced through his cock and gushed into his niece. Three, four, five thick spurts spat into her nubile pussy as that pussy rippled and begged for his seed. She felt the heat of his discharge and her smile was radiant.

"Mmmmm. Thank you Uncle Bob," she crooned.

She dangled a nipple in front of his face and he took the bait. The rippling of her pussy turned into a full fledged orgasm as he sucked and nibbled at the breasts that would feed their child.

Finally she lay down on his chest, keeping him in her.

"You have pleased me," she murmured.

Later that night he pleased her again. And again in the morning. And again in the barn later that day.

Three weeks later she borrowed the truck and went to town. When she came back she had a long box, wrapped up in brown paper. He opened it and found a brand new Marlin .30-.30 lever action with a scope mounted on it. When he looked at her with raised eyebrows she said. "You gave me your gun. I figured I'd better replace it. You killed the rabbit, so now you can try for a few of those wild dogs."

It hit him like a ton of bricks. She was pregnant! He whooped and hugged her fiercely while she grinned.

"I saw Julia in town," she said. He held her back from him and she went on. "I told her she's allowed to date you now." Dhe smiled. "As long as she's willing to share."

He frowned and she laughed.

"She said if you could knock me up that fast she's willing to share you a lot."

The End