Uncle Bob's New Camera

by Lubrican


Bob sat at the kitchen table and eagerly tore the box open, hauling out what was inside. He looked at his new digital camera and smiled. At last he had a good piece of equipment. He had the knowledge and skill to do professional work, and now he had the equipment to do it too. The only thing he needed now was some customers. He'd been pitched by an internet company to supply photographs that could be used for web sites. Porn web sites. But it was a small town and if he started selling pictures to porn sites the word would eventually get around. Unless he was very discreet.

There was a waitress down at the Dive Inn who might be willing to shed her clothes for him. She'd been flirting with him for years. And there was that girl that worked nights at the local Motel Seven. He'd gone to High School with her and gotten in her panties one time when she'd been mad at her boyfriend. She was recently divorced from the same guy.

He'd made a list of seven or eight possibilities when he heard the front door open and close. He looked up and smiled as his niece Teri came gliding into the kitchen.

He smiled for several reasons. First of all she was his favorite niece, one of four who lived in Centerville. She was his sister's oldest, having just gotten her driver's license. Her little sister, a year younger, was Paulette. He actually loved them both, and they both knew that whichever one was in front of him was his "favorite". He loved hugging them, feeling their ripe young bodies pressed against him. Another reason he smiled was that Teri was a babe. She had short blond hair that fell straight to the sides of her jaws. A long neck sat on a body to kill for, with large soft looking breasts, a thin waist and hips that were just made for supporting a pregnant belly. Her long tanned legs completed the package.

She was a frequent visitor to her Uncle Bob's house, and as she drawled a "Hi Uncle Bob" she waltzed by him and opened the refrigerator, pulling out a carton of orange juice. She poured a glass, drank half of it, and then draped her arms over her Uncle from the back in a hello hug. That crushed her fabulous soft titties into his shoulder blades.

"Whatcha got there?" she said.

"That, my little princess, is a Fugiama XM 7000" he announced proudly. "It is perhaps the finest digital full sized SLR camera on the market today."

"Neat" she breathed in his ear. "You gonna take my picture?"

Instantly a vision of his beautiful niece popped into Bob's head. She was naked, posing for him, her breasts straining, nipples extended, legs open, arms out, beckoning him to come to her, to love her, to remove the hassle of her virginity. He was flashing picture after picture of her in his impromptu dream.

"Maybe" he said, coming back to reality. "Has anybody taken your Senior pictures yet?"

"No, could you actually do that?" she said breathlessly.

"Sure sweets. No problem. We'll make an appointment, OK?" Bob turned around and looked at his beautiful niece. "So, what's up pumpkin? You here for anything in particular, or just hanging out?"

Teri's face fell. "Well ... actually ... I was sort of hoping that maybe you would hire me for something. I need to make some money pretty quick."

"Hire you for something," he said. His business wasn't really off the ground yet. He'd done some photography for local politicians for their literature and had shot a few commercials for the newspaper, but that was all. He still had to go to work four days a week at the factory in town. She knew that, and he was curious about what she had in mind.

"Yeah, you know, yard work, or house cleaning, or something like that," she said.

"Why do you need the money?" he asked.

"Mom's birthday is in a week, and there's this really neat thing I want to get her, but it costs over a hundred dollars and all I have is about thirty bucks."

Bob was interested. "What's the present?"

Teri blushed bright pink. "I can't tell you Uncle Bob! It's ... it's ... personal. It's woman stuff." she finally finished.

"Who are you trying to kid?" he said smiling at the luscious teen. "We've always been able to talk about anything. What's so secret about this?"

Teri was still blushing, but she was looking at him instead of at the floor. "Well, yeah, but ... OK, it's this outfit I saw down at ... the mall."

"The mall," he said flatly. "Penney's? Sears? Underwear? What kind of underwear costs over a hundred bucks?"

"Not Penney's or Sears" she said. "But you guessed right on the underwear part. Sort of. I don't think any woman would actually wear this under something else."

It hit him then. "Christy's Toy Box!" he said. You want to get your mother a sex-kitten outfit from Christy's?"

"Sex-kitten?" said his confused niece.

"You know, one of those slutty kinds of things that shows off a woman's tits ... I mean her charms." he blushed himself, using that word in front of his teenage niece.

"I never heard it called sex-kitten before," she said. "But you're right. It is a slutty outfit, but it looks so cool and Dad's been gone for four whole years now and I know she's just got to be horny." Now it was her turn to stop and blush because of something she'd said. "I mean, she needs to get out and meet some men and all."

"And you think she'll go out in this outfit? On dates?" he smiled at the visual image. His sister was just as beautiful as her daughters. Her husband died in a car crash four years ago and the whole family had been devastated. But everyone agreed that Miranda needed to start dating again. She was too great a woman to go through the rest of her life alone.

"No silly," scolded his niece. "This outfit will be for after the date. When they ..."

"When they have hot, steamy sex in front of the fire place?" teased Bob. He loved to see her blush and she did it a lot.

She stamped her feet and crossed her arms under her fabulous breasts. "We don't even HAVE a fireplace Mister smart guy!" she said, as if that proved anything. "And besides, you wouldn't know anything about it. You're still single and probably haven't ever even had sex!"

Bob stared at the gorgeous blond in shock. Where had all that come from? "Well, be that as it may" he said, "I've known my sister a lot longer than you have. Tell you what. I'll make you a deal."

"What?" she said a little sullenly.

"I'll front you the money you need to buy this ... present ... and then, I get to look at it first. If I think it's a good idea, you can give it to her and work it off. If not, then you have to take it back and get her something else. Deal?"

Teri stood there, shifting from one foot to the other. She looked up. "OK" she said. Then that blinding smile that he loved so much came back and she bounced into his arms, hugging him hard. "Thank you Uncle Bob," she said into his neck. "You always understand."

He gave her two hundred dollars and she hurried off to the mall. She was only gone half an hour before she was back, shopping bag in hand, flushed and excited. "I got it Uncle Bob! she yipped. "And they had exactly the color I wanted!" She clutched the bag to her chest.

"OK, let's see what the fuss is all about," he said, sitting down in the easy chair while she stood in front of him.

Teri opened the bag and stuck her hand in it. Then she stopped. She looked at her Uncle. "Uncle Bob, I know this is going to be weird for you. This nightgown .. is .. sexy. And it's for my mother ... your sister. But I want you to be serious about it, OK? This means a lot to me Uncle Bob. I love my mother very much."

It was a sobering speech, so Bob responded in kind. "I love your mother very much too, baby. I won't make fun. But I KNOW your mother too, and I don't want you to try to give her something she won't agree with. You'd be all excited and then if she didn't ever wear it you'd be all upset. We don't want that."

Apparently satisfied, Teri reached into the bag. What she brought out would be called, technically a 'body suit'. It was a costume that consisted of one piece that covered the crotch and torso, though 'covered' wasn't the right word at all. It was made of deep maroon satin and cream colored lace. the lace was shaped like a heart in three places. Each area that would normally cover a nipple was a filmy see-through heart shaped window. There was another in the crotch. The crotch had two tiny snaps on it that connected front and back. There was a little tab that would hang down when the outfit was worn. It was obviously a 'quick release' pull for the crotch area. There was a cream colored lace jacket with maroon accents that went with the thing, and matching stockings that had straps on them that could attach with Velcro to the front and back of the panty part, like a garter belt, only without the belt. There were no shoulder straps, but a thin neck strap tied behind the neck to keep the top from falling off the breasts.

It was one of the hottest things Bob had ever seen in his life. As he pictured this on his sister's full body his cock started getting stiff. Then Teri held it up against her own teen sex queen body and his sisterly fantasy dissolved. It was replaced by this virginal girl, wearing the garment she held. His erection matured and became a rock hard column of hungry man flesh. As casually as he could, he let one hand fall in his lap, to cover the bulge.

Teri was trying to look down, to see if she could tell how the outfit might look on her when she glanced up and saw her uncle looking at her. Teri was a virgin, but she wasn't ignorant. She'd fended off boy's advances on dates, and had even jacked off one boy to calm him down after a session of heavy petting. She'd had to go home and rub herself off after that. It had been a long hot session and she was looking forward to being that turned on again because her orgasm had been SO much more satisfying. So she knew what the look on her Uncle's face meant when she saw it.

Her mind whirled. She'd always loved her Uncle Bob, and even thought he was sexy and cute. But she'd never contemplated him as a possible sexual partner. She hadn't really contemplated any man as a real potential sexual partner.

Until now...

The look on his face made her stomach feel all funny, like it had when that boy's penis had spurted all over her hand in the car that night. Her pussy spritzed suddenly and she wanted to rub her legs back and forth. Her eyes darted to his lap. His hand was lying in it and she couldn't see anything.

The silence was getting uncomfortable for the inexperienced girl. "So .... what do you think?" she finally said.

Bob took his time answering, more to be sure he had full control of his voice than anything else.

"Well ..." he said. He looked at her and saw ... longing ... in her eyes. He had a sudden flash of insight and somehow knew that his relationship with his niece had just changed, and that it was going to be a lot more adult in the future. He decided to say it like he was talking to a trusted female friend his own age.

"It sure passes the boner test."

Teri looked at him, confused. "What?" she asked.

Bob lifted his hand, exposing his full bore erection, or at least the huge tent in his pants it caused. Bob never wore underwear any more, so there was nothing to help control the beast once it got it's head up.

Teriís eyes got big and round. "Oh!" she squeaked. Then she said "Uncle Bob! Shame on you!"

He just grinned. "What do you mean shame on me? Isn't that the reaction you wanted for your mother? Didn't you want that to happen for her?"

"Well, yeah ... but ... "Uncle Bob! This is so embarrassing" she wailed.

"Come on Teri, it's not that bad. Your mother is a beautiful woman, and she'll look absolutely fabulous in that thing. Why wouldn't I react like any living man would react? That is one sexy 'nightgown'. If that doesn't get her splayed and laid, then nothing will."

Teri looked confused again until she figured out what 'splayed and laid' meant and then she covered her face with the bunched up material. "Uncle Bob! she moaned, as he chuckled. He noticed that her nipples had perked up and were pushing through her top. He opened his mouth without really thinking through what might happen.

"Teri?" he said, his voice serious again. She looked up at him over the cloth she had been using to hide her face. "I'll make you another deal," he said.

"What?" she said, her voice unsure.

"If you'll put that thing on, and let me try out my new camera for some portraits, you can keep whatever extra money is left over and I'll buy the outfit for you to give to your mother."

There, he'd said it. She'd either scream and call the cops, or not.

Teri froze. She looked at her Uncle again. That look was still there, and her stomach still felt all fluttery. He meant it too. He wasn't kidding. She thought of what she'd look like with this on. She was the same size as her mother, and had worn her clothes before. As for wearing this outfit, she'd dreamed of it before, of course, but not seriously. The thought made her pussy itch, and she wished she could rub it. Somehow she knew that if she agreed to his offer, something big was going to happen .. something that would change her life forever.

"But .. I'd be almost ... naked," she said.

"Yes," said her uncle, as if that wasn't strange at all.

"And you'd take pictures of me ... almost naked?" she said.

"Yes," he said again simply. "Pictures no one else would ever see."

"Promise?" she said, in a little girl voice.

"Yes, sweetheart, I promise," he said.

Teri felt a strange need to do this thing her Uncle had asked her to do. Insecurity battled with excitement and the urge to be ... grown up. Excitement won.

"Wait right here," she said, and she went into the hall and then the bathroom. She stripped down and put the outfit on. It fit her like a glove, like it was made for her.

It looked so .... so .... so ..... nasty! She turned and looked in the mirror at her back. there was almost nothing covering her there. The back itself was bare, down to a small triangle patch that covered only her butt crack before flaring out to join the sides.

She couldn't let her Uncle see her like this. She just couldn't! The thought of him looking at her, of that hot look in his eyes made her pussy spritz again. Now he wasn't looking at her and she dropped her hand to the heart shaped cloth that didn't really cover her pouting pussy lips. She rubbed them vigorously, until the itch lessened. Then, before she could chicken out she opened the door and walked back to the living room. She didn't look at him as she walked into the room.

Like most teenage girls, she'd practiced walking with that hip swaying gait that models liked to use and she used that now. She walked past him, feeling her breasts bouncing inside their satin prison. Then she turned and walked past him again, thrusting those bouncing boobies out proudly. Finally she walked to stand in front of him, maybe ten feet away, and did a slow turn. She ended up facing him, but looking at the floor. Then, slowly, she forced her eyes up, to meet his. When she saw the look on his face her pussy spritzed again, and she felt a tingling in her stiff little nipples.

Bob was frozen in place. He hadn't realized there was so little to the back of the 'body suit', if it could still be called that. It fit her like a glove and he realized his cock was stone hard, harder in fact than at any other time he could remember. His eyes went everywhere, from her chopped wavy golden curls, to the plainly visible and equally plainly swollen and stiff nipples behind their inadequate screen of lace, to the soft, short blond hairs that perched above her pussy. At the angle he was at he couldn't see her pussy lips, but he knew they were there, and that if her legs were spread just a little, he'd be able to peer straight into nirvana. His cock was so hard it hurt and he unconsciously adjusted it in his pants.

Teri saw his hand go to his lap and she watched as he moved the thing in his pants around. The point of the tent in his lap had been on the left side, but now it was on the right side and lower, probably seven or eight inches away from where it had been. Her knees felt weak as she realized how long that thing must be. She was breathing deeply now, and suddenly being almost naked in front of her Uncle didn't seem so bad. He was obviously impressed.

"You're gorgeous," he rasped.

"Thank you Uncle Bob," she said sweetly, gaining more and more confidence that she was, in fact, beautiful, and that her hunky uncle was aware of that fact intimately. "Are you going to take the pictures?" she said a little breathlessly.

Bob forced his emotions under control. "Yes, sweetheart, I sure am." He stood up, not even attempting to cover up his erection any more. She stared at it with a somewhat hungry look. "Does that mean I look sexy?" she said, pointing briefly at the front of his pants.

"Teri," said Bob huskily "You are definitely sexy. You've always been sexy, baby. I just didn't tell you that before." She preened before his eyes, jutting her chest out a little and striking a pose.

"Do you think my mom will look sexy in it?" she said, watching him set up the tripod and the other equipment.

"Pumpkin," he drawled, "Whatever guy sees her in that outfit won't have a chance. Whether he wants to or not he's going to lose a load when he sees her in that thing!"

"Uncle Bob! You are so gross sometimes." Her voice sounded angry, but her smile disarmed the words. "If you're not going to let anybody else see them, what are these pictures going to be for?" she asked innocently.

Bob thought about it for a minute. Should he be completely honest? Would she get scared and run? He didn't think so. Not after the conversation they'd just had. "Before I answer that question, I need to ask you one" he said.

"Itís kind of personal. Is that OK?"

"Sure," said the happy teen.

"Do you masturbate?" he asked, trying to make it sound like a normal question.

"Oh" she gasped. She turned beet red, but then visibly got herself under control. "Um ... sometimes," she said simply.

"Well, so do I," he said back. He didn't say any more and he saw her work through the conversation and finally get the idea that he was going to look at the pictures of her as he beat off. She gasped again and her eyes darted all around as she flushed crimson once more. Teri couldn't believe the feelings that were flashing through her adolescent body. Her pussy was actually wet now, and her nipples ached. She knew that feeling. She needed to be able to squeeze and pull on those nipples, to make them feel better. But she couldn't do that right in front of her Uncle.

Or could she? After all, hadn't he just admitted that he was going to do almost the same thing while he looked at her pictures? She looked at him now. He looked so cool, so calm, so in control of himself. "What do you want me to do?" she panted.

Bob's look of cool composure was a facade. Inside he was boiling, excited beyond anything he could remember. She looked so sweet, so sexy, so much like a lover that he wanted to be that lover. He knew he couldn't touch her, but it was hard to keep his distance.

"Let's have you stand over here, by this chair," he said. He positioned her beside the easy chair, standing at half profile. That way one of her perky tits pointed away from her body and the other faced the camera. He had her put one hand on her hip and the other on the chair back. She cocked one knee and stood hipshot. He looked through the lens. His cock dripped precum. She looked ... slutty. All he had to do was have her raise her chin a little and the pose was perfect.

He had her sit then, on the edge of the chair seat, knees together, breasts outthrust. As he focused he had to adjust his cock again. It was almost hurting him now. He took the shot and looked up.

"Teri? could you spread your legs a little?" he said.

She did, putting her knees about six inches apart.

"A little more?" he asked.

She looked at him and her knees widened. Now she was exposed to enough light that he could see her pussy if he were closer. He took a shot.

"A little more?" he asked again.

Teri's head was spinning. Her uncle wanted to see her pussy. It was obvious. And for some completely strange reason she wanted him to see her pussy.

Her legs splayed and his cock lurched. He advanced the tripod, taking a picture, and then did it again, focusing in closer and closer. Finally he was only a foot away and the tripod was only two feet tall. It was obvious he was shooting a picture of just her pussy showing through the heart shaped lace.

"This is so nasty" she moaned. By now Teri was thoroughly turned on. The thrill of having her handsome uncle so interested in her sexual parts caused her to do some things she wouldn't have otherwise.

"Ooooo Uncle Bob" she moaned. "I feel soooo horny!" she slid her right hand into her crotch. She used her middle finger to rub the lace, forcing it between her itchy pussy lips. Then she pressed on her clitty hard. "Ohhhhhh that feels so good," she panted.

"Oh fuck, baby, you look so sexy," said her Uncle, and the flash went off again. He stood up and walked behind her. The bow at the back of her neck was right there. He pulled it. The straps dropped onto her shoulders and the dark purple satin began to slide down the swells of her big bouncy breasts.

"Oooo Uncle Bob!" she said. "What are you doing?"

"I want to see them sweety," he panted. "I know they're so pretty."

She let the cloth slip to her waist, baring her teen titties. They were white in the strong lights, with dusky pink aureoles and plump turgid nipples. Teri raised her hands up and began squeezing and twisting them, pulling on them and sighing.

"Ohhhhh this feels sooooo good Uncle Bob. We're being sooooo naughty Uncle Bob. We shouldn't be doing this should we?"

Bob's mouth was watering as he watched her maul her nipples. He took a picture, then another and another as she stared into the camera, eyes half closed, having fun.

"You're right baby," he said as he got his face close to her hands. "We shouldn't be doing this. But I want to baby. I have to. You're sooo sexy sweety, I can't resist." He kissed her chest between her breasts and began kissing the inside swells of her milk globes. His lips got closer and closer to her nipples. She was pulling them hard now, stretching them two inches.

He licked around the nipple where her fingers gripped it and she groaned. "Ohhhh Uncle Bob you really shouldn't be doing that."

Then she let the nipple plop back on her breast flesh and he pounced, sucking it in at once and sucking on it hard.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuck," she groaned as thrills and chills shot through her body. When he nibbled on her aching nips the electricity shot straight to her pussy and she began rubbing it with two fingers. She leaned back against the chair, legs wide spread now, lolling as her breasts were serviced by his expert mouth. That caused him to crawl between her widespread thighs to reach her breasts, and his stomach pressed against her hand, which pressed against her pussy lips. She was so close to cumming. She could tell it was only seconds away, but it didn't come.

"I'm soooo close," she moaned.

"Let me help you baby," he mumbled around one stiff nipple. He took the plunge and let his fingers slide between her legs. He felt her rubbing fingers brushing beside his as his fingers searched for the two tiny snaps that held the cloth over her mons. He found the tab. He pulled and the stretched fabric sprang apart, baring her wet teen pussy. He dragged his longest finger through her honey and, finding her opening, he slid his finger in her as deep as it would go.

"AWWWWWWWW Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyy," she whined as his poking finger broke the dam holding her orgasm back. She sagged in the chair as his finger rimmed the mouth of her womb, tickling all the millions of nerves located there. Her pussy clamped down on his invading finger and she shook like she was shivering in the cold.

She'd had orgasms before, but, besides that really nice one after she jerked off that boy, only little ones. This one made her into a different woman.

Bob couldn't take it any more. He jumped up, ripping his pants apart and baring his eight inch prick to his niece. She stared at it like a bird stares at the snake that is about to eat it. But he didn't fuck her with it. He had enough control to keep from doing that.

Instead he began jacking it off. "Oh baby, sweet baby, I'm sorry honey, but I have to do this," he moaned, jerking his bone furiously. Teri stared at the angry red knob with its one little eye as it stared at her naked body. She thought she'd never seen anything as dangerous looking in her life. But it was also the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen, and it looked like that because of her She leaned back in the chair, relaxed, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. It didn't bother her that her naked pussy was only a foot away from this amazing and interesting looking thing.

She started rubbing it again.

It didn't take Bob long to get the sap out of his balls. She lay splayed in front of him and he thought back to what he'd said about a woman wearing this outfit being splayed and laid. He wanted to stick his prick in her bad. But she was a virgin. He was sure of it.

"Sweety, could I touch your pussy again?" he begged. She nodded, licking her lips. "With my prick, baby? Please? I promise I won't stick it in you honey."

"Oooooo that's so nasty!" she squealed.

"Oh baby, please?" he begged.

In answer she scooted her butt forward and, using both hands, spread her pussy lips apart. "You can touch it, but you can't put it in me!" she moaned. Then she went on, "Ohhhh I'm such a slut."

Bob's cock leaked a big drooping glob of baby batter and he arched his hips forward to let that drip into her open pussy. Then he leaned over her and began rubbing it all over her pussy lips and in her pubes and all over her clitty with the tip of his cock.

She sobbed at the feel of her very first cock kissing her sex and her hips twitched. "Ohhh Uncle Bob" she wailed. "It feels soooooo good!"

Bob jacked four or five more times. He was there. He so wanted to jamb his prick into her love tunnel, but he knew he'd hurt her if he did and he didn't want to ever hurt her. As he felt the first ribbon of cum racing through his prick he touched the tip to her vibrating clitty. His cum rushed out and saturated it, splashing down into her open pussy mouth.

"OH! she gasped, "It's hot!"

Bob's control was slipping, He dipped his spurting organ down, and nosed the tip between her flushed labia. Another long stream of his cum lurched out of his cock and into her pussy, going in a couple of inches. He pushed a little, sealing the crown of his prick in her hole and gleefully fired off three more long hard spurts of incestuous Uncle spunk into his niece. With each shot he dreamed he was fucking a baby in her sweet teen belly.

But he didn't ram his cock in her. He sagged to his knees, staring at his spooge running out of her virgin pussy. He was a pervert. He was an incestuous, teen molesting pervert who had probably knocked his sweet niece up!

He began to cry.

Teri was shocked at her Uncle's reaction. She lurched forward, pressing her bare breasts into his face as she hugged him. "Uncle Bob, what's wrong? Are you OK?" she asked as she stroked his back.

"Nooooooooo," he moaned. "I'm a pervert and I all but raped you and now you'll hate me forever." he cried.

Teri pulled his face up and made him look at her. Tears were streaming down his face. She wiped them with her thumbs and then, to his surprise, kissed him on the lips. "Hush" she scolded him. "You're not a rapist. You promised not to go in me, and you didn't. I'm still a virgin. That was the coolest thing I've ever felt in my whole life and if you don't promise to do it again to me over and over again I'll be very, very angry with you!"

"But Baby, it's so wrong," he moaned "and I almost fucked you!"

"Almost isn't the same as doing it" she scolded him some more. "Besides, when I felt all that nice warm stuff all over my ... pussy, I loved it, and I almost wanted you to stick that thing in me."

"That's another thing" he moaned. "I got sperm in your pussy baby, and you aren't protected."

"OK, so maybe next time we use a rubber or something." Her face went into a frown. "No, we can't do that. It feels too cool to have all that hot stuff all over my pussy," she said, kissing him again. "You didn't do anything wrong Uncle Bob. I feel great!"

"Are you sure?" he said, his voice shaky. Things had gone a lot farther than he'd intended.

"I'm sure Uncle Bob," she said. She gave him a long, wet kiss and then said she had to get going. She dashed into the bathroom and emerged dressed like she had been before. Bob couldn't believe it was the same girl he had just filled with sperm. She looked so fresh, so innocent, so virginal dressed in street clothes.


Several days went by and Bob heard nothing from Teri. He was a little surprised, but figured she'd had second thoughts and didn't want to be around him any more. Unsure of what to do, he waited until his sister's birthday and called her. "Happy birthday old woman" he said lightly.

"Don't be a prick, Bob" said his sister. It's been an interesting birthday, that's for sure."

"Really?" he said, thinking about the only present he knew she received. "Why's that?"

"Long story. I'll tell it to you later. By the way, brother mine, I'm having a very small birthday party tomorrow night and you're invited," she said.

Now he was really in a mine field. Teri would be there, no doubt, and if she was pissed at him or something, it could get ugly. "Um, gee sis, that's pretty short notice. I don't know" he started out, unsure of what to do.

"Oh come on!" she said. "You can't be that busy with your new toy. Besides, Teri says she'll just be devastated if you don't come."

Bob felt a surge of hope. "She said that?" he asked.

"She was standing right there, wringing her hands and saying pleeeeeeeeease. Besides, you haven't given me a birthday present in five or six years, and it's high time you fixed that problem." Her voice sounded strained when she said that, but Bob didn't worry.

"OK, I'll be there."

It never occurred to him that he hadn't told his sister about his new camera.

The next night Bob showed up at Miranda's house. He had a gift for his sister, some body lotion he'd picked up on his lunch break.

She greeted him with a warm close hug. For days he'd been unable to get the vision of her wearing that body suit out of his imagination, and he'd beaten off to that vision repeatedly, when he wasn't beating off to the vision of Teri wearing it. As he felt her body against his he almost groaned as he felt his cock begin to swell. He broke the hug and held out his gift, almost like it might shield him from his own thoughts.

"Why thank you big brother!" she said as she took the bag. "I'll open it later, when the girls can see it. Assuming it's proper for them to see." She waited for his answer while he stuttered that it was perfectly OK for them to see it.

She pulled him into the house where he was attacked by Teri and Paulette. Having their athletic tender young bodies all over him didn't help and he was quite sure he felt a hand on his cock at one point, squeezing it. He couldn't tell whose hand it was, but it had to be Teri.

When the girls finally gave him a break his sister said "My my, aren't you popular. Have you been giving them presents behind my back?"

Bob felt an uneasy lurch in his conscience. He was thinking of confessing everything when Miranda said "Let's all have supper and then get on to the good part." Bob kept quiet, not wanting to ruin her birthday.

Dinner was a chaotic affair, with all the women trying to talk at the same time and Bob trying to participate in each of the conversations, even the ones between women. As he ate he stared at them all. Miranda had a quiet contentment about her that he'd admired for years. She was a truly beautiful woman, who wore her long light brown hair in a French braid most of the time. She had flawless skin and high cheekbones. Her long neck led to a body that Teri's was a carbon copy of. As he thought of that Bob felt his dick stiffen and sighed. Teri was the picture of happy healthy young woman, beaming and laughing. Obviously she wasn't pining away about what had happened. Paulette was the picture of active teenage girl. If she'd been alive during the great migration west in America she'd have been wearing a six shooter and herding cattle by day and warming the bed of some cowboy at night. Though young, her breasts had blossomed and her hips were no longer straight up and down. Her hair was the same color as Miranda's and she wore it in a pony tail almost all the time. Bob found himself wondering what she would look like naked. He was very frustrated. Sex seemed to be the only thing he could concentrate on. It was all Teri's fault. He'd been getting along fine until that happened.

After dinner Miranda brought out a pile of DVDs she had rented. the girls went through them with whoops, finding movies they liked, or had always wanted to see.

"We'll all watch some movies together, and drink some wine - Bob and I anyway - and pop some popcorn and stay up late. That will be the best birthday present for me" his sister announced. "Well, maybe not the best, but I just may get that too, who knows?"

Before the movie started Miranda said she wanted to open Bob's present. She mentioned casually that she'd already opened the girl's gifts. When she brought the body lotion out she said, "Oooooooo, I really need this. My skin's been getting so dry and cracked. I'm getting old woman skin Bob. Maybe this will help."

Bob said "Old woman skin - Hah! You're more beautiful that you ever were," and she dimpled a big smile at him.

"I don't suppose you'd put some of this on me - give me a back rub? Do the back of my legs?"

Bob swallowed. He glanced at the girls but they werenít paying any attention at all. They were arguing over which movie to watch first. "Sure sis" he said shortly, nervous that he would embarrass himself.

"Good! You can do me while we watch the movie," she said. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse. Bob watched, his mouth open and he spluttered, "Sis!"

She paused at the last button and said "How else are you going to get to my skin silly? Besides, my bra covers more than a lot of swim suits I've seen."

She continued, dropping her blouse and uncovering a pretty, lacy bra that was peach colored. Then she took off her jeans, revealing matching bikini panties. When she saw the look on her brother's face she threw the jeans at his head. "Pervert" she barked, and then laughed.

Miranda left the room and came back with a foam camping mattress and a fluffy blanket. She put those on the floor and lay down on her stomach, facing the TV.

About then, Paulette saw how her mother was dressed and squealed "Mommeee! You're almost naked in front of Uncle Bob!"

"He's going to give me a back rub honey" said her mother, like nothing was wrong at all. "And put some of the lotion on me that he gave me for my birthday. See?" She held out the bottle to her daughter who opened it and sniffed it.

"Ooooo .. smells good."

Then, since her mother didn't think there was anything wrong with being half naked in front of her brother, Paulette said, "Well, I'm going to change into my jammies then. They're lots more comfortable." Teri agreed and they ran off toward their bedroom together.

Miranda handed the bottle of body lotion up to Bob. "Get started big boy" she ordered.

Bob didn't know what to do. He knew that as soon as he touched her skin, his hardon would bloom. Then he thought that maybe he could make her so comfortable that he might be able to back off to the couch, where he could sit and let his boner fade away.

He started with her feet, massaging each toe and then all the other bones in the foot. Miranda buried her face in the blanket and groaned her approval. He worked his way up her ankles and calves, which were finely muscled. She ran regularly and took good care of herself. Then he reached her thighs and she spread her legs. Feeling his cock getting harder and harder he worked her thighs, digging his fingers in deep as she moaned with gratitude.

When he skipped over her ass and went to her waist, she raised her head and craned it around, trying to look at him. "What's the matter stud? Too shy to work my glutes?"

Not knowing what to say he didn't say anything, rubbing the lotion into her back and the sides of her ribs. As he approached her bra strap she suddenly reached one hand behind her and, like magic, her bra strap parted and fell to the floor beside her. Then she put that hand back under her face. Now he slid his hands over the smooth skin of her upper back, and across her scapula and shoulders. As he dragged his fingers back they slipped down her ribs, and onto the sides of her breasts. His fingers tingled when he touched them and he ran them on down to the waistband of her panties before realizing what he was doing. He brought them back up to her back. "Is that OK?" he asked.

Miranda rolled sideways, holding the bra to her left breast and looked at him. "For starters," she said. Then she rolled the rest of the way, landing on her back.

She left the bra lying loosely on top of her mounds. Bob saw, as his cock tightened even more, that those breasts didn't sag down her sides very much. They were still firm even though she was in her middle thirties. She put her hands under her head, settling her French braid into them and closed her eyes.

"Keep going. You're doing OK."

"Just OK?" he tried to joke, but it didn't feel right.

"I'll let you know when you start doing better," she said cryptically.

He went back to her feet and worked his way up again. Now, as he did her thighs, her bush was right there, separated from his eyes by only thin, peach colored rayon. He could smell her. His cock was at full erection now and he pulled one hand from her body to adjust it in his pants. She opened an eye, but his hand was already back on her stomach as he skipped over her panties again. Now he worked her ribs, where they slanted out from her breastbone. He ran his hands up until both hands touched the bottom of the lacy bra. This was driving him crazy. She trusted him and he was a pervert. He wanted more than anything to cup those beautiful mammaries and suck on them and ram his cock into his own sister. And she trusted him.

"Sis ... I ..." he started to confess everything.

Miranda opened her eyes and saw the strain on his face.

"Shhhh," she said, holding one finger up and putting it against his lips. "I'm going to go put on my jammies now." She sat up, holding the bra across her breasts.

As she stood, Bob realized both girls were watching the adults, and may have been for some time. They looked interested, but not shocked at seeing their mother holding a loosened bra over her breasts as she left the room. The girls stared at him. He was sure that Teri was trying to look at his crotch.

"What are you looking at" he growled at them. They both giggled and turned around to watch the movie.

Bob sat on the couch and adjusted his cock so that it was up against his stomach in his pants. There was still a bulge in the front of his pants, but it was actually his balls. They were very full.

He was trying to watch the movie and get his cock to go down when Paulette raised her head and said excitedly "Oh look! Mommy's wearing your present!"

Bob heard the words, but they didn't register before he raised his eyes and looked at his baby sister. She was wearing the body suit... and she was walking toward the couch. Her hips rose and feel alternately and he had in mind a stalking cat as she came toward him. Her nipples were dark through the heart shaped panels of the top. He couldn't stop his eyes from dropping to the heart that should have had dark pubic hair behind it. He saw only flesh, and two fat pussy lips pooching out.

"Mind if I sit there?" she pointed beside him. Then, as nonchalantly as if she were fully clothed, she said, "What are we watching again?" and sank down beside her petrified brother.

She leaned over to him and whispered in his ear. "See what Teri got me for my birthday? Isn't it cute?"

He nodded dumbly, staring straight ahead at the TV.

She sat there for a few minutes and said "Hey, Bob, what do you suppose this is?" He looked over and she was fingering the cloth over her abdomen. Between her fingers was an off-white, crusty stain.

Bob's heart started beating faster and faster. He felt sweat starting to break out on his forehead.

"You know, it almost looks like ... semen," she whispered at him. He looked at her face, now only two inches from his. He could smell her sweet breath. Leaving her eyes wide open his sister reached up and kissed his lips gently.

"When she gave it to me, and I unwrapped it, I could smell ... pussy," she said in her low voice. "My daughter and I don't have any secrets between us Bob." she went on. "I told her I smelled pussy and she told me why I smelled pussy."

Bob gasped and reflexively jerked both his hands to cover his cock. "You gave my baby ... one of my babies ... her very first real cum, Uncle Bob!" she hissed.

Bob was confused. She'd kissed him, and it seemed like a real kiss. A nice kiss. An 'I'm not at all angry with you' kiss. But she knew everything. She confirmed it when she whispered, "And you gave her her very first pussy-full of sperm Uncle Bob."

Bob was sweating for real now. She kept emphasizing "Uncle" and that meant she was going to bust him for incest.

She wouldn't relent. "Did she look good in this Bob? Did she make your dick hard in this Bob?"

He nodded helplessly. "You know what pissed me off about this Bob?" she said, no longer quite whispering. "You know why I wanted your balls in my hand when she told me what happened?"

Bob looked at her helplessly. "Miranda ... I ..."

"I'll tell you, you bastard" she said, her teeth clamped down. Her hand came over and batted his hands away. She felt his boner and grasped it hard.

"I'm not pissed that you gave my baby an orgasm." She paused and he looked at her now, eyes wide. "I'm not pissed that you got your spooge in her virgin pussy" She licked her lips. "Thank you, by the way, for not taking her virginity."

He didn't smile or show any indication that his mind was awhirl.

"No," she said. "I'm pissed because for four long years I've had to go without sex ... lying in my bed at night, needing someone to hold me ... to love me ... to give me an orgasm. I'm pissed because it could have been me ... and it wasn't. I'm pissed because when you got your stuff on my outfit, I should have been the one wearing it and not her." A large tear welled up in each eye. "I've loved you for years and years, you bastard, and I needed you ... and you ... and you ... and you never even looked at me." She buried her head in his shoulder and started crying.

Bob instinctively put his arms around his crying sister and she melted against him. He tried to sooth her as she sobbed, saying that he did love her and that he'd do anything to make her happy, and that he was sorry. It took ten minutes for her to calm down. Both girls watched out of the sides of their eyes, knowing something was going on, but not knowing exactly what.

Miranda lifted her head. He stared into her eyes. "Feel me" he said.

She looked confused and he took her hand and put it back in his lap.

"That's not for your daughter," he said. "I've wanted you since we were kids" he whispered. "But that would be perverted. I couldn't tell you that. I could never tell you that and risk never seeing you again."

She didn't say anything.

"And after Roger died, I felt even worse .. wanting to be naked with my widowed sister. And then Teri brought that thing home, and she put it on and she looked so much like you. I know it's no excuse, but I couldn't help myself."

Miranda pushed herself up and stood. "Girls?" she said. "Uncle Bob and I are going to spend some time alone now. We don't want to be disturbed. You girls just watch your movie. When we're done we'll be back." She pulled Bob up and led him to her bedroom.

Within forty-five seconds her new outfit was lying piled on the floor. It took her another ten seconds to get into bed and lie back, splayed open for her brother. Within another two minutes he was deep in her, breeding her like crazy. Within another two minutes she was fully involved in her first orgasm and his prick was pulsing streams of sperm into her pussy.

From start to finish, it took almost five minutes.

They rested for fifteen, talking quietly, and did it again. They went much longer this time, Bob exploring her pussy with his hard prick, poking, jabbing, caressing her with it. This time he paid attention to her nipples and she came three times before he flushed her womb with his spunk again. Miranda said she wished she could lie there with him, but she'd told the girls they were going to be back. She put the body suit back on and Bob said "If you wear that I'll just be hard again in fifteen minutes."

"Good" she said. "You deserve to be punished." As they walked back to the living room, hand in hand, she said, "I told Teri she could pose for you again."

He stopped. "What?" he was confused.

"She had a good time Bob. A good time." And let me tell you, a girl never forgets her first lover. She always wants to go back to him if she doesn't just hate him outright. And Teri does not hate you."

"But we didn't ... you know," he said.

"You may as well have. She said she'd let you if you tried again. She actually told her mother that! I couldn't believe it. I was really actually kind of proud of you, besides being mad as hell. So I told her she could pose for you again. Among other things."

"So what else did you tell her?" he asked.

"I told her that there were consequences to having that kind of relationship with a man. I told her she'd have to live with those consequences, and that protection was her responsibility. I told her never ever to trust a man to protect her, and that if she let a man's naked prick go in her, it had better be a man whose baby she was willing to bear and give birth to."

"What did she say then?" he asked.

"What do all teenagers say when an adult gives them good advice?" she asked. "She said 'Yes Mamma'. They both did."

"Both?" his mouth was open.

"Paulette was there too. Do you think those girls have any secrets from each other? What are you, crazy?"

"You mean Paulette knows what I did to Teri?"

"Of course. She was right there when I opened the box. She was part of the whole conversation."

"Oh Man!" said Bob. "I'm in real trouble aren't I?"

"You bet your ass you are, Mr. hot-shot photographer. You've got at least two, and probably three women wanting your ... time. And I, for one, am not going to keep going without. So you're on notice. There had better be enough for me."

"Um ... speaking of that ... you uh ... didn't make me use anything."

"I happen to know you haven't been fucking around." She smiled a cold smile. "Outside this house, anyway. I've watched you for years Bob. Wanting you to do that to me. So I know you don't have a dangerous life style."

"Yeah, OK, but that's not what I meant. I mean you let me cum in you."

"Yes, I did, didn't I?" she said, as if that explained everything. She turned and started toward the living room.

He scratched his head and followed. The girls were still laid out on the floor, watching the movie. Miranda sat with him, leaned against him, cuddled with him. When the movie was over the girls got up. Teri said, "Uncle Bob, would you tuck us in?" She darted a look at her mother.

Miranda just smiled and said, "You girls go on up. He'll be along in a minute. Brush your teeth!" she yelled as they skipped off. She turned to Bob. "They're going to want more than just a good night kiss, you know."

"Both of them?" he said incredulously.

"You're the one who woke Teri up sexually" said Miranda. "And she got her sister all fired up by telling her how wonderful you made her feel. This is all your fault. You made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. In mine. In theirs. Why did you think I tried to empty your balls in there? I knew this would happen, and I wanted you too worn out to fuck one of them." She smiled sweetly. "That and because I've wanted you in me for four years."

He got up to go. As he left she called out, "If you can get them to let you go, I'll be saving you a place in my bed."

When he got there both girls were in bed together. There was another bed in the room, but it was made up and empty. Teri was excited. "Mommy said you could sleep with us tonight."

"Oh really?" he said. This was all too strange for him.

"Yeah, she's trying to get you addicted to us, so you won't ever leave. But I'm not supposed to tell you that, so don't tell her I did, OK?"

"Sure" he sat down on the edge of the bed. Paulette spoke up for the first time. "Did you get Mommy pregnant yet?"

"What?!" he said.

Paulette looked at him with big eyes. "She said if she wore her new jammies that you'd probably get her pregnant. She wore them ... so I was just wondering."

"Well, I don't know if I did or not," he said truthfully.

Paulette went on. "Are you going to get me and Teri pregnant too?"

"Hmmmm" he tried to think. "Do you want to be pregnant?"

Paulette said, "I don't think so. Not yet any way. Don't you think I'm too young?"

"I think that if you don't want to get pregnant, then you shouldn't. That's part of growing up ... you have to make decisions about your future."

Teri pulled the covers down. She was naked, and her breasts rose and fell quickly as she breathed. Her nipples were hard. "Well I want to get pregnant," she said firmly. "I want you to make me pregnant," she said to her Uncle.

"I'd like to watch that" said Paulette.

Miranda might have tried to wear him out, but with a nubile 16 year old nymph lying there naked, willing to spread her legs for him ... willing to let him impregnate her ... his cock rose and his balls rumbled as they tried to manufacture enough sperm to get the job done.

He started slowly, kissing them and fondling them, taking turns so that one could feel things while the other watched. Paulette found out she loved to have her hard little teen nipples sucked and she liked it rough. Teri was more interested in getting something in her pussy. He suggested that the first thing that should get in her deep was his finger and she spread her legs, her hips already making fucking motions. Her hymen was gone, sacrificed to wild careless masturbation, and she felt almost no discomfort when his big finger slicked up inside her. He dug all the way to her cervix and rimmed it while she sobbed and came, shaking and flopping while her little sister watched in awe. Then Paulette wanted to know what that felt like. She was tighter, and it took him longer to penetrate her. When he got all the way in her she asked him to bite her nipples again and she then flopped her way through her first orgasm with a man.

Teri had recuperated and wanted more. He offered to let her get on top of him, so she could control things, but she shook her head. "I want you on top of me. That's where the man should be. I know you'll be gentle." He was. It took him a full ten minutes to sink his prick into her young pussy. By the time he felt her pubes mix with his he was so excited that he couldn't wait.

"Baby, I'm sorry honey, but you have me so excited I can't wait."

She cooed at him, sliding her hands along his sides and arching her back. "It's OK Uncle Bob ... go ahead ... I want to feel it again ... this time way up inside me."

His release was almost gentle, a leisurely relaxing of the muscles that contained his spend and it flowed into her in a long steady stream, rather than frantic spurts. She sighed "Sooo warm" and hunched her teen pussy up to receive the gift that might result in a swollen belly, with his baby kicking inside it. Their kiss as his spend filled her was soft and sweet.

She drained him though, and he was limp when he rolled off her. Paulette wasn't happy. "What about me?" she whined. She leaned over him to stare at her sister's still spread thighs, and at her puffy sperm-filled pussy mouth.

"Give me ten minutes to rest" he sighed. She kissed and cuddled with him for those ten minutes. Then he used his mouth on her. She liked having her clitty nipped and bitten too. She came loud and long.


The next morning Miranda peeked into the girls' bedroom and saw the tangle of naked bodies all in one bed. She woke them up, telling the girls to take a shower and get ready for breakfast. She pulled Bob to her own bathroom and shoved him in the master shower once the water was hot. Then she joined him. "I was so lonely in my empty bed all night" she complained, rubbing her body up against his. "How many virgins are left in my family?" She kissed his neck and chest, running her soapy hands up and down his cock, which was hard as steel.

"One," he said simply. "Teri wants you to be a Grandmother, by the way." Miranda quivered, thinking about her daughter with a swollen belly, strutting around the house all proud, showing off her bulging abdomen.

Miranda managed to get his prick in her while they stood, with the water running down their bodies, but it was too long for them to fuck properly. She cut the water off and, without even drying them off, pulled him to her bed where she flopped onto her back and spread her legs.

"I need you now." she pleaded.

He obliged her, sinking his wet cock into her. They didn't try to make it last. She was trying to get him to fuck a baby in her and he tried to do just that. Once he felt her get off, he let it go and she urged him on as she felt his nectar begin to flow into her. She luxuriated in the feel of hot sperm splashing in her pussy.

She was energized by their tryst, instead of being tired, and jumped up. She put on panties and pulled them up snug into her pussy to keep his sticky cum in her. Then she made a big breakfast, wearing only her panties and a T shirt. Bob put on gym shorts.

He was attacked by both girls when they came in from their showers. Like their mother they were wearing T shirts, but neither had on panties under them. They fought to sit on his lap until he made each of them take one knee. Soon they were rubbing on his knees, shamelessly masturbating in front of their mother, who just shook her head.

Paulette panted, "I've been thinking."

Bob smiled. He thought that might happen. "What about princess?"

"Well, Teri looked like she was having a really good time last night."

"I was," said Teri, kissing her Uncle's neck. "I want to do it again today."

Paulette pouted. "Well, I think I want to too. And you had your fun last night, so I think I should get to do what I want today. You had your turn." she finished, sticking her jaw out.

"You're awfully young dear," said her mother from the stove.

"Why does everybody always say I'm too young?" she complained.

"Well, it could be because you are too young." said Miranda.

Paulette wasn't giving in that easily. "I've been having periods for over four years Mother. Doesn't that make me a woman? Didn't girls get married when they were my age back when you were a little girl, mamma?"

Miranda stopped what she was doing and turned around, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly. "I'll have you know I'm not that old, young lady!" she said hotly. Your great grandmother might have gotten married at fifteen, but that doesn't mean you are at the right place in your life to think about letting a man put his penis in you! What if you got pregnant? What then, little missy?"

Now Paulette was quiet, as she thought. Finally she spoke. "I guess that would depend on who got me pregnant." She looked at her uncle and smiled.

"Well, I don't know about that," said Bob. How about I take your picture with my new camera instead?"

"Ooooo that would be fun! Can I get all dressed up?"

"Sure pumpkin," he said.

Paulette turned to her sister. "And will you help me with makeup and stuff?"

Teri grinned. "OK, and maybe we can do something with your hair too."

Bob got dressed and went home to get his gear. When he returned Miranda met him at the door with a long hungry kiss.

"You've created two monsters," she accused him, grinding her pussy against his cock. "They're up there trying to make my little girl into a slut."

"Oh," said Bob. He didn't know what else to say.

"Oh, by the way, I called an old girlfriend of mine." said Miranda, pulling him deeper into the house. "Want some coffee?"

"Sure," he said, wondering what she was talking about. When they were seated at the table stirring cream and sugar into their coffee she went on.

"As I was saying, I called an old girlfriend from college. Her name's Valerie Montworth. Ever heard of her?"

Bob choked on his coffee. Of course he'd heard of her. Everyone in the world had heard of Valerie Montworth, Chief Editor of Modern Woman Magazine, one of the largest and most successful periodicals in the world. It had the kind of articles in it that appealed to all different kinds of women. It was a Modern Woman columnist who had been the first woman to be invited into Saudi Arabia to do a piece on what life was like for women there. Somehow the author of the piece had been able to point out the anachronistic way women were treated, and get their opinion on how it really wasn't as bad as most of the world thought. From their viewpoint, the women in that culture didn't think they were abused much at all. Their biggest complaint was that they weren't allowed to drive.

"You know Valerie Montworth?" he said, amazed.

"Yes. She and I lost our virginity together on a double date. It was at a drive in theater, in the back of a pickup truck. We were lying side by side at the time. You should remember her. She came over to the house ten or fifteen times for study sessions."

Bob sat, his jaw sagging. She sounded so matter of fact about it. He thought back to the friends his sister had brought home. There had been lots of them. He could only think of one named "Val". She had been a mousy girl with dark hair and horn rimmed glasses.

"You don't mean that girl with the glasses? Her brother was on the football team, right?" he suggested.

"One and the same." said Miranda. "In fact her brother, Paul, was the one who got in my panties at that drive in."

"You let Paul the jock fuck you?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," she said simply. "I got all horny watching him fuck her, and he was nice enough to do me too."

"Paul the jock fucked his sister?" croaked Bob.

"You fucked your sister last night," reminded Miranda.

"Who was the other guy?" asked Bob. The mental picture of Paul the jock fucking two girls in the back of a pickup had his dick stiff.

"Well, actually I just told Mom and Dad it was a double date. In reality it was just him and us. She had decided to let him do it and wanted me there for moral support. Then she decided to share him with me."

"This is too crazy to be made up," sighed Bob.

"Well, we were pretty close. That's why I called her. I asked her for a favor." said Miranda, stopping to sip her coffee.

"How in the world did you get them to put you through to her on the phone?" asked Bob.

"I told them to tell her it was Barbie Doll on the phone, and that if they didn't they might get fired."

"Barbie Doll?" asked Bob.

"That's what Paul called me when he popped my cherry. She thought it was cute and called me that for the rest of the time we were together. I haven't seen her since we went to college," said Miranda.

"And so what happened?" he asked.

"I guess they told her, because this up-tight chick came back on the phone and begged me not to hang up, that she'd be on the phone as soon as she finished up something. And, maybe four or five minutes later she was squealing in my ear."

"Wow," said Bob. There were obviously sides to his sister he'd never noticed.

"So anyway I told her I knew this photographer who needed work, and that I'd appreciate it if she gave him a job. She asked me who it was and when I told her it was my brother she said you were hired."

"I'm hired?" gasped Bob. "Just like that?"

"Well, actually, you're a freelance consultant. She's going to fax me a contract. Your first assignment is in Tahiti, covering a women's convention down there. You'll be on an expense account and your fee for four days work is fifteen grand."

"You're joking!" he gasped. "Why would she pay me that much, never having seen my work?"

"I've seen your work and she trusts me. Plus I told her you need to be rich, cause you're going to have to support three pregnant women, and later on your three children."

"You told her about us?" Bob was incredulous.

"She wants to interview you. She suggested that since she shared her brother with me ... I should return the favor."

Bob slumped in chair. "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" he moaned.

"You, my friend, have gotten yourself into the family way." said his sister smugly. "You didn't think you got to fuck us all and then just walk away did you?"

He was stung. "Of course not. Who said anything about me wanting to walk away?"

Miranda got up and came over to kiss him. "Nobody, Bob. But as you travel the world and meet all those models and become mister big shot photographer, I just want to be sure you remember us back here. We're going to bear your children Bob, and it's going to be a little like a plural marriage. I just want you to think about that before you get us all with child. If you haven't already." she fell silent and sat back down.

Teri appeared in the doorway. "She's ready Uncle Bob. Come on!"

Bob and Miranda followed her into the living room. The couch had been pushed back and the coffee table moved, to make a large open space. Teri sat her uncle and mother down on the couch and called for Paulette.

When Paulette came in Miranda laughed out loud. She was dressed as a Varsity cheerleader for the Northwest High School. Her hair was in dog ears and her makeup, artfully applied, made her look more like a college cheerleader than one in High School. She bounced into the room, doing cartwheels that turned into a somersault, ending up in the splits with her arms in the air in a V.

"Ta Da," she sang.

"How cute" said Miranda. "Where in the world did you get that?"

"My friend Heather is a cheerleader." said Teri. "So we borrowed it. I told her it was for a joke."

Bob set up his gear and started running Paulette through some typical cheerleader poses. It wasn't until she was bent over, her butt facing the camera, with her looking back over her shoulder that things got even more interesting.

"Shouldn't I be like this?" asked Paulette. She reached back and flipped her skirt up over her butt.

She wasn't wearing panties.

She spread her feet a little farther apart and suddenly her pussy was winking at the camera. Bob triggered the flash.

In quick succession he took pictures of her holding her top up to show off her bare titties, and with her sitting on the floor, legs spread, skirt in her lap, showing off her pussy. She wanted a picture of his cock about to enter her pussy and demanded that he teach her mother how to take the picture. Then, with his pants around his knees, they sat him on a hard backed chair while Paulette straddled his lap, her back to the camera. She flipped up her skirt again and lowered her pussy until the head of his cock burrowed between her tight pussy lips. She looked over her shoulder at the camera, the flash went off, and she ground a little more.

"Mmmm that feels so nice." she cooed.

She hopped off and had her mother take a picture of her mouth on his cock, and of her jacking it. Teri wanted in the pictures, but Paulette was firm. This was her time. Teri could take more pictures later if she wanted.

Then it was time for a costume change. Miranda, heated up by seeing her brother's cock nudging into her younger daughter's virgin pussy, wanted to be fucked, but when he offered she wouldn't let him, saying he had to save it for Paulette. She did suck on him for a little while, but wouldn't let him cum.

Teri came back in the room, a smile on her face. "I loaned her my special swimsuit," she said.

"What special swimsuit?" asked Miranda.

"The one you don't know about yet," said Teri. "I wore it at a sleepover once, but that's all."

When Paulette came in they could see why. There was almost nothing to it. It was pure white. A band of material went across her nipples, leaving the undersides and tops of her breasts bare. The panty was made of two strips of cloth, sewed together where they covered her pussy lips. Then they separated as they came up and went up high on each hip, going around to the back and making a belt. There was a single string that descended from the belt into her ass crack, and down to the crotch piece. They had found high heels someplace and Paulette walked carefully on them, leaving an impression that she was stalking, rather than walking. She struck a pose, hands on hips, one foot forward. Her hair was now down around her shoulders. Her makeup made her look at least twenty-one. Bob would never have even thought about carding her if he was a bartender.

Bob whistled and Paulette preened, shoving her chest out. Bob recovered and began taking pictures.

At one point he positioned her and then told her not to move. He went behind her and untied the top, pulling it away from her breasts. It had been so tight that it left marks on her tender tits. From behind her Bob cupped them and massaged them as she leaned back against him and sighed with contentment.

Then he took more pictures until he said he wanted her naked. She stood, looking vulnerable as the remains of the suit dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them and he led her to the big recliner, sitting her on the edge, her high heels still on. He took two more pictures and then stripped his own clothes off.

Miranda and Teri stared as he stood, naked, his cock standing straight out from his body. He walked to Paulette, who leaned forward as his cock came closer and closer to her face. Her hand came up and she skinned his foreskin back. Then she planted a wet kiss on the tip of his cock.

"I'm so horny," she whispered to her Uncle.

"Me too baby," he said.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" she asked, spreading her legs and showing him her pussy.

"I want to," he said.

"I want you to," she said.

He knelt between her legs and kissed her while her mother and sister began to fidget in their chairs. He snaked a hand to her pussy and found it dripping. Slowly he slid his longest and thickest finger into her pussy and fucked her with it while she moaned and wiggled. He added his index finger, pushing deep and got a little moan of pain in return.

"It might hurt even more than that" he whispered in her ear.

"I don't care. I want it in me," she panted.

Bob replaced his fingers with his cock tip and began pushing it at her, but not in her. He kept kissing her as he poked and prodded and suddenly, one of his thrusts made him slip inside her. He stopped immediately as she winced. She looked down at her pale white pussy lips, stretched to their limits around his invading prick.

"It's in me," she whispered. "There's so much more left!"

"We'll go nice and slow baby," he said and kissed her again. Their long passionate kisses relaxed her enough that he could fuck in and out with two inches of his cock. Two inches became three and then gradually four until the tip of his cock hit the back of her pussy and she jerked. She broke the kiss and stared down where he was joined to her. One inch of his cock was still sticking out.

She shuddered and whined "It's almost all in me Uncle Bob. It feels soooo good." Then she clasped her hands behind his neck and pulled on him as she lay back. He had to rise off his knees or risk being pulled out of her. The recliner leaned back and cycled suddenly. In an instant he was falling on her and she was supine in the chair. His cock slammed into her ruthlessly and she groaned in mixed pain and pleasure as her Uncle's weight came down on her young body. Air whooshed out of her in one gasp and Bob struggled to take his weight off her.

In the process he pushed up with his arms, onto his knees, and his cock came out of her with a wet slushy sound.

"Ohhhhhh," she gasped, at once relieved that the pain was gone, but unhappy that her pussy, which had been so wonderfully filled, was now empty.

Bob stretched one leg out and got his toes on the floor and levered himself off of the recliner. Paulette lay there, naked, her legs spread, her pussy still gaping open. Her pussy lips were now filling back up with blood and darkening.

"Uncle Bob," whined Paulette.

He stretched out his hand to her and pulled her and the chair back into a sitting position. He kept pulling and made her stand up. He led her to the straight backed chair and sat down on it, like they had posed him before. Paulette saw immediately what he wanted and straddled him, just like before, except this time naked. She reached her hand down and guided his cock to her sex again, and this time, she kept going as she sat down on him. His cock penetrated her again and she groaned as it dug into her cervix, pushed there by her own weight. Her thighs and calves tensed as her toes pushed on the floor and she raised up just enough to ease the pressure. She leaned against his chest, putting her arms around his neck, and let herself fall again.

"Ahhhhhh," she moaned. She did it again, and suddenly she was bouncing on his lap, fucking herself with his hard flesh as her moans got louder and louder. Her head fell on his shoulder as she felt an orgasm coming and she slammed herself down onto his spike harder and harder until the orgasm exploded in her pussy, flashing to her brain and then washing over her whole body. Now she dropped her weight and simply wiggled her pussy onto his prick as she came.

"Soooo good," she gasped. Bob kissed her neck and looked up, over her shoulder, past her flying hair. Miranda sat, a look of shock on her face as she watched her younger daughter being fucked for the first time. Teri, sitting beside her, was rubbing her own pussy through her shorts. As he watched her hand darted up to her waistband and dipped down into her shorts so she could get skin to skin contact.

Paulette slumped against his chest, panting for air. With his arms around her he stood up so that she was hanging, impaled on his shaft. He walked to the couch and began to lay her down. As she felt her pussy pulling off his cock, Paulette's legs came up and her heels hit his butt cheeks hard enough to bruise them. With her suspended under him he gently laid her on the couch and began to fuck into her.

He wasn't gentle. She had abused her own pussy with her weight, and he knew she had stretched enough that he could do this. So he fucked her with long strokes, making sure the top of his cock scraped her clitty. Feeling his balls wanting to give up their contents, he strained, trying to wait until she had her second orgasm.

And, when he felt her pussy begin to clamp down on him and her cries told him she was there, he pushed in deep and flooded her young pussy with his sperm. He fucked her some more as his cock delivered a river of thick spunk and she sloshed and squelched, their fucking making wet obscene sounds as his cum spurted out of her pussy around his invading cock.

"No ... more ... no ... more" she gasped at him, her small fists batting at his chest. Bob slowly drew his half hard cock out of the teen and she lay, limp, splayed, her pussy weeping thick white spunk as her chest rose and fell rapidly, trying to get air into her lungs. Her eyes opened and she stared up at her uncle, pleading with her eyes.

He leaned over and kissed her, his cock dripping cum on her stomach. "Don't worry" he whispered to her. "There's lots more where that came from."

Paulette smiled, relief evident on her face. "OK." she sighed.

Bob turned around and looked at the other two women in the room. Miranda was still staring, her mouth open. Teri was digging into her pussy and panting.

"Give me ten minutes. Who's next?"

Clothing flew everywhere as mother and daughter raced to see who could get naked first, to claim their man.

The End