Tumblr Sister

by Lubrican

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Chapter One

You know how you see a science fiction movie and it seems so real that you wish it really was real?

Well ... maybe not all of them ... like War of the Worlds. But it would be totally cool to be able to be invisible, or to have a death ray or something like that.

Anyway, the point is that just like you can't believe sci fi stuff is real, sometimes things happen that are real, but they're just as hard to believe.

And that happened to me.

Something hard to believe.

I should just start. It's a long story, and I'm sure your time is valuable.

With some things, it's hard to figure out where it all started. But with this story it's easy.

It all started one night when I went to the bathroom that my sister and I share. We have adjoining bedrooms, with this bathroom between us. Each of us has our own bathroom door. And she was in there, but hadn't locked the door on my side. We're supposed to lock the door when we're in there. It's a rule. Mom and Dad said so after I started getting boners. So anyway, I had to pee, so I opened the door and there was Phoenix, standing in front of the mirror naked. She was holding her digital camera beside her face and smiling, and just as I opened the door the flash went off.

Of course she squealed and her hands went to cover her boobs. And all I could think of at that moment was that it was me who would be in trouble. I mean she was naked and I was looking at her ... you know?

And I have to say that was really interesting. I hadn't seen Phoenix naked since we were like ten or something. And let me tell you, a lot changes in five years. Believe me!

Like she had real boobs now. I'd seen them pushing out her shirts, of course. I mean you couldn't miss it. I looked at every woman's boobs from the time I was twelve until ... well ... I guess I still do. But that's not the point. The point is that my whiny little sister didn't look all that little any more.

Except for between her legs. There, she still looked like she was eleven. No hair. Nothing. Bare as a baby's butt.

So anyway, there I was freaking out, because I was sure that little squeal was going to turn into a bunch of screaming and our parents would come running and I'd be grounded for life or something.

And then the strangest thing happened. My sister stared at me with eyes the size of dinner plates and she took a huge breath. But instead of screaming, she begged.

"Please don't tell Mom!" she whispered. It was a loud whisper, probably because of all that breath she took in, but it was definitely a whisper.

Now, I might have only been seventeen, and I might have been very ordinary looking, and maybe I never have figured out how to talk to a girl, but none of that means I'm stupid.

It was instinct to say "I should!"

"Please, Tut!" she begged, and her hands reached out to me.

Just remembering that makes me pause ... seeing those delicious, round breasts, with such dark, almost wine colored nipples. It was shocking then, and I remember the shock now. I also notice our names. I'm used to it, but I'm also used to explaining it to people who don't know us.

Our parents are archaeologists. They met on a dig in Egypt, and mom got pregnant with me there. They don't know I know, but I found their marriage license in an old box of stuff, and it is dated only three months before I was born. Anyway, they named me Thutmose, which means 'Born of Thoth'. Thoth was my dad's nickname, because that's what the locals called him at that dig. It means Ibis, and he is tall and skinny, with long legs and what could pass for a hooked nose. When Phoenix came along a year later, her hair was this really, dark red, and they stuck with the Egyptian naming theme. Around the house we shortened my name to Tut and Phoenix's to Phee.

Anyway, I was standing there, dumb struck, because I suddenly realized my sister was a fricking babe! And that made me feel even more like I was in trouble because all of a sudden I was thinking things brothers aren't supposed to think about their sisters, and my cock was getting hard.

So I turned around and ran.

I didn't actually run, of course, but I retreated ... went to my room ... closed the door.

Ten minutes later I felt like a complete pervert, because I had just jerked off ... while thinking about what I had just seen.

Well, I guess it was too weird for both of us, because we both acted like nothing had happened at all. Life went on. Of course it wasn't the same life. At least not for me. I couldn't possibly forget those round breasts, with the dark nipples, and all that dark red hair against her pale, white skin. And those pussy lips. All I could think about was what they might feel like if I licked them.

See what I mean? I was a complete pervert.

I have to say, though, that it sure helped when I looked at other girls, and thought what used to be perverted things about them. It didn't seem so bad any more to think about them that way.

Like her best friends Beth and Danni, for instance. They came over all the time, and were on the cheerleading squad with Phee. About half of the cheer squad hung out with Phee on a pretty regular basis, but Beth and Danni were the hottest. Danni was tall, even taller than my five-eight, and she had that supermodel look that went with being slim. Her boobs looked big sometimes, but not always. What I mean is that none of the girls' boobs looked big when they were in uniform. The administration of Brazelton High School not only made them wear really supportive sports bras, but they had thick embroidered megaphones, with the initials of the school "BHS" on them, that covered the whole chest. It kind of flattened everybody out. But when Danni was in jeans and a T shirt, and she cocked her hip like she did a lot, I had to go somewhere else before anybody saw my dick getting hard.

Beth, on the other hand, was the Xena Warrior Princess of the group. She was short, maybe 5-4, but she had huge tits, and muscles on her muscles. It wasn't that she was Popeye or anything. I mean she looked all girl, even with the muscles. I guess you'd say all that female brawn just gave her a super healthy look, like a lot of serious soft-ballers, or gymnasts like Mary Lou Rettin have. She was sixteen, like Danni. I don't think I ever saw her in jeans or pants. She always wore a skirt of some kind. I figured she liked showing off those fabulous legs.

While I'm at it, I might as well tell you about the other three who made up the pack of girls who were to change my life so much. Two of the others were fifteen, like my sister, while the third was sixteen, like Danni and Beth. Together, the six of them made up the freshman and sophomore cheerleaders. I never figured out whether they hung together because the juniors and seniors had their own clique or what, but that's how it turned out.

Anyway, there was Denise, who was the blond of the group. She was flat, but really pretty. Denise tried to tell me what to do when she was around, but I pretty much ignored her. Danni, on the other hand, had this trick that I didn't understand of making me do what she wanted. Like Denise might say "Hey Tut! Get me a soda!" and I'd pop off with "You know where the fridge is." But if Danni said it ... I got her the soda. Don't ask me why. It was just like that. And I never got anything for it. I mean she never flirted with me or anything like that. None of them did.

The other Freshman was Frankie, the weird one. You never knew what color her hair was going to be, and sometimes it was three colors at once. That hair stuck out all over too, like it wasn't combed, except it never looked ragged. If you really looked at Frankie hard, you could tell she probably spent more time on her hair than any of the rest of them. It was hard to tell what Frankie's body was like, because she wore a lot of oversize, loose clothing, like sweatshirts and baggy pants. When she was in her uniform, though, she had slim, well-toned legs, and she could jump way high and do all those athletic kicks cheerleaders are so good at. She was always saying weird things too. Like one time she came up and stood right in front of me, almost touching me. She's an inch shorter than me, so she had to look up. And she stares at me and says "So, how 'bout that string theory? What dimension are you from?" Frankie is weird. But, having said that, I have to say she has these almond shaped eyes, and a spray of freckles that goes from one cheek across her nose to the other cheek, above lush lips that I have always wanted to kiss. I don't want to kiss Frankie, mind you ... just those lips.

And last, but truly not least was Roberta, who was a babe for sure, but was also one of those mean girls, who is just trouble. She would lie and do things that she blamed on others. She liked to shoplift. I wasn't supposed to know a lot of what she did, but you hear things, you know? I tried not to have anything to do with Roberta. That wasn't hard because she'd had a fight with the rest of them a while back, and I guess they hadn't kissed and made up yet, because I hadn't seen her around for a couple of months.

So that was the group of girls who tormented my life on a regular basis, particularly when they came for a sleepover. They all acted like they lived there, and like I was either their servant, or some disgusting mutant that my parents had found under a rock on one of their digs.

And this was the group that assembled just weeks after I saw my sister naked, taking a picture of herself in the mirror in the bathroom.

They came for a sleepover.

Now as I go on with my story, I'm quite sure that you, the reader, are going to connect some dots that I didn't connect. And that's fine. You, the reader, are not a seventeen-year-old boy, confused most of the time and scared the rest, because the world doesn't make all that much sense. Not to mention the flood of chemicals rushing through your veins, or the fact that your brain isn't finished growing yet. But the only way I can tell you this story is the way I remember it happening. And I did not connect some dots at the time they were thrown around.

Such as, for example, all the flashes of light their cameras made, and which I saw under the door to Phee's room, or under her bathroom door, if mine was open. I mean so they were taking pictures. Girls do that, right? Especially at sleepovers. It goes along with all that screaming and yipping ... all those coyote sounds that girls make when they gather. And I didn't connect the dot that was Phee taking a picture of herself naked to the dots that were all those camera flashes. Who, for example, would believe that a bunch of girls in high school would get naked together and act all strange?

Well ... come to think of it ... I did have some clues along that line too. That's because while I was surfing the web one night, I stumbled upon a tumblr site. I am told there are all kinds of tumblr sites, but the kind I'm talking about was page after page of thumbnails of nudity and debauchery. And each site has a list of people who follow that site, and each of those people has their own site, with pages of naked, frolicking people.

In other words, I hit the mother lode of pictures that a teenaged boy could spend literally hours staring at.

It was quite an education in some ways. Some people like some pretty weird things. Like sticking things in their butt. What's up with that? And tying people up, and gagging them with balls in their mouth? People like that?!

But the important part, for the purposes of this story, were the pictures of groups of teenaged girls ... naked ... in somebody's bedroom ... doing all manner of interesting things.

In other words, other dots I never connected. I just could not fathom that such goings on might be happening right on the other side of my wall, with all those girls I told you about.

But they were.

How I found out about this fact was interesting in itself. In fact, it was tumblr that drew the line that connected that particular dot for me. It happened like this.

It was three months after I had seen Phee naked. We only had two weeks of school left. I was going to be a senior the next year, and had a part time job lined up for the summer at this Japanese sushi and steakhouse place down town. I think I was their token white guy, because everybody I had seen in that place except the diners was Oriental.

Anyway, Phee was having another slumber party - they came around about every couple of months - and all the girls were there. They had taken over the family room and kitchen. Our parents were out for the night, having learned long ago there was no sleeping during a sleepover. Not until two in the morning, anyway.

It was about that time, in fact, after things had calmed down and had been quiet for half an hour or so. I thought they were all still out in the family room. Sometimes they crashed out there, in nests made of every blanket and quilt our family owned. I had been reading with my headphones on, listening to Uncle Kracker, and I got up to go to the bathroom before I turned off my light.

I opened my bathroom door, and there was another naked teenaged girl in there.

This time it was Danni.

Danni's reaction to me seeing her was completely different than Phee's had been. Danni didn't yelp, or jump. She was brushing her hair, which was that kind of brown hair that has golden highlights in it. She looked over at me, and then looked back at the mirror and put the brush down. She used both hands to pull her hair into a ponytail and used a scrunchy to tie it up.

"I'm using the bathroom," she said, calmly.

I, of course, was staring at her body. Her breasts were bigger than they looked when she was dressed. Her areolas and nipples were the same color, which was a light brown that was barely darker than her skin. I glanced down and, though the angle was wrong for a good look, I saw no evidence of hair sticking out.

She glanced at me again.

"Leave, pervert!" she snapped.

I left, but it was different this time. I didn't feel guilty for some reason. True, I could see under the door that the light was on in there before I opened it. But Phee left the light on all the time. It was something I nagged her about.

And, of course ... Danni wasn't my sister.

Suddenly I wasn't sleepy any more. I was horny instead. I needed to beat off.

I went to my computer. There was a tumblr site I had saved, because it had some good pictures on the first page, so I went to that one and started looking for a picture to click on and blow up. I found a couple, and opened them in new tabs. I found several that, when viewed large, were good for what I wanted, and I saved them to the folder I used for beat off material. I paged down and found more, and got distracted. It was rare that I found so many pictures on a single site that I wanted to save. I'm pretty picky, actually, about the pictures I save. The girl has to have the right look on her face, or I can't plug her into any of my fantasies. She can't look too slutty. She can't look like a pro, posing for money. I really like the candid ones, the amateur ones.

Like the groups of naked girls in somebody's bedroom ... doing all manner of things with each other ... and sometimes a boy or two.

I saw several of those kinds of thumbnails and opened them in other tabs. I had about ten tabs open when I started going to each one to see the picture large.

On the fourth one I looked at, the naked girls I was suddenly looking at were the girls who were currently inhabiting the family room in my house. And the bathroom not ten feet from me.

I realized that either Phee or Roberta must have taken the picture, because neither of them was in it. The other four girls were on Phee's bed, laughing, side by side, their naked skin all rubbing up against each other.

I stared in disbelief. My fingers went through the normal sequence of saving the picture. Muscle memory did it all, including clicking on the little x in the tab to make it go away so I could see another one. As it disappeared I leaned forward and said "No!" out loud. I hadn't meant to close it. Then, about the time I realized I'd saved it, and could look at it any time I wanted, the next one registered.

It was Frankie and Beth. Beth was laid back against the headboard of Phee's bed, and Frankie was licking her pussy.

I had forgotten about beating off.

Well, I suppose that's not technically correct. I was thinking about beating off, but I couldn't resist looking for one more picture of the girls. I'd found six so far. I had actually printed them out in four by six format, so I could look at them as a group. And I'd have been most happy to beat off to any of the six, especially the one of Frankie licking Beth's split. Beth wasn't shaved, but you could see her pussy lips real easily. You could actually see Frankie's tongue pushing those pussy lips apart, and the look on Beth's face made it unquestionably clear that she didn't mind this perversion at all.

Of course, being a pervert myself, I didn't either. And, of course, my fantasy just had Frankie getting Beth all lubed up for the main event. And ... of course ... that would be my dick in her pussy.

There seemed to be one picture of the girls on each page of this person's site. The name of it was iloveyoungtits.tumblr.com, and my feeling that it would have things I liked had been right. Besides the pictures of the girls I actually knew, I was also saving an average of ten other shots per page. I was ragingly hard, but just couldn't take the time to ease the burn, so to speak. I had to look for that one more picture I knew I'd find, and that I knew I'd cry about if I quit before I found it. You know what I mean. While I had six pictures of my sister's friends, none of them showed either Roberta or my sister. So I kept looking. Did I mention I'm a pervert?

And I did find it. I paged down, and there it was, right in the middle of the page. It was what I call a tall shot, which means it is of the female standing, usually in a pose by herself. They take up double the space on the page, which means the bloggers only keep the best ones. And this one was a doozy.

It was also Phee.

She was naked, standing there with her arms not quite hanging, looking dead at the camera. She was coming out of our bathroom, but it didn't look like they had ambushed her with the camera. It looked more like she expected someone to take it ... and didn't really mind.

I stared. When I'd barged in on her in the bathroom, I hadn't had time to really look, of course. Now I did. I saved the picture and then opened it with Windows Image Viewer and clicked full screen.

Man! She was so beautiful! It was incredible. I had lived with this girl all my life, but had never realized how sexy and beautiful she could be. As my eyes devoured her breasts I reached and squeezed my bone. I peered at her pussy. Her vulva made what I believe is called a split peach and all I could think about was how fuckable she looked. I almost groaned, but for some reason, kept it in. It's probably good I did, because unknown to me the girls had snuck into my room through the bathroom. The first I knew about that was when Beth spoke in this voice that was just full of disgust and scorn.

"What are you doing?! That's Phoenix!"

I jumped like I'd been stuck with a pin. And I'm talking about one of those old fashioned hat pins like my mother carries with her everywhere. It had belonged to her Great-Aunt Fiona or some such thing, and while it was undeniably a weapon in my mother's skilled hands, no police type ever thought anything about it because she told them it was an antique and her good luck charm.

Anyway, the chair tipped too far and I sprawled. I saw all five of them, upside down. Most of them were looking at the screen.

"Hey! That's the one Roberta took!" gasped Frankie.

"Where did you get that?" demanded Danni. She stepped forward and peered over Frankie's shoulder at the screen.

Phee saw the pile of pictures I'd printed and went to pick them up. She leafed through them. The printer finally finished processing the last request and began printing out the most recent picture.

The one of her.

I sat there. I'm sure I looked surprised, because I was pretty much astonished with what was happening. I tried to think of something to say. There was nothing there, though. I had nothing.

I was screwed.

Apparently they were pretty surprised too, because other than a lot of milling around, there was no screaming. I was pretty sure the screaming would come, though, and in the panic that consumed my brain, the only thing I could revert to was habit and tradition.

"You didn't knock!" I blurted. "Get out of my room!"

The milling around stopped. In fact, all movement in the room stopped. It was like we were suddenly statues in Madam Whoever-she-is's wax museum in California. We went one time when I was little, and it looked like that.

Then Denise - good old Denise - said "Nice try, buster. But we caught you. First you peeked at Danni and now this!"

And that, believe it or not, was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. The indignation I felt was based primarily in the lie that I had intentionally peeked at Danni. My macho teen pride couldn't take that accusation. Almost instantly a number of facts popped into my mind, and I began to use them in a rapid-fire verbal assault on the people who had just ambushed me in my own room. I stood quickly and I swear the whole crowd swayed backwards, as if I were actually dangerous.

"I did not peek at Danni!" I started. "But even if I had, what was she doing in my bathroom stark naked?!" I folded my arms, which made me feel powerful. "There is no shower in our bathroom, and no conceivable reason to be naked in there. And this, as you call it, is another thing." I waved my hand at the sheaf of prints still in Phee's hand. "Why is it that I'm seeing photographs of my sister and her friends naked on the fricking internet? What do you think all your parents are going to think when they see these pictures?" I looked down my nose at them. The only one as tall as me was Danni, and I ignored her.

I had the sweet feeling of having gotten away with it, until Danni leaned over and whispered in Phee's ear. Phee's eyes, which had been bouncing between me and the pictures in her hands, looked down at my groin. Sudden despair crashed into me, because I remembered I was wearing an older pair of sports shorts, which were thin and tight.

"You have a boner, Tut," said my sister, much too calmly.

Four other pair of eyes slid down my body and I couldn't help but look too. There it was, pushing those fricking shorts out like there was a lead pipe inside.

Suddenly it was too loud to think, as girls squealed. I swear one or two of them actually screamed. They exploded into movement, but it was useless motion, that didn't accomplish anything. I didn't realize it then, but they were just burning off energy their bodies didn't know what to do with.

Eventually Phee yelled "Shut up!" and they calmed down. All I could think of was that it was a good thing our folks were out at a movie, because if they'd come storming in to see what was causing all the noise, they'd have seen the screen too. And while I had used the nuclear threat against them, I had no intention of ever breathing a single word of this to anybody's parents. I was fully aware that the very first question aimed at me in a situation like that would be "What the hell were you doing surfing sites like that?!"

Interestingly, they did shut up. Phee said "My room!" and people began to flow towards my bathroom door, like they all knew that was the shortest way to get to their destination. Part of my brain thought it was interesting they'd all do that. Not one of them went for the door to the hallway. But I was distracted when Danni reached for my wrist and said "Come on. You too."

Remember how I told you that when Danni ordered me around, I obeyed? I did then too. I just started walking. It wasn't until I got to the bathroom, and looked through to see Frankie, Denise and Phee already in her room, that I stopped. Danni had anticipated my reluctance, apparently, because she was behind me. She put her hands on my hips, and said "Keep going, Romeo."

Now I have to explain something here. It was warm. I was dressed in those shorts I told you about, but that was all. And while every one of these girls had, at one time or another, poked me, prodded me, slapped me, kicked me, punched me and so forth, it was a rare event indeed for one of them to put her hands on me in what my brain could only interpret as an intimate touch.

Danni's hands, on my hips, weren't gripping, or pushing or doing anything aggressive. They were just there. It was almost a caress, with just a hint of a suggestion for me to keep moving. And her voice came from right above my left shoulder. I could actually feel her breath on my skin. That, and her astonishing characterization of me as "Romeo" short circuited my brain and I kept walking. When she said "Good boy," and I felt her breath on my skin again, I felt my cock lurch and, if anything, get even harder.

The brain is an astonishing thing. Within the next two seconds, I had a complete and total fantasy that involved Danni's hands sliding around my waist, and dipping into my shorts, which somehow ended up with me on top of her, both of us naked, of course, and me doing what I had only seen done in internet porn videos.

That only lasted a couple of seconds, however, because as I entered Phee's room, and I realized all the girls were staring at me - staring at my shorts, actually - Danni gave me a violent shove and barked "Get in there, pervert!"

I realized something was wrong. Nothing was going like it should. Girls should be screaming at me, but they weren't. I should be screaming at them, but I wasn't. I shouldn't even be in Phee's room, but I was. The girls shouldn't be looking at my boner.

But they were.

It was at this point that I realized I was in an other-worldly, science fiction type of existence. I didn't have a DeLorean, and I hadn't gone 88 miles per hour, but I was in some other time and place. At least it seemed that way then.

Again, that was just too much for my psyche to deal with, so again, I reverted to the normal. My sister and her friends had dragged me into Phee's room. Her territory. Where she had the advantage. But I was the big brother.

"What do you want?" I asked, trying to make my voice sound firm.

"We know what you want!" crowed Danni, and I swear she reached out and slapped the tip of my boner. It wasn't hard, and it didn't hurt. Her fingers just brushed the bulge, actually, but it shocked me into frozen silence. Somebody else snickered.

Denise stepped forward.

"We need to know where you got those pictures."

She said it in such a reasonable way that I answered automatically.

"They were on the internet."

"That's not possible," she said.

"The site is still up on my computer," I reminded her.

"Wait here," said Beth, and she darted back into the bathroom. Phee followed her. I stood there, looking at the remaining three girls. Only Danni was looking at my face.

"Who's that boner for?" she asked softly.

"Danni!" squealed Frankie.

"Yes!" agreed Denise, sounding surprised, as if she had just thought of that. "Who is it for?"

I didn't answer. It was for all of them, and I knew better than to say that.

Danni came over to stand in front of me. I could feel her breath on my chin.

"Is it for Denise?"

I still didn't answer.

"You printed a picture of Phee. Is it for her? Are you really a pervert?"

I remembered the picture of Phee. I remembered looking at that split peach between her legs, and wondering what it would be like to slide my prick into that split. I felt my cock jump, and I heard Frankie gasp.

Then I imagined David Steppington, my best friend, looking at that picture of Phee. He had told me countless times how hot he thought she was, but he was too chicken to ask her out. I knew exactly what he'd do if he had that picture. The thought of him beating off to her made me want to explode.

"What the fuck were you guys thinking?" I blurted. "Putting yourselves naked on the internet? Where anybody can see you?"

"We didn't do that!" yelped Frankie.

I looked at her. "Yeah, right. Those pictures I printed are just a figment of my imagination."

"Yes," said Danni, moving another inch closer to me. I felt the tips of her breasts touch my chest. "Let's talk about your imagination, Tut." She let her hips slide forward until I felt her touch the tip of my boner with her ... body. She slid her hips sideways and smiled at me. I couldn't believe it!

"Danni!" gasped Frankie. "You slut!"

Danni looked over at her, but didn't back away from me.

"You know the plan," she said calmly. "This doesn't change anything. If anything ... it's perfect. Now we know he's a pervert."

"Plan? What plan?" I asked.

I didn't get an answer, though, because my sister and Beth came back into the room. My sister was actually growling, she was so mad.

"They're all there," she growled. "Every fucking picture we ever took is on that site. Roberta fucked us! She posted them. It had to be her." She stopped suddenly. "Wait!"

She went to her desk, where her own computer was, and opened the top right drawer. She pulled stuff out and reached back into that rear of the drawer. Her hand went all around.

"It's gone," she said, sounding defeated. "She must have taken it at the last sleepover she was at."

"You mean the one when you called her a cunt and said you'd never invite her over again?" asked Danni.

My sister turned on her, rage in her face. "Are you saying this is my fault?"

"No," said Danni, calmly. "You did the right thing. She was a monumental bitch, way too much of the time. And this just proves we could never trust her. I only wish we had something of her to put on the internet to pay her back."

"Well we don't," said Frankie, who wasn't nearly as freaked out as she had been. "The only pictures of her naked are on that flash drive."

"Then we have to get it back," said Beth.

"If she still has it," said Frankie. She went on. "And if she hasn't erased them already."

"How do we get it back?" asked Denise. "There's no way she'll invite any of us over. She knows we agreed with Phee."

"We'll think of something," said Danni. "Meanwhile, I think we should proceed with our original plan for tonight."

"You're kidding!" whispered Frankie.

All the girls looked at me, for some reason. I had been standing there, listening to them, trying to get my boner to wilt before somebody concentrated on it again. The problem was that, based on their conversation, I was being reminded of the fact that these girls had frolicked about naked, taking pictures of each other, and that besides the ones I had already, there were some of Roberta nude too. She was arguably one of the best looking of all of them, and that image didn't help me in my goal. Still, I tried thinking of something else. I was already embarrassed enough.

But it was too late. Like they had practiced it, all the girls looked first at my face, and then their eyes dropped to my groin.

"You never answered my question, Tut," said Danni.

"Question?" My voice cracked, probably because I hadn't used it much recently, and my mouth was dry.

"Who is that boner for, Tut?"

"You are such a slut," sighed my sister. I wondered if she was addressing the comment at Danni ... or me. With a very small measure of relief, I decided it was Danni as she went on. "This was a stupid idea in the first place. Now that he's seen those pictures, it's even worse."

"Why?" asked Danni. "He'd have seen us that way sooner or later ... don't you think?"

"He's right here, people!" said Frankie, acid in her voice. "He can hear you talking."

"This isn't working out at all like I hoped it would," whined Beth.

They were starting to sound so normal that it lulled me into thinking I could say something.

"I'll just go back to my room now," I said, and headed for the bathroom.

At least three of them yelled "Stop!" at the top of their lungs.

I turned. I took a shot.

"Look," I said, and was a little amazed that they all stayed silent and waited for me to go on. "I found these pictures by accident. I wasn't going to tell anybody about them. I was going to confront you guys and tell you how stupid it was to put them online. Obviously that's no longer relevant. So I'll just go back to my room, and you guys can decide what you want to do about Roberta or whatever. Don't worry. I won't tell anybody about the pictures."

Danni looked at Phee. Then, as if I hadn't said a fricking word, she said, "Okay. So he wasn't supposed to see the pictures yet, but he did. I had to wait almost an hour in that stupid bathroom before he barged in and saw me naked tonight. I know it's all screwed up, but I say we go ahead as planned."

"What are you talking about?" I asked. My mind was looking at the part of her comment that suggested she had wanted me to see her naked in the bathroom.

Phee looked upset. That's rare. She's really easygoing. Finally she said, "Look. I went along with this stupid idea because you guys are my friends. But ... I didn't think we would actually do anything!"

Denise looked shocked. "But ... you were with us when we went in there to talk to him!"

"And that's all I thought it would be - talk! I thought he'd laugh at you ... us ... and we'd leave and it would be over."

"He wasn't laughing," said Danni. She looked at me and let her eyes drop to my groin. I realized suddenly that my boner was gone. I almost sighed with relief, but it didn't seem to matter to Danni that it was gone. She went on. "He had a stiffy ... even if he wouldn't admit who it was for."

Phee just stood there, looking upset.

"I get it," said Frankie, reaching out to touch Phee on the shoulder. "He was looking at your picture."

Phee looked at me. I had never seen that look on her face, and I had no idea what it meant, except that suddenly I was ashamed of being the pervert I knew I was.

"I'm sorry, Phee," I said.

Almost instantly I decided that had been the wrong thing to say. That's because all the girls stiffened, and moved. Danni came toward me. "Sorry for what, Tut? Sorry for getting a boner for your sister? You are a pervy little sneak!"

I know it's probably distracting, but I have to explain what I saw, because that led to what I did, and you need to understand why I did what I did. For some reason, those three little words: "I'm sorry, Phee," had a much bigger impact on all the girls than it should have. Each one reacted to it, and I could see the reaction on their faces. And in all cases except Phoenix, that reaction was anger. I could understand that. I could understand how they could be disgusted with a pervert who got hard for his own sister. But the look on my sister's face was of hurt. I just figured it was hurt that I had betrayed her trust or something like that, and I didn't want to hurt her. So I blurted out something that was designed to try to lessen that hurt.

Except that I blurted without thinking. Had I just taken Phee aside and explained it to her, everything would have been fine. The girls had been pissed off at me before, and would be again, but they were a transitory presence in the house. I could deal with their displeasure, but I had to live with Phee. So I blurted out the half truth that I hoped would ease her pain.

"The boner was for all of you!" I shouted.

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