More Fun With Dick And Jane

by Lubrican

See Dick.

Dick is fifteen and horny.

See Dick sneaking peeks at his father's Playboy Magazine. All the pictures are so shiny and pretty. All the women have such luscious tasty looking breasts.

See Dick's hand? It's in his pants. What's Dick doing? He's rubbing his penis! Sometimes a penis is called a cock. That's also what a rooster is called. Isn't that funny? Sometimes a penis is also called a prick. That's also what they call it when something pokes a hole in your skin. Don't we have weird names for penises?

Rub Dick, rub!

It makes Dick feel good to rub his cock. See Dick smile.

See Dick's penis? Dick has dropped his pants. Dick's cock is long and hard. See Dick masturbate? Dick is stroking his young prick very fast as he looks at the pretty women in the magazine.

Stroke Dick, stroke!

See Dicks face screw up and get funny looking! Dick is about to ejaculate. Sperm will come out of his cock and squirt all over the place.

See Dick ejaculate! Sperm is coming out of his cock!

Ejaculate Dick, ejaculate!

Dick is making a terrible mess. Some of his sperm has gotten on the pages of his father's magazine. Father will be very unhappy when he finds the pages of his Playboy all stuck together.

See Dick grab a Kleenex and clean up all his spunky splatter? Dick is a good boy who doesn't want his mother to be unhappy with him.

See Jane.

Jane is fifteen, just like Dick. But Jane is a girl. Jane doesn't have a penis. Jane doesn't look at Playboy magazine either. Jane looks at Seventeen magazine, at all the young male movie stars. See Jane's eyes go slightly out of focus? Jane is imagining Robby Benton, the famous movie star, kissing Jane's plump soft lips.

See Jane squirm? Jane has a funny feeling between her legs where she doesn't have a penis. That funny feeling is in Jane's vagina. Another name for vagina is pussy. Just like the kitty cat! Girls have pussies instead of penises. Interestingly enough, a girls pussy is exactly the right size for a boy's prick to fit into. It's kind of like how your hand fits right into your mitten.

Squirm Jane, squirm!

See Jane in bed, with the lights out? Jane is getting ready to go to sleep. Jane is still thinking about Robby Benton.

See the covers moving where Jane's pussy is? That's because Jane is rubbing her pussy, almost like when Dick rubs his penis. Except Jane is sliding one of her long slim fingers inside her pussy as she thinks about Robby Benton kissing her.

Rub Jane, rub!

Hear Jane moan? It sounds like Jane is in pain. But she's not in pain. Jane is having an orgasm. Orgasms feel very nice and that's why Jane moans. Jane is very happy when she has an orgasm.

See Dick.

Dick is outside his house peeking into the window. That seems like a funny thing to do. Why would someone peek through a window into a house where they live? It's because Dick is peeking into Jane's bedroom. Jane is Dick's sister. Jane is inside her bedroom, but her door is closed, so Dick can't see into her room through the door. This is why Dick has to peek through her bedroom window.

Peek Dick, peek!

Uh Oh! See Dick masturbating again? This time he's masturbating outside! What a funny place to masturbate. That's because Jane is playing dress up in her room. Jane has to take all her clothes off when she plays dress up. She puts on one outfit and admires her curvy young body in the mirror. Then she takes those clothes off. That's called stripping. Then she puts on another outfit. Jane can play this game for a long time.

Strip Jane, strip!

See the thoughtful look on Dick's face. Dick is thinking very hard. Dick is thinking about what it would feel like if he could fit his penis into Jane's pussy. Dick is quite sure it would feel very good. Dick is masturbating very fast now.

Masturbate Dick, masturbate!

See Dick ejaculate? Now he's making a mess on the side of the house! He likes to masturbate as he watches his naked sister and thinks about putting his penis in her pussy. She's just as pretty as the women in Playboy magazine.

See Jane.

Jane is standing in the bathroom door. Why isn't Jane going into the bathroom or coming out of the bathroom instead of just standing in the door? That's because Jane is peeking into the bathroom.

See Dick.

Dick is taking a shower in the bathroom. The water feels good as it runs down his body.

See Dick masturbating? Dick sure masturbates a lot doesn't he? Dick is still thinking about what it would be like to put his cock in Jane's pussy.

Masturbate Dick, Masturbate!

See Jane watch her brother masturbate.

See Jane reach inside her robe and rub her pussy. That's because when she looks at Dicks penis it makes her pussy feel hot and itchy, just like when she thinks about Robby Benton kissing her. Jane wishes it was Robby Benson masturbating in the shower. She would really love to see Robby Benton's cock. But her brother's prick is just as interesting.

Rub Jane, rub!

See Dick ejaculate! See his spooge splatter all over the side of the shower stall. See the water make it all run down into the drain. This isn't nearly as messy. Maybe Dick should masturbate in the shower all of the time.

See Jane bite her lip? Hear Jane moan? We know what that means, don't we. Jane is having another orgasm. Jane has never seen sperm splattering all over the place. Seeing sperm splatter all over the place has made Jane have an orgasm. Having an orgasm is also called cumming.

Cum Jane, cum!

See Jane backing up into the hallway. Jane is going to her room. See the thoughtful look on Jane's face? Jane is thinking about what that sperm might feel like. Jane thinks it looks a little bit like Tapioca pudding. Jane likes Tapioca pudding. Jane is also wondering if sperm tastes as good as Tapioca pudding.

See Dick and Jane.

Dick and Jane are watching television. Lots of children watch television.

What are Dick and Jane watching?

Dick and Jane are watching a video tape they found way in the back of Mommy and Daddy's closet. It is a video tape about their family. It is a video tape about their aunt Jill and Uncle Bob and their mommy and their daddy.

See what's on the video tape? Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob are all naked on the video tape. Mommy and Aunt Jill are on their knees. Mommy is taking Uncle Bob's big hard prick into her mouth! Aunt Jill is doing the same thing to Daddy! What a strange thing to do!

See Uncle Bob smile.

See Daddy grin.

They are enjoying this very much.

Now what are they doing?

Daddy is putting his long hard cock inside Aunt Jill's pussy. Aunt Jill seems to be very happy about this. Uncle Bob is putting his long hard cock inside Mommy's pussy. Mommy seems just as happy about this as Aunt Jill.

See Daddy and Uncle Bob? They can't seem to make up their minds. First they put their long hard cocks into Mommy and Aunt Jill, and then they pull them back out. Then in. Then out. Daddy and Uncle Bob must be very confused. It's been five minutes now and they still haven't decided whether they like being inside or outside better.

See Dick and Jane watching the video? Their faces are flushed. Their breathing is accelerated. Dick wishes he could masturbate, but Jane is right there. Jane wishes she could masturbate, but Dick is right there. This is called a conundrum.

Now look at the video tape. Uncle Bob is sucking on mommy's nipples like he was a little baby. Mommy seems to like this very much too.

Hear Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill on the video tape. They are using many bad words.

Aunt Jill is yelling "FUCK ME YOU BASTARD, FUCK ME HARD!"


Daddy is fucking Aunt Jill!

Fuck Daddy, fuck!

Uncle Bob is fucking Mommy!

Fuck Uncle Bob, fuck!

Of COURSE Mommy loves Uncle Bob. He's her brother, after all.

See Jane look at Dick.

Dick is Jane's brother too. Jane loves her brother a lot.

See Jane talking to Dick about how brothers and sister who love each other might want to have fun like they're seeing on the video tape.

See Dick agree.

See Dick and Jane tearing their clothes off. They must want to be naked like their mother and father and aunt and uncle.

See Jane on her knees. Jane is putting Dick's cock in her mouth.

See the grin on Dick's face. It is exactly like the grin on Uncle Bob's face.

See Jane take her mouth off of Dick's cock. What's that long white string going from her mouth to his cock? Maybe that's some sperm. See Jane tasting the long string of sperm. See Jane smile. Maybe it doesn't taste like Tapioca pudding, but it's good anyway.

See dick lie on top of Jane. She is spreading her legs for him. Dick is putting his prick in Jane's pussy!

Dick is fucking Jane!

Fuck Dick, fuck!

Hear Jane moan. Jane is having another orgasm. Jane looks very very happy.

Cum Jane, cum!

Hear Dick groan. Dick says he is cumming. Dick looks very very happy.

Squirt Dick, squirt!

See Dick.

Dick is sneaking down the hallway at night. Where is he going?

He's going to Jane's room.

See Jane. She's waiting for Dick. She's all naked!

See Dick and Jane. They're fucking again. They must like to fuck. It must feel very good.

Hear Dick. He is saying that he likes cumming inside Jane's pussy better than anything else.

Hear Jane. She is saying that she loves the feel of his hot spunk deep in her belly.

I think Dick and Jane are going to fuck every day!

See Jane. She looks very different than she did when we saw her seven months ago. What is different about Jane?

See Jane's belly? It has gotten very very big! Maybe she has been eating way too much for dinner. Maybe Jane has gotten fat.

That's not it at all. Jane is actually pregnant. Jane has a little baby growing in her tummy. How did it get there? Remember all that fucking Dick and Jane were doing? That's how babies are made!

Dick has made a baby in his sister's tummy!

See Jane's breasts. They are all big and swollen. That's because they're full of milk for the new baby to drink when it is born.

See Dick. Dick is pretending to be the new baby. See milk spurt out of Jane's nipples into Dick's mouth. Dick is sucking Jane's nipples.

Suck Dick, suck!

See Dick and Jane.

See Dick and Jane's baby. Isn't it cute? It's almost a year old. See Jane feed the baby with her dripping breasts. The baby looks very happy.

Suck baby, suck.

See the baby sleeping now. It's all full and happy.

See Dick and Jane. They're fucking AGAIN!

It must be time to make another baby.

Fuck Dick and Jane, Fuck!

The End

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