Uncle Bob's Grain Elevator

by Lubrican

Cathy and her Uncle Bob lived in what could only be called a stop off spot on the highway between two towns in southwestern Kansas. There was a small store and gas station, run by an old lady who had no family. She lived in the back of the store.

The only other thing in the place was the grain elevator, which Bob managed for the local Co-op of farmers.

Cathy had lived with him since she was eleven, for the most part. Technically she was "visiting" Uncle Bob. But she went to school in the county where Uncle Bob lived, and she had her own bedroom in the little house set out behind the tall elevator silos. And, because her mother was an alcoholic and her father was gone all the time on business, she chose to live with her Uncle Bob for practically the whole year.

It wasn't a legal arrangement or anything like that. She just lived with him because she liked him and she liked the solitude of being in the middle of nowhere, where nobody bothered her. She worked for him - with him actually - because it would have been boring beyond words if she didn't. She spent most of the days listening to music on her personal CD player while she worked.

The work wasn't really hard. Most of the grain was moved by machinery, but she had to do some shoveling and a lot of climbing to check on equipment, or repair it, or clear clogs in pipes, so she got enough exercise that her sixteen year old body was in tip-top shape.

As a woman, she wasn't all that noticeable. She had long brown hair that she kept tied back in a pony tail. Her face would have been beautiful if she wore a little makeup, and if it wasn't dirty. But she almost never put on makeup, and her face was usually dirty. The whole place, and everything in it was always dusty and dirty, including her and her Uncle. Her body was well developed, with nice round breasts that were capped with long sensitive nipples. She almost never wore a bra or panties because she got undressed and dressed at least six or seven times a day.

You see, when you work with grain, you live in dust. The dust penetrates everywhere and everything. There is grain chaff floating in the air all the time too, and it gets into clothing and begins to chafe and itch horribly.

So, both Cathy and her Uncle had to strip down and jump in the shower at the elevator a lot, sometimes as often as once an hour. That was why Cathy usually wore one of her many sets of halter tops and loose shorts. They were easy to skim out of, and quick to get into. Over the years Cathy had developed the ability to strip, wash off the itching dust and then get dressed again in under five minutes.

And, because she had started working for him when she had no breasts at all, both she and her uncle had become very casual about being seen by each other in the nude. There were certain times of the day when there wasn't much business, and those were times when Cathy and Bob headed for the shower. If Cathy got there first, Bob would simply wait until she stepped out to dry, and then he'd step in to get clean. If he got there first, Cathy waited until he came out dripping and then she slipped in to wash the itch off her skin. Whichever was last out, the other had dressed and gone back to work by the time that last shower was over.

Bob, for his part, was also well suited to be out in the middle of nowhere. He'd gone to college on a football scholarship, but wasn't good enough to be picked up by a pro team. He'd had plenty of being well known and sought after during his college years. Girls sought him out as their trophy date. Teachers assumed he was stupid, and that they'd have to pass him anyway, so they were unfriendly for the most part. His teammates were always afraid he'd steal their glory. By the time he graduated he was ready for "people" to stay in the city somewhere and leave him alone.

When Cathy began to visit him and then to work with him and then to actually live with him, he welcomed her, because she was bright eyed, and smart and fun to be around. She liked him for who he was, and not what he could do for her. Plus she was a good worker and small enough to get into some of the toughest places that sometimes needed cleaning out.

They happened to notice each other as 'male' and 'female' at about the same time, but for different reasons.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when the conduit from bin #4 to bin #5 got clogged again. It was a recurring problem that Bob had been meaning to fix for years. But Cathy was slim enough she could wiggle through the access port into the conduit and break up the clog. She'd done it lots of times. He had to hold her legs while she shimmied into and out of the access port, because there wasn't anything else around to support her weight and the edge of the port would be uncomfortably sharp unless he held her up. So when he yelled at Cathy to come with him to fix the problem it was a normal situation, even though they hadn't had to deal with this particular problem for more than a year.

Cathy's mind that day, however, was not on her work. At school the day before she had been running an errand for Mrs. Thompson, the math teacher, who had sent a note to Mr. Farmington, who taught shop and was the coach for the combined Junior and High School. She asked Cathy to deliver that note. It was right in the middle of classes, so the halls were deserted and quiet.

As she approached the Coach's office, she heard voices and it sounded like someone was in pain. Something had made her hesitate, instead of barging right into the office. Instead, she peeked around the edge of the door.


But there was another door on the other side of the office that went to the locker room. She tiptoed to that door and peered into the locker room. She stifled a gasp, for there, on a bench, was Connie Simmons, the head cheerleader, and she was naked as could be! She was lying back on the bench, with her legs spread wide, and feet on the floor.

But what was making it hard for Cathy to breathe was that Coach Farmington, equally nude, was also straddling the bench, leaned over Connie, and his big fat adult penis was buried in Connie's teen pussy! He was lurching forward and backward and Cathy could see his boner sliding in and out of Connie's wet looking pussy. It was Connie who was making the noises, and they didn't sound like she was in pain any more. In fact she was moaning "Yes, Coach, keep going ... yes, I'm almost there ... deeper ... yes YES!!" About then Coach Farmington said "OH SHIT BABY, I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ... GONNA SHOOT ... GONNA SQUIRT!!!"

And then the coach shoved that boner way deep inside the teenager and held it there. Cathy saw his butt cheeks clench and she knew that his penis was shooting spurts of semen into Connie's pussy.

It had made her knees weak. She'd backpedaled quickly into the office, where she left the note from Mrs. Thompson, and then ran back to class, where she arrived panting, and not all just from the run.

So, as Cathy followed her Uncle up to the access port for the conduit, she was looking at his butt in the tight jeans he favored, and wondering why she'd never noticed how shapely and hard that butt looked. Then she blushed as she realized what she was thinking about her own Uncle. Then he bent over to remove the bolts that held the access port on and his butt was pointing at her again. It waved in the air as he moved and she was so tickled by the whole situation she started laughing.

Bob, of course, was clueless, and when he turned to look at his niece she was laughing so hard she couldn't talk. Instead she reached around him and slapped him on his butt, which only seemed to make her laugh even harder. He twisted and turned, thinking there must be something stuck on his jeans. She laughed so hard she had to sit down.

Finally she got control of herself as her chest heaved, and she begged off telling him what was going on.

"Later, please" she chuckled. "If I try to explain it now I'll just get going again."

She hopped up, stuck her arms into the access hole and waited for her Uncle to lift her lower body up so she could wriggle into the hole and along the conduit to where they both knew the clog was. Bob did just that.

But Cathy had grown a lot since the last time they'd had to work on this conduit. Her breasts had grown several inches and their hard teenage flesh didn't give much. When they got to the edge of the hole Cathy couldn't pull on anything with her hands to get her breasts inside. She yelled to her Uncle to push and, without stopping to think about why it was so much harder to get her in than it had been in the past, he pushed. Her breasts dragged painfully over the rim of the access port, but then popped in.

Then her hips got stuck. They too had swelled with her ripening womanhood. Again, Bob just pushed. He should have realized Cathy was too big to get into that pipe, but he wasn't thinking.

As a result, Cathy got into the conduit. And she got to the blockage and cleared it. But when she got back down to the tube that led to the access port, she couldn't get her legs turned to get into the T that led to the exit.

"I think I'm stuck, Uncle Bob" she called to him.

"What do you mean you're stuck?" said Bob. "Just come out the same way you went in."

"I can't" she complained. "I can't get my legs into the T. Wait a minute" she called. He looked into the T and saw she was backing up, going past the T. He stared as her breasts came into view and instantly had an epiphany as to what the problem was. She'd grown up. Then her face came into view. "I'm going to try to come out frontward, instead of backwards" she said. She began to wiggle her upper body into the T.

That worked, until she got to the access port. Her hands came through and Bob started to pull, but then she yelled "WAIT! OWWW! STOP!!"

Bob stopped. His niece's head and shoulders were out of the port and she had a pained expression on here face. "I think my boobs are stuck" she said.

"Your boobs" Bob said stupidly.

"Yes, I have them, you know." she frowned.

"Oh ... uh ... of course. Maybe I can just pull you out," he said as he reached for her arms.

"NO!" she yelped "That's what you were doing before, and it hurt ... a lot."

They were in a quandary. The only way he could get the port away from her was with a cutting torch. They couldn't do that, obviously. Then Bob remembered how he'd had to get one of his rings off one time, when he'd gained some weight. He'd smeared soap all over the finger and then the ring had pulled right off. He told Cathy about the idea.

"It sounds like a good idea, but how are we going to get the soap in here?" she said.

They figured out that if she went back into the T, with her arms sticking out of the access port, there might be just enough room for Bob to get one of his hands into the port to smear soap on her body.

They tried. He got a bottle of dish soap and she scooted back. But all he could reach was the halter top. He could get soap on that, but it just soaked in and when they tried to pull her out it still hurt too much. It was Cathy who got the idea that if he could reach it to get soap on it, he could reach it to untie it. He did, and a moment later pulled out a dirty, soap stained garment, that only moments before had been tenderly cupping her teenaged breasts. As it hung from his hand, Bob stared at the garment and thought just that. His cock stiffened and he tried to think of other things. Then it occurred to him that he now had to smear soap all over her naked body inside the tube.

That made his rod get even stiffer.

"What are you waiting for Uncle Bob?" she called. "I'm starting to get worried in here."

"Um ... sweetie ... I'm going to have to ... touch you," he said into the hole.

"Of course you are you Dodo!" she barked back. "And I wish you'd hurry!"

Bob got his hand soaked with slippery soap and slid it in past her shoulders. He rubbed all over her back and then, taking a deep breath, ran his hand around to her breasts. He realized then just how much his niece had grown as he felt the heavy swell of her mams and the hard nubbins that crowned them. She made a noise and he stopped. "What?" he called.

"Nothing" came her muffled response. "I think I need more."

So Bob got another handful and then slid his hand in and ... got another handful. Then he wiped his hands and pulled on hers. Her head popped out of the hole again. She was red in the face. He pulled and she winced. He pulled again and she said "Wait!"

He stopped and then said "On the count of three blow all of your air out - empty your lungs, OK?"

She nodded and he counted. On the count of three he gave her a second to empty her lungs and jerked hard. Her upper torso popped through the access port just as she dragged in enough air again and yelled "OWW!!" One of her hands pulled from his and flew to her now hanging breasts. "That HURT!" she yelled.

Bob, flustered, said the only thing that came to mind. "It's OK. I'll kiss it and make it better."

Her head snapped up and he blushed as she said "Just get me out of here." He pulled again. She slid for another six or eight inches and stuck fast again. He tugged and she frowned. "Now my pants are caught."

It didn't take long to arrive at the conclusion that more soap was needed, and that that soap needed to be applied to bare skin after her pants were unsnapped and unzipped. Then, they thought, her hips might slide right out of them and out of the hole.

It was a trial for Bob, though most people would have been thinking about poor Cathy. What made it tough for Bob was that he had to hold up her upper body while he soaped up her lower body. She was facing down when they started, her breasts hanging prettily below her. To hold her up he had to put his hands on or near them. He kept trying to touch her someplace else, but eventually she snarled "They're just boobs, Uncle Bob." Then he cupped one, while the other rested on his forearm. That gave him access to her butt through the hole. Her pants were loose enough he could slide his hand into them and soon his hand was roaming all over her tight teen ass cheeks.

Cathy was having a hard time deciding how she felt. At first she had been scared that she'd be stuck in the pipe forever and maybe even die. That fear had gone away. When her Uncle's soapy hand had slid all over her breasts, she felt a tingle of pleasure and that made her think of Connie and the Coach. It hurt like hell when he dragged her tender breasts through the access port, but that pain had pretty much gone away. When he said he'd kiss them to make the pain go away she'd had a flash of anger that he was teasing her in this situation. But when she saw his face, and how embarrassed he was, she thought about it again and wondered just what that might be like.

Now her Uncle's strong hand was cupping one of her sensitive boobs, and the feeling was quite nice. When his slick hand slid into her pants onto her butt cheeks she quivered. That felt nice too! She turned her head to say something and saw his crotch right there. There was a lump in his pants! There was a BIG lump in his pants!! She knew what was making that lump. She'd seen one of those in action, porking the stuffings out of Connie.

She felt a tickle in her own pussy.

Bob realized he had been rubbing Cathy's ass for several minutes. He cleared his throat and said "OK, that's got the back. I need to turn you over I think."

Together they worked her body until she was face up. That didn't help Bob at all, because now her gorgeous teen titties were staring up at him while he supported her from underneath. Cathy looked up at him wide-eyed and he felt compelled to say "I'm gonna have to ... to touch you ... down there."

She grinned and said "I know. Don't be such a ninny. It's just skin." Then, for reasons she'd never know, she reached up and grabbed her Uncle's face in both hands. Pulling it down she kissed him on the lips.

It wasn't a spit-swapping kiss, but it was WAY more than the average niece gives the average uncle. When she let him go she said "I love you Uncle Bob. Thank you for helping me." Had she been able to see the front of his jeans she'd have seen a small dark wet spot beginning to develop on them. Bob was leaking love juice.

Bob was breathing hard now. Part of that was the physical effort of holding up Cathy, but a lot of it was the fact that Bob hadn't had a woman in over five years. Now, he had a half naked, good looking woman in his arms and was about to slide his hand right to her sweet spot. He couldn't help but be turned on to "Max Heat".

He slid his hand over her naked belly as she sucked it in to give him the maximum room to work. He had more room because she could do just that. He felt for and unbuttoned her jeans shorts. Then he felt for the zipper and pushed on it, little by little until it was about half way down. He tugged sideways on the unzipped part and felt the zipper go down some more.

Then he pulled his hand out and drenched it in soap.

Cathy felt her Uncle's hand slide over her abdomen again and sucked in her stomach muscles. She trembled as his hand went lower, his fingertips just touching the sparse blond hairs on her mons. The big hand went sideways to one hip bone, and then back to the other one. It rubbed all over those bony protrusions.

Cathy wanted to spread her legs. She blushed as she realized that. But his hand felt so good. He pulled it out and she spoke "More. I know I need more."

Bob nodded and got more soap on his hand. Then he slid it back into her pants, this time going wider to the sides of her hips and getting that area all soapy. It drifted back to her mons, tentatively, and she sighed. "There" she said "Put some more right there."

Bob shuddered as he felt his fingertips playing with the top of her hairs. When she said to put more soap there, he felt his penis leak a dollop of precum. He knew it was wrong, but he wanted to feel her, to stroke her, to feel her lush woman flesh under his fingers.

He pulled his hand out, covered it with soap - the last of the soap he noted distantly - and slid his hand toward her on-button. This time his fingertips didn't stop at her hairline. They dipped to the very top of her slit, waving sideways to coat her pubes with the slippery stuff. One fingertip went low enough so that as he stroked back and forth, it grazed lightly the sheath protecting her little teen clitty.

Cathy sighed as she felt the fingers caressing her so close to the spot she knew now she wanted him to touch. Again she felt the urge to spread her legs, and this time she didn't tell herself she was being stupid. His touch was different, not like he was only interested in making her slippery. Instinctively she knew that, if she wanted it, she would become a woman this day. That idea didn't bother her nearly as much as she thought it might. She wished he'd slide his hand just a little lower.

But he didn't. As he realized he now wanted to finger and fuck his sweet young niece, Bob jerked his hand out of her crotch before he did something he couldn't explain to her.

Then, with a surge of adrenaline that was only partly because he was worried about getting her out, he grabbed her under her arms and gave a mighty jerk. Her soapy hips slid through the hole neatly while the cloth caught and bunched up. In the few seconds it took them to realize their plan had worked, Cathy slid naked from the pipe, her pants drooping in the T as their support vanished. Cathy sagged back against her uncle as he tried to get his hands off her naked body. Then she stood up, turned and threw her arms around him.

This kiss WAS a spit-swapping tongue-lashing kiss and at the end of it BOTH people involved knew EXACTLY what the other person was thinking.

Cathy said "Thank you so much. I was afraid I was going to die in there."

Bob, more relaxed now with his arms full of naked niece than he'd have ever thought possible responded "Any time, pumpkin, any time at all." Then he held her back and, for the first time, without shame, he gazed at her mud-streaked naked body. "You need a shower." he announced.

Her response set his blood boiling. "You do too. Let's take one together."

Five minutes later Bob and his lovely young niece were entwined in the shower, washing each other, or at least going through the motions. Cathy was fascinated with the hard rod of flesh that poked her in the stomach and this time Bob didn't keep his hand from sliding deep between her legs. As she jacked him gently, he reciprocated by sliding a long finger deep in her pussy and hooking it so that her clitty was smashed nicely.

No words were necessary as they quickly dried each other off and pulled at each other, heading to Bob's bedroom and his big queen bed.

Five minutes later Cathy discovered just exactly why Connie had been making those noises, as her Uncle Bob's rampant prick burrowed deeply into her pussy and began to slide in and out.

Her first orgasm left her breathless and limp, but able to completely concentrate on what his penis felt like as it invaded and then abandoned her nubile teenage pussy. When he stiffened, like Coach had, hunched over Connie, Cathy knew that she was about to feel what Connie had as Coach had sprayed her pussy full of his hot adult sperm. The jets of hot wet stuff splatted into Cathy's belly and she cooed as she felt each one. Her hands went to her Uncle's buttocks, pulling him even deeper into her, wanting to get his seed as deep into her as possible. She loved the feeling of his essence flowing into her body. As she felt the last of his warm wet offering flow into her she said "I sure am glad I didn't think to tell you to soap up the conduit, instead of my body." He collapsed on her laughing.

They couldn't linger in bed, like both wanted to do. They'd already been gone from the office for too long. They dressed silently, but both somehow knew that what had happened was a good thing, that they'd do it again - many times. Bob fretted that he'd blown his wad in the girl without a rubber on and told himself he'd have to lay in a supply of condoms.

They managed to work for two more hours before their lust caught up with them again. Cathy was leaning out the scales window, talking to a farmer whose truck was on the scales, and her shorts-clad ass was sticking out into the room where Bob was operating the testing probe. As it dropped it's sample into the hopper and Cathy told the man it would be a few minutes for the test results Bob walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He pressed his fresh bone into her ass and grinned delightedly as she pushed back. He couldn't see the farmer, but Cathy was chatting with him like the pro she was.

Bob couldn't resist. He reached around and unsnapped her shorts. She wiggled her hips slightly and the shorts fell with a plop to the floor. One foot stepped out of them and she thrust her now naked ass at him as she spread her legs wide.

It didn't take Bob long to bare his straining prick, which he then slid effortlessly into her pussy from behind. Cathy, trying to maintain a conversation, asked the man about his family so she wouldn't have to talk and, as he went on and on about his kids, and his wife and the stock and crops, she just smiled and nodded as her Uncle fucked her pussy to a nice quiet cum. Then, as she felt his peter swell and burst she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles, holding his cock hard as it fountained that nice sticky load into her pussy.

That night they slept together in Bob's bed. She found out how completely different a man's tongue felt in her pussy and licking all over her sweet spot, and she joyously learned how good his big knobby prick felt as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. She decided that the only thing that tasted better than Uncle Bob's spunk was the taste of his kisses after he'd eaten her pussy and made her squirt. Then he fucked her until they were both too sore to go on, and pounded more spooge into her womb than he'd thought he'd be able to make in a week.

Somewhere, along the way, over the next week, thoughts of condoms and pills and safety fell by the wayside again and again as, every time they needed showers to stop the itch, they took them together and scratched two itches at once.

But the nights were best. They could open the windows and, in the cool evening breeze, lie naked on top of the bed, exploring each other's bodies as, again and again, he stroked her pussy with his rampant prick and filled her belly to overflowing with rich spunk.

Still, incredibly, it took him almost a year before he knocked her up.

She was six months pregnant before her father even noticed. He blamed her mother and sent the girl to live with her Uncle at his elevator where, he hoped, the man would be able to keep her out of trouble until she was 18 and he wasn't responsible for her any more.

He made sure to send some money to her each month so she wouldn't come home and bother him.

The End