Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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Crystal hung up her apron and got ready to clock out. It had been a reasonable day at Bob's Ice Cream Emporium where she worked for her Uncle Bob after school several days a week. Today was Friday, which meant it was payday, which meant he would be horny. Uncle Bob always got horny on payday for some reason. Some day, when she was in College, maybe taking psychology, she could ask the instructor what it was about payday that made her Uncle horny.

Not that she minded. He was a pussycat as far as she was concerned. She'd been wrapping him around her little finger since she was about eight. She teased him on purpose, just to keep him going.

Like when she got to work she took off her bra so her healthy plump teen titties would wobble and move around under her thin uniform shirt. And of course, whenever she went into the big freezer to get another bucket of this or that ice cream, she came out with her nipples spiking the shirt.

He always looked and she always made sure he got a good look.

Then, during hellos or good-byes, she pressed her ripe body up against his from crotch to chest and gave him long lingering kisses on his stubbly cheek. Each of those kisses was punctuated with "I love you Uncle Bob," in a sexy whisper. About a month ago he'd started squeezing her buttocks as he said "And I love you back!" It was fun and didn't hurt anything, and she enjoyed it a lot.

Not that she made it obvious to anyone except her Uncle. She was quite proper around anybody else.

Well everybody except her brother Mark. She liked to tease him too. He was a year younger than she and had just started High School. He didn't have much experience with girls and he got a hardon at the slightest provocation.

One week she kept count and was pretty sure she'd given him an erection twenty-seven times! Usually it was just from walking around in her panties and bra, but she also liked to go to and from the shower naked, or with just a towel.

He'd get a boner and then he'd just go to his bedroom, where she was sure he beat off.

He seemed to take it in stride and never got mad, even when it was obvious she was trying to get to him. They got along very well and neither of them had any real angst about the fact that he got turned on by her, or that his lust for her got her own juices flowing.

Mark had a pretty good idea that she was doing it on purpose, but he didn't care. He loved beating off - the feel of his teen spunk shooting was exquisite - and she was a sure bet for a quick fantasy. He knew she wasn't being mean or anything, and that she loved him too much to actually try to hurt his feelings.

In fact, Crystal had made it something of a habit to tease her brother first, if she planned to tease her uncle. For instance, if she planned on kissing her uncle a certain way, she found a way to practice on Mark ... to see what he did. You might call it a dress rehearsal before the actual performance. It didn't always work out that way, but she tried to do that as much as possible.

But now it was payday and Crystal waited until all the other employees had picked up their checks and gone.

Lately her Uncle had been playing a game with her on paydays. He'd hold out her check and say something like "What'll you give me for this?" Then it was up to her to titillate him.

Two weeks ago she had given him a real kiss, right on the lips. That had been interesting. She'd kissed several boys, lots of times in fact, but they were never kisses like this one. This one made her stomach feel funny, and the feel of his hands on her butt when he kissed her just made it more intense.

Last week she said she'd sit on his lap while he kissed her. That was even more fun because she could feel his big adult boner under her butt. This time he kissed her with his tongue too and slid his hands all over her back. That kiss had gone on for a long time, and when it was over they both breathing deeply. She knew that people would say what they were doing was wrong, but she thought those people were stupid. He made her feel good, and she knew he would stop if she asked him to.

So what could she give him for her paycheck this week?

She could think of a couple of things, but they were awfully naughty. She didn't know just how far she could really go with Uncle Bob before he got mad at her or something like that.

Then she got an idea.

It would be teasing, but there would be a good excuse for it. She'd been going to the back for something earlier in the day and had run into a mop handle that was half fallen over. It had run right into the skin on her ribs just below her right breast. She pulled her shirt up in the bathroom and saw there was a bruise there.

She went into her Uncle's office.

Uncle Bob was sitting behind his desk. There was just one pay envelope left and it was sitting right between his hands. He looked up and smiled. "Hi pumpkin, what are you going to give me for your paycheck this week?"

"Welllllll" Crystal said drawing it out, "I have an owie, and I need something soothing put on it cause I think it's bruised. And then maybe you could kiss it and make it all better? Mom or dad always kiss my owies at home, but they're not here."

Uncle Bob knew his niece was a terrible flirt, and that whatever she was talking about would be sure to get his bone going.

"OK, and where IS this owie you have?"

Crystal started pulling her shirt up, little by little, first exposing her belly button, then all of her abdomen and the skin above it. She went past where she knew the bruise was and halfway up her breast, stopping when she felt her fingers touch her nipple. The whole lower part of her breast was revealed.

Bob licked his lips. This girl drove him crazy. She was the very definition of a dichotomy.

On the one hand she seemed completely innocent, with no hint of any kind that there might be a slutty woman tied up in her body somewhere, screaming to be let loose.

On the other hand, she never pulled back or accused him of going too far, and he got the idea that she'd do just about anything he asked her to do. But he didn't want to rock the boat. She was letting him kiss her and he knew he could get her to do much more if he just went slow and easy.

And more was what he wanted.

Crystal saw the hot look in his eyes and shivered. It wasn't from fright that she shivered, but from a feeling deep inside her that liked the way he was looking at her.

"Could you kiss it and make it all better?" she asked in her little girl voice.

"Oh yes," he said, unfreezing and moving one hand toward a desk drawer. "I have just the thing here to make it feel all better."

His hand came out with a little bottle that had a red liquid in it. On the bottle it said "Miss Kitty's Edible Massage Oil - Cherry" He flipped up the lid and stood up.

"Um, maybe I should sit on your lap while you do that," Crystal said.

He grinned and sat back down. Soon she was sitting on his lap, wiggling her butt as she leaned backwards to give him room to touch her bruise. He put a dollop of red stuff on his fingers and started rubbing the bruised area lightly. He let his hand move up and cup the breast, just holding it's weight in his hand.

Crystal decided it felt nice, especially where he was touching her breast. Nobody had ever touched her breast except for herself. She loved to stroke and rub her tender tits while she was in the shower.

"I think I owe you a thank you kiss," she said and sighed as his lips captured hers. His tongue darted into her mouth and she sucked on it before giving him hers to suck on too.

The kiss broke and he said, "I think we need to put some extra on, in case the bruise spreads. Then, as he kissed her again, he slid his hand up under her shirt and rubbed her breast all over. When his fingertips started tweaking and squeezing her nipple she moaned. There were wonderful feelings going through her body from that nipple to her little virgin muffy and they were making her wet down there. She felt just a little dizzy.

When that kiss ended Uncle Bob's hands came to the buttons of her shirt. "I think it's about time to kiss it and make it well."

She looked down as the last two buttons came loose and he began to spread the shirt apart, baring her perfect teen titties. She didn't feel any fear. What she felt was excitement. Something new was going to happen and she couldn't wait to see what it felt like.

"Oh yes I think so too," she sighed.

His lips did go first to the bruise, but they slid upwards almost immediately and he licked her stiff nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Crystal grunted with the sweet agony of orgasmic feelings as he sucked and chewed on that nipple. Then he moved to the other one and made it feel fantastic too. She was really wet now, and she knew her panties would have to be dried out before they went into the hamper.

Then, suddenly it was over. His head came back up and he smiled at her.

"Well, I think that about does it. If the problem persists we can do another treatment." Then he kissed her lips one last time before handing her her pay envelope.

"Uncle Bob!" she sighed. "You're so naughty. You kissed me several places that weren't hurt at all!"

"Better to be safe than sorry, don't you think sweetie?"

Now it was her turn to smile. "Yes, I think I totally agree." She couldn't resist another kiss and then she buttoned her blouse and ran out of his office to go home.

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