Knocking Up My Niece

by Lubrican

Mandy was excited. She'd turned fifteen and now her parents were going to let her make some money babysitting. Her first babysitting job was for her uncle and aunt, Bob and Julie. She already knew the kids, of course, because they were her cousins. She'd even babysat for them before, but not for money.

She arrived at their house promptly, with her homework and a book she wanted to read. She was met by her Uncle, who, as usual, gave her a big bear hug. She liked his hugs. There was something about being enveloped in strong arms, and having her young body pressed against his hard muscles that made her all happy inside.

"Boy howdy!" he drawled, holding her at arm's length. "You sure are growing up, girl. Why just look at those nice plump boobies you've grown!"

"Uncle Bob!" she squealed, giggling. Right then her aunt came into the room.

"Bob! Don't tease your favorite niece," she said with mock severity.

"Who's teasing?" he growled, moving his face closer to Mandy's chest. "They have grown ... and they look good enough to ... eat!" he roared, like a bear and then pushed his face into her teen breasts. He wiggled his face sideways, eyes closed, lips making a motor running type noise as she shrieked and laughed, struggling to free her arms from his grip.

"Bob!" barked his wife. "Leave the poor girl alone. She's got enough boys trying to get into her panties without you giving her a hard time."

Bob pulled his face back, gave his niece a kiss on her nose and whispered, "I bet they taste yummy too!" With a wink he let her go and started putting on his coat. Mandy grinned at him. He really was her favorite uncle. He seemed so real and fun, and he treated her like she was all grown up instead of like a kid.

She got her instructions from Aunt Julie and then the couple left. Her two cousins were quite young, and only had an hour left before bedtime. So for an hour she played games with them and read them stories. Then they went to bed and she was able to do her homework.

Mandy woke up to the sound of a key in the lock. She'd fallen asleep on the couch while she was reading. She looked at her watch. It was two in the morning. Her mother had told her to just sleep over, since it was at her Uncle's house and they all knew that the event would last until quite late.

There was a guest bedroom that Mandy could have used, but she like sitting on the soft couch by the fire. She got up to meet them at the front door.

The door swung open and there was Uncle Bob, tall and strong, with a very limp Aunt Julie hanging from his side in his arms. Her eyes were open, but weren't very focused, and she was singing some song, but you couldn't understand the words.

"Help me get her up to bed," huffed her uncle. "She had a little too much to drink."

Together they carried Aunt Julie up to the bedroom. Uncle Bob started undressing her. "Get her pants for me Mandy. She'll be a lot more comfortable without all this stuff on."

The first thing they did was take off Aunt Julie's blouse. Under that she had on a pale purple bra that was gorgeous. It had a pattern in it, but was otherwise see-through. Her big round areolas were clearly visible through the fabric. Uncle Bob rolled her to one side and reached behind her. The bra went slack.

Mandy watched in awe as her aunt's body came into view. Aunt Julie had big firm breasts with prominent nipples on them. As Uncle Bob bared them from the bra he leaned down and gave each distended nipple a quick suckle.

"There's my yummy babies," he said as Mandy stared at him, amazed at what she was seeing.

Now aunt Julie had on only panties. Mandy had seen such panties before, but only in exotic magazines. They were pale purple, and obviously matched the bra. You could see right through them. They covered her pubic hair, but little else, and the waistband was little more than strings that went up high on her hips and then to the back. Mandy thought she'd never seen anything so feminine and sexy. Uncle Bob pointed at them and said, "You get that side and I'll get this side." They tried to pull them off her wide hips, but they couldn't.

Uncle Bob said, "It's okay. I have a plan. Watch this .. and be ready." Then, with one hand, he reached out and put one finger on the outside of Aunt Julie's panties, right about where the top of her split would be. He pushed down and then ran the finger in a circle.

Aunt Julie went, "Ohhhhh fuck," and her hips came up off the bed.

"Now!" Said Bob and he yanked his side of her panties down. Mandy hadn't moved. She was just astonished at what she'd just seen.

"Mandy, we'll never get them off of her if you don't help," said her uncle grinning. Get ready." Then he tickled his wife's clitty again. Again she groaned and her ass came up off the bed. This time Mandy was ready and she pulled. In an instant Bob had pulled the panties the rest of the way off and her aunt was lying completely naked in front of her.

And she was ... writhing. That was the best word for it. Her hips were moving and her hands were opening and clenching. Uncle Bob stood up. "Uh Oh, I got her going. Now I'm in trouble."

"What do you mean?" asked his niece.

"She's horny!" he said. "And that means she wants some dick."

Mandy blushed and squeaked, "Oh my gosh!"

Bob said, "Sorry. I had a little too much to drink too." He went on. "That's part of the problem. When she gets horny like this, and I don't make her cum, she's a bear in the morning."

Mandy had recovered her composure, though she still couldn't believe she was having this conversation with her uncle. "So ... why don't you just ... make her cum?"

Bob looked at her, bleary eyed. "That's an excellent suggestion, but the only way I've ever gotten Julie to have an orgasm is with my prick ... er .. I mean penis."

Mandy blushed again, but she was determined for her uncle to remember her as being adult about all this. "Okay, so use your ... penis."

"That's the trouble" he moaned. "When I've had this much to drink it never works like it's supposed to. I can't get it hard when I've had this much to drink." He stood there, dejected. His eyes slid down to Mandy's chest. "Unless ......" he faded off. "No! That would be wrong!"

"What?" asked his young niece.

"I can think of one way to get it stiff, but it would be wrong," he said.

"How?" said his innocent young niece.

"Well ... if ... you helped me ..." He hung his head.

Mandy felt a thrill of danger sweep through her body. "What do you mean? How could I help you?" she asked.

"Well, you turn me on. No! Wait! That's not what I meant to say. I mean you're a girl, right? And if a girl ... touched it. I'm sure it would get hard. But I couldn't ask you to do that Mandy. You're my niece!"

Mandy thought for a minute. This was all very interesting. She'd never gotten to see a real grown up beautiful woman naked before. Nobody ever showed any skin of any kind in her house. She might get to see and do all kinds of interesting things if she "helped" her Uncle. Plus he'd said she turned him on, never mind his denial.

"But Uncle Bob," she said in her best little girl voice. "I love you and Aunt Julie, and if I could help you ... help her ... I think I should try. Don't you?"

Bob licked his lips. His alcohol muddled mind wasn't thinking like it should have. "Yeah, you're right. Yes. Okay," he said. Then he started stripping down.

Mandy watched as her uncle got naked in front of her. She knew her parents would not approve of this. But she was going to get to see a real live penis, not in a picture, or on a video snuck from some parent's stash, but right here in front of her. She held her breath as he slid his undershorts down past his hips.

There it was. His dick.

She was just a little disappointed. It didn't look very impressive. It looked like an under-stuffed sausage, lying mashed and limp against his balls. Now his balls were impressive. They were big and bulging. They made her think of babies and she shuddered as she realized those balls were full of the stuff that made babies. If that stuff got inside her it could make a baby. She jerked. Now where had that thought come from? She wasn't planning on having any babies for a long, long time.

Her disappointment must have shown, because when Bob looked up and saw her face he grinned. "It gets bigger, pumpkin ... lots bigger. I take it you've never seen one before."

Mandy puffed her bottom lip out. "Of course I've seen one before. I'm almost a woman, you know."

Now he got a strange somehow hot look on his face. "Oh, I know how grown up you are, pumpkin. Come here and let's see if we can get the beast to roar."

She timidly walked over to him and he took her hand. He showed her how to hold his penis, how to stroke it and squeeze it. As she did she felt it begin to get a more substantial feel to it, like someone was pumping something firm into it. She let go to change hands and saw that now, instead of lying on top of those amazing balls, it was standing out from his body a little. It still drooped, pointing at her knees, but it was longer and thicker too. She jacked on him more aggressively and he winced.

"Careful there honey bear. You don't want to yank it out at the roots."

Mandy felt terrible. She let go completely and said, "I'm sorry Uncle Bob. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm just no good at this." There was a tear in her eye.

Her uncle put his arms around her, pressing his naked body up against her.

"Hey, sweetie, you're just inexperienced. Don't worry your pretty head. It's working, just not quick enough. I have another idea."

He took her face in his hands and kissed her. His lips were soft and full and Mandy felt like he was sucking her very consciousness out of her body with those lips. The tip of his tongue slipped between her lips and then his tongue followed, making her weak with the feeling of her first French kiss. When he pulled his lips from hers she was gasping. She saw him look down and she looked too. Now his cock was almost straight out from his body. It had grown an inch and was big enough around that she didn't think her fingers would reach all the way around it. She reached out and skinned the foreskin back and over the head several times, making sure she did it gently.

He sighed. "Ahhhhhhhhh. That's it baby. Now do one more thing for me and it will be ready. I want you to kiss it ... like I just kissed you."

Mandy stared at her Uncle. She knew what a blow job was, of course. She'd seen them on the stolen video tapes too. She'd never thought of doing that to a boy .. or a man. But the prick in her hand looked like it might not be so bad to ... kiss ... or ... lick ... or ....more.

Very slowly she sank to her knees. It bobbed in front of her face. She pursed her lips and kissed the tip, gently, softly, lovingly. The tip of her tongue came out and teased the little hole in the tip and her Uncle hissed. She put her hand around it - she was right, her fingers didn't meet - and it felt much harder. She let her lips loosen and flow over, around the sides of the head. When the head was inside her mouth she swirled her tongue around it and sucked.

She didn't know how hard to suck, so she sucked hard, like she would on the straw of a milk shake. She felt her uncle's hands on her head and heard his anguished "Ohhhh, shiiiiitttt Mandy." Then he pulled her head off his cock.

"Wait Uncle Bob!" she complained. This was fun.

"Mandy, honey, I'm supposed to shoot in my wife, not in your mouth," he said. "Now help me with Julie."

They spread his wife's legs and he mounted her. He fumbled his hand between them, grasping his boner and trying to stick it in his wife. He was having trouble so Mandy stepped forward.

"Let go, Uncle Bob. Here." She grasped his cock and aimed it between her Aunt's puffy pussy lips. He pushed and she saw the head slip into those lips, disappearing like magic.

Aunt Julie went, "MMmmmmmmmmm."

Once the tip was in Uncle Bob lurched forward, and suddenly his entire huge penis slammed into Aunt Julie's pussy. Aunt Julie went, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" and her hips bucked up off the bed. Then, just like that, Uncle Bob started fucking his wife, right in front of their amazed niece.

Mandy watched, her mouth open as her uncle slammed that big, thick, rigid piece of meat into her Aunt's swollen pussy. It obviously didn't hurt. Julie's arms came up and her hands slapped onto her husband's butt cheeks, urging him on. She was moaning and saying things that Mandy couldn't quite understand. At one point Bob said, "Okay, she's close now." Then he sank his head down and fastened his mouth onto one of those thrusting nipples. Aunt Julie went, "OOHHHOWWWWAAAAHHHHH" and started thrashing her hips all over. Her head flopped back and forth, her long black hair flailing in the air. Mandy had had orgasms before, brought on by her own fingers, usually in the bathtub, so she knew what those felt like. but they never made her do this! Her aunt was going wild.

Finally her aunt sank back onto the bed, limp. Uncle Bob stopped sliding his boner in and out and just hung there, supported by his arms, breathing heavily.

"I want to cum" he mumbled. "But it's just going to take too much work." He slowly rolled sideways and Mandy had to scramble out of his way as he landed on his back beside his now snoring wife. His cock was still standing up straight, though it had a shiny, almost greasy kind of look to it now. His hand came up and he jacked his cock several times. "Mandy? Honey? Could you help out your old Uncle Bob just a little bit more?"

Mandy was excited at everything that had happened. She found she was breathing hard too. "Okay Uncle Bob" she said.

"Could you kiss it again? Like you did before?" he said.

Mandy was on her knees right beside his hips, and the stiff rod that so fascinated her was right there in front of her. It was shiny and she knew that shininess was from her aunt's pussy. But tasting that didn't seem any stranger than tasting his penis, so she leaned over and covered the knob with her mouth, sucking hard.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuck, yesss," hissed her uncle. His eyes closed. "Sweetie, you're a natural born cock-sucker," he groaned as she worked on the head of his cock. She knew that some women slid their mouths up and down on a man's penis, like in the videos, but she liked playing with the tip more. So that's what she did.

Her uncle tensed under her. "Mandy, honey, Uncle Bob is going to cum now. You need to take your mouth off now honey, or my stuff will get in it."

Mandy obediently lifted her head and instinctively jacked on his cock with her hand. That little hole she liked teasing with her tongue opened up wider and a stream of thick white fluid shot out of it. As Mandy jerked her head back that stream arced up into the air almost as high as her head and then fell back onto his stomach. Almost immediately another stream spurted out as she continued jacking. This one fell right back on his cock and her hand.

She marveled at how hot the stuff felt on her hand. Acting on some instinct she didn't know she had, her head darted back down and she covered the head of his cock again as another weaker shot of the stuff came out. It filled her mouth and she swirled it around, tasting it. It had a musky, slightly sweet taste and she swallowed it as still more pumped into her mouth. Bob groaned, "Ohhhh Mandy honey." Two more shots and he was done. Mandy leaned back on her heels and smacked her lips. Now both of her relatives were lying there snoring. She got a blanket and draped it over them. Then she went back to the couch and fell asleep by the fire.

In the morning she was awakened by her Uncle.

"Morning sweet cheeks," he said, holding out a glass of orange juice to her. She took it and drank it thirstily. "Um ... sweetie? About last night. I don't think it would be a good idea for anybody to find out what we did."

She looked at him. "Well my parents would kill me if they found out, so I'm sure not gonna tell anybody. It was fun, though." she finished.

Bob stared down at her. "Well, we can keep it our little secret and maybe we can have some fun again some time. Okay?"

"Great!" she said and jumped up to hug him. This time she kissed him on the lips, like he had kissed her the night before. He returned the kiss and she felt him grind his hips into hers.

The next weekend Mandy got hired by some friends of her parents. They had six kids and were so happy to get out and away from them for a night that when they came back home and saw that everything was fine, they gave Mandy not only her wages, but a tip of twenty dollars too. With her newly earned money, Mandy went shopping. She looked at lots of things, but couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to get with her first real earned money. Then she came to the Victoria's Secret store in the mall. The manikin in the window had on the exact same panties and bra that Aunt Julie had been wearing that night when she'd learned so much. She went in.

The woman behind the counter looked knowingly at the young girl who came in, eyes aglow, looking everywhere at once. She saw girls like this all the time, just entering the flush of full sexual maturity. Regardless of what society said, these girls were baby machines waiting to be turned on. Nature had done its work to make them capable of bearing children. It was up to her to help these girls become a woman who men wanted ... and wanted badly. She smiled at the nice looking girl. "Hello, dear. Are you wanting to make a boy interested, drive a boy crazy, or get yourself knocked up?"

Mandy looked around in awe. "Knocked up, I think," she said in a far away voice. The woman smiled.

Mandy left Victoria's Secret with her bag. She was very excited about what she had purchased. She couldn't wear it at home - oh no - it would end up in the trash and she'd be grounded. But ... the next time she babysat for Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie ... that was something else again.

It was another week before she got the call to go back to her Aunt and Uncle's house. Again she arranged with her parents to just sleep over, though this time no one said anything about them staying out extra late or anything. She packed her secret outfit and the rest of the things she wanted to take and had her father drop her off. When her Uncle gave her a big hug, he let his hands slip down to her tight round bottom and he gave her buns a squeeze. She put her mouth right next to his ear and whispered, "I have something special to show you later tonight."

Julie and Bob went out and had a good time. This time no one got drunk and they were both back home by midnight. Their niece was there to meet them at the door, like last time, though Julie didn't remember what had happened. She gave her husband a peck and said, "I'm exhausted - I'm heading up to bed. Don't be too long, dear," she said. As she left the room she turned her head and said, "And don't molest our poor niece too badly either." She laughed, but didn't notice that neither her husband or her niece were laughing with her. Mandy told her uncle to wait in the living room. He sat down and turned on the TV. An old war movie was on and he started watching it.

Ten minutes later Bob saw movement in his peripheral vision. He turned his head and his throat went tight. There was Mandy, her long blond hair brushed to a shining sheen and down around her shoulders. She had on a jacket ... of sorts. It was really some fabric that was more 'not there' than there. It stopped at her belly button and simply framed what was underneath. What was underneath was a satin underwire sort of affair that supported the bottom of the breast, but covering nothing. It was deep blue. The panties that went with the top had the same dark blue satin around the edges, but everything else was as invisible as the jacket was. Through that fabric he could see her honey blond pubes, and two fat pussy lips that had formed a distinct camel toe between her legs. On her feet were little slippers of dark blue satin with light blue fluffy feathers on the toes. His prick bloomed in his pants. She looked fabulous. She looked positively edible. She also looked scared.

Bob knew what was running through her mind. She was enough of a kid to be unsure as to whether she looked good ... or stupid. She knew what this outfit was supposed to do, but had no idea whether it was doing that, or having the opposite effect. She was afraid her Uncle was going to laugh at her, or reject her in some way.

He wasn't about to do that. "You're gorgeous, honey bun," he said simply.

She beamed and said, "I got it ... for you. Kind of anyway. I mean I can't wear it at home."

"No doubt about that," he said. "I want to show you something." He stood up. In less than five seconds he had dropped his pants. Tonight he hadn't worn any underwear, just in case his niece wanted to play again. So when his pants dropped his cock was proudly jutting out obscenely, angled up slightly, ready to party. "That's how good you look," he said calmly.

"I did that?" said his niece, gliding toward him. She knew she'd done that. Her life was complete. She'd given a real man, a handsome man, a man with a beautiful wife - she'd given that man a real live boner. She felt like a real woman. She was radiant with happiness.

"You did," he said. "You are responsible for this." He wagged it at her. "And now you are responsible for taking care of it."

"Oh goody!" she squealed. She came up to him and pushed him backward, onto the couch. She pulled his shoes and pants off, and waded between his thighs. Then she swooped and started the second blow job of her young life. Bob lolled his head back on the couch and enjoyed her actions, knowing that this time she'd probably swallow it all.

She did. When he warned her of his imminent explosion she just sucked harder and jacked more forcefully. He blasted and she swallowed until it was all gone except for twin trickles of white that came from the corners of her mouth and went down her chin. Those he scooped up on his finger and offered to her. She avidly sucked his finger clean.

"I like the taste of ... you," she said happily.

"Well, I imagine I'd like the taste of you too," he said. "Would you let me do that?"

"Me?" she gasped. "You mean you'd put your mouth on my ....?"

"Pussy," he finished for her. "You bet I would. I'd love to, in fact. It's the same as what you just did for me isn't it?"

"I guess so," she said meekly. "It just seems ... I don't know ... icky."

"You let me worry about icky. I just want you to feel good like you made me feel good."

He arranged her on the couch and she nervously let him slide the pretty panties off her hips. She snapped her knees together when he got them off. With gentle pressure he parted her knees, first a little bit, then more, and more, until his hands pushed them against the edge of the couch and she was completely exposed to him.

She flamed red. "I'm so embarrassed," she moaned.

"You're so beautiful," he corrected. "Let me start here" he said as he brushed her jacket back, exposing her luscious tits. He leaned down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth.

She gasped in a huge breath of air and let it out slowly as he suckled. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". He played with the nipple, teasing it with his tongue, nipping it with his teeth, sucking gently, then hard. She began writhing on the couch. He leaned back and said, "Remember when I told you to watch what I did to Julie?" She nodded breathlessly as he put his thumb right at the top of her pussy slit and pressed downward. She gasped as he mashed her untried clit and her hips too bounced up off the couch as he smiled. Then he went back to her other nipple while he kept rubbing and flicking her swelling clitty.

When she was saying "Oh ... oh ... ohhh" over and over again, he kissed his way down her flat stomach toward the prize. She started talking to him 'Oh Uncle Bob ... I feel so funny ... I don't know ... Ohhh ... ohhh ... are you going to ... Oh! Ahhhhhaaaieeeee!" she finished as his mouth reached her pussy and clamped down. She shuddered and he realized that she had been close to cumming just from his nipple attention, and that once her pussy got involved she'd tumbled over the edge.

He concentrated on her little teen clitty as she bawled and whined her way through an orgasm she wasn't prepared for. This was so much stronger than her bath time cums that there was almost no comparison. Her body felt like it was floating on a cloud and raining out love and happiness.

The magical mouth left her pussy and she opened her eyes, staring up lovingly at her Uncle. "Ohhh, that was so wonderful," she sighed. "Can we do that again, please?"

"I'd love to dear, but doing that to you got me going again," he said. He leaned back and she saw his prick was rampant again. Now it was only a few inches from her pussy, which was gaping open in relaxation after its shivers and tremors during that fantastic orgasm.

"Are you going to ... put it ... in me?" she asked, nervous again. It looked huge, even though she knew it fit her mouth perfectly.

"I'd love to sweet cheeks," he said. "But I don't have anything to protect you. I don't want to knock you up." He frowned as she giggled, remembering what the woman in Victoria's Secrets had said.

"Do you think it would be okay for you to ... rub me ... with your cock?" she said as her hips wiggled. "You know, where you pushed with your thumb?"

Bob knew he shouldn't. He was having a hard enough time keeping from skewering this delightful girl/woman with his cock as it was. But he knew he'd love the feeling of swabbing the tip of his cock around her virgin pussy. He fisted it and did just that as she cooed and said how much she loved it. He started jacking as he played, his lust overflowing as she lay spread out in front of him, all but naked, open, vulnerable, willing. He dipped the tip into her tight little pussy mouth and she made a happy sound. He pushed, stretching her little pussy lips around the knob of his cock. She gazed, eyes wide open at her pussy as it was stretched.

"Does that hurt honey?" he said.

She shook her head "no", never taking her eyes off what his prick was doing to her pussy. He couldn't resist. He pushed harder. The head stretched her more and she took a breath. Then the head popped in and she let it out again as the stress on her stretched pussy lips eased.

"How bout now, sweetie?"

Again she just gazed at her pussy, now sprouting the shaft of his cock.

"It feels funny," she said in a soft voice. Finally her eyes came up to his. They were wide ... trusting. "But it doesn't hurt."

He put a hand on her abdomen. "Clench the muscles under my hand" he ordered. He could feel her pussy move around his cock head and it made his balls tingle. "That's the ones. Now, baby, try to relax them. He dropped his thumb to her clit and massaged it very slowly and gently. He felt the pressure ease a little on his cock tip. "Good, baby. Try it again. Tighten them up as much as you can, and then let them relax as much as you can." He felt her go tight around his cock head - very tight. Then the pressure almost vanished. He leaned forward, supporting his weight on his arms and kissed her. As his tongue entered her mouth, he pushed his cock further into her pussy. He felt her tighten up immediately and broke the kiss.

"You have to keep those muscles loose, baby," he said as he licked her lips. "I don't want to hurt you."

She was panting. "It ... doesn't .. hurt ... exactly. Could you keep rubbing me please?" she moaned. He did, now pushing harder on her clit. He had a third of his cock in her now. He felt her tighten up and then relax and he pushed another inch in her. He hadn't felt her cherry.

"Sweetie, do you use tampons?" he asked.

She nodded her head and went through two cycles of tightening and relaxing. If he wasn't careful she was going to milk him off. Now that he knew there was no skin to tear, he leaned in again and this time he sucked in a nipple. She moaned and he felt her relax her new-found muscles. He pushed harder and got another third of his cock in her before she tensed up again.

He lifted up so she could see where they were joined. "You're doing so good, sweetie," he praised her. "You're doing it perfectly. Do you want me to go the rest of the way in?"

She stared at the thing sticking in her pussy and he could barely hear her voice as she said. "Yes ... please?"

"Okay, Mandy," he said, and at her name she looked at his face again. "I'm going to move it around in you a little bit. I think it will feel good for you, but you tell me if it doesn't, okay?"

She nodded, still looking in his eyes. He pulled it out except for the head and slid that much back in. Her eyes widened. He did it again and she gasped.

"Does it hurt baby?" he said.

She shook her head violently back and forth and panted "No ... no ... no" So he kept doing that, each time pushing it a little bit further in. Her pussy muscles were moving around constantly now, and he thought she might not be able to control them any more. So he leaned down to kiss her and shoved it all the way in. She gasped in his mouth and her whole body went tense, pussy included. He bored in, not relenting, and rolled his hips in a circle to mash her clit. He broke the kiss and rolled his hips again, burrowing the tip of his cock into her cervix.

She exploded. Without warning she drew in a huge breath and wailed as her hips began a spasmodic jerking up and down. Her sounds were a garbled mix of attempts to speak and raw emotion pouring out. Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened wide. But she couldn't breathe as the sensations in her young untried pussy overcame her brain and she just froze in an arched position, her pussy trying to climb even further onto the thing that was giving her such pleasure. Then the orgasm crashed over her and she relaxed, her whole body vibrating as she shook and cried and laughed all at the same time. Her pussy muscles rippled over and over again and Bob felt the cum being pulled from his balls as if by a vacuum cleaner.

"Ohhhhhhh baby," he groaned. "Gotta pull out baby ... gotta pull out now!" he grunted. He started dragging it out of her and her hands slapped to his ass cheeks with a stinging crack as her legs came up and wrapped around his thighs. "No!" she gave out in a grunting gasp. Her lips sought his and she kissed him hungrily as he tried to get his dangerous prick out of her vulnerable sex. He came up on his knees and dragged her butt off the bed with him. He'd succeeded in getting about half of it out of her. "No!" she grunted again, and her hands went around his neck.

There wasn't anything he could do. His sigh of "Ohhhhhhhhh Mandy honey," was the sound of surrender as his cock bulged and spat a huge glob of thick seed into her belly. His own instinct caused him to plunge back in as the second and third spasms of his cock sent more streams of silvery pudding against the mouth of her womb. He knew it was getting inside her baby chamber. He knew he shouldn't be fertilizing this cute girl. But her pussy was sucking him dry, begging for every drop of his frothing spunk. He groaned and gave it to her.

It took another three or four minutes, but finally they could relax and breathe enough to talk. He started, "Mandy, sweetie, we shouldn't have done this."

"Uncle Bob," she said in a level voice. "If you ruin this for me now I'll never ever forgive you."

"But sweetie ..." he started and she put a finger over his lips.

He started to pull his shrinking cock out of her and she tightened her legs.

"Mandy, my arms are about to fail, and I'm going to fall on top of you and crush you to death, and you'll never be able to do what we just did again - ever."

Her legs snapped open and she pushed on his chest - not to get him off of her, but just enough to support his weight a little. "I don't want you to take it out," she said simply.

"I have to take it out sometime, sweetie," he said.

"Yes ... he does" came another voice. It was Julie's voice. Mandy strained to look around her Uncle's shoulder. Her aunt was standing right behind him, where neither of them could see her. "Aunt Julie -" she started.

"Didn't I tell you not to abuse her too much?" came the somewhat dry voice.

Bob rolled sideways, ending up on the couch beside his almost naked niece. Julie's eyes took in what was left of the outfit Mandy had bought. Her eyes flickered to the panties, lying on the floor where Bob had dropped them, then back to Mandy's pussy, which was dripping thick globs of cum out onto the edge of the couch.

"Did you have to make such a mess?" she said in a complaining voice.

It was then that Mandy realized her Aunt was naked. Those fabulous nipples on her heavy breasts were rock hard and jutting out. One hand was between her legs and she was rubbing her own pussy! Her Aunt wasn't mad!

"Aunt Julie!" said Mandy.

Julie finally smiled and said, "Let me help clean that mess up." She got down on her knees and brought her face to Mandy's weeping pussy, licking and slurping as she sucked her husband's cum out of Mandy and into her own mouth. Mandy experienced a few seconds of something like panic, but then, past being surprised any more, lay back and enjoyed the feel of another tongue on and in her pussy.

"Ohhh Aunt Julie. That's so weird, but it feels so good!"

Julie raised her head and looked at her husband. "You weren't supposed to actually fuck her, you bastard."

He looked sheepish. "I know. It just sort of happened. Things got out of control."

"It sounded like you were killing her from her screams. Are you okay, honey?" asked her aunt.

"Oh yes!" yipped Mandy. "I loved it!" In a more subdued voice she went on. "I want to do it some more."

Julie finished with Mandy’s pussy, which now looked like a normal just-fucked teenage pussy, instead of a broken sperm bank. She picked up the panties from the floor and hung them from one finger.

"And whose idea were these?" she arched an eyebrow.

Mandy blushed. "Mine. I loved your sexy ones and wanted some of my own. There was a nice lady at the store who helped me pick them out."

"Well, she gave you the large caliber kind," said her Aunt, smiling.

"I know. She gave me several choices and I told her I wanted the kind that would get me ... knocked up," she finished blushing.

Uncle Bob sucked in air at that, and they looked at him. His cock was getting big again! The thought that his beautiful niece might actually let him fuck a baby in her belly got him going fast and furious. His wife sighed, and then got out from between Mandy's thighs to make room for her husband.

"You'd better be able to give me a little now and then, you perverted horny bastard," she said without heat in her voice.

Bob mounted his niece and she welcomed his big potent cock in her pussy for the second time. He slid in slowly, and then went deep, intentionally trying to pry her cervix open. Then he rodded her through three orgasms until she went limp. As she lay there, weak and gasping, he worked the head of his cock into her baby chamber and then fucked only an inch until he blew his nuts, delivering his sperm deep into her defenseless pussy.

It turned out there were two eggs just about to enter her womb. He fucked her socks off every couple of days after that, but the damage was already done.

Nine months later, she bore him twins.

He did save some for Julie. In fact, when Mandy's belly got so full of babies that she couldn't fuck him any more, he knocked up his wife too.

The End