Uncle Bob's Baby Maker

by Lubrican

Seventeen year old Chrissy Moran thought life just wasn't fair. First her father had disappeared on an archeological expedition to Africa when she was ten. The university had kept paying his salary for seven years after that, because that's how long it took to declare somebody dead when you didn't have their body and didn't actually know if they were still alive or not.

But after those seven years, the paychecks stopped. Chrissy's mother had gone to work as a waitress at the truck stop, but she didn't make enough to keep the big house they lived in. Now the house had been sold, but they hadn't been able to find someplace else halfway decent they could actually afford to live in.

Her mother had arranged to put all their stuff in storage, but, for all intents and purposes, they were homeless. This was, in fact, the last night she would sleep in her own bed before it too was taken and put in storage.

She was standing in her room, looking around, just remembering things when she heard her mother's voice on the phone. "You can't be serious, Bobby!" Her voice dropped but she had sounded anxious.

That seemed odd, because 'Bobby' was Chrissy's Uncle Bob, whom she loved to pieces. He was also her mother's brother, and though they didn't agree on everything, they usually got along really well. No doubt her mother was updating him on their situation. They talked to each other on the phone almost every day and Uncle Bob had known about their predicament for as long as they had. For Uncle Bob to say something that would upset his sister was rare.

Thinking about her Uncle and her Mother, Chrissy suddenly remembered a time, several years back, when she and her Mother had gone to visit him and when he'd hugged her mother, one of his hands had slid down and cupped her mother's butt. She had slapped his hand away, but they had both laughed. Then, only a year ago, he had done exactly the same thing to Chrissy when she hugged him. He slid his hand down and squeezed her butt cheek, saying "You're sure growing up Chrissy". She'd giggled and hadn't thought a thing about it until now.

She heard more heated exclamations from her Mother. Whatever was bothering her must be important.

She decided to eavesdrop and left the room on her tiptoes. The murmur of her mother's voice got louder as she snuck toward the kitchen, where the phone was.

"Bobby, honey, I know you never found the right girl, but she's out there somewhere. What you want just isn't right!"

It was quiet while her Uncle apparently talked. Then she talked urgently again "Okay, okay, but only me. Not Chrissy! She's too young to get trapped in that life. I'll do it Bobby, but you leave Chrissy out of it." There was more silence and then her mother's defeated voice said, "Okay ... yes ... We'll see you tomorrow." She hung up and Chrissy acted like she'd just come down the hall.

"Who was that Mamma?" she said, like she didn't know.

"That was your Uncle Bob. I need to talk to you Chrissy. Sit down." She sat too and then didn't say anything for a minute. Chrissy sat patiently. It was obvious her mother was thinking about how to say whatever she was going to say. Finally she went on. "Your Uncle has suggested that we live with him for a while ... until we can find someplace."

Chrissy didn't have to pretend that she like the idea. She did. "That's great Mamma! That'll give us a chance to look for a house, and you can try to find a better job, and I can find a job too!"

Her mother didn't look all that excited. "There are some conditions, honey. And you might not like them. I don't want to lie to you, so I'm going to tell you about them up front. Then, if you want to do something different ... well, we'll figure something out."

"What kind of conditions?" asked Chrissy.

"Well, you know he's never married." Chrissy nodded. She couldn't understand that because he was handsome, and in good shape, and he had a lot of money too because he owned his own consulting business and it did very well. Her mother went on. "He's always wanted children and he ... well, ah ... he wants me to .. uh ... give him one." she finished in a rush.

Chrissy looked at her with a startled look. "A baby?" she said. "Where would you get a baby?"

"Um" said her mother as her face blushed. "His baby."

Chrissy felt her stomach do a butterfly dance as she realized what her mother was saying. "But he's your brother" she said.

Her mother blushed even redder. "I know, sweety, but he says you're the most beautiful child he's ever seen and he wants one like you, which he insists means from me. He feels very strongly about it. He's willing to let us come live with him, and he'll take care of both of us for as long as we need it. I won't really even have to work if I don't want to. But I have to have his baby ... or it's no deal."

Her mother waited to let that sink in and than asked. "So what do you think?"

Chrissy didn't know what to think. "How do you feel about it Mamma?" she asked.

Her mother looked away. "There are ... things ... in the past. I never talked about them, because I thought they were over ... done. Um ... Bobby and I, when we were about your age ... well, we sort of ..." She trailed off, but her meaning was obvious.

"You did it with your brother when you were a teenager?" Chrissy asked incredulously.

"Yes" said her mother, turning her flaming face away.

"Did he rape you?" asked Chrissy.

"No!" yipped her mother. "I mean no, honey. It wasn't anything like that. I loved it then. We loved each other so much then and we lived on the farm, so far from other people and it just seemed like ... I don't know ... love I guess."

"So you don't find the idea gross now." stated Chrissy.

"Well, no, I suppose I don't. Not exactly. I guess I don't know what to think. And I care what you think about it. But we need some place to stay and tonight is the last night we can sleep in this house. I don't want you sleeping in the car tomorrow night. I guess we could get a Motel."

"That's up to you Mamma." said Chrissy. "I think we should save our money though, so we can get our own house soon. And since you've done it before ..." Chrissy's voice trailed off too, and her meaning was just as obvious.

And that's how they ended up driving up to her Uncle Bob's house the next day, late in the morning, with clothes enough to last several weeks, but little else.

He was waiting for them, with a big smile on his face.

"Hey Pam, you look great!" he said to his sister and gave her a big hug.

She kissed him on the cheek and said, "I told Chrissy what's going on Bobby. I didn't want to lie to her, or have her find out ... later."

He turned to Chrissy. "Oh." He didn't seem to know quite what to say, as she just stared at him. Then he frowned a little and said "Look, Pumpkin, I know this seems strange to you, but it means a lot to me. Can I still have a hug, or do you hate me now?"

Chrissy did feel funny giving him a hug, knowing that he was going to take her mother into his bedroom, lie on top of her and fill her up with his sperm so she'd get pregnant. But it didn't seem horrible or anything. Just strange. After all, her mother had gotten pregnant with her.

She smiled. "No, Uncle Bob. It's kind of weird, but if it's okay with her it's okay with me." She gave him a hug, but this time she noticed the feel of his chest pressing against her breasts, and his groin pressing against hers. His hands slid along her back and she remembered she hadn't worn a bra today. He gave her an extra tightening of the arms and kissed her neck under her long blond hair.

"Thanks baby" he whispered in her ear. She shivered at the feel of his hot breath on her neck and ear.

He didn't waste any time either. Right after lunch Uncle Bob said he had something in his bedroom he wanted to show Pam. Chrissy stayed in the living room, looking through a pile of DVDs, looking for a movie to watch. She heard the door close and then her mother's voice squeal "Bobby!". There were more noises, but Chrissy couldn't understand any of them. Twenty minutes later they came out. Uncle Bob had a big goofy smile on his face and her mother, once she stopped blushing, looked happier than she'd been in a long time.

All in all, Chrissy thought it must not be such a bad thing if it made her mother smile like that.

That night after supper Pam was washing the dishes while Uncle Bob and Chrissy sat down and got a movie queued up and ready to go. Uncle Bob said he wanted to get something to drink and asked Chrissy if she wanted something too. Then he got up to go get the drinks. Chrissy started to yell at him to bring some popcorn too, but then got up to go make it herself. She walked into the kitchen just in time to see her Uncle go up behind her mother and slide his hands under her loose blouse and up her front to cup her breasts.

"Ahhhh, braless, just like I love em little sister" he sighed, pressing his groin against her butt. Chrissy ducked back to where she could still see, but wouldn't be noticed.

"Chrissy's just in the other room!" whispered her mother loudly.

"I know, and I can't help it Pammy, but that makes me even hornier!" he sighed, running his hands all over her breasts.

"Ohhhhhh Bob ... you promised" sighed her mother, enjoying the feel of her brother's hands on her aching nipples.

"I want to fuck you" he panted. "Now ... here ... on the table!"

"But Chrissy ..." her mother moaned as Uncle Bob unbuttoned her shirt and bared her stiff-nipped breasts. She was wearing a skirt and when he lifted that Chrissy almost gasped out loud. Her mother wasn't wearing any panties!"

"Ohhhh baby" he sighed. "You know what turns me on."

Chrissy was amazed at how quickly they could transition from two adults standing there, talking, to two rutting teenagers, her mother spread open on the table, of all places, and her Uncle hunching over her grunting as his baby maker shot streams of incestuous semen deep into her pussy.

In fact, after Uncle Bob was finished cumming, they actually spent more time kissing each other and whispering to each other and acting like teenagers on a date than they had actually having sex.

Just to mess with them Chrissy turned her head back toward the living room and cupped her hands, yelling "Hey, where's that drink?" She turned around to see two frantic adults working buttons and zippers as fast as they could.

Chrissy had not known what to think about this new arrangement, but the change in her mother was so dramatic that it couldn't be missed. Her mom was happy again, humming and smiling, interested in her hobbies again. She still went to work, but often baked a cake or created some other kind of culinary delight in the evening just for fun.

But it still seemed tense in the house sometimes though, and Chrissy wanted to do something about that. She came up with a plan. She told them she was going to go to the mall, which was within walking distance. She knew they'd get naked as soon as she left and she just hoped they'd do it somewhere in the house besides their bedroom. Then she waited outside the house, gave them ten minutes, and went back in quietly.

Her plan had worked. She heard them in the living room. After peeking around the corner to make sure they were actually doing it, she slipped back out, went around to the front door, and walked in, calling out "I'm back" as if she expected them to be somewhere deep in the house, instead of ten feet away from her, stark naked, with her Uncle's prick lodged firmly in her Mother's welcoming pussy.

Her mother squeaked and both of them turned embarrassed eyes on her.

Chrissy knew this was a turning point.

Very quickly she waved and said "Hi, sorry, I forgot something. I didn't mean to disturb you. Go on with whatever it was you were doing." And she walked on through the living room and went to the hallway that led to her bedroom. She wanted to listen, but knew she needed to make some noises, so she closed her door harder than usual, hoping they wouldn't get up and get dressed. The best case scenario, in her mind, was that they went on to finish what they'd started. She was gratified to see, when she peeked back into the room, that they were in exactly the same position as they had been when she surprised them. It was almost as if they had frozen.

So she breezed back through and blew them a kiss.

"I'm really sorry. I'm going now. You'll be all alone and I won't be back. If you could make it a girl I'd be really happy! I've always wished I had a sister."

Then she skipped out of the house and went to the mall for a while.

The next step in her plan was to arrange it so that Uncle Bob walked into the bathroom while she was in there naked. She accomplished that by standing at the bathroom mirror, perfectly silent, holding a mascara brush almost at her eyelash ... and waiting. She had to wait a long time. She'd left the door closed, but not latched and, sure enough, Uncle Bob thought the bathroom was empty when he walked into it.

Chrissy jumped for real, making a smear above her eyelash on her forehead and squeaked. She was naked, of course, and she turned to look at her Uncle.

"Oh! You scared me!" she said, as if he had simply walked around a corner unexpectedly. She acted like nothing was really wrong.

Bob stared at the young woman. Her breasts were handfuls, with flesh colored areolas and slightly darker nipples. Her auburn hair was fanned out down her back, and was exactly the same color as the puff of hair between her legs. She worked hard at sports to keep her waistline slim, but she couldn't do anything about the spread of her hips. She knew she was cute, but Bob thought she was drop-dead gorgeous.

"Awww I got mascara all over my face!" she pouted, looking in the mirror. "And it's all your fault!"

"Well" said Bob, swallowing, "Then let me help you with that." He grabbed a washcloth, dipped it under the faucet and began to swab the black mark off her forehead.

With her uncle standing only inches away from her naked body, Chrissy got the first inkling of what a powerful man he was. She wanted to press herself against him. She could smell him, and he smelled good. When he was done he kissed her forehead where the mark had been.

"There. You're all beautiful again," he said.

He turned to leave and Chrissy stopped him. "I can do this in my room" she said. "The bathroom's yours." She walked out, naked, making her hips sway as she did so.

She stayed in her room and listened. She wasn't disappointed. Uncle Bob went and found his sister and soon they were making a lot of noise in their bedroom.

After that Chrissy went around the house in as little as her mother would let her get away with. Usually that meant just a T shirt. She tried to get away with not wearing panties.

One night her mother confronted her. "Chrissy, honey, what do you think you're doing?"

"What?" asked Chrissy, in her best teenage girl voice.

"You know what. You're teasing your uncle. You're wearing next to nothing, and you bend over in front of him and expose your butt and everything else."

"Gee, Mom, and what happens when I do that?" asked Chrissy innocently.

"You know very well what happens missy. He drags me into the bedroom. That's what happens."

"And you just hate that with all your heart, right?" asked Chrissy sweetly.

"Of course not. I love it. You know that." said her mother.

"Well, then, you shouldn't complain about it, now should you?" said Chrissy smugly. "And I'm used to all the sounds you guys make when you think you're being quiet. I really hope it works now. I'd love a little sister. Can't I do my part too?"

Pam looked at her daughter. "You better watch out. Any man can lose control and you're pushing him pretty hard." Her mother tilted her head, staring at the girl. "And he's not the only one you should watch out for."

"What do you mean?" asked the innocent girl."

"You're having fun doing this, but girls your age are curious ... too curious sometimes. Don't get yourself in a situation you wish you weren't in if things get more serious than you planned."

Soon Uncle Bob and her Mother no longer tried to hide their lovemaking. They didn't actually start doing anything if Chrissy was watching them, but Pam was now willing to spread her legs for her handsome brother at every opportunity as she sucked up his semen, trying to get his baby in her belly.

Chrissy liked to watch them too, thought she didn't make it obvious. She got all fluttery in the stomach when she saw her Uncle's big hard penis sliding in and out of her mother's clasping pussy, and after he came in her it was always slick, wet and creamy looking when he pulled it out. It looked like some kind of ice cream treat. Chrissy knew that some women sucked men's penises and drank down their cum, and she wondered what that would be like.

One night they were all watching a movie in the living room. Pam and Bob were on the couch, lying together with her in front of him and they had a light blanket over them. Pam had taken to wearing a big T shirt around the house just before bedtime. It was easy to take off when she actually went to bed, and it allowed her brother free roaming rights as they lay together like this. He alternated between squeezing her nipples and sliding a finger in and out of her usually wet pussy as they watched the show.

Chrissy sat off to one side and pretended to look only at the TV, but out of her peripheral vision she could see her Uncle's hand gliding around under the blanket. It made her horny to watch, and unconsciously she let her own hand slip down between her legs, where she pressed against her clitty. That felt really nice and she slowly masturbated herself on the outside of the shirt tucked between her legs. Like her mother, she had stopped wearing panties to bed. It made it much easier to get that good feeling, but she didn't rub her bare pussy in front of her Mother and Uncle.

In the movie there was a part where, in a shower scene with the hero and heroine, her bare back was toward the camera and she sank down, her head going obviously for the hero's penis. Then the look on his face showed she'd gotten there. Chrissy glanced at the adults and saw her mother's head slide under the blanket, to stop above her Uncle's groin. Then he got the same unfocused look on his face. That was too much and Chrissy whipped her shirt up to her stomach and began finger-fucking herself with two fingers.

Her uncle looked over and his eyes got wide as he saw his niece's auburn fluff and her pink wet pussy lips, and the two fingers slicking in and out of that pussy. His hips came up off the couch and a muffled "Oh" came from under the blanket as he shot his wad in Pam's mouth. Chrissy got a thrill from having her Uncle watch her and she spread her legs more, lifting her own butt up off the chair as she got her cookies while her hot-eyed Uncle stared at her. Just as her mother's head started back up toward the edge of the blanket Chrissy managed to pull her shirt back down and resume her appearance of movie-watching teenager.

Chrissy blew her Uncle a kiss just before her mother's head popped out. Pam was licking her lips and smiling, but Chrissy heard her whisper, "You weren't supposed to cum ... you wasted some."

That was taken care of 45 minutes later when the hero made love to the heroine on screen. Uncle Bob rolled over on top of Pam as she hissed that Chrissy was "right over there", but one of her feet dropped off the couch and hit the floor. Uncle Bob drove into her so hard and fast that the blanket fell off and Chrissy could clearly see her shirt was up around her armpits. Uncle Bob's dick was sticking out of the fly of his boxers, so she couldn't see them where they were coupled, but it was obvious what they were doing. Chrissy watched them and, as her mother's embarrassed face swiveled toward her she grinned at her mother, as if to say, "Go Girl!" Just then Bob gave a groan and sagged down on top of Pam as he filled her pussy once again with hot virile spunk.

They played a game after that. Bob took every opportunity to fuck his sister while her daughter was there in the room, and Chrissy took every opportunity to watch his big prick slick in and out of her mother, delivering it's precious supply of frantic sperm cells. Whenever her mother couldn't see, Chrissy dropped her pants, or hiked up her skirt and showed her Uncle her weeping pussy as she played with it. She got quite good at cumming as her Uncle came, flooding her mother with hot sperm.

Chrissy's efforts ... and his too, of course, paid off. Within two months of moving in, Pam was pregnant.

Chrissy knew it even before her mother did. There was just something about her mother that made her look brighter, happier, healthier. Her mother came to her one day after school and said "Honey, I have some news. You know why we came here and obviously you've ... watched us ... making love. Well, I'm pregnant with your Uncle's baby. I hope you can still love me."

Chrissy threw her arms around her mother. "Mommy, don't be silly. I know how much you like what you've been doing. You have noisy orgasms."

Her mother blushed furiously and started to say something but Chrissy cut her off. "I'm so happy for both of you. I don't care what you say Mamma, you want this baby as much as Uncle Bob does. You need this baby. I can tell. When I see you two going at it, it makes me feel all squishy in my stomach. I get all tingly inside. I get horny Mamma!"

Pam looked at her beautiful daughter. "You're too young to get a swelled belly like me. You have your whole life ahead of you. You need to go places and do things."

Chrissy stared calmly back into her mother's eyes. "Mamma, do you wish you hadn't gotten pregnant with me?"

Pam was horrified. "No! Baby, that's not what I meant. I love you and I'm so glad I had you. I wouldn't change that for anything."

"And," said Chrissy. "Is your life all ruined now, because you had me instead of ... going places and doing things?"

Pam's head jerked "Well ... no. My life isn't so terrible. I mean I thought it was, and I miss your father horribly, but now that Bobby and I are back together ... my life isn't so bad." She looked at her daughter and her eyes widened as she realized she had just shot down her own arguments that if Chrissy gott pregnant it would automatically ruin her life.

"Don't worry. It's not that I just want to get pregnant," said Chrissy. "I'm not sure about that. Sometimes I think it would be awesome, but sometimes the thought of it scares me half to death. But it looks like so much ... fun, when I see you two doing it. Don't worry though, I won't try to take Uncle Bob away from you. I'll find somebody to pop my cherry. Maybe I can go on the pill or something."

Pam thought about some strange boy rutting between her daughter's legs and shuddered. Boys her age didn't know which end of their prick to work with. At the same time, she knew what happened to every girl, sooner or later. She remembered it happening to her, in fact. Whether she liked it or not, Chrissy would experiment with sex and, eventually, some male would worm his hard penis inside her and spurt in her.

Almost idly she said, "You can't go on the pill honey, girls in our family are allergic to them or something. They make us swell up like balloons. And you couldn't take Bobby away from me anyway. He loves us both."

"Is that why you said on the phone, before we came here, that he had to leave me out of it? I heard you talking to him."

Her mother sighed. "I knew you got him going, just like I did," she said. "He couldn't hide how excited you made him. Of course I didn't think you'd have any interest in him, not like that."

"I've always loved him," said Chrissy. "He was somebody I could dream about and it felt safe and happy."

"Well, I'm sure he'd be quite happy to let you explore. And, to tell the truth, I think he's oversexed, though he claims it's only because he had to wait so long to be with me. There's no doubt there's enough of him to go around and he'd be good to you." She blushed again as she realized she had just admitted that the idea of her lover fucking her daughter didn't really bother her all that much.

Pam said something then that shocked her even more. "I'll talk to him."

That night Pam told Bob the big news and he was visibly excited. He'd wanted children for years.

Then she told him about the conversation she'd had with Chrissy.

"You already told me how you feel about this!" he said. "You said you didn't want me to touch her."

"Well, yes, I did." she admitted. "But that was before our conversation. I don't know what I want now. I have your baby in me and she's not protected, so if you do anything with her she might get your baby in her too. Could you deal with two babies in your house?"

He grinned "I could deal with five or six babies in my house, if they were all mine. Look what just the thought does to me." He pointed down at his pants, which were tented out due to a fresh hardon.

"Yeah, but that's probably for her. She's young and fresh and a virgin and I'm old and pregnant." said Pam in a somber voice.

He showed her how wrong she was by taking her down right there in the kitchen and fucking her pregnant pussy chock full of his man milk.

Chrissy walked in while he was cumming in her mother. "You guys!" Chrissy yipped. "Get a room or something. Gee whiz, Uncle Bob, she's already knocked up. You don't have to keep trying!" Then she laughed, to let them know she was just kidding.

Bob stood up. His cock came out of her mother, still half hard and dripping with thick white spunk.

Pam lay there with her skirt up over her stomach, legs still spread, pussy oozing sperm.

Bob leered at Chrissy "Now that you mention it, I suppose I should be looking for pussy to plant a baby in." He wagged his cock at Chrissy and she shrieked with laughter. She brought up both hands and covered her nipples with just the tips of her fingers.

"Oh, Help me!" she cried in a little girl voice. "The bad man wants to put his nasty old penis in my poor virgin pussy ... help ... help ... help!"

She laughed again and then laughed even harder as he took a step toward her, only to trip on his pants, which were still pooled around his ankles. Chrissy skipped out of the room, calling over her shoulder, "Just go back to what you were doing. I didn't mean to interrupt you."

Bob looked after her and then down at his cock. It was hard again because of her actions. When he turned around to his sister her eyes got wide as she saw he was going to do exactly what her daughter had suggested. She held up her arms to him as he remounted her.

Oddly, supper was a completely normal and routine meal, where they all chatted about the day. The only time they talked about Pam's new status as mother-to-be was to find out when the due date was. It appeared as though she had gotten pregnant during the first week or two after they had moved in with Bob.

It was during TV time that things heated up. Chrissy was sitting in the easy chair she usually watched TV in, and was dressed in her oversized T shirt and nothing else. Her Uncle and Mother were sitting side by side on the couch and they were all watching a movie. But they weren't doing anything overtly sexual.

Chrissy spoke. "Hey you guys, I was just kidding this afternoon. You don't have to stop playing with each other because of me. I don't mind, really."

Uncle Bob squeezed his sister's shoulders. "I tried, but she says twice in one day is enough."

Pam blushed and said "Well, I'm a little sore since that last time. You went a little crazy."

"Yeah, I couldn't help it. Chrissy turned me on extra," he said.

Chrissy said, "I did? How?"

"I think it was the thing you did with your hands" he brought his up to cover his own nipples. "It made me want to jump your bones. That and talking about me wanting to stuff your pussy. I bet it's pretty like your mother's."

Pam slapped his arm. "Behave" she said.

But the idea that she had turned on her Uncle made Chrissy feel happy. On impulse she pulled her shirt up and exposed her pussy to her Uncle. "You mean this pussy?" she said, as if he hadn't ever seen it before.

Bob's eyes were hot. "That's the one" he said, and put his hand in his lap.

"What's that you're touching, Uncle Bob?" asked Chrissy in a little girl voice. She slid her hand between her legs, covering her pussy.

"That's my baby maker, little girl." said her uncle.

"Gosh" she said "However do you make a baby with that?" Chrissy let her legs fall open. Her uncle ... and mother ... could clearly see that her middle finger was no longer covering her pussy ... it was in her pussy.

"Chrissy! You're playing with fire!" barked Pam. She was astonished to see how sexy her daughter looked doing these nasty things.

"OH!" yipped Chrissy. "I need a fire hose then ... to put the fire out!" She slicked her finger in and out of her pussy, which was now thoroughly wet.

"Awwwww," groaned Uncle Bob. "I have a fire hose." He turned his face to his lover, and now the mother of his child. "Oh please, can I go play fireman with Chrissy?" he said in a little boy voice.

Pam felt a twinge of jealousy. "You're a goat! A satyr! You'd fuck anything that moved ... wouldn't you? Well? Wouldn't you?!"

Bob slid his hand to her breast. "You're moving" he said softly.

Pam laughed and batted his hand away. "Oh go play then you dirty old man. I'm still sore."

Bob got up and took off his clothes. He looked completely different to Chrissy without clothes. He looked muscular and strong and her pussy got even wetter. His cock stuck straight out from his body, bobbing a little as he stepped toward the girl, whose legs were still spread as she drove her fingers furiously into her snatch.

"You don't need your fingers any more Chrissy." said Bob, his voice husky. "I have the hose to put your fire out.

Chrissy pulled her own shirt over her head and lay there, splayed and open to her uncle. "Oh please, Mr. nice fireman, I need somebody to help me," she said.

"I'll help you," he said, kneeling between her thighs.

"Being in a fire is ... scary," she panted.

"Don't worry. The fireman will take care of you. Firemen only help. They never hurt."

He leaned over and sucked one of her nipples. She almost screamed at the feeling. Nobody had ever done that to her before, and it was astonishing. He switched and she reached for his hair with her fingers, pulling him to her chest. She didn't want him to stop. Then she felt him wiggle one of his thick fingers up into her pussy and her hips bounced up off the couch.

"Uhhhhhnnnnng," she groaned.

Bob finger-fucked her fast and furious and she loved it. He left her nipples to find her lips and she kissed him like the movie stars did in the movies, her mouth open. His tongue in her mouth felt like nothing else she'd ever experienced. She gasped for air as he put hit thumb on her clitty and pressed hard.

"Uhhhhhhbbnnnn," she burbled as an orgasm washed over her young body. She shook and panted and moaned as he worked her over.

Then, suddenly, as she began to catch her breath from that orgasm, he leaned back. He looked down and she looked down there too as he fisted his even bigger looking prick and brought the tip to her virgin slot. He looked up into her eyes and hesitated. "You sure, baby?" he asked.

"Yesssss," she hissed. "Oh pleeease," she added.

He leaned toward her and she felt a terrible stretching sensation, like her bones were being moved around. Then her pussy lips got stretched to their maximum and she felt pain in them too. She was about to tell him to stop when something suddenly loosened and he fell forward, sliding four inches of rock hard cock into her body. Her breath came out in a grunt as she heard him go, "Ahhhhhhhhh".

He stayed still for maybe a minute, just kissing her over and over, asking her if she was okay, waiting until her hips began to wiggle under him. Then he began to move ... in and out ... and at first she couldn't feel anything except the not-so-awful stretching sensations. She wondered if she'd made a mistake when, suddenly, there was an electric twinge as his cock scraped along her clit. She made a little sound in her throat and Uncle Bob kissed her again. His tongue swirled in her mouth and she realized that the pain had faded. She still felt stretched and full, but now it felt good, somehow, like her bones had moved and now they were okay.

"Ohhh," she moaned into her uncle's mouth. She made more sounds as he began longer strokes that speeded up until she was shaking from the pounding. She looked down and saw the same penis she had watched sliding in and out of her mother as it slicked in and out of her. She was overcome with feelings of lust and love and her hips found a rhythm that let her shove up just as he was shoving down. She felt his cock go even deeper and hit something way up inside her that flipped a switch on her orgasm machine. She felt it coming and told him.

"Ohhh it's happening again Uncle Bob, you're making me feel sooooo gooooood."

"Yeah baby," he huffed in her ear. "Cum all over Uncle Bob's cock. Fireman Bob is going to squirt Baby, his hose is going to shoot."

That did it for Chrissy. The knowledge that he was about to put the same stuff inside her that had made a baby in her mother caused her to cramp up from the intensity of her cum.

Right in the middle of it she felt heat suddenly bloom from the tip of her uncle's prick loosed a pulse of rich sperm into her belly.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck," he groaned, pressing in all the way and leaving it there.

Now she felt his cock swell and jump as more squirts followed the first ones. He looked down at her and kissed her gently on the lips as his tool finally stopped.

"Thank you," he whispered to his niece.

"No ... thank you." she whispered back.

"Gotta go see your mother," he whispered.

"Yeah, do something nice for her." said Chrissy softly.

Bob pulled out and Chrissy got to watch as that milky white ice cream treat was pulled slowly out of her pussy. She sighed as she suddenly felt empty and understood precisely why her mother loved to do that with this man. She turned her head to look at her mother and saw her sitting slack jawed.

Pam had watched the whole thing, and was astonished at how violent it looked. Bob's muscular body covered poor Chrissy almost completely. She'd seen him pound the poor girl so hard there must be bruises, but had heard only sounds of happiness from her daughter. Then, at the end, she'd seen Bob lean forward and get his toes under him, pressing in deep. Pam knew the sounds he was making ... had heard him making them while he was lying on top of her ... as he had made her pregnant. Now her virgin daughter was getting her pussy stuffed full of that hot white fluid. Pam didn't know whether to be outraged ... or rub her pussy, which, sore or not, suddenly needed some attention.

Then Bob just left his freshly fucked niece! He left the poor girl lying spread eagled, her pussy literally running with sperm as it oozed out of her gaping pussy lips and down the crack of her ass. Pam took in a breath to yell at him for his insensitivity when she saw her daughter reach down and seal her pussy closed with three fingers, as if she didn't want to lose any more of what her uncle had just injected into her.

And Bob was crawling across the floor toward her now! He had that look in his eye! He couldn't be ready to go again ... not this soon. She watched frozen as he crawled up and put his head between her naked knees, pushing her T shirt up with his head.

She figured out what he was doing at the exact same time his lips burrowed into her sore pussy and he began licking her with the flat of his tongue.

"Bob!" she managed a strangled sob, and he eyes darted back to her daughter, who was watching them. Only now the fingers that had sealed her pussy were rubbing all over it, smearing Bob's sperm up into her mons and back up into her pussy. It would have been obvious to anyone that she was very happy.

Pam realized that everything had changed. They were now just one big family, and she knew she wouldn't spend time looking for a house for her and Chrissy to move into. She knew they lived with Bob now, and that he might just get the six or seven children he'd always wanted.

Chrissy, after all, was obviously ready to help him achieve that goal.

She relaxed, and spread her legs a little further so her brother could get to her more easily. Then she lay back to let their new man give her one more orgasm.

The End