The Making of a Gigolo (10)- Elizabeth Sinderson

by Lubrican

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This is the tenth in a series of stories about how Bobby Dalton was transformed, from a normal teenage boy, into a man sought after by many women. His story starts with "The Making of a Gigolo - Tilly Johnson", and there is much information in that first story, and the ones that followed it, that will be useful to you in understanding what happens in this story.

For your fullest enjoyment, and because parts of each story are continued in succeeding ones, please read the stories in order.


Chapter One

1973 - Spring

In early April, Tim Appleton was faced with a difficult decision. Though it had never been talked about, his draft number was such that he had always half expected to receive a letter from the President of the United States. Nowadays, that would be cause for excitement, but everyone back then knew that such letters contained a draft notice. Or had until 1972, anyway. When the draft stopped, Tim felt a great sense of relief. On the other hand, his dream of going to college wasn't panning out. His grades in high school had been all right, but nothing that would get him enough money to complete college. He was serious about Constance, and wanted to marry her, but his dream of being married also included a better job than he could get with just a high school education.

It was, in fact, a friend of his who had been drafted who came back to Granger, who put the idea in Tim's head for a solution. He told Tim about the GI bill. Wanting to "be a man", Tim stopped by the Army Recruiting Office. Somehow he ended up taking a test, which revealed that he was elligible for Officer's Candidate School. A glowing description from a sharp looking Staff Sergeant made it all sound so simple. Join the Army. Go to OCS, spend a little time serving Uncle Sam - during which you could be married - and the job offers would pour in. That didn't even count the GI Bill, which would also pay for a lot of college. And Viet Nam? "Don't worry about that," said the Sergeant. "That's winding down anyway. It will probably be over before you graduate from OCS."

He hadn't intended on signing up. He only went there for information. But the Staff Sergeant was highly motivated and good at his job.

When he left, he had orders to report for induction and basic training on the twenty-third of April. The document instructed him to bring only the clothes on his back. Everything he would need would be provided.

The reaction to his "decision" was much more tumultuous than he expected. His mother cried. Constance cried, and then raged at him. His father said nothing, initially, but Tim saw something in his father's eyes that scared him.

Tim's father had served in the Korean conflict, and there were many late nights when he sat with his son, while they both sipped whiskey, and he told his son about memories he had never planned to tell anyone about. Constance was panic stricken, but Tim did a masterful job of calming her fears, reassuring her that nothing would happen to him, and that everything would be all right.

She believed him because she wanted to believe him.

April of 1973 was almost as tumultuous for Bobby Dalton as July of 1971 had been. That had been the month in which he had met, and become intimately involved with Jill Trimble. His sister Florence had discovered he was having a sexual relationship with another sister, Bev, and he had had full intercourse with his oldest sister, Mary, for the first time, just before her wedding. He had also offered to have sex with his mother that month, though she put that off for a while, letting him masturbate her instead, to settle her frazzled nerves. Tilly Johnson, who had already had one of his babies, decided she wanted another, and he spent a lot of that month with her, in bed. His mother, and Prudence Harris, began a wild sexual relationship with Ted Brandywine. Mary turned out to be pregnant, when she returned from her honeymoon, and Florence and Linda, another of his sisters, started kissing him, after they caught him eating Bev's pussy.

That month had been a wild ride, and April of this year was shaping up to be just as wild. A lot had happened, since July of 1971, and a lot of that was coming to a head, of sorts.

The first thing that happened blew everybody away. Mary had her second baby. Her first had been, at least to family members, obviously created by her egg and Bobby's sperm. Little Jordan, born on April Fool’s Day, 1972, had been the spitting image of Bobby.

Now, on April the first of 1973, pregnant again, her water had broken, and she was in the process of delivering a second baby, on one-year-old Jordan's birthday. Bobby and his mother had taken over the care of Jordan, when they got the news, and he was in his father's arms, at the farmhouse where Bobby still lived, despite the fact that he was now twenty-four years old. Of seven younger sisters, only four were left at home. Linda, the eldest still at home, had gone to the hospital, and would bring them news when it became available.

Theodore, Mirriam's baby, who also bore a startling resemblance to Bobby, was happily sucking at his mother's breast while she complained that he should be weaned by now.

"I know how he feels," said Bobby, grinning at his topless mother. "I'll want to suck them for as long as I can, too."

"That's different," said Mirriam, archly. "You're just a terrible boy who torments his poor mother."

"If we didn't have all these babies around," said Bobby, bouncing his namesake in his arms, "I could torment you right now."

"We have all these babies around," said Mirriam firmly, "because of you, Robert Jordan!"

Susie, Mirriam's almost seventeen-year-old daughter, came wandering into the room. She took Jordan from her brother's arms and cuddled him. He wiggled, though, wanting down, and she set him carefully on his feet, holding his hands. He had recently decided that walking was fun, though he wasn't very good at it yet.

"Mamma?" said the girl.

"Yes dear?"

"I want to go to college."

"You've wanted to go to college for years, darling," said Mirriam, changing Theodore to her other breast.

"Yes," said Susie, "but I'm trying to plan it out, except that I can't, because it's all too expensive."

"Your grades are excellent," said Mirriam. "I'm sure you can get a scholarship."

"How will I know, until I apply to a college?" asked Suzie. "I think I want to be a doctor, anyway, and that takes a long, long time. I won't be able to get scholarships for all of that."

"A doctor?" asked Mirriam, obviously delighted. "I knew you liked biology. I think that's a wonderful goal," she said.

"I've taken all the courses I can, in high school," said Suzie. "I mean that have anything to do with being a doctor. I have another whole year of high school left, and the only two things I have left to take are Calculus, and Applied Physics. Everything else is stupid stuff, like Phys Ed, and World History and Speech. My counselor at school says that there's a summer program, for people interested in med school, but it's in Wichita, and it costs a lot of money."

"How much?" asked Bobby.

Suzie looked at him. She didn't know quite how she felt about her big brother. She wasn't stupid. She knew some of what was going on in the house. Just looking at the two babies in the room right now made it pretty clear that her brother was some kind of satyr. She knew about other babies that looked just like these too. She knew that Linda went into Bobby's room at night, sometimes, and stayed there a long time - much too long to just talk a little bit and say goodnight. She had kept away from boys for that very reason. If her own sisters ... and mother too (!) couldn't resist him, she wasn't about to expose herself to him, or any other temptation. She was serious about her future. Instead of dating, she took extra classes in school. Even then, the work seemed easy, so she got books about medicine from the library in town and read everything she could get her hands on.

"What difference does it make?" she asked.

"I might be able to help you," he said.

"It's three hundred dollars," she said.

"Your birthday is coming up," he said, intently. "Why don't you talk to your counselor about signing up?"

Suzie was shocked. Just like that he had offered her three hundred dollars!

"That's very nice of you, Bobby," said her mother, as if he had only held the door for her or something like that.

"Do you mean it?" Suzie asked, her breath hushed.

"Of course I mean it," he said. "When was the last time I teased you?"

"Yesterday," she said, promptly. "You said my hair looked like I'd been struck by lightning.”

"That wasn't teasing," he said, grinning. "That was the simple truth."

"Can I talk to you about this?" asked Suzie. "Privately?" she added.

"I can take care of these two," said Mirriam, setting Theodore down on the floor and pulling her dress back up to cover her naked breasts.

She took him outside, because it felt ... safer, somehow.

As soon as they were ten or fifteen feet away from the house, she whirled.

"I'm not going to have sex with you!" she said.

Bobby didn't smile. "Of course you're not," he said.

"I know about the others!" she said, sticking her chin out.

"Oh you do, do you?" he responded.

"I know you got Mary pregnant ... and Mamma too!"

"You're a pretty good doctor already," said Bobby. This time he did smile, but it wasn't a mean smile.

"I know Linda goes to your room at night!" she insisted.

"What does that have to do with you going to summer school?" he asked.

"I'm not going to take anything from you," she said, her voice urgent, "if it means I have to have sex with you."

"Suzie," Bobby sighed. "What in the world makes you think I'd make you do something like that?"

"I know about all those other women too," she said, still on guard. "You do something to them. I don't know what it is, but you cast some kind of spell on them, or something. It scares me."

"Look," said Bobby. "I don't know what you know, or think you know, but the fact is that I will never do anything to you, or to hurt you, in any way. I love you. I'm not planning on having sex with you. I'm not going to ask for anything if you go to school, except that you apply yourself and do the best you can. There are no strings attached to this. It's a birthday present to my sister ... that's all."

Suzie felt doubt, but it wasn't doubt in him. She had lived with him for seventeen years. Only in the last few years had he started doing all these weird things ... these sexual things.

"You look at me sometimes," she said, her voice still edgy.

"You're a beautiful young woman," he said. "Lots of guys look at you."

Suzie didn't think she was beautiful at all. "That's what I mean," she said. "Boys just think about sex all the time."

"Just because I think you're beautiful doesn't mean I want to have sex with you," he said. "I can't speak for other men, of course. All I can say is that you have nothing to worry about, concerning me."

"I want to believe you," she said softly.

"I'm telling you the truth," he said.

"You don't want to have sex with me?" she asked.

"I didn't say that," he said. "What I said was that just because I think you're beautiful doesn't mean I want to have sex with you."

"What does that mean?" she moaned. "Do you or don't you?"

"It's not that simple," he said. "I'm not going to lie to you, but you need to remember that there are some answers in life that you might not like, when you get them."

"Just tell me!" she barked.

"I don't want to have sex with you," he said. "Because you don't want to have sex with me."

"That's right!" she said. "I don't!"

"Okay then," he said. "Problem solved."

"But if I did want that ... I don't! ... but if I did ... then would you?"

"Of course," he said. "I love you."

"Ooooo, that does not make me feel any better!" she moaned.

"Why? I thought you didn't want that."

"I don't! But I've been around a lot of girls who didn't one day and then the next they went crazy or something. I don't now what causes it but at least two of my sisters and my mother caught it and I might, too. I was hoping you weren't interested."

"I'm not," he said, smiling. "Unless you are."

"That does not help!" She stamped one foot.

"I told you to be careful what questions you ask," he reminded her.

"I just want to be able to hug my own big brother and not worry that he's going to rape me!" she said.

"I've never forced a woman in my whole life," he said. "I'm not going to start."

"I don't understand that," she said. "Why do all these women want to ... with you?"

"That's something I can't explain," he said simply. "Maybe you'll understand that when you get a little older. One of these days you'll meet a guy, and he'll be interesting to you, and you'll want to get to know him better. You'll probably want other things too. That's fine, if it happens. It's also fine if it doesn't."

"I just want to be a doctor," she sighed.

"Then that's what you should pay attention to," he said.

"How will I get to Wichita?" she asked, feeling hope for the first time.

"Maybe we should get you a car of your own," he said.

She goggled. "We can't afford that!" she said.

"I can. A used one, anyway."

She stared at him.

"You'd do that for me?" she asked weakly.

"I told you, silly, I love you. I think you'd make a great doctor, and somebody from this family needs to go to college."

"No strings?" she asked, feeling her heart almost burst.

"None at all," said Bobby.

It wasn't until after the hug, that Suzie realized she hadn't been scared or nervous at all. It had been a good hug. She felt much better about things.

Mary's second child was also a boy. Just as it was obvious that Jordan had been Bobby's baby, it was equally obvious, to those people who paid attention to such things, that Hamilton, Jordan's younger brother, had issued from Fred's loins. While Mary never felt any guilt about letting her brother impregnate her, and was very happy that Fred was blissfully ignorant of that fact, she felt much better, now that her husband had fathered a child in her.

Of course, the fact that both her babies shared the same birthday caused an uproar. When Linda got home with the news that everything had gone perfectly, and that mother and baby were both fine, it was only natural to center on the fact that Mary now had presented two April Fools babies to her husband.

She never once said that to Fred, though. She didn't have to. Everybody else they knew greeted him with "April Fools!" for months after both births, and occasionally for years afterward.

Meanwhile, during that April, Bobby was also taking care of the sexual needs of three other women. Felicity Chumley and her maid, Annie, had due dates only two days apart. Bobby was responsible for both of those babies, and the mothers-to-be were both ecstatic about that. He had been seeing them each Friday, but they had allowed him to move to a different night, when he took his consulting job with Amanda Griggs, who ran the KDEF radio station in Hutchinson, sixty miles away.

Bobby was still making that drive twice a week too, to take care of Amanda.

It was getting harder and harder for Felicity and Annie to make love, as their pregnant bellies bulged ever larger. Both babies were very active, and more than once, while one of them was sitting on Bobby's stiff prick, his baby had put a foot out, clearly visible as it moved under stretched skin. Elbows were a frequent sight too, sliding across their bellies.

Christy Brown and Jill Trimble had already had Bobby's babies, and both were proud of them. He still visited them almost once a week too, both to spend time with his children ... and to spend time with their mothers.

Christy's husband came home, that April, from the Vietnam war where he had spent two tours in Saigon as a supply clerk. She hadn't told him she'd had a baby. Jillian was now eight months old, and the last time he'd been home had been in December of 1971. They had stopped writing to each other, and it was obvious that the marriage was dead. He offered to stay, because of Jillian, and Christy, who now ran a thriving photography studio, simply admitted that Jillian wasn't his. He left, not telling her that a bad case of syphilis, caught from a whore in Vietnam, had made him sterile.

Christy mourned the death of the relationship, though, and Bobby spent hours with her, just holding her while she cried.

As fate sometimes decrees, when one man came back from Vietnam, another would receive orders to go. Eighty percent of those being inducted into the Army were being sent to Viet Nam.

Constance Harris would do a lot of crying over that.

The last thing that happened in April of that year was that Amanda Griggs missed a period. She'd been expecting it ... anticipating it, even. It was something she couldn't explain, even to her father. She wasn't interested in getting married, but she wanted to have Bobby's baby. She didn't even understand it herself.

But when she found out, Bobby was the first person she told.

May was pretty routine, for Bobby. June, though, threatened to be another month to remember.

On the ninth, two days before she was supposed to, Felicity went into labor. It would be forever believed, in the Chumley household, that what sent her into labor was Annie's water breaking. The ambulance carried them both to the hospital at the same time. They went through labor in the same room, at their own request. Annie actually delivered first, producing a perfectly formed little girl, who she promptly named Felicity, in honor of the woman who had brought the little girl's father into the house.

Barely an hour later, Felicity gave an exhausted sigh of relief and fell back, after her last push finally got a little boy out of her belly. She named him Charles, after her husband's father. Eighty-two-year-old Chester, her husband, sat patiently in the waiting room the whole time. He was the first to hold "his" son, and the first to hand the baby to his wife. The baby had black hair and a thick chest, just like Bobby.

Three days later, the same doctor and nurses delivered another baby boy, with black hair and a thick chest. All of them noticed the resemblance between that baby, who was named Christopher, and baby Charles, who had just been sent home with his mother. More than one eyebrow was raised in the delivery room, as Beverly Gregory, formerly Beverly Dalton, had this baby.

Within three days, when all of Bev's sisters had gotten to see and hold little Christopher, Susie Dalton got the chance to punch Bobby in the stomach.

"Bev too?!" she squealed.

Bobby hadn't been expecting it, but had been able to tighten up his abdominal muscles just as the blow hit.

"I'll never tell," he grinned.

Another cause in June, for celebration, mixed with remorse, was Tim Appleton coming home on leave after completing basic training in California. He only had two weeks of leave, because at least part of what the recruiter had promised him had come true. He had orders to report to Officers Candidate School in the Infantry track, after that. His assignment after completion of that school was "pending", but everybody in the Army knew that infantry officers went to Nam.

Constance had had eight weeks to think about things. She met him at the bus and, after their first minute-long kiss, said: "You have to marry me before you go!"

He didn't take much convincing.

During the week it took to make the arrangements, and get the documents in order, Tim spent most evenings at the Harris house. To spare his young wife-to-be torment, he talked about things like he hoped they might happen. His orders were, after all, officially "pending" and he wanted her to have the same hope for the future that he did. He talked about how soon they'd be able to live together. OCS was only three months long. After that he'd be assigned to some Army base somewhere, and Constance could join him. The planning for the hasty wedding took only an hour. What Constance concentrated on was getting pregnant before Tim left. Tim tried to convinced her that everything was going to be fine. Constance wasn't taking any chances.

Prudence simply spent her evenings with Mirriam.

Constance’s wedding looked like a repeat of Bev's, which wasn't strange, considering they were best friends. All the Daltons were there, along with the president of the bank where Prudence worked, and a few other people. The happy couple took off to spend Tim's remaining three days of leave in a hotel in Wichita, where nobody could bother them.

Back in Granger, Suzie wasn't the only one who was upset by the fact that Bev had obviously had Bobby's baby. At least it was obvious to the Dalton clan.

Linda had held Christopher, and her heart had melted. Bobby had satisfied her sexual needs for a year, powering his prick into her several times a week, until, after he'd given her two or three orgasms, he'd spurted her full of dangerous incestuous sperm. She'd been on the pill the whole time; just to avoid consequences like the one she was holding in her arms. Christopher looked so darling ... so tiny ... so perfect. Linda wanted to do this ... to have a baby like this ... not Bobby's ... but one like it.

She had the opportunity to do that too. She had been "engaged" to Paul Engle for almost four months, during which time he had taken over the enjoyable task of satisfying her craving for a hard prick in her pussy. Graduation was over and summer was coming up. Though they were completely committed to getting married, plans to that effect never seemed to be made, and the whole concept of marriage was still pretty vague.

Now, though, after Constance got married, and while Linda once again held little Christopher in her arms, it occurred to her that it was time. She had graduated. She was eighteen, and she knew what man was going to have the honor of putting a baby like this one in her belly.

She resolved to talk to Paul about it that very night.

Linda's talk with him didn't go well. In fact, it was disastrous.

"Honey," said Paul, looking completely flummoxed. "We can't get married now! I have to go to college! We can't start a family until after that!"

"I can't wait that long!" she wailed. "You'll be in college for four years! What am I supposed to do for four years?!"

"Wait for me," he said. It was perfectly logical in his mind. "I'll graduate, and get a good job, so we can buy a house, and then you can have all the babies you want."

"I want a baby now!" she yelled.

"Where the hell did this come from?" he groaned. "I thought you were perfectly happy with the way things are. Isn't that why you're taking the pill?"

"It came from the fact that I thought you loved me and I want to have a baby!" she yelled. She thought that was perfectly logical too. She'd found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. It was time to get on with things.

"That's insane!" he said, still thinking he was being perfectly logical. "We just finished high school. I have a summer job, but we can't get married based on that. You have to wait until I get a real job, Linda."

Linda's frustration burst out of her. "I don't want to wait years to start having babies! I want to live with you, and start having them now! I thought you wanted to marry me!" she wailed.

"We can't possibly do that!" he said, his voice rising. "I'll barely be able to afford college now. There's no way I could support a wife. And with a baby in the house, I couldn't study either. No. It just can't happen like that." His mind was made up.

Linda was stunned. She'd had it all planned out. He'd be delighted. She'd already skipped her pill today, and didn't plan on taking another one, maybe ever again. She'd expected him to go crazy for her, and try to make a baby in her this very night.

Her hope was displaced by anger, and the anger swelled and burst in her just as powerfully as passion would have, if things had gone the way she planned.

Letting anger get the best of you, in situations like this, is never the best thing to do.

"You don't love me!" she wailed. "All I want is one little baby, and all you can think about is your stupid college. You're probably going to go off and meet some stupid pretty girl, and make her pregnant, instead of meeeeee!" She ended in a wail of misery.

He reached for her, but she slapped at his hands.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed. "Go on. Go off to college. But don't expect me to wait for you!"

She stormed out, leaving a thoroughly shocked Paul standing there.

Storming out, in situations like this, is never the best thing to do either. It tends to send the signal that it's over.

All of Paul's prior insecurity ... those months when he kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for this beautiful woman to walk away from him ... crushed in on him. It was easy for him to believe it was over.

Linda, on the other hand, was miserable almost immediately. She almost turned around and went back. She had, very consciously, decided that Paul was the one. She was stubborn, though, and still mad, and that kept her walking. She knew she couldn't go crawling back to him. She knew she hadn't meant those things she'd said. She would wait for him, if she had to. But she couldn't admit that to him. Not yet, anyway.

Time heals many wounds, and reconnects many lovers. It only reconnects them, though, when they seek each other out. In this case, while summer arrived, neither Linda, nor Paul sought out the other, Paul because it was over, and Linda because she was too embarrassed.

The wound stayed open and raw.

Two weeks went by and Linda began to have worries that it was really over, too. It didn't help that she was used to being made love to regularly. She loved sucking Paul's penis ... had loved sucking it ... and, before that, she had loved sucking Bobby's too. Bobby had taught her everything she knew about having sex. And she had, in turn, taught Paul.

Her mother knew something was wrong. In the past, she'd gone out almost every night with Paul. Now, she sat at home, miserable. Her mother offered to listen, but Linda knew there was no way she would understand, or sympathize. She hadn't even told her mother that it was over, yet. Her mother had had a rough life, raising eight children, mostly alone. Whenever something had knocked her down, she'd just gotten up, knuckled down and gone on. And that was what Linda decided she would have to do too.

The problem was she had no idea how to do that. Should she get a job? She was too heartbroken to start looking at other men. Paul had been all she’d ever wanted. She couldn't even talk to Bobby, because he was hardly ever there anymore. She'd known he'd been spending a night or two away from home, in the last six months, but, now that she was there all the time, she realized he was gone more than he was there!

It was while she was thinking about that, that the subject of her ruminations walked in the door. He smiled at her.

"Hey, squirt," he said. "I haven't seen you sitting around on a Wednesday night in a long time. Paul busy?"

Her face told him more than words ever could have.

"Come on," he said. "I need to change clothes, and you can tell me all about it while I'm doing that."

She was crying by the time they got to his room. She didn't give him time to change out of his sweaty work clothes, but buried her face in his chest and sobbed. Slowly, he got it out of her, bit by bit.

"I thought he loved meeee!" she wailed.

"He does love you," said Bobby.

"No he doesn't!" she yelled, pushing at him. He wouldn't let her go.

"He's just trying to think of the future," said Bobby.

"But the future is so far away," she whined.

"That can't be helped," said Bobby. "He'd be a fool to try to start a family with no job, no place to live, and school staring him in the face."

"You're on his side!" screamed Linda, pummeling at his chest with her fists.

She just happened to be wearing a skirt that day. Bobby's recent dealings with Amanda Griggs had taught him a thing or two about an unruly woman, and he didn't hesitate. He knew his mother's car was gone - she was probably over at Prudence's house. Suzie wouldn't be home from summer school in Wichita until late. He didn't know where the twins were, but even if they came in while he was doing what he planned, they'd probably just approve.

Linda had forgotten how strong her brother was. She was reminded when he picked her up, bodily, sat on the bed, and flipped her across his lap. Her skirt was up, and her panties pulled down off her buttocks quicker than she could react.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

He alternated cheeks, but that didn't ease the pain at all.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwww!" screamed Linda, flailing.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

His hand rose and fell quickly, but in a measured beat.

"Owwww owwwww owwww owwww!" cried Linda. She tried to put her hands behind her, to shield her tender bottom, but one was trapped, and whichever buttock she covered, he just slapped the other one.

She bawled, then, going limp, and, again, was unprepared for his strength as he pulled her around and up, to sit on his lap, with her legs hanging to the side of his.

"You're acting like a child," he said. "So I treated you like one."

"Y-y-you spanked meeeee!" she wailed.

"Yes, I did," he said. "Now, are you going to settle down and talk about this like an adult?"

"No!" she yelled.

He started to move her over his lap again and she struggled.

"Okay, okay, okay!" she shouted. "Don't spank me anymore!"

He let her settle back down on his lap. She leaned and tried to tug at her panties, which were still stretched, covering her front, but down in the back.

"You ruined my panties," she moaned.

"I did not," he said firmly. "Stand up!"

She did and his hands went under her skirt. She felt her panties being pulled down and looked down to see them at her ankles.

"Step out of them," he said.

She did that too, and he leaned over to pick them up. Then he pulled her back on his lap, where she landed with a plop. He held up the panties, which were none the worse for wear.

"Are they ruined?" he asked.

She closed her mouth tightly, and her chin jutted out.

"Linda, if I have to spank you again, I'm not stopping until I've given you twenty swats," he warned.

"No," she said, her voice surly.

"So," he said, dropping the panties in her lap. "You believed something that wasn't true, and you're too stubborn to admit it."

"Okay, okay," she said, flicking the panties with her fingertips. "They're not ruined, okay?"

"Now," he said, his arm going around her waist. "Let's talk about some other things you believe, that may not be true."

It took an hour, but he wore her down, making her admit to the truth of the situation. She had to admit that the mere fact that she wanted to have a baby didn't mean that was the best course of action. He made her admit that Paul had been thinking more rationally than she had. He made her admit that she had walked out on Paul, and not the other way around, which is how she told it to him, originally. He made her admit that there had never been serious discussions between her and Paul about when to get married, or have a child, and how that might work out. He made her admit that she had been thinking with her uterus, instead of her brain, and that it had been going on like that for months.

She cried, each time she had to admit something, but he wouldn't let up. He never let her off his lap either, because he knew she needed to be held, as miserable as she was.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she moaned, finally.

"Because," he said. "I know you love Paul, and I know Paul loves you. That's precious, baby, and you can't just throw it away because you're lying to yourself."

"I can't go crawling back to him," she moaned.

"That's your decision," he said. "You have the right to end it, if that's what you really want to do. But I won't let you lie to yourself, and blame it on him. If you don't want to try to salvage this, that's your decision, but I want you to know it's your decision."

"You're not making me feel any better," she said, leaning her head on his shoulder. She was tired ... dog tired. "You used to make me feel so good."

"I always gave you what you needed," said Bobby, stroking her hair. "Right now, this is what you need."

"What am I going to do?" she moaned.

"I don't know, baby," he sighed.

Suzie chose that moment to open Bobby's door. Her brother had given her the money for summer school, and he had found her a somewhat beat up, but serviceable Volkswagen Beetle, to drive back and forth to Wichita in. She had spent some time with him, and had lost all her fear that he had designs on her body.

"Bobby?" she called out, as she opened the door. "Do you know where ... Oh!" she finished, as she saw Linda, sitting on Bobby's lap, and Linda's panties lying on the floor at Linda's feet.

"Uh ..." she said, flushing red. "Excuse me."

"Wait!" said Linda, standing up. She bent over and picked up her panties. She looked at them and threw them in Bobby's lap. "Do something with those, would you?" she said. Not waiting for an answer, she turned to Suzie. "Suzie, do you have time to talk to me? I have this problem, and you're really smart."

The reason she wanted to talk to Suzie was because, of all her sisters, Suzie knew Paul the best, and understood him in ways that Linda didn't think she ever would. Paul was a genius, and Suzie wasn't far behind, if she was behind at all. Both of them were science geeks, and Suzie had spent hours talking to Paul about all sorts of things that Linda didn't understand, and didn't want to understand.

Suzie, for her part, once she found out what had happened, forgot all about the panties. Of all the boys she had known in high school, Paul was the only one who had been really interesting to her. He was her sister's of course, so she didn't think about him the way most girls thought about most boys. But he was fun and interesting to talk to and, on those rare occasions when she didn't understand something, he could invariably explain it to her.

She also knew how besotted he was with Linda, and that Linda passed up chances to go on dates with very popular guys, because she was just as besotted with Paul.

So, when it came to Paul and Linda, she was interested.

Bobby was lying on his bed. It was late. His mother was home, and he'd heard the twins talking as they walked by his room. He was going to have to spend some time with them ... find out what they were up to. Of all his sisters, they were the most independent, having had the chance to see five other older sisters make all the mistakes, and learn from them.

His door creaked open and Linda came back in. She was in a long T shirt, and her legs were bare. She came and sank down on the edge of his bed.

"Suzie agreed with you," she sighed.

"Suzie's a smart girl,” he said, smiling. "You okay now?"

"No," she sighed again. "I still have to figure out what to do."

"There are always options out there that you haven't discovered yet," he said. "For all I know, there may actually be a way for you to have things the way you want them. You just have to go looking for answers that will solve the problems you face."

"I told Suzie you spanked me," she said, giggling.

"Why?" He was clearly confused.

"She asked me about the panties. She thought we were having sex or something."

"She's afraid I'll try to have sex with her," said Bobby.

"Not anymore," said Linda. "We talked about that too."

"I'm glad, if she's not afraid anymore."

"She wanted to know why I let you do that."

"What did you tell her?" asked Bobby.

"I told her it was amazing, and fun, and felt good, and that it made me feel so loved."

"She'll feel that way about some guy some day," said Bobby.

"I don't know. She kept coming up with logical reasons why it was silly to have sex with you."

"Oh," said Bobby.

"She's probably right about that too," said Linda. She pulled the shirt over her head in one, quick movement. She was naked beneath it. "But I don't care. Make me feel good again, Bobby ... please?”

Two hours later, Linda felt good again. She had a belly full of Bobby's spunk, and her clit didn't itch any more. As she hobbled to her bedroom, two fingers keeping her from dripping on the floor, and got into bed, she wondered if being off the pill for two weeks was enough to make what had just happened ... dangerous.

Maybe tomorrow, she'd start taking them again.

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