Pleasure Central

by Lubrican

Chapter 1

Chrissy was so excited. She had her first real job, and today was her very first day on that job. Now that she had her driver's license she could get to work by herself and her parents had consented that she begin earning her own money.

Not knowing what she wanted to do she had asked her parents for advice. Her father suggested she talk to her Uncle Bob. When she did he said he needed to hire someone in his business and that, if she was willing, he'd let her give it a try.

He had inherited a piece of land that had caves on it. There were also hot springs and, over the years, he had built up a thriving business. It was called 'Pleasure Central' and it combined the sale of products designed for bath and spa use with a full service hot springs spa and massage service. There were tubs with mineral water, treated water and mud baths. There were private booths, semi-private spas and huge pools where twenty people could cavort and play during a party.

The business was wildly popular. People came from other countries just to soak in the medicinal springs. Nobody knew for sure, but it was rumored that Uncle Bob was a millionaire already and he was only 44. His wife had built the business up with him, only to fall victim to inoperable cancer five years ago.

When she told her parents, their reaction surprised her. They appeared to be ecstatic that she was going to work for her Uncle. Her mother cried, "Oh I hoped this would happen some day!" Just what that meant Chrissy wasn't sure yet. Parents were strange.

When Chrissy got to work Bob started her out minding the store up front. He said she'd be doing that mostly, with some odd chores thrown in occasionally. He said there were some parts of the operation that were for adults only, and that by State law she wasn't allowed to work in those areas, since she wasn't 21 yet. He said for her not to worry about things for now, and that she'd learn all she needed to know in due time.

Chrissy was curious about what went on in the depths of the big cave that housed most of the spas and tubs. There were a few small spas in private rooms in the building that was built onto the front of the big cavern, and the tanning beds were there too, along with all the items sold in the store.

But lots of people went through the big door marked 'PRIVATE' at the back of the store. You couldn't even see this door from the rest of the store, since it was down a hallway and around a corner from the sales area. Chrissy had never been back there, though she knew her parents had.

Her parents came to Pleasure Central for private parties quite frequently. She realized just how frequently when she was given the job of scheduling parties. As she opened the books she saw her parents name in there a lot ... almost every Thursday night.

She knew they went out every week. They had for years, first getting a babysitter and then, when she was old enough to stay home alone, telling her when they'd be back. She'd never thought to ask them where they were going. She had just assumed it was cards, or bowling or whatever it was that adults did on their "dates".

She peered closer at the entries in the big scheduling book. Each party was listed under a name with a number after that. That was the number of guests expected. Then there was a code letter for which part of the facility the party would be held in. Then there was a space for which attendant was scheduled to service the party. Attendants did things like supply towels, and champagne, chocolates, roses, and other things for a romantic get-away in the baths.

Chrissy frowned. Each time her father's name was listed it was for a party of three. The attendant was always 'Bev', who Chrissy thought must be her cousin Beverly. She knew Beverly worked at Pleasure Central. Beverly was Uncle Bob's daughter and was a year older than Chrissy. She and Beverly had played together a lot when they were younger, but after Bev started working at Pleasure Central they never got to spend much time together.

The strange thing was that this particular party of three, four if you counted Bev, was always scheduled for the Honeymoon Spa, which was in the part of the facility marked as being for adults only. Didn't that mean that Beverly wasn't supposed to be working in that section? And who was the mysterious third person her parents bathed with?

Several customers came in and Chrissy had too much to do to worry about old records and mysteries that were probably simply answered. She put them out of her mind.

By the end of the day she was surprised at how tired she was. Her muscles ached too, from unaccustomed use. She locked up like her Uncle had showed her how to and turned off the lights.

She was happy that one of the benefits of the job was that she got to use the facilities free. She decided to go back in the cavern to the mineral spa used for small parties and let the hot water soak the ache out of her muscles. That pool was big enough that she could float laid out if she wanted to and, since it was past closing time, she didn't bother with putting the "Private - In Use" sign on the door.

Further, since all the employees would have gone home by now, she didn't worry about modesty. She climbed out of her clothing and, gloriously naked, she slipped into the hot pool of water. She had just gotten completely comfortable and could feel the tension leaving her body when the lights went out.

"Hey!" she yelled in the dark. And dark it was too. Other than the small exit light above the door the cavern was completely black, as only a cave can be.

"Who's there?" came the deep voice of her Uncle. "We're closed now," the disembodied voice went on.

With a little shiver of relief that her Uncle was near Chrissy stood up in the water. "It's just me Uncle Bob," she called out.

"Chrissy?" said the deep voice. The lights came back on and Chrissy found herself standing hip deep in water, but otherwise completely naked in front of her Uncle, who was only ten or twelve feet away.

She made a small "Eeek" sound and her hands came up to cover her breasts.

When he turned the lights on Bob saw his niece standing in the pool and immediately felt his cock begin to stiffen. He'd lusted after cute little Chrissy for years, but couldn't do anything about it ... until now. He got a quick glimpse of lovely cantaloupe-sized breasts, tanned except where her bikini covered them. She had pale pink nipples set on the areolas of the same color. They were perky looking, but he figured that was because of the cooler air she had stood up into. The water was lapping at the upper hairline of her mons and he could see that that hair was the same straw color of her pony tail. She was slim, with rounded hips and he could tell without looking that her ass was just built for cupping in a lover's hot hands. Standing there with her hands over her delightful breasts she was even more desirable.

He decided that confidence would get him further than politeness.

"Hey, pumpkin," he smiled. "You should have told me you were going to have a soak and I wouldn't have interrupted you."

"Oh. Uh ... Sorry," she said in a small voice. Her Uncle was just standing there, looking at her. She was so embarrassed. She started to sink back down into the water.

"No problem," he said. "In fact, if you don't mind, I think I'll join you. A warm soak would feel great right now. The water looks nice and hot today."

If she'd have thought about it Chrissy would have realized that was a silly thing to say. The water was the same temperature day and night, summer and winter. It came from deep in the earth and, in fact, had to be allowed to cool before people could be permitted to bathe in it.

But all she could think of at this moment was that her Uncle Bob was taking his clothes off right in front of her! He didn't show any embarrassment at all as he bared his chest and unbuckled his pants.

"Uncle Bob!" Chrissy yipped, staring at him.

"Yes, pumpkin?" he said without looking up. His zipper came down and his pants dropped. He was wearing purple briefs and, Chrissy noticed, there was a huge lump in them!

"You can't do that!" she squealed.

"Can't do what, pumpkin?" he said as his thumbs dug into the waistband of his briefs. Those thumbs went downward and Chrissy had the momentary clear view of a very long, very wide, very erect penis before she whirled in the water and put her hands over her eyes.

"You can't take your clothes off in front of me!" she said weakly.

"Oh!" he sounded surprised. "Why I guess I sure did that, didn't I? I guess I just wasn't thinking, now was I? Sorry." She heard him getting in the water. "Aren't we all just family here?" he said. His deep voice resonated in Chrissy's body and she shivered, even though she was hip deep in hot water. His voice went, "Ahhhhhhhhhh" as he sank down in the water.

Chrissy turned her head just far enough to see how much of her Uncle was above water. All she saw was his head, so she sank down into the water, too, and turned around slowly to face him. He was about six or seven feet away from her. The lights were bright and she could see his chest through the water. It didn't occur to her that he could see her just as well.

"So, how was your first day?" he asked, as if everything was perfectly normal.

Chrissy was conflicted. She kept thinking of that erect penis she had glimpsed. She knew about them, of course, but she'd never seen one before. Well, not erect anyway. Her Dad walked around the house naked all the time. Her Mom too, for that matter. She'd snuck looks at her Dad's penis before, but it was always limp and hanging down between his hairy thighs. It wasn't at all like the one she'd just seen. Uncle Bob's stuck straight out from his body and it was all red and long and ... she shuddered again as she felt something like butterflies in her stomach.

But ... he was acting so normal that Chrissy couldn't help but relax a little. She realized she hadn't answered his question.

"It was harder than I thought it would be," she said, leaning back against the side of the pool. Her arms wanted to float so she let them come up beside her. "Well, not harder, exactly. More tiring, actually. I didn't realize how much work it is to keep shelves stocked and help people and stuff" she said.

"Well" he said, "You'll get used to that. It sure is nice to be able to come in here at the end of the day, though, huh?" He had his hands on the sides of the pool and his feet were out, pointing at her. She could just barely see something ... deeper in the water ... below his chest. But the water rippled too much. She realized she was leaning forward and blushed. He didn't seem to notice though. She sank lower in the water until just her nose was above the surface.

"I gotta say, you sue have grown up. Your breasts are very beautiful, pumpkin," he said conversationally.

Chrissy gasped and sucked in a lungful of hot water. She started coughing and floundered in the water. Her head went under and then she felt strong hands gripping her arms, lifting her, getting her head up. She got her feet under her and stood up, great racking coughs gradually clearing her lungs. He was thumping her on her back now, bent over, peering in her face.

"Are you okay, Chrissy?" he said anxiously. "Don't drown on me sweetie."

She got her breath and sagged against him. His arms went around her and suddenly she was very aware of her naked body pressed up against his naked body. All her senses were heightened and it seemed like she could feel every inch of his hard body where it touched hers. She thought she should push him away, but some small part of her didn't want to.

He took care of that for her, though, by extending his arms and looking in her face. "Got your breath now?"

She nodded and he let go of her.

"You gave me a scare, pumpkin," he said. "Your folks would never forgive me if they lost you like that. What happened, anyway? Did you lose your footing?"

"What happened?" she yelled. "What happened? You talked about my breasts ... that's what happened!"

"Oh!" he said, trying to look surprised. His eyes dropped to her once again visible breasts. "Is that all? Haven't I always told you you were beautiful?"

"Well ... yes ... but I wasn't naked when you did it! And ... and ... and you didn't have a hardon when you said it either!" She blushed, astonished that she'd actually said that.

"Oh ... I see," he said in that infuriatingly level voice. "And you were scared?"

"No!" she barked. "It just ... well ... I mean ... you're my Uncle."

"Oh, I see," he said again. "And that means I'm not supposed to notice a gorgeous sexy girl if I see her naked."

By now Chrissy was so irritated that she forgot the fact that they were both standing hip deep in the water, naked, and that his naked body had just been pressed against hers.

"See?!" she said loudly. "There you go again! You're not supposed to say things like that to your own niece! People would think you're a pervert or something!"

"Well," he said softly. "I'll try to make sure I don't say things like that when anyone besides you can hear them."

And with that he got up out of the pool, picked up his clothes, and walked out of the room like nothing had happened at all.

Chrissy was beside herself. She found herself staring at her Uncle's tight butt as he bent over. She could just see his penis through his legs. It wasn't erect any more, or at least it wasn't sticking straight out from his body. It was more like her father's now. She was pretty asure she shoud be mad at her Uncle for the things he'd said and done. But she found that she couldn't be mad. After all, he hadn't actually tried anything with her. Sure he'd noticed her nakedness ... but ... She stopped cold. Of course he'd noticed. He was a man, after all. And all men noticed women ... girls ... whatever! All he'd really done was pay her compliments. Well, she wasn't sure that sporting a boner in front of a girl was a compliment.

She thought about that for a minute. Men got boners because they were turned on. Okay, her Uncle had been turned on. Why? It was 10:00 PM on a Thursday night and nobody was around. Except her. So his boner had to be about her. And he said she had beautiful breasts. So his boner was about her. She turned him on! It was a compliment! Or he was a pervert. This was all very confusing.

Now Chrissy felt awful. Her handsome millionaire Uncle had paid her several compliments and even touched her ... except he hadn't tried anything ... like boys tried when she was on dates. But wasn't it perverted to have a boner about your niece?

It made her head hurt to think about it.

Slowly she got out, dried off, dressed and went back home. She thought about it all the way home. She had to talk to somebody.

She chose her mother. After all Bob was her mother's brother. When she got home she went straight to her parent's bedroom. Her father was watching TV in the living room, half asleep, and her mother was reading in bed.

"Mommy?" she said. "Something happened and I need to talk to you about it."

Her mother stopped reading, took off her reading glasses and patted the bed beside her. Chrissy sat down and told her everything that had happened. Her mother asked a lot of questions about exactly what had happened, and exactly what had been said, but didn't show any emotion at all. Finally Chrissy said, "And I don't know what to think ... or do."

Her mother looked at her. "Chrissy, dear, when Bob was taking his clothes off, you said he had an erection."

"Yes," said Chrissy.

"How do you know he had an erection dear?"

"I saw it mother," she said exasperated.

"So, when he was getting undressed, you watched him," said her mother.

"Well ... yes ... I guess so," said Chrissy.

"Why did you watch your Uncle get undressed Chrissy?" asked her mother.

Now Chrissy started to feel trapped. "Well, he was right in front of me and ... well ... I don't know!" she started to cry.

Her mother reached out and hugged her. "Now don't cry dear. I'm just trying to make a point here. You watched him because you were curious. Or because you wondered what a naked man looked like. Something like that, right?"

"I guess so," moaned Chrissy.

"That's perfectly normal, dear" said her mother.

Chrissy stopped crying and looked up. Suddenly she wasn't on the defensive any more.

"And," her mother went on, "wouldn't it be perfectly normal for a man to see a naked girl and want to look at her?"

"Well, when you put it that way ..." said Chrissy. She was feeling better already.

"Now I'm not a man," her mother said, "but if I were, I'm quite sure that I'd think you were a sexy beautiful girl. And I'm quite sure that if you were naked in front of me I'd look at you as much as I could get away with."

Chrissy smiled. She felt much better now.

Just then her father shuffled through the door. Her mother looked at him. "Harold? Bob told Chrissy that she's a sexy beautiful girl. Do you think he meant it?"

Chrissy blushed. "Mom!" she yelped.

Her mother said, "Hush. Let's settle this once and for all. Take off your shirt Chrissy."

Chrissy blushed even more. She had nothing on under her shirt. "Mom!" she said again.

Her mother looked straight at her. "Chrissy, take ... off ... your ... shirt. Now!"

Mortified Chrissy tugged the shirt up and over her head. She was painfully aware that her breasts were now exposed to her father and mother's eyes. She dropped the shirt and covered her breasts with her hands, just as she had in the pool.

"Now, Harold? This is how Bob happened to see Chrissy tonight - she was in a spa after hours. He said she was a beautiful and sexy girl. What do you think?"

Chrissy hazarded a look at her father. She expected to see a man with his mouth open, wondering what was going on. What she saw instead was a confident man with a wide grin on his face.

"I'd say that Bob still has the usual excellent taste that he has always displayed."

"Daddy!" Chrissy gasped, scandalized so much that she dropped her hands and put them on her hips.

"Well?" he grinned even wider. "You are a beautiful and sexy girl. And, by the way, I have to say that you have gorgeous breasts!"

Chrissy's mouth dropped open in astonishment and her mother howled with laughter. Pretty soon Chrissy giggled and then laughed with her mother while her father looked on with a puzzled look.

"I'll ... tell ... you ... about ... it ... later," panted his wife.

She got her breath and said, "Chrissy, dear, you're growing up, and all this is just part of the grown up world. Don't worry your pretty head about it. Everything will be just fine. You have good instincts and I think you'll know if something might be bad for you or not. Just use your instincts. Now, off to bed. I need to talk to your father."

Chrissy left the room. As she turned to close the door she saw her mother tearing her pajama tops off as her father dropped his pants. Her father had a boner too!

When she got into bed Chrissy listened carefully. Yes ... faintly ... bedsprings making noise in a patterned sound. She blushed as she realized what her parents were doing. That little ball of heat was back in her abdomen.

She had a hard time getting to sleep.

The next three times she worked she didn't even see her Uncle. He was in and out and the place was manned by hired people anyway, so he didn't actually have a real daily job. Quite often he just came in to cover for employees who had the day off, or needed to go to an appointment.

Chrissy got into the habit of using the spa each night after work. On Friday night she worked the late shift, scheduled to close up at midnight. About ten her Uncle breezed in and made the rounds, talking to guests and employees alike. He got around to Chrissy and asked her how she was doing, and if she was happy with her job.

Then he said, "Are you going to use the spa tonight, after work?" She nodded and he said, "You mind if a tired old pervert joins you again?"

She blushed and said, "You're not a pervert. You're just a typical man!" She smiled tentatively.

He nodded and said, "Indeed, I have been told I am a man. Several times by women in fact." He grinned. "So, how bout it?"

She felt a flutter in her abdomen. "I think I'd like that," she said.

"Same one?" he asked, and she nodded.

For the next two hours Chrissy tried to decide what she was going to wear in the pool after she closed. Uncle Bob was going to be there. She really liked soaking naked, but if she went in naked, would that seem ... slutty? She had a bikini in her locker, but it was one she wouldn't even think of wearing in public. She only bought it because she could wear it in private, in the spa, and it made her feel grown up and sexy. Her only other option was to wear a towel, and that would just look stupid. She decided on the bikini.

She couldn't decide whether she hoped he'd be naked again, or wear something.

Chapter 2

Bob got to the private pool first. He wanted to be there when she came in, so he could see her whole body before she got in the water. He hoped he'd be able to touch her tonight. He'd backed off for a few days since the last incident. He didn't want to scare her off.

He wanted this girl. She was sweet, and intelligent, and beautiful, and he already loved her and knew her pretty well. You couldn't do much better than that, even if she was his niece.

He stripped down and got in the hot water. It felt good. Another nice thing about water this hot was that it made getting and maintaining a boner much more difficult. He'd been willing to let her glimpse his erection last time, since he could have said he had it when he first came in. But he didn't want to scare her off.

When she came in, the water didn't do any good at all.

She was wearing a bright yellow bikini. The top consisted of two triangles held together by strings. Those triangles covered her nipples, and that was about it. They rested on the surface of, but did not support her breasts. The bottom was a long slim piece of cloth that was cut to cup her pussy lips and cover the pubic hair above those lips. Two strings went up over her hips and then around her waist to keep if from falling off. Another string went from the back of the waist down between her butt cheeks and attached to the bottom of the strip of cloth. If she'd worn it in public she'd have been arrested.

His dick got hard immediately and was so sensitive that he had to stroke it a couple of times under water. He'd turned on only half the ceiling lights and only three of the underwater lights, just enough so they could see each other somewhat.

He whistled a wolf whistle at his niece.

Chrissy saw him against the side of the pool when she came in. With the underwater lights on she could tell that he was naked, but that was all. Part of her wished she'd decided on going naked. Now he'd probably think she was too shy to be naked in front of him again. Then he whistled and she perked up her ears.

"What exactly are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?" her handsome uncle said.

She knew he was talking about the bikini. She knew it was racy ... maybe even slutty. That's why she'd bought it. But no one had ever seen her in it until now. She felt a thrill run through her as she realized it really was sexy.

"You're the only person who's seen me in it," she confessed. "I couldn't decide if it was sexy or slutty, but I wanted to own it."

Her Uncle's deep voice floated back over the water, "Sweetheart, that thing is probably more sexy than plain nudity. If you ever wear that in public, you'd better have bodyguards."

Chrissy felt a rush of warmth in her belly at his words. She also saw an opportunity to swim the way she liked it. Reaching behind her she untied the knot that held the top on.

"In that case, and since I surely do not want to give you a heart attack, I'll settle on the less sexy appearance." She dropped the top on the floor and started down the steps into the pool.

Bob's cock lurched when her luscious teen tits came into view. This time she wasn't shy and didn't cover them. They really were beautiful, round and full, with those amazing pink nipples jutting up and to the sides a little. His cock oozed precum under water and he wiped it away so it wouldn't float up. He sighed as she sank down, hiding them in the water.

He began talking to her about inconsequential things: books; what she was studying in school; where she wanted to travel some day; what kind of car she'd like to own; hobbies; interests; and anything else he could think about to keep her talking. Slowly he edged his way toward her until they were facing each other in the pool, a couple of feet apart, chatting like old friends. He saw her darting glances down, through the water, at his prick. He made sure that, just occasionally, he positioned himself so the underwater lights gave her a shot.

He made himself look at her face instead of her breasts. He knew that eventually he'd get to see them ... and more. He asked her about boyfriends and was gratified to hear she was too busy with school to waste time on putting up with a boy. She said they were a pain in the ass because nobody understood them or knew what they wanted.

"I know what they want," he said, jokingly.

"Oh really?" she said, her eyes bright. "And just what exactly do they want Mr. know-it-all?"

"Simple," he said. "Any boy in the world would just kill to be where I am right now ... two feet away from a gorgeous half naked woman ... with beautiful breasts," he finished grinning.

He was elated when she just smiled and said, "You are so bad!"

"Well," he amended, "actually, that's just what they want at first. After that they want ... other things."

She didn't smile now, and looked at him intently. "And what are those ... other things Uncle Bob?"

"Oh ... you know ... maybe a few kisses ... and to feel her against his body ... and a few other things I shouldn't tell you about because you're only sixteen and I'm quite sure you'd feel they were gross and icky." He smiled his special condescending smile.

He almost smiled again at her frown. She'd been feeling all grown up, and he'd reminded her she was just a kid.

She didn't want to be a kid any more and she bristled. "And just how to you know, Mr. smarty pants, that I haven't already done some of those 'icky' things you don't want to tell me about?"

He smiled. "Well, now, I suppose I don't know that you haven't done them. And, as your Uncle, I have an interest in making sure that you are well-educated and capable of making good decisions about such things. Perhaps I should investigate this part of your life more?" He grinned and affected a heavy German accent. "Vee half Vays off making you talk, you know."

She went a little round-eyed and he backed off a little.

"Anyway, if we stay in here any longer we'll turn into prunes. By the way, have you tried that Sea Balm lotion? It will really condition your skin to replace the oils that the spa leeches out."

As he talked he put his hand in the middle of her back and propelled her toward the steps.

She said she hadn't tried it yet and he said she really must, and that he had a bottle in his bag, and that he'd be most happy to help her apply it.

She was unashamed as she climbed out of the water. The cooler air perked up her nipples, but she was so busy trying not to stare at his nakedness that she didn't notice.

He bent over and picked up the top of her suit for her and then herded her toward a massage room. He didn't give her time to think, and kept up a patter of talk until he had her face down on the heated table.

He decided intentionally not to put anything on.

"Now," he said as he put the bottle in the small microwave oven next to the table and heated it up. "This stuff is magic. Your skin will be so healthy you'll think it's some super model's."

He poured a long line down her back.

"You don't need to use it every single time you soak, but I'd recommend every third time." He started spreading the stuff, making his hands as wide as he could get them and rubbing in long strong strokes. He worked it into her shoulders and neck, massaging at the same time and she moaned and melted as he worked. He made sure to get every square inch of exposed skin, but when he stroked her naked butt with one hand he stroked her thigh and the back of her knee with the other, so all his attention wasn't on her naked ass. Then he did the other leg and the other side of her butt. By the time he'd done her back he was hard as stone again.

With a curt, "Turn over now please," he lifted one of her elbows and was gratified to see her roll with no hesitation. Her eyes were half closed and she smiled at him, telling him how wonderful the massage felt.

He merely responded, "Good, I'm supposed to be good at it." Then he worked her front. He started at her feet and worked up toward the camel toe that was plainly and gently cupping her sex.

He wanted to stroke that, but it wasn't time yet.

He got her thighs right next to her pussy, though, and detected an increase in her breathing rate. That was good. Then he did her abdomen, watching to see if she was one of those women whose abdomen was actually an erogenous zone. As he stroked his fingers lightly over where her uterus was, she moaned and her hips twitched.

He smiled to himself, knowing that was a place he'd have to work on more in the future. He did her ribs next, and with no fanfare ran both hands with fingers spread wide up and over her breasts and onto her chest. He then ran them sideways until the fingertips were on her shoulders and then down into her armpits and up her sides and over her breasts again.

"You are such a pervert," she murmured softly, but she didn't stop him. He continued to lavish attention on her neck, chest and breasts, but didn't concentrate on her nipples yet.

That was for later too.

She was definitely breathing more heavily now and he could smell her arousal.

Finally he did her forehead, cheeks and lips with a feather light touch. When he was done he leaned down and kissed her gently and lightly on the lips. "You really are a beautiful woman Chrissy." he said. She smiled and said she didn't want to move because she was too relaxed.

"Alas," he said, "'tis late, and yon fair maiden must be off to her castle." He pulled her to a sitting position with both her hands. Her eyes dropped to his exposed crotch and took in his erection.

"Oh my!" she said, her eyes going wide. Then she looked up into his face. "You are so bad!" she said, but there was no heat in her voice.

"You are so beautiful," he mimicked her voice and she giggled.

"I apologize for Henry's attitude," he said nodding to his bobbing member. "But when he's exposed to a beautiful half-naked woman he often reacts in this manner."

She giggled. "You gave it a name?" she asked laughing.

"Of course!" he said.

"Why 'Henry'?" she laughed again.

"Because all the girls would be afraid of something named 'Ravisher' or 'Cherry Picker' or 'Pussy Poker'," he said as seriously as he could.

Her mouth dropped open and then she laughed out loud. "You are so bad!" she giggled.

He wanted to kiss her again. He thought she might actually be ready, but he didn't want to push her. He sent her home instead.

Chrissy lay in bed with her finger in her pussy. She'd had a good time tonight. It had been weird at first, being naked, or almost naked with her naked Uncle. But after a while it had felt ... natural ... right somehow. And the attention he paid her made her want more and more. He was so manly, but he didn't run after her and push her to do things she didn't want to do.

And the funny thing was that that made her want to do those things.

And his cock!

She dug her finger in deeper when she remembered his cock. So long and stiff and ... delicious looking. His cock was like the bikini. She knew she shouldn't have it, but she wanted it. She felt her orgasm ready to wash over her and she remembered the feel of his hands on her breasts and his lips on hers.

She came hard. Then she fell into a peaceful sleep.

In the days that followed Chrissy and her Uncle made a daily date of soaking in the mineral waters. For another two days Chrissy wore the bikini bottoms. After that she felt comfortable being naked with him. He never wore anything. On the fourth day she asked for another body rub with the "special sauce" as she began calling it.

This time she was completely naked on the table. And, though she spread her legs slightly when she rolled onto her back, he put the lotion everywhere except her pussy.

He began meeting her in the store, where he helped her close up and they walked to the spa together. He always watched her undress, which had ceased to make her nervous. When he undressed he always had an erection. He never hid it from her, but he didn't flaunt it either.

One day she bowed and said, "Hail Sir Henry. Well met." He jerked his abdominal muscles, making "Henry" rise and fall in a little bob and her eyes went wide as he said, "Sir Henry salutes you." Then she laughed.

She asked for another body rub that night.

Chrissy was lying on her stomach on the massage table. He'd been working on her legs and buttocks and she was relaxed, but turned on.

She knew that she was getting closer and closer to doing something with her Uncle that society would disapprove of, but that thought had stopped bothering her. He never pushed her and was always a perfect gentleman, if you could say a man who exposed his erection to you daily could be such.

He came around to her head to start working on her shoulders, and the erection she had been thinking about was suddenly right in front of her eyes. She'd discovered that if she put her chin on the table, when he came to her head she had an unobstructed view of "Henry".

She was fascinated by it.

He was uncircumcised, and there was a little hood of skin that covered the knob she knew was there. That hood puckered up around the hole in the end of his cock so that it always looked like someone was peeking out at her with just one eye exposed. She smiled as she remembered one of her girl friends calling her boyfriend's penis "one eye'd Willy".

Other than that she thought the slang name "Shaft" fit it best. It was a uniform thickness from front to back, and there were blue blood veins running all over it, making it look bumpy. It sprang out of a nest of curly brown hair that looked soft. Under it were his balls, and the word that came to mind about them was "heavy" They looked heavy, hanging down, full, big, like fruit on some kind of strange tree. They were full of sperm, she knew, and she also knew instinctively that he wanted to transfer all that sperm inside her body, via that long thick penis.

A tingle passed through her and she shuddered.

"You cold, pumpkin?" he asked, rubbing her back.

"No," she said simply. She didn't hold it against him that he wanted her sexually. Lots of boys had wanted her sexually. What bothered her was that, for the first time, she considered giving herself to a man who wanted her sexually. The idea made her pussy wet. She looked at his prick again, now just inches from her face, and remembered how he'd made it move and bob all by itself. She wondered what that would feel like if he did that inside her. Her pussy spritzed again.

"Roll over," he commanded.

"I don't think I want to roll over yet," she said.

"You want more work on your neck?" he asked. "Your scapula were tight tonight."

"No, it's not that," she said. She didn't know what to say.

"What's wrong Chrissy?" he asked.

She thought about their relationship and decided on the truth. "I'm horny," she finally said.

"So am I," he laughed. "I always am around you. But you know that by now."

"That's the problem," she said. "I'm horny enough to do something ... and I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"You want me to leave?" he asked. "I don't want to make you nervous or afraid."

"No. I'm not afraid. I'll never be afraid of you. Maybe I am nervous," she said. "But it's not because of anything you've done."

"So, let me guess. You're horny. You want to do something about that, and the thought of me being here is okay. But you don't want to do anything you'll regret later, right?"

"Well ... yeah, that's pretty much it."

"Well, we're both adults here, at least as far as I'm concerned," he said. "If you'd like to masturbate that wouldn't bother me a bit."

She rolled over now. He noticed her nipples immediately. They were flushed, turgid, erect.

"You are so bad." She smiled. "Wouldn't you think it was ... slutty ... if I did ... what you said?"

"No," he said simply. "In fact, I'd probably join you ... if that didn't make you nervous."

She looked pointedly at his erection. "I think I could live with that," she said. Then she looked around. "I don't know how to start though."

"Well, your front needs the lotion as much as your back did. How bout I get that done and, if, along the way, you feel the need, then you can just let it happen naturally. How's that sound?"

The idea of his hands on her won the day. She lay back with a sigh as he began with her feet again. She spread her legs again and held her breath as he got closer and closer to her pussy. She let out a sigh of mixed relief and frustration as he skipped over her pussy and then sighed happily as he began to work on her breasts. His hand circled them and then his fingertips ran, one after another, over her nipples.

It felt so good she moaned.

He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips as one of his hands started sliding down, over her ribs, across her belly, to the top of her mons. He whispered, "Would you let me help you?"

She closed her eyes tight, and nodded fractionally as she took in a deep breath and held it.

His hand slid into her sex and she thought she'd explode.

Her breath came out explosively as an "AAAUUUGGGHHHHH" and her knees drew up toward her chest, falling open, shamelessly, exposing herself to him completely. She thought she would just die of happiness as one of his long thick fingers slicked into her pussy, making a hook. He pulled on her with that hook, and the base of his finger mashed and massaged her swollen clit.

She felt fragmented, like parts of her were on the table, but not attached to each other.

Then he leaned over and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Her eyes snapped open, and with a wail her whole body came up off the table. Only head, neck and heels touched the table as her orgasm burst out of her body like light from a searchlight. She felt her ecstasy blast out from her body like a sneeze as her abdomen cramped and her butt slammed back onto the table.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck," she groaned as the after-shocks ran through her body. He let the pressure off her clit at just the right time, and, instead of sucking her nipple, he nosed and licked it.

She felt like she'd lost twenty pounds and relaxed limply onto the table. She didn't have the energy to close her knees, but felt slutty with them hanging off the table, so she drove her heels down, bringing her thighs closer together. He left his finger in her, but now it was just ... in her ... not moving ... just part of him joined with part of her.

His face hovered over hers. "You okay, sweetie?" he said.

She drew his face down and kissed him, a real kiss for the first time, a kiss that both of them would remember later.

"Yes," she said, and kissed him again.

"I'm going to take my finger out of you now," he said.

She looked at him, an eyebrow rising.

"It may be a little painful when I do," he said. She opened her mouth to tell him how silly that sounded when he pulled his finger out. Her juices had ... glued was the only word for it ... had glued him to her, and there was a streak of pain, along with a feeling of loss when he pulled it loose.

She winced, but then smiled as she saw he was concerned. "I'm okay, but I can't move," she said, lying limply.

"You have to move. You don't live here, you know," he said, pulling on her arms. She failed to help him, but he eventually got her to a sitting position anyway.

"You're leaking," she piped, looking at his still stiff penis. There was a drop of milky looking stuff that had come out of the eye and was about to drop off onto the floor.

"Yeah, well, I'm old and my plumbing needs fixing sometimes. I'll take care of that after you're gone."

He handed her clothing and she reluctantly put it on.

When he opened the door of her car for her she turned and said, "Thank you. That was exactly what I needed."

She put her face up for a kiss.

She got one.

The next night, while they were soaking, she sat right next to him, their shoulders touching as they talked. She put her hand on his hairy thigh. "You know, last night you helped me ... and I went off and left you with your ... problem. That was selfish of me."

He put his hand on her thigh, sliding it to the inside, close to her pussy. "You needn't worry your pretty head about me. I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself."

"I'm sure you can, but does that mean I can't help you?"

There was silence for a while, and then he said, "Chrissy, we've been playing with each other for months. It's been fun. I haven't been this horny this often for a long time, and the time I spend with you is precious to me. But now you're talking about taking things a step further, and, in my experience, this step leads to other steps, and you need to be very very sure you want to do that."

Chrissy had spent a lot of time thinking about this. What she had felt last night was something she just had to have again. And her own finger wouldn't do it. She had a pretty good idea of what those "further steps" might involve, and she wasn't afraid of them either.

"Why is it that adults talk so much?" she said, and slid her hand onto his boner.

She grasped it like the gear shift of a sports car, moving it this way and that, and experimentally running her fist up and down it.

"Ohhhhh fuck," groaned Bob.

"I don't know about that!" she giggled. "Maybe some day, if you're a very, very good boy, that might even happen," she said. And then she kissed him.

Chrissy experimentally stroked the thing she had her hand wrapped around, and that was fun, but she wanted to see it ... like she had the night before ... up close and personal. So she pushed her Uncle to the edge of the pool and made him sit on the edge, his knees spread, his heels on the steps down into the water.

Then, with most of her body still in the warm water, she floated in between his spread thighs and began playing with his tool. She jacked it, marveling at how the cute little hood she had seen stretched and slid back, revealing a big purple knob underneath. The little eye at the tip had seemed to belong to something small and cute, but it was actually on the end of that big purple knob. Then, when she ran her hand up the skin covered the head again and she could even make the eye disappear completely.

Her face was only inches away from her new toy, and she saw one of those milky drops well out of the little eye. The loose skin ran into it and it spread all over the head, making it shiny and wet looking. She knew from the sounds he was making that she was doing things the right way, so she didn't worry about whether or not she was actually any good at it. She had a feeling she'd get to do this pretty much any time she wanted to in the future, and she could fine tune her technique at her leisure.

Right now she wanted to see what she'd heard about for years. There was a mysterious liquid in her Uncle's balls that, if she did this thing properly, would come squirting out. According to Sherry Thompson it was white and "icky" and got "all over the place". She also said it tasted "nasty" but that boys would do anything if you agreed to do that. Chrissy didn't particularly believe there was anything her Uncle could produce that she would find "icky" or "nasty", and she was excited at the thought of getting to see and maybe even feel that dangerous fluid that all the girls were so terrified of.

Bob had thought he was the predator and she the prey. Now that she had him in her control, and was almost expertly jacking him off, he began to wonder who would end up 'on top' in this relationship. He could tell that she didn't have a lot of experience at this, but her natural talent for knowing how to hold him, and how hard to squeeze, and even the right rate to jerk at astounded him. Her attitude about things had matured so rapidly and so decisively that he wasn't sure he was in control any more.

One thing was for sure, though. She was having a great time, and that was really all that was important right now. He leaned back and let it happen to him. He felt the familiar ultra-pleasant tingle that said he'd be coming soon if nothing changed. He let it get more and more pronounced until he knew he could cum even if she stopped and then warned her.

"Chrissy, darling," he panted. "When a girl does what you're doing to a man, he gets to a point where he ejaculates, and I'm really really close to that point. That means things could get a little messy."

Chrissy looked up at him. "I know," she said, and looked back at his prick.

That simple acceptance, and maybe even previous knowledge of what was about to happen tripped his trigger. "Okay, then," he gasped. "Here it comes."

Whether she'd had more practice than he believed, or just got excited at the imminent fountain, her hand sped up and Bob let fly, releasing the streams of cum with a push of muscles trained to force that white bounty out as forcefully as possible.

As he gazed at his niece, he suddenly knew she didn't know what to expect, because she leaned forward to get a better look. That put her nose right in line with the first, great spurt.

The look of shock on her face as her nose and upper lip were painted with sperm was classic virgin, as was her normal reaction, which was to open her mouth with a gasp. Of course that open mouth was the depository of the second spurt. Again, the natural reaction was to close the mouth, to prevent additional deposits of the 'offending' liquid.

Chrissy reared back, and her mouth flew open again, her tongue sticking out, as the hand not holding her Uncle's spurting prick came up and began wiping spooge off her face. The hand still holding his penis kept jacking like nothing was wrong at all.

Bob watched as her mouth suddenly closed and she stopped everything. She was tasting him, not necessarily voluntarily, and the all important evaluation was taking place.

He held his breath.

Bob had done a lot of reading and part of his diet was intentionally designed to give his semen a taste that the books described as "sweet". Only one woman had blown him since he started doing that, and she hadn't complained. He hadn't been willing to ask her how his semen tasted.

He was very interested in what Chrissy's reaction would be.

Chapter 3

Chrissy was staring straight ahead as her brain registered the fact that her face was covered with her Uncle's sperm and it had gotten in her mouth. The next thing her brain recognized was that the stuff was warm. Then the consistency hit her, and she opened her mouth to keep the instinct to swallow at bay. She didn't want to swallow anything right then. But then the taste hit her and she was so surprised that she closed her mouth again and almost immediately swallowed. It was vaguely ... sweet! Not nasty at all.

How could it be sweet?? she wondered. The stuff coated her mouth and she had to run her tongue around and collect everything to swallow a second time. She came out of her 'autopilot' daze and realized her left hand was covered with the sperm she had just wiped off her face, and her right hand was still wrapped around his now oozing penis. She looked up at her Uncle's face to see what his reaction to all this was and he was simply looking at her. If he'd been laughing, she'd have been mortified and probably left things right there. But he wasn't.

He asked, "Are you OK?" and she felt a surge of relief wash over her as she realized he wouldn't be making fun of her.

She nodded. "Yeah, but remind me to tell Sherry Thompson she's an idiot."

Bob raised an eyebrow, wondering what that was all about, but his concentration was lost as she began stroking his cock again and licking his cum off her other hand.

He was amazed at how much she looked like a satisfied cat licking her paw. He was also amazed that he was still mostly hard after having cum hard. But he could tell she was playing now, and not actually trying to jack him off any more. That made him feel good that she liked his cock, and didn't just 'put up with it' to get what she wanted.

Chrissy knew about oral sex, of course, though she'd never understood why people seemed to like it so much. But that wasn't what she was thinking when she saw that as she brought her right hand up and the foreskin bunched around the little eye, she squeezed out another big white glob of his stuff. It made a little lake at the tip of his cock. All she saw was some more of that yummy sweet stuff and the urge to get that in her mouth simply caused her to lean forward and suck on the tip of his penis.

It was sort of combination kiss and suck, like you would with a straw in a glass of tea.

It electrified Bob.

At that point Bob's desire changed from one of predatory conquest to astonished love for this innocent - yet worldly - girl/woman who was so willing to try things and so willing to please herself and her lover. While Bob still wanted to fuck her brains out, he would do so only if she wanted her brains fucked out. Their relationship became one of equals, as far as he was concerned.

He scooted down off the edge of the pool and began bathing her face with his thumbs and fingers. Then he kissed her and said, "Thank you. That was amazing."

She smiled tentatively. "It was amazing, wasn't it? Wow! I can't believe I did that! And ... it was fun!" She threw her arms around him and kissed him soundly. She realized that this had turned her on. She hadn't noticed, because her lower body had been in the water, but she was wet, and it wasn't the water that was making her that way. "I'm horny!" she said matter-of-factly. "Will you do to me what you did last night?"

"Heart of my heart," he said, "I'll do something even better."

Then he put her on the edge of the pool, in the same position he had been in. When she realized what he was going to do she put her hand over her mouth and her eyes went wide. She didn't say anything though, until his mouth covered her pussy lips and his tongue intruded through those lips and into her canal. "Oohhhhh Uncle Bob," she moaned. "I can already tell I'm going to like this a lot!"

Then she lay back and let him work her over. She had three orgasms in ten minutes and finally made him stop by beating on the top of his head, telling him she couldn't take any more.

He stood up in the water, his new erection angling up at about a sixty degree angle, pointing right at her pussy. She looked at it and bit her lip. She didn't close her legs - she couldn't because he was still between them - but she didn't try either. She looked up at him and she could see the lust in his eyes. She swallowed. Then she looked back at his rigid prick.

"I want to," she whispered, as if she were talking to his sexual member, "But I'm ... nervous."

He took a ragged breath. "I want to as well, but only when you're ready."

She looked at it again. "Can I ... help you? Like a little while ago?"

He nodded and she sat up. This time she made love to his prick. She loved the feeling of it in her mouth and she wanted him to know it. And, when he panted that he was about to cum she just jammed her mouth on it harder, sucking and licking as much as she could until he gave up his delicious stuff and she swallowed it all down.

Then she wanted kisses, and to be held, and he knew that, and he did them both very very well. It was a turning point in their lives. Even though they hadn't had intercourse, they were lovers in every other sense of the word.

The next night Uncle Bob came to the store and offered to help her close up. She nodded and smiled, but didn't talk as they performed the routine tasks necessary for that job. When she turned the lights off he stood in the open doorway, waiting for her. She joined him in the dim light, and took his hand, keeping him from going further into the hallway.

"Are we going to the spa?" she asked.

"Yes," he said simply.

She stood, then lifted his hand to her lips. "Yes," she repeated softly.

This time was different, because when they got into the room she began removing his clothing. She kissed his skin as she bared it, a hundred kisses, as he patiently stood there. When she bared his penis it was iron hard, as usual. She kissed it, cradling it in her hands, kissing the sides, the underside, the tip. Her hands weighed his balls, squeezing them lightly, playing with them as she kissed his prick. But she did not take it in her mouth.

Then it was his turn and he did the same, kissing, licking and sucking as he made her naked. He licked her pussy as she let her knees sag, like a sumo wrestler. He took her into the water and it was like they couldn't be apart from each other for more than a few seconds. He sat down on a projection and she straddled him, sitting on his boner as they kissed.

Without asking he reached down and grabbed his cock, using the tip to rub all over her pussy. She kissed him harder and he found her hole, letting the tip lodge there. She froze, and then slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her feet were on the cement floor of the pool.

She had the power.

Their kiss broke and they breathed each other's breath.

"I want you," he said, his voice tight.

"I can tell" she said, smiling. She let her weight press down on his cock. The water had washed off all her natural lubrication and he stuck there.

"I want you too," she said almost so softly he couldn't hear her.

He stood up, holding her to him and walked her to the edge of the pool. There was a pile of towels there and he made a bed on the edge of the pool for her. She lay back and put her legs on his shoulders as he nosed his tongue into her pussy and began making her slick and juicy again.

"Ohhhhh I like this part a lot," she sighed. He licked and sucked until she started to tense up.

Instead of letting her cum he stood up, keeping her ankles on his shoulders. He loomed over her, and as he leaned over to put his hands beside her arms his prick found her pussy. It lay on her short blond curls. He felt her hand slide between them and grasp his hardness. She gave it one sensuous and slow jerk as she brought the tip back to her sex.

His face was half an inch from hers as she played with his cock in her pussy.

"Are you still nervous?" he asked.

"No," she said and licked his lips.

"Have you ever ... ?" he asked, his voice breaking.

"No," she said, and licked his lips again.

"Are you on the pill?" He had to ask, he'd promised.

"No," she breathed.

"Do you want me to go get ..."

"No!" she cut him off.

He thought about his next question. He'd promised to ask this one too. But his balls ached and he didn't really want to ask it.

He took a breath. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Oh please no." Her voice was anguished.

She was still nervous about this, but was trying to be brave. Her voice steadied. "I want to feel you inside me."

He pushed. He didn't try for finesse. He knew her hymen was gone. It didn't really matter why, he just knew the only discomfort she'd feel was the stretching.

It was like he had greased his fist, closed it, and was trying to force his prick into it.

Except she was soft. She winced and he stopped. She brought her ankles up off his shoulders and spread her legs wide, like she was trying to do the splits. He shoved again and slid into hot butter.

"OOOoooooOOOWWWwwwwAAAHhhhhhhh," she moaned, her hands coming to his chest and pushing. He knew he should let her get accustomed to being filled - stuffed really - but he'd been patient for weeks. He pulled out and slid right back in as she jerked her knees up toward her shoulders. He did it again, pulling almost completely out and then sliding back in as deeply as he could go.

She grunted, "Fuck," and the sound of that word coming from her was so strange, so wrong sounding that he stopped.

"Ohhhh, fuck don't stop," she gasped.

He leaned down and sucked in one of her nipples, biting it a little harder than what could be called 'gently'. Her pussy muscles spasmed around him and he began to fuck her pussy with long slow all-the-way-out-and-all-the-way-in strokes that left her breathless after the third one. He changed nipples and sped up, smacking his loins into hers now as her legs dropped to the edge of the pool.

He was moving fast now, slicking in and out of her pussy wetly, feeling the urge to pour his seed into her womb soon. He heard her begin a yipping chant of, "Oooo ... fuck ... ohhh ... fuck ... ohh ... fuck," and as she came for the first time with a prick buried in her belly it turned into a drawn out,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "OOhhhhhh FUCK!"

Her pussy munched on his cock, spasming and sucking. It was as perfect as he knew it would be. He let the nipple fall out of his mouth as he felt the racing sensation begin and jammed his prick deep. Working his own muscles, he helped it spew its precious cargo into her womb. Over and over his cock belched thick pearly cream into her until her insides were slimy with it, and it leaked out around his cock.

He leaned down and kissed her, a long, slow kiss as his tool dribbled even more sticky cum into his lover's belly.

When the kiss broke she looked at him in silence, her eyes dark.

"Why are you stopping? Do you have to stop?" she asked softly. Then, as she realized that his prick wasn't hard any more, and that she wasn't stuffed so full any more, she blushed. This was all so new to her. In her innocence she asked, "How long will it take before we can do it again?"

He stood up, but left himself in her, pressing against her sex, plugging her hole. He had reached his ultimate goal with her, and he wanted to do this again and again, but he couldn't do that until he knew she had chosen him, not out of the passion of the moment, but because she wanted him as her lover ... even when she wasn't horny.

"Not until after Thursday."

She looked at him with a question in her eyes, and opened her mouth to ask that question but he held up a finger, stopping her.

"You'll understand then."

He almost made it out of the place that night too, and would have honored his decision not to take advantage of her, except that she said they needed showers and he made the mistake of taking a shower with her. Then she got her hands on him again, and then her mouth, and before he knew it he was flat on his back in the shower room, as she pulled him down to the floor, climbing over him, reaching for him.

Then there was her sobbing sigh as she took him in, even deeper than before and rode him, languidly, with no rhythm at all, sometimes fast, sometimes just sitting.

Then all he could think of was the softness of her skin, and the feel of her thighs on his hips, the thrusting of her pussy back and forth, and her moans of happiness as she came on is cock again.

And then ... he was dumping another load of Uncle Bob's Patented Baby Batter into her pussy while that pussy milked his prick for every drop it could get.

That night, as Chrissy lay in her bed, she thought long and hard about what had happened. She was "a woman" now, as some people liked to say. But she didn't feel all that different.

Well, there was the warm ball of happiness right behind her belly button, that had never been there this long, that was tied directly to him, that she hoped would never fade away.

Unless that was his ... sperm. She tried to concentrate on her uterus, but gave up. She wasn't sure just exactly where it was. But his stuff was still in there. She knew that.

She wondered if she should worry about being pregnant, but gave that up almost immediately. She knew, based on her cycle that she was probably fine. She knew she'd have to give some thought to doing something in the future to prevent ... his child.

What fascinated her was the fact that she wanted to think about that. It wasn't a foregone conclusion that birth control was necessary ... required. Some part of her brain kept asking, "Do you want to prevent ... his child?

Then there was the feeling of immense peace. When she'd kissed boys in the past, or flirted with them, there was excitement, but she was always edgy afterwards. Now she felt complete, in a way she'd never felt before. And with boys, you never knew what they would do, or what would happen. With Uncle Bob she had a pretty good idea of what their next meeting would be like.

That led to thoughts of what could happen in the future. She got so horny thinking about what they might do in the future that she had to slip her fingers into her sex and rub furiously to get off one last time. Then, glad it had all happened, she slipped into smiling slumber.

The next day Bob scheduled her to work Thursday. It was the first time that had ever happened.

And, he scheduled her to work as a towel girl that night, instead of in the store. Another first. That meant she collected up soiled linen, replacing it with clean, re-stocked soap and lotion dispensers and things like that. Chrissy had never done that job but he said it was easy and gave her a list of the locations she had to cover. He pointed at the Honeymoon Spa on the list and said, "Don't do that one until after eight O'clock."

"Uncle Bob, what's going on?" she asked, standing close to her first lover.

"There are things you need to know, now that we ... now that we have made love. It will be easier for you to see them than to explain them. Just be there around eight."

Thursday came and after school Chrissy went straight to Pleasure Central. She'd forgotten to tell her parents she was working that night, but since they often came to the spas on Thursday nights, maybe she'd see them there.

All the other employees knew her by now, and no one questioned her as she pushed a big cart of towels and supplies around from place to place. Bob had cleverly combined man-made and natural tunnels to make a system where employees could get to practically any part of the operation without disturbing the guests. As Chrissy pushed her cart through this service tunnel she got to see parts of the operation she'd never been to before. It was bigger than she'd realized and she almost lost track of time.

She got to the door that said "Honeymoon Spa" just before eight. There was a big sign on the door that said, "WARNING This area is not to be serviced during use except when the patron specifically requests service. DO NOT ENTER IF THE SPA IS OCCUPIED."

There was another sign that could be changed from "IN USE" to "UNOCCUPIED". The IN USE sign was displayed and it was bright red so it couldn't be missed.

She looked at the sign and thought. Then, since he'd told her to go in, she did. She opened the door and found that it led to another tunnel, which then led to a small room filled with things like sheets, bottles of champagne, candy, towels and all kinds of supplies the other spas didn't have.

She was trying to be quiet, and so she was able to hear voices.

She frowned. There was somebody in the spa, and Uncle Bob obviously wanted her to see who it was!

Very quietly she tip-toed over to the door that led out into the honeymoon cave. She opened it very slowly and looked out. Had she been paying attention to the spa itself, she would have seen the usual large mineral spring in the middle of the floor, and all around it other things that didn't exist in the other spas. There was a kitchen. There was a big heart-shaped bed that had a canopy over it. There were mirrors up in that canopy. There were two massage tables, side by side. There was a music system that was hooked to surround sound with speakers all over the cavern and a video projector that could be used with a huge pull down screen.

But Chrissy didn't really see all those things. Her attention was riveted on the people whose voices she had heard.

The first one she recognized was her cousin Beverly. It was Beverly's voice she'd heard behind the closed door. As she opened it that voice sounded like someone was in pain. But Beverly wasn't in pain. She was naked, sitting on the side of the pool, her legs spread, and there was an equally naked man eating her pussy like he was starving. Chrissy's attention was drawn to another couple who were on the big heart-shaped bed.

Again, it was a female voice that drew her attention, and when this voice yelled out, "Oh yes, just like that, Baby ... give it to me deep!" she recognized the voice.

It was her mother! Her mother was on that bed, and her father was fucking her brains out!

No. It couldn't be her father. Her father was blond, and this man had brown hair, just like ... Uncle Bob. Her eyes flashed back to Beverly and the man feasting between her thighs. That man was blond. While she was looking at them the man stood up.

It was her father!

And he was sporting a very impressive erection! She watched, her mouth falling open, as her father waded in and stuck that erection in her cousin. He did it like he'd done it a hundred times before and she responded in a way that left nothing to the imagination as to how happy she was to have it in her. Beverly wailed her appreciation at being skewered by that big stiff penis. Her arms went up and around her Uncle's neck and she fucked him back hard as he pounded her teenaged pussy with his cock. Chrissy couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her eyes went back to her mother, getting royally fucked on that big bed. Chrissy couldn't see his face but her mother told her who he was as she screamed that she was cumming. "Oh Bob, honey, shoot in me honey, give me your sweet cream baby!" she yelled.

Chrissy's knees felt weak. Her Uncle Bob, the man she had let take her virginity, had his luscious dick in her mother's pussy, where it was about to spill all that delicious sweet sperm.

And it did too. She could tell by the jerks he gave as his hips thrust forward that the sperm she loved the taste of so much was flooding her mother's pussy. Uncle Bob was cumming in his own sister!

And, at a shout from her father, her eyes turned to see him making the same rapid, short jerking motions with his hips. Her cousin, just a year older than she was, started moaning and saying "Oohhhh Uncle Ted, squirt me hard!."

Chrissy's knees were so weak that she had to squat down. Her pussy was so wet that she wished she could rub it, but she had on jeans and couldn't get to it. Now she knew what her mother and father had been doing all these years. No wonder they were so happy and upbeat when they came back from their Thursday evening trips.

Suddenly Chrissy froze. She had just remembered her mother's reaction when she told them Uncle Bob had given her a job. She replayed it in her mind as her mother said, "Oh I hoped this would happen some day!" Now Chrissy had some idea of why her mother had been so happy. She was expecting Chrissy's job to turn into ...

Chrissy rolled over to her knees and peeked around the bottom of the doorway. She almost yelled when she saw that the partners had switched, and, while her mother and father were kissing and stroking each other, her Uncle Bob and Cousin Beverly were doing the same thing! Her uncle's hand was between his daughter's legs and he was rubbing her pussy! Bev's hand was on his cock, stroking it, trying to get it stiff again, pulling it toward her. Chrissy knew that if she stayed, she'd get to see her Uncle's cock get huge again, and that she'd then see him shove that big hard prick of his right into his own daughter's slippery snatch.

And if he was doing that to his own daughter, in front of his sister and brother-in-law, then if she was there, her own father might ...

Chrissy knew why her Uncle had told her to be here. He wanted her to see what she was in for if she stayed ... if she joined their ... club. He was giving her the chance to walk away if that's not what she wanted to do.

Now she sat with her back to the wall and did think about what she wanted to do. She'd already made up her mind she'd never make her uncle use a condom with her. If he put a baby in her womb she'd just have it and love it and raise it.

But her father?

She loved him too. She'd wanted to marry him when she was little. What if he got her pregnant?

She thought about that.

Then she got up, opened the refrigerator in the storage room and found chilled champagne. She got five glasses and, working quietly, eased the cork out of the bottle without making a noise. She poured the drink and added Godiva chocolates, putting them on a silver tray.

Finally she stripped naked, rubbing her itching pussy a little to ease the itch.

Then, bearing the tray on one hand, she walked into the Honeymoon Spa to make her guests ... and herself ... happy.

The End