Uncle Bob, the Dick Donor

by Lubrican

I was minding my own business one Wednesday night, reading a good book, when I heard my wife yell "What?!" into the phone. She was talking to her sister Lara, and I wasn't too surprised to hear them yell at each other. They had that kind of relationship. Don't get me wrong, they loved each other, but both women were headstrong and liked having things their own way, and they clashed often.

So I pretty much ignored Shelly while she yelled at Lara. I heard a couple of things, like "Why in the world do you think I'd go along with that?" and "You have to be crazy - Bob would never do that." I, of course, had no idea what it was that I would "never do" and, while I was curious, I tried to concentrate on my book. Experience had taught me not to get involved when those two were going at it. Voluntarily anyway.

Pretty soon they hung up and my wife walked into the room looking shocked. She stared at me for a minute, not saying anything, until I got nervous and finally said, "What?"

"You won't believe what Lara just asked me," she said as she sank into a chair.

"OK," I said. I wasn't sure I wanted to have this conversation. Sometimes these conversations lasted way longer than I was interested in.

"She wants to borrow you," said Shelly.

"Borrow me?" I said. I had visions of plumbing, or yard work. Lara had been divorced for five years and she wasn't the type to "do-it-herself". She had been right to file for the divorce - he was a dyed-in-the-wool asshole - but she didn't know which end of a screwdriver was the business end.

"Yeah. She wants to borrow you for the weekend."

"The whole weekend?" I said incredulously. "What does she want me to do? Paint her whole house or something?"

"No," Shelly said slowly. "She wants to have sex with you."

"Yeah...right," I said. I went back to my book.

"No. I mean it." She was staring at me when I looked back up. "She says she can't stand it any more and she needs some dick, but she doesn't want to do the dating thing and she actually asked me if she could borrow your pecker for the weekend."

The object of our conversation began to stiffen. Lara was a beautiful woman. In fact I'd have classified her as a knockout. I'd had a fantasy or twelve about pounding her (probably) blond little pussy and filling it full of potent man juice. She'd given birth to two lovely daughters, Jill and Lori, and while my wife and I hadn't done anything, initially, to prevent kids, we'd never managed to have any children. Then careers made Shelly decide to go on the pill. I suppose Lara was sort of my dream surrogate mother for my children.

Anyway, the idea of being "borrowed" under these circumstances wasn't at all what I would classify as "a chore" and my … pecker … as my wife so lovingly put it, was interested too.

Shelly looked at the growing bulge in my sweats. "Oh, mister, you are in so much trouble."

"Don't be that way," I said. "I'm a man. We're programmed to do this when beautiful women are discussed. Besides, you two are almost twins. Why in the world wouldn't I be attracted to her just like I'm attracted to you?" I didn't think it would work, but I also didn't want her pissed off at me.

"You are so lame," she growled. She stood up and looked at me. "Don't tell me you'd even consider this."

I noticed that her nipples were poking out from her T shirt. It was a warm day. Hmmmmmm.

"No dear. I'd never even think about porking your sister. Even if I did I'd never be able to get it up. I'd be too wracked with guilt. You have nothing to worry about. Besides, I'm sure you told her you never want to talk to her again." I was trying hard to get out of trouble.

How do these things happen?

Shelly just turned around and walked into the kitchen.

That night, when we went to bed, Shelly was naked. That meant she wanted to frisk. And, having fantasized about porking her sister all afternoon, I wanted to frisk too. I had just slid into her nice, tight, hot sheath when she said, "I told Lara I'd think about it."


Long story short - we had fantastic sex that night. And she noticed it too. I banged her like when we had just met. When it was over and we were both lying there gasping for air, I didn't know whether I was in trouble or not, but it had been worth it.

Finally she rolled over onto me and kissed me. "I love you," she said.

"That's good" I replied.

"If I share you will you still love me?" She was serious!

"You don't have to share me," I said.

"I know." She kissed me again. "But I love Lara too, and it's obvious you don't find the idea repugnant. She has been without for a long time, and after what I just felt, I can't hold that away from her without feeling like the evil queen. I guess I'm just a little worried that you might like her more than me."

Now it was my turn to kiss her. "Look, Lara's a nice woman. She's pretty, and no - I don't find the idea completely wacky - but it's you I married and you I love. I admit I wouldn't mind donating a few squirts to her, but the only way I'd do that was if you wanted me to."

She got all teary eyed and kissed me and then we cuddled up and went to sleep.

I like it a lot when I actually figure out the right things to say.

Friday night rolled around and I came home from work like any other Friday night. I hadn't forgotten about Lara, but Shelly hadn't said anything further, so I didn't bring it up. I took a shower and while I was toweling off Shelly came into the bathroom. She stood there looking at me. You know how women say they hate being looked at like a piece of meat? It was one of those kinds of looks.

"What?" I said.

"If I'm going to donate you, I want first dibs," she said. And she started undressing.

"I didn't know you were going to donate me." I said. My dick started getting hard. Shelly is a babe too.

"I want you to convince me you'll come back to me," she said as she dropped her panties.

I convinced her. But she played me like a violin. I was pounding away at her when she started gasp-talking - you know that special language women know and are fluent in at those times when all you can do is drag in another breath and try to find the energy to keep fucking her? I know that was a run-on sentence, but that’s what I’m talking about. The guy has to perform and perform and perform and perform and he never gets a chance to rest but she can gasp-talk and she uses that to keep him going (pant, pant, pant.)

"I told her … she could … have you … tonight and tomorrow … but that's all."

I pounded harder.

"I told her … it was … OK with me … if you didn't … use a rubber."

I felt the thrill of the beginning of a monster orgasm.

"I told her … you could … cum … in her."

I exploded, filling Shelly's pussy with thick hot cream.

Two hours later I knocked on Lara's door. I was half stiff already.

Jill answered the door. "Uncle Bob!" she squealed. Jill was seventeen and a knockout herself. She jumped toward me and ground her breasts against me in a monster hug. She always did that, whenever I showed up, and whenever I left. I'd had several fantasy sessions about her too. "Mom said you were coming over" she bubbled.

"Well, here I am" I said. I didn't know what else to say. How do you tell your niece you're there to bang the shit out of her mother?

"Yeah. She said you're coming over to have hot passionate sex with her." Jill giggled.

"Oh yeah?" I was stunned.

"Yeah. She's so funny sometimes." Jill finally pulled away from me. I relaxed as I realized Jill thought the whole idea was a joke. "So why are you really here?" she said.

"Um...your mother has a plumbing problem," I improvised. In a way she did. I planned on cleaning her pipes, so to speak.

"Well, I have a date, or I'd stay and help," she gushed.

The thought of her "helping" made my dick continue to get hard.

Lara breezed into the room. "Jill, don't you have a date tonight? You'd better go get ready."

I looked at Lara as Jill scurried off to get ready to go. She didn't look any different than the thousand times I had seen her before.

Except she did look different. She had this smoky look in her eyes, and she stood there hip-shot, one hand on her hip as she looked me up and down.

"I wasn't sure you'd come," she said.

"I haven't yet," I grinned.

She didn't smile and at first I thought I'd made a big mistake. It’s not hard when you're a man and there's a woman involved.

She arched an eyebrow and said, "You're going to pay for that." And then she rubbed one hand right on her pussy before turning and walking out of the room.

Naturally, I followed. I noticed her hips were swaying a lot.

"Where's Lori?" I asked. I was just trying to make conversation.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Are you here for me ... or Lori?" There was this long silence, with her staring at me, before I realized it wasn't a rhetorical question.

This wasn't going at all like I had fantasized.

"Look," I said, "maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I mean ... maybe we should think about this a little."

I turned to leave and Lara said, "Wait!"

I turned around. She had slumped a little. "I'm sorry Bob. I'm just ... nervous."

I walked right up to her. From an inch away, not quite touching those glorious soft breasts with my chest I stared into her eyes. "There's nothing to be nervous about. We don't have to do anything we haven't done a hundred times before. Got any coffee on?"

She laughed and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Of course. And you just reminded me of why I asked to borrow you."

Right about then the other daughter bounced into the room. Lori was the exact opposite of her sister. At 16, she was slim, almost boyish, except that her hips swelled out from a tiny waist and her legs went all the way to the floor, if you know what I mean. Jill's hair was auburn and went only to her shoulders. Lori had never cut her blond tresses, and they hung down to her round tight butt.

"Uncle Bob!" she squealed. She hugged me too, molding her body up against mine. Lori liked to hug and often kept the clinch much longer than usual for a "friendly hug". I didn't mind. She was a beauty. "Mommy says you're going to screw her brains out," she said brightly.

"Lori!" gasped her mother.

"Well, you did," shot back Lori, turning her head to glare at her mother. Then she turned her head back and stared into my face. "I don't mind," she said in a completely serious voice. Then she let me go and started for the door. "I'm going over to Cindy's to watch a movie. I'll make lots of noise when I come home. Bye Mom ... Bye Uncle Bob."

I didn't know whether to be flattered that Lara had actually told her daughters what she was going to do, or whether to be pissed off that she was apparently being so indiscreet about the whole thing.

And Lori saying she didn't mind! This was getting weird.

Lara was just standing there, beet red. "Bob I'm so sorry. I was frustrated and mad at the world and I was sort of talking to myself, or to somebody who wasn't there or something. But I guess the girls heard me. Oh what are we going to do now?"

It was already way stranger than anything else that had ever happened to me, including that skunk thing back in college, where somebody, somehow smuggled a skunk into the girl's dorm.

Anyway, I just took the bull by the horns. Or in this case, the cow by the tits. I just walked over to Lara, scooped her up in my arms, and planted a I-really-mean-this kiss on her soft lips. She stiffened for a second, and then just melted. If I hadn't had a good grip on her she'd have ended up a pool on the floor.

For the next twenty minutes Lara tried to say things (I know, it was just ten minutes, but those guys who brag about going for an hour or two or three are lying through their teeth and we all know it). Every time she opened her mouth I kissed her. I had her naked in about two minutes, having to take time out from stripping her to kiss her several times. Oddly, my clothes fairly leapt off of me, with almost no effort on my part.

Then I stuck my prick in her and ... well I like to think I fucked her brains out.

I'm not a small man in the prick department. No, I'm nothing like that freak John Holmes. I don't get light-headed every time I get a hardon. But my dick is long and slim and pointy, and it has a tendency to plumb the depths of the ladies where they haven't ever had a plumber before. I don't stretch them out. I try to tickle their tonsils ... from the bottom up.

I was proud too. Lara started off hitting orgasms like a string of Chinese firecrackers, one right after another. She spent so much time flopping around loose-limbed that I thought she was having a seizure at first. When I realized she was hiccuping orgasms I settled in to see just how much fucking she could take before her head exploded.

I have to say she ran the gamut.

She laughed, then cried, then whooped and hollered. If she'd have had longer fingernails I'd have needed a transfusion by the time we were done. By the time I let go and started pumping her wet pussy full of thick man cream she was lying there limp, her eyes half open. Well, until she felt me squirting in her.

Then her eyes popped open and she grabbed my head. "Cum in me," she croaked "Cum hard."

Does a bear shit in the woods?

A little later, both of us still naked, but sipping some mighty fine wine on the couch, we were just looking at each other, not saying much. She had laid a towel on the couch before she sat on it, due to dollops of silvery cum dripping from between her pussy lips. She had not gone to the bathroom after we were done, like a woman does when she wants to get rid of that dangerous fluid inside of her.

"You OK?" I asked between sips.

"Oh yeah," she sighed. She was quiet for a minute longer. "You know I didn't really mean to go through with it."

Nothing like a bombshell to make your day. There she was with my sperm dripping from her well-fucked pussy and she says she didn't mean for it to happen.

I opened my mouth but she leaned over and put one finger over my lips. "But you have no idea how glad I am that it happened."

I remembered all that thrashing and cussing and her command for me to dump my seed in her garden. "Oh, I have some idea, I think," I said lamely.

"No, you don't" she said firmly. "Now that I know what kind of lover you are, I need ... another favor ... from you."

"Sweetie, you can have that favor as often as you want it" I said, leering at her. "With Shelly's approval, of course." I had a sudden inspiration "I think it turns her on to share with you."

She nodded, but her mind was somewhere else. "Yeah, she and I used to share all the time when we were in High School." Her eyes widened and she blushed as she realized what she had just said. "Oh shit," she said "Please don't tell her I told you that."

I grinned and twirled imaginary moustaches, like the dirty old man in all the old silent movies.

"Hey! I'm home!" yelled Lori as she came through the front door. She froze, her gaze taking in clothing all over the living room and two naked people sitting on the couch, one of whom was her mother, whose glistening pussy was white with leaking sperm. Her hands flew to her eyes.

"Mom!" she wailed. "I thought you were kidding!"

Now for some reason I thought it was completely reasonable to cover my cock and balls with my hands. Thinking back on it I realize how ridiculous I looked, sitting next to her naked mother with my hands in my lap.

But that's what I did, and Lara reflexively covered her breasts with one arm and her pussy with her other hand. I'm sure we had that deer-in-the-headlights look too, because Lori started laughing. This was too much for poor Lara and she started to get up to flee. But as she rose, her legs parted and there, stringing from the towel to her lovely pussy, like the first part of a spider web, or a piece of well chewed gum on a hot day, was a long thick white strand of Uncle Bob's premium baby makers. Lori stopped laughing and her mouth opened in a little "o" as she saw the proof of what had happened. Lara looked down, saw the string of cum and about then her eyes rolled up into her forehead and she wilted like Sonny Liston had just punched her lights out.

With an oath from me and a squeak from Lori, I jumped into action. My nakedness was forgotten as I checked Lara to make sure she hadn't damaged anything when she fainted. Her head had hit the couch and then flopped to the floor with a thump, but I didn't think she had broken anything. I snapped at Lori to go get a towel with some cold water on it and she skedaddled nicely. I thought about putting something on, but then realized that then Lara would be the only naked person in the room and that didn't seem fair to her. Besides, Lori was back in a flash with the cold compress. I had Lori help me lift Lara up and lay her out on the couch. I noticed that Lori kept stealing glances at her mother's pussy, but then that didn't seem odd at the time.

Lara came around almost immediately, her eyes a little glazed, but it was soon apparent that her mental faculties were OK. She blushed and whimpered and I looked up at Lori and said, "Lori, honey, it's past your bedtime. You need to go on up to bed, OK?"

Lori, like a true teenager, looked at her watch and started to argue, but then bit off whatever she was going to say and said simply, "Yes Uncle Bob," and left.

It took me half an hour to get Lara calmed down. She cried and moaned that her daughter would hate her forever, and that she (we) were stupid for "giving in to our lust" and that she had ruined everything. I just sat there on the floor by the couch and made nonsense noises, figuring that she needed to talk it out. That seemed to work because eventually she wound down and was able to look at me without wincing, crying or covering her face with her hands.

After maybe fifteen seconds of silence I said, "You OK now?"

She stared at me and then gave me a tentative smile. "Yeah, I guess." Then a more serious look. "What are we going to do Bob?"

I was about to say, "We'll figure something out" when Lori came back into the room.

She was dressed in her ... pajamas. Well, I should explain here, because that will make what comes later make more sense. Lori called them her pajamas. What they actually were was a see-through teddy that came only to her belly button, with almost transparent panties. The outfit was ivory colored and, as a piece of clothing, was really beautiful. Draped on Lori's 16-year-old body it was a vision of loveliness. Your eyes were drawn first to her hips, encased in those sheer tight panties. The swell of her hips shouted "woman!" and her light nest of pubic hair was clearly visible through the fabric. That, of course, led to her bare midriff, flat as a board, which compelled me to go on up. Her slim torso was equipped with two cone-shaped breasts that were actually much larger than I would have believed. Those were tipped with vibrantly pink nipples that poked nicely out through the fabric. With all that long blond hair draped carelessly across her shoulders and down her back, she looked like Venus De Milo ready for a romp.

Lara's jaw dropped open and we both stared.

"I just came down to say goodnight ..." she said. "And get a goodnight kiss."

Lara's jaw dropped open even further. I later found out that she was not aware that Lori owned this garment and the sight of her "tomboy" daughter in it shocked her to the core. Shocked is a good word to describe me too. You know how, if you get a shock, your hair stands on end? Well this shocked me so much that something else stood on end.

Try to imagine yourself in this situation. Your 16-year-old niece (who looks about 22 at the moment), the one who just caught you naked with her mother, is standing in front of you almost naked. You are, in fact, naked. Your sweet little niece has announced she intends to get a goodnight kiss - from who is a little unclear - and you are suddenly sporting a boner. Her mother, who you just royally fucked, is within kissing distance of you, and will notice said raging hardon any second.

What to do?

I thought of a number of things I could do. But instead, I simply stood up, raging boner waving in the air, leaned over and, as if my rampant prick wasn't leaking pre-cum, kissed my nearly naked niece on her cheek. "Night Lori," I croaked.

"Night night Uncle Bob," she said sweetly and leaned over to kiss her mother on her cheek. "Night Mommy," she said, and, like nothing was strange at all, turned and went back upstairs. As she hit the first stair she turned around and asked, "Will you be here in the morning Uncle Bob?"

Lara suddenly recovered her composure. "Yes, he will be here in the morning dear," she said in a level voice. Had that voice been coming from my wife, and had it been directed toward me, I would have winced.

"Goody" chirped Lori and vanished up the stairs.

I stared down at Lara with one of those "What just happened" looks on my face.

Lara, however, was still looking at the stairs. "That little hussy," she murmured.

"What?" I asked dumbly.

Lara turned and looked up at me. Her eyes dropped to my still hard - and still leaking boner.

"She wants you," Lara said, a note of wonder in her voice. "Well, to be more precise she wants that," and one long well-manicured finger came up and pointed at my rod.

"No way!" I gasped.

Did you know that gasping makes your prick bob around? I didn't know that.

Now Lara arched an eyebrow at me. "A woman knows when another woman wants her man. And that woman wants my man." She blushed. "Oh! I mean, you're not my man ... I mean I know I just borrowed you ... " She groaned and covered her face. "You know what I mean."

I tried to change the subject. "You know you're really beautiful when you blush." Lara looked up at me and smiled. Then she laughed out loud.

"What?" I asked in an injured voice.

"Look at you," she said pointing.

I was standing in her living room, my hands at my side. I suppose I would have looked perfectly normal except that I was stark naked and my stiff rod was pointing at her.

She had a calculating look in her eye. "How did you get hard so soon?" She reached out and grabbed my dong, feeling how hard it was. "And isn't it interesting that you are so hard right after my sixteen-year-old daughter was in here in an outfit that would make a Playboy Bunny blush?" She pulled me toward her by my penis. "Is it possible that you find my sixteen-year-old daughter attractive? Could it be that good old Uncle Bob would like to jump her young, sweet, innocent, adolescent bones?"

I began to panic. She had a good point and her questions were just the kind a prosecutor might ask just before the jury screamed Guilty!

"No!" I yelled. I hadn't meant to yell. "Of course not," I said in a more normal voice. "What was she wearing? I don't remember. I was looking at you. Yes. That's it, I was looking at you and it got hard again. You are naked after all ..."

I lumbered to a stop, realizing just how stupid I sounded.

Lara gave me a little squeeze, but the corners of her mouth turned up - just a little. "You'd have to be dead not to react to that, you dodo," she said. She looked toward the stairs again. "She looked so hot I even got a little moist." She blushed. "Oh, come here. We're wasting that nice hardon."

Which is how I ended up on top of Lara again, her legs gloriously spread and my meat plugged into her sperm-soaked pussy again. Since I had cum, already, I was able to go a lot longer this time, and I was pounding her but good. I figured I should give her her money's worth, so to speak. So I used every trick I knew to plumb her depths, and tried to rub her clit clean off and so on.

Lara was a talker. I mean she loved to talk while she was getting her socks fucked off and she said everything from my name, to what she wanted me to do, to a running commentary on how I was doing to inarticulate grunts, sounds and curses.

So she was making a lot of noise.

Which is why neither of us heard Jill come in from her date. I found out later that when she came in the front door the first thing she heard was. "Oh Bob, I feel that monster clear up in my throat ... I'll just kill you if you stop now."

Of course she wanted to see what was happening and as she peeked in she got an eyeful of what a long stiff cock could do to a defenseless pussy. I guess she stood there stunned as her mother went on to describe how her pussy was thirsty and needed a cum bath and would I please squirt her full of baby juice. Stuff like that.

And she was standing there when I grandstanded and told Lara to look at her pussy. I was ready to cum and I tried something that my wife and I found was very erotic. Just as I felt the sperm rising from my balls I pulled my dick out of her and held it right at her gaping pussy mouth. I squeezed my cock as it went off, which built up pressure and then, when I released it, a long greasy stream of cum shot out and right into her open pussy. Then I plugged my cock back in and finished shooting deep inside her. While I did this I was talking back to her, telling her I was going to do it, then saying, "See, there it is" then telling her I was shooting it straight into her womb.

And Jill saw it all from a front row seat.

Me, breeding her mother.

Her mother acting the slut.

The whole nine yards. Unlike her sister, though, she didn't squeal or scream. She watched until it was over and then snuck back to the front door. Then she opened it very quietly and went back outside. She stomped up onto the porch, rattled the knob and took an inordinately long time to unlock the door, then slammed it, all the while singing the chorus of some rock and roll song that sounded vaguely familiar.

In other words, she gave us time to get decent.

Well, sort of. Lara wasn't about to get caught again. She dashed for the stairs as soon as she realized what was happening. That left me alone in the living room, naked. So I grabbed the afghan on the back of the couch, threw it over my naked body and pretended to be asleep on the couch.

Of course I was still breathing heavily from my recent ejaculation, but I pretended anyway.

Of course Lara's and my clothing was still scattered all over the place, but I pretended anyway.

Of course I was supposed to have fixed a plumbing problem and gone home by now, but I pretended anyway.

Of course the lights were all on while I was "sleeping on the couch" but I pretended anyway.

Jill walked into the room, looked at me (and the room) and giggled. I "woke up" and said, "Oh, Hi Jill. Have a good time?"

She giggled again. "Yeah, Uncle Bob. I had a great time. How bout you?" She started giggling non-stop and finally stumbled up the stairs. I should have known she'd seen something.

Half an hour later Lara snuck back down. "What did she say?" she asked softly.

"She said she had a good time on her date." I whispered back. "What do you want to do?"

She thought for a minute. "Well, we're busted with Lori, but maybe she won't tell Jill. At any rate, neither of them will get up until I throw cold water on them, and I only get you for this one night. I want you to sleep with me and we'll get up early. The girls will never know the difference."

Our lovemaking in her bed was different. The edge had been taken off and so, we made long soft love. She climbed on top of me and rode me, tripping through five or six orgasms. When she finally flopped down on me, exhausted, I managed to squirt another pint of sperm in her before we both drifted off to sleep. It was a warm night, and we didn't bother with the sheet.

Which made it very interesting, the next morning, when we were both suddenly wakened by two teenagers loudly yelling "Surprise!!"

Our eyes snapped open to find the room flooded with light. It was morning. Jill and Lori stood there, trays in hand. "We made you breakfast in bed," they chimed together. They had to have practiced it to bring it off so perfectly. Lara lifted her disheveled head, peering at her daughters. Then she realized she was still draped over me, stark naked. She gave a little squeak and buried her face in my chest.

The girls stood there in over-sized T shirts, obviously staring, holding trays. Jill took over. "Mom, don't be embarrassed. We know you and Uncle Bob were ..." she couldn't quite say the words, "but that's OK because we want you to be happy. Really, mom, it's OK." Lori was craning her neck, peering between her mother's still spread legs as she lay on top of me. I tried to figure out if my cock was still plugged into her or not. It turned out it had fallen out of her, but she had scooted down in her sleep and it was pressing up against her stomach.

Lori yelled, "Come on! Get up! We have your breakfast!"

Lara finally found her voice. "Girls, you go outside and let Bob and me get presentable. Then we'll have breakfast."

"No Way!" the two girls chimed in together. Jill went on. "You got to have all the fun last night. We at least get to see what Uncle Bob looks like." She was perfectly serious.

Lara frowned. "Girls, I need to talk to your Uncle. Go over there." She pointed toward the far wall.

Jill looked uncertain. "OK, but we're not leaving. Not until we get to see Uncle Bob."

Lara put her mouth up by my ear. "What are we going to do?"

I said, "We can't make them leave while we're lying here like this. I mean they have us hostage, so to speak. We could make a dash for the bathroom. But I hate to run from them. I'd like to have Jill over my lap right now. I'd spank her bare butt for her. Lori too, for that matter."

Lara lifted her head and looked into my eyes. "Remember last night, I said I wanted a favor from you? Right before Lori caught us?"

I nodded my head yes.

"What I was going to ask you to do was have a fatherly talk with the girls. They're getting to the age where they're interested in boys and I have no man to tell them what they need to know." She looked at the two girls standing across the room. "Maybe this is what they need. Maybe we should just ... let them see you. Then we could talk about ... things."

The thought of those two luscious wenches staring at my cock made it begin to wake up.

Lara felt it against her stomach and her eyes went wide. "I see the idea isn't completely repugnant to you," she said with a giggle.

"They're your daughters," I said.

"Yes, and some day they're going to see their first real live penis and some man ... or boy ... is going to put it in them and fill their virgin pussies with his sperm. That's what happens to girls."

"I thought you just wanted me to talk to them. And besides, I'm their Uncle."

"Yes, and you are someone they trust and love already. I borrowed you for my own needs, but maybe we need your services for more than just me."

I looked at the two teenaged nymphs standing at the side of the room. Jill's breasts were pushing out of her shirt. I could just imagine them naked. Then I looked at Lori and her long tanned legs and thought of what was at their juncture.

I looked back at Lara, somewhat blankly, I'm sure, but my cock had stiffened even more against her stomach. She just smiled. "Let me handle things at first." She looked at her daughters. "Girls, come here," she said in a no nonsense sort of manner.

They did.

"I take it you're curious about .. men," she finished vaguely.

Jill and Lori looked at each other and then their mother. They both nodded.

"And I suppose you want your Uncle Bob to ... help you ... satisfy your curiosity."

Jill nodded more vigorously. Lori blushed and gave a little, "Uh huh."

"And can I assume you would like to do more than just look? You want to ... try some things?" their mother bored on.

Now Jill blushed too, with that 'is it really solid gold and really for me?' look on her face. "If it would be OK. Yeah."

"OK, here are the rules. You can ask any question you want. You can touch anything you want. Bob will have to do some things so you'll understand, but you can tell him to stop any time and he will. I'll be here with you and if you get him too frustrated I'll take care of him, OK?"

Both girls looked at each other and then back at their mother. "OK," they said in unison.

"OK, then take off your shirts." their mother said.

"What?" said Jill.

"Take off your shirts. If we're going to be naked, so are you. It's only fair."

"Oh," they said, again in unison, but they stripped off their shirts, baring their nubile young bodies to us both. Lara rolled off of me and said, "OK girls, there it is, in all it's glory. That's what makes a man a man."

My dick was fully hard by now and was lying unthreateningly on my stomach. It twitched a little as Lara rolled away from it. Both girls stared and moved closer.

"That won't fit inside a woman. No Way!" Lori looked at her mother.

Lara said, "It's been inside if me three times since yesterday and it fit just fine."

Jill said "Yeah, when I got home he was shoving it in her a lot ... and hard too. It looked really hot!" She stopped for a minute. "Oops, I wasn't going to tell you I saw you." she looked flustered.

"Yeah, and he ejaculated in her too!" said Lori.

Lara and I both looked at her.

She had the good sense to look abashed. "Well, when Mommy fainted or whatever, and we were putting the cold compress on her, I saw all this white stuff sort of leaking out of her ... from between her legs. Wasn't that your ..."

"Cum, that was my cum," I said. Somehow I couldn't use the word `semen` with them just now. Lara added in, "Yes, I let him ejaculate in me - each time."

Jill went on. "But you're not taking the pill ... are you?"

"No, honey, I'm not."

Now it was my turn to goggle as I stared at her. "What!?" I said.

Lara glanced at me, but gave her answer to the girls. "You see, I've always loved babies and you two were so special, and I always wished I could have a few more, but then your father left and I had to take care of you. That took all my time so I didn't date or try to find somebody else. But I thought I might just give it another try, so I asked my sister if I could borrow some sperm."

Jill was breathing quite heavily. I noticed that her little marble like nipples were very stiff and hard looking. She gasped, "You mean Uncle Bob made a baby inside you?"

Lara was as relaxed as I'd ever seen her. "I certainly hope so. I only get him for this one 24 hour period."

Jill had a strange look on her face. "Could he ... maybe put it ... in me? Just a little?"

Lori looked at her like she was crazy. Lara looked at her very soberly. My johnson bobbed at the thought, like it was saying, "Oh boy, Oh boy, here we go, Oh boy."

"Are you sure you want to try that honey?" her mother asked her.

"I think so" she said, staring at my rod. "I felt Tommy Johnson's on one of our dates" she stopped and looked at her mother, as if to see if she was in trouble, and when she saw she wasn't she went on. "I let him touch me ... some places ... and it was like I needed to feel something in me or something. I didn't let him do it though because I was scared."

I crooked a finger at her and she came shyly to the side of the bed. "Did he touch you here?" I asked as I grazed a finger across both of those hard nipples.

She shuddered and nodded her head "yes".

I pulled her down onto the bed and she fell beside me. "And did he touch you here?" I asked as I slid my hand down her side, over her hip and between her legs. She was wet already. I let my thick finger slide between her labia and dipped it right into her pussy, but only the finger tip.

"Ohhhhhhh...not like that," she gasped.

I pulled the finger back up, grinding it across where her clit had to be. "And did he do this?" I wiggled the finger from side to side, mashing her button, flicking it side to side.

Her legs flopped open as she groaned, "Ohhhhhhh Uncle Bob, what are you doing to meeeeeee?"

I ran the finger all around her opening, feeling for the tell tale flap of skin that made a woman a virgin. It wasn't there, so I knew I could get inside her without causing too much pain. I slicked the finger back in her and went deep with it. Yup, no hymen. The way I was built there wouldn't be much discomfort if I replaced my finger with something longer, harder and much more dangerous. I sawed the finger in and out and then added another one, stretching her, digging into her, punishing her clitty. At the same time I leaned over and sucked a nipple in, teasing it with my teeth and tongue and then sucking like a starved baby.

Jill began flopping and I knew she was close to orgasm. I thought about just letting her have it, but decided that if she was satisfied I might not get to dip my wick in her, so I climbed between her legs, socketed my prick, and, after looking at Lara and getting a nod, gave her three inches of real live cock. Her eyes got wide and she sucked in a big breath. I pulled out and then pushed right back in. Four inches. Her legs were waving in the air now. I kissed her on the lips and bored the rest of the way in. I hit bottom. My egg was in it's nest. I had hot, happy pussy wrapped all around my boner. Life was good.

All that breath she'd drawn in came gasping into my mouth as I stretched her in places she didn't even know she had. She gave a little whine of pain as the tip of my prick abused her cervix and her hips went wild. I think she was trying to get away from what she thought was the ball bat that had been shoved into her. I let her move her hips, knowing that that would help loosen her up. I also pulled back a little to lessen the pressure. But I knew the best way to change her situation was to move, so I plunged right back in.

She went, "Ohhhhh shiiit," and her hips started going again, but this time they weren't pulling away from me. Now they were pushing up at me.

I pulled back a little bit and said, "Better now?"

Her eyes, which had been closed, snapped open and she said, "You aren't done already are you? Oh please don't take it out now. Can you move it around some? Ohhhh Uncle Bob I never thought anything could feel this wonderful." She continued to Babble and I saw movement at my shoulder.

It was Lori and she was staring at her sister's face like she was seeing a ghost.

"Are you OK, Jill?" she asked anxiously. "He's got it in you, Jill ... all the way in you. It looks like he's killing you," she said, worriedly.

Jill looked over at her. "The only way I'll die is if he stops," she groane. "This feels way better than I thought it would waaaaayyyyy better."

Her voice rose through the octave and I realized she was having that orgasm. She was a screamer. I think the only reason Lori didn't try to pull me off of her was because her legs wrapped around my back and her heels drummed on my butt. She was yelling all kinds of things, but the loudest and most clear were, "Don't stop. Oh please don't stop. Don't stop!"

All this took me a little by surprise, but she was having such a good time and her pussy was doing such nice things to my cock, that my own orgasm surprised me.

"Lara!" I yelled as I tried to pull out of her daughter. Jill's legs were still wrapped around me in a death grip and, as I felt Lara prying her ankles apart I felt the first shot arc out of my dick and into Jill's teenage pussy.

I felt the ankles break free and pulled out as a second shot drilled her. The last of that shot landed right on Jill's abdomen as I flopped onto my back and then Lara was clambering over me, fisting my cock, clenching tightly, holding the rest of my cum in as she plugged it into her own pussy. With a sigh she let go and sat down on it, grinning as it started shooting again, even though she only got two or three squirts.

Meantime Lori was peering between her sister's legs with a fascinated look on her face. "Uh Oh," she said softly. We looked at her and she said, "There's some of that white stuff coming out of her."

Lara looked at me and I said, "I tried. It came on me by surprise."

She nodded and said, "I know. It's OK."

Lori had an odd look on her face. "Does that mean she's pregnant?" she asked.

Lara looked at me again, and then to her younger daughter. "Maybe" she said quietly.

Lori frowned. "But what are we going to do if Jill's pregnant?"

Lara was looking at me a lot now, her head swiveling back and forth between me and her daughters. "Well, I suppose that means we'll have a baby in the house. If it's a little boy baby we'll fix up his room in blue, and if it's a little girl baby then we'll decorate in pink."

Jill was rubbing her abdomen now, her hand going in a lazy circle. "I might have Uncle Bob's little baby in my tummy?" she said in a little girl voice. "I might be pregnant? You mean Uncle Bob made a baby inside me?!" She ended in a yell that the neighbors probably heard.

Lara was still sitting on me. All this talk about babies was sort of interesting. I mean I knew Lara was trying to get knocked up. But the thought that beautiful sexy Jill's womb might be a battlefield right this minute with my sperm vying to penetrate her egg ... well, it was hot.

My dick began to fill with blood again.

I couldn't believe it myself, but the look on Lara's face was classic. I'd just cum in her daughter, finishing in her, and it was getting stiff inside her again! I'm telling you I was a machine that morning. Anyway, she looked over at Jill and very calmly said, "Jill, you know very well how babies are made. You knew it before you let Bob slide his nice, hard penis in you. You knew that if any of his sperm got in you that it could do what it was intended to do. Don't try to wiggle out of this."

Jill grinned. "I know. I just wanted to yell about it. Actually, I don't think I'll mind all that much. If you'll help me raise it I think it would be neat to have Uncle Bob's baby."

"What about me?" whined Lori.

Lara and I both looked at the cute sixteen year old. Lara spoke first. "So ... do you think you're ready to have a baby?"

Lori blushed. "Well, no. I mean I'm not even out of High School yet. I've only gone on six or seven dates. I haven't even let any of the boys touch my boobies yet!"

Lara bored on in. "So what exactly is it you want?"

Lori looked at Jill, very pointedly looking at her sperm splashed pussy lips. Then she looked where her mother and I were joined.

"I wanna try it," she said. "Like that" she pointed at her mother, sitting on top of me. "But he has to tell me when his sperm is coming out so I can get off."

Lara looked at me and gracefully rose off my new stiffy. It was slick with cum and looked a little greasy.

Lori was staring. "He's still hard?!" she whispered.

"Just for you little lady," I said as gallantly as one can when he's lying flat on his back, naked, with his boner waving in the air, covered with another woman's juices.

Lori scrambled up, climbing on top of me. She sat on my knees, staring at my cock. She was nervous. I didn't think she'd actually go through with it.

"It's icky," she said.

Like magic, Lara appeared with a warm washcloth and she cleaned off my cock with one swipe. Then she leaned down, sucked the whole thing into her mouth and pulled up off of it slowly while sucking like a brand new vacuum cleaner.

"Mom!" shouted Lori. "Ewwwwwwww".

Jill gasped "Mom! That was so hot! I have to try that!"

Lori stood up, hands on her naked hips. "It's my turn!" she shouted. I stared up at her blond, sparsely-haired pussy with it's delicious pink lips pouting out. Then, before she could think clearly - and I think to further her claim that it was her turn - she squatted, nosed my dick in her pussy, and began to slide down on it ... fast.

"Honey!" Lara exclaimed, seeing that Lori was going too fast with not enough lubrication. "Don't ...." she tapered off as her youngest daughter sheathed my sexual sword in her teenaged scabbard.

It turned out that while I was pretty dry, Lori was not. She was sopping. Watching me fuck the daylights out of her older sister, seeing my sperm oozing out of Jill's pussy, all the talk about babies ... all of it had made her super horny. And while she was young, her pussy was as big as it was likely to get already. In ways sexual, her body was that of an adult. She had the equipment, it had just never been used.

Still, it had to be a shock. Jill had used tampons, or whatever it was had happened that had removed her hymen.

Lori had not.

She was cherry in every sense of the word. Well, she used to be cherry. In her trip down my fire pole she had very neatly shredded that little bit of skin, tearing through it like it was tissue paper. It hurt.

She hit bottom and her mouth went open as an agonized, "Ughhhh" came rushing out. It was sort of like the sound you hear when somebody gets hit in the chest with a line drive. Her hands had been on my chest, and they came up, flapping like wings. "Oh! Oww!" she gasped. She followed that up with,"Oh shit!" Her knees flexed, her hands hit my chest and I knew she was going to pull off of me and never get back on.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I reached up with both hands, grasped her puffy little nipples between thumb and finger, and pinched. Then I pulled. Then I twirled. I knew that the sensation in her nipples would overwhelm the discomfort in her loins ... at least for a few seconds. It also was reputed to make a virgin's pussy muscles relax. I knew for a fact that it made Shelly's pussy muscles spasm. I'd done it to her lots, especially while she was cumming.

Lori's eyes opened wide and her mouth went to a little circle. "Oooooooooooo," she whined. I hadn't let go yet, but I didn't want to hurt her tender nips too much, so I pulled gently, making her lean forward. That took some of the weight off of my dick and had the added advantage of mashing her teen clitty.

"Come here sweetheart," I said. I slid my hands around her back and pulled her face down. I kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth, shocking her some more. Then I kissed her nose and I said, "The worst is over. I promise. Try to relax and move around a little bit. I think it will feel much better, OK?" I kissed her again, and started running my hands all over her back and buttocks.

The transformation was electric. She kissed me back, lying down on my chest. She rubbed her breasts on my chest, moving upward, which pulled my dick out of her about half way. I put my hands on her hips and pressed her back down ... back onto my cock. Her clitty was scraped again.

She went, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." She pulled herself forward again, but then shoved herself back onto me. Now her kiss was more urgent and her tongue thrust into my mouth. I helped her with my hands, slide on and off my cock. Finally she broke the kiss and pushed herself back up about half way with her hands on my chest. Her eyes were half closed now.

Jill had been wild, thrusting herself onto my penis like she couldn't get enough. Lori had a completely different technique. She was languid and relaxed, rocking back and forth in long agonizingly slow movements that resulted in maximum rubbing of her clitty on the top of my cock. Even when she began gasping and panting, she never speeded up.

It was like she had an orgasm in slow motion.

And, while Jill was a screamer, Lori was a talker. She gasped and stuttered things like, "Ohhhh right there," and, "Feels soooooo goood," and, "Ohhhh Uncle Bob," and, "I think I love you," and then she got into a rhythm, saying, "Yessss," every time she went forward and, "Ohhhhhh," every time she went back onto it. It felt amazingly like a blowjob given by a pro.

Another amazing thing happened. I couldn't last. I had just cum twice in less than an hour, and it was about to happen again.

"Lori honey?" I said.

"Uh huh?" she moaned.

"Baby, you're making me feel really good."

She went back to, "Ohhhhhhh," and "Yesssssss," never missing a beat.

I thought she was being so slow because she was being careful. I didn't know she was in a world of her own, just feeling. I thought I'd be able to be quite clear and practical with her.

"Yeah, baby, I'm gonna cum. It's time to get off sweetie." I rolled my head to look at Lara and she was standing right there, fingers in her pussy, ready to hop on. She was panting as hard as her daughter. Jill had rolled over on one side and was watching interestedly. She was still rubbing her belly.

All I got from Lori was another, "Ohhhhhhhh ..... yesssssssss."

The urge was coming. I could feel my balls begin to spasm. I was going to shoot. It was obvious that Lori wasn't listening. I was going to just have to shove her off of me. I put my hands on her waist and started to push her up. Her eyes flew open and her hands shoved on my chest. At last she was going to help. I felt the first shot of baby juice start up into the base of my cock.

But Lori didn't get off. She batted my hands away from her hips and sat down hard on me with her whole weight. She arched her chest, sticking her hard tipped breasts up toward the ceiling. Then, like a belly dancer, her hips jerked forward and back in a staccato beat ... one ... two ... three ... four times, like her pussy was the hammer and my cock was the nail. She vented a long agonized groan, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and her pussy spasmed as she came. and right in the middle of it, I felt the tip of my penis wiggle through her cervix. It fired the last two jets straight into her nubile, fertile womb.

I was not having any luck at all when it came to the Robinson girls.

I wasn't supposed to cum in Jill, and I had.

I for sure wasn't supposed to cum in Lori. She'd been very plain about that. But those hammer strokes of her hips had pounded the spooge right out of me. I splattered her so full of sperm that I expected to see it running out of her nose. This was no one or two shots, to be jerked out and stuck back in her mother's pussy. She nailed herself to my cock until some of it squirted into her womb. About halfway through it she looked down at me, her eyes glittering, a snarl on her face, as her hips gave three more of those hammer beats.

Then she put her hands flat on my chest and very slowly let herself down until she was lying flat on me again. Her pussy was still making those little staccato hammer beats, about three at a time, but they were much less violent now, almost a ghostly memory of the earlier ones. She just wilted, lying limp on top of me as I rubbed her back all over.

"Bob?" Lara asked. She'd heard me warning Lori.

"It's OK, Mama," said Lori in a dreamy voice.

"What?" her mother queried.

"I changed my mind," murmured Lori.

"What?" Lara said again.

"I changed my mind," said Lori louder. "I'm gonna have Uncle Bob's baby too."

All in all I'd have to say it was a most interesting 24 hours. Seeing as how I had been loaned to Lara, which in itself was a pretty unselfish thing for Shelly to do in the first place, we decided it might not be a good idea to tell her that I'd had the girls too.

So when I got home I downplayed the whole thing. Shelly knew, of course, that Lara was trying to get pregnant. She hadn't told me about it, because she didn't know how I'd react. And she didn't want her sister to go slumming around for the sperm of some stranger. She didn't even think I knew about it.

For about four months anyway.

Now a woman can plan to have sex during her most fertile time during the month. Everybody know that. It's no big deal. People do it all the time. But what are the odds that three women living in the same house, a mother and her two daughters, would all three be at their most fertile at the same time of the month?

Believe it or not, it's not all that unusual if women are very close to each other, especially if they live together, for their bodies to adjust until they are on the same lunar cycle.

The Robinson girls apparently did just that.

Lara swears that after they got broken in, her daughters actually lost interest in boys their own ages. They were more interested in experience in a man, because they'd found out what that meant. So they both decided they were just going to wait to have sex again until it could be with someone older and more experienced than the boys they went to school with.

So they weren't out fucking around.

And I'd told them in no uncertain terms that, despite all the talk about "having Uncle Bob's babies" I was not going to ask my wife if I could keep screwing them. I had been loaned out for 24 hours and that was that. So I told them that while I was inordinately happy about the way things had turned out, and that in other circumstances I'd be happy to drown them all in sperm, it just wasn't going to happen. There was no way I'd gotten them all with child in one go round.

It could never happen, right?

Well, call Ripley's Believe it or Not. Yup, all three of them were knocked up.

Like a badminton birdie at a championship game.

Like a football during a 50 yard field goal try.

Like a .... well, you get my meaning. They all got that rosy glow that a pregnant woman has about the same time. They all began to show about the same time. They all had due dates within a week of each other.

Now, what are the odds that the wife who loaned a sperm donor to one of these three pregnant women might believe that the other two "just happened" to get with child, accidentally, with another man or men, on the same weekend?

Not so good.

I was busted.

Shelly put two and two together and got three (babies) right away. The same night of the day she found out when each of their due dates was she came into the bedroom, naked after her shower, a towel wrapped around her hair. She was all normal and stuff, like a woman is who is about to ambush a man.

"I talked to Lara today," she said.

I was reading. "Umm?" I responded.

She came over to the bed, shook off the towel, yanked - and I mean yanked - my boxers down to my ankles and started sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow.

I'm a man. I got hard.

"You owe me," she said, looking at me with an expression I couldn't interpret. She climbed up on me and sat down, impaling herself on my cock.

Men are so stupid. I took the bait. "Really? For what?"

She started riding me. "You fucked those girls, didn't you." It wasn't a question.

Like I said, men are stupid. "What girls?"

She reached down with her lacquered nails and pinched my nipples - hard! "Jill and Lori, you bastard! You fucked them, didn't you. Tell me those aren't your babies in their teenage bellies!"

We men may be stupid, but we aren't insane. "Um ... I sort of suspect ... um ... well, that they might be ... mine."

I held my breath.

"But we only did it once ... honest." Like I thought that was going to buy me anything.

Now she was riding me like a bronco. She was wild. I began to fear for my cock, that she was trying to rip it out at the root. In self defense I began to work on her breasts, her nipples, her sides, her clitty. She came, moaning and crying and calling me names. I came harder than I had in a long time ... maybe four months.

"I'm sorry" I whispered. "It got sort of ... complicated."

"I know," she said with her face buried in my neck. "I talked to Lara and the girls. They told me the whole story. Including their pact not to tell me about it."

"Oh," I said meekly.

"You could have told me," she said. "I loaned you to my sister because I love her."

"I was afraid you'd think I was some kind of pervert," I said back.

"Well, you are," she said, her voice muffled. She raised her head and kissed me. "We're spending the weekend with them next week," she said, her voice perfectly normal. "Those poor girls haven't had any dick since you knocked them up."

I was pole-axed. I didn't know what to do.

She got off, smiling. "Oh, by the way, I stopped taking the pill. If you're that potent I think maybe it's time we tried for our own family again too." She dragged her pussy up off me.

I stared at her.

Her hand was pressed against her pussy lips ... keeping my last load of sperm right where it belonged.

The End