Uncle Bob's Massage Lessons

by Lubrican

Bob smiled as he turned the corner and saw the big house. It looked like the Bates house in the Movie Psycho, tall and old looking, set back on a five acre lot that was completely wooded except for a small lawn and the house itself.

The winding dark driveway didn't help brighten things up either. It was ironic, because the people who lived there were the opposite. Bob's sister Megan was bright, blond and beautiful. She worked in a job that kept her slim and in shape, though she'd never lost an ounce of her big firm breasts. That they were still firm after suckling two children attested to her desire to stay fit.

The two children, Mark and Chrissy were equally bright. Mark, at 14 was a happy, healthy soccer-playing machine who all the girls wanted to go out with. His mother wouldn't let either of them date until they were at least 16.

Chrissy, a year older, had blossomed into womanhood, with her mother's body on a slightly smaller frame.

Both kids had a ready smile and a good outlook on life, even though their father had died and life hadn't been all that easy for them. They had gotten along in no small measure because of Bob's help. He had made several million dollars in the tech bubble in stocks, and gotten out before the bust. He'd gotten this property for a song, and then told them they could live there as long as they wanted. It was in a nice town, with good schools, and Megan found a job she loved. It had been a nice respite from the harshness of reality.

Bob and Megan had always been close. There were two years between them, and growing up on a farm, where both were treated equally in terms of work to be performed, chores and so on, had made them feel like equals, rather than one being the older and the other being the younger. Bob had lusted after his sister, as most brothers do at one time or another, and there had been many nights when, as his teenaged prick spat globs of slippery cum, it was her face and her body that he was fantasizing about. When she'd gotten married, and then pregnant, Bob was jealous, especially when he accidentally walked in on her as she got out of the shower one day.

He was visiting, which he did pretty regularly, and had just awoken. When he stumbled, still half asleep to the bathroom and opened the door, there she was, stark naked, dripping wet, and 8 months pregnant. The swell of her belly, and her milk-heavy breasts were still burned into his memory. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen at that point, gravid and almost ready to drop the child who he would later hug and love. He remembered wishing it was he who had put that baby in her womb.

With that memory in his mind he arrived, parked and got out of the car. He was almost bowled over by an attack of teenage girl as Chrissy threw herself at him and hugged him.

"Uncle Bob!" she squealed. "My favorite uncle!" She was pressing her breasts against him and they felt big and soft as she kissed him on his lips. Their family had always kissed that way when the kids were little, and it never changed. She tasted good. A fantasy thought of her naked and pregnant flew through his mind and he felt blood start to his penis as he kissed her back. He tried to control his thoughts.

"I'm your only uncle, Chrissy" he said, slapping her with one hand on her firm teen ass.

"I know," she said, letting go of the hug, but not of her Uncle. "But if I had ten you’d still be my favorite." She kissed him again. He wanted to slip her some tongue, but resisted. She'd have freaked.

"Mom's inside waiting for you. I think she has a bunch of chores that need doing by a man or something." Then Chrissy started the lawn mower and began to cut the grass.

Bob went in the front door without knocking and started searching for his sister. He found her in the dining room, with a feather duster in her hand, standing on her tiptoes, trying to get the duster into a corner of the ceiling where there was a cob web. He snuck up behind her, grabbed her around her slim waist and lifted her hard. She shrieked in fright and flailed, at which point he lost his grip and she started sliding down. His hands kept their position, which made them slide up her sides. His hands went under her loose shirt and he suddenly had two handfuls of warm, naked breasts. They felt so good he squeezed them. About then her feet hit the floor and she whirled around to see who it was. The bottom of her shirt had been raised up when it caught on his wrists, and when she turned, the breasts he had been holding flashed into view as she faced him. He stared, his mouth open as she screamed.

Then she saw who it was and began flailing at him with her fists.

"Dammit, Bob, you just scared the pee out of me!!" she yelled. His hands were still on her sides and he was still staring at her breasts. She looked down to see what he was looking at and pushed at his chest. "Oh stop! What are you looking at? I'm sure you seen lots of those before!"

He let her go as she pulled her shirt back down over her breasts.

"Not like those I haven't," he said with as much seriousness as he could muster. He wanted to laugh. Megan was staring at his lap, however, and he looked down to see the tent in the front of his pants about the same time she said, "Obviously!"

Bob's hands flew to cover his boner. "Oh Shit! ... Sorry ... I ... uh ... really I was just trying to lift you up ... to get the cobweb?". Megan was still looking at his hands, and her eyes gradually moved up to his face.

"Don't try to con me you big oaf. I know how you gawked at my tits when we were younger. You've probably been trying to get your hands on them for years, and this was your best excuse!" she walked toward him and hugged him. He got a kiss on the lips too. "Hi," she said, "you big pervert". He would have sworn he felt her grind her loins against his just a teeny bit, but didn't really believe she'd do that.

"So when did you start going around with no bra on?" he asked. She looked at him again, like she was sizing up a steak and deciding how long to cook it, and then told him that her breasts were her business, and that he didn't need to worry about them.

"Sorry," he quipped. "Like you said, they've been my favorite titties my whole life, so I kind of care what happens to them. I wouldn't want them to get all saggy and baggy, or hang down to your knees or something." He ducked as she threw a hot pad at him.

They chatted about things, catching up. His boner died down and she asked him to do several things she didn't think Mark was ready to try yet. He fixed the water heater, which had a bad element in it, and screwed the footboard of her bed back on where it had come apart. She said she was afraid to fill the pool because she didn't know how to set up and operate the filter system, so he started that filling and did the minimal service needed. It would take the rest of the day and all night for the pool to fill. He warned her it would be cold until the sun warmed things up, but since it was still early June they could wait a little longer to swim. Then it was dinner, and the kids peppered him with questions and told him about their lives.

After dinner they were watching an old movie on TV. Megan was in the kitchen making popcorn when Chrissy said, "Uncle Bob? Mommy was complaining the other day, saying she had sore muscles and that she wished you were here to give her a massage. She says you give the best massage's in the whole world. I was wondering if you'd show me how to do that."

Bob said "Well, it's an art form. I learned it from an old Indian Guru."

Chrissy was leaning towards him, drinking in his words. She hadn't figured out he was messing with her yet. "Yes, it was in the Andes mountains in my last life, when I was an Alpaca herdsman. I was required to service the queen ... sexually, of course, and part of my training was in massage therapy."

"Uncle Bob!" she squealed "I'm serious. Or was mom just making fun of you? I bet you don't even know how to spell massage, much less give one."

"Well, you'd lose that bet my dear niece. But it's not easy to learn. Like I said, it's an art form. You could learn some of it by watching - I'll give your mom a massage tonight and you can watch - but then you'd learn a whole lot more if you experienced it. If you know what the object is, and then feel that on your own body, you understand it a lot better. So really, you have to do both to learn. You have to give massages ... and get massages from somebody who knows what they're doing."

"OK ... deal" said his niece simply.

When Megan came back with the popcorn Chrissy announced, "Uncle Bob's going to give you a massage, Mommy, so he can teach me how to give them."

Megan gave him that calculating look and said, "I'm not sure she's old enough to learn how to give one of your patented massages, Bob. She's just fifteen. Who's she going to give a full body massage to?"

Bob waved a hand. "I can't be here to tend to your sore muscles every time you need them moved around. Now you'll have a live-in masseur. Then, someday, she'll make some man a very, very happy boy."

Chrissy listened to the whole conversation with a quizzical look on her face. "What are you guys talking about?" she complained.

Her mother said, "Your Uncle's massages cover the whole body."

Chrissy said "Yeah, so?"

Megan repeated "I said the whole body. Every part of the body. Each individual part of the body ... even the parts that most people don't see."

Chrissy's eyes got big. "You mean ...?" She looked at her mother, then her Uncle, and her eyes snapped back to her mother. "But you said he gave you massages."

Megan glanced at Bob and then nodded patiently. "Yes, but the massage can be altered for individuals." She didn't mention that, in their case, the massages, especially when they were in college, had been within an inch of being complete, and that she probably would have let him go the full monty if he'd have asked. He hadn't. She never told him that either.

Bob spoke up. "Look, Pumpkin, the purpose of a massage is to move muscles around, stretch things, and increase blood flow. You can do that to one part of the body, or the whole body. It just depends on what the patron needs ... or ... what you want the patron to feel. The masseuse is actually in charge. This isn't the kind of thing you do for strangers. It's a very intimate thing ... it's an art, like I said ... and it's something you share with others."

Chrissy closed her mouth. "Wow. I just thought it was rubbing your back and neck muscles."

Mark came in from shooting hoops out by the garage. "What's up?" he said.

Chrissy told him. "Uncle Bob's going to show me how to do a whole body massage."

"Really? Cool. Can I learn too?" he said.

Bob repeated most of his speech and then told Mark he would do his first learning as the patron receiving the massage, and that his sister would be the one practicing on him while he showed her how to do it by massaging their mother. Then he asked Mark if he still wanted to learn.

"Sure. Sounds good. My legs have been hurting some lately anyway," he said lightly.

Bob gave them a list of supplies to go find and bring back. They scampered off, leaving Bob and Megan alone.

Megan was watching him. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" she said. "I seem to remember a couple of times in college when things got pretty hot and heavy."

He held up his hands. "Hey, I never touched you anywhere without asking, and you always told me when to stop."

"Yes, but they're brother and sister, Bob," she said.

"And what were we?" he asked.

"Oh!" she said. "I guess sometimes I don't think of you that way."

They couldn't pursue just how it was she thought of him when she didn't think of him as her brother, because the kids were back with pillows, oil, blankets and foam camping mattresses. The mattresses were covered with blankets, and each patron got a pillow.

Then Bob told them to strip.

"What?" said Mark.

"Take your clothes off," said Bob. Chrissy was looking at the ceiling.

"I can't do that," he said. "My mother and sister are in the room."

"Your mother is going to strip right along with you," said Bob.

Megan spoke. "When we did this before, I kept my bra and panties on."

Bob shook his head. "Boy we Americans sure have a lot of hangups. We're all grown up now, and we're trying to teach these wonderful kids to be grown up too. I don't think we need underwear for this." He smiled, remembering she wasn't wearing a bra. She remembered too and flushed pink.

"Well ... Turn around then, while we ... get ready!" she ordered.

Bob and Chrissy turned to face away from them while Mark and Megan took their clothes off. What Megan had forgotten was that her son was going to be disrobing right beside her. He wasn't looking at her ... well, he kept darting glances at her as he took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. She turned partially away from him and lifted the shirt over her head. She knew he'd been watching when she heard his gasp as her breasts were revealed. She dropped her shorts and stepped out of them, wishing she hadn't worn the pale blue panties she had on. They were French cut, high on the hips, with very little ass in them and just exactly enough cloth in the front to cover her pussy and most of her pubic hair.

She glanced at her son, who was now standing in dark blue briefs and had to stifle a gasp of her own. The front of them were standing out a good six inches. He was erect! As she watched he dove for his mattress and lay down on his stomach. He rolled and reached under him to adjust his meat and then wiggled out of his underwear.

His eyes were on her as she slid her panties down and daintily stepped out of them. Then she tried to lie down on her own mattress with dignity, knowing she was flashing her pussy at her own son. Both of them were unsettled enough to forget to tell their masseuses that they were ready.

Bob turned around after they'd had time to disrobe and lie down and found them both ready.

He told Chrissy to start at the toes. He then showed her how to massage an individual toe, and the metatarsals. He went on, naming each bone and muscle he was working on. Chrissy expressed amazement that she could feel the bones in most cases, and could tell the difference between muscles and tendons. They worked both feet before moving to the ankles. Their subjects made such moans and groans of appreciation that they were told to pipe down.

Things began to get interesting when they got to the top of the thighs. When it was time to do the glutes, Bob explained there were two types of massage that could be done. One was the same thing they'd been doing so far, moving, stretching and digging into the muscle.

"The other is sexual," he said, calmly.

"Bob!" came Megan's muffled voice.

"Hey, I'm just telling her the difference, OK?" he said. He showed her how the fingers could be bent backward so the fingertips didn't actually touch the skin much. The fingers were held rigid and pressure was applied by leaning the body weight on them. "That moves things around and presses the muscle against the bone, but doesn't provide much tactile sensation.

Bob leaned over and whispered in Chrissy's ear. "Watch this" he grinned. He drizzled hot oil all over Megan's buttocks. Then he relaxed his fingers and began to apply pressure with them, squeezing Megan's ass cheeks and sliding his fingers all over her buttocks, including down into her butt crack. Her hips began to roll and move and one hand appeared from her side, batting at his hands.

Chrissy was amazed at how her mother had reacted to the change in Uncle Bob's finger position. On impulse she tried it with her brother, changing her fingers so they gripped Mark's butt cheeks. As she slid her fingers into his butt crack, he groaned and his legs spread. Suddenly she had a good view of his hairy balls, nestling between his legs.

She let her hands slide from his butt back down to his thigh, and then between the legs until her little finger brushed his balls. His ass tightened and he groaned again. She looked at her Uncle, who was watching her while his hands moved lightly on her mother's buttocks. She made her mouth move silently - "Wow!" and he grinned.

Then he went on describing bones and muscles until they reached the scalp. He had Chrissy wash her hands so they could do the scalp without getting the hair all oily.

Then he told the patrons to turn over.

Megan said, "I'm so comfortable, do I have to?"

There was silence and then Mark said, "I can't."

Bob said, "Yes you have to ... and why can't you?"

Megan said, "This is so embarrassing." but she slowly rolled over. Then she put the pillow over her face.

Three people stared at her naked body. Her son was lying on his stomach and his mouth dropped open. Megan's breasts did not sag down to her sides, like they would have on most women. They did point outwards, the nipples looking a little goggle-eyed. Those nipples were long and thick and hard. Her pubic mound was as blond as her head, below her flat stomach.

Chrissy said, "Wow, Mom, you're beautiful ... and you're in good shape too!"

Megan moaned, "This is soooo embarrassing," into the pillow.

Bob and Chrissy turned their attention to Mark.

"I can't," he repeated.

Bob suddenly knew why and laughed. "Tough beans, boy. Hey, it's natural. Your sister was right. Your mother is a beautiful woman, and your reaction to her is completely normal. Now roll over before you ruin the mood."

Mark pulled his pillow over his eyes and rolled over. He had a perfect erection. He was long and slim and smooth looking. His cock flopped up onto his belly and lay there quivering.

Chrissy stared at it, her mouth open. Bob swatted her and continued his lecture, telling her how to do the front of the scalp and the face. For that they both had to pull pillows off their patrons, but by the time they got done with the face both mother and son were relaxed again. Mark's stiffy had even relaxed quite a bit.

Then they did the neck and chest.

Bob pointed out that men have breasts too, and named all the parts of the male and female breasts. He manipulated Megan's breasts, moving them with his fingers in the "non sexual" position as he pointed out each set of ribs and the tissues connected to each of them. Chrissy traced those ribs on her brother.

Bob looked to see if Megan's eyes were closed, and when he saw they were he mouthed at Chrissy, "Watch this," again.

He cupped his fingers and fondled Megan's breasts, letting his fingertips thrum her nipples and squeezing the tit flesh as he moved the breast all around. Megan let out a "Mmmmmmmm" kind of purring sound and Chrissy giggled.

Megan's eyes opened and she said, "BOB!" But she didn't make him stop fondling her breasts.

Bob nodded to Mark and when Chrissy raised her eyebrows in question he nodded again. She went to work on her brother and was amazed when he reacted almost like her mother had. When she played with his nipples he squirmed. She glanced at his penis and saw it was rock hard again. She felt a little shiver in her pussy as she realized she had just pumped his cock up.

They left the chest and moved on to the stomach, where a light touch was needed. Bob explained that women had a lot of nerve endings in their abdomens that had to do with child birth, and fallopian tubes and ovaries and so forth, and that stimulating them had to be done carefully or it could easily become sexual. All the while he traced his fingers gently up and down Megan's erogenous zones until her hips began to rock.

"Now" said Bob. "At this point, you skip over the genitals."

There were twin sighs from the patrons. An outside observer might have observed that the sighs sounded different than a sigh of relief.

Bob continued. "If your massage is a sexual massage, you can always come back to the genitals, and end the massage that way. When you massage the genitals, people tend to get all tense again." He went to work on Megan's thighs, pulling them enough to make her spread her legs slightly. He gazed at her plump pink pussy lips, nestled in their bed of curly blond hairs. They glistened, and he knew she was wet. He looked over and saw Chrissy's hands 'accidentally' brush up against Mark's balls. His hips were rocking too.

He moved his hand until the blade on the side of his little finger brushed Megan's pussy lips. She sighed and her butt lifted off the floor. He backed off, and continued back down the body to the feet. He suggested that doing the feet again was a good idea, since they bore the full weight of the patron most of the day and needed more manipulation.

When they were done with the feet, he showed Chrissy how to let her fingers drift over the skin, barely touching. It wasn't light enough to tickle, but it didn't move any skin either. He called it the feather touch and he showed her how to feather touch the whole body.

He spent particular time on Megan's abdomen and told Chrissy to spend most of her time going all around, but not touching the penis and balls. Then he moved to Megan's breasts and feather touched them until she was panting.

"This is the time to finish the massage. If it's non sexual, you just taper off and let them get up whenever they're ready. If it's a sexual massage, you give them an orgasm which, after they get tense, is the pinnacle of relaxation, by the way, and then let them get up whenever they're ready. We, of course, will just be tapering off."

Again, there were twin sighs. He nodded to Chrissy to back off and she did, sitting on her heels.

They just watched Megan and Mark.

Mark got up first. "I've gotta go to the bathroom," he said languidly. He stood up and his penis stayed at a seventy degree angle from his body, pointed up like an anti aircraft missile.

Megan moaned and rolled over, reaching for another blanket. Bob helped her cover up with it and she drifted off to sleep.

Chrissy looked at her Uncle through lowered eyelashes. "Wow, that was incredible. Um ... do you suppose you could give me my massage now? Are you too tired?" She was flexing her fingers, which were sore and stiff from their exercise.

Bob looked at her. She was flushed. "I guess I have one more massage left in me," he said quietly.

"I think you're right. I need to feel what it's like," she said, a little breathlessly. "Like you said." She looked at the mattress her brother had recently vacated. "I don't want to disturb Mom. We could use ... my bedroom?" she asked.

Bob felt red flags going up in his mind. But the idea of getting his hands on his lovely 15 year old niece blew him away. He'd have a beat off fantasy good for life.

She led him to her room. On the way she peeked into her brother's room. He was in bed and the lights were out.

She pulled her Uncle on down the hall. She didn't talk.

She turned on a small table lamp and then turned off the overhead light. She unbuttoned her shirt and then dropped her shorts, standing and facing her Uncle. She didn't ask him to turn around. She turned and asked him if he could help her with her bra, even though they both knew she could do it blindfolded and underwater while upside down. She faced away from him to bend over and slip her panties off.

She turned around and faced him, standing proudly naked in front of an adult male for the first time in her life. She trembled, and he suddenly knew how vulnerable she was feeling. She was a deer in the woods, ready to bolt at the first sign of danger.

"You're a beautiful woman, Chrissy," he said, his voice serious.

Her smile lit up the whole room and she relaxed. She went to the bed and lay down on her stomach. She turned her head and said, "What kind of massage are you going to give me, Uncle Bob?"

His prick lurched in his pants. "Now what kind of question is that Pumpkin?" he said. He smacked her right buttock enough to make it sting, and she yelped. "You just lie there and feel what I'm doing. Your job is to feel each muscle move, each tendon stretch."

"OK, Uncle Bob," she said meekly.

He started. She Oooed and Ahhed ... until he got to her buttocks. He made no real pretense of a non-sexual massage, digging into her ass cheeks with his fingers and mauling them, spreading them until he could see her pink asshole and the pouting lips of her virgin pussy below.

She held her breath until he told her to breathe or she'd tense up.

He made sure that when he slid his hands between her legs, doing her thighs, that his little finger brushed her pussy lips repeatedly. She was wet.

He went on up her body and, while he was doing her scalp, thought he might have actually put her to sleep.

But when he stopped she rolled over without being asked. By the time he got to her chest she was breathing deeply and quickly. Her breasts were carbon copies of her mother's, proud and jutting from her ribs, her nipples lighter ... pink almost, but just as long and stiff as her mothers.

Again he made no pretense, and went to work on them until she wiggled and squirmed and moaned constantly.

When he let his fingers trace the nerves on her abdomen he thought she might actually have an orgasm. Her stomach muscles rippled like a belly dancer and she gasped for air, her hips making little fuck motions.

He knew she wanted him to skip her legs and feet. She was ready for the grand finale.

He lay his hand flat on her belly button, fingers pointed toward her pubis, until her stomach muscles calmed. Then, very slowly he let those fingers slide toward her sex.

Her legs spread, her knees bending a little and she held her breath. Her eyes were closed tight. As his fingers drifted into her sparse pubic hair, her mouth opened. Her hips gave two or three little fuck jerks and her hands grabbed the bedspread below them.

His fuck finger tip touched the top of her slit, where her little teen clitty was hiding in its hood.

Her voice, hoarse for some reason, softly began a chant of, "Oh fuck .. oh fuck .. oh fuck," until his hand slid the rest of the way into her crotch. That middle finger rode over her clit and found her slippery slit, sliding neatly between her pussy lips as her chant ended in an extended "fuuuuuuuck".

He let his fuck finger bend and curl, and the tip found her opening. He rimmed that opening feeling for that little wall of skin at the bottom of her slit.

Ahhh, there it was, her hymen. His finger flickered up and over it, to see how much room there was for his finger to slide past that inadequate guardian. There was room for just one finger, and if he pulled up against her clit he could go pretty deep.

She was tight, though, so tight that his finger had to force its way into her. Her knees bent more and came up as she spread herself wide. With his finger in her, he began a circular rubbing motion that made the base of his fingers crush and massage her clit.

Her hips started jerking in an uncoordinated fashion.

"At this stage, there's one other thing you can do for a woman," he whispered. As he slid his fuck finger further in, searching for, and finding her cervix deep inside her, he leaned down and took one of her swollen nipples in his mouth. He sucked and then finger-fucked her slowly, pressing hard as the base of his finger scraped across her clit, taking care not to stretch or tear her cherry. He didn't want her to feel any pain of any kind tonight.

Chrissy gave an agonized groan and her head flopped back and forth. Her hands scrabbled for a pillow and she covered her face as she had what would have been a very loud orgasm.

She'd played with herself many times, and knew all the places she loved to touch herself, but she'd never done it long enough to have an actual orgasm. This was something new, and it overwhelmed her. She thought she might burst into a million pieces and that those pieces might float off into the universe. At that moment she loved her Uncle Bob more than any other man in the whole world. What he was doing to her nipple shot straight to her pussy, and what he was doing to her pussy sent electric shocks to both nipples.

She thought she might actually die of happiness.

She felt her Uncle stop moving his hand. Then, little by little, the intensity of her orgasm faded.

Uncle Bob eased his finger out of her, gently breaking the sticky bond she had made with her thick juices. He lifted the edge of the bedspread and folded it over her. Then he kissed her on the lips ... a longer and more tender kiss than they'd ever shared, and told her to go to sleep.

He turned off the light and left.

He went back downstairs to sleep on the couch, where he usually slept when he came to visit. Megan was still there, dozing under the blanket. He had a hardon and he needed to relieve it. Working on Chrissy had made him hotter than a pistol, though it was fun to help a woman feel like that.

He stripped down to his skivvies and had just dropped them to his ankles when Megan sat up. The blanket fell to her lap, uncovering her fabulous breasts. He turned and she stared at his boner.

"I can see that my fears were groundless" she said.

"What?" he said, confused.

"I was afraid you'd fuck her," she said.

"Megan!" he said firmly. "You know I'd never do that."

She stood up. She was gorgeous. "I know you'd never do that ... unless she asked you to."

"Do you actually think I'd have sex with my own flesh and blood?" he said, as his prick shouted that he'd love to.

"I certainly hope so," she said.

When he looked confused she explained. "I haven't felt like a real woman since Roger died. I felt it tonight when you touched me. I need the rest Bob. Tonight. Now. I'm glad you didn't fuck my baby girl ... because I wanted you to save it for me."

She walked up to him as she said it, until her breasts touched him. "You aren't sleeping on the couch tonight Bob." Then she took his hand and pulled him toward her bedroom.

When she got him in the bedroom she didn't waste any time. Nor did she pretend that this was something he was trying to do to her against her will. Nor did she pretend that she cared what society might say about what was going to happen.

Instead she pressed her body against his, trapping his rearing erection between them as it surged lustily from his loins, and said, "I've wanted to do this ever since we were kids."

She knelt in front of him, her face an inch from his stiff cock. Her mouth closed on the head of his shaft and she sucked, nibbled and tongued him until he was the one squirming and moaning.

Then she pulled her mouth off with a "Pop" and said, "But my mouth is not where I want what's inside that thing." She lay on her bed, legs open, arms reaching out to him.

"Please, Bob?" she said softly.

All his fantasies were coming true and Bob wasn't sure he could deal with it. There was his gorgeous sister, spread for him, wanting his sperm in her pussy. He mounted her and her agonized groan was an exact match for the groan Chrissy had given up when he slid his finger into her. He went into instant overload.

His vision faded, his balls pulsed and his cock shot thick streams of silver cum into Megan's pussy. He opened his eyes to see her green ones staring at his face.

She was smiling. "She really got you going, huh?"

He grinned sheepishly and she went on. "I don’t care. It got me what I wanted. Her pussy hunched up at him. "You're still hard."

He got the hint and began to glide in and out of her. His sperm had her so lubricated that he couldn't feel a thing, even though she was almost as tight as a virgin.

But she could feel it.

Her face flushed and she moaned again. He pounded her, almost as if he was punishing her, stabbing her repeatedly with his love knife. She took each wound and loved it, urging him on.

She came, and he pounded her through that orgasm, never stopping. She gasped for air as he slowed and eventually stopped, stuck deep. He moved his hips sideways, back and forth and she started on her upward spiral again.

As she came this time he leaned down and sucked in a nipple, sucking hard and biting the thick nubbin. She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and exquisite pain that heightened her pleasure.

He was beginning to feel the friction now, and it had been long enough that it made him horny again. Now he stroked her languidly, slowly, digging his cock tip into her cervix so it would stimulate him even more.

Megan opened her eyes. "I think I love you," she said dreamily.

"Of course you love me," he said. "You've always loved me."

"I'm not on the pill Bob," she said softly.

"Why not?" he asked as he stroked.

"I haven't done this since Roger died. I didn't think I'd ever do it again," she said.

"Oops," he said, not meaning it.

"That's what I mean," she hunched up at him. "I think I love you so much I don't mind you cumming in me."

"Well, if I keep this up I'm going to do it again." he warned.

"Goody," she said simply.

He speeded up, his cock a piston now, driving him onward. She urged him on, telling him how big he was, how good he felt, and that she wanted him to cum in her pussy.

"You could get pregnant," he grunted.

"I love babies," she came back.

"I'd have to move in with you ... take care of the baby with you ..."

"And give me more of them," she huffed.

His cock roared like a lion and, like a fire hose, delivered the fluid that finally put out their fire. It flowed into her womb, where it belonged. She sighed with contentment at the warm feeling it made in her belly.

They fell asleep with his cock still in her, holding in two loads of his incestuous seed.

Mark woke up first. He stretched and yawned and then got out of bed. He felt great. His morning hardon was extra vibrant and stiff, poking out the briefs he'd put on to wear to bed. He remembered the massage the night before, and how he'd wished she would just stroke it a few times, even though she was his sister. Man! That would have felt good. But she did such a great job that he'd simply gone to bed. He went to the bathroom and relieved the pressure.

On his way back he realized his mother's bedroom door was open. That was strange. She almost always closed it. As he went by it he stopped. His mother and Uncle Bob were lying on the bed, arms wrapped around each other, asleep ... naked.

Wow! Suddenly his wilting hardon started coming back.

He tiptoed down the hall to his sister's room. He cracked the door. She was lying on top of her bed, also stark naked. His cock sprang to attention. He wasn't sleepy any more and now he really needed relief.

He snuck into her room and slid his briefs to his thighs. He started jerking, staring at his sister's breasts and pussy hair.

Chrissy woke up slowly. She felt great. Her mind went back to the orgasm she'd had the night before. How simply wonderful they'd been. She heard something and opened her eyes.

There, not three feet from her, was her little brother, and he was beating his meat. She marveled, noting that, until last night, she'd have screamed at him, called him a pervert and yelled at him to get out.

But now she knew what kind of feeling he was trying to reach and she understood why he was willing to risk this kind of behavior. She looked through closed lids at Mark's penis as he stroked it. It was bigger than Uncle Bob's finger, maybe twice as big.

Uncle Bob's finger had felt so good inside her. She felt her pussy start getting wet. She opened her eyes. "Is that thing still stiff from last night?" she asked conversationally.

He jumped and said "Shit! I'm sorry!" He saw she wasn't moving, or hiding her body, or screaming. Maybe there was a chance. "I saw Uncle Bob and Mom ... in bed ... in her bed. They're ... naked. They're sleeping naked. I came to tell you and ... you're naked. I just got so horny I couldn't stand it. And last night ..."

She moved over and patted the bed beside her. "Come up here and I'll finish your massage."

He stared at her, unmoving, until she got up from the bed and made him lie down. Then she crawled over him, letting her naked body rub all against his as she got on the other side of him. He was panting by the time she settled.

Now he was lying stiffly, his arms and hands at his side, just like she had been the night before. His penis was so hard it was off his stomach. If it had gone off he'd have gotten a faceful of his own spunk.

Remembering what Uncle Bob had done to her, she put her left hand on his stomach, with her fingertips right at the beginning of his pubic hair. Then, very slowly she started to inch her fingers toward his straining penis. She rolled until her breasts were pressed into his arm and got her mouth right next to his ear.

"You have a very pretty penis," she whispered. She stuck her tongue out and licked his ear. He shuddered like a dinosaur had him in its jaws and was shaking him. Her hand got closer and closer to his penis and his hips started moving. She was amazed. He was doing all the things she had done. Uncle Bob really knew his stuff!

Finally her hand got there and her fingertips played with his prick until he whined. Then she grasped him lightly and ran her hand up to the tip, where there was a big bubble of thick white stuff that had welled up out of the hole in the tip. Somehow she just knew it would be slippery. She got that on her hand and slid it down, making his cock slick.

She gave him an experimental stroke and he whimpered! So she did it a few more times and he suddenly said, "Chrissy .... Chrissy!"

She had in mind that there would be some wetness of some kind. She wasn't prepared for the three foot stream of white spunk that leapt out of his prick and shot up into the air. It splattered back down on both of them as they lay side by side. She kept jerking and there were more of those spectacular fountains, though none as high as the first one. She grinned as he writhed and groaned and was putty in her hands.

In that instant she knew she could control any man if she planned it out and tried hard enough. She cuddled with him and told him how amazing he was as he caught his breath.

His head rolled toward her and there was something in his eyes. "Thank you," he whispered.

She kissed him lightly on the lips. "You owe me," she smiled, and was only a little bit surprised when he nodded his agreement. A little sadly she said, "That was fun, but I don't think Mom would be real happy if she found us here like this."

They got up and cleaned the sperm off themselves with a T shirt that she threw in her hamper. Then they snuck toward the bathroom to finish cleaning up.

They heard the noises before they saw who was making them. It was their mother's voice, but it didn't sound like any voice they had ever heard her use. She said "Please ... Bob ... oh pleeease ... don't tease me, you bastard!"

She was talking loud, but obviously trying not to be heard. Then her voice came in a loud whisper "Bob! The children will be up any minute. You don't want them to find us like this, Bob ... oh pleeease."

Brother and sister crept closer to the open door and peeked around it. Their mother was on her back. Her knees were pressed to her breasts and her thighs were open. Their uncle was between her legs and it was his shoulders that were pressing her knees to her chest. Her calves were on his shoulders. He had her bent in half, and she was helpless.

His big thick erect penis was just touching the opening of her sex.

Chrissy was fascinated by his penis. It was longer than Mark's, and bigger around. It looked ... rough ... knobby ... like a tree root. It couldn't possibly fit in a woman.

But, as they peeked, that penis began to sink into their mother. Her agonized cry of relief reminded Chrissy of the noise that had come out of her mouth the night before, and she knew that this was something her mother needed badly. Nonetheless, Chrissy sucked in her breath as the massive thing skewered her mother's pussy.

There was no hint of pain in the sounds Megan made. To the contrary she was thanking her brother, telling him she loved him.

Then they fucked. There was no other word for it. It was violent, athletic, and vaguely animalistic. But it was beautiful too. Her mother was babbling ... hitting the bed with her fists ... tearing the covers ... and all of a sudden everything stopped.

Bob had crammed his dick in her and had just frozen. He cried "Oh Megan, honey!"

Then both kids shivered as their mother moaned, "Cream me, Bobby, knock me up, baby brother. Give me a baby in my belly, pleeease."

Both kids realized that Bob's penis was doing what Mark's had only a few moments before, when it fired a three foot rope of sperm into the air. Only this three foot rope of sperm was landing in their mother's pussy!

Both kids were still naked. Mark had another hardon, just as stiff as it had been before. Chrissy pushed him down the hall toward her bedroom. She had one hand between her legs and she was dripping wet. They closed the door and she locked it.

She looked around the room, her eyes wild. She looked at her brother, who had his hand on his prick, jacking it.

"No!" she hissed.

He jerked his hand away, like he'd burned it. She pushed him toward the bed ... the bed where her Uncle had awaken her sexual desire the night before. "Do that to me" she said.

"What?" he said.

"I want you to do that to me! What they were doing! Right now!" She flopped on the bed and spread her legs.

Mark was in heat. He didn't stop to think that his sister had never had anything in her pussy before. He climbed aboard, and with her help he slotted his cock in her pussy.

Then he jammed it in her.

Just like that, they lost their virginities to each other. It was actually painful for both of them.

Her hymen tore, but the speed at which it happened made the pain a very transitional thing that flashed into her mind, and then fled as stiff prick filled her hungry pussy. For him it was because she was so tight. His foreskin pulled back and stretched painfully, even though she was slick. What eased his discomfort was pulling back just a little as soon as he had fully penetrated his sister's pussy.

The pain vanished and he had a sudden desire to go back in. When he did the pain wasn't as bad. He began instinctive rabbit-like thrusts, rapid and short, all the time trying to drive his adolescent penis as far into her as he possibly could.

The result was that he drove her up the bed, little by little until her head crushed the pillow against the headboard. At the same time, his pubic bone was repeatedly mashing her newly-awakened clitoris. She orgasmed almost on the third or fourth thrust, and the continued stimulation caused her orgasm to go on and on and on. She felt like she was falling, out of control and began to feel panic when her brother suddenly froze. She felt a rush of heat in her belly and then felt his penis jerking inside her.

He was cumming in her.

She wanted to scream - it felt so good - but she knew if she made the sounds she wanted to, her mother and Uncle would be standing inside a broken door within seconds.

She bit her brother's shoulder instead.

Mark couldn't believe the feeling when he came in his sister. He'd cum hundreds of times before. The time only ten minutes ago had been the best, with Chrissy's hand wrapped around him.

But that paled to nothing compared with shooting off in her pussy.

He thought his body might actually shrivel and get sucked through his penis until his entire person was inside her. He suddenly realized her head was bent funny and then he felt intense pain in his shoulder.

She was biting him! He didn't want to pull out of her, but the pain made him. He jerked back and she gasped, her hands reaching for him. She scooted down until her neck wasn't bent and then flopped, wide open, just breathing huge shuddering breaths in.

Mark lay beside her, on his side, head propped on hand, staring at the girl/woman he'd just had his first sexual intercourse with. He looked at her pussy and saw sperm ... his sperm ... dripping out of her pussy and onto the bed. He was amazed that all he could think about was how long it would take before he might be able to do it again. The ache in his penis told him that twice, within ten minutes was all he could produce for a while.

Chrissy's head rolled toward him. She smiled.

His heart leapt and he rolled in to kiss her. When they broke he said, "I want to do it again, but I can't right now."

She laughed and said, "Why do you think they were doing it in the morning, when we were about to get up?" She kissed him again. "But if they'd have been pissed at us before ... they'd just croak now. You have to get out of here."

His face fell and she smiled again. "Don't worry, you'll get to do it again." He grinned and went to the door. He cracked it open, peeked out and then dashed for his own room.

She didn't want to get up, so she pulled the covers over her and just lay there.

She must have drifted back to sleep, because her mother shook her awake. "Chrissy? Honey? Are you OK?" There was a look of concern on her face. She was dressed now. She looked perfectly normal ... not like she'd just had her socks fucked off only an hour before.

"Yeah" murmured Chrissy. "I'm fine. I just wanted to sleep in."

"Well, you did," said her mother. "It's almost ten O’clock. Come on. You have chores to do."

"OK, OK, just give me a minute," moaned Chrissy theatrically. She actually felt wonderful and was eager to get up and do something."

When Megan left Chrissy's room she went to find Bob, who was repairing a lawnmower in the garage. There was a frown on her face as she approached him.

"I thought you said you didn't fuck my daughter," she said, her voice level.

He looked up from the job. "I didn't," he said simply. "She wanted me to finish the massage. I did. I got her off ... probably several times. I didn't touch her with anything except my fingers. In fact, I felt her cherry! It was intact. I know it was." He decided not to cop to sucking her nipples.

"Well somebody fucked her last night!" said Megan.

Bob stood up. "What?" he said. "How do you know?"

Megan looked up at him. "Her room. It smells like sex ... like sperm."

Bob stared at her. "You were awake, right? You knew I was in her room with her ... last night."

Megan nodded. "Yes."

"And you know I came right back from there, to sleep on the couch. I was getting ready to jack off because ... because of the massage."

Megan's eyes widened. "Yes! You're right! I saw you and your hardon and something in me just snapped. I had to have you. But you had a hardon."

"Yes, and when you took care of that little problem, what did it look like then?"

"I don't know. When I went to sleep it was still in me." she frowned. "But it obviously wasn't you who made her room smell like that. I'm sorry Bob, I should have believed you. But who?"

"What do you mean who?" said Bob. "There's only one other penis in the house."

Megan gasped. "No! Surely not. They wouldn't!" She looked at her brother. "Would they?"

He put his hands on her shoulders. "We did," he said simply.

They waited until Chrissy and Mark were both out doing chores, and inspected the kids rooms. They found nothing in Mark's room, but the shirt in the hamper had what was obviously dried cum on it, and Chrissy's sheets were soaked with cum ... and a reddish stain that testified that the cherry Bob had felt, was no longer intact. It was fairly obvious to both of them that a young man ... a man capable of several emissions per night had been in Chrissy's bed. It had to be Mark.

"What do we do?" asked Megan.

"I don't hear anybody moaning and groaning about it," said Bob. "It wasn't rape. We'd have heard her screams."

"So we just ... let them?"

"We'll talk to them. When the time is right. Is she on the pill?"

"Don't be ridiculous," said Megan. "She can't even date, yet."

"Your reasons for that were valid," said Bob. "You just didn't think about something like this happening."

"I don't want either of them to be traumatized," moaned Megan.

"The time will come when we can talk about it," said Bob.

That night, after supper, Chrissy said, "Uncle Bob? I got a good lesson last night. But you said to learn you have to feel what it's like when someone does it to you too. So how about you massage me tonight?"

Bob glanced at Megan, who was trying not to laugh as her daughter made an obvious play for sex from her Uncle and thought nobody but him knew what she was doing.

Megan decided to have some fun with her daughter. "That's a great idea sweetie! And Mark can give me a massage tonight. Last night's was good, but I think a young strong man might even be able to make me feel even better than your Uncle did."

Now it was Chrissy and Mark who darted glances and tried not to laugh. As if their mother had any complaint about what her brother had done to her the night before.

But Chrissy had planned on suggesting that the massage take place somewhere where it wouldn't bother the others... somewhere private. Now she couldn't do that.

"Um .. sure," she had to agree.

The two women stripped. For some reason neither of them seemed as embarrassed about it as one would have expected. They lay down, and the men went to work on them.

The air was sexually charged from the very beginning.

Megan was being worked on by a boy who she knew was sexually active, and who had slid his stiff adolescent penis into her daughter the night before. She wondered what it would be like to make love to a man who could recharge so quickly.

Bob knew that, besides letting him pet her, Chrissy had let another man put his penis deep into her. He was hard with desire to do the same thing.

Mark was also stiff with desire. His mother was under his hands, naked, and his sister, who he had spurted in only that morning was only five feet away, also naked.

Chrissy just wanted to be fucked. She didn't care whether it was her Uncle or her brother.

Truly, though she didn't think she could possibly take her uncle's big root. Of course she hadn't thought it would go in her mother either, and she'd see that happen. Her pussy was soaking by the time Bob's hands got close to it.

Megan couldn't get the image of her son, on top of her daughter, out of her mind. She was fast getting to the same point as Chrissy. She just wanted a nice hard prick in her pussy. She hadn't realized how much she missed that ... until last night and this morning. She didn't want to wait to feel it again.

For all those reasons, the massages being given were pretty much overtly sexual. Bob knew he could touch Chrissy's pussy and she wouldn't mind, so when he got to her buttocks, he let his finger slide down and tease her pussy lips. She groaned.

Mark, when he put his fingers on his mother's buttocks, began to leak from his penis.

Bob got an idea. "OK, now there's an alternate way to do the back. It requires the masseuse to sit on the thighs of the patron, so both hands can stroke from the small of the back upward to the shoulders."

Both women murmured they'd like to try that.

"But the skin of the back of the thighs has just been super sensitized, and the rough cloth of our pants might be uncomfortable for them, so we should take our pants off."

He waited.

Megan was the only one he was worried about. She might not go for it. "What do you think girls? Would it be too gross for you to feel our skin on your skin?"

The two "No"s came almost at the same time.

Bob and Mark jumped up and stripped in seconds. It was due to Mark's intelligence that he knew to strip naked.

All of them knew what was really going on now.

The men settled down on the backs of the women's thighs. Both stiff penises were immediately cradled by feminine buttocks. Mark watched Bob as he began to stroke Chrissy's buttocks and back in long hard strokes. He copied them and heard his mother groan out her appreciation. He found that it also dug his penis into her buttocks when he reached her shoulder blades. He adjusted until the tip of his cock fell between his mother's firm butt cheeks. When he leaned forward and his hand reached her shoulder blades, his dick pressed against her anus.

Megan's head came up and she turned to look over her shoulder at her naked son.

He stared back.

There was a smoky look in her eyes.

"Mark," she said. "That's uncomfortable. You need to move."

His face fell until she reached back, grasped his boner and forced it downward. At the same time she spread her legs. He felt the tip burrow into something hot and wet.

"That's better," she said. And then she put her head back down.

This time, when Mark leaned forward to stroke his mother's back, his teenage prick slid into her hot pussy.

Bob had seen what Megan did, and knew she was going to get her pussy filled. He wasn't jealous. He basically did the same thing to Chrissy, but just didn't ask. She spread her legs when she felt his cock pressing toward her pussy. He didn't push hard. In five minutes he got perhaps two inches in her.

Both men worked their patron's backs for a long time. A very long time. Finally Bob said, "We mustn't overdo anything. He reluctantly pulled his stiff cock out of his niece and moved around to her head. Just as reluctantly, Mark did the same.

Megan complained that she didn't think it was time to move on yet.

Bob said, "The same technique can be used when we do the front."

Chrissy tried to roll over immediately. Bob wouldn't let her. He leaned over and whispered, "Be patient. You'll tense up."

Megan let Mark work her scalp for a minute or so and said, "OK, that's good. You're very good at this Mark." Then she rolled and lay unashamedly naked in front of her son.

"Now the front Mark."

Chrissy turned to watch as her brother moved around and sank down on the front of his mother's thighs. His penis was stiff and it lay right on her mons. Without a trace of shame, Megan reached down, slotted his cock in her pussy and said, "You can go on now Mark. I think my chest needs a lot of attention."

Mark slid forward, burying his cock in his mother's hot sucking pussy. He was able to go in all the way now, and the obvious welcome he was receiving tipped him over. As his hands slid over his mother's big firm breasts, his cock burst and he filled her pussy up with his incestuous teenage sperm.

He groaned, but made no other sound and kept rubbing her breasts. Megan felt his issue and the thrill made her itch to cum, but she knew if she did the others would know.

Chrissy had turned her head and watched as her brother slid his aching penis into her mother. He made a little whimpering sound she remembered from when he was spurting her full of his stuff, and assumed her mother was getting sprayed as she watched.

She pushed at her Uncle and rolled over. "My turn," she said. She made no pretense about it and spread her legs. Bob gave up too and simply mounted her. He fed her his cock sparingly at first, with little hunches that filled her an inch at a time. They both groaned when he finally hit bottom. Chrissy couldn't believe his whole big knobby sex club was buried in her belly.

For the first time she thought about her last period and when it had ended. Nine days. She was nine days into her new cycle. That meant her mother was eleven or twelve days into hers. Her mother finished a menstrual cycle just about when Chrissy started one. Her mother's cycles had been a warning to her for years. They were both as regular as a clock.

How would she feel if she missed her next period? She looked up at her Uncle. She rolled her head and watched as her mother gave up the game and spread her legs, getting Mark to climb between them and re-socket his still hard cock.

She'd feel just fine, she decided.

Both men finished the massages by pumping their patrons full of heavy potent sperm. There was a lot of nipple sucking and kissing and endearments whispered between them all, but the pinnacle was that each woman felt the heat of surges of sperm being injected into her and welcomed that heat.

Each man shot his patron full and fantasized about naked, pregnant bellies.

Both women neede frequent massages after that.

Six months later, their swollen bellies weren't fantasies any longer.

The End