Pumping Niece

by Lubrican

Bob Peters leaned back in the old steel double wide lawn chair, circa 1952 and watched as Chrissy took care of old Mrs. Johnson's needs. Chrissy greeted Mrs. Johnson, started the gas pump and then checked under the hood before beginning to wash and dry all the windows of the Cadillac. Bob was glad he had hired Chrissy. He'd always been glad.

Had anyone asked him, he'd gladly have admitted that when he first hired her it was mostly for her looks. She was a babe. Sixteen, fresh, pretty, vivacious, with high round teenage breasts and hips to kill for, her blond pony tail bobbed and waved as she went over the car. When she reached to get a spot in the middle of the windshield, one leg came off the ground and Bob had a nice view of the crotch of her cut-offs and the white panties she was wearing under them. Chrissy usually wore a T shirt to work at the gas station, but today she was wearing a halter top and Bob had been half stiff since she reported for work. It was Friday and they stayed open an hour longer on Fridays.

The other reason he'd hired her was because she was his brother's daughter. He'd watched her grow up and now that she was almost a woman he really enjoyed being around her. She adored him and in any situation other than at work she'd have run up to him and thrown her arms around him, pressing her tight little body against him and giving him a sloppy kiss on the lips. They'd been extra-close buddies for years.

He'd never have thought even one time about coercing her to do anything sexual, but she'd been good for beat off fantasies for more than a couple of years now, and she was getting better and better all the time. She'd just started going out on dates and the thought of what those boys she went out with were probably doing to and with her made Bob's dick hard most of the time.

Mrs. Johnson paid Chrissy and they both waved at each other as the Caddy rolled out of the station. Chrissy put the money in the till and then came over and flopped down in a rusty chair almost exactly like the one Bob was sitting in. As she flopped down her legs spread and the almost non-existent denim between her legs was framed in white cotton of the panties under it. Bob stared and Chrissy caught him.

"Uncle Bob!" she squealed. "What are you looking at?" She knew what he was looking at, but wanted to give him a hard time.

"A little piece of dreamland, Chrissy. A little piece of dreamland." he laughed.

Chrissy closed her legs, but not completely. It made her feel special when her Uncle looked at her that way. She'd been flattered by his attention for years and he'd always been a perfect gentleman. It was nice to be looked at as a woman without having to worry about whether or not you were going to have to kick the guy in the balls to keep him in line. "You're just a dirty old man." she grinned.

"I'm not that old," he complained. "And besides, what am I supposed to do when you flash your pussy at me?" He stopped cold. Had he actually used the word "pussy" in front of his niece. He looked at her, shocked that he'd lost control of his mouth and saw that she was astounded too.

"Oh shit, Chrissy, I'm sorry," he groaned. "My mouth ran away with my tongue. I shouldn't have said that. I'm so sorry." He was glowing red now as he blushed to his neck.

Chrissy couldn't believe her Uncle had used that word. That was a word the boys at school used and sometimes her friends said it too, but it was a word she'd never heard any adult use. He thought of her as having a ... pussy.

She was surprised to feel a tingle in that part of her body and then she felt herself blush too. It kind of turned her on to think that her Uncle thought of her as a sexual being. She stood up, leaned down, and kissed him firmly on his cheek. "You don't have anything to be sorry for. I shouldn't be flashing my ... my pussy at you. I don't want to give you a heart attack." Then she kissed him again and turned around to give him time to get himself in order. She fiddled with a display of windshield wipers.

That night, Bob masturbated, thinking about what had happened. He would have cum even harder than he did if he'd known Chrissy was doing the same thing in her bedroom.

The next day, when she was getting ready to go to work, Chrissy decided to wear a short denim skirt. She chose a pair of lavender panties to wear under them. When she got to work she hugged Bob, pressing her body against his. She was extra vigilant to get every windshield that day, and bent over each hood, knowing that her purple panties could be seen if Bob was watching.

And Bob was watching. He noticed the skirt immediately when she arrived at the station. She never wore a skirt. She was way too much of a tomboy for that. Or had been. Quite suddenly she was a girl. Maybe yesterday hadn't been such a mistake after all. She was obviously flashing him today, and had obviously planned for it. He sat in the old steel lawn chair, dick stiff, and watched her contentedly.

When the last customer for the day drove off, Chrissy came and sat down beside her Uncle. She leaned against him as Bob looked at her.

"I thought you weren't going to flash me any more," he said. "Something about not wanting me to have a heart attack as I recall?"

She blushed prettily. "Well, I don't know. I guess I kind of liked it when you ... noticed me."

"Chrissy, honey, doesn't your boyfriend notice you?" Bob said.

Now she frowned. "I don't have one." She saw the question in his eyes and went on. "My friends have them and all they seem to talk about is how much trouble boys are. I mean they always want to ... do things."

Bob smiled inside. "Of course they do honey, that's what boys are made for. They see a beautiful filly like you and they want to make babies. It's perfectly normal."

"But I don't think I'm ready for that," she complained. "And besides, I don't know how to act around boys. I mean they want to do things to the girl, and they want girls to do things to them and ... I don't know what all. All I know is that I feel stupid even talking to a boy. I've been out on three dates and I didn't have fun on any of them because I didn't know how to act." Suddenly she was teary eyed and sniffling.

Bob reached out and put his arm around her, pulling her against him. She snuggled in and moaned, "I need lessons or something." Suddenly she turned her face to Bob. "You!" she yipped. "You could give me lessons on what to do with a boy. Oh please, Uncle Bob, pleeaase."

Bob considered it for a minute and his cock began to stiffen. The idea was quite nice, but he knew it wouldn't work.

"I don't think so, honey." She began to argue and he drove on. "You're young and I'm old, and it wouldn't be right. I'd have to touch you and you'd have to touch me and society says you're too young for that."

She bristled. "I don't care what society says. I'm almost a woman, and I don't care how old you are. I trust you Uncle Bob and I wouldn't mind it one bit if you touched me." She glared at him, then turned on the injured-little-girl eyes that worked so well on him. "Oh please, Uncle Bob. You don't have to do anything you don't want to and if I get scared or nervous I'll tell you. But guys keep asking me out and I keep making up excuses not to go because I just know I'll do or say something stupid and they'll laugh at me." There were tears in her eyes again.

Bob melted. She was so beautiful, so fresh, so innocent. He kissed the tears in her eyes and hugged her. Her arms went around his neck. When he pulled back, all he could see was her serious gaze and her ruby plump lips. He decided to kiss her and was suddenly lost, sinking down into her being as her lips moved against his. It was a good kiss. When they broke her eyes were round and wide and she was panting. "Wow, Uncle Bob. That was some kiss. Is that how I should kiss a boy?"

Bob smiled and said, "That was nothing, honey. Okay, I'll teach you a few things, but the thought of those boys pawing you makes me feel a little ... I don't know ... jealous maybe, so I don't want you to go too far with any of them unless I think you're ready. Okay?"

"Whatever you say" she bubbled. "Can we start now?"

Bob thought about the bed he'd set up in the back room several years ago. He'd put it in there so he could sleep over at the station if he wanted to. It was private, and comfortable. They'd be uninterrupted for as long as they wanted. He wasn't completely sure he'd be able to control himself, though. She was a delectable little thing. "What about your parents, Chrissy? Won't they be expecting you home soon?"

"No. They went to this thing down in Branson where people show them a condo and they get to stay there for the weekend and swim and golf and all that stuff. They're thinking about buying one. I don't think they'll be back until Sunday night."

He made his decision. "Okay. We'll start your lessons tonight. But we can't go too far Chrissy. You have to understand that. This is touchy-feely only, okay? We can't, like actually have sex or anything. It wouldn't be right, and besides, I don't have a rubber or anything and we don't need to be worried about getting you pregnant. How does that sound?"

She looked at him very seriously. "Okay," she said simply.

He took her to the back room and put on some soft music. He started by just standing in front of her, holding her hands in his. "Guys will be ready to do sexual things when they first pick you up for your date. But you shouldn't just jump right into that. Sex can be a wonderful thing, but you need to have some feelings for each other before you go that far. So the first thing you should do is get to know each other." She nodded and he went on. "Talk about all kinds of things. Ask him questions about himself and he'll talk for hours. Talk about movies you liked and didn't like, cars, jobs, all that kind of thing. Probably the first thing you should do physically is dance."

He took Chrissy in his arms and began to sway back and forth. She put her arms around him and pressed her body against his. She felt so soft and warm. Her pointed titties were pressing into his chest and he started to get hard. He dropped his hands to her buttocks. She burrowed her face into his neck and went, "Mmmmmmm, that feels nice." He began to rub her ass cheeks, going up and down, and then in circles. He dipped down below her short skirt and slid his hands up onto her panty-covered ass. Now he was feeling those purple panties he had seen so many times that day.

"This is probably the first thing the boys will try to do with you," he said in her ear. You can send them a message by allowing it, or stopping them." He slid his hands into the waistband of her panties, cupping her naked buns.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," she said again, and ground her pussy into his boner. "What else might they try, Uncle Bob?"

"They'll want you to lie down while they kiss you," he said huskily, and pulled her to the bed. She willingly sank down with him and sought his lips with hers. He tongued her mouth and she opened for him. Again, he slid one hand inside her panties and cupped her butt cheek while he sucked her tongue. Then he slid that hand around her hip and nestled it into the vee of her crotch. Chrissy spread her legs and moaned into his mouth.

Bob broke the kiss. "They'll want to do this while you're lying down with them." Then he wiggled his middle finger into her pussy lips, finding them slick and willing to open for him. He hooked the fat finger, digging it into her pussy and she hissed as he applied pressure to her little teen clit.< br>
"Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Bob, that feels really nice," she said as her hips rose up off the bed.

"Do you ever do this to yourself, Chrissy?" he asked as he slid the finger into her deeper.

"Mmmmmm, sometimes" she said softly. "When I'm in bed, alone, at night."

"Well, the boys will want to do this to you until you cum on their finger. They'll want to suck your titties too while they do it."

"Ahhhhhhhhh," groaned Chrissy, her hips now bouncing up and down as she wiggled on his intruding finger. "Maybe you should do that ... so I'll know what to expect."

He started to pull her shirt up, but she suddenly sat up and stripped naked in less than 30 seconds. She looked at him with hot eyes. "It'll be more comfortable this way."

Now she lay beside him, her legs wide open, so he could continue his "lessons". His prick was painfully hard now. He coaxed two fingers in her untried pussy and feasted on her nipples. Chrissy had interesting nipples. Her areolas were puffy and large, and it was hard to actually see the nipple itself. It blended into the dark flesh around it. As he licked and sucked the puffy bumps, though, the nipples began to define and soon they spiked out, red and angry looking. He pinched one while he sucked the other and Chrissy groaned.

"And then, they'll want you to play with their penis," he said, between nibbles on her engorged milk nubs.

"I've never seen one of those," she whispered, panting.

Again there was a flurry of activity as she unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and stripped all the clothing from his body. "I wouldn't do this with a boy," she said as she pulled off his pants. "But you're different and these are lessons." She stared at his prick as it came into view, long, slightly bent, pointed. It was dripping with milky leakage. "What's that?" she said, pointing at it.

"That's sperm, honey. That's what we don't want to get up inside your pussy. It could make you pregnant. But you can help the boys out other ways."

Bob taught her more. Soon she was jacking his cock with her little teen hands. He told her about other things, things he didn't espect her to actually do. It turned out she didn't mind kissing and sucking his knob and he found she was an excellent cock sucker. She didn't take the whole shaft, but that was okay because what she did to the head was amazing.

"You taste good!" she said at one point, and he almost came in her mouth.

"Boys really like to shoot their sperm in a girl's mouth," he said, "but a lot of girls don't like the taste."

"I do," she said, and attacked the head again. He slid two fingers into her and poked them deep. He hadn't felt a hymen, and she hadn't complained when he got two fingers in her. If it had already torn that would make getting a prick in her much easier. Then his head jerked. What was he thinking? He couldn't do that to her. He decided to let her suck him to completion.

But Chrissy had other ideas. "Uncle Bob? Isn't there something like this boys can do to the girl?"

Bob wanted to cum badly, but he pushed that thought aside. "Sure honey. Want me to do that for you?"

"Uh huh," she said shyly. He positioned her on her back, knees up and spread. Her pussy was puffy and pink, nestled in her blond curly pubes. Now he sucked and chewed on her pussy lips and attacked her clitty with his tongue.

Chrissy found something she knew instantly she'd love for the rest of her life. "Ohhhhhhh .... Uncle Bob .... that's so .... nice ... Oh .... Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... AHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!" She slid effortlessly into an orgasm and pushed her pussy into his face. He bit her clit lightly as her hips went crazy.

Finally she went limp and he kissed his way up her belly, sucking in both nipples lightly, and then ending up at her mouth. "You know what I taste like. This is what you taste like." When he finished kissing her he thought he'd better get his prick back in her mouth soon or he'd have a case of the blue balls.

Chrissy was looking at him with those serious eyes again. "Isn't there anything else the boys will want to do to me?" she said.

"Of course they'd love to get their stiff pricks into your sweet pussy," he said, "but you mustn't let them do that."

"Not even with a rubber on?" she said in a husky sexy voice.

"Not even then," said Bob. "Rubbers can break and you don't need some pimply-faced boy's baby in your belly.

"But I want to know what that is like too." she complained. "Can't you put yours in? Just a little? Just so I can understand?

"Ohhhh sweetie, I'd love to, but my prick is all covered with sperm right now."

Chrissy pushed him down, sat up and attacked his member with her mouth. Now she did slide her lips all the way down his shaft, sucking as she pulled back up and off of him. She did it three more times and looked up at him. "Itís all clean now. Please? Just a little?"

Bob knew he shouldn't. Had he come, in her mouth or otherwise, he might have been able to resist. But his mind wasn't working very well. As usual, when a man's balls were full, his mind was empty. Chrissy lay back down, her thighs open and inviting. "Please, Uncle Bob?" She was pulling him toward the saddle.

He mounted her. He looked down. Just as his prick head touched her open labia, he saw another large drop of milky white spooge well up. It dripped off of his prick tip, right into her open pussy. He groaned, trying to make himself get up and away from her. But her virgin puss was a magnet. He slid his boner into her, stopping halfway.

Chrissy grunted as her pussy was stretched by a prick for the first time. It didn't hurt, exactly, but there was pressure like she'd never felt before. She spread her legs wider. Bob pulled back a little and slid further in. Twice more and his pubes meshed with hers. She was a woman now. She had a quim full of cock.

Chrissy found something else she knew she'd want to do every day for the rest of her life.

Bob had too. She was delicious. She was hot and wet. Her pussy gobbled his prick. He leaked more stuff into her. Suddenly he knew he would cum, and that he would cum inside her. With that thought he pushed harder, probing her depths, jamming his prick head into her cervix.

"This is what the boys will want to do the most" he gasped.

Chrissy couldn't believe the feelings in her pussy. She felt them in her whole body - especially in her nipples. "I can see why," she gasped back.

Bob pulled almost out, looked her in the eye, and began to fuck Chrissy. With long strong strokes he reamed her out. She had an orgasm after the sixth stroke and whined. When he felt her pussy quiver and knew she was there he jammed in and held it there as his hips went in circles, massaging her clit with his pubic bone. Her cervix nipped and munched at his prick tip. Bob gave up his last control and let the sap rise. With his prick tip peeking into Chrissy's teenaged womb, Bob's boner swelled and fired it's first salvo of baby-makers into her young body. As the long ropes of sticky cum shot from his boner into his young niece, Bob instinctively knew that he'd be doing this again - as often as she'd spread her legs for him. He knew there would be consequences, but he didn't care. He felt his nerves and muscles synchronize as he pumped her full of his sperm, fertilizing her garden with his seed.

He was right. Chrissy, after she got her first cunt-full of hard prick, wanted some every day. by the time her parents got back from Branson, Bob had shot a cup of hot sperm in her belly. And every day after that she led him to the back room of the station, where she lay back on that bed, thrillingly naked, legs spread for him and let him fuck her full of his seed. She knew he was cumming in her. He told her each and every time. She could feel it. But she loved her Uncle and didn't care.

Chrissy, now knowing exactly what the boys would want to do with her on dates, decided she was too young to date. She'd wait a while.

At least until after the baby came.

The End