The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

When they got to the house George pulled Sam toward his bedroom. Phillip and Amy both knew what their siblings were going to do. Despite how close they had become, both were still a little nervous about... things.

"Our neighbor has a pool," said Amy. "He says we can use it any time we want to. You want to go swimming?"

"Well, I didn't exactly bring a suit," responded Phillip.

Amy looked at him with a frown. "After last Friday night I didn't think that would be a big obstacle."

Phillip felt his emotions overflowing. He pulled Amy to the couch and pushed her down, rather roughly, though he didn't notice that. He started pacing.

"Look," he started. "I don't understand all of this... exactly. I mean I feel things and..." He looked at her helplessly. Then he kneeled so his eyes were level with hers. "I wasn't just saying it when I told you I love you. I never felt like this about ANYBODY, much less a girl. When I think of you not being there I actually hurt inside."

He looked at her hopefully. To his dismay she only said "Go on."

Now he got up and paced again. "I don't know WHAT to do. When we're together I get all... swelled up inside or something."

She smiled. "The last time I saw you swelled up it was on the OUTSIDE." She giggled.

He threw his hands up in the air. "See? That's what I mean. I'm afraid that if I do what I want to do, or say what I want to say, I'll cross some line and you'll get mad at me and push me away and I don't want to screw this up because this means a LOT to me." He wasn't crying, but it was hard not to, because of the frustration and emotion inside.

Amy stood up. The fact that her head only came to his chest didn't bother her at all. She reached up and took his face in her hands.

"I'll tell you if you are screwing up. And I promise I'll tell you BEFORE I think about pushing you away. Besides, I don't think I COULD push you away. If you weren't my boyfriend I think I'd crawl in a hole and just stay there."

"AM I your boyfriend Amy?" he asked. They'd never actually talked about the "official" status of their relationship.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "You are DEFINITELY my boyfriend." She pulled his face down and kissed him with a sloppy tongue swapping kiss to punctuate her statement.

That led to more kisses and then they found themselves half lying on the couch, their hands roaming all over each other's bodies.

Amy pushed him back gently. "If YOU don't have a suit, it just doesn't seem fair that I wear one. I sure would like to go swimming."

Phillip was already hard by now. "Naked? In the DAYLIGHT?" he asked incredulously.

"He has a big fence around the pool. And he drives a truck, so he's usually not even home. We can check first."

She pulled him up and he followed her through the house, aware that the front of his pants was poking out. He had a vision of them knocking on the door, the man answering it, and seeing Phillip's erection, then pointing at it and laughing.

But no one was home, and she led him to the back yard where there was a tall board fence with a gate. Behind that gate was the pool. It was a typical pool for the early sixties, about three feet deep, with a sheet metal wall that made a big circle. It sat on top of the ground and had a vinyl liner that was blue. Amy went to a little dog house looking thing and something electrical went on. The water started moving a little in the pool. It looked clear and deep.

They watched each other drop their clothing, both completely captivated by each other's naked bodies in the light of day. Phillip couldn't believe how pink her nipples were, when they'd looked so dark at the lake, in the moonlight. Amy couldn't believe how big his stiff penis looked. In the dark she'd thought some of it was shadow or something, and even though she'd felt it with her hand, it hadn't felt as big as it looked now. She had a flashback to seeing George's even fatter penis plugged into Sam's pussy, sliding back and forth and she felt her own pussy squirt something up inside of her.

They both realized they were just standing there, looking at each other and both blushed for some reason.

"You're so beautiful," sighed Phillip. And his hand reached for his hardon automatically. He'd jacked it twice before he realized he was jerking off right in front of his new girlfriend.

Amy, for her part, stared at him jacking that prick like she was frozen in time. She imagined somehow that his hand was her pussy, and that it was her pussy that was making the skin slip back and forth, uncovering and then covering the big purple head. Her head jerked and her eyes widened as she realized what she was thinking of. She had made up her mind she wasn't going to think about things like that. Playing with Phillip naked was one thing, but having sex? She had been telling her brother the truth when she said she would only give up her virginity to the man she married.

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea," she said. She couldn't tear her gaze away from Phillip's stiff penis.

"We don't have to do anything," said Phillip, who had jerked his hand away from his cock when HE realized he was fondling it in front of Amy. "I mean I don't even WANT to do anything," he lied, thinking that might make her feel better. He didn't know women very well.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with me?" she began arching her neck to look herself over. In the process she spread her legs and Phillip saw her virgin pussy lips, pooching out like they wanted a nice long tongue kiss, between her legs. His prick surged and he felt something soothing start flowing through it, starting at the base. He looked down just in time to see a milky drop of precum ooze out of his cock.

"OK, I was lying. I just thought that might make you feel better. I mean, just look at my penis. Does THAT look like I don't want to do anything?" He felt better for fessing up. For some reason he didn't like lying to Amy. "But I remember what you said, and I'm not going to do anything. I really DO love you Amy," he said.

She was looking at him with a look he would later learn meant he was in for the time of his life. She bit her lip and her whole body shook, like she was cold or something. Then she spoke. "That's the whole problem. I want to do things with you that I said I don't want to do. I mean I didn't want to do them then, but now I feel different, and I'm so confused and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid we'll lose control of ourselves and do something I don't want to do. Except I DO want to do it. Except we CAN'T do that. Do you understand?"

Phillip did NOT understand exactly what she'd said, but he had already made a hard and fast personal rule, and that was that he would only do things with Amy that she approved ahead of time. He figured that way he couldn't get in trouble. "I understand perfectly," he said. "How about we just go swimming and cool off?" He was quite sure he and Amy were completely in control of their own destinies, and of their hormones too.

He was wrong, but he wouldn't find that out for a while.

In the house George was so enthralled with looking at his girlfriend's completely naked body, spread out on his own bed, that he completely forgot about what he'd bought at the gas station. Sam, not in on the deal, didn't think to remind him of protection. She was in heat too, and was staring lovingly at his stiff prong. She remembered how good it had felt in her pussy, and she wanted to feel that again. She thought fleetingly of how nice it would feel to get off by rubbing the back of her throat with his cockhead, but she was too impatient right now for anything other than his thick stiff prick up inside her pussy. Within sixty seconds of lying down on his bed, Samantha was stuffed full of juicy hard cock and was loving every second of it as she pounded her pussy up at him.

George, through quite admirable control, managed to get Sam off twice before he felt the need to fertilize his mate. They had already established bad habits. He didn't even think to warn her he was going to shoot. Instead he shoved as hard as he could and moaned that he loved her as his cock fired again and again, filling her already pregnant womb up with his spend. Sam luxuriated in the feel of hot sperm soaking her pussy and only briefly thought about how... someday... they'd have to do something about protecting her from pregnancy.

As they lay together in the afterglow, sweaty and not caring, breathing deeply, George played with one of Sam's no-longer-stiff nipples.

"Gosh I love doing that," he sighed. "I can't believe how good it feels."

"Yeah," she sighed back. "But we shouldn't be doing this George. I could get pregnant."

Remembering what his sister had said to him George joked, "Well then, I'd just have to marry you and join the Air Force or something." He still didn't believe that she'd get pregnant. He also remembered his stop at the gas station then. "Shit, I forgot! I got us something at the gas station. I should have used it just now. But we can use it later."

"You bought a rubber?" asked an amazed Sam.

"Sure did." he crowed. "I got one for Phillip too!" He cackled. "Like they'd ever use one." He laughed some more.

"You'd just better hope he doesn't give it to Mom," said his worried girlfriend. "It would be just like him to do that, just to get back at us for chasing them off all the time. I'm amazed they aren't suspicious already."

George decided it wasn't the right time to tell his girlfriend that their younger siblings knew all about what they were doing. Instead he leaned over and suckled her relaxed nipple, making it get stiff again.

Sam batted his head with both hands. "You've done enough damage already. We'd better get up and go make it look like we do something other than disappear into locked rooms. Come on!" She bounded out of bed and pulled on her shorts and blouse, not bothering with the underwear, which she stuffed in her purse.

When the young lovers got out of George's bedroom, they looked for Amy and Phillip. It was George who figured out where they were when he stuck his head out the back door and heard the squealing and splashing next door. "Come on," he pulled Sam after him. "They're swimming next door. We can join them."

"But I didn't bring a suit!" complained Sam.

"No problem. Your brother didn't either. They're probably swimming in their clothes. We can too. Come on. It'll be fun."

It was George who just couldn't believe what he saw when he and Sam walked through the gate into the secluded area around the pool. There were his sister and his girlfriend's brother, playing in the pool, and they were stark naked! Phillip had his arms around Amy from behind her, which meant his cock was pressing against her bottom. His hands were splayed across her stomach and chest, and one of his hands was quite full of soft white tit as he dunked the girl and then let her go. She climbed up on him, almost putting her pussy right in his face as she tried to topple him and dunk him back. Both of them were shrieking with joy.

Samantha was also dumbstruck at the scene before her. Though the water was roiled up by their actions, she got several clear views of her little brother's penis and she was more than amazed at the feelings it caused in her. First of all it was much longer than she thought it would be, if she'd have thought about it at all. When she saw it she thought "man" instead of "boy" or "brother". Then she realized it was fully erect, as if it was ready to spear a woman's pussy and give her what she somehow knew would be GREAT pleasure. Her gaze flitted across his arms and chest and she realized her little brother wasn't so little any more. She couldn't help but notice that, as a man, young though he was, he was handsome and made her stomach feel things she'd only felt with George up to now.

Sam also looked at Amy and felt a twinge of jealousy at her petite, lithe form, jumping and darting through the water. It was obvious that Amy was perfectly proportioned, with nice handfuls for breasts, and a beautiful brown patch of hair between her slim athletic looking legs. It amazed Sam that both of them looked completely normal naked together, as if they SHOULD be naked.

George was also looking at his exposed little sister, and the feelings it brought to him were disturbing too. He realized his cock was rock hard about the same time as he realized that it was Amy who was making it that way. He loved Sam's body, with her large soft breasts, and hips a man could grab onto and never feel bone. Sam wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, but Amy looked like some wood nymph, playing in the water. The only thing missing were wings on her back. Her nipples were stiff and long from the cold water and George realized his mouth was watering at the thought of suckling on those impossibly long nipples.

Then his brotherly instincts took over.

"Hey!" he yelled. "What are you doing with my sister?!"

Amy and Phillip had not intended to be seen by anyone, and to be caught by their brother and sister was especially embarrassing. But Amy went from shame to anger almost immediately.

"We're swimming. THAT's what we're doing! And we're NOT doing what YOU TWO were just doing if I'm guessing right." she stood up in the water, defiant. She pushed her hair back out of her face and her breasts jiggled delightfully. She was red faced and the flush went to her upper chest, but it wasn't from embarrassment as much as it was from anger.

"But..." started her brother and she cut him off like a lawn mower with a freshly sharpened blade.

"But nothing!" she yelled. "If you and Sam are going to screw your brains out then at least Phillip and I can go skinny dipping. Did you remember to use the rubber George? I bet you didn't!"

Sam's face was ash white. "You guys KNOW?" she asked, horrified that her little brother might know what she and George had been doing.

"They saw us at the lake," said George. "I forgot to tell you."

Sam turned on her lover, daggers in her eyes. "You FORGOT to tell me that MY LITTLE BROTHER KNOWS YOU'VE BEEN PORKING ME?" Now there were TWO pissed off girls in the fence and George was beginning to feel like he was in over his head.

"Hey! I just forgot, OK? She told me she saw us and made me promise to get some rubbers so you wouldn't get pregnant and then I guess I had other things on my mind and I forgot to tell you. It's no big deal. They didn't tell anybody." He turned to his sister and her naked playmate. "You guys didn't tell anybody did you?" He asked hopefully.

Amy put her hands on her hips, unaware of how the sun shone brightly off her naked breasts. "No, but I threatened to tell if he didn't start using a rubber. Sam, how could you LET him do that to you without a rubber?"

Now Samantha was on the defensive. "You don't understand Amy, I just get so hot when he does things to me and then it was sort of down there and then it was sort of poking in me and then it WAS in me and after that I couldn't think of anything except how WONDERFUL it felt and then it was over and it was too late," she ended, her voice on a miserable note.

Amy suddenly realized she was flashing her naked titties at her brother, but she was so mad she didn't care. "Well, you two have no business telling Phillip and me what we can and can't do. I mean for Pete's sake, Sam, if he hasn't already knocked you up he sure will soon."

Sam hung her head. "I know, I know. It's just that it feels SO good that it's REALLY hard to make him stop. I'm telling you Amy I think I'm addicted already!"

George came unfrozen, now that he wasn't the target of two angry women and started taking his clothes off.

"GEORGE!" moaned Sam. "WHAT are you doing?"

"I'm going swimming. They're naked, so why can't I be naked too?" he asked with typical male logic. "Come on. The water will feel good."

Sam backed up. "I'm not letting my little brother see me naked!" she said firmly.

"Too late!" yelled Phillip. Then he actually giggled!

Sam realized he was talking about seeing them at the lake and blushed furiously.

"Don't sweat it. You actually look pretty good naked," said her brother, grinning mischievously. Amy swung at him and he ducked and then grabbed her, dunking her again.

George was naked by now and, oblivious to his renewed boner, he jumped over the wall of the swimming pool and began splashing his sister and his girlfriend's brother.

Samantha, realizing how silly it was to stand there, took a deep breath and then quickly stripped off her blouse and shorts. She caught her brother sneaking peeks at her, and, instead of making her embarrassed, she flushed to find she was excited that he wanted to see her when Amy was right there too and was, in Sam's opinion, much prettier.

Sam couldn't jump over the wall like George had, and she had to climb up on the platform next to the pool. As she prepared to jump in she froze for a second, as everyone in the pool stopped what they were doing and stared at her. As she tipped forward to fall into the pool her gaze went to her crotch, where everyone was looking, and she saw a long white strand of George's cum hanging from her flushed pussy lips.

Then she was falling toward the cold water.

Sam was in trouble immediately, primarily because she was taking in a breath to scream in embarrassment at about the same time she hit the water. She inhaled a snootful of water and started floundering and coughing violently.

The closest person to her was her brother, who, naturally, went to help her. That was how she ended up in her naked brother's embrace as he pounded on her naked back, helping her cough up all the water she'd inhaled. Phillip was a bit of solid in the midst of all that water, so she clung to him tenaciously, pressing her hot breasts against him as she coughed.

Then George was there too and she was sandwiched between naked men. She got her lungs cleared and got a few lungfuls of air in, feeling better. It was then that she realized she was being poked by two very hard cocks, one from each side. She couldn't have explained why she did it, but her hands just naturally fell to grasp each penis.

Both boys responded immediately. George thought she had been faking with all the coughing, so he slid his hand from her arm to her breasts to cop a feel. Phillip froze, feeling her hand on his cock and not knowing what to do. He leaned back, lost his balance and his hips floated upward as he fell prone. His sister's hand, wrapped around his cock, surfaced like a submarine and was visible to everyone in the pool.

Amy was not impressed. "Hey!" she shouted. "That's MY boyfriend. You have your own!"

Sam realized what she was doing and let go immediately. Phillip's hips, and the stiff prick, went back under the water, like the mast of a sinking ship.

"Sorry," she said. "I just sort of grabbed onto whatever I could."

George broke the silence by grabbing Sam and throwing her up out of the water and away from him. She splashed him back and in seconds all four of them were flinging water this way and that, pushing, shoving and trying to dunk each other. Both girls noticed that, in the free for all, the boys... BOTH boys... felt free to play grab-ass, poke-pussy and titty-twister whenever they got the chance. Purely in self defense, the girls found themselves trying to get a handful of balls so they could control the boys.

As it ended up, Amy got a grip on her brother's balls about the same time Sam got a good hold on Phillip's.

Both girls squeezed not too gently.

Both boys stopped everything and just stood there, eyes wide, pleas of mercy on their lips.

"I can't believe I'm holding my own brother's balls," giggled Sam.

"Me either," squealed Amy.

George tried to break loose and Amy squeezed.

"Uh, uh, uh," she warned him, putting her hand on his back so he couldn't break free in that direction. She squeezed and he stopped.

"Come on, guys," whined George. "This is sick."

"You'll BE sick if you don't behave," said his sister, but she didn't squeeze again. Instead she wiggled his balls back and forth. His sack was drawn up tight in the cold water and it felt like leather to her fingers.

"What should we do with them?" asked Sam, winking at Amy.

"I don't know. You have more experience with this kind of thing than I do," said Amy. "If we let go of them they'll be mean to us."

"Not if we jack them off," whispered Samantha loudly. She grinned.

"I can't jack off my own brother," said a horrified Amy.

"Well, bring him over here and we'll trade then," said Sam.

The two girls pulled their unresisting captives toward the middle of the pool until the boys were face to face. Neither of them was saying anything, and they weren't struggling any more.

"How do we make the switch?" asked Amy. "If we let go they'll get away."

Sam thought. Phillip moved and she squeezed. He whined and went still again.

"OK, we'll grab their peters with our free hands. Then we still have a hold on them while we switch."

"OK," said Amy.

It never occurred to either girl that the boys were being completely cooperative under circumstances that they could probably break free if they really wanted to. But both boys were enjoying the feel of a girl's hand cupping their balls, even if it was their own sister, so they went with the flow.

The girls made the switch, grabbing their boyfriends' pricks and then fumbling to get their hands on the other set of balls in the pool. The boys just stood there and let it happen.

"Well!" said Sam. "I guess we showed them. What should we do with them now? They've been bad boys."

Both boys looked at each other. George pantomimed kissing and Phillip nodded. As if nothing at all were wrong, each boy put his hands on the cheeks of his girlfriend and gave her a tongue-lashing kiss. George snaked a hand between Sam's legs and got a finger up inside her as she squealed in his mouth. She let go of his balls and started jacking his prick as she returned the kiss.

Phillip only rubbed the outside of Amy's pussy, but in the process he got enough contact with her virgin clitty that she too squealed and bucked her hips at him, returning his kiss hotly. And she too found herself stroking his penis, enjoying the feel of hard prick in her hand as he made her feel good.

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