Goldie Lox and the Three Behrs

by Lubrican

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldie. Her parents were very mean to her. Like, they made her actually clean her room! And come home on time when there was a curfew!! And be respectful of old people, like her lecherous boss down at the Hit and Miss Drive In, where she wore roller skates to take food to people!!!

It was a real bummer for Goldie, but her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lox were serious about her growing up to be a proper woman. They made her eat her vegetables at every meal too, which she didn't like.

But she couldn’t argue that a good diet and the exercise her parents demanded she do was probably responsible for the fact that she was a stone fox, with a killer body. She was about 5'10", with the sweetest 36 C titties you ever saw, all round and heavy looking, with tight pink nipples on them that just begged to be sucked.

South of there was her sparse collection of honey blond pubes, which lay, short and flat on her mons just above two pouting pink pussy lips that looked like they were plumped up and ready to kiss you long and hard. Those pussy lips closed over her teenaged clitty, which stuck out just enough that her tight jeans rubbed it every so often. If she sat just so, she could get her cookies in school or wherever without using her hands at all! All she had to do was sit so that her clitty was being rubbed and then rock, back and forth just a little.

Yes, all the boys walked around with boners whenever Goldie was in the area, and enough sperm had splattered against shower walls, or into wads of toilet paper or towels or whatever while boys had been fantasizing about Goldie, that you could probably float a good sized rubber raft on it.

Not that any of that sperm had a real chance of getting anywhere close to Goldie's pretty pussy. Her father was careful to make sure of that. Just as soon as he started getting his own boners looking at her, he cut her off from boys and wouldn't let her date, or wear makeup or ANYTHING!!

What a prick!!!

And, her parents had talked to the family doctor and made it very clear he was to provide her with no birth control of any sort without their express approval, which they weren't going to give until she was at least twenty five or so.

Her mother had a 'heart to heart' talk with her when she turned thirteen and reminded her that if she ever even thought about masturbating, she would go blind and catch at least sixteen sexual diseases. Goldie knew that was a crock. She'd been masturbating regularly since she was about eleven.

But she was still virtually a prisoner in her own house.

Which is why Goldie decided one night to run away from home. She packed a few things in her back pack and headed off for Hollywood, where she was quite sure all kinds of people would fall all over themselves to make her a star. After all she was beautiful.

Of course that meant she needed to find a ride, since she didn't have her driver's license yet. So she decided to thumb a ride. And, naturally, when she got to the highway and stuck her thumb out, she caused a 24 car/truck accident because every male in sight jammed on his brakes to offer this luscious little number a ride, regardless of which way they were going.

Goldie, completely oblivious to what her wobbling breasts had caused, spied one of those big trucks that was obviously going cross country because it had one of those bed things in the back. So she climbed up and asked the man driving if he was headed for Hollywood, and could she please have a ride.

The man introduced himself as "Tommy, little miss, Tommy Wolf, but my friends just call me the Big Bad Wolf." He grinned, eyeing Goldie's nipples which were protruding through her T shirt. "And I'm on my way to Hollywood right this minute. I have to stop in St. Louis and then Boston first, but after that - Hollywood for sure."

Goldie nodded. She really should have paid more attention in Geography class.

As they started down the road Tommy suggested she must be tired from all that walking and that she might want to take a nap in the back. Then he said that, as he would be driving for hours and hours yet, she might want to take her clothes off so they didn't get all wrinkled and mussed.

Goldie thought that was a pretty good idea, though she thought it was a little odd, about half an hour later, when Tommy parked the truck and proclaimed it was time for his lawfully prescribed rest period. When she felt his naked body slide under the covers with her she began to realize what kind of situation she was in.

She was in bed with the Big Bad Wolf, whose obviously hard penis was pressed against her lovely round bottom, while his hand hung negligently over her side, which put his hand right on her breast.

Now Goldie Lox was a blond, but she wasn't stupid. Several of her girl friends had given her lots of advice on just what to do in situations like this. What they all said they did, involved the girl's mouth and the boy's penis, but they all said it was guaranteed to solve the problem.

If you liked the boy, you made him very happy with your mouth.

If you liked him a lot, you swallowed.

If you didn't like him, or he was forcing himself on you, you offered to make him happy, but then used your teeth to make it so he wasn't interested in chasing you as you ran away.

You had to be careful about that, though, they all warned, because blood didn't taste very good at all.

Goldie suggested to Tommy Wolf that she knew something about making him very happy. There was a big sigh from Tommy at first, as she started, and then an agonized scream.

Witnesses said they saw a naked girl get out of the truck, pull on her clothes and run off. Most said it wasn't any of their business so they didn't ask any questions.

And so it was that Goldie Lox escaped from the Big Bad Wolf and ran into the woods where she almost immediately became hopelessly lost, she being a city girl and all.

She wandered around in the forest until suddenly it began to rain. Very soon she was soaked to the skin, which meant her shirt was soaked and her pants were soaked, because other than that she didn't have anything on.

It was a thoroughly miserable girl who stumbled into the clearing where the Behrs lived. Of course, Goldie Lox didn't know the Behrs lived there. All she saw was their house.

Who are the Behrs you ask?

Well, the Behr family (pronounced like the big hairy animal) consisted of Marvin P. Behr, who was a big gruff man over six feet tall with a big woolly beard. People who looked at him were scared instantly because he looked so mean.

In fact, he was a sensitive guy for the most part. In particular he was sensitive to being called "Marvin". He felt like it sounded gay and he was NOT gay.

His wife, being an intelligent woman simply called him 'Papa Behr' and to make that seem normal referred to herself as 'Mamma Behr' instead of Alice, which she didn't care for much either.

They had one son who was born in a hard labor during which Papa Behr was present, but was drunk as a skunk. They had agreed upon a manly name for their son: "Jack". Mamma Behr turned to the nurse and said "Jack" and the nurse, a foreign exchange student from Paris, promptly wrote down "Jaques" on the form that ended up being the birth certificate.

Naturally, Americans, who cannot speak any language well, including their own, called him "Jock".

Imagine for a moment, being in Junior High School, in gym class, with a name like "Jock".

Of course, he got so much shit in school that he went by "Bug" a nickname no one understood. But it was better than "Jock".

He wouldn't let his mother call him "Jock" either, and she refused to call him "Bug". So he got called "Baby Behr" when he was at home.

Baby Behr was a strapping young lad, broad of shoulder and muscled from all the woodcutting he had to do as part of his chores.

Theirs was a happy, but poor family though, and while he had all the urges of teenaged boys, he didn't have the outlets. He couldn't take the girls out on dates in the manner to which most of them had become accustomed, and none ever visited his house twice because they thought it was "creepy" out in the woods like that.

There being no Wal-Mart just around the next tree, they had to go shopping every once in a while, a somewhat time consuming activity, as they lived way the hell out in the woods.

And shopping is in fact where they were when Goldie found their house. Goldie approached the house with care. She was wet, cold, shivering and her stomach had just started growling. She was in no shape to fight off another amorous attacker and she wanted to scope things out before announcing herself.

Besides the house looked kind of creepy.

She stuck her head in the door and immediately smelled food smells. She stepped inside and listened intently. All she heard was her own stomach growling.

Very quickly she looked around. There were only two rooms. One had three beds in it, and the other was a sort of combination living room and kitchen. There were three bowls on the table in the kitchen and that was where the smells were coming from.

She investigated and found that the bowls were made of wood, hand carved, and each had a name on it. There was some kind of stew or something in them and it smelled delicious. She tried some from the largest bowl, marked "Papa Behr". It was so spicy hot that her eyes watered. She dropped the spoon in it and pushed it away. Then she tried the smallest, which said "Baby Behr" on the side and found it was stone cold. The spoon she used ended up with a big sticky glob of stuff stuck to it. She dropped that on the table and pushed it back too. But when she tried the middle sized one, marked "Momma Behr", it was perfect and she ate it all up.

Little did she know that Papa Behr, having been horny for about a month, put something in Mamma Behr's stew to make HER horny too!

Goldie explored now, trying to find a towel, or some clothes to change into that weren't wet. But she couldn't find anything that came anywhere near to fitting her sexy girlish body.

She eyed the beds.

She was getting tired, and all those covers would keep her nice and warm, surely.

She went to the biggest bed, the one that said "Papa Behr" on it. The covers were all rumpled and smelled funny. She moved on to Mamma Behr's bed, which had been stripped clean for washing and had nothing on it. But Baby Behr's bed was the right size, and it had covers on it and everything.

She quickly stripped off her wet clothes, climbed up in it and went to sleep right away.

About half an hour later the furnace kicked on, and Papa Behr's aphrodisiac powder kicked in.

Goldie Lox started having the most erotic dreams of her whole life. It got hot and she kicked off the covers. Now she was lying on Baby Behr's bed, stark naked, her wet little pussy glistening in the dim light as she dreamed of a big knobby cock getting ready to slide in and out of that pussy.

"Jock" hopped out of the family SUV and ran for the house. He'd saved up all his money for over a year and had finally gotten himself an X-Box. Actually he'd been short, but his mother had, for some unknown reason, slipped him what he needed. Now he couldn't wait to plug it in and start playing. He saw the back door had been left open and skidded to a stop.

They'd had trouble with squatters in the past, who always thought the place was abandoned, rather than just messy. He went back the way he'd come to tell his parents.

What Baby Behr didn't know was that his mother was a whole lot hornier than Papa Behr thought she was. She just didn't like the idea of having Papa Behr's king sized dork buried in her with little "Jock" lying in his own bed only a couple of feet away.

She liked messy noisy sex.

She'd had a flash of inspiration at the store when she saw how disappointed her son was that he didn't have enough to buy that horrible game system. She read and knew that kids spent WAY too much time glued to the TV when they were playing those games.

WAY too much time. Hmmmmmm.

If he was glued to the TV, then she could get Pappa's pants off and scratch that itch that had been bothering her lately.

So, when Baby Behr rounded a tree he was presented with the somewhat amazing sight of his bare naked mother Behr, bent over like she was trying to touch her toes, while his also bare naked father Behr shoved his king sized dork right up her pussy.

She was yelling and cussing and telling her husband to shove it in harder, and further and 'don't you dare stop' kinds of stuff.

And, as the adolescent Behr watched his mother's hanging mams sway back and forth, he suddenly found that he had a pretty king sized prick of his own!

He promptly forgot about the open door.

He even forgot about the X-Box.

He decided he needed to go find his own privacy to work on his cock. It stood to reason that if they were using the forest, he could use the bedroom. He took off running.

Baby Behr didn't notice that somebody had messed with the food. He went straight to the bedroom. It was dark, and while his eyes adjusted, he striped off his clothes. He planned to whack off and put on his PJs so he could spend the rest of the night glued to the TV, where every good young American should be.

It wasn't until he had his fist wrapped firmly around his love pole that he saw Goldie.

"There's a girl in my bed!" he said to himself.

"There's a naked girl in my bed!" he corrected himself.

She was moving, but she wasn't awake. She was sort of rolling around a little, like she was uncomfortable ... writhing, kind of.

Then her hand went between her legs and she started rubbing her pussy!

"This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my whole life," thought "Jock".

He eyed the girl closer. She was a BABE!!

And she was dreaming or something. Her delightful breasts were heaving, and her pussy was squelching wetly as her fingers frigged it. Her legs were spreading wider now.

She moaned!!!

"She must be having one of THOSE dreams," Baby said to himself. "Those are my favorite kind." He'd had several of those, and had woken up in a pool of viscous white slippery spooge.

He'd learned his lesson. Now he managed to whack off before going to bed. Things weren't nearly so messy that way.

Now "Jock"'s reasoning in this situation was pretty simple. He assumed, as most teenage boys would, that if there's a naked girl in your bed, she obviously wants to have sex with you.

AND, since she obviously WANTS to have sex with you, you are not required, in this situation, to actually ASK first before you stick your peter in her.

So Baby Behr did what any adolescent boy would do in that situation. He climbed up on that bed, kneeled between those pearly white thighs, moved her hand out of the way, and became a man.

Goldie's dream was getting stranger and stranger. She knew she was dreaming, because the man who was about to ravish her poor defenseless body was a movie star.

Her favorite sexy movie star.

She'd heard he was gay, but that couldn't be true, because he'd shown her his manhood and he wanted to use it on her.

She'd dreamed of doing "things" with him in the past. But she'd never dreamed of him actually fucking her socks off. Usually it was some deep kissing, and breast fondling, and maybe the guy got bare chested with her.

And it seemed so REAL! That she was horny was a given. She'd never been this horny in a dream. She'd never been this horny in her life! Her hand was covering her sex, protecting her from her dream lover's clear intent to take her virginity. She felt the bed move as her dream lover paused over her, to savor her beauty. Then she felt her dream lover's hand, taking hers away, removing the last barrier to her maidenhood. Then he jammed his big hard cock right up in her pussy!

Baby Behr went "Ohhhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh" as his cock slid into his very first warm wet pussy.

Goldie's eyes snapped open as her dream became too real to ignore. Those lust glazed eyes beheld her dream lover, ACTUALLY THERE!


Wait a minute!

He didn't look like Orlando Gravas, her dream lover.

He looked like a BOY!

True, he was a fairly handsome boy. But he was in no way her dream lover. And he wasn't supposed to have his cock buried to the root in her poor stretched pussy!

But ... it did feel good.

No, 'good' wasn't the word. Fabulous was better, but even that didn't do what was happening to her pussy justice. He was pounding away at her like an inexperienced boy would, gasping and groaning and ... well POUNDING. And as he did that, his wonderful hard prick made her pussy feel things she hadn't even dreamed of. She knew what an orgasm was. She'd had plenty thanks to her own fingers, but she could tell that the orgasm that was about to crash down all around her was going to be one to tell the grandkids about.

And so, poor Goldie was of two minds.

One part wanted to yell at this impertinent boy and tell him to get that nasty old peter out of her this very instant.

The other part of her mind, urged on by every nerve in her pussy and both nipples, wanted to scream "HARDER!!! DEEPER!!! FUCK ME MORE!!!"

So she compromised.

The boy's eyes were open, and looking right into hers. His eyes were yelling "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" as he speared her again and again with his love lance.

Goldie said to him "Do you suppose you could maybe suck on my nipples while you fuck my socks off?"

"Jock", being a basically nice guy, was more than happy to oblige and began noisily slurping at BOTH of Goldie's turgid milk knobs.

And when he did that, Goldie did indeed begin an orgasm that she would, in fact, one day tell the grandkids about ... right after she discovered her grandson fucking the daylights out of her granddaughter.

But that's another story.

As I was saying, Goldie felt the stars burst and saw the sun dim. Bells rang and volcanoes exploded and her pussy began to do what pussies all over the world automatically know how to do. It began to ripple, squeezing and then relaxing, milking Jock's rampant boy boner.

And Baby Behr's boy boner also knew what to do when a nice warm pussy milked it. It coughed and hiccupped and spat glob after glob of Behr juice into Goldie's no-longer-virgin pussy.

His streams of teenage spooge were as potent as they get, and Goldie's nubile womb was as fertile as they get, which is why within the space of about sixty seconds in the great stream of universal time, Goldie got with child.

Of course she didn't know that then. Nor, of course did Baby Behr.

Mamma Behr thought about it though. She had finished getting her own ashes hauled and then gone into the house, only to find her only son getting his bare baby Behr boner all wet in some blond hussy's pussy.

She thought of the possibility as soon as she realized her son's grunts and groans were intimately associated with the shooting off of his cute little prick in the hussy.

Well, maybe not "little", she decided as he withdrew it enough to slam it back in while it erupted some more.

Things got a little crazy after that, or perhaps I should say crazy-ER. Mamma started wailing about her son's lost innocence, which attracted Papa Behr's attention.

His attention was soon riveted on an exceedingly good looking and naked girl, who had a big glob of thick white stuff oozing out of her exceedingly pretty pussy. Even though he had just dumped his own offering in his wife's also pretty pussy, his nasty old Papa prick was more than willing to rise to the occasion and help service the girl.

He was good at hiding it, though, so instead of jumping her bones, he wrapped a sheet around her and they began bombarding her and each other with questions.

When things got sorted out, and it was determined that the fucking Mamma had seen was actually sort of "accidental", and not premeditated, she relaxed a little.

Goldie told her story and apologized for trespassing.

She also suggested to Baby Behr that if he didn't have a girlfriend, she was free at the moment.

Mamma said that Goldie was welcome to come and visit, though she should be a good girl and start carrying around a condom or two.

Then Mamma instructed her husband to take the girl home, as it was getting dark.

They almost made it to her house without incident.

Goldie, however, having now been exposed to the joys of sex involving another person, managed to trip and fall down, where upon she landed on her back with her legs spread.

Papa Behr, being clumsy himself, also fell down and just happened to land right between her legs.

That his big Behr boner was sticking out of his pants at the time is sad testament to the poor workmanship of clothes made overseas. It seems his zipper was broken.

And both he and Goldie thought it was pretty convenient that, instead of his erection hitting a rock, or a branch or something else terribly uncomfortable, it landed, instead, in her nice, soft pussy.

And, since she had been so kind as to cushion his fall, Papa only thought it polite to make her feel good.

Since her socks had already been fucked off, he decided to fuck her brains out.

And so, for the second time in 24 hours, Goldie Lox encountered a Behr in the woods, and was mauled as a result.

As her orgasm washed over her and Papa Behr contributed his thick manly semen to the cause, she just smiled.

She decided to just grin and BEAR it!

The End

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