Love On The Range

by Lubrican

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Chapter One

Tawny Stafford crept silently up a slight rise covered in sagebrush and creosote bushes. She made no sound that the average man could hear and she was very alert. She didn't like the fact that she was upwind from the pond, but she couldn't chance going around to approach from down wind. In her fourteen year old hand she carried a Walker Colt, in .44 caliber and it took both of her hands to raise and shoot it. But she was good, and not much escaped when Tawny aimed at it. Very slowly she raised her head to see what was at the water hole. She'd found tracks. Stranger's tracks. And in this country strangers almost always meant danger to her and her family. Her eyes widened as she saw the stranger. It was a man ... and he was naked.

He was taking a bath.

Her mouth hung open as she took in the scene. His horse was tied to a bush and balanced on the saddle were his clothes. "Well", she thought to herself "He's at least smart enough to guard against critters getting in his clothes." Her insides were in a turmoil. One part of her assessed the man as a potential enemy - his build, what his horse and tack looked like, the way he moved. A completely different part of her saw him as a man - a male. She had never seen a man naked before. That came from living in the badlands of Montana with her mother and two sisters. She'd had a father once, but she could barely remember what he looked like. He'd died in an Indian attack when she was just a baby. Of course she knew about things like sex and penises. She had watched their bull mate with the cows often enough, and their dogs and several other species of animals. She knew where her own sex was. She'd found it by accident while she was bathing in the very same pond the man was using for that purpose. Her mother had made some cactus soap and she was using the slippery stuff all over her body. Her hand had slipped between her legs and suddenly she had discovered a new hobby. "So that's what a cock looks like" she thought to herself. "Don't look like much to me. Hell, our bull's got a heck of a lot bigger one than that."

But back to business. What to do about the man. Other men had come before, and all of them had caused trouble. Her ma had shot one when he tried to force himself on her older sister. Two others had tried to steal cattle and had also been buried by the four women. A couple of others had stayed in the barn for a few days and had drifted on when they learned men weren't all that welcome on the Bar-double-O ranch. There was a trail across the property that went by this pond. It also went within sight of the house and she knew he'd see it when he moved on. She didn't dare go off to get Sandy or Beth to help her, and her ma was at the house. By the time she got to any of them he'd be done and on his way. A movement caught her eye.

The man was doing something with his hand. His back was to her now, so she couldn't see, but he was looking down. Then he turned and she almost gasped. That shriveled thing between his legs wasn't shriveled any more. Now it had grown to the point it was as long as both of her hands side by side. One of his own hands was wrapped around it and he was stroking it back and forth. Now it looked less brown than before, and more pink. Except for the tip. That was purple and looked almost like a wild plum. Now he was looking up, but his eyes were closed. His hand moved more quickly, almost a blur now and he grunted. Suddenly he froze, his hand back by the ball sack at the bottom of that now much more impressive cock and he leaned over backward a little. She did gasp when something shot out of the tip of his cock. It was a long white stream of something. It wasn't piss, because it was all the wrong color and too thick for that. And it had a beginning and end. One long spurt of something that glinted in the sunlight like it had silver in it. Then another one came out, a little smaller. That was followed by two more and his hand was pumping again. He sagged as his hand slowed down. It flashed through her mind that this must be what ma called semen. She knew bulls had semen inside their penises and that must be what this was. She felt flushed and there was a strange feeling in her belly as she thought about what that semen was for.

He was moving toward his horse now. She couldn't let him do that. She couldn't see his gun, but she knew he had to have one.

She stood up, lifted the Walker and said in as strong a voice as she could muster: "Get em up stranger."

He glanced her way, but kept walking toward his horse. She put a round right between his feet. The water splashed up, along with some mud from the bullet strike and streaked his legs. As the Walker bucked she rode it up and then let it back down, squarely on target with his chest. "I said get em up and I mean it.".

He had stopped. He looked toward his horse once, but then back at her, his hands out away from his shoulders. He sure had broad shoulders. "Looks like you got the drop on me little missy" he said in a drawl that said he came from the south somewhere.

"What are you doing on our land?" she said, all business.

"Well, I reckon I didn't know it was your land, little missy. I thought it was open range."

"Stop calling me little missy," she said, and then wondered why she'd said that at all. She didn't care what he called her.

"Yes Ma'am" he said. Hell, that was even worse. Nobody had ever called her ma'am in her whole life. That was something you called old ladies.

"You never answered my question, stranger."

"I'm just passin' through, ma'am. I don't want no trouble at all."

Damn he looked fine standing there with no clothes on. "Now that's strange" she thought to herself "Why would I like looking at him?" She still had that funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was making her nervous. The Walker was getting awful heavy too.

"Where's your gun?" she said, eyeing the horse.

"It's under my clothes. I wish I hadn't left it there, now." His voice was level. "You don't need that canon you got there, ma'am. I've no intent to harm you or anyone. Like I said, I'm just passin' through."

"We'll let my pa decide on that," she said. She had always been taught to say she had a pa, especially to strangers, and to suggest that he was near. "Now, with your left hand, you put those clothes in your saddle bag. Then you drop your gun belt on top of your boots." His boots were under his horse, on the ground. "Then you mount up and move your horse off thataway." She motioned with the Walker. Damn it was getting heavy.

"Naked?" was his only reply.

"That's right, I want you to mount up naked. I'll fetch your gun and boots and then we're gonna go see my pa. He can decide what to do with you."

"Can I at least wear my hat?"

She almost giggled, but forced it down. "Yeah, you can wear your hat."

And the amazing thing was that he did exactly as she told him to. As soon as he was mounted she dropped the Walker with a sigh. Then she whistled and her own horse cantered up the slope to where she was. As she walked to his boots and gun her horse followed her like a dog. The stranger was watching, interestedly. Keeping an eye on him she picked up his boots and put them in one saddle bag. The gun belt was beautiful. It was all oiled brown leather, well cared for. The pistol was a Colt and it too was beautiful. She looked at it longingly, and decided to drape the belt over her shoulder. Then she bounded up onto her horse and walked it over behind his.

"You ride pretty good for a girl" he said, his hands folded on the saddle horn. For the first time she got a look at his saddle and gear. She'd never seen anything as beautiful as his saddle. It was coal black, with silver conchos on it, and it was tooled. He had a lariat, and it was coiled like a cow man would do it. His bedroll and saddle bags were all that were left. And a rifle scabbard. It looked like it had a Winchester in it.

"You touch that Winchester and I'll plug you before you can get it clear of that scabbard," she said, trying to sound menacing.

"Oh, I won't touch my Winchester." He actually smiled at her.

She looked around nervously. She hadn't had time to scout. "Anybody else with you?" she said.

"Nope. Just me." His horse edged closer to hers, leaning to snuffle at her mount.

Suddenly, like magic, he had a pistol in his hand. It was pointed right at her face. She knew it was a .44, but it looked like the barrel was five inches across. And her Walker was laying across her own saddle. "Stupid" she thought to herself. She thought about trying to raise the Walker. Like he knew what she was thinking his thumb cocked the pistol.

"Now" he said. "Lets talk about you." He leaned over and plucked the Walker from her numb fingers. Then his gun belt was pulled off her shoulder and draped across his saddle horn. He edged his horse over next to hers and went through her saddle bags. All she had was a canteen and some jerky. He looked her up and down and she colored up as she realized how she was dressed. She had on leather pants that had been her sister's until a year ago. They were still a little big for her, but protected her legs from the brush. The shirt she wore had seen better days and was so thin that in the right light you could almost see right through it. Of course she had nothing on under it and her newly grown breasts poked out proudly. As he looked at her chest, where her nipples were obviously on display through the thin shirt her stomach got all warm and queasy. He just sat there, still naked, looking at her.

"You wanna tell me who you are?" he said. Damn that level voice. He didn't sound worried at all.

"You touch me and you'll hang for sure," she said sullenly. "I'm only thirteen, mister."

He smiled again. Damn that smile made her mad. "I have no intention of touching you. Unless you want me to. Do you want me to?" His voice trailed off.

"Of course I don't want you to. Why would I want you to ... do..." she suddenly didn't know what to say.

"Well, we never got to be properly introduced. My handle is Dusty. What do they call you round these parts?" His question, and the way he said it took her completely by surprise.

Without thinking she said "Tawny. Tawny Stafford. This is the Bar-double-O."

"Well, Tawny Stafford, I suppose we'd better go see this pa of yours, before I start to burn." With that he handed her his gun belt and the Walker.

Just like that.

The other pistol disappeared over the side of his horse, down by the rifle scabbard.

"What in tarnation are you doing" she asked, dumbfounded. She held his weapon and her own like they were scorpions.

"Well, the way I figure it, you caught me fair and square, and since I'm trespassing, I suppose your pa will want to talk to me about it."

Now she was completely confused. She didn't even know how to start thinking about what to do. She didn't have to. Without another word Dusty turned his horse and headed off down the trail that led to the house. She had to canter to catch up to him, but she brought her horse up next to his. He glanced over, looking ridiculous, naked, wearing a cowboy hat. She started to say something but he cut her off. "Look, Tawny, just take me in. It'll be our secret about that last little part, okay?"

More confused now than ever Tawny dropped back and stared at his back as they rode toward the house. Goodness but his back was broad. And smooth and all muscled looking. Suddenly Tawny wanted to touch that back. She shook her head, wondering where in the world that came from.

There were two women standing on the porch as they approached. One had a double barreled shotgun in her hands, the other a lever action Winchester. Dusty's eyes took in the spread. It was run down, but not from neglect. What he could see was in pretty good repair, but it was old and had been used longer than most folks would do so. The woman with the shotgun was older. Probably in her late thirties. She was wind-burned, but had been handsome at one time. She held the shotgun like she knew what to do with it.

The other one was completely different. She couldn't be a day over 15 and was any man's dream. Long blond hair, tied back under a cowboy hat. She was wearing homespun, but man, she made it look good. Large firm breasts, a thin waist and hips to make a man drool. His dick lurched and he was glad he'd jacked off recently, or he might be in serious trouble soon. He pushed thoughts of how beautiful the girl was out of his head. This was serious. He could see the resemblance between the two on the porch and Tawny. Same basic frame, same hair coloring and skin tones. They even stood the same way. Alert, ready to move at a moment's notice. Nothing like women he'd been around before. There was something odd going on here. He'd already decided there was no pa. He could tell she'd been bluffing about that. But where were the men folk? He'd banked on there being men folk who'd see him naked and believe he was no threat. Then he could negotiate. But if it was only women he could be in big big trouble. The one with the shotgun was frowning something terrible. Suddenly he wasn't worried about his dick any more. Not about it getting hard, anyway. He decided he had better play this very carefully.

When they got to the hitching post in front of the house he just sat there. He hoped the girl would remember to give him orders. The young one on the porch spoke.

"Well, ma, look what Tawny found."

He felt a surge of relief as Tawny spoke up. "I found him taking a bath in the pond north of here, ma. I figured I'd better bring him to you."

The older woman was looking him over pretty well. Like some men looked at a horse they were interested in, or a cow they were evaluating. "And he just let you bring him in ... buck naked." the woman said. Her voice was surprisingly soft and musical. He looked more closely at her. Yes, there was a good looking woman in that body. It was just hard to see.

"Well ... I got the drop on him. He was out in the pond and his guns and clothing were on his horse. I knew he'd see the house when he left, and what with all the trouble we had with the others..."

Dusty didn't like the sound of that at all. The woman handed the shotgun to the looker and then walked over closer to him. She wasn't stupid. She reached out and found the pistol in it's hidden holster under the rifle scabbard. She looked at it, and then up at him. A long speculative look. Then she glanced past him to Tawny and eyed the gun belt slung over her shoulder. Her eyes went back to the saddle, bridle and the rest of his gear. Finally - and last - to Dusty's chagrin, her eyes went to his groin. They lingered there for a minute and she looked up into his eyes. The last thing she looked at was his horse. She got down off the porch and lifted a back leg, inspecting the shoe. The girls were watching her with wide, interested eyes.

Finally she got back up on the porch, recovered the shotgun from the looker and said: "Take a light, mister. I reckon you'll want your duds back. You'll be staying for supper?"

Dusty wasn't stupid either. "Yes Ma'am, it would be nice to have a hot meal. Thank you."

The woman nodded and turned to the looker. "Put your eyes back in your head, Beth, and see to the man's horse."

Dusty took a chance. "Ma'am, if it's all the same to you, I'll take care of my horse."

She looked at him again with those shrewd eyes, and then nodded. "Tawny, show him the barn." Then she turned and walked into the house like he was a visitor from town. Beth craned her neck one last time, trying to see what his hands now covered, and followed her mother into the house. He heard her plaintive voice "Ma, what in the world are you doing?" Then he turned his horse and looked at Tawny.

"Lead on sweet Princess."

She was looking at him like he was from another planet, her mouth open, shock plain on her face. Then she frowned.

"Princess? I'm no ... Oh ... you're just funnin' me." She tried to look angry but couldn't do it. "Wow, I never saw my ma act like that before. Does she know you?"

Dusty shook his head. "I've never laid eyes on her in my life Princess." And she took him to the barn.

Ten minutes later he was dressed again. Tawny had stood and watched every move as he covered his nakedness. As he stomped on his boots he looked at her. "You'd better get up to the house. Your ma might be worried."

"What for?" she asked.

He just smiled and said "She'll like it a lot more if she can see you right now."

Tawny brushed her horse down hurriedly and ran to the house. She couldn't get the picture of his hard dick spurting its semen out of her head. For some odd reason she wondered what that semen felt like, if you touched it.

Dusty took his time, watching the girl dash off to rejoin her family. She was at that stage of life where she was fast becoming a woman, but she still ran like a deer. As he approached the house Dusty heard the women discussing him. The looker was asking most of the questions and Tawny was telling them all that had happened. He didn't hear her mention the part where he got the drop on her, but that was okay. She also left out the part where he shot his wad in front of her. If her ma found out about that she'd send him packing just in case.

He'd known there was a woman hiding and watching him. He'd caught the scent of perfume or flowers on the wind and knew it wasn't a man or Indian. He'd watched the area carefully and had seen just one movement at the top of the hill. Knowing a woman was watching he figured he'd give her a show. Never could tell when that would work. And besides, he'd needed the release. But now he had a feeling he might have gotten in over his head. At least three women and no men in sight. This was very odd. The mother wanted something from him. She'd never have let him stay otherwise. He looked around again before announcing himself. The place could sure use the touch of a man.

He hit the porch with his boot extra hard to let them know he was coming and heard the looker stop in mid sentence. She'd been saying something about him being naked. He took off his hat when he got inside and hung it on a peg on the wall. He was wearing his gun, but had the hammer loop on it so it was obvious he wasn't intending to use it any time soon. He stood awkwardly for a minute while the looker stared at him. The mother was cooking and ignored him. She must need something bad. He could tell she had breeding, but she hadn't even introduced herself or asked him his name.

She was worried about something. That was it.

There was the sound of a running horse outside. In a flash the mother had the shotgun in her hand and was at the window. To his surprise the looker had her Winchester at another window. He hadn't even seen her pick it up. Tawny wasn't left out either. She was at the back door, the Walker in her hand, hammer cocked. These women knew trouble and they knew it well. The looker called out "It's Sandy's horse ... and she's not on it."

The mother looked stricken. "She was out west taking a look for strays in Clay Gulch."

There was a stampede toward the barn and Dusty went with them. He'd left his bay saddled, not knowing if he'd have to make a quick getaway or not and he was in the saddle before any of the rest of them even got a bit on. He headed west and saw the running horse's tracks. Following them he rode two miles or more before he saw a splash of color in the tan landscape. It was another girl and she wasn't moving.

He'd found the two tell-tale fang holes on her calf by the time the women got there and had already tied off the leg. She was unconscious, so the venom had had time enough to get into her bloodstream. He noticed briefly that there was an old navy breakdown revolver in her hand and as he cut into the skin between the fang marks he heard Tawny say "Here's the rattler. She shot it's head off." Blood welled from the wound and he bent to suck. He spat and sucked again, tasting the acrid taint of the venom. He hoped he wasn't too late. While he was down there he grasped the girl's waist and hauled her up, throwing her over his shoulder. He looked for the mother and saw she had presence of mind enough to have brought along the girl's horse. Smart woman. He lay the girl over the saddle and then pulled a hoof tie out of his saddle bags. He quick looped her wrists and ran the tie under the horse, tying it off on her boots so she couldn't fall off when the horse got moving. When he stood up the mother was watching him. She nodded.

They got back to the house and he carried the girl in. The woman said "Put her in my bed" and pointed toward a door in the wall. He lay her on the bed and for the first time got a look at her.

She was completely different looking from her sisters and mother. She had dark hair, flowing loose. She looked to be about sixteen and was ripe with womanhood. Well fleshed, she had pale olive colored skin that she obviously took good care of. The only thing about her that didn't just scream woman was her hands, which were callused and hard. She had on a man's cloth pants - that was why the snake had been able to get to her calf - and another of those men's shirts that was worn plumb through. In her case there were holes in the front of the shirt and one pink nipple was peeking out through one of them. She wasn't dead. That nipple moved as she breathed.

The mother said "I've got it from here." and shooed them all out.

The looker - was it Beth? - had a pan on the stove and was boiling water. She had bandages ready to boil too and Tawny was getting a clay crock down from a shelf that had some kind of salve in it. As she opened the crock he caught the distinctive smell of an old Indian remedy for snake bite that he'd had some experience with, before. These women knew what they were doing. While they went in and tended their sister he took over the cooking. It was mostly done. All he had to do was put it back on the stove and stir some things. He saw a loaf of dough on the side board and put it in the oven of the old wood cook stove.

"So you can cook too." It was the mother. "You're a right handy man to have around."

Here it was. Now she was going to make the pitch.

But she didn't. She just set the table and then pushed him away from the stove.

At dinner they grilled him, not only about himself and what he was doing, but also about what was going on in the outside world. He was on his way to the Oregon country, hoping to stake a claim to some land and begin raising beef. That wasn't actually true, but he thought they'd buy it, since his gear said he knew cows. And he did. He'd worked as a cowboy for five years after running away from home. He liked the work, but he hated being a hired hand. He was just drifting now, not really knowing what he wanted to do.

Maude Stafford took it all in, watching him eat. He had some education, based on his command of language. She'd bet half a beef he could read and write. He had decent gear and he took good care of it. He wasn't sloppy. Yet he'd ridden in here naked, in front of Tawny. When she'd seen the hideaway and found a pistol in it she knew immediately he'd let Tawny bring him in, regardless of what Tawny thought. And he'd let her do it on purpose - naked. She just couldn't get her brain wrapped around that. She knew men. She knew he'd looked over her eldest daughter, Beth, and that most men would have sported a hardon instantly upon seeing her. But he hadn't.

He could have gotten the drop on Tawny, but he hadn't.

He'd probably saved Sandy's life by getting to her so quickly, and he hadn't had to.

He knew by now there were no men around, but he hadn't reacted to that like most men would. Her brain churned. She needed a good man around the place. Things had run down and she was at the end of her rope. They had a good herd, but it was getting harder and harder to keep it. There had been too many losses to rustlers, though her girls had killed two and since then that had slacked off. Indians hadn't bothered them too much, but she gave them a beef every so often and they thought she was crazy, so they left her pretty much alone. Her girls weren't getting any younger. Beth and Sandy were already old maids by Western standards, but she wasn't about to give them up to the trash in these parts.

But this man was a gentleman. She could sense it and she trusted her senses. She looked at him again. He was a good looking man too. She sighed as she thought she might be willing to give him a tumble herself. Damn Ben for getting himself killed all those years ago. He hadn't given a last name, but that wasn't odd out on the frontier. He didn't have the bearing of an outlaw. She made up her mind.

"Dusty, I'd like to have a private word with you after supper." He just looked at her and nodded.

Maude chased Tawny and Beth off to bed in the loft, despite their loud complaints that they wanted to talk to Dusty some more. They obviously craved a man's influence too. She understood that better than they did. But she was firm, wanting to talk to Dusty alone. She had no idea how he'd react to what she was going to say. She wasn't sure how she was going to react. But she had to do something.

Dusty knew she was a troubled woman. And he knew she was going to ask him for something. He expected her to ask him to stay on for a while. She did.

What he didn't expect was what she said next.

"You've seen the place. You know what I need. But there's something else. And I don't know just how to say this. My girls are going to have to stay here to work the ranch. We'll lose it if they don't, and it's right on the edge of making some money."

She frowned. "But it's not fair to them. There's no ... men around ... for them. I mean they don't have any prospects for marriage, and I don't want them to die old maids. And we need a real family to make this operation work. That means children." She looked at him expectantly.

He was stunned. "You want me to marry one of your daughters?" This couldn't be real.

"Well no. I mean if you were aimed at doing that, that'd be nice. But that's not quite what I meant." She looked at him again. He stared back at her, uncomprehending. "I want you to ... to ... be with ... each of my daughters." The light was dim but he could see her flush. Suddenly it became clear.

His mouth dropped open. "You mean..."

She rushed on, to get it over with. "Yes, I want you to get a child on each of my daughters."

The silence out on the high plains can be eerie, almost as if one is deaf. But if one listens very carefully, there is actually a lot of noise out there. Nocturnal animals, the wind, insects. Dusty listened to all of those while he thought. Maybe this woman was crazy. She wanted him to knock up all three of her daughters because she needed more family to work the ranch. And in exchange for letting him do that, all he had to do was work the ranch with her. He'd have all the privileges of marriage - with three nubile and good looking women - but wouldn't have to actually BE married. Hmmmmmmm.

"Not that I don't appreciate the ... um ... concept, I can think of a few problems with it. Take, for instance that, if I do that, all your girls will be waddling around with big bellies about the same time. They won't be able to do much work while that's going on. Plus, it occurs to me that the women we are speaking of might not be enthusiastic about this whole idea in the first place."

Maude actually grinned. "I figured you'd say something like that. By golly I have good intuition about men. I surely do. But the fact is, mister Dusty with no last name, those girls will do whatever I tell them to do. I don't expect you can fertilize them all at the same time. Could take a few months to make sure they all took. So they should be able to help each other through the hard parts. And, though it's been a few years, I remember being quite happy about getting with child and trying to get with child when I wasn't pregnant. Have you ever been with a woman Dusty?"

Now it was his turn to blush. "Well of course I have."

She grinned at him. "Then you know what I mean. It's not much of a chore, now is it?"

He grinned back. "No, ma'am, it's not at that."

"Anyway," said Maude, "I reckon that if any of them are stupid enough to balk then you'll be gentleman enough to back off anyway."

He thought. She let him. It was quiet for quite a while before he slapped his thigh and said "Mrs. Stafford, you have a deal." He held out his hand and wasn't a bit surprised when she took it.

She stood up and said "Welcome to the Bar-Double-O, Dusty. The first order of business is for me to inspect the goods. I want to know what you have to offer my girls. She pulled him up and into the house. She started toward the bedroom, and then remembered her daughter was in it. She let go his hand and checked on Sandy, finding her awake, but weak. She told her to go back to sleep, then turned, took Dusty's hand again and pulled him outside again.

"The barn" she said tersely.

In the barn she lit a lantern and pulled a horse blanket down from the rack, spreading it on a bed of hay. She looked at him nervously, smoothing the front of her dress. "It's been a long time" she said softly.

Dusty started removing his shirt. "I'll make sure it was worth the wait."

They both finished undressing at the same time, and stood, looking at each other. From her viewpoint she saw the same things that Tawny had, and appreciated them just as much. He saw a woman who had born three children, but worked hard and was in pretty good shape. Though her breasts drooped, her stomach was flat and her hips were round without an inch of extra fat on them. She had a light brown bush that looked almost combed it was so smooth. Her nipples were large from babies suckling them and they were hard. He approached her and saw her gaze was riveted on his penis. He hadn't even felt it harden.

"You, Mrs. Stafford, you are still a beautiful woman." He looked down at his rampant cock. "And that proves it."

She actually giggled.

Then they were all over each other. It had been a long time for Maude Stafford - near to ten years since she had felt the touch of a man. She'd assumed her pussy had dried up years ago, but suddenly it surged with juices as she pressed her breasts against this strange man's chest. His kisses were like fire and she almost felt like he was consuming her. His mouth found her nipples and she cried out from the pleasure of it. Then she pulled him down onto the blanket. Her legs flew wide as she pulled at him urgently. She wanted no foreplay. He sank into her in a rush and they both gasped. She was actually tight, and his knobbed member caressed her all over inside. This was what she remembered. This was what she had missed so much. He settled down to ride her for a while and made up his mind to give her at least three orgasms before he spilled his seed. Her first was on her before even he was ready.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ... Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh ... Ooooooohhhhhhaaaahhhhh" she wailed as she sailed into it, writhing beneath him. He continued to saw in and out of her as she panted "From now on you can call me Maude". Finally she calmed and lay back, smiling up at him.

That was when they both heard the loud metallic click of a hammer being cocked.

Chapter Two

"Mister, you get off my mother right now."

He turned his head to see Tawny standing there with that damn Walker Colt in her hands. It was pointed dead at his head, and it wasn't moving an inch. There was an ugly look on her face. Right behind her was Beth, and she wasn't smiling either. She had the shotgun.

"I said get off her. I don't want your stinkin' guts to get all over her when I blow you to hell." It was plain that she meant it. A chill went up his spine. His dick shriveled.

Maude felt him go soft. "Damn!" she said, and pushed him up. She craned her head sideways to look around him. "Tawny Jean! You put that pistol down this very instant! Do you hear me, girl? This instant!"

To her credit, Tawny did just that. The pistol dropped and pointed to the floor. Now her ugly look was just puzzled.

"You too, Beth. Put that shotgun away before you hurt somebody!" The look on Beth's face was of shock.

Maude rolled Dusty over, so he sat beside her. She closed her legs and sat up. Even stark naked, sitting by an equally naked man in the barn she had a presence about her that was almost regal. She looked at her two daughters. "Thank you girls" she said in a normal voice. "I appreciate what you did here, but it's not what you think."

Tawny looked like she was about to cry. "But Mama, we heard you scream ... and then we saw him ... on top of you ... doing that ... to you."

Maude stood up and went to her daughters. "I know, I know. I haven't handled this well at all. Dusty wasn't hurting me. I yelled, but it was because I felt so good I just had to yell. I'm sorry."

Tawny spoke again "But Mama, he had to be hurting you. He had his pecker in you and it was real big and it was going inside you real hard! She looked confused, suddenly. "It didn't hurt?" she asked, her voice younger than her biological age.

"No darling, it didn't hurt. It felt real good. In fact it felt wonderful. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to keep doing it for hours."

Meanwhile Beth had moved around and was standing in front of Dusty. She was staring at him. For lack of anything better to do he was staring back. She looked at his now shrunken penis.

"What happened to it?" she asked, as if in a trance.

"This?" he picked up his limp member.

"Yeah ... it was so big ... and now..."

"Well it doesn't take kindly to being threatened with a gun," he said.

"Beth! You get over here." Maude said. Then she laughed. "What am I saying. Never mind Beth. Stay there and talk to Dusty." Beth looked confused.

Dusty motioned beside him. "Sit down and I'll tell you all about it." She sat. "You see, when a man gets excited by a woman, his penis fills up with blood."

"Like when the bull gets ready to mount a cow" said Beth.

"Exactly" said Dusty. He had an idea. "Maude? Shall we show them how it works?"

Maude caught on immediately. "Of course. They need to learn about these things." She came over and got to her knees. "I'm going to make it get all hard again girls, okay?" Both girls nodded eagerly, then watched in horror as Maude leaned down to take it in her mouth.

"Mamma! What on Earth are you doing?" yelled both girls at once.

Maude sucked hard as she dragged her mouth off his member. It exited with a 'pop.'

"I'm having my desert after supper," she said. "It tastes wonderful." She went back to her work.

Dusty noticed for the first time that both girls were dressed only in a man's shirt. The thought of what was under those shirts sent a shot of stiff to his prick. Maude hummed and he rose to full height. She popped it out of her mouth again, and then circled it with her hand and jacked it gently up and down several times.

"See girls? See how nice and hard it gets when the man is excited. And then he puts it in the woman's vagina, where it was made to go." She rolled over on the blanket again and spread her legs. "Get that thing back where it belongs Dusty." she ordered.

He was only too happy to oblige. Performing in front of the two girls was an added bonus.

Again he sank into Maude, taking his time while the girls moved all around, looking at what was going on from different vantage points. As he plumbed Maud's depths. Soon she was moaning again.

"Are you sure that doesn't hurt mama?" asked Tawny "It sure sounds like it hurts."

"No baby" gasped Maude "It feels wonderful ... Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhhhh ... Ohhhhhh ... Oooooeeeeee!". She slipped into another orgasm. She surely was a screamer, that one. She sounded almost like a coyote. This time Dusty figured he'd better end it. With the girls watching Maude might not want to go again. He increased his thrust until he felt the tell-tale tingle in his loins that meant he'd be spurting soon.

"And then..." he gasped "The man's penis" he puffed for air "Shoots semen ... into the woman" He slammed in and stayed there as his cock jerked and he shot jet after jet of his sperm into Maude's depths.

Now it was Beth who asked the question "But won't you get pregnant, Ma?"

Maude smiled up at her lovely daughter. "I hope so darling. That's what it's for. That's why we do this." Hearing that Dusty's dick gave another lusty spurt.

Tawny's mouth hung open. "You want to get pregnant?"

Maude smiled at her too. "That's right, honey, I hope Dusty is making a baby in me right now."

Beth's hand was hidden under her shirt between her legs and she had a glazed look in her eye. "Gee mama, I wish I could try that." She suddenly realized what she had said and jerked her hand from her pussy. "I mean ... um..."

"It's Ok, sweetie, what you are feeling is normal. If you ask him real nice maybe Dusty would let you try it."

"Really?? You mean it? Oh please, Dusty, can I try it too? Pleeeaase?"

Dusty rolled off of Maude, who lay with her legs still open. Both girls leaned in to peer at their mother's sex, which now had puffy purple lips that gaped open. Between them was a pool of thick white fluid which began to spill over the edge. Maude clapped two fingers over her pussy, saying "Now we don't want to waste any, do we?"

Dusty didn't know if he could perform again right away. He'd jerked off in the pond, and now he'd blown a good nut in Maude. Beth was staring at him now, her eyes wide, waiting for him to answer her question. She was unconsciously rubbing her thighs together. Plus she was obviously a virgin - all the girls had to be - and he knew he'd need a steel hard dick to make that work right for Beth. He guessed her age now a little older than before.

She seemed to sense his reluctance and began unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing. Under it was blond perfection. She had brushed her hair out before going to bed, and it hung past her shoulders, glowing in the lantern light. She had freckles on her chest, above two breasts the size of cantaloupes. Her nipples were cherry red and were stiff, sticking out from her flesh like two bullets. They looked delicious. Her mons was covered in fine straight hair the same color as her head and he could just barely see the two pink lips hidden in that hair. He saw a drip of clear fluid slide down the inside of one thigh and knew she was very wet.

"Please?" she begged, very quietly.

Truth be told Dusty felt his dick lurch when he looked at this girl/woman, and he thought maybe he could do it one more time this night. But Tawny was there too, and he didn't want her feelings hurt. "What about your sister? If I teach you how to do it I won't have anything left for her."

Beth just looked blankly at Tawny, whose eyes got big as she began backing up.

"I don't want that monster thing sticking up inside my belly," she said in a tremulous voice. "That would just kill me, I know it would. No Sir, if Beth is stupid enough to try it, fine, but I want no part of it."

Dusty bowed his head to her and said "As the Princess commands, so shall I perform ... er well, not perform in this case." She smiled back at him and he turned his attention to Beth. "Well, young lady, I guess I can give you a lesson, but we have to go at my speed, which means there are some things to do before it actually goes inside you."

Beth squealed and ran to the hay bales. Dusty put up a hand and suggested that the first thing they do was go back into the house, where there was a bed that would be more comfortable. All agreed. Sandy was in Maude's bed, so they all went up into the loft where the girls normally shared a bed. Once there Maude sat in a chair in the corner, still holding Dusty's spend tightly inside her.

Tawny may not have wanted to try sex, but she didn't mind watching it, so she took up station beside the bed. The first thing Dusty did was gently hug Beth, holding her breasts against his chest. He breathed in the scent of her hair and said "First, just feel my body with yours. Rub your skin against mine. He pushed his pelvis toward hers and let his semi-hard penis rub across her mons. At the same time he ensured that his chest scraped both of her erect nipples. She sighed as she rubbed up against him. Her hands came to his hips and her own abdomen pressed harder into his.

"That is nice" she murmured. He ran his hands up and down her back, roughly caressing and squeezing her sweet tight buns. She returned the favor, exploring his muscled back with her own hard, callused hands. Then he lay her back on the bed. She spread her legs, like she had seen her mother do, and looked a little nervous as Dusty climbed between them. "Will this hurt?" she said meekly.

"I won't lie to you" he said. "It will hurt some at first. And then, very soon after that it will feel very nice. But it still isn't time for that yet. He leaned down and licked one of her nipples. She jumped and then cooed that that felt good. He kissed her on the lips and then went back to her nipples. He alternated from one to the other, first licking them and then sucking gently.

"Ohhhhh that feels goood," she panted. He kissed his way down to her stomach and then rubbed his face in her pubic hair. Her head came up and she stared as he went lower. "What are you ... Ohhhhhh ... Ohhhh my ... Ohhh myyyy!" she gasped as his tongue began to lick her split. He centered on her little clitty and it began to grow erect. Her hips shivered as she couldn't make up her mind to pull away or push up into that wonderful feeling. She began to get that special feeling she got when she rubbed herself down there. She didn't know what to call it, but she knew it left her weak with pleasure when it happened. And now it was going to happen and she didn't have to do anything but lie there. She didn't know it, but her hips were learning what they would need to know later when they thrust up at his invading prick. Dusty knew she was close to coming and he sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled on it, biting just enough to put real pressure on it.

Beth went off like a firecracker on the 4th of July. "Oooohhhaaaaaaa!" she cried as the orgasm washed over her. Her hands flew to his head and she grabbed his hair, pulling him harder into her spasming pussy.

She was ready.

While she was still coming out of her orgasm Dusty scooted up and, with his hand around his penis, notched the tip in her swollen pussy mouth. It still wasn't fully hard, so he pushed his dick through his hand and into her young snatch just enough for the bulbous head to snap through her tight opening. Her eyes flew open and her head popped up as she stared at where they were now joined. While he hadn't been as hard as he wanted to be when he first penetrated her, as soon as the plumb sized knob at the end of his dick slid into her his dick went rock hard. She was tight and hot and wet and she was ready. Now he was too. Now he didn't need his hand to keep his dick from bending, but he left it there to make sure he didn't feed her too much too quickly. He pushed and felt his lance sink another inch into hot butter. Beth groaned as she was stretched. Dusty pulled back through his hand, making sure he came all the way out and fed her the two inches again, letting her pussy mouth stretch naturally. He knew a lot of the pain a virgin feels is in the initial stretching of her pussy mouth. He kept doing that until he felt her shove up at him. Then he took his hand away and said "Beth honey, I'm going to make you a woman now. The pain will go away, I promise."

With that he leaned into her, fast enough to plunge past her tattered hymen, but not knifing into her fully.

"Ohh owwwww" she moaned. Now her hips did try to retreat as she dug her buttocks into the mattress in her attempt to unseat him. He followed her down and then pushed hard, finally seating himself balls deep in her. As she took a breath to complain he dropped his head and sucked a nipple hard, biting it enough to hurt. She forgot the pain in her pussy as he abused her nipple and pushed at him with both hands. "Uhhhh noooooo, I've changed my mind, oh please take it out."

"Okay, but I can't just jerk it out. That would hurt. I need to ease it out of you." Both he and her mother knew he was lying his ass off, but they also both knew that all she needed was time to adjust. Dusty went on loving her nipples switching to the other one, but suckled this one gently, flicking it with his tongue. He backed up, but only an inch or two and then slid right back in. He felt her vaginal walls relax a little and knew he was home free.

"Mmmmm" she said and raised her head again. While she was watching he very slowly pulled his rock hard dick out, inch by inch. It was stained red.

"That's your womanhood you see there, Beth. I can take it out, but this is when the good part begins." With that he sank back in and rolled his hips in a small circle. His pubic bone mashed her clit and his cock head massaged her cervix.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" she sighed. "It does feel better." He did it again, this time making two circles. "Ahhhh ... lots better. Maybe it would be okay to go on." Now he pulled out and slid back in hard, banging his pelvis against hers. She grunted, but her hips lurched to meet his. He began to rut into her and her hips began to buck upwards every time. She was making noises now, almost constantly.

Tawny stood paralyzed beside the bed, her eyes the size of saucers, her mouth open. He was killing her. He had to be. When Beth had begged him to stop she had glanced at her mother, but Maude had just smiled and shook her head slightly, saying "Don't interfere". Tawny couldn't believe that monster between his legs hadn't just split her sister in half. Watching now it still looked huge every time it came out of Beth and then he just rammed it right back in.

But Beth didn't sound like it felt that bad. Tawny had never heard Beth make any noises like the ones she was making now. And her face looked different too. It was almost glowing and she had this big goofy smile on it. She was gasping for air like she had run all the way to the north 40. Tawny suddenly realized her own hand was between her legs, and two fingers were rubbing her slippery slit.

Because he had come so soon before, Dusty knew he could keep this up until Beth came again. He was close enough to let himself come, but had enough control not to for quite a while longer. And Beth was close too. Her face was flushed and her pussy had suddenly found the muscles that were now squeezing his cock every time he pulled out of her. She was babbling now, making nonsense sounds and her hands had come to his hips and were now pulling him to her. Her eyes got wider and wider as she neared the end. Suddenly Dusty felt her pussy clamp down harder than ever on his cock.

She was there.

He slammed in and started making circles again, one after another after another. He felt a rush of warmth as her juices let loose and she wailed a long high sound that turned into a keening that almost hurt his ears. Another screamer. She must have got it from her mother.

As her pussy muscles spasmed and milked him, he let himself go and felt the relief of a long rope of thick sperm as it jetted into her belly. He came harder than he had thought he would, staring at this beautiful woman whose pussy was sucking the cum out of him. He let his weight down on her, knowing that some women liked to be pinned down as they came. Her hands slid up and down his back as her labored breathing repeated "Ohh yes ... oh yes ... oh yes ... oooooohhhhh yesssss." He pushed back up on his aching arms to let her breathe.

Tawny felt a drool of spit leave her mouth and snapped it shut. Beth looked dead! She was lying there, all limp, her arms flopped out to the sides. But she wasn't dead. Now her smile didn't look goofy. She just looked ... happy.

"Beth?" she said softly.

Beth's head rolled to the side and she opened her eyes, staring at her little sister. "Tawny ... you just have to try this."

But Dusty was done for that night. When they climbed down from the loft they found Sandy, unconscious, half out of the bed. She'd heard her sister screaming and had tried to come help.

The next day Dusty was making some repairs to one of the few fenced in sections on the ranch. His shirt was off and he was sweating when Tawny rode up. He looked up at her as she sat and stared at him and then went back to work.

"Sandy's better," she said.

"That's good," he said back.

Tawny went on "She heard Beth yelling last night, but was too weak to get up. She wore herself out trying to get out of bed. Said it sounded like someone was killing her sister. She was trying to be quiet so she could get to a gun when I guess she passed out."

"Ummm," he said as he nailed in a staple.

"She wants to see you."

"And why's that?" he said.

"Well, we didn't tell her ... everything. Just that you showed up and were helping out. Momma went and said you were a nice man and now she knows something's up. She just doesn't know what." He was staring at her. "Momma doesn't usually say many nice things about men," she said, as if that explained everything. "Are you going to ... you know ... with ... me?"

"I thought you didn't want any part of that," he said, tightening another wire.

"Well, I don't. I think. I mean when I was watching you and Beth last night I got this funny feeling in my belly and I got sort of itchy between my legs. But it looks so huge. I just know it would hurt something terrible. But Beth said it didn't hurt. Well she said it did, but it was sure worth it. She says she can't wait to do it again. Is there any other way to do it? I mean that doesn't hurt? How about what you did with your mouth? I don't think I'd mind that so much. Even though I thought it was a crazy thing to do."

He stood up. "Tawny, I won't ever do anything to you that you don't want me to, okay? Now if you're wanting to know what it feels like, without it hurting too much, I know of a way. But it's up to you."

She was squirming in the saddle now. She nodded breathlessly.

So he took his blanket roll and spread it on the ground. Tawny knew these things were done naked, so she stripped off her clothing and was soon naked, standing on the blanket. He hadn't taken anything else off. She looked at him questioningly.

He smiled and said "If I'm not going to use it, why take it out?"

Then he lay her down and went to work on her.

First he ran his fingertips all over her, telling her how beautiful she was and what a woman she was, and how he could hardly control himself. She beamed under his praise and began to pant as his fingers toyed with her little, puffy nipples. When he sucked them, she squealed her approval. He sucked as he snaked his right hand down, over her sparse hair, and into her open pussy. He used one thick finger, sliding it between her slick vulva, scraping his rough skin across her clitty and she began to buck and moan. Then, when he thought she was ready, he slid that finger into her, curling it like a hook. Her cherry was long gone to horse riding, as it sometimes was in Western girls. He went on in, as deep as he could and felt her strain up. She was making guttural sounds, almost like a growl. He kept at her nipples and fucked her with his finger, sliding it in and out, going deep to rim her cervix with the tip, curving it like a hook and pulling hard enough to move her across the blanket. He was doing that when he felt her pussy clamp down on his finger and she started to cum. Quickly he slicked that finger out and then, using three fingers, he strummed and patted her clit as she flopped like a rag doll on the ground.

He found he was hard. Very hard.

She was panting on the ground, floating in a hazy world of happiness when she saw him stand up and drop his pants. There, above her was his thick, long prick - the prick she had seen him stuffing into Beth, and which Beth had said was wonderful. It was huge and it scared her. She closed her legs automatically.

"Don't worry" he said. "I'm just going to jack off. You got to me pretty good, little Missy."

She sat up like a bolt. "Don't' call me..." then she giggled as she realized he was playing with her. Her pussy felt so nice and yummy. She looked at the finger he'd used on her. It was one of those holding his dick and it was less than half as big around as his organ.

He was talking again. "I'd like to jack off and let it touch you when I come".

She thought about that. It didn't sound too bad. "Okay" she said.

He told her to spread her legs again, and she did so, pulling her heels up so her knees were bent and hanging wide. Then he got down on his knees between her own. He stayed up on his knees while he slowly stroked himself. He talked to her again, telling her how excited she had gotten him, and how beautiful she was, how perfect her breasts were, how sweet her nipples tasted. He said her hips were perfect for carrying babies.

She began to get hot again. She stared as something white drooled from the tip of his penis. When he saw it he leaned over her before she could react and swabbed the tip of his big prick between her pussy lips.

She started to yell, but then he was back up on his knees, staring at her. She realized how nice it had felt after all. His knob was hot and slick and smooth, not like his finger. That knob had slipped effortlessly between her lips.

"That's what I'm going to do when I come" he said. "I'm going to rub it around in your pussy when I shoot." Now she felt that heat in her belly and instead of being afraid she was looking forward to that feeling. She hoped it would feel even half as good as what he had done before.

He was huffing now, panting like he'd been running. He fell to one hand and brought his angry looking prick up next to her hole.

"I'm about ready Tawny, are you?"

She nodded, wide eyed and raised her head so she could see what was happening between her legs. Suddenly he stiffened and froze. His hand was about halfway down his organ and she saw it swell below his hand as he squeezed tightly. Then he touched the tip into her hole and let go with his hand.

Immediately she felt a hot splash and saw thick white cum shoot out into her open pussy. It looked just like what he had shot in the pond. She saw his prick jerk and he leaned further. Now the tip was pressing against her hard and she felt the next spurt go up inside of her. Her hips acted like they had a mind of their own and raised up off the ground, forcing her pussy harder against the tip of his cock. She felt pressure and another spurt go up her split. Now he pushed a little harder at the same time her hips bucked again and, eyes wide, she saw the tip disappear inside her body. He held it there and she felt four more long squirts of his stuff enter her body. It didn't hurt. She was stretched, and could feel the pressure, but it didn't hurt. And his white stuff felt good inside her too. He groaned and pulled out, leaning back as one last spurt arced up into the air. It hovered over her and then, the thick white rope fell and landed square on her chest, across one breast.

He stood up and staggered backward. She raised up to her elbows. "Why'd you jerk it out like that?" she said. "I was almost getting used to it."

He stood there. "I wasn't lying Princess, you got me going and it was everything I could do to keep my promise to you and not just cram you full of my cock. I wanted to shoot that way up inside you and I had to pull out before I lost control."

She lay her head back down, luxuriating in the feel of his hot spend soaking into her pussy.

"I've about decided it might not be so terrible" she said softly.

"Maybe next time" he smiled.

Chapter Three

They cleaned up and got dressed. Then they rode back to the house. He dusted off his clothes, hung his hat on a peg, and walked into the room where Sandy was lying in bed. She was awake.

"Howdy, ma'am" he said.

She examined him from head to toe. Then she looked at her little sister, who had a silly grin on her face. Then back to him. She realized that Tawny was standing close to this stranger, almost touching him. Like she had known him a long time instead of only a day.

"My ma says you saved my life," she said neutrally.

He grinned and some part of her liked that grin a lot. "Well, ma'am," he said. "You didn't look all that comfortable lying there in the dirt and I just thought you might prefer to be in a nice soft bed. So I brought you home."

Just then Beth came into the room. She saw Dusty and her face pinked up. "Dusty!" she squealed. "You're back!" And then, while Sandy frowned in disbelief, her sourpuss sister flung herself against the stranger, hugging him like he was her long lost best friend. This was very strange. She had a sneaking suspicion that this man had something to do with Beth screaming the night before. She watched as the man hugged her sister back.

"Mama tells me you're going to be staying for a while" said Sandy, her voice level. "We don't have any cash money around the place. We won't be able to pay you for a while." Sandy was the practical one of the sisters. She also wanted to see what his reaction was. She was surprised.

"I'm aware of that. Your ma and I talked that over before I decided to stay," he said, disengaging himself from Beth. "I'm not here for the money."

"Then why are you here, mister?" she said.

He looked down at her. He really looked, staring at her. She felt like he could see right into where her heart had started speeding up. "I suppose your ma should be the one to tell you that," he said in a quiet voice. She was astonished when Beth turned her head and said "You'll be glad when you find out. I promise you that." She was even more astonished when Tawny chimed in "She's right, Sandy."

Now she was consumed with curiosity. But none of them would tell her any more. They just asked her how she felt, and if she was comfortable and if there was anything else she needed. Then they left, leaving her alone with her curiosity. She called for her mother, who came right away.

"What's going on mama?" she asked. "Why is that man here? Why does Beth hug him and Tawny stand so close to him?"

Maude knew that, of all her daughters, Sandy would be the most trouble, when it came to her plan. Sandy was the most practical and hard headed of the girls. Sometimes it seemed like she tried to be a man. So, rather than trying to trick her, or hope that nature would take it's course, Maude decided to just explain what she'd done and why. When she was done Sandy's mouth was hanging open and her eyes were wide.

"You mean you let that man ... have his way with you?" she exclaimed incredulously.

Maude smiled. "No dear. It wasn't like that at all. In fact, I'd have to say it was the other way around. I basically took him out to the barn, ordered him to get naked, and then I had MY way with HIM."

"But ... but ... but ... Beth was screaming last night mama," Sandy said in a horrified whisper. "You let him do that to poor Beth?"

"You still don't understand, honey," said her mother. "What you heard Beth doing was not the result of pain. Well, she's not a virgin any more, and there was a little bit of pain at first, but when you heard her and tried to get out of bed, there was no pain involved at all, baby."

Sandy thought back to how Beth had responded upon seeing the man who had made her scream like that. No, it was pretty obvious that he hadn't hurt her. Not if she acted like that. And Tawny, standing so close.

"What about Tawny? She's won't be fourteen for two more months. Did he ... do that ... to her too?"

"I don't think so. Not yet, anyway. But he will soon."

Sandy was not happy. "I don't think this is a good idea at all mama" she said heatedly. "I think you should run him off. He's got you to thinking crazy thoughts."

Maude put on a stern face. "Now you listen to me, girl. Tawny is plenty old enough to be husband hunting, if there were any decent men around to hunt. So are you, and Beth is way past the age when she should have been married and had a couple of young ones hanging onto her skirt. I'm not gonna lose this ranch because I don't have enough people to make it work. There's predators out there, and some of them walk on two legs. We need a man around here, and you girls need to start raising families so that when I get old and die you'll be able to stay on here. I just wish he had a friend or two that were half as good as he is. I'd get them here in a minute and get you girls married off right quick. But he's the first really decent man I've seen for quite a while. Now I've made up my mind. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but I'm gonna get his baby in me and I suspect your two sisters are gonna do exactly the same thing."

Sandy was still not happy, but she knew her mother well enough to know that arguing would only make things worse. She rolled over to go to sleep.

It was dark when Sandy woke up again. She felt much better, and sat up in her mother's bed. She heard noises in the loft above. She cocked her head and heard Tawny say "Hey, it's my turn. You probably already got his baby growing inside you already, Beth." Then there was a deep voice - the man - what was his name? Dusty. Yes, Dusty. She heard Dusty speak. "I thought you didn't want to go all the way yet little Missy."

She got out of bed. She realized she was dressed in one of her father's old shirts, naked underneath, but didn't care. She wanted to see what they were doing up there. She stole to the ladder and began to climb, carefully and slowly, feeling the weakness that still persisted in her body. She peeked her head up over the top rung and could see in the light of the oil lantern that her mother, two sisters and this Dusty person were all up there.

And all of them were buck naked.

Her mother was lying back on a pile of gunny sacks, her knees tucked up by her bottom and she was rubbing between her legs like some whore in heat. Beth was lying on her back in the bed, her knees up and spread, with this cowboy between them. A second lamp showed her what was going on in that bed. She could see a thick column of man flesh sliding in and out of Beth's vagina as Beth frantically humped up at it like some kind of common wench. Tawny was standing at the edge of the bed, hopping from foot to foot, one hand on the cowboy's butt as it rose and fell. Despite herself, Sandy felt a flush of heat in her own loins and she suddenly felt the old shirt scraping across the hard nipples of her breasts.

"Take it out!" she heard Tawny yell.

"Nooooooooo" moaned Beth. She was bucking now, writhing around like she was trying to push the cowboy off of her. Sandy took in a breath to shout, to tell the cowboy to leave her alone. But just as she put her foot on the next ladder rung, she saw Beth's hands slap onto Dusty's butt and her fingers dug in, pulling him into her - not pushing him away. Her legs too rose and wrapped over his. She obviously wanted him to keep doing it to her.

"Come on, Dusty" complained Tawny. "If you keep going you'll squirt in Beth. You already did it in mama, and you'll be too tired to do it with me, just like last night." she was complaining.

Dusty turned his head toward the young girl. "Don't you worry little Missy. I'm saving some for you."

Beth started making sounds, low at first, and then louder until she was keening and wailing loud enough to wake the dead. Dusty pounded her with his big thick bull dick and she just humped her crotch up for more. Sandy had always thought that mating like an animal would be distasteful, painful, ugly. She was actually glad there weren't any men around for her mother to shove her off on. Or had been. Now she wasn't so sure. If Beth liked it that much, and it was only her second or third time, it must not be as bad as she'd believed.

Finally Beth fell limp, saying "Oh Dusty ... oh Dusty ... oh Dusty" over and over again.

He pulled that monster club of his out of her slowly. There was a plop as it came clear. It was shiny, slick looking and there was a drip of something that made a thin line between his thing and her sister's vulva. He rolled and landed on his back, beside Beth. His penis stuck straight up in the air. She shuddered, looking at it. It looked like someone had hacked off a sapling, and the stump was growing out from between his legs. He looked at Tawny and said "C'mere, young lady." He motioned up, towards his lap. "You climb up here and be on top. That way you can control how much of it goes into you. You can stop any time you want, okay?"

"Yipee!" squealed Tawny and vaulted up, putting one of her feet on either side of his hips. She squatted and he stopped her.

"You need me to lick you up some, to make you slick?" Now what in the hell was he talking about?

But Tawny batted his hands away. "No, I'm all wet already. Watching you do mama and Beth made me all squishy inside." She then reached down, grasped the trunk of the hacked off sapling, and brought it to her tender pink vulva.

Sandy held her breath as Tawny began to sag, her face scrunched up with tension. The fat purple head of the cowboy's penis suddenly disappeared inside Tawny and her eyes went big. Sandy expected her to yell and jump right off again. Instead of standing up and pulling off that thick wedge of meat, though, she went "Ahhhhhhhh".

Dusty was pulling her head down toward his. He started kissing her, and then, to her surprise, he stuck his tongue out and licked Tawny's lips and stuck his tongue inside her mouth! Sandy couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then he kissed her some more and moved his face to her young breasts. He started sucking on her nipples like a baby and Tawny squealed with happiness. She raised her butt just enough to get some force and slammed her pussy down onto his penis. It went halfway in and both of them groaned. Tawny then pulled up, taking everything except the head out of her and slammed back down again. This time she got three quarters in her.

"It feels so big" she whined, but all the time she was wiggling and trying to sink down further onto it, rather than getting off.

The cowboy spoke "I can't ever call you little Missy again, Tawny". He moved his hands to her waist. "You've got a woman's pussy there and in just a second you're gonna be ALL woman." He then helped her wiggle and shove until at last her pussy lips meshed with the soft brown hair growing around his log. Tawny jerked her pussy toward his head and then moved it back toward his feet slowly. Then she jerked it again and again until she was hammering it forward, like she was trying to rip his thing right off his body. Now SHE was panting "Ohhh Dusty ... ohhh Dusty" and he reached up and pinched both of her pink nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

Tawny changed to "Ahhhhhh" on her forward thrusts until she froze and went "Ahhhhheeeeeeaahhhhhh." She bent over, almost backwards and he had to hold her waist to keep her from falling off. Then he pulled her down to his chest, humped his hips up and sideways until he had room, and rolled over, putting Tawny under him. Her legs splayed, one of them lying on top of Beth, who was still laying dreamily beside them, watching.

Sandy would always describe what happened next as animal sex. Dusty began sawing his cock in and out of Tawny and pounding it into her so hard that she actually moved across the bed a little, her head getting closer and closer to the wall. It looked like he was trying to kill her, as far as Sandy was concerned. Then, at last, he gave a grunt and a shudder and he froze, with his thing deep inside her sister.

He groaned "Here it is Tawny, all for you." His butt jumped and Tawny squealed again.

"Oh Dusty, I can feel it. It's all warm and mushy feeling. OH please make a baby in me Dusty, I want a babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." she ended as she started having another orgasm.

Sandy felt weak in the knees. She realized that her own pussy was hot, itchy and wet. She'd thought that animal sex must be horrible, but both Beth and Tawny had loved it. She glanced at her mother who was now still, with three fingers covering her sex. She wouldn't know until later that Maude was holding in Dusty's sperm, giving it the best chance of soaking into her womb.

Dusty began to pull out of Tawny. His member had thinned a little, and didn't look as hard as it had. This time, when it dragged clear of Tawny's nether lips, there was no sound. But that thin line of sticky ... something had been replaced with a thick rope of silvery white stuff that Sandy instinctively knew was semen. It broke and dropped back down into Tawny's open pussy lips, like she was sucking it there.

Then Tawny put her own three fingers over the hole, closing it, shoving all that creamy spend inside of her where she wanted it.

Sandy crept back down the ladder. She had a hard time getting to sleep.

She had an itch between her legs she didn't know how to scratch.

Sandy was up the next day, doing light work around the house. She spied on them that night and watched Tawny and Beth get their pussies filled with his seed again. Then her mother fell asleep in his arms, while they kissed and caressed each other lightly.

The next day she was able to mount her horse and she rode slowly out to where Dusty was repairing fence. Her momma was right. He DID do good work. They spoke briefly about farm chores and she left. That nasty itch was back.

Backl home, she announced she was plenty well enough to sleep in her old bed, but she found herself sleeping alone. She peeked down between the cracks in the floor of the loft and watched as Dusty mounted her mother, squirting her full. Then it was Beth's turn and he shot off in her too. Then she finally understood what "licking her up" meant as he feasted on Tawny's little pussy until she'd had three earsplitting orgasms. To all their surprise he was ready again, and Tawny got some thick spunk in her pussy too that night.

It was quite obvious to Sandy that she'd had stupid fears and unfounded beliefs. She decided to give them up the next day. She'd speak to Dusty and discuss how ... things could be corrected.

Except that the next day, when she got up, Dusty was gone. His horse was gone, his clothes were gone too. Even his sleeping roll was gone. Sandy felt rage growing in her stomach. "That bastard!" she yelled, pulling a Winchester down off the wall. "I'll hunt him down and kill him like the dog he is!" She was headed for the door with her hat on when her mother came in with a load of clothes from the clothes line.

"Don't you worry mama, I'm taking out after that sorry bastard and I'll make him sorry he ever saw this place." she told her mother. She was a little confused when she felt a jerk and found she was no longer holding the rifle.

"What in the world has gotten into you?" said Maude.

"Dusty up and ran off" she said. "That's what's wrong. He got what he wanted and then lit out, the rat bastard."

Her mother laughed! "My my ... such language. Sit down, dear. We need to talk again." They sat on the porch. "Dusty did ride out this morning," she said. "But he'll be back." Sandy didn't believe that and it showed on her face. "He went to go fetch some men he's worked with before. Men who do good work. Men who are steady."

Sandy still didn't believe it. "Sure, that's where he said he was going," she said "But he got all the sex he wanted and I bet he don't come back."

Maude frowned. "Doesn't come back, Sandy, not don't come back. Speak proper English dear." Then she went on. "I reckon he will come back Sandy. He asked me if he could work to get a share of this ranch." She looked at her daughter significantly. "After he got all the sex he wanted."

"But I never got to..." Sandy's face blazed red as she realized what she'd almost said.

Maude laughed. "That's the other reason he went, dear. We know you've been spying on us, watching him make babies." She was guessing, but it was a good guess.

"But why would he leave just because I was watching?" Sandy said, without realizing she had just confirmed her guess.

"Well, dear, if you were watching, you might have noticed that it takes a hell of a man to keep three women happy, much less four. We thought you might be joining in, sooner or later, and he reckoned there was no way he could service all four of us. So he thought about this one place he'd worked, where there were some good men - men who worked for the love of building something, instead of the pay. That place has gotten so big, he says, that those men are probably looking to move on, to build somewhere else. He thinks they might be willing to come here."

"But we can't pay them anything," said Sandy. "Not until the fall cattle drive to Abilene."

"And are we going to be able to drive our herd to Kansas, Sandy? Just the four of us? Since Dusty's been here the rustling's almost stopped. I think there's a new grave down at Hoskins point, where he caught some of them and ran them off. I saw blood trail down there myself - at least two wounded riders. And we have a new horse that he says "wandered" onto our land. I think we need these men, Sandy. And if any of them are the marrying kind, then they'll be paid with the most precious thing I have ... my daughters."

"But the way you've been carrying on with Dusty every night, all three of you are probably already with child!" whined Sandy.

"Maybe, maybe not. It took your daddy and me over six months to get Beth planted in my belly. If we are, then that probably won't matter anyway. This is a fine ranch, Sandy, and if those men deserve it, they'll know it and take what's offered. They can make something here. Besides, by the time any of them get in any of our pants, we'll know for sure. We ain't gonna spread our legs for these men like we did for Dusty. I was desperate then, but not so much any more. Not if we can be normal and make it work"

"Aren't going to spread our legs, momma. We speak proper English here, remember?" joked Sandy.

The women worked the ranch while Dusty was gone. Maude turned out to be the only one who was pregnant for sure, as she missed three monthlies by the time Dusty got back. Once again, it was Tawny who spied the strangers out on the plain. There were four of them, and one of them was riding Dusty's roan gelding. Tawny could recognize that horse easily. She beat a path to the house and by the time the men rode up Maude was standing on the porch, shotgun in hand. Dusty glanced at the barn and saw the barrel of the Winchester poking out of the hay loft door. He knew Tawny was somewhere with her Walker pointed at them too.

Dusty split his face with a grin. "Afternoon, Maude. You're a sight for sore eyes."

She smiled, but was looking over the other men in the group. "These the fellers you were talking about Dusty?" One was about his age, one older, and one much younger, probably not more than seventeen.

Dusty got down. "Yes ma'am. This is George, and this old cuss here is Rupert and the kid is ... well, we just call him Kid."

"Have them take care of their horses. Supper's on the stove. We can talk after the men have had a chance to rest up some. How was your ride?"

Dusty grinned from ear to ear. "It was all I could hope for. On the way here Rupert got in a card game, and he sort of cleaned up. There's a wagon coming behind us about two days, out of Silver Springs. It's loaded with lumber, nails and a few other things we thought might come in handy around here. We figure to build a bunkhouse first off. Until then the men can bunk in the barn."

Supper was a strange and interesting meal that night. The girls had never been around so many men at one time. Tawny and the Kid had eyes only for each other all night, and when Tawny asked if she could go for a walk with him, Maude glanced at Dusty. When he nodded she said yes. George and Beth seemed to connect too, but did nothing other than chat. Rupert ate his food, talked politely and then said he was tired and left for the barn. George mentioned he'd like to take a bath, and asked if they had a watering trough around the place. Beth said she'd show him the pond they all bathed in and the two of them disappeared. That left Maud, Dusty and Sandy at the table alone.

Sandy looked nervous. "Will my sisters be okay with those men?" she asked, her voice level as she stared at Dusty.

"Sandy, they're safer with those men than they would be in the middle of town," he said. "They don't know the whole story." He glanced at Maude "They know that the girls have had some experience with men, but they aren't to do anything that the girls don't expressly ask them to do. In other words, those girls are going to have to ask to get any sexual attention from the men. That was the first ground rule we talked about."

"What about me?" she said, looking at Dusty.

"What about you?" he shot back.

"I'm the only one that's not ... experienced," she said, as if that explained everything.

"That's right" he said. It was maddening.

"But it's not fair," she said, without thinking. He made her so uncomfortable that she couldn't think straight. "There's no one left for me," she said miserably. "That Rupert fellow went off to the barn like I wasn't even here!" a tear started to build up in her eye.

"Maybe it's not YOU he's interested in" said Dusty in a soft voice. He looked over at Maude. She mouthed "I caught" and patted her stomach. He winked. "Maybe Rupert is interested in a woman closer to his own age. One who has some experience. He's a widower, lost his wife in a blizzard. Maybe he doesn't want a young hot blooded, hard headed virgin."

Maud's eyes got wide. She stood up. "I believe I'll just mosey down to the barn, to make sure that Mr. Rupert is getting settled in comfortably. I, ahhh don't know how long I'll be gone. Might take a while ... moving hay around ... cleaning out a stall ... you know. Dusty, can you keep my daughter company while I'm gone?" she said formally.

Sandy looked up, her own eyes wide, now. She looked at Dusty and then, at his lap. He laughed. "Yes ma'am, I'd be honored to keep your daughter's company for a spell.

It was quiet for a while after her mother left. Sandy sat and thought. She glanced at Dusty, but he seemed to be very interested in some frayed edges on his shirt sleeve. "I can fix that for you." she blurted. He stood up and took the shirt off. Sandy's breath caught. She'd never been this close to that muscled torso before. He smelled of sweat and leather and ... man. He handed her the shirt and she held it in her limp hand. She closed her eyes.

When she had control of her breathing again she said "Do you really think I'm hard headed?"

"I'd have to say I do" he said softly.

She closed her eyes again. "And hot blooded?"

"I surely do hope so," he said.

When she opened her eyes his face was right in front of hers. He was going to kiss her!

She let him.

Then she let him do a lot of other things.

It went in a whirl of emotion and feeling, most of which she couldn't remember, or describe if she could remember. He played her like an instrument, making her rise, and fall. When she got too loud he covered her mouth with his. She remembered specific things. Being naked with him for the first time. The feel of her nipple being sucked. The feeling of being stretched to the breaking point between her legs, but somehow wanting more and not less of that thing that was stretching her. There was a time when she thought the top of her head would come off, and her whole body felt like it was flying. Then there was the feeling of sudden warm wetness inside her, a wetness she knew was his offering to her, a wetness she wanted to feel over and over and over again. She finally came back to herself when she woke up and found herself embraced in his warm arms, cuddled in bed with him. She never wanted to get out of that bed.

Work started the next day. The men worked long and hard, and the women right alongside them. It was determined that the bunkhouse would be built in such a way that it could be converted into two dwellings, side by side at a later date ... if needed. Initially, it wasn't a sure thing that they WOULD be needed. Dusty found out later that Maude had impressed on her daughters that tramps seldom found husbands. The girls, despite having been initiated into the joys of good sex, took that advice to heart. The whole bunch usually gathered in the big house in the evening, to play cards, sing songs, manufacture crafts and just spend time together not working. Couples seemed to drift off pretty regularly, but there was no sign of hanky panky.

Well, not until one night late in the fall, when the nights were cool after a hot day in the sun. It was dark out, and Tawny and the Kid (whose name turned out to be Murgatroid, but who was still, mercifully called the Kid) had slipped out to take a walk, as they usually did. Suddenly, there came the cry of a lonesome coyote. The men, other than Dusty, paid little attention. Coyotes were common and no real threat to the herd unless it was right after calving. But the women and Dusty recognized instantly that this was no coyote howling. This was the sound of a Stafford woman having a penis-induced orgasm, a sound all of them had heard, or made, quite regularly in the past. It was coming from the barn.

"You'd think she'd have the sense to get further away from the house." Maude said darkly.

Beth was standing now, her hands twitching at the dress she had somehow come up with when the men had arrived. She wore it evenings. She was breathing pretty deeply.

"George?" she said. He looked up from the poker game he was in. "I believe I'd like to take the evening air. Would you like to go with me?"

He grinned and stood up, the cards forgotten, face down on the floor. "I'd like that a lot, Miss Beth," he said.

She glanced over her shoulder "Bring a blanket, it might be too cool." They went out the door holding hands.

Maude went over and picked up his cards. "Well, that tears it," she said, sighing.

"You gonna play his cards?" asked Rupert.

She looked down at him, over her noticeably swelling belly and said "You'd better hope not, and if I do you'd better not bet the farm." She laid the cards down. It was a full house, Aces over Kings. Rupert and Dusty stared.

"He left a hand like that?" sighed Rupert, who loved dearly to play cards. "You want me to go after them Maude?" he said, starting to get up.

She smiled and said "Bring a blanket. We'll go together and see if we can find something interesting." Dusty just grinned and looked at Sandy, who was blushing furiously.

Fifteen minutes later, while Dusty was sliding his stiff erection in and out of a very appreciative Sandy's gushing pussy, they heard, far off on the wind, the sound of another coyote that wasn't a coyote.

Dusty stopped. "Your mom, or Beth?" He nudged his cock into her, massaging her cervix with the tip.

"That was Beth" she sighed happily. "And I'm not far behind her." Her hips lurched up at him. "I'm so sorry I waited so long for this Dusty" she sighed.

"You know you're gonna have to marry me" he said.

"Not unless I miss a monthly period pretty soon." she shot back. "I want a man that can put babies in my belly, like my mama." Then, as she remembered just who it was that had impregnated her mother, she laughed. "Yes, I'll marry you Mr. Dusty with no last name. Now, lets get to the baby making."

"It's Trayles, ma'am" he said, shoving it deep and feeling his semen begin to flow into Sandy's womb. "Dusty Trayles."

A traveler in those parts would have kept a pistol close at hand that night, and for many nights after that. There seemed to be a coyote problem thereabouts, based on all the howls that drifted across the plains.

The End

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