The Blind Date Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

At that very moment Sam and George were, to put it mildly, doing a lot more than that.

When Sam had exploded in an orgasm as George sucked on her clit, she wrapped her legs around his back and humped her pussy up into his face. That orgasm created chemicals in her brain that a doctor, or maybe a psychologist, would have calmly said, in the understatement of the year, "lowered her inhibitions."

The result was that those chemicals created a bypass around what would normally have stopped her from going further with their love making.

So, when George, shaking with lust, kissed his way up over her mons, and across her stomach and onto her breasts, then to her neck, and his steel hard penis dug into Sam's wide open and still spasming pussy, her response was to hump again.

Quite suddenly, and shocking to them both, George's penis destroyed her hymen and plunged halfway into tight, hot, horny teenage pussy.

George's reaction was also born of instinct. He pushed harder. His prick burrowed its way into her until his pubic hairs tangled with hers and still he tried to push. Sam's poor abused clit shot out signals to her brain that said "Ignore that stinging pain where your cherry used to be. There's another one of those fantastic orgasms just slightly around the corner."

Sam dug her heels into the blanket and she shoved her pussy up, howling as she reached for and found that orgasm.

George, his conscious mind completely unavailable to him at that second, grunted.

And then he bred his girlfriend.

She had brought him close with her mouth, and his balls, knowing they had to work overtime, had begun manufacturing more sperm and seminal fluid while he sucked the fluid she produced out of her. Now those balls received the signal that was basically "Stop making it and get it out of here NOW!" His cock swelled and began shooting what would amount to two ounces of sperm-rich semen when it was all over with.

That doesn't sound like much... two ounces... just a double whiskey's worth... but imagine filling two shot glasses full to the rim with thick white cream. Now imagine that being packed into Sam's virgin womb.

In less time than it takes to say "Pull out I'm not on the pill!" all that sperm surrounded the egg Sam should have known was there and assaulted it until its defenses crumbled and it accepted entry by a single sperm cell. In less time than it took George to groan "I love you Sam" he was a father.

Fate cackled triumphantly at the lovers. His intervention into their lives would start a whole new pathway for them, and he would have ample opportunity to play in their lives again. For now, he had other concerns. Fate turned his grinning face toward the lake.

Phillip and Amy resolved their disagreement about how dangerous it was for his cock to be trapped against her vulva by the simple expedient of deciding to ignore it and trade some more kisses. In effect they just enjoyed the feel of their hot bodies being pressed together in the cool water.

Phillip said "You feel so soft and smooth. It's like you're made of some special thing I've never touched before."

Amy was steadily jerking him off with her closed thighs. "And you're so HARD... except you don't FEEL hard. I feel all funny inside. Phillip? What's happening to us? Three weeks ago I didn't even LIKE you!"

"I don't know. I just know I like this," he said. Now he was making fucking motions back at her. He jacked off, so he knew what the feeling was that was creeping up on him. "Except that we need to stop doing this, because... something is going to happen."

Now it was Amy who was stupid. She too had enjoyed many tingly mini-orgasms with her fingers, and she knew she got wet when that happened, but she didn't associate "orgasm" with "mess".

"What?" she asked. "What's going to happen?" She humped his long hard cock again, sliding her pussy lips along it... backward... forward...

Phillip's teeth ground together as he said between clenched teeth. "That stuff that was coming out of my sister's nose? It's going to come out of me in a second."

And Amy, not knowing how men work, yipped "OH!" and jumped back from him, leaving him high and dry... which is a real trick for a guy who's up to his collar bones in water.

For Phillip, it was like waking up on your birthday and realizing you're tied to your bed and can't get up to celebrate. Phillip needed relief. He stumbled toward the edge of the water and, as soon as his prick was in the air, he grabbed it and jacked it furiously.

Amy watched, speechless and amazed at how violently he was whipping his hand back and forth over his rampant penis. Then he groaned and looked up at the moon and his hand suddenly stopped. Out from the tip of his prick came a long thin string, about a foot long. It left his body and splatted on the surface of the water, where it began to curl as the water changed its shape. Then another string shot out, and another after that. These two landed, one on top of the other and floated. His hand moved again, jerking several more times and more of his thick white fluid came spurting out.

Amy's primary thought was "No WONDER it came out her nose! There's so MUCH of it!"

Amy suddenly realized that her pussy itched, and that her fingers were scratching that itch as she watched the amazing thing before her eyes. She grimaced as the pain that was so fascinatingly pleasant began to build inside her. One of those blobs of sperm was drifting close to her now. She rubbed harder, knowing that if she didn't move that blob would touch her. Her eyes were glued to the blob and, just as it drifted up and gently touched her chest her orgasm flooded her senses. She held her breath as the pressure released because she knew she'd make noise if she didn't and she didn't want Phillip to know what she'd just done.

She straightened her legs and rose in the water. She looked down at the blob of Phillip's semen, which was now slowly dripping down between her breasts. Her finger came up - the same one she'd just had in her pussy - and she rubbed at the slippery little ball of stuff, spreading it up onto the swell of one breast. She stared at it, fascinated. Most of her fascination was that she LIKED the feel of it on her skin. She shivered and rinsed the smeared semen off, torn between wanting to get the dangerous stuff off of her and feeling somehow sad as it dissolved into the water around her.

Amy stood up and waded toward the shore. Phillip was still holding his penis, and he looked toward her as she came nearer to him.

"Sorry," he said, assuming she was grossed out.

"What for?" she asked, gingerly stepping on the rocks that made up the shore of the lake.

"Shooting off in front of you," he said. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Um... you don't have to be sorry. It's OK. I didn't really mind," she said, blushing and glad it was dark so he couldn't see it. "In fact it was kind of cool." It was so much more than "cool" in her mind, but she couldn't say that to him just then.

"Really?" He sounded relieved. "Thanks! I feel so much better now." He let go of his cock and it flopped, lifelessly.

Amy couldn't resist. "It looks like you killed the poor thing," she said, standing only a couple of feet away from him.

Phillip was staring at her breasts. They were so white in the moonlight. Her nipples looked like something he'd like the taste of. He jerked as he realized what she was talking about. He'd just squirted harder than ever before and he was already thinking about her again!

"You don't have to worry about THAT!" he laughed. "It wakes up all the time and usually I wish it didn't. Most of the time I'm embarrassed by it."

"Well, you don't have to be around me," she said firmly. She was quiet for a moment, and then said "Wow, I can't believe I just said that. I mean a week ago I'd have been disgusted by it. But I think I kind of like yours. It makes me feel... pretty or something."

"That's because you ARE pretty," he said. He felt himself blushing but forced himself to say more. "In fact, you're more than 'pretty'. You're beautiful." Amy felt that heat beginning to grow in her stomach again.

"You said you'd teach me to waltz," she said.

"Now?" he said incredulously.

"Why not now?" she asked.

"Well, for one thing we're naked," he said. It was a reasonable thing to say.

"That's true" she agreed. Then with typical feminine logic she said "We were touching each other in the water. What's the difference? Are you saying you don't like touching me naked?"

"You've GOT to be kidding" he said seriously. "After what I just did you can't POSSIBLY have any doubts about that. I LOVED touching you naked. Didn't you hear me tell you so? I mean I probably liked it too much."

She took his hand and pulled him further from the water, onto the thick grass. "So, you'll teach me?" she asked.

They started in classical form, with her body about ten inches from his, her right hand in his left, and her left hand on his shoulder. His right hand was placed lightly on her waist. They looked ridiculous, naked, standing on the grass. Both of them knew it, and then ignored it.

"It's a three count dance," he explained, with each step taking three beats of the music. The easiest way to get used to the motions is to go in a square." He showed her that series of steps, counting out loud for her. In this position he could see her face clearly and, if he dropped his gaze, her breasts. He tried to look at her face.

"Then, after you get used to that, you begin to spin. The spin replaces the square and you need a LOT of room on the dance floor to do that." He began to hum the waltz from the "King and I", and began to swing her first in a square, then in more of a circle and then in larger circles, increasing the length of his step and pulling her along in the process, until they were spinning around and around.

Inevitably, their feet got tangled and they ended up falling down, gripping each other, both laughing and panting from the exertion of their strenuous dance. Their sweaty naked bodies pressed together as they caught their breath, neither wanting to get up just yet.

"Have you ever been to the school dances?" asked Amy.

"Naw, I never could get up the courage to ask anyone to go with me," he said.

"Let me show you how we slow dance at those," she said, pulling him up. She pressed herself against him, with her arms under his, her hands running up to his shoulders from behind, and her face in his chest. "Put your hands on my back," she ordered.

Phillip put both hands just below her rib cage on her back.

"Lower," she said.

He dropped them until he felt the first swell of her round, firm bottom.

She began humming a tune he didn't recognize and she began to sway her hips, left then right. Her feet didn't actually move much. One of her feet was between his and he could feel the soft fluff of her pubic hair on his thigh, rubbing back and forth gently. Blood rushed to his penis immediately.

"Uh oh," he said under his breath.

"What?" she asked. Then she felt his cock rising and pressing against her. "Oh... that."

"Sorry," he said.

"I told you I didn't mind," she chastised gently.

"This feels really good," he said, as his cock rose between her legs. She shifted so that it went between her legs, putting her foot against his.

She looked up at him. "Yes... it does," she said as she felt the top of his cock touch her pussy lips with a feather light touch.

"Kiss me," she demanded.

Their kiss was electric. Their steps slowed until their feet were rooted to the ground, only their hips moving, back and forth as he ground his revived prick into her. As their tongues began to slither against each other, she brought her feet close together, trapping his long hard cock against her pussy lips. All she had to do was lean back and lean forward one time and he began dry fucking her as her face and chest flushed with passion. Her hands dropped to his hard butt about the same time as his hands slid down to cup her softer ones.

He didn't want to break the kiss, but he could feel things happening in his balls again.

"Amy," he said into her mouth.

"What?" she said, licking his lips.

"It's going to happen again."

Streaks of electric warnings shot through Amy's mind and body, followed closely by streaks of excitement at the thought of feeling more of that troubling/fascinating substance on her body. Phillip's... semen. How did she feel about Phillip's semen? His penis scraped across her vulva and she shivered again.

She pulled on his butt harder. "OK," she moaned into his mouth.

"But..." and she cut him off with another hot kiss.

He couldn't help speeding up and her gyrations brought both of them closer to orgasm as she rubbed all over his hard cock.

She couldn't quite get there, but he did. With a groan of equal parts shame and lust, Phillip's prick exploded and flooded the space right outside her pussy lips with thick sticky sperm. When she felt the heat and wet of his discharge, she just HAD to slide her hand between them and crook one finger so it would bring pressure on her clitty. The tip of that finger slid through his copious slippery spooge and shoved some of it into her pussy as she abused her clitty.

With a tiny sigh she began cumming instantly, rubbing his sperm all around and over her clit... cumming on her spermy finger.

They clung to each other, holding each other up, their lips still sealed as each shivered through an orgasm that was more powerful than any either had ever had before.

In those few seconds, Fate roared with laughter and, if he'd had a prick, it would have been leaking, and he would have wagged it at them, flipping drops of Fate's invisible seed all around the young couple.

Samantha and George lay in each other's arms on the blanket. Sam could still feel the wet heat of his sperm inside her.

"We weren't supposed to do that," she said softly.

"I know." He was torn between trying to feel miserable for what had happened, and wanting to jump up and scream his happiness that he'd finally consummated his love for this girl. It had started out as an attempt to conquer, with only lust in his heart. But over the months he'd found he really loved her. He hadn't given up his attempts to get in her panties, but he hadn't really cared TOO much when she rebuffed him.

Now everything had changed. There was no 'other level' for them to go to now. There were no bases left to try to get to. They didn't know it, but the egg he'd just fertilized would grow in her womb to be a beautiful baby girl, who would cause as much, if not more trouble BEFORE she was born as girls are known to cause AFTER they are born.

But for now they just lay there quietly, thinking about what this all meant, now that it was in the past. Oddly, neither was thinking about whether or not he might have made her pregnant. Instead, their adolescent minds were fixed on whether they loved each other, and how this might change their social lives.

Sam was conscious of a growing demand in her that would prohibit him from even LOOKING at other girls, much less going out with them, even though they had never made such rules in the past. She had given him a priceless gift, and she expected him to acknowledge that in his future treatment of her.

George was conscious of the feel of his sated penis, and how he just KNEW she'd let him do it again. Suddenly he didn't think about Jenny Hampton's tits, or Melissa Roger's sweet round ass any more. Instead he thought of Sam's legs, open and inviting, her arms outstretched to him, welcoming him. Incredibly, he felt his prick twitch.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Sam, not exactly thinking of any specific 'thing' that needed doing. It was actually a rhetorical question.

George, feeling life coming back to his cock, rolled and hugged her, kissing her with quick soft kisses on her lips, cheeks and neck.

"I don't know about you, but I want to love you again," he said honestly.

His choice of words was more important than he'd ever know, because when she heard "love you" it struck a chord in her. She'd always been just a little worried that once George got what he wanted, he'd get up and walk away.

But he hadn't.

Her heart felt full and she felt a little thrill in her pussy as she realized he really DID love her.

She kissed him back and pulled him on top of her.

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