The Kindergarten Blues

by Lubrican

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Buddy was a very unhappy young man. He had gotten caught driving with an open bottle and the judge hadn't been very understanding. He sentenced Buddy to community service - six months of community service. And Buddy was on his way to the court clerk's office to find out how he was going to have to spend those six months.

The clerk was a dried up older woman whose name tag said "Fran". She wasn't impressed with Buddy and made no attempt to convince him otherwise.

"Julian Elementary School," she pronounced, smiling at him in a way that didn't seem friendly at all. "They have a new kindergarten teacher and she needs an aide." She shoved a piece of paper toward him. "Give that to the principal. Maybe working with children will teach you something. They'll train you, and I wouldn't advise missing any of that training." She turned around. She'd already forgotten him by the time he closed the door.

When he got to the school the principal looked him over and said "We'll take care of your training soon. I'll let you know when. Right now I want you in that room." He was then sent to find, according to the slip of paper the principal gave him, one Lillie Thompson, the new kindergarten teacher.

Lillie Thompson was nervous. She was just out of college and was about to start her first real job as a teacher. Twenty-six five year olds were going to either learn to love her or hate her and she wasn't at all sure which it would be. Still, she did have a little experience after working with all those second graders during her student teaching.

Two hours later she was already almost in a panic. These weren't children. They were monsters. They wouldn't listen to her. They ran around like little self propelled crash cars. They screamed all the time, for no reason or any reason. They threw things, ate the art supplies. She hadn't accomplished anything at all. And to top it off someone was banging on the door to the room. How in the world had it gotten locked? She opened it to find a handsome young man standing there, a piece of paper in his hand.

"Uh ... Miss Thompson?" he asked, peering past her to the chaos in the room.

"Yes?" she said. She glanced over her shoulder to see little Tommy something-or-other push a little girl down, knocking her head on a table. "Come in, quickly!" she yelled as she went to help the girl.

It took about ten minutes before they both understood what Buddy had gotten himself into. When she found out he was her aide, she started firing orders at him like a verbal machine gun. Their first task was to restore order of some kind. Buddy found that by frowning at a child just so they would stop doing whatever they were doing and stand there, scared to death. Then he'd put them in a chair and warn them to stay there.

In fairly short order he had most of the class seated, if not quiet. It seemed that each child had something extremely important to tell him, or the kid next to him, and all of them were doing so at the top of their little five year old lungs.

The teacher was over in one corner trying to get glue covered paper out of a girl's hair, so he picked up a book and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!"

To his surprise it got quiet. The girl with the glue in her hair even stopped crying.

"OK, now listen to me," he said in his best bad guy voice. "My name is Buddy and I'm here to help Miss ... your teacher. Now there isn't going to be any more of this running and screaming and stuff, understood?"

All the kids just stared at him. He raised his voice again and thundered "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" A couple of the kids sniffled but some more nodded their heads.

"Fine," he went on in a normal voice. "Now I'm going to read you a story. Everybody gather around and sit on the floor."

Within ten minutes 25 wondering faces were gazing at Buddy in awe as he read the story of the Billy Goat's Gruff, making up voices for all the characters. He was especially good at the Troll voice, since that was the one he had used to get the kids to be quiet.

The little monsters ate it up.

Miss Thompson finally finished combing the glue out of Tracie's hair. Thank goodness it was water based glue, she thought. She'd been listening to Buddy read too, and was amazed at his skill at getting the kids to do what he told them to. She also knew a talented story teller when she heard one. She and Tracie joined the kids for the end of the story.

By the end of the day they were both exhausted. But now the kids were gone and it was quiet. She finally had a chance to interview her new helper.

She read over the paper he'd handed her and was surprised to see that he was a criminal being punished by being sentenced to help her. She glanced up at him. He frowned. He obviously knew what was in the paper. But she had seen him in action. In fact she was glad she hadn't had time to read it until after she'd seen his skills. They talked for a while and she decided he was just a cute kid who'd used bad judgment. She didn't care why he was there, she was just glad he was.

At the same time, he didn't learn much of anything about her. She wasn't ready to give him that information yet.

If she had, he would have learned she was an only child who'd been kept a virtual captive in her own home by strictly religious parents. The only way they'd pay for her college was if she went to a Catholic college and promised not to have any boyfriends until she was graduated and living on her own. The only date she'd ever been on was to her prom, and her father had been her chauffeur and chaperone for that. She and her date had never been more than 25 feet from her father, who watched her like a hawk.

Likewise she was not allowed to have a job after school, though her mother did take her along to volunteer at the local library sometimes. In fact, she wasn't allowed to be anywhere, anytime, when she might be left alone with a boy.

She knew she had to get out of the house, and the only way to do that was with a degree, so she had kept to her promise during college. Now she was a 23 year old virgin with no dating experience, in a strange town, where she knew no one. She wasn't much interested in going to church, and didn't know where else to meet people.

So she was planning on throwing all her energy into her work.

She masturbated, of course. She was an expert at that. While she might be a virgin technically, she knew her maidenhead was long gone, sacrificed to a variety of long, usually smooth, objects she'd smuggled into her room, and used at night. There had been a hair brush handle, a candle, a banana and even a carrot. She could play her clitty like an instrument and had perfected the art of coming just from pinching and rolling her cherry red nipples between two fingers.

She'd been to plenty of movies and knew what having sex looked like. She had a pretty good imagination too, and her parents hadn't been able to stifle that. So any time she got really horny she just rubbed herself off and that was that.

She had never gone through all the hours of self inspection, in front of a mirror, with bottles of this and tubes of that, trying to make herself beautiful. That just wasn't the sort of thing that was done in her family.

It had never, therefore, occurred to her that she might be classified as "drop dead gorgeous".

Now she had a new fantasy. Buddy. He was tall, handsome, well built in a muscular sort of way, and, to her mind, dangerous. He was, after all, technically a criminal. Besides that, she developed a real appreciation for his skills with the children. It turned out he had eight brothers and sisters and he was the second eldest, so he knew how to handle kids. Over the next month she came to depend on him for a lot, and he did almost as much of the actual teaching as she did.

He was invariably polite to her (the letter had urged her to report to the court any "incivility, inappropriate behavior, violation of rules, or other unacceptable behavior") and even though he had started out by terrorizing the kids, they now did what he told them to out of affection for him instead of fear. He had become their big brother and could get them to do almost anything with very little effort. All in all, he was the kind of man she'd seen on the movie screen, and assumed didn't actually exist.

Several times of late, when she had been stroking her swollen clit and sliding a finger deep into her wet pussy at night, it had been his face she was thinking of when she came.

As for Buddy, he had gone from shock and anger at his plight to wishing the time wouldn't go so fast. He was even thinking of maybe going to college himself, seeking a teaching degree. He already knew he could do the job, and he liked the kids. Miss Thompson was a bonus.

And what a bonus. About 5'6", maybe 110 pounds. She wore her dark blond hair up at school, but he could tell it would reach down past her shoulders if she unbound it. She sure had nice handfuls for breasts, though she never wore anything that showed them off. She couldn't hide her hips, though. She often wore short skirts that hugged her hips, which swelled from a thin waist and then curved back in to legs that looked like they'd never quit. Several times he'd caught himself staring at those hips and found his dick starting to get hard. She didn't even seem to be aware of what a fox she actually was, and that made her even harder to resist.

He didn't dare screw up, though, or he'd be back in front of the judge, who'd probably send him to work in the sewers or something. So he just dreamed of what she might look like in a bikini and pumped on his hard dick at night, shooting streams of spunk into a towel.

They developed an honest friendship over the next three months. She finally told him to start calling her Lillie. He brought in a small coffee maker they used at the end of the day while they were cleaning up and planning for the next day's activities. He'd brew a special roasted blend of coffees from South America and Turkey and they'd sip the coffee and talk as they worked. Soon they were completely comfortable in each other's presence.

There was an undeniable sexual tension between them. Both of them knew it, though neither ever said anything about it to the other. There was no flirting, no lash-covered glances, and no posturing. At home, at night, in the privacy of their rooms, they admitted their feelings to themselves as they pleasured their bodies.

At school they were properly controlled.

Then fate played its hand. (Don't you just LOVE fate?)

One day Lillie had worn an antique necklace to school. It was jeweled and old and very valuable. It had been handed down from her great grandmother and it was her pride and joy. The chain was made with heavy silver links and was quite long. It hung almost down to her navel. There were clusters of diamonds every six inches along the chain and a large brooch at the bottom that was encrusted with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. That day she had worn a simple white blouse, tucked into a black leather mini skirt.

In college the one thing she had done for herself was to indulge in fancy underwear. She had made a habit of buying the flimsiest panties, all of lace and silk, many of them in the thong style. When she went shopping for panties, she mentally thumbed her nose at her parents, who would never know what she was wearing next to her most private parts. There was a little place in Denver, a place where they sold all manner of naughty things. She'd bought several pairs of panties there, and they turned out to be crotchless. At first she had been horrified, but she felt so sexy wearing them that soon they were just part of her wardrobe.

She happened to be wearing a pair of those this day under the leather mini.

Class was over and she and Buddy were planning the next day's activities. She decided to do an art project that involved using rubber stamps. She knew there was a box of them in the store room and she knew about where they were.

When she went in, though, the room was in such a mess that she couldn't get to the location she thought they were in. There was a small table in the way, but she thought that if she could bend over it and reach down to the bottom shelf on the wall behind the table, she could just about reach the box with the stamps in it. She proceeded to do just that, laying her upper torso down on the table top and reaching down on the other side of the table. It was at this point that fate ACTUALLY played its hand, regardless of what I said 368 words ago. I just wanted to keep you interested.

First, her necklace fell down on the other side of the table and into a box. This particular box happened to contain a three hole punch and about fifty pounds of clay in ten pound blocks. The necklace brooch got caught in the punch, which was held down in the box by the clay.

Second, a stack of boxes to her left tipped and fell between her and the shelf. Now she couldn't reach the box her necklace was stuck in because these boxes were in the way. She tried to move the boxes, but didn't have enough strength to lift them.

In her wiggling, her blouse came un-tucked and her skirt rode up, exposing her crotchless peach colored panties completely. Her breasts hung over the edge of the table, and her head was almost in one of the cubby holes on the wall.

The only good news was that the box with the stamps in it was in her hands.

But she was stuck.

The only way she could get loose was to pull hard enough on the chain of her priceless heirloom necklace to break it. Then - and only then - could she stand up and repair everything else.

She could feel air on her thighs, but couldn't tell now much of her butt was showing. She had no idea that not only was her entire ass exposed, so too was her pussy, which could clearly be seen through the gap in her crotchless panties.

"Buddyyyyy," she groaned. "BUUUDDDDYYYY!" she tried to yell.

Buddy heard her say his name. She sounded strange somehow. At first he couldn't tell where she was, but then he realized the noise was coming from the store room. She sounded in trouble somehow.

He walked into the room to find the pussy of his dreams staring right at him. Lillie was wearing crotchless panties! She was bent invitingly over a table, spread like she was ready to be fucked from behind. His cock responded to the stimulus immediately and swelled to its fullest.

"Lillie?" he said tentatively.

"Thank goodness," came the muffled reply. She then commenced to tell him what had happened, and that she was stuck.

"What do you want me to do?" he said, staring at her womanhood and licking his lips.

"Can you find the clasp on the necklace and undo it?" she said.

Buddy walked over and examined the situation. The only way he could reach her neck would mean he was standing with his cock pressed against her butt. He didn't mind a bit, but he had a pretty good idea what she'd think.

"Um...there's this little problem," he said. "Your skirt has sort of ridden up and for me to reach the clasp I'll have to ... sort of be against you." He realized he was blushing even though she couldn't see him.

Lillie gasped as she remembered what panties she was wearing. Oh what he must think of her. But she was stuck. "That's OK," she gasped. "Just try to get the necklace undone."

Buddy walked up to her exposed ass and reached over her to her neck. As he did so the lump of his hard dick pressed right into the hole in her panties. His fingers slid along the necklace at the back of her neck. It felt smooth and unbroken.

"I can't feel the clasp" he said, reaching further. All this did was press his hardon into her pussy even harder.

Lillie felt him pressing up against her pussy. She was horrified to discover that it felt pretty good.

In the meantime, Buddy was having a very hard time controlling himself. All he could feel was his boner pressing against her pussy through his pants.

Lillie spoke. "Maybe it slid down to one side or the other. Follow the chain down on either side and see if you can find the clasp."

Buddy found that he couldn't reach over her shoulder and follow the chain down. He'd have to climb on top of her to do that. There wasn't enough room on the table top for him to climb beside her. He'd have to slide his hands under her arms. He told her this and got a "Go ahead" from her.

It didn't occur to either of them that her breasts would be in the way. But they were. The chain was hanging between them, and the only way Buddy could reach the chain was to slide his hands across her breasts.

He found this out when he slid his hands down past the edge of the table and found both hands full of soft round tit.

She found it out when she felt his hands slide across her breasts and an electric charge swelled in both nipples. It occurred to her that this also felt pretty good.

"What are you doing?" she asked somewhat tremulously.

"I'm trying to find the chain," he said as his hands slid backwards and forwards across the soft mounds.

"Ummmmm," she said. "That's not the chain."

"Ah, yeah...I know, but I can't find it," he mumbled.

Now his dick was pressing into her pussy, which was beginning to get decidedly wet, and his hands were stimulating her nipples.

We have to give Buddy some credit here. He was intent on doing what she asked him to, even if it required that his hands stroke and hold her breasts.

This went on for some time and neither of them seemed to notice that no real progress was being made at actually finding the chain of the necklace.

Finally one of his fingers brushed up against the chain and he grabbed it. "Found it!" he said triumphantly.

"Ohhh," was the somewhat disappointed reply.

But the clasp had slid all the way down to the brooch and the only way they could find it was to slide the chain up on one side and down on the other until the clasp came into reach.

It was during this process that Lillie had her orgasm.

Buddy's hard dick had steadily been rubbing against her inflamed pussy lips for over ten minutes. After the stimulation of her nipples she was very close to going over the edge, and while he was trying to pull the clasp into his reach his dick rubbing against her took her the rest of the way. As Buddy was pulling on the chain she began to wiggle her butt against his dick and squirm. Then she went "Ohhhh ... Buddy ... Ohhh my .... Ohhhh shit .....ahhhhhhhhhhh."

Now Buddy may have made some bad judgments in his day, but he wasn't stupid. He had a pretty good idea what was going on when she started sounding like the sound track of a certain VHS movie he had hidden under his mattress. He was actually working pretty hard to keep his dick from spurting himself.

But he couldn't resist needling her a little. "Lillie? What's wrong? Are you OK?" he said, pressing his dick hard against her spasming pussy lips.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned. "I''s just...a" Her butt gave one more wiggle just as he felt the clasp slide into his right hand.

Buddy undid the clasp and let the chain fall into the box.

She was free.

She slid backward into him, pressing hard into his boner as she stood up. She turned around, her straining breasts brushing across his chest.

Their faces were only inches apart.

She was panting. "Oh thank you," she said. "I don't know how to..."

Buddy kissed her. He put his arms around her, ground his dick into the front of her pussy this time, and kissed her hard. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she melted in his arms. He broke the kiss, but she came back for another one, sucking his tongue like a popsicle.

Then she dropped to her knees and began undoing his belt. His pants clasp came next and she jerked his pants down to his knees as she said "I shouldn't be doing this, but I just have to see..."

His dick bobbed right in front of her face and she grasped it with her right hand. She stared and said "I shouldn't do this but I just have to..."

She planted a big wet kiss right on the end of his penis, rubbing his precum around the head with her pursed lips.

Then she was up and sitting on the table, her legs spread as she pulled him toward her. "Buddy" she said in a husky voice. "I shouldn't be doing this - I've NEVER done this - but I have to have you right now."

She flipped her skirt up to her waist, exposing the panties one more time and her hand pulled his rod to the gap in them. As Buddy's startled gaze watched, she nosed the head of his dick in between her swollen pussy lips.

Buddy had never done this either. But he'd watched that movie about eleventy-nine times and he knew what to do.

Buddy pushed.

He pushed hard and didn't stop pushing until he was buried in her luscious kindergarten teacher pussy. She groaned and fell back on the table as he penetrated her. Her hands flew to the tips of her heaving breasts and she started pinching her nipples through her blouse and bra.

Then her fingers were tearing the blouse open. The bra had a front catch and it was soon unsnapped, baring her beautiful breasts.

Buddy pulled back and slammed into her again, getting a long "Ahhhhhhhh" from her for his efforts. He leaned over and pushed one of her hands away from her nipple with his mouth. He sucked the nipple in and felt her pussy go into spasms as he suckled the nip, chewing and sucking on it. She roared from that orgasm into another as his prick bulged in her newly fucked pussy and spat its heavy load of kindergarten teacher aide man cream up into her in long streams of white gooey spunk.

When they were done Lillie didn't say a word. She buttoned up her blouse, pulled down her skirt, pulled him into the classroom and picked up her purse.

"We're going to my place," she said as she pushed him out the door.

Buddy would never forget that evening and night. She was insatiable. If he could get it hard she fucked him until it was soft again. She tried sucking him hard again with her mouth until he was so tender he had to push her away. Two hours later he awoke in bed to find her jacking on his newly stiff penis, preparing to mount and ride him to another orgasm.

She never brought him off with her mouth.

She never jacked him off to watch him cum.

She wanted every drop of his potent sperm in her pussy and she did everything she could to get him to plant more in her. He was convinced that if they hadn't had school the next day she'd never had let him out of bed until he was a dried up husk.

By the third night she was satisfied with only three loads of his thick cum in her pussy. But it took two weeks before she would settle for only one. She later told him she had a lot of lost time to make up for.

He didn't mind.

One night as his dick pulsed and spat its load of baby makers into her belly he thought to himself that he needed to go back and thank that judge some time.

But not right now.

Right now he had to satisfy his woman.

The End

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