Skating On Thin Ice With Niece

by Lubrican

Bob watched his niece glide gracefully around the ice rink. Her legs were bare, and the little skirt of the outfit she wore flapped in the wind, showing the matching panties underneath. There was almost no back in the outfit too, which meant that it looked like only the long sleeves with their sparkling sequins were holding it on her upper body.

As she turned the corner and came toward him he groaned softly. She'd always had prominent nipples, and the cloth of this costume wasn't thick enough to deter them. Her pert breasts bobbed as she skated and he realized she'd taken out the foundation and was flaunting her luscious tits intentionally. He felt blood flow into his penis and it swelled a little. She charged toward him and then skidded sideways, sending up a shower of ice particles that rained down all over him.

"Cute" he growled.

"Why thank you Uncle Bob" Mindy giggled. "I try to look my best for the meets and competitions." She giggled again. Sixteen year old bombshells weren't supposed to giggle. It made their coaches unable to concentrate.

"You need to concentrate on your skating more than you concentrate on these" he reached out and gently pinched one of her protruding nipples. A look of shock came over her face. Her feet windmilled and she sat down hard on the ice.

"UNCLE BOB!" she shouted indignantly.

"Well, when you flaunt them, don't be surprised if somebody notices and does something about it," he said. Then he turned away. The feel of her hard little nip between his fingers had caused another surge of blood to enlarge his cock some more. He didn't want her to see that. He was probably in enough trouble just for touching her.

Not to say they weren't close. They were VERY close, and had been since she was big enough to climb up on his lap the first time. She always gave him big bear hugs when she saw him, even if they'd only been apart for a few hours. He'd taught her how to skate ... and how to win competitions. When she trained, it was for weeks at a time, and she stayed in his spare bedroom instead of driving back home five hours away.

They were buddies.

Now, he figured, he'd blown it.

"Uncle Bob!" came her strident voice.

He turned, ready for her anger, but she surprised him.

"I'm sorry" she said meekly. "There's this guy ... and he makes me feel all gooshy inside. And I wanted to make him notice me. So I ... um ... changed my outfit a little, because he's coming to the meet..." she trailed off.

"I should have known a boy was involved," he said. "But sweetie, you have to understand. This is a meet, and you want them to notice your skating, not your beautiful bobbing breasts." He grinned and she blushed.

"So it worked? I mean ... guys notice that kind of thing? Really?" she asked.

"You have no idea what that outfit does to a man" said bob seriously. The men might actually award you more points, but the women judges would try their best to put you out of the competition. Your guy will notice you without you having to look like a ..." he stopped. He realized he was angry, and that puzzled him, until he realized he was also very erect.

He was jealous! Yes, jealous of some punk kid who was going to get to feel up his niece on some date, and maybe even get his dick slippery with her juices. The idea of that made him tight inside. "Look, Mindy, I'm sorry. You have the right to ... to be a teenage girl. But don't do it in competition, OK?"

Mindy was looking at him with her mouth open, staring. He discovered that he'd turned around while talking to her and that she could plainly see the front of his pants.


"Sure, Uncle Bob," she said quietly. "I understand. And ... thank you." She took off skating, leaving him wondering what she was thanking him for.

That night supper was quiet and Bob was miserable. He loved his niece and the thought that she now thought he was a pervert hurt him badly. Finally he couldn't take it any further. "Mindy?" he said.

"Um?" she sounded like her mind was far away. Wherever she wished she was instead of with him, probably.

"About this afternoon." he started. She looked up now, intently. She looked ... interested. "Uh, sometimes a man ... I mean well things happen to a man that he can't exactly control sometimes. And ... uh ... well that sort of happened this afternoon and I'm sorry." he finished in a rush.

"You mean your ..." she pointed one long lacquered fingernail at his crotch.

"Uh, yeah. I'm really sorry. I don't want you to think I'm a pervert or something" he went on. "It's just that when a man sees a sexy woman ... well ..." he stopped as she crossed the room and stood in front of him.

Close in front of him.

She put that same finger up to his lips. "I don't want to discuss it" she said. "Not now." Then she turned and started out of the room. "I'm going to take a shower." And she left.

That didn't help Bob's situation at all. He tried to watch TV, but couldn't concentrate. Finally he went to bed. As he tried to go to sleep he heard Mindy moving around in her room. When he thought of her he thought of those pert little nipples and how that one little squeeze had felt. He imagined her top falling forward, and being able to see her breasts.

He got achingly hard and, though he felt ashamed, he began to beat off.

It never occurred to him that she'd walk into his room unannounced.

When she did, he was in mid stroke and he was close, imagining his cock rubbing up against her sweet pussy, maybe even in it a little bit. He opened his eyes and saw her standing in his door, dressed in a nightgown he'd never seen before. It was a negligee, really, with a filmy see through top. Under that top she wasn't wearing anything. the panties were see through too. It was an outfit that screamed 'FUCK ME ... FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" She had one hand on her hip, one leg off to the side, standing hipshot.

"Now I'm ready to discuss it Uncle Bob". she said in a husky voice.

She began walking toward him as he lay there frozen, hand still gripping his rigid cock. The world took on an unreal quality for Bob. He squeezed his cock to keep stuff from bubbling out of the tip. That would be embarrassing if she saw that, wouldn't it? He stared hungrily at her almost naked body. She was a knockout in that outfit. A very dim part of his mind wondered where in the world a girl that young had gotten it. Ludicrously that thought came to the top. "Where in the world did you get that?" he said in a dazed voice.

"At the Mall. A little shot called Cristy's Toy Box ... Like it?" she said, moving closer. She got to the bed and leaned over, staring down at his cock. "Oh! I see you DO like it. Thank you again, Uncle Bob," she said. Her voice was light, kidding ... but she wasn't smiling.

Her hand came out and, as he watched in disbelief, she batted at his hand until he let go of his bone. Then, before he could say anything at all, her head swooped down and she captured the head of his cock in her warm mouth.

"MINDYEEEEEEE" he groaned. His hand went to her head, but he couldn't make it do anything. It ended up resting on her golden hair as her head dropped and she took more of his cock into her mouth. Then, very slowly, she sucked hard and dragged her mouth up, over each ridge and bump, to the tip, where she used the tip of her tongue to tickle the little slit at the end. She pulled her mouth off with an audible "pop" and smacked her lips, sighing.

"I've wanted to do that for four YEARS! It was even better than I thought it would be." Her hand came back up and jacked his cock slowly. "You're MY pretty baby now" she said to his penis, and then she kissed the head wetly.

"What ... what ... what are you doing?" said a thoroughly amazed Uncle Bob.

"Remember that 'guy' I told you I was trying to get to notice me?" she said.

He nodded dumbly.

"Well, today he did. He told me I have beautiful breasts. And he said I was a sexy woman. And I've been waiting for him to notice me as a woman for a long time. I've been waiting for him to respond to me as a woman ... and I'm tired of waiting."

As she talked she stood up and the wispy top somehow fell off her shoulders.

"So I'm NOT going to wait any longer."

There, in front of his eyes, were the luscious breasts he'd just been fantasizing about. Her nipples were upturned and perky ... and hard as bullets. She climbed up onto the bed and straddled her poor Uncle, sandwiching his rampant prick between her bottom and his stomach. Then she leaned over, dangling one of those sumptuous titties in his face.

"Suck em" she ordered huskily.

This was a different girl than the one Bob had eaten breakfast with this morning. This was a woman who was in heat and wasn't taking "No" for an answer. The strangeness of it all overwhelmed him and he opened his mouth. Immediately he was suckling her rubbery nipple and she was making cooing sounds of pleasure and approval.

She began dry humping, sliding her panty-clad pussy along the bottom of his leaky rod. It didn't feel like there was cloth between them, though, and he realized the panties were crotchless. Her hand went down and he felt her grasp his cock and lift it off his stomach. Before he could say anything to stop her she poked the tip into hot butter and began jamming her pussy down onto it.

It was obvious she'd never done this before. She squirmed and panted and wiggled as, little by little, inch by inch, she managed to get a third of his cock in her.

She was tight. She was so tight he didn't think it would go.

When she had about three inches in her she gave a little whimper. It was the most erotic sound he'd ever heard in his life. It was the sound of a woman who wants cock, but whose lover is teasingly withholding it. It was the sound of a woman who is close to happiness, but needs just a little bit more. That sound, more than anything else that had happened, sunk into Bob's brain and said "Please, Uncle Bob, I want you deep inside me - Really!!"

That sound was directly connected to Bob's 'cum' button and he blew his nut.

Instantly her pussy walls were coated with his thick viscous spend and the slippery stuff was exactly what was needed to lubricate her. About the same time his second shot blasted into her virgin muff she sat heavily down and he thrust upward at the same time.

Suddenly he was balls deep in his niece. His cock was still spurting as the tip burrowed into her cervix and spat a glob up into her womb. Both of them were making noises now, none of which made any sense. He couldn't tell for sure, but she appeared to be having her own orgasm.

Mindy WAS having her own cum. A hundred thoughts were flashing through her mind. She'd been nervous about putting on the outfit. She'd been even more nervous about walking down the hall to his room. But when she'd cracked open the door and seen what he was doing, she somehow knew he was thinking about her while he was jerking off. She'd felt a flush of victory, then a flash of anger that he hadn't tried to make a move on her. Part of her brain said "Duh, stupid, he's your Uncle!" but she overrode that part. She'd been crazy about her uncle for years and he'd been her dream lover while she diddled her own clitty.

She'd felt perfectly normal from that point until she couldn't get his lovely stiff penis in her pussy. As she squirmed to work his cock into her she realized it just wasn't going to fit. The part that was in her felt SOOOO good that the pain she also felt was actually welcome! There were conflicting tensions in her body as her pussy sent pleasure signals to her brain, which was terrified that she wouldn't be able to actually complete the sex act.

She heard herself make a frustrated sound.

It was then she felt the rush of wet heat inside her body, where they were connected. She knew instinctively what that feeling was. It was proof that her Uncle loved her too, and that he wanted this too. She felt the thrill that a wrestler feels as he pins his opponent and knows the match is won.

Then, suddenly, her poor pussy was FULL of cock. She felt like she'd sat down on a baseball bat. There was an instant of pain and she felt like she'd gained ten pounds. But there was more of that warm wet feeling as her Uncle fed her his love and her elation at finally having what she had wanted for so long did the same thing her finger usually did to her clit.

She came.

Bob's dick quit spurting, but didn't soften even a little. He lay there dazed as his niece writhed and moaned and wailed on top of him. He looked down and saw her see through panties pressing against his curly brown pubes. He couldn't believe that the hot wet pussy that surrounded his cock was hers, but the proof was right there in front of him.

All his pent up lust for this gorgeous girl came to the surface. All the times he'd watched her lithe body gliding along the ice. All the times she'd pressed her developing body against his. All their little kisses. The pussy he'd just been imagining was now full of his spunk.

He rolled with her and she flopped weakly. He planted his knees as her thighs fell apart to the sides. He got his hands under him and raised his chest so she could breathe. She lay splayed open beneath him. Experimentally he dragged the length of his still hard cock out of her and then eased it back in. She groaned. She was still tight - gloriously tight - but she could take it now.

He began fucking her.

Bob was pretty good in bed, and since he'd just cum, there was no real urgency in his movements. There was a clinical part of his mind that decided to make this a time his niece would never forget. And so he used every trick of the book on the sixteen year old girl.

She crashed from her first orgasm directly into a second. He let her rest for a minute as she panted and then drove her into a third. She was gasping for air as he finally felt his balls respond again and he worked his own feeling until, with quiet intention, he flexed the muscles that helped his prostate power another load of sperm deep into her luscious pussy.

He drove in deep as his cock let go and pressed hard, getting the spurting tip of his prick as close to her womb as possible. As the last full shot of goo entered her body, he rolled them sideways, so he could relax without crushing her. Her upper leg wrapped around both of his, holding her pussy against him, not wanting to let his cock pull out.

Arms around each other, they drifted off to sleep.

They woke each other up about two hours later as they moved stiff arms and legs. Mindy complained that her panties were soggy and he kneeled to untie the little bows on each side of them. She spread her legs and raised her hips to let him drag the soaked fabric out from under her and he saw her bare pussy for the first time.

Within sixty seconds his cock was buried in her again as she cooed happily under him.

That was the way it was for most of the rest of the night. Finally, about six in the morning, they rolled apart and slept like babies.

It was close to noon when Bob awoke, his stomach growling with hunger. His cock was sore and he smiled. That had never happened before. He had a perverse feeling of pride that he'd been able to go all night long ... and at HIS age!

He turned his head toward where he felt her body and saw her eyes were open ... clear ... staring at him. There was no expression on her beautiful face.

"You OK?" he said softly.

"Oh yeah" she said simply.

"You sore?" he asked.

"Oh yeah" she smiled.

"You happy?" Somehow her answer to this question was the most important of all, in his mind.

"Yes!" she shot back immediately. "Very!"

"What do we do now?" he said, feeling better now that he knew she wasn't sorry.

"Well" she said seriously, "I plan to finish High School." She stopped as he grinned, thinking she was playing with him, but went on just as seriously "And I plan to keep skating until the baby shows. Then I'll skate to get back in shape after the baby's born."

She had the exact same look on her face as she had the night before when she said "I don't want to discuss it."

Bob thought for a minute, looking at her face. She WAS serious. "Our baby?" he said.

"Oh yeah" she sighed, and kissed him.

The End