King Dong

by Lubrican

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King Dong

by Lubrican

Chapter 1

Kathy was at the age where she knew she had to go to these big family gatherings, but could only think of perhaps fifteen or twenty things she'd rather be doing. She knew it wouldn't do any good to protest, and she'd gotten in the car with her sister and mother, but she hadn't been happy about it. That changed when they got to her Grandmother's house.

Kathy saw her Uncle and grinned. He was so cool. He was big and strong, but when he wrestled with her it was like fighting with a big soft teddy bear. He tickled her so expertly it was almost scary. He could position his hands in such a way that when she jerked her body to get away from that tickle spot, he would be ready to strike at another tickle spot. She loved to jump on him and try to tickle him back, even though he didn't tickle very well. She always felt special whenever he paid attention to her in their special way.

When her breasts grew out she hated them. They got in the way of almost everything, and they were tender and sore. And then hair grew between her legs and it held odors so that she had to take showers almost every single day. She felt awkward and ugly. But through it all, her Uncle Bob smiled at her and hugged her and wrestled with her. Now his tickling wasn't so rough, though he still made her squirm and giggle. When she was trying to escape-but-not-really from him, she forgot she was a gangly misshapen girl.

Eventually she grew into a lithe strong limbed woman with thrusting breasts that didn't hurt any more, but sometimes tingled strangely, especially the nipples. And all that hair covered pouting lips that also tingled, especially when she washed there in the shower. Her long blond hair glistened with health and her skin was flawless. There were lots of people who thought she and Uncle Bob shouldn't wrestle any more.

But neither she nor Uncle Bob agreed.

And when she saw him today, she planned her attack.

She pretended not to notice him, or not to care, as if he were just another relative at the family gathering. There was going to be lots of food and card games and all the usual things that happened when some part of their large family got together. So she talked to the odd cousin, or one of her Aunts, only looking at Uncle Bob out of the corner of her eye.

He was, as usual, wearing a pair of loose shorts with an elastic waist. He also had on a tank top that showed off his bulging arms and broad chest. Sandals completed his outfit.

But it was the shorts she was interested in.

Sixteen year olds aren't known for using the best judgment. Kathy was a normal teenager, who thought something would be cute or funny without thinking things through completely. Her plan was to get behind Uncle Bob and jerk those shorts down around his calves, exposing his underwear. Then she would laugh and yell "GOTCHA!" and run away before he could jerk his shorts back up and chase her.

It just never occurred to her that he might not be wearing underwear.

She had two Uncles and four Aunts and about forty cousins. Uncle Bob was talking to his two younger sisters, Cora and Liz. Liz was her mother and, as she maneuvered, she was struck by the look on her mom's face as she talked to Uncle Bob. Her mother was smiling, which wasn't unusual, but there was something else there, some look of utter happiness that was striking and caught Kathy's attention. Aunt Cora was just as animated and it occurred to Kathy that she wasn't the only female in the clan who enjoyed being around Uncle Bob.

Kathy put her plan into action and wandered into the area behind Uncle Bob. About then her sister Jill and her cousin Mindy came up to their mothers to ask if they could go hiking together. Kathy wanted to snort at the idea that her mother, or Aunt Cora would allow the two fourteen year old girls to go off alone. But they played into her plan perfectly.

All four of them had a perfect view when Kathy grabbed Bob's shorts and jerked them down. Her plan worked perfectly. His shorts went all the way to his ankles. She yelled "GOTCHA!" gleefully and jumped up, at which time she saw bare buttocks right in front of her face.

Something in her mind said "Uh oh" and, instead of running away, she just stepped back a pace.

Liz and Cora had grown up with Bob, and in that family there had been little privacy. With four girls and two boys plus a set of parents, and only two bathrooms, modesty wasn't a first priority. But by the time Cora and Liz had reached the full blush of puberty, Bob was the only brother left in the house and the two older sisters had gone off to college as well. So when Cora and Liz got interested in men, their brother had his own bathroom and they never got to see much of him. They were therefore unprepared for the penis that was suddenly exposed to them.

Their 14 year old daughters were, at that point in their lives, EXTREMELY interested in boys and boys' bodies. Neither had ever gotten a good look at a penis, and both wanted to badly. They would remember this day for the rest of their lives.

The organ these four women were confronted with was unusual, to say the least.

We all hear stories about huge dicks, but nobody sees them routinely. However, as anyone reading this story probably knows, there is proof out there on the internet that these things do, in fact, exist. Bob's penis could pose for those pictures.

It was nine and one quarter inches long while flaccid. It was uncircumcised, and so smooth looking it almost seemed like it was made of some kind of light wood. It hung from a tangle of light brown curly hair. The top third or so was flanked by what they could see of his balls, which were big hairy sacks that pushed the base of his cock out from his body an inch or two. The result was, oddly enough, quite similar to what an Indian Elephant looks like, in a nearsighted sort of way, with the balls being the ears, the penis the trunk and the hair the head.

All four females knew, in theory, that this penis could get hard, and that when it DID get hard, it would lengthen by a third. The two women suddenly felt weak in their knees at the thought of what that would look like... and what it would be good for.

The two girls promptly disregarded all the rumors that boys could stick those things in a girl and it would feel good. It was plain to see that any girl who got THAT thing stuck in her would need a wheel chair afterwards.

There was a general hush in the crowd after Kathy screamed "GOTCHA!" and every head turned toward them. The only person in the room who did not see his monster dick, was the person who was responsible for exposing it.

Cora, whose husband had a four inch penis that, until this day, had been perfectly satisfactory to her, said "Oh my goodness."

Liz, who was divorced and had not had a man in over six years, said "Son of a BITCH!"

The two girls chorused "EEEEWWWWWWWWW"

Everybody else just stared at first, then there was a hubbub of noise as women started yelling and men started realizing that their women were comparing them to this freak of nature.

Basically, the only person who thought it was funny was Kathy.

Her mother yelled "KATHLEEN SUE MARTIN!" at which point Kathy's suspicion that she was in trouble for her prank was confirmed. Now she KNEW she was in trouble. She leaned sideways, expecting her mother to be frowning at her, but her mother's wide eyed gaze was riveted on Uncle Bob's crotch.

Her mother shouted again "KATHLEEN SUE MARTIN!!" like she was one of those stuffed toys where you press part of them and they speak a pre-recorded message. Uncle Bob whipped around to see who had de-pantsed him and Kathy suddenly got a glimpse of what all the hubbub was about. When he turned, the trunk of his elephant rose up and lashed wildly.

Kathy's first impression was that he had a rope tied around his waist or something. When she realized that was his PENIS, she freaked. She held her hands out in front of her, warding off an unseen attacker and said "Oh shit... I'm sorry... oh shit... I didn't... Oh SHIT!"

Bob, having never married, and not having a spouse to be embarrassed by all this, decided that getting upset wouldn't do anybody any good. Instead he bent over, pulled his shorts up and said "Very funny... Ha... ha... ha. You're gonna pay for that Kat!" He sounded for all the world like he actually didn't care that his secret had been revealed.

Kathy, however, was mortified. She had embarrassed her favorite Uncle and everybody in the whole family knew it! She ran out of the room crying.

Bob, knowing that what had happened wasn't his fault, but that most of his family would blame him anyway, was more worried about Kathy than he was any of them. Some of them would try to make her life miserable and, all things considered, nothing REALLY terrible had happened. Yes, some kids had seen a real live penis, but then, what did that actually hurt?

But if his relationship with Kathy had been damaged, he actually cared about that. He was about to go after her when his sister Liz caught his arm. "Oh Bobby, I'm so sorry. Sometimes kids can be such... I don't know."

He was saying it was OK and trying to pull away to go after Kathy.

Liz went on "Wait! I need to talk to you... privately."

He looked at her and saw in her eyes the same look he'd seen in several other women's eyes once they'd seen what he had in his pants.

"Surely not" he thought. "Not my little sister!"

But once she got him alone it was obvious to him what she wanted. She started talking about how long it had been since she'd seen him, and how they hadn't spent enough time together, and how she missed her husband... well not her husband, but having a man around. She touched him on his arms and once on his hip, and when she didn't touch him her hands hovered near his body.

He'd seen it all before.

It would have been funny if it hadn't been his sister.

On the other hand, she was no slouch. She was a vibrant woman, with a good figure and a better personality. He finally stopped her babbling. "Liz... I know what you want."

There was a little panic in her eyes. "Don't be silly. I don't WANT anything."

But her eyes darted to his crotch.

He almost laughed. "Come take a walk with me" he said, holding his hand out.

Now she fidgeted. "OK... let me tell the others where I'll be."

He took her hand. "Nobody needs to know where we'll be. Come on, I want to show you something." He pulled her and they left the house.

It was the house they were all raised in, so in reality, there shouldn't have been much he COULD show her that she didn't already know about.

But she didn't say anything, she just went along with him as he took her into the woods. He kept going and finally she said "Bobby... where in the world are you taking me?"

He turned and said "Far enough they won't be able to hear you."

"What?" she said, pulling at his hand. "What did you say?"

He stopped and turned around to face her. He walked up close and she shrank back a little. "You are going to be making a hell of a lot of noise in about five or ten minutes, and I don't think you want a bunch of your cousins coming to find out WHY you're making so much noise."

She started to ask him what he was talking about but he kissed her. It took her by surprise, but part of her had been hoping for just such a kiss and that part responded with a hunger that surprised them both. She writhed against him and his hands came up and slid up her sides, then to her breasts and he squeezed them through her shirt.

She broke the kiss but did not move away from him one centimeter. "What are you doing Bobby?" she said, her voice husky.

"You know what I'm doing Lizzy." he said, and he kissed her throat as she threw her head back.

"You can't" she moaned. He pulled her and she yelped, following him as he took her deeper into the woods. "Bobby, this is crazy. We can't do this. Bobby! I won't LET you do this." But she kept running after him, her hand lightly held in his. She could have jerked her hand out of his easily.

But she didn't.

Kathy had run blindly for ten minutes after leaving her grandparents' house. She couldn't ever show her face in public again. "How STUPID that was!" she thought to herself. Finally, out of breath she sat down. She was sitting there feeling sorry for herself when she heard crashing sounds in the woods. She jumped up, afraid it was an animal, but then she heard voices.

Not just any voices. She heard her mother's voice! Were they looking for her? They probably wanted to punish her. But her mother's voice sounded funny... almost scared! Then, very plainly, she heard her mother yell "Bobby, we CAN'T do this... it's WRONG Bobby!"

They had stopped.

Kathy crept towards where she heard her mother's anguished voice.

Liz had kept telling her brother that she couldn't go with him, and kept that up all the time he pulled her along. She followed him until he stopped. They were in a little clearing that had grass thick on the ground. He turned around and looked at her. Her eyes were big and her mouth was open.

He took off his shirt.

"Bobby!" she moaned.

He bent over and pulled his shorts down. "Ohhhh fuck" she groaned. "You don't play fair." Her eyes were riveted to his cock.

Kathy pushed a branch aside and saw her Uncle and her Mother standing in the middle of a little clearing. Her Uncle pulled off his shirt. Then he took off his SHORTS! She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Bob stepped up to his sister and began unbuttoning her blouse. She kept up a stream of statements that they couldn't do this, that they shouldn't do this, that he had to stop immediately, but did nothing whatsoever to stop him from taking her blouse off. When he put his fingers to the front of her bra, where the fastener was, her hands came up and cupped her breasts, holding the bra to them after he unhooked it. Then he fell to his knees and bega n taking her shorts down. She couldn't hold on to her bra and pull her shorts up at the same time, so she let go of her breasts, which were not in imminent danger, with his hands and head down there by her crotch.

She grabbed her shorts, trying to hold them up as he unbuttoned and then unzipped them. Bob ran his hands around to her ass and began kissing his way up her body, starting at her belly button. He nosed aside her left bra cup and sucked in her pink nipple.

Kathy's jaw slowly dropped until her mouth was hanging open. Her Uncle was doing things to her mother that boys tried to do with her on dates!

And her mother was just STANDING THERE!

Kathy could hear her telling Bob to stop, and that they couldn't and shouldn't, but it was just OBVIOUS to her that her mother didn't mean a word of it. She WAS holding her pants on, but Kathy didn't think that would last long. Then she saw Uncle Bob kissing her mother's stomach and then he sucked her mother's nipple and she suddenly felt all hot and itchy between her own legs.

Liz stopped talking when Bob sucked in her nipple. Her hands went limp and her shorts fell with a plop to the ground. "You bastard" she moaned.

He switched nipples and she shrugged her bra off before bringing both hands to the back of his head. "How did you know?" she moaned.

He let the nipple pop out of his mouth and pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them, all resistance gone now. "I saw it in your eyes."

"Are you really going to do it? Are you really going to fuck me with that... thing?" she sighed.

"Why do you think I brought you clear out here?" he said. He stood back up.

His dick was hard.

"I want to touch it" she said, sinking to her knees. She held it, stroked it and talked to it. She kissed it and sucked the tip into her mouth.

Kathy undid her own pants and slid her hand into them. She had to do something about the itch in her pussy. She slid a finger in and then pinched and pulled her nipples through her shirt. Her mother was such a SLUT!!!

Liz played with his prick for a little while longer and then lay back on the grass. "Bobby? I need you Bobby. Please, baby, please."

He sunk down between her legs, his hand around his cock with five inches still sticking out. Kathy watched and groaned in her own throat as her Uncle fed that long hard sausage into her mother's pussy.

Kathy had seen X rated videos at her friend's house, but this was nothing like that. This was raw and powerful sex. Uncle Bob shoved as much of his monster cock into his sister as he could get in her and her mother just went CRAZY. Her legs flailed and her arms flailed. She cried and screamed and moaned and groaned. She cursed at him in one breath and professed undying love for him in the next breath, all the while shoving her pussy up to meet each of his downward strokes.

Kathy had two nice orgasms with her fingers stuck up in her when she saw her Uncle manage to get all but a couple of inches of his prick in her mother's belly. Her mother gave a screech and she went limp. Then she heard her Uncle Bob say "Liz, baby, I'm gonna cum. I'm right up by your womb Lizzy and I'm gonna fill it up. Are you on the pill little sister?"

Liz lifted her head and screamed "NOOOO YOU BASTARD... YOU KNOW I'M NOT!"

Bob said "Good. I just wanted to make sure" Then he grunted and his buttocks clenched.


He was shooting that awful prick off inside her mother. His sperm was splashing into her mother's womb! Kathy sat down hard as her knees gave way. She realized she was panting and tried to quiet her breathing.

It got very quiet then, and Kathy stayed as still as she could, breathing lightly, afraid to move. She heard noises... their voices again and, ever so slowly she moved until she could see them again. Her uncle was still lying on top of her mother, who's body was lying limp, except for her arms, which were tightly around her brother.

After a while her Uncle and Mother got up and got dressed. They were talking quietly now and Kathy saw her mother touch and then kiss Uncle Bob. Obviously she wasn't mad at him for doing what he'd just done. When they left she decided to follow them. It was late in the day and she didn't want to be in the woods when it got dark. She didn't know what she'd do when she got back. Feeling bad about making a fool of herself and her Uncle had given way to other feelings. Obviously he and her mother hadn't done this before. She was thinking about it so hard she almost didn't hear her mother's tell-tale groan in time. Kathy stopped suddenly and then moved forward carefully. THEY WERE DOING IT AGAIN!!

This time her mother was on top of her Uncle, riding his hard pole. Again, she couldn't get it all the way inside her, but she was sliding forward and backward on it, having a great time trying. "I can't... believe... you're doing this... to me." she panted.

He seemed to be much more calm than she was. "I'm just lying here Lizzy, and it's you who's doing all the moving around. In fact if you keep doing that you're going to make it go off again. When was your last period, little sis?"

"Ohhhh fuck Bobby" said her mother as she hunkered down on his rod and began to cum. Her head was hanging and groans of joy poured from her mouth. She gasped her answer. "Two weeks... it was two weeks ago, Bobby."

"You going to pull off of me this time?" he asked, breathing harder.

"I don't... think so" she gasped.

"Well then you're gonna get another belly full unless you stop squeezing me like that" he moaned.

She whined "I'm there again Bobby... oh honey you have no idea how I've missed this" She lay down on him as he rammed up into her, dumping another load of his incestuous sperm in her womb.

Kathy just stared and, for the first time in her life, she wished just maybe she'd have given her cherry to Danny Trumble. For her mother to act like this... it must be something awfully nice.

Her mother pushed herself back up and then just sat there, impaled on his giant log. Neither of them were moving now. Her mother said "How could I DO this? I'm SUCH a hussy!"

Uncle Bob said "Maybe, but at least you're a well-fucked hussy." He reached up and tweaked one of her nipples through her shirt.

Liz batted his hand away and yelled "And what am I going to do if I turn up PREGNANT? Everybody knows I don't date! Most of the family thinks I hate men since Roger left us. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!"

All the while she had been rocking back and forth on Bob's prick, which had half softened, but because it was so big, didn't FEEL soft, stuffed in such a small place.

Bob reached up and touched her cheek. "It happened because you needed it to happen. It could have been anybody. I was just handy."

"NO IT DIDN'T" she snapped at him. "It happened because you're hung like a fucking HORSE! One look at that thing and all I could think about was how empty I felt! What are we going to do Bobby?"

"That depends on you." he said simply.

"You mean you'd do it again?" she said, with both hope and scorn in her voice.

"Any time you want to baby sister. You say the word and I'll be there. I love you."

She collapsed on his chest, crying and telling him how much she loved him too. They lay there for a while longer and then she reluctantly pulled herself up and off of him. As she got up a big thick glob of his sperm dropped down on a long string between her legs. She stared at it until it finally dropped to the ground and then pulled on her panties and shorts again.

"I'm fucked" she said "I bet you put twins in me."

"That would be nice" he said, and he kissed her gently. They walked off.

Kathy crept out to where the sperm had dropped on the grass. She knelt down. She could see it plainly. She reached out one slim finger and dipped it in the viscous stuff. Then she rubbed it against her thumb. It was slippery and still a little warm. She shuddered and wiped her finger on the grass. Then she followed her mother and uncle back to the house.

For the rest of the day Kathy laid low, keeping in the background. She watched her mother, who was radiant and happy. There was one moment when she and Cora got into some kind of argument - Cora was yelling at Liz in a whisper - but her mother just put her nose in the air and said something that made Cora lean back and close her mouth. There was another bad moment when her little sister Jill sauntered up and said "You are in SO much trouble." But Jill knew better than to say that and stay around. Kathy wasn't about to draw more attention to herself by chasing the brat.

But the worst part was when it was time to go. She couldn't face Uncle Bob. Her mother, acting completely normal - that blew Kathy's mind more than anything else - told her it was time to go and asked her "Have you apologized to your Uncle?" "No" Kathy said sullenly.

Her mother frowned with that 'You're going to have to do what I tell you sooner or later so do it now' look. Kathy saw him over across the room, saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa.

She went that direction, but veered off, unable to look him in the eye after what she'd seen. She felt jumpy and anxious, even though she knew he probably wasn't mad at her. He looked up and his eyes bored into hers. He came toward her. She turned away from him, staring at the wall.

When one of his fingers dug gently into her side she twisted away and said "DON'T!" She didn't understand why she was mad at him... but she was. Her whole day had been ruined. She'd spent half the day wandering around in the woods and then hiding from everybody right there in the house. She took in a breath to scream at him and closed her hands into fists.

Right then he touched both her elbows and said "Hey... I just wanted to say thanks."

It blew everything she was going to say right out of her mind. She turned her head and said "What?" She tried to frown. She was mad, right? She wanted him to know that for some reason.

He turned her and when she wouldn't look in his eyes he put a finger under her chin and lifted it until she had to. "I wanted to say thank you... you know... for the prank... and everything else."

She didn't understand. What was he talking about? He was so exasperating!

"I saw you" he said. "Out in the woods." When her eyebrows rose he said "Watching your mother and me."

She blushed furiously and, with no place else to do it, buried her face in his chest. His arms went around her and she sobbed. He whispered soothingly in her ear while he held her tight. "Look, I know it's weird and that you don't understand, and you probably think we're perverts, but it was something special. Your mother has been so lonely. She really needed that. And it was your prank that led to it. And you didn't blow the whistle on us. that means a lot to me. I think it means a lot to your mother too."

At that her head snapped up. "She KNOWS?!"

"I had to tell her... in case you said something. She had to be prepared to face the family. She didn't say anything to you though did she?"

Kathy buried her head in his chest again and sobbed some more. "How will I ever face her now?"

Bob looked up. No one seemed to be paying an inordinate amount of attention to them. But for what he was going to do he wanted no witnesses. He moved her around a corner. She looked up to see what he was doing. He wiped her eyes with his thumbs. Then, very tenderly, he kissed her lips. Her eyes opened wide, and she saw his were closed. She closed hers just in time for him to break the kiss. "Your mother loves you" he said. He kissed the tip of her nose. "And I love you." Her mouth was open, like a fish gasping for air. "Everything will be OK, I promise." he said. Then he shoved her out into the room toward her mother with a slap on her butt. "Now, get moving. I'll see you Friday night."

She turned around to ask him what that meant and then heard her mother's strident voice "KATHLEEN! We have to GO. Come ON!" The last she saw of Uncle Bob was his big smile just before he blew her a kiss.

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