The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 7

Bob stayed over that night, and the kids saw, when it was bedtime, that he followed their mother into her bedroom. Both kids were already horny, but this made them frantic and Robby came in his sister three times before he was too tired to go on.

Megan, for her part, stopped trying to count her orgasms and just drifted from one to another, concentrating on the feel of her lover's skin against hers, of his mouth on her slightly sore nipples, and the deep wonderful feel of his heat flowing into her body.

Bob, in a marathon attempt to make Val have ten orgasms before he came, used every trick he knew to drive her crazy, all the time plumbing her depths with his iron hard cock. He paid much more attention to her breasts than Robby did, and it helped her with three of her orgasms as he bit each nipple and sucked as if she were lactating and he was starving.

He fucked her through four orgasms and then pulled out and licked her through three more. Flipping her over he mounted her doggy style and scraped the tip of his cock over her G spot for two more cums. Then she rode him and now she was the one using all the tricks she knew to coax his steaming sperm out of his balls and into her womb. When he told her he was there she stopped and used only her pussy muscles to milk him off, laughing as she felt his prick swell and his hot spunk burst forth.

"I love the feel of you shooting in me," she whispered in his ear. "I always have."

The next day Bob had to leave, but he said he'd be back after he set certain things in motion, and that, after that he'd be able to stay several weeks before he'd have to go back and check up on things again.

While he was gone they painted. Valerie tried sucking Robby dry before she posed him and his sister together, so they would lie still, but it only lasted half an hour or so before Megan got him going again.

Finally she let them have their lust and rubbed her own clit as she watched her handsome son's big stiff cock driving her daughter wild as he slammed it deeply into her and hosed her out with his cum. More than once Valerie congratulated herself for getting Megan on the pill when she did.

Bob came back the next day and the kids both hugged him and welcomed him back.

"Mommy needs you," whispered Megan as she kissed his cheek. "Maybe me too," she said as she licked his ear.

He pushed her away and looked at her sternly. "You're much too young to act the slut Megan," he said crossly. But she melted him with her smile and the giggle that went along with her wink.

They invited him to watch as they posed, and his presence kept them decent for over an hour as Valerie made good progress. Then, when they couldn't take it any longer, Megan rolled her head over her shoulder and said again, "Mommy needs you now Uncle Bob."

Then, with no shame whatsoever, she pulled her brother on top of her and spread her legs for him. Seconds later they were moaning and groaning together as Robby split her sex and plunged deep into her.

Valerie resisted weakly at first, embarrassed to have sex in front of her children, but she was so hot that he overcame her objections easily and soon they were doing the same thing the children were as she opened herself for her brother and he filled her deepest need. Bob listened to the children and, when Robby grunted and shot his sister full of his sperm, Bob rushed for his own orgasm and fertilized his own sister at the same time.

The next night Robby had wrestling practice, and couldn't be there to pose with his sister. It was Megan's idea that Uncle Bob 'stand in' for him. Valerie looked askance at her daughter, but when Bob said he could wear his jockeys and it wouldn't make any difference, she relented. When he stripped down to his shorts, though, it was obvious that the idea of being next to his naked niece was 'appealing' to him. He tried apologizing, but Valerie shushed him.

"You're normal. She's normal. That's why she wanted to pose with you in the first place. You're a hunk. It's a good thing I put her on the pill." Valerie continued grousing as Bob and Megan got into position.

Bob could still hear his sister complaining, over by the easel, when he felt Megan's hand slip through the opening in his jockeys, grasp his rigid bone and pull it through the hole. Then, she did the same thing she'd done with Robby, slotting it in her pussy and scooting close to him without saying a thing.

And the result was predictable. They squirmed.

Valerie let it go for five minutes and then stalked over to her daughter and, grasping her left ankle, lifted her leg. There, quite visible now, was Uncle Bob's boner stuck halfway in Megan's pussy.

"Are you going to steal every man I have sex with?" huffed Valerie.

"Not Daddy," said a slightly shamefaced daughter. "At least I don't think so."

Again Bob tried to say he was sorry, but Valerie cut him off. "Just fuck her and get it over with. I need you two to stay still for ten minutes, OK?"

Then, as if it were the most normal thing to do, she went to the big chair, sat down and prepared to diddle herself as she watched her brother roll on top of Megan.

Megan learned, in the next ten minutes, the difference between experience and enthusiasm. Her Uncle turned her into a puddle of goo and then blasted her full of her first cuntful of adult sperm. Once again, Bob's sperm cells were frustrated in their quest to knock up one of the Hudson women.

But he sure had fun trying.

Robby wasn't much impressed, when he got home, to find out that another man had used his sister's pussy. Until, that is, she shared with him all the new things she had learned and taught him how to pleasure her even more. It turned out what she'd learned improved his own pleasure too.

And, there was, of course, the opportunity he got later that night to fuck his mother, in the living room, while they were all watching a movie. It was clearly a revenge fuck, designed to punish Megan and Bob. Robby's plan backfired when Bob and Megan simply sought solace in each other's arms. Both Hudson women went to bed sperm-soaked that night, which they happily knew. And, of course, pregnant, which they didn't.

Things progressed that way for two more weeks before Bob had to return to his business to make sure things were still going well.

It was while he was gone that Megan got sick. She complained at breakfast that her stomach was upset. There was flu going around at school, and they all assumed that was the problem. But it persisted for two more days, and then Valerie caught whatever it was too. Neither of them thought about the possibility of morning sickness.

Valerie had popped her next to last pill the night before, and she was planning on going to get them refilled for both her and Megan. She figured she could get some over-the-counter flu medicine at the same time.

Two hours later Valerie stopped in the pharmacy. "Hi Frank," she said.

"Howdy Mrs. Hudson," he said. "Your husband still overseas?"

She sighed. "Yes, and I'll be glad when he's back."

"I was just getting ready to call you," said Frank, and something in his voice caused Valerie to pay close attention.


"Yes. It's probably a good thing Phil was over there ... considering what has happened."

"I don't understand." Valerie was very alert now.

Frank extended a piece of paper to her. "Big Federal investigation. That new birth control pill we sold you last time? Counterfeit."

Valerie didn't understand. "Counterfeit? You mean somebody made the pills without a license?"

"Maybe I used the wrong word." Frank cleared his throat. "The pills didn't contain any active ingredient. They weren't actually birth control pills Mrs. Hudson. If Mr. Hudson would have been here ... you might be pregnant." He extended what looked like a letter with an official looking letterhead on it. "It's all explained in here," he said.

Cold fear clutched Valerie's stomach. She turned to leave the Pharmacy. Frank yelled after her. "The phone number is on the paper Mrs. Hudson ... if there's any problem ..."

She did make one side trip on her way out. She bought two test kits.

That night there were tears.

"But Mommy, I can't be pregnant!" moaned Megan. She didn't even have her driver's license yet.

"We'll have to go see Doc Madison. He'll do the final test." Valerie looked at Robby, who was tight lipped and sober.

"But I just can't be pregnant!" bawled Megan. It was a sign of what had developed between her and her brother that, when he came and hugged her, she molded herself to him, rather than throwing something at him and blaming him.

"The test says you are, honey," sighed Valerie. "It says we both are."

Megan bawled for a while. "My life is over,." she sobbed.

Valerie sat up straight. "Now hold on there! Sixteen years ago this happened to me, and you were the result. Do you think you ruined my life?"

Megan's head jerked and she took a breath.

Valerie went on. "What you have growing inside you is the combination of Robby ... and you. And it will be a beautiful baby, and a smart baby and my first grandchild. I'm going to love that baby with everything I have in me, and I expect you to do that too. Yes, it will be hard, but you two have created life, Megan, and that's a gift." She stopped, shocked at how passionate she felt about it.

"So what about you?" asked Megan.

"Oh, I'll love my baby too, maybe even more." She didn't have to say that there was no way, short of a DNA test to tell whether Robby or Bob was the father of Valerie's baby.

"What about Daddy?"

"I can't answer that," she said truthfully. When Phil got back she'd be only two months away from going into labor. They both would. And he'd have to be told who the father was ... or the fathers were ... or something. Two pregnancies in the same family couldn't be chalked up to coincidence.

Both women took solace in the arms of their lovers and the men they thought were the fathers of the babies growing inside them. Valerie felt guilty about cuckolding Phil, and took almost a perverse pleasure in the fact that she had been caught by nature ... and a pharmaceutical counterfeiter.

On the chance that Phil might leave her, she called the number on the paper that Frank had given her and signed on to the investigation as a victim. She made Megan a victim too. She was offered a chance to join a suit against the distributor of the drug and she did that too, making Megan a separate claimant. It was after the required doctor's examination that they learned both women had due dates within a week of each other. And it was still not clear whether the one time she had let her son flood her with his sperm, had led to her pregnancy. It still could have been after that, when Bob filled her many times.

Bob offered to claim the child, if only to let Robby off the hook for his mother's pregnancy. If they did that, and Megan claimed some boy fucked her at a party, and that she couldn't identify him, Robby's life would be more or less normal. No one liked that solution though.

They say it's a small world, and it seemed like it to Valerie when Phil called for one of his weekly phone calls. He started out talking about how great the business was going, and that it was ahead of schedule, and that his personnel were training up well, and the market looked good for his product.

But Valerie could hear something in his voice, and she knew something was wrong. She thought of all the people who now knew she and Megan were the victims of a fraud, and that the evidence of that was their pregnancies. She envisioned people interviewing her husband for some reason, asking questions about how it was that his wife and daughter both turned up pregnant with him out of the country. She was afraid he knew already - she hadn't yet figured out a way to tell him - and that he would ask for the divorce over the phone.

Finally she couldn't take it any longer. "Phil, what's wrong?" she asked.

He was silent for a few seconds. "I never could fool you, could I Val?" he said.

"Just say it Phil. Just say what's on your mind." Her voice was tight.

"There's a little problem that's popped up over here," he started. "Hell, what am I saying? It's a huge problem."

Valerie's hopes were tied to his characterization that the problem was "over there".

He went on. "You remember Svetlana? The translator I hired? Well, it turns out she's seventeen instead of twenty, like she said. She's a great translator and she's been invaluable to me on the start up. But she doesn't live with her parents, like she said. Actually it turned out she was homeless, because her parents were arrested and sent to a labor camp and now nobody knows where they are or even if they're alive."

He stopped. Valerie felt relief flood through her. He was rambling and it wasn't about her and Megan. "So are you taking care of her?" asked Valerie.

"Yes,." he said shortly. "Too well as it turns out. When I found out she didn't have any place to stay I let her stay in the living room of my hotel room for a while. Then it turned out she couldn't prove she was of legal age, so she couldn't rent an apartment once I started paying her. So I had to let her stay longer. Then one night, when we passed a milestone in the startup we had some Vodka and ... well, when I woke up she was in bed with me ..."

Valerie didn't know what to feel. Part of her was angry, but a larger part of her reminded her that she'd fucked not only her brother, but her own son, so she had no business judging her husband for fucking a poor Russian waif.

"OK," said Valerie in a careful voice. "So there was an ... accident when she went to bed. I mean she got into the wrong bed, right?"

"Valerie, she's pregnant," said her husband in a tired voice.

"That's quite an accident," said Valerie with a little heat in her voice. Inside, though, she was elated. Deliverance had just been given, though her husband didn't know it yet.

"I don't have any excuses," he said. "I mean I was lonely and all that, but after that first time I should have stopped it ... when it really was an accident."

"When is she due?" asked Valerie, more out of trying to keep the conversation going while she thought, than to actually get information. She gasped when he gave a date that was only two days after hers and three days before Megan's. What were the chances of that?

"Can I still come home?" asked Phil. "I want to come home Val. I want to work this out somehow."

Valerie came up with a plan in a split second. "Yes" she said. "Yes, there are problems, but we need to work them out. For the children's sake," she said, feeling bad for sending him a signal that he was sure to misread.

Over the next months Valerie talked with her husband more and more about what he had to do for Svetlana when his business was concluded. He couldn't just leave Russia and abandon a seventeen year old with a baby due in weeks.

In the end it was Valerie who insisted he bring the girl to America, to ensure she and her child got a decent start. She talked about turning the guest bedroom into a nursery, not telling him there would be three babies in that nursery, instead of just the one he knew about. It would be a shock when he saw his wife and daughter, just as heavy with child as his mistress, but things would work out. He needed Svetlana to oversee his business interests in Russia, and her loyalty could be assured by taking care of her child and by welcoming her into the family. It was already a strange family, so this wouldn't be much stranger.

Valerie's relief at finding a solution for their problem manifested itself as she lowered her pussy onto her brother's up-thrusting cock. Her belly was too swollen now with Robby's baby for him to lie on top of her any more, so she had to ride him to suck his juices out these days. Sometimes he took her from behind, quite often in the kitchen as she supported herself on the table or counter.

And quite often her daughter was right beside her, with Robby's prick snuggled up inside her pussy as he pleasured her too. It seemed so special when she and her daughter could time their orgasms to happen at the same time.

She wondered if they'd be able to teach Svetlana to do the same thing.

The End (Version Delta)

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