The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 5

Robby stood there. It had taken him some time to get adjusted to the idea that his mother found him sexually desirable, and for him to let his own passion loose. So he was just a little uncomfortable with the idea that his Aunt Penny was going to take his sperm-covered prick, which had just fucked her sister, into her mouth. All that fled his mind when she reached him and started 'cleaning' him up.

She was quite possibly even better at fellatio than his mother was.

Within minutes he was thickening, as his adolescent penis jumped forth to prove how young and sturdy it was. Minutes after that she pulled off of him and he was iron hard, his cock bobbing as she released it. She licked her lips again and, holding eye contact with him, kissed her way up his stomach to his chest, where she stopped long enough to kiss each of his nipples. Then she was standing, her hands on his hips, her face right in front of his.

"Well, Robby?" She smiled. "You think you might be willing to make this old lady's day?"

Robby's hands went to her breasts. She wasn't big like his mother. She was slim all over, with almost boyish hips. He'd seen her in a one piece bathing suit before, and she barely pushed the top part out because her breasts were so small. She'd never married, or had children, so her breasts had never swollen because of that. One of the reasons Robby had fantasized about her was that she never wore a bra. She had no need to really since her tight, hard breasts would hardly bob if she jumped off the bed of a pickup truck.

"I don't see any old lady," he said softly.

He felt her through the cloth of her shirt and felt hard, erect nipples. Her eyes softened and she made a tiny sound in her throat.

"And I can't do much with all those clothes in the way," he said in his deep voice.

"Well, I can't take them off," she sighed. "That would make me a hussy, and everybody knows I'm not a hussy."

She was referring to the fact that she didn't date often, and had no steady men in her life. She ran her own company, which she'd built from the ground up and she was just as tough and demanding as any successful man. She'd made it a rule never to play around with her employees. She hadn't really missed men all that much until she saw her fantasy man shoving that hard cock into her sister. Suddenly all the passion she'd denied bubbled to the surface.

Robby gripped her blouse at the neck with both hands and pulled the halves apart. Buttons popped and flew everywhere as he flexed his wrestler's muscles.

"Oh my," she sighed as her breasts were bared.

Robby stared. Her nipples were huge. There wasn't much breast flesh there, but her nipples were the size of the end of his thumb!

"You can't suck them," she whispered. "Cause if you do I won't be able to stop you from ripping my jeans off. So don't you dare suck them Robby." She said this as she arched her chest toward him, aiming her right nipple at his face.

Robby knew his muscles were no match for the denim in her jeans, and that she was teasing him. He took the offered nipple, and used all his newly created talent to suck and chew on it like he knew his mother liked.

While he did so his fingers fumbled at her jeans, getting them open and pushing them down over her slim hips. They dragged her panties down with them and she stepped out of them with little difficulty. Her feet went shoulder's width apart as she got her balance, and that opened her pussy to his hand, which slid in between them, cupping her sex.

He switched nipples and slid a finger into her, probing deeply. She was slick and wet all over. He wasn't used to feeling hair, but it didn't bother him. He decided to see what she tasted like, since he loved the taste of his mother, and kissed his way down to her abdomen before she stepped back.

"Oh no you don't," she wagged an index finger at him. "I've dreamed about that lovely cock in my pussy for two years and I want it now!" She turned to her sister, who was still splayed out, relaxing in the old overstuffed easy chair.

"I'm not moving," said Valerie tersely. She was a little jealous of her sister, now that she saw what was happening.

"Come on stud," said the panting woman. "We need a bed."

She intended to take him to one of the bedrooms, but there was a mattress standing up against the wall in the corner not far from the door. Not wanting to wait any longer than she had to she grabbed it and let it fall on the floor. Then she pushed him onto the 'bed' and, following him, she straddled his hips. Her pussy pushed his cock into his stomach as she leaned forward for a kiss.

"I don't want to push you into anything," she said, her green eyes staring into his brown ones.

"I've had my own fantasies about you Aunt Penny," he said back.

She felt her pussy flood with juice at the sound of that comment and she fumbled for his cock, wanting it instantly inside her. She lifted, notched and then, without thinking about the fact that she hadn't had a cock in her for over a year, just sat down on it.

Robby was rock hard, and his long, pointed prick slithered into his Aunt's pussy, clear to her cervix. She was well lubricated. But she was also tight. If Robby would have had his foreskin, it would have hurt him, because she would have stretched it painfully. As it was, it was like he had put Crisco on his hand, closed it and then driven his prick into that closed hand. Her gasp as she was split made something in him growl and he rolled with her, surprising her.

Penny landed on her back and her legs snapped closed. Robby ended up on top of her, straddling her, just as she had been straddling him a few seconds ago. He pressed his knees against the outside of her thighs and, even though he was fully inserted in her, humped upwards with his prick. He smashed her clitty flat and she cried out as great sheets of pleasure cut through her, making her feel like she had been sliced into pieces. He humped her again and she felt his prick tip dig even further into her as her clit was flattened again.

"Oh Robby!" she cried.

Then he let his weight off of her and jerked his cock halfway out of her. He instantly decided that this position was superior for really fucking a woman. Instinctively, right now he wasn't 'making love' as much as he was rutting into her, trying to drive her crazy with overpowering physical lust, so she'd always come back for more. The cave man in him rose up.

He began pounding his long pointed prick up into his Aunt and she screamed a full throated scream as her first orgasm smashed her to pieces on the rocks of her passion.

As he felt Penny's pussy clamp down on his prick as her muscled locked in orgasmic pleasure, Robby felt the overwhelming desire to put his seed deep in his beautiful aunt. He didn't want to stop yet, because he was having too much fun thrusting into her soft pussy, but the urge was overpowering. And so he pushed even harder, getting as deep in her as he could and let go.

Penny's eyes snapped open as she felt his prick swell and heard his groan. Her own orgasm wasn't over yet, but something in her recognized the fact that she was about to receive a man's most treasured gift. The problem was, Penny wasn't using any birth control.

"No Robby!" she gasped, but it was already much too late. The feel of his hot spunk flooding her pussy was shocking to her, primarily because she instantly craved it, regardless of the fact that it was so dangerous. Her barked warning changed to a drawn out, "OH YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS," as she felt spurt after spurt enter her thirsty pussy and spread everywhere. It was only the second time in her life when she felt raw, wet, hot spunk flooding her pussy. The first had been in high school and she'd been furious with the boy for breaking his promise to pull out. This though, was different. Embracing the feeling she simply enjoyed the rest of her body's reactions to what was happening to her. Even his weight as he sagged on top of her was welcome, as was the sweat she felt making their skin slippery and the feel of his harsh breath in her neck. Her arms went around him, squeezing him hard and she turned her head to kiss his ear and cheek.

"You want me to get off?" he whispered in her throat.

"Never," was her only word.

"I have to get off sometime," he whispered again.

"Only if you promise this won't be the only time," she demanded.

"But you're my aunt," he said unnecessarily.

"And you're my lover," she whispered back.

"This is too weird," he moaned.

She let him roll off of her. They both looked for Valerie and saw her, slumped in the chair, her fingers still flashing in and out of her pussy as she brought herself off while she watched them. She made eye contact with her son, and then her sister's pussy. Penny's pubic hair was a mess of thick white sperm where he had dripped as he pulled out of her. Valerie's head flopped back and she moaned a high keening sound as her hips bucked and she dug with her fingers.

"Sooooo close," she moaned.

Penny was up in a flash and scrambled between her sister's legs again, licking around Valerie's fingers, trying to suck on her clit.

"Oh fuck yessss!" cried Valerie and she removed her hand. Penny feasted on her exposed pussy, biting her clit and then sucking on her now floppy pussy lips. It was what Valerie needed and she came hard, her head flailing and her fists beating the arms of the chair.

Five minutes later, three people lounged around the studio, resting up after intensely passionate activity. All three were feeling a little uncomfortable. Penny felt like she had crashed a party and made a fool of herself. Valerie felt like her son must think she was some pervert for letting her sister lick her pussy. Robby felt like both women must think all he cared about was fucking women ... any women. Robby somehow knew that, if they didn't start talking, things would turn out badly. He broke the silence.

"Wow," he said simply. His mother looked at him. She didn't look like she hated him. He turned to his aunt, who smiled. He had to find out what his mother thought first. He crawled over to her and up to the side of the chair.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked, his face inches from hers.

"Oh no sweetheart!" she blurted. "Why on earth would I be mad at you?"

"I was afraid you'd be mad that I ... with Aunt Penny ... you know?"

She responded by saying, "Are you mad at me? For being a ... for letting Penny ... ?"

He was confused at first. Teenage boys do not normally consider one girl licking another anything odd, strange, or in any way unusual. His mother obviously didn't know that. "No," he looked puzzled. He looked at Penny, who still smiled at him tentatively.

"So is anybody mad at me?" asked Penny. "I mean I'm the one who sort of barged in and everything. But I saw you and I got all hot and I couldn't resist and ..." she trailed off as her sister's head rolled toward her.

"I'd forgotten how nice it was," she said softly. "I tried to forget. I thought we were perverted back then."

"I could tell," said Penny. When you married Phil you made it quite clear that we were finished with our ... sessions. I've missed them sometimes."

"So you guys did that ... before?" asked Robby.

His mother blushed and Penny answered. "When we were girls. We sort of made a pact. We were both hot blooded and we didn't want to let boys do ... what we let you do ... so we sort of took care of each other after dates, when we were all horny."

"Wow," said Robby.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" asked his mother.

"You have to be kidding me," he laughed. "I just had sex with my mother, got a blow job from my Aunt and then fu ... had sex with her too. No, I can't say I'm uncomfortable."

Penny got up and picked up her blouse. She held it up, looking from it to Robby.

"Sorry," he said, not sounding very sorry. "You got me sort of excited."

"I noticed," she said and then looked down at the white fluid that was draining out of her between her legs. She thought about telling him she wasn't safe when he came in her, but decided not to. What could he do about it, after all? "I need to get cleaned up."

Val waved her hand at the bathroom and Penny went in. She closed the door, leaving Robby and his mother together.

"Are you really OK with what happened?" asked Robby.

"Robby, I'm not supposed to be having this relationship with you in the first place. How could I be jealous of you having it with another woman? OK, I could be jealous. OK I am a little jealous, but I know I'm not supposed to be. A lot of things are happening that aren't supposed to be happening."

Her hand reached out and ran through his hair. "But I do know that I love you, and I think that's all that really matters." She stopped talking, to see if Robby had anything to say.

"If I had to choose, I'd choose you," said Robby, leaning closer to her. He stared into her eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. "But I don't think I have to choose ... do I?"

Valerie sighed, staring into her son's brown eyes. She was like a little girl with a crush. She couldn't stop loving this boy/man, regardless of what he did. "You shouldn't be doing this with either of us," she said, in her most motherly voice.

Robby reached out and cupped one of her fabulous breasts, weighing it in his hand and then sliding his fingers over the nipple. "But I am doing this." he said, and kissed his mother again, this time long and hard.

Valerie felt the heat coming back to her pussy. She held his head, kissing him hard and then pushed him away. "You're insatiable! You just came twice in under an hour and you want to go again?"

He stood up, his flaccid penis hanging in front of her face. "I can wait," he said. "For a little while." He offered his hand to his mother and she took it, letting herself be pulled up. She hugged her tall, handsome, naked son and marveled at how that made her feel inside. She decided she had a streak of slut in her, and then that it was too late to do anything about it now.

Penny came out of the bathroom naked. Valerie's birth control pills were in her hand. "I should probably get some of these, huh?"

Valerie's eyes opened wide. "You mean you're not ... ?"

Penny grinned. "Val, I haven't had sex in over a year. What the hell do I need pills for?" She barked a laugh. "Well what did I used to need pills for?"

Valerie thought of her sister with a big belly, full of Robby's baby and she shivered. "They say the morning after pill is basically just the strength of two regular birth control pills. Maybe you should take a couple of mine ... just in case?"

Penny's hand went to her flat abdomen. "Yeah, I suppose so. It wouldn't do for me to have my own Great Nephew I suppose." She popped two of Valerie's pills out of the pack and swallowed them. Then she turned and went back in the bathroom and tossed the remaining pills on the counter. "That takes care of that," she said, coming back into the studio. "You got something I can wear? Your son seems to get carried away sometimes."

Both women left the studio, headed for Valerie's bedroom, leaving Robby alone. He looked around, amazed at everything that had happened. But he wasn't sorry for any of it. He didn't care what the world thought. What he had shared with his mother, and then his aunt was something he'd remember all his life. No matter what happened.

He realized he was sweaty and that his pubic hair was matted with the juices of two women, to say nothing of his own fluid. He went to the bathroom he and Megan shared to take a shower.

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