The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 6

They continued to meet in the studio and the painting progressed, slowly, as paintings do. Part of that is simply because painting is an art form that requires patience and care, and the willingness to recognize a mistake and paint over it.

Part of it was because they had to take frequent breaks, during which, either Megan or Valerie lay under Robby and welcomed his seed into their bellies.

And every day, Megan and Valerie took their birth control pills, reminding each other to do so. Though, in reality, neither needed reminding. The feel of Robby's heavy warm spend resting deep within them was reminder enough.

And while neither woman minded the other watching, they still maintained separate bedrooms. Robby slept in his own, but rarely alone. With an unspoken agreement, the women adopted an every-other-night schedule to satisfy their lusts with their mutual lover.

Valerie missed a period, but wasn't aware of it. Her mind was on lher things.

Megan's cycle, like those of many women who live together, was closely matched to her mother's. When her period didn't come on the day she expected it to. She noticed it, but didn't think on it a lot. She had been late before and twice had even missed a period completely. So she didn't worry about it. Later, the next month, when it was about time for her to start again, she woke up feeling fine, but got ill at breakfast ... so ill that she had to go throw up in the bathroom.

"You OK, honey?" asked her mother solicitously.

"Yeah, I think so. Must have caught a bug or something. I'll get something at school."

School had just started back up after a long and very interesting summer.

Robby hugged his mother and kissed her deeply on his way out. He rubbed his groin against hers and she pushed him away. "You're incorrigible!" she laughed.

"I hate school!" he said in a mocking angry voice.

"I'll be here after school," she said and cupped her breasts, grinning.

He sighed and ran to catch the bus.

Two hours later Valerie stopped in the pharmacy. "Hi Frank" she said.

"Howdy Mrs. Hudson," he said. "Your husband still overseas?"

She sighed. "Yes, and I'll be glad when he's back."

"I was just getting ready to call you," said Frank, and something in his voice caused Valerie to pay close attention.


"Yes. It's probably a good thing Phil was over there ... considering what has happened."

"I don't understand." Valerie was very alert now.

Frank extended a piece of paper to her. "Big Federal investigation. That new birth control pill we sold you last time? Counterfeit."

Valerie didn't understand. "Counterfeit? You mean somebody made the pills without a license?"

"Maybe I used the wrong word." Frank cleared his throat. "The pills didn't contain any active ingredient. They weren't actually birth control pills Mrs. Hudson. If Mr. Hudson would have been here ... you might be pregnant."

Cold fear clutched Valerie's stomach. She turned to leave the Pharmacy.

Frank yelled after her. "The phone number is on the paper Mrs. Hudson ... if there's any problem ..."

She did make one side trip on her way out. She bought two test kits.

That night there were tears.

"But Mommy, I can't be pregnant!" moaned Megan. She didn't even have her driver's license yet.

"We'll have to go see Doc Madison. He'll do the final test." Valerie looked at Robby, who was tight lipped and sober.

"But I just can't be pregnant!" bawled Megan. It was a sign of what had developed between her and her brother that, when he came and hugged her, she molded herself to him, rather than throwing something at him and blaming him.

"The test says you are, honey," sighed Valerie. "It says we both are."

Megan bawled for a while. "My life is over," she sobbed.

Valerie sat up straight. "Now hold on there! Sixteen years ago this happened to me, and you were the result. Do you think you ruined my life?"

Megan's head jerked and she took a breath.

Valerie went on. "What you have growing inside you is the combination of Robby ... and you. And it will be a beautiful baby, and a smart baby and my first grandchild. I'm going to love that baby with everything I have in me, and I expect you to do that too. Yes, it will be hard, but you two have created life, Megan, and that's a gift."

She stopped, shocked at how passionate she felt about it.

"So what about you?" asked Megan.

"Oh, I'll love my baby too, maybe even more."

"What about Daddy?"

"I can't answer that," she said truthfully. When Phil got back she'd be only two months away from going into labor. They both would. And he'd have to be told who the father was. Two pregnancies in the same family couldn't be chalked up to coincidence.

Phil Hudson deplaned and walked down the ramp. He was glad to be back in America, and was going to be glad to be back home. In the line of people waiting for the passengers there was a young man, dressed in a three piece suit holding a placard that said "HUDSON" on it.

Phil walked up to him. "My name's Hudson, but I doubt it's me you're waiting for."

"Phillip Hudson?" asked the young man.

"Yes, but ..."

"Would you come with me sir? Your bags will be taken care of. The limousine is waiting outside for you." The young man turned and pointed with his open hand.

"Limousine?" asked Phil. "What's going on? Where's my wife?"

"Everything will be explained, Sir. Now, if you'll please come with me?"

There was another man sitting in the back of the limo. He had a briefcase on his lap. When Phil slid in the man introduced himself as Harvey something, of somebody, somebody and somebody law firm.

Harvey cleared his throat. "I know you have questions sir, but I have to inform you of a few things first. First of all, your family is fine. Your wife and ... family are waiting for you at your home. That's where we're going now ... unless you tell the driver to go elsewhere.

Phil was taking a breath to ask where he could possibly tell the driver to take him besides home, but the man held up his hand.

"Now, before I can answer any further questions, I am required to tell you that your wife won a lawsuit while you were gone, and your net worth at this time is approximately fourteen million dollars. Here sir are the documents. All funds have been placed in accounts accessible only to you."

"Accessible only to me? But you said Val won the lawsuit. I don't understand." said a bewildered Phillip Hudson. "What kind of lawsuit?"

Harvey cleared his throat again. "Ah yes, well there was this little problem ..." The man cleared his throat.

"Well, two problems, actually ..."

The End (Version Bravo)

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