The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 5

Valerie enforced Robby's grounding, to her daughter's great delight. Every day after school and on weekends, Megan made a great fanfare about her being allowed to go to her friends' houses, while Robby had to stay home.

Had Megan stayed home once in a while herself, she might have learned that both mother and son were quite happy with the 'grounding', since it gave them plenty of time to have more hot, torrid sex, on the kitchen counter, and elsewhere.

As soon as Megan announced which friend's house she was going to and left, usually within minutes, Valerie was naked and flat on her back as her son shoved his engorged penis deep into her body. Then they fucked lustily until she got what she wanted ... her pussy full to overflowing with his hot spunk.

Then two things moderated their rabbit-like behavior.

The first was that they spent too much time pleasuring each other. His grades actually began to slip because he was spending too much time between his mother's thighs and not enough time doing homework.

The second was that she missed her period.

She noticed it one day while the kids were at school and she was looking at the calendar, looking to see what day of the week Megan's birthday would be on. Valerie had always marked out her periods on the calendar with a small letter 'p' so she could plan around PMS issues and the discomfort of being in flow. As she ran her finger across the blocks on the calendar she noticed one of her marks and realized it was only three weeks away from today's date. Then she looked backwards on the calendar and found her last 'p' notation ... a week gone by. She'd missed her period and hadn't even noticed it.

Thinking she'd made some kind of mistake she went back further and found where the previous mark had been. It was correct. She'd had that period. And she should have had one a week ago too.

But she hadn't.

She got her keys and went to the store. She didn't dare go to the pharmacy, where Frank worked. The timing was all wrong and she knew Frank would know that. She didn't know which brand was best, so she bought two different brands of home test kits, paid for them and went home.

The first one said she was pregnant.

With shaking fingers she fumbled through the second test. Fear gripped her stomach as she waited for the results.

It agreed with the first test.

She was pregnant. And she had to be pregnant with Robby's baby.

She sat in the easy chair in the living room for a long time, staring at the wall. At one point she realized she was sitting in a chair that Robby had sat in one time, while she sat on his cock and milked it off inside her. This might even be the place in the house he had knocked her up. She had a lot of emotions, running the gamut from anger to intense satisfaction that the boy she loved so much had put his baby in her belly. Never once did she think of terminating the pregnancy. She knew there would be problems with Phil. She couldn't very well tell him that she'd been having hot, wild sex with his own son. But, at the same time, she couldn't blame it on any other man. She thought briefly about finding a man to have a fling with, and blaming it on him, but she couldn't think of any man she'd let between her legs ... other than Robby, of course.

And Megan would find out too. She couldn't lie to her daughter either. She worried about what that would do to the family. She worried about a lot of things that day.

When the kids came home that night she was distant, and they noticed. She wasn't ready to tell them yet ... either of them. She kept telling herself it could be a fluke in her system, and that both tests were false positives.

As things happen, she received the certified letter the next day. It was addressed to her and the postman required her to sign for it. It was from a lawyer representing the Willow Brook Pharmacy, where, the letter noted, she had recently been sold a supply of Benzostyrillenophyl Oxyflorrinal birth control pills, lot number 6732AZ. A federal investigation had determined there was a problem with the pills, which appeared to be fake. Valerie was invited to contact the law firm if there were any "irregularities in her situation" which might possibly be attributed to the use of the pills. It seemed that the Willow Brook Pharmacy was suing the distributor of the fake pills on behalf of their customers. Valerie didn't know it, but part of joining the suit was that it meant she would hold Willow Brook Pharmacy blameless for the "irregularities in her situation", whatever they might be.

Valerie made an appointment with Mr. Charles Dirby, Attorney at Law, before she opened any other mail.

While both children knew something was wrong, neither of them was willing to push getting an answer once their mother had told them it was a legal problem, and that she'd discuss it with them later. Robby knew it was bothering her more than Megan did, because they didn't make love for almost a week after the "legal problem" first surfaced. But Valerie couldn't just make the love she felt for her son go away. He was the man who, though he didn't know it, was going to be the father of her third child. And she couldn't submerge her sexual feelings either. In fact she needed her lover even more as the negotiations with the lawyers went on and the day came closer and closer when she'd have to tell Phil that another man had impregnated her.

Then, as things happen, another thing happened. She wouldn't have thought it, but it made Valerie's life a little better. She got a call from her husband.

She knew something was wrong as soon as she heard his voice. She knew him too well to miss the note of hesitancy as he said hello and asked how things were.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Are you OK?"

"What do you mean?" he asked lamely.

"Come on Phil, I can tell something's bothering you. Did the deal fall through?"

"No, no, the business end of things is going fine. Better than fine. Things are fabulous as far as that goes. We're actually ahead of schedule by almost a month."

"But there IS a problem of some kind," she prompted.

"Well ... yes." He was silent for a few seconds. She knew him better than to push. He'd get on with it when he was ready.

"I made a mistake," he said finally.

"A mistake," she repeated.

"Honey, don't hang up ... please. Let me just tell you and don't hang up!" She felt her gut tighten. "I got drunk one night, and this Russian girl helped me home. She looked just like Megan, and I missed you all so much. And anyway ... well ... I woke up and she was ... sort of in bed with me."

More silence.

"Sort of in bed with you," repeated Valerie, wanting to laugh insanely at what she was hearing. This was just too crazy to be true.

"Well, I don't remember what happened exactly, but she was in bed with me asleep and we were both naked and ..."

"And ..." repeated Valerie.

"And ... she's pregnant," He said with misery in his voice.

"She's pregnant," repeated Valerie.

"What's worse is that she's only sixteen. I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean for this to happen and ..."

Valerie cut him off. "Phil!" She said it loudly into the phone.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Can you honestly tell me that you only ended up 'sort of in bed with her' just once?"

More silence. Then a very soft "No, I can't tell you that Val."

"And I suppose her parents expect you to divorce me and marry her," said Valerie, now beginning to get mad.

"No!" he yelled. "It's not like that at all. Really, it was sort of an accident, and she knows I can't stay in Russia forever. She works for me. I hired her as a translator when I got here. I've offered to give her money, but she insists she doesn't want it. All she asks is that I let her keep her job. I'm not sure her parents are even alive. I mean she doesn't live with her parents or anything like that and I haven't been able to get any information out of her about them. She lives in this pitiful apartment in Moscow."

"Well, you have to take care of her," Said Valerie.

"Of course. I know that." he said. "But what about us?"

"We have a lot to talk about when you get home," said his wife, her voice level.

"So I can come home?" he asked, his voice full of hope.

"You may not want to stay after you get here," she said, truthfully.

"It's not like that Val. I love you. I mean this girl is cute and I kind of like taking care of her and all that, but the sex was something she thought she was supposed to do. I'm sure I wouldn't have done it if I'd have been sober."

"Let's just call it a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake, right Phil?" said Valerie cautiously.

"Yeah, that's right!" he said excitedly and she sighed with relief. She'd have to remind him of that when he got home. She thought of something to set the hook with.

"And Phil, if you have to, bring this girl home with you. I don't think I could live with myself if I thought she was freezing in some tiny box in Moscow, huddled up with your child in her arms. She's going to need good prenatal care and all that to get the baby a good start."

More silence. Then a soft sob. "Val, I can't believe how well you're taking this. I'm so lucky I have you."

Valerie realized she was rubbing her abdomen, and that under her hand another baby was growing, which would also need good prenatal care.

And a nanny some day.

Maybe even a live-in Russian nanny.

The End (Version Alpha)

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