The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 5

Megan slipped back to her room and fell asleep. This time she didn't wake until morning. Robby too slept the sleep of those who were exhausted doing fun things and sleep hard. Valerie, her stomach full of her son's warm spend, slept peacefully as well.

All three woke refreshed the next morning. The atmosphere in the house was subtly different too. Valerie, knowing she had an outlet for her raging lust, felt better prepared to deal with it. The same was true of her children, both of whom knew that, if things got tense, there was a way, albeit one that was secret from their mother, to take the edge off. For that reason they were all eager to get back into the studio.

Valerie was in the studio, her robe open, when her children walked in naked. Robby was soft, for the most part. Megan's nipples were erect, differentiated from the puffy areola for the first time, and her upper chest was flushed. Valerie knew they would 'play' again, but she didn't mind, since that would prime Robby's 'pump' for her to empty once more. Her pussy started getting wet thinking about it. She forced herself to concentrate as they got into position. Sure enough, she saw the end of Robby's now hard prick peep out from between Megan's buttocks.

She began to paint.

An hour later, when it was obvious that Megan could not control her urge to move, Valerie called a rest break. As they got up she could see that Robby's prick was dripping and Megan was flushed even more. She hurried out of the room, saying she was going to the bathroom.

"Robby? Do you need me to ... ?" asked Valerie.

He grinned and said, "It's OK for now. That's kind of ... special. I want to save it. Is that OK?"

"Sure, honey," she said, her heart beating faster. She liked to delay gratification too ... sometimes.

They had a bite to eat and neither Robby nor Megan got dressed, sitting at the table naked while their mother walked around, her robe flapping in the breeze. Megan saw Robby watching and poked him, rolling her eyes. He was rock hard the whole time.

Then it was time to go back in.

Valerie was standing at her easel, looking at where she wanted to work when she heard Robby exclaim "Megan!" in a voice that was the type of voice people use when they don't want to be overheard. She looked around the easel, but they were in their pose and looked normal.

Things were anything but normal with Robby and his sister. When she had lain down beside him, she had very matter of factly, with no expression at all, grasped his penis and stuffed it into her pussy as far as she could get it to go in the position they were in. Then she pulled her body close to his and assumed her position.

"I need this," she whispered when her brother gasped her name.

They tried to act normal, but having his thick cock in her pussy made Megan want to move. Robby wanted to move too. Only perhaps two thirds of his prick was actually in her, because he had to keep one knee bent. If he could have straightened his leg he could have scooted closer and sheathed his tool completely. Instead, he began to move just a little, toward her and then away from her. That made his cock move in her about an inch at a time.

It was maddening for them both. It was enough to feel really good, but not enough to satisfy their desires. Megan began to use her muscles, like she had the night before.

Practice makes perfect, as they say. Megan's impromptu practice taught her that she could have a vaginal orgasm, though it was more work than having a clitoral one. This lesson lasted some twenty minutes as her mother, oblivious to what was going on, painted. Megan's practice culminated in success, as Robby's prick swelled and delivered its precious cargo of hot cum. As he flooded her, he maintained rock solid control over his face and hands, though a low pitched moan escaped his lips. He was very glad she was on the pill, because he came hard. Megan, upon feeling his warm issue, shuddered through a nice, easy orgasm. She bit her tongue and tensed, but that was all.

Their problem came when it was time for a break. Megan, not realizing what would happen, stood up. This time she didn't rush out of the room, not needing to go masturbate as badly as she had at the last break. She was standing there when her mother noticed a long drooling plug of Robby's sperm drip out of her pussy and splat on the floor.

Valerie knew instantly what it was that was dripping out of her daughter's pussy. Open-mouthed, she looked up to find Megan, her eyes open wide, holding her breath as she, too finally realized what had happened.

"Mommy?" she said.

"Megan!" barked Valerie. Her eyes shifted to Robby, who was staring at the puddle on the floor. Megan moved away from it, like she could distance herself from the evidence, and Valerie saw Robby's penis, also dripping and covered with streaks of his cum.

Then it hit her that they had done it right there, in the room, while she was painting them.

"It's a damn good thing I put you on the pill young lady!" she said in the voice they both recognized as her, "I'm so mad right now that I'm going to speak in a monotone so I won't scream" voice.

Megan, being the youngest person in the room, and the least experienced with situations such as this, took the tack that lots of kids try. "I'm sorry Mommy."

Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, that childish phrase caused Valerie's maternal instincts to kick in. She thought about what she had done with Robby, and now what Megan had done with Robby, and what the neighbors, not to mention the police and news media, would think if they ever found out about any of it. She became quite serious.

"You two know that this isn't the accepted way to live. Not in America. Not in Hillsdale. Not on Maple street. You both know that if anyone finds out what has happened, our family probably could not survive." She paced, unaware that her movements were making her robe flap, exposing her own naked body to both her children. "Megan, have you been taking your pills?"

"Yes mommy" Megan was still in little girl mode.

"Good. That's very important if you're going to let your brother cum inside you."

Megan's face beamed. "You mean you're not going to make us stop?"

Valerie's head jerked. Why had she assumed they would continue. She thought. Because she assumed she would continue, and, having seen his cum dripping out of her daughter, she might even do more. Her pussy itched right now, and she knew what it would take to scratch that itch.

She sighed. "I couldn't make you stop if I tried. Pandora's box has been opened, and it has spilled all over this house." She looked at her children, tall, strong, beautiful. "No, I won't try to make you stop. But please be careful, and Megan, you just make sure you take those pills every single day. Got that?"

"Yes Ma'am," she said smartly, having suddenly grown up seven or eight years in the space of seven or eight seconds.

"How long has this been going on?" asked their mother.

"Actually," said Robby, "Just since last night."

"You mean it happened after I ... said good night?" Valerie said, amazed. He had cum a fountain, and she couldn't believe he'd had anything left to give Megan. Her pussy spritzed as she realized how long it had been since she'd been involved with a teenage prick. She'd forgotten how resilient they were.

That led her to remember her first fumbled attempts at finding love during the sexual act, and how unsatisfying that had been.

And that led her to decide that her daughter, and son, of course, weren't going to have to go through the same unsatisfying game of fumble fingers and premature ejaculations while they learned how to please both themselves and their partner.

"OK, if you're going to do it, then you want to do it right!" she announced. "And I am going to ensure that you (she pointed at Robby) know how to treat a woman right!"

She had them move to her bedroom where she had Megan lie in the middle of the bed. Getting a warm washcloth from the bathroom, she handed it to Robby and had him clean up "the mess you made". She knew they'd be shy with her watching, and the washcloth gave him a chance to touch her sexually in a non sexual way. Indeed, when he had finished he was rock hard again.

"Where have you kissed her Robby?" asked Valerie.

"We kissed on the lips a couple of times," he said.

"OK, then, I want you to start by kissing her neck right now."

Robby climbed on the bed and hovered over his sister, on his hands and knees. He lowered his head and she arched her neck as he nuzzled her throat.

"You can lick her there a little too, but lots of slow kisses. Yes. That's good," she said as Megan's legs stretched and her hands moved. "Now, move those kisses down onto her upper chest. Don't touch her breasts yet. Do you think she's pretty Robby?"

"Um huh," he murmured, dragging his lips along the skin of her upper breasts.

"Then tell her that."

Robby raised his head until he could look Megan in the eyes. "I think you're beautiful," he said simply. "I always have." Her hands reached up and took his face, bringing his lips to hers for a kiss. It turned into a long, tongue swapping exchange as their mother watched. Megan's fingers slid into her crotch and she teased her pubic hair with her fingernails, feeling heat seep into her loins.

"You can kiss her lips as often and as much as you like," said their mother. "But don't neglect the rest of her. Now, Robby, kiss all around her breasts, but don't touch her nipples."

Robby was having fun. Everything in his sexual life, up to this point, had happened relatively rapidly, and stretching things out was very interesting. As he licked and kissed all around her nipples he thought about how, the night before, he'd wanted to taste them, but things had been so wild, so impetuous, that it was over before he could. Now, he anticipated teasing her nipples with his tongue. He gave her little sucks close to the nipples and she squirmed. He stopped for another French kiss, marveling at how smooth her tongue felt against his. Then he couldn't wait and his mouth dropped onto one of her nipples. It had spiked out already, and was easy to latch onto. He sucked.

"Ohh Robby," sighed Megan, as she arched her chest. Her hands came up and flickered through his hair, holding him to that breast.

"Feel her response," instructed their mother. "Listen to her voice." Valerie was getting hot. She slid one finger between the slick folds of her pussy. "OK, now, keep doing that. Don't suck too hard, and move back and forth from one nipple to the other. Now you can start touching her in other places. Feel the skin on her hips and stomach. Play with her ... hair." She watched as his hands slid all over Megan's lower body. Megan spread her legs, pulling her heels up and digging them into the bed, spreading her knees, opening herself to her lover, her hips coming up off the bed.

"Good. Now touch her places that are normally ticklish, but don't tickle her. Just a touch. If it actually tickles, you are touching too hard, or too soft, or too long. Learn to feel the difference between how her body moves when you're tickling her, and when she's responding sexually."

Robby was amazed at how Megan was responding to him. He knew immediately what his mother was talking about. Megan's movements were either slow and languid, with little purring sounds, or jerky if his touch tickled. She pressed her body into his when she liked the touch, and pulled it away when she didn't. He kept sucking her nipples, loving the texture and taste. He stopped for a kiss, and when he did she jammed her tongue in his mouth. He felt her hand on his wrist and she shoved his hand between her spread thighs. "Ohhh touch me there," she moaned.

"See how excited she's getting Robby? You're doing a good job." Valerie moved until she could see, hanging down between his legs, his thick penis and full balls. She couldn't resist reaching between his legs and grasping his cock. She jacked on it slowly, firmly, not trying to get him to ejaculate, but just rewarding him for taking his time with his sister.

Robby's fingers slid into hot slick flesh and Megan gave a convulsive thrust of her loins upward as one of his fingers slid across her clitty. Now the only parts of her that were touching the bed were her upper back, the back of her head, and her heels. "Ohhhh yesss," she sighed as his finger dipped into her pussy. "Ohhh Robby, I love you so much."

The combination of feeling his prick and hearing her daughter's response to his love making caused Valerie to need something in her pussy. She let go of his cock and let her robe slip off her shoulders. Naked, she started fucking herself with two fingers.

"OK, now, crawl between her legs. Let her feel you hovering over her, but don't lie down on her." she panted. He did and his sister immediately reached for his cock and tried to drag it to her pussy. "You can let her pull you in, but don't be hasty. Let her use you to rub herself with."

Robby relaxed his back enough that Megan could shove the tip of his cock between her pussy lips. She rubbed it on her clit and arched her hips upward again, obviously wanting him inside her. He lifted his head from her breasts. Her nipples were now dark red and thrust out from her breasts almost an inch. He kissed her lips, but only briefly. Her eyes were wide open, wild looking as he stared into them. She was panting, her breath rushing through her throat.

"Do you like this?" he asked, teasing.

"Ohhh fuck yessss," she gasped back at him.

"You want me to ... fuck you now?"

"If you don't I'll just kill youuuuuuaaahhhhhhh," she finished her threat as he sagged his back muscles more and let her have what she wanted. His prick slid into her tight pussy as he pressed harder, shoving his way into her slowly. He didn't quit until he felt his hair mesh with hers.

Valerie watched that huge column of flesh skewer her daughter and, with two fingers deep in her pussy, had an orgasm. She bent over and jerked her fingers, punishing her clit as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Robby, close to blowing his nut, started pulling his cock out of Megan and slamming it back in rapidly.

"Not ... so ... fast!" panted his mother. She took several deep breaths and pushed on his buttocks with her free hand. Finally she was able to talk more or less normally. "Don't just pummel her. Get her off before you take care of yourself. Vary your speed." She pushed hard on his butt and he went deep into his sister.

"There, stay there and feel her deep inside."

Megan began using those muscles she'd milked him off with while they were posing. It felt good to squeeze him.

"Megan if you keep doing that we're going to be done really soon," he panted.

"I can't help it. It feels good," she whined.

"What's she doing Robby?" asked Valerie.

"She's sort of squeezing me with her pussy," he groaned.

"When she does that you can move in and out, if you don't want to cum."

He did that, sliding in and out more slowly now.

"OK, now go in and stay there, but move your hips like this." said Valerie. She put both hands on her son's buttocks and, cupping a buttock in each hand, she moved his hips in large circles. Robby's pubic bone mashed his sister's clitty at the top of those circles, and just rubbed it hard at the bottom of those circles.

Megan went crazy. Her legs, which had been bent, straightened convulsively, then snapped back up. Her knees flopped sideways as she opened herself as widely as she could. Her hands shot to his buttocks and batted her mother's hands away, replacing them with her own. Now she moved his ass in circles as an orgasm crashed down over her.

"Ung ... OHhh ... ahhh ... nggggg ... OH ROBBEEEEEEEEEE!" she squealed as her pussy convulsed around his cock.

"Now you can cum Robby" sighed his mother.

He had been ready for a while now, and her words, plus the action of his sister's pussy writhing around him, pulled his spunk from his balls. Still going in circles, he pushed harder as his seed flowed into Megan's pussy, filling it, then pushing the excess up into her womb, and finally squirting out of her pussy lips around the prick that was supplying all that fluid. Once again millions of sperm went in search of an egg to batter against until one of them broke through to create a life.

They were all too late.

Megan relaxed as Robby sagged his body weight on top of her. He was heavy, but it was the kind of heavy she liked, like lots of blankets on a cold night. Her hands went from his ass to his muscular back and she slid them all over, feeling his skin. She kissed his shoulder and licked it. "I love you Robby," she said again.

"I love you too baby," he murmured back.

He rolled off of her, to let her breathe. His cock was still long and thick, though not quite as hard as before. It waved in the air. They looked at each other, and then for their mother. She stood, naked, shoulders slumped, legs shoulder width apart. Her eyes were wild and she was breathing hard. She was flushed clear down almost to her nipples. One hand was rubbing between her legs.

"Poor mommy," sighed Megan. "She needs something too. I know how she feels."

When he saw his mother naked, with her upturned, pointed breasts, Robby's prick lurched. He'd just seeded his sister, but seeing the body that had so tormented his dreams, and which he'd fantasized about while beating off so many times, brought steel back to his cock. He stood up off the bed.

"Mom?" he said.

She looked up from the floor, her hand moving in her crotch. "We can't," she gasped. "You're my son."

He moved toward her, his penis bobbing. "Mom?" he repeated.

Megan moved over in the bed, making room.

Robby reached out and touched his mother's shoulders. "Mom?" he said a third time. "You're beautiful too."

Her eyes were riveted to his cock, now just a foot away. "We mustn't," she whispered.

He reached for the hand that wasn't between her thighs. He pulled gently, toward the bed. She took a faltering step, then another. Then he put his hands back on her shoulders and moved her to the bed. Gently he sat her down.

"But we can't," she whined. "It's not right!"

He lay her back and lifted her legs up onto the bed as Megan leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "We love you mommy," she said.

Robby broke every rule she'd taught him. He attacked her breasts immediately, biting her nipples and sucking them hard as she cried out her ecstasy. He mounted her immediately too, with almost no foreplay. He slammed his rock hard cock into her in one lunge and she gave an agonized cry of passion as he fucked her furiously, lunging over and over, as hard as he could. Since he had cum so recently, he was able to go on for a long time. She returned every thrust, her arms around him in a death grip. She had three orgasms in a row, one almost on top of the other. The noises she made were music to his ears.

She fell back limp and he never slowed, pounding her mercilessly. With his face hovering over hers he asked, "Are you on the pill too Mom?"

"Yessssss," she groaned.

He jammed in, froze, and flexed his internal muscles as, once again, his cock lurched and spat a full load of thick sperm, this time into the womb that had carried him.

And this time, when he collapsed on his mother's soft breasts, he didn't even have the energy to roll over.

When they finally untangled themselves, the two youngsters quietly headed for their own rooms.

The first thing Valerie did when she got to her bedroom was take her pill. She didn't know it, but she beat Megan by only sixteen seconds.

In the dark of night, while she was sleeping, Valerie's egg drifted mindlessly closer to her womb. She rolled over and the egg drifted into a clump of something. Suddenly it was surrounded by wiggling, striving sperm cells. They recognized their target and began battering against the walls of the egg. Almost all bounced off, to veer in other directions, or curve back for another try. Several thousand fouled with each other and perhaps a thousand lost a piece of their tails. They fluttered, no longer viable, and waited to die.

But all those hits had softened the wall of the egg, and one sperm cell, stronger than the rest, hit the egg at just the right spot and forced its way through the fibrous wall. Tail wiggling frantically, it dove deeper and deeper, until it slipped inside.

Conception happened with no noise, and no fanfare.

Valerie rolled again, and the fertilized egg started changing, as chromosomes merged and the cell prepared to begin splitting. In the next day it would double, then triple and quadruple in size. Within three days it would find a place to attach to the wall of her uterus. Then it would continue its growth, and make its presence known.

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