The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 4

Valerie had time for only three quick strokes on his stiff rod, and was able to swirl her tongue around the head once, when Robby went off like a boiling geyser.

She knew her son was close, but not that close, and she barely had time to snatch a breath before she had to swallow frantically. As she did, her other hand darted to her pussy and, with her mouth wrapped firmly around a nice hard cock, she diddled herself to a bone wrenching orgasm. She also got a nice tummy-full of her son's spooge.

She had always loved to suck Phil off, and she now found that Robby's sperm tasted even better than her husband's.

Robby, for his part, lay back stiff as a board and unable to move any part of his body except his hips, which arched up off the mattress and into his mother's hot, sucking mouth as his balls tried to crawl through his cock. He made strangled noises in his throat, so much so that it would have sounded to an observer as if he were the one choking on hot sperm, instead of his mother.

At last his prick gave its last convulsive jerk and Valerie lovingly swallowed the last of his spend. She pulled off of him with a slurping 'pop' and smacked her lips.

"There, now. Isn't that better?" she smiled at him.

Robby, his mind just inches from blasting off into never never land, responded on autopilot. "Yes, Ma'am."

"Good," she said soothingly. "And Robby? It's only fair that you know that I enjoyed that too." She dropped her eyes in mock bashfulness. "Why don't you go on to bed, darling. I think you'll sleep a lot better tonight."

Valerie, humming happily to herself, left the room and went straight to bed. She lay there, her stomach full of nice warm creamy sperm and it took almost no time for her to drift off to sleep.

As Valerie slept peacefully, her own hormone levels changed. A natural process that had taken place almost three hundred times in her life began again. Her body did a self check and, this time finding no chemical or physical reason not to, propelled an egg from an ovary into its associated fallopian tube. All that sperm in her stomach, just inches away, seemed to hurry the egg on its way.

After his mother left him there, it took Robby fully ten minutes to struggle to his feet and walk out of the studio to his room. In fairness to his mother, he was dead asleep within a hundred and twenty seconds of his head hitting his pillow.

He only got three hours sleep, however, before he was awakened.

This time it was not a dream.

Megan had, indeed, dashed to her room, where she grabbed her hair brush - the one with the thick plastic handle that was smooth and about four inches long - and promptly jammed that handle into her pussy. This was not the first time she had done this, and her sigh of release would have been audible in Robby's room, except that he was in the process of getting his pipes cleaned and wasn't there to hear her.

Her orgasm was nice and long, but the feel of that hard plastic in her pussy somehow didn't feel quite as good as it had in the past. She got to sleep, but as she drifted off she was thinking about that nice, hot, soft/hard flesh of her brother's, lodged between her legs.

She woke up in the middle of the night and she was ragingly horny. She thought about the hairbrush again, but it didn't hold the same fascination for her any more. She'd felt a hard penis on the outside of her pussy, and that had been fantastic. All her friends insisted that it felt even better inside one's pussy.

She got out of bed and crept down the hall.

As Robby came awake, he realized his arms were full of soft, naked woman. In his semi-awake state, his mind flashed back to the last soft, naked flesh he'd seen - his mother's. His prick had no trouble whatsoever remembering what his mother had done to, and for him, and it immediately stood up to be counted. It was about the time the tip of his prick felt itself being surrounded by hot, wet pussy that he woke up enough to realize that the squirming naked package in his arms was too small to be his mother's body.

"Megan?" he whispered.

"Shhhh," Megan had her hand wrapped firmly around his rigid pole and had managed to get the tip into her famished pussy. With the smooth round knob pressing on her clitty, she already knew this was going to be the best thing she'd ever felt. She humped, trying to get more of his cock into her.

Robby's prick was larger than the handle of her hair brush. In fact, I think it's fair to say it was much larger. And Megan's pussy was filled to capacity with that slim plastic handle when she used it for that purpose.

"What are you ... ?" whispered Robby.

Megan was in the throes of passion. Her mind was not that of a fifteen year old girl. Rather, the hormones that had taken over her thought processes were much older. "Shut up and fuck me!" she growled.

"What?!" he gasped.

Megan sucked in a lungful of air as her wiggling succeeded in lining up her pussy with the angle of his cock. Half of his prick glided into her pussy, spreading her almost cruelly. She stopped, frozen.

"Ohhhh Robby," she moaned, her voice that of a young girl again. She'd been squatting over him, trying to impale herself. Now her feet were off center, her hands on his chest, and her leg muscles were starting to burn. They slipped and she felt herself fall further onto his prod.

"Oh shit ... oh shit ... oh shit," she chanted as her failing muscles let her further and further down.

Then she was sitting on his abdomen, her pussy crammed with prick for the first time in her life.

It wasn't quite what she had expected. "Ohhh fuck!" she gasped.

Robby, feeling a pussy sliding down his staff for the first time in his life, had done what any boy would have done in that situation. He lay there and let it happen. After what his mother had done, his moral compass was spinning, and his mind spun with it. He couldn't believe how tight her pussy was. It was almost painful for him, and he knew instinctively that she must be in pain. He also knew, instinctively, that if she lay down on him it might not be so bad. He reached up in the dark, found her shoulders, and pulled her into a hug, pressing her hot teen breasts against his chest.

Megan groaned as she fell forward onto her brother's broad chest, but she immediately felt the pressure in her pussy ease. She realized she had stopped breathing and took a long cleansing breath, blowing it out into her brother's neck.

"Ohhh, Robby, that feels better," she sighed.

Now his brain took a break to think.

"Are you insane? What in the world are you doing Megan?" he whispered in her ear.

"I'm getting my cherry popped. What do you think I'm doing?" she whispered back.

"By your Brother?" he said softly.

"It was supposed to be Tommy, but he's not here," she panted. Megan tried something she'd heard about. She tried feeling the muscles that were being stretched by that log in her pussy and tried to flex them. She felt something move around his penis. "This is the only penis around right now," she said, squeezing it again. "Besides, I think I like this penis very much." She began wiggling on top of him, her horniness overcoming the pain and pressure.

Robby's brain flashed on an image of Tommy on top of his sister. He growled. His mind formed the words to suggest Tommy Valdergurg would face a horrible death if he ever tried it, but Megan felt like moving and she felt like talking. "Tonight, when it was between my legs, I almost died. I went to my room and I put something in my pussy, but it still felt empty. I had to do this Robby. I needed to feel full, and now I do."

She pulled herself forward enough to come almost off of him and he sucked in wind as he felt cool air on his cock. His cock liked warm pussy, not cool air. But then she shoved herself back down on it and it slid in her like a knife in butter.

"Ooooooo," she cooed. "Yes, I'm going to like this very very much."

"If you keep doing that I'm gonna shoot," he warned.

"It's OK, I'm on the pill," she said smoothly.

Ever since her mother had given her own pack of pills she had wanted to say that to some boy. Even though it was her brother who heard it first, it still thrilled her to say it. She got serious about getting her orgasm and started riding her brother hard.

For Robby, it was a little like being beaten almost senseless with socks that were filled with cotton. Her skin dragged at his, and her hands pressed deeply into the muscles of his chest as she pulled her pussy this way and that. She started shaking and he sensed she was having an orgasm. Her head went back and her hair flailed in the dark as she sat up straight, sitting on him hard, getting him as deeply in her as she could.

It was there, with the tip of his prick pressed right against her cervix, that he flushed her full of sperm. He came just as hard as he had in his mother's mouth. He felt the pain in his balls as they tried to breed the woman on top of him, not knowing or caring that the woman was his sister. Neither did the millions of sperm cells that swam their way into her womb, searching, insistently searching, for the egg they were destined to attack.

As if she were slowly running out of battery power, Megan collapsed on her brother. He held her, his prick still trying to put more baby makers into her and finally giving up as his penis wilted.

"Feel better?" he whispered.

"Ohhhh yessssss," she sighed. "Promise me you'll let me do this again."

"OK," he said simply.

She reached up in the darkness and kissed him. "Thank you Robby."

He returned her kiss warmly. "You're welcome."

Megan's activity had stimulated almost all the muscles and tissues associated with her abdominal region, including the tissues around her fallopian tubes. The egg that had been drifting aimlessly down that tube found its progress speeded up. Quite suddenly the egg entered that part of the tube that is open to sperm cells and, before it got even a centimeter further, it was immediately assaulted by hundreds of thousands of Robby's little wrigglers.

Having no chance whatsoever of resisting that assault, the wall of the egg softened and was immediately pierced by a wiggling sperm cell.

Megan, like some four percent of women, became pregnant the very first time she allowed a penis inside her.

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