The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 6

The next morning Valerie was up early. From habit she prepared breakfast, though both kids often slept in. She felt fabulous, and felt guilty because of that. She could still feel the passion of her orgasm as Robby's cum jetted into her. It was probably because she still felt that passion that she decided she could not allow him to make love to her again. If she felt this strongly for him, the reverse could happen, and she wanted him to have a more or less normal life, if possible.

She thought about it as she unwittingly fried up an entire pound of bacon. She loved her son, but she couldn't allow herself to fall in love with her son. The fact that he was also lying with his sister was something she didn't worry about too much. He and Megan would probably be very close for the rest of their lives, and that was fine, but both would eventually find other lovers ... more acceptable lovers. And then their lives would proceed more or less normally.

But if Robby fixated on her, or she on him ... well ... that just wouldn't work.

Her lust, however, had been uncaged last night, and she knew that if she let herself get in that situation again, she'd succumb again. So, she would have to find some other way to feed that lust.

She sat down at the table and thought of the other reason she had let her son and daughter fuck each other last night. When she had married Phil she was not a virgin. In fact, she was far from being a virgin. And that was because, at that time, her big brother Bob had been fucking her regularly for four years.

It had started when she began her periods, and had continued until she got married. But when she had walked down the aisle to marry Phil, Bob had stopped coming after her. He still came over, and they were still close, but she belonged to another man now, and he bowed out. She knew, though, that all she had to do was say the word and he'd be there instantly, to pick up where they had left off.

Megan walked into the kitchen. She looked sleepy.

"Good morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?"

"Morning mommy. Good. I slept hard." Megan yawned.

"Good sex will do that to you," said Valerie.

Megan blushed. "I'm still not used to the idea that it's OK."

"Well, I don't want you to think you can just spread your legs for any man, honey," said Valerie.

"Oh, I understand that," Said Megan. "I mean I love what Robby and I do, but I can't think of any other boy I want to do that with. Not right now, anyway."

"Well, that's good. And when you do feel that way, I want you to come talk to me first. What you're doing with your brother is OK, since you're on the pill and we know he has no diseases, but before you let a strange boy do that you need to take other precautions."

"I know, Mommy. I took health class," said her daughter. Megan choked down her breakfast and left just as Robby came in. Valerie served him and then sat down opposite him.

"I don't think it's a good idea for us to keep making love," she said directly.

Robby looked up from his eggs. "Why?" he asked.

"I want you to have a normal life ... meet a girl ... fall in love ... have babies with her. If you pay all your attention to me that might not happen." It sounded perfectly reasonable to Valerie.

"But I love you," he said.

Something twisted in her at his statement. It was what she was afraid of. "You're not supposed to love me. Not like that," she added.

"That's not what I meant," he said. "What I meant was that I love you. I like having sex with you. It's great. And I don't want to stop. But that's not why I love you. It's just part of loving you ... now."

"You'll still go out with girls?" asked his mother.

"Of course," he said. "When I have time. But I don't think I should have sex with them all though," he said. It sounded like a perfectly plausible thing to say, based on what she had said.

Valerie leaned back in surprise. "Of course not!" she said, with a little heat in her voice.

"What about Megan?" he asked.

"Well, the two of you can help each other with a lot of feelings and urges ... until each of you meets someone you want to get serious with, or marry. I mean both of you should have other interests, but for just pure sex you can have each other. That will keep you both from making mistakes with others. Am I making sense here?" she asked.

"I think so. You want us to be careful with people outside our family ... sexually I mean ... and satisfy those needs inside the family." He summed it up perfectly.

"Yes, but I'm not comfortable with you having sex with me. Not a lot, anyway. I'm afraid you'll get fixated on me and not be attracted to other girls." Valerie sighed at how complicated things were.

"What about Dad?" asked her son.

"He must never find out," she said firmly. "About either Megan or us. I love him and I don't want to hurt him. This just ... happened, and I can't make it un-happen. But I don't want to hurt him."

"OK," he said simply. The idea that he could now go out with girls and avoid the hassle of trying to get his rocks off, but could then have that taken care of when he got home, was very appealing to Robby.

While the kids were in school Valerie called her brother.

"Bob," she said into the phone when he answered.

"Hi Sweets," he said, his deep voice sending a thrill through her pussy as it always did.

"I need some help with a problem," she said.

"Anything, any time, any where," he said back.

"Can you come over after the kids get home from school today?" she said. "Maybe half an hour after they get home?"

"Sure. Call me when they get home and I'll head over. They giving you trouble?"

"Not the kind you're probably thinking about," she said, and they hung up.

Later that day, after Robby and Megan came in the back door loudly arguing about which band played better music, Valerie told them she had some things to do and suggested that they get their homework done while she was busy. After that, she said, they would paint. She was pretty sure what "homework" they'd do first. As they raided the refrigerator for snacks, she called Bob.

"They're home. Come quickly. Use the back door, into the kitchen and don't ring the bell," she instructed.

"Sure." He sounded curious. "Be there in a jiffy."

Valerie went into her bathroom to comb her hair and put on a touch of makeup. She always did that when she was going to see her brother. Her eye fell on her packet of birth control pills. She swallowed one.

Eight minutes later Bob let himself in the back door of his sister's house. He looked forward to seeing her. He'd married, but it hadn't lasted. He'd never been excited about going through the rituals of dating again. Instead he called on memories of his sister, under him, hunching up to get his cock deeper in her when they were teenagers. Then he beat off thinking about that. So he was always glad to see his sister, because fresh images of her made his beat off sessions the most realistic.

She was waiting for him in the kitchen and gave him a curiously deep kiss. Then she grabbed his hand and, motioning for him to remain quiet, pulled him toward the hallway that led to the bedrooms. He followed her until she stopped at Megan's bedroom door. She seemed to be listening and then, just as he heard something like a hammer pounding, she nodded, apparently to herself. Very slowly she reached out and turned the knob, pushing the door open a little.

What was revealed were clearly his niece and nephew fucking like rabbits. Megan was on her back, naked, and Robby was hunched over her, his long stiff cock slamming in and out of her hard enough to make the headboard hit the wall occasionally. Then he moderated his stroke, staying in deep and rubbing. Where in the hell did he learn to do that? Bob could see enough to know that they were fucking bareback.

It brought back memories of him and Val.

And it was no rape. Megan was obviously loving it, urging her brother onward with her hands, her heels and her voice, telling him how much she loved feeling him deep and hard inside her.

Then it was just as clear that Robby was flushing out his sister's pussy with his cum as he moaned about how good it felt to spurt in her, and she moaned about how nice and hot it felt.

Bob leaned forward and, as he smelled his sister's hair he realized he was hard as a rock. He whispered in her hair, "Is she on the pill?"

Valerie nodded and backed into her brother's arms. He unconsciously put his hands on her breasts as he hugged her to him and she turned in his arms. She kissed him and he knew now what she wanted 'help' with.

He pushed her toward her own bedroom and then through the door. They didn't have to say anything. Their clothing flew and within sixty seconds they were mimicking the scene in the bedroom down the hall, with his butt rising and falling between her thighs, her hands urging him on, and her voice asking him to cum inside her pussy.

As he moaned softly in her ear that he was cumming, he asked her if she was on the pill too.

And as she welcomed his heated essence into her body she assured him she was. His sperm flowed into her womb and those millions of sperm cells swept through her womb looking for the egg they wanted to fertilize. When they found it they were sorely disappointed that another sperm had beaten them to it.

Down the hall, Robby and Megan lay together, his semen soaking into her as they shared small sweet kisses and touches.

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