The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 4

Valerie was conflicted, feeling both guilty and completely justified about what she had done. What bothered her was that she did feel that things were spinning out of her control. What worried her most was that she had a very familiar itch between her legs ... that itch that could only be scratched one way ... and the prick that was supposed to scratch that itch was currently in Russia.

There was, however, another nice, hard prick around the house. And that was what worried her. That prick had scratched her itch once, and she knew she'd let him do it again. What she couldn't decide was how often and how much she should "help" him. She didn't want him to be fixated on her and abandon a boy's normal search for the girl of his dreams.

So, when he dropped his robe in the studio, and she saw he was rock hard, she decided to try to handle things with less passion than she had those two long nights ago.

She walked up to him and cupped his penis. "You know there are ... concerns ... about what we did the other night."

He nodded. "People would not understand."

"I want you to be attracted to other women ... women your own age," she said, holding his cock firmly and stroking it gently.

He flushed. "I don't think that will be a problem," he said. "If it makes you feel any better, a girl named Melissa Roberts gave me a hardon at school yesterday when she bent over. She was wearing a thong and her skirt was too short."

"Well, that's a start, I suppose," said his mother, lengthening her stroke. "I can still help you at home." She sank down to her knees and angled his cock so she could get her mouth on it. "Like this." She swallowed him whole and went to work on him like she was starving. She had him spurting within sixty seconds and gulped all of it down, continuing to suck and milk him until he was soft.

"That's very nice," he gasped, swaying a little.

"And the other ... sometimes. Not too often I think. I don't want you to get used to that." She squeezed his cock and got another dollop of cream out of it. She caught it on her tongue, sucked it in and swallowed that too.

They painted for an hour while she stayed fully clothed and he stayed only half hard. After that they took a break for lunch. Valerie sat across from her son. "I want to be naked this afternoon while I paint. Can you control yourself?" she asked.

"No," he said honestly.

"Good, cause I'm horny," she said. "I want to teach you to do for me what I did for you this morning."

"OK," he said and stood up. There was already a bulge under his robe. "I'm all about learning that. I mean if I have to." He tried to make his voice sound like he was overworked and abused, but he couldn't pull it off.

She took him into the studio and, while he dropped his robe, exposing his hardon, she took her own clothes off. She had a feeling this was a bad idea, if she was really going to try to limit letting his prick into her pussy, but she needed an orgasm and she didn't want to get it from her own fingers. She sat down in the big overstuffed chair and hooked her legs over the arms, opening her pussy to him as she scooted her butt to the edge of the cushion.

The phone rang as Robby got to his hands and knees and crawled into position. Valerie held up one finger and answered it.

"Hey!" came a voice Valerie identified immediately. Penny was Valerie's sister and she lived across town.

"Hey," said Valerie and she waved Robby away from her pussy.

He ignored her.

Instead he peered at the pussy he'd fucked, but never gotten a close look at. He wanted to examine that pussy. She smelled good. Her pussy lips gaped open in this position and they shone with a sheen of moisture that he knew would feel slippery if he got it on his fingers.

"What's going on?" asked Penny. "I haven't heard from you in quite a while."

"I've been trying to get some painting done," said Valerie, eyeing her son as his nose got closer and closer to her itchy pussy.

"What are you painting?" asked Penny.

"It's sort of a portraaaaaaiiiiiiiiitt!" Valerie moaned the last part of the word as Robby leaned forward and, with the flat of his tongue, licked from the bottom of her pussy up through her spread open pussy lips, and across the sheath that still protected her clit. As his tongue rasped over it, that sheath retracted a little, and her clitty started to peek out as if it wanted to see who there was to play with.

"Are you OK?" asked Penny, concern evident in her voice.

"Yes!" gasped Valerie as Robby stuck his tongue as far inside her pussy as he could. She batted at his head, but left her legs where they were, leaving herself open and defenseless. "I'm just feeling a little light headed right now," panted the turned on woman.

"Do you need me to come over there?" asked Penny.

Valerie didn't hear anything after "Do you need me" because Robby had discovered the lump that was her clitty and had decided that it looked suckable, like one of her nipples. So he sucked it in and his cheeks sank in as he pulled hard on it. "Oh fuck yessssss," groaned Valerie. Then realizing that she shouldn't be talking to her sister while her son was sucking her pussy, or, conversely she shouldn't let Robby suck on her pussy while she was talking to Penny ... she decided she could talk to Penny any time.

"I have to go. I'll call you later," gasped Valerie. Then she hung up and lay limply as her son brought her to three orgasms in a row with only his tongue and teeth and lips.

Penny, worried at how her sister had sounded, and amazed that the word 'fuck' had passed Valerie's lips, got her purse and keys and went out to her car. She could be there in less than ten minutes if she cheated on a few stop signs.

Valerie was in a hazy world of white cottony clouds or something. Her eyes weren't focused and her head was lying back on the chair as her son licked her over and over again. What she was actually looking at was sunlight, reflected off of a sheet of plastic on a low bench, which was shining brightly on the chandelier in the room. The crystals of the light fixture shattered the light and diffused it into a soft glow that her unfocused eyes saw as a white cloudy mass. All her attention was on her pussy, which was being eaten, sucked and licked by someone who just had to be a master pussy licker disguised as her son. She could hear him breathing and slurping and rubbing his whole face into her slick and almost satisfied sex and she lay limply, as if she were a paraplegic and had been laid out in this obscene position by some perverted caretaker. Idly she brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed her nipples, rolling them between her fingers. The exquisite pain shot to her already over stimulated pussy and she felt another orgasm washing over her. With some surprise she identified the gurgling whining sound that had been going on for some time as her own voice.

Penny, having run three stop signs, pulled into the driveway of her sister's house and ran to the back door, which she knew was never locked. She passed the windows of the studio and glanced in before coming to a screeching stop. She pressed her face against one window and shaded her brow, not believing what she thought she had seen.

But it was true! Her prim and proper sister was laid out in a chair while some man was eating her pussy with a vengeance! Valerie didn't look like she was fighting, and her arms were loose. As Penny watched, her sister's hands came up and she began pinching and abusing her own nipples. Then her mouth opened and Penny could hear the anguished cry of pleasure even through the wall.

Penny felt her own pussy twist a little as moisture was created. She thought about just leaving. But she had to know who the man was. She walked much more quietly to the back door and let herself in. The studio was just around the corner and she could hear Valerie much more clearly now. She was wailing and obviously in the throes of an orgasm.

Penny peeked around the door. She was immediately disappointed.

The man's back was to her. Well ... not his back, exactly. His ass was pointing right at her as he kneeled on all fours to service Valerie. Penny naturally let her gaze drop to what was hanging between the man's thighs and she gasped. It was long and hard and it made her mouth water. His balls were huge and full. She couldn't actually see his prick very well, because it was pointing at Valerie. If he'd been standing it would have been pointing straight up. But it swayed and dangled a little as he moved his face around between her sister's thighs and she got glimpses of it.

Would he use that on Val?

Would she let him?

Who was he?

Just then he lifted his head. She still couldn't see his face. He was muscular, that was plain to see, in fabulous shape. His hair looked a little like Robby's. Could this be one of his friends? Some young stud that Valerie had cultivated while Phil was gone for a whole year? His cock was naked, that was also plain to see. There was no condom in sight. The man had kissed his way up Val's abdomen to her breasts and Penny could hear him suck at them. He was a noisy eater. Her own nipples tingled and she felt an urge to pinch them. She also felt an urge to rub her pussy.

That naked penis was getting awfully close to Val's pussy. Surely she wouldn't let some man have unprotected sex with her. She gaped as she saw Valerie's hand slide between them and grasp that thick, hard bone. She gasped as Val directed it to her pussy, and her knees went weak as the man just rammed it into Val's pussy like he owned it. She heard her sister groan, and then her legs wrapped around the man's back and her heels drummed as the man began sawing that lovely prick in and out, slamming deep and then staying there long enough to press against her clit.

It went on for a long time, and Penny had to sit down on the floor because she couldn't stand up any more. She heard Val go through at least two more orgasms and still the man pummeled her with his rigid prick.

Then he speeded up and she could hear him panting. He was close. Surely Val would make him pull out.

But she didn't. When she heard the man grunt she saw Val's hands reach for his ass and she dug her nails into it, pulling him deeply into her as he grunted over and over again. From where she was sitting Penny could see where his prick went into her, could see the stretched pussy lips that were her sister's. A thick ring of white built up around his cock. He was coming so much that it was leaking out and building up around his cock. Now there was a thick drip of it falling to the floor. Penny realized she was furiously rubbing her pussy through her jeans and she leaned back so she could slide her hand into them. She almost made a noise as she slid her long manicured fingers into her pussy and she rubbed herself off. It was just a little cum, but it took the edge off.

Valerie spoke. "Ohhh Robby that was so wonderful. You made Momma feel soooo good." ... Robby.

Penny's finger in her pussy pulled hard as her nephew's name was said. She'd always had a little letch for her nephew. And now, apparently she'd just seen him in action. She hadn't known what she was going to say to Val before now.

Penny stood up. She ran her hands through her hair, forgetting there was pussy juice on them, and straightened her clothes. Then she walked into the studio as if nothing was wrong.

"Hi guys," she said, again as if nothing were out of the normal at all. "Val, you've been a very bad girl, hogging that lovely penis. I may just have to spank you," She said this as she walked by them.

Robby was still buried balls deep in his mother and he'd frozen when he heard a voice. To punctuate her 'spanking' comment she slapped Robby's ass hard and he reacted by powering forward so hard that the chair and Valerie both moved several inches.

Neither Valerie nor Robby had any idea of what to say. Being caught like this wasn't something either of them had thought about, so neither of them was prepared in any way.

Penny sat down in a hardback chair. "I guess this might be a good time to tell you that I've had fantasies about Robby for about the last two years."

"What?" Valerie shook her head, unable to process the information she'd just gotten.

"For the last two years, when I lie in bed at night, I think about Robby, and about this penis I dreamed up for him, which, by the way, doesn't hold a candle to the real thing." She dropped her hand in her lap, almost like it was an accident. "Anyway, I have dreamed of everything in the world that he could do to me with that penis. And now, when I finally get to see it, he's using it on my sister."

"Penny?" said Valerie. She was on the verge of losing it.

"I do believe I'm jealous." Said Penny. Her hand started stroking her pussy through her jeans. "So are you going to share? We used to share things Val. I want to share things again."

"I don't believe this," said Robby, who understood, much sooner than most men ever would, what it was like to be discussed as a sexual object, and right in front of him like he wasn't even there.

"I don't feel good," said Valerie.

"You ought to feel fabulous, based on what I just saw," said her sister. She turned and addressed Robby for the first time. "So what do you say, nephew of mine? You gonna give old Aunt Penny a tumble?"

Robby understood instinctively that something was going on here that was outside his level of experience. His Aunt was a babe, and any guy would fall all over himself to get her naked. He didn't think he should mention it just then, but he'd had the odd fantasy about her too.

But he also loved his mother, and that came first. "If my mother said it would be OK, I'd think about it seriously,." he said.

Valerie began to sniffle and her eyes filled with tears. Her worst fears had come to pass and now someone knew about her incestuous ways. Before she could get going really well, though, she was smothered by her sister, who was hugging them both.

"Come on Val," said Penny. "You don't have to explain anything to me. I still love you and I wasn't kidding about Robby. If he'd have me I'd be right where you are in a New York minute. What with Phil gone for a whole year ... I don't blame you at all. At least you had the sense to keep it in the family, where there's real love involved. Don't cry, baby, it's OK, really it is."

"B ... B ... B ... But he's my son," cried Valerie.

"And he's my nephew," said Penny "But that won't stop me from finding a little happiness with him if it's OK with you. There isn't much happiness in this world big sister, and I don't think you should feel bad for grabbing a little of it." She looked at Robby, her face only an inch from his. "Why don't you get off her now Robby. I imagine you're starting to get heavy."

Robby had been holding himself off of his mother just a little bit, and, truth to tell his muscles were on fire. But he was a little shy.

"But you'll see me naked," he said, as if perhaps she hadn't thought of it.

"Of course I will you beautiful stud." she grinned. "Why do you think I'm in here, instead of out there talking to you both through the door while you get decent?"

Not knowing exactly how much Aunt Penny had seen, Robby decided that, since his mother thought he was handsome, maybe his Aunt would too. So, with a deep breath, he pushed himself up with his arms and stood up. His prick had been closing off his mother's pussy, but it had shrunk so much it wasn't really inside it, exactly. Still, his flaccid penis and his mother's bald pussy lips were a sloppy mess. Penny stood there, looking down at her older sister.

"Remember when I was thirteen?" she asked. "And you ... taught me?"

Valerie's eyes widened and she nodded.

"Can I ... " the question was left unspoken. Robby didn't know what was going on yet, but he had a feeling things were going to get pretty interesting.

"In front of Robby?" asked his mother.

"Get real Val. You just fucked his socks off. You think he'll run screaming from the room if I ... clean you up?"

Robby watched interestedly as his mother closed her legs, looked at him, then at his aunt and finally opened her legs again.

In almost slow motion Penny sank between her sister's thighs and began to lick them. Little by little she got closer and closer to Valerie's shaven vulva, licking Robby's sperm off her thighs. Valerie turned three shades of pink and began to fidget as that tongue got closer and closer to where the real treasure of sperm was.

But Penny would not be hurried. So far the only thing she'd gotten any of Robby's spend on was her tongue. Robby half expected her to just rub her face in his mother's sex, but it never happened. Instead she licked and sucked until every part of Val's skin was clean, if not dry.

Then she sealed her lips over her sister's lips and sucked.

Valerie keened as her clitty was vibrated by another woman's tongue and she got off. She lifted her hips, just like she did when she was trying to get more of Robby's prick in her. Penny swallowed audibly, indicating she'd gotten a nice hot mouthful of her nephew and loved it.

Then, as Valerie sighed and went limp, Penny sat back. Now she was the one who was flushed.

"I need to borrow Robby for a little while now," she panted. "Please?"

Valerie opened her eyes and turned her head toward her son. "It's OK with me darling."

Penny went to her knees, facing Robby. "Let me clean you up too, stud. I've been wanting to do this since I saw you in the bathtub when you were fifteen."

She crawled toward him, licking her lips.

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