The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 7

It was a long trip home for Phil Hudson, and not because he was traveling ten thousand miles. Phil had a problem, and she was seated right beside him. Her name was Svetlana and she was his translator. Of course he wouldn't really need a translator when he got back home.

But his translator would need him.

He glanced over at her. Even now, after a year of working with her every day, he couldn't believe how much she looked like his daughter, Megan. That's what had attracted him to her in the first place. She had claimed to be twenty-one, and spoke flawless English. After a year, that's about all he really knew about her, except that she wasn't twenty-two. She was, in fact, seventeen. She could have been his daughter.

And, in fact, within two months of hiring her, he was treating her like his daughter. Or at least he was treating her like he wished he could treat his daughter. That consisted of covering her naked body with his naked body, while his rampant prick dug deep into her pussy, spurting strong jets of semen into her nubile belly.

He had made one, tiny, little suggestion that she was sexy, and the next thing he knew they were in bed. They couldn't get enough of each other and he seeded her every day. He'd assumed she was on the pill, but she wasn't, and he'd knocked her up within a month of that first wild sexual union.

It was then he found out she was only seventeen. And that she lived in a tiny apartment with little heat, sporadic electricity, and water sometimes. She had moved in with him the next day and had lived with him every day since.

That was ten months ago.

He smiled as she looked up from her task and smiled at him. The baby ... his baby, sucked noisily at her breast in the seat next to him. She had insisted her baby have an American name, and they had decided on Thomas. He had to admit that he loved both Svetlana and Thomas.

The problem was, he already had a family, and he loved them too. Part of him couldn't wait to see Val, tall, slim, regal, just beautiful. And the mother of two children he loved as well.

But Val didn't know about Thomas, or Svetlana for that matter. It was going to be interesting when they met him at the gate. He had thought about trying to set Svetlana up in an apartment somewhere, a kept woman for all intents and purposes. As his employee he had no trouble getting her a work visa. And, truth be known, she would be valuable in his business when it came to communicating with his new branch office. But he couldn't abandon her like that.

She knew she'd never be his wife, and didn't care. But she wanted him to be well known to his son, and that meant seeing him often. And that meant she'd be in his home from time to time, with Thomas, if for no other reason. She'd even agreed that their fling was just that, and that it was over.

He hoped he still had a home to go to after Val found out what he'd done.

And he hoped he'd be able to be around Megan without thinking of the things he'd done with her Russian twin. His prick got hard just thinking about it, even now. And Megan would have grown a lot in a year. She'd be sixteen by now. What would he do if he got erections around her? Even if Val forgave his indiscretion with Svetlana, she'd never accept it if she found out he wanted to plant his cock in his own little girl and flush her full of sperm.

He'd find out in about half an hour. The stewardesses were passing out the customs forms and they were on their final glide path.

Phil Hudson started to sweat.

Valerie Hudson was sweating too. She and Penny were both sitting on cute little scooters the airport had insisted they use, since both were heavily gravid with child, and walking was difficult. Valerie's due date was only twenty-six days away. Penny had another month and a half before she'd be in the delivery room with Robby. She smiled when she thought about Robby. He'd insisted on taking classes to help with the child birth, because it was assumed that Phil wouldn't be interested, if he was even still around when the children were born. Phil had helped with both Robby and Megan, but they couldn't count on his help this time. So, he was scheduled in the hospital as the Birth Coach for both Val and Penny.

She quit smiling as she was told that the plane had landed and was almost at the gate. They weren't allowed to meet the passengers as they deplaned, but could wait where the luggage would end up, so that's where they were.

Penny reached over and patted her hand. "It will work out," she said, for possibly the hundredth time.

She sensed Robby and Megan standing behind her. They had both insisted on coming. Robby intended to stand up to his father, and Megan intended to be the one family member he could greet without anger.

Now a flood of passengers came down the escalator. Four heads craned, looking for Phil.

"There!" yelled Penny, pointing.

"No, can't be" said Megan. "He's got a woman with him. See how she's holding his arm? It sure looks like Daddy though!"

Valerie stood up. She felt like a blimp. It was Phil ... but the woman was with him. What could this mean?

Penny spoke. "She's carrying a baby. Maybe he met her on the plane and is just helping her find her luggage."

Phil reached the bottom of the escalator and helped Svetlana step off. He saw a woman who was the spitting image of Val, but this woman was so pregnant she might have the baby any time. And there was another pregnant woman with her ... who looked a heck of a lot like his Sister-in-law, Penny.

And behind them a man ... it wasn't a man ... it was Robby! And next to him a beautiful young woman who could be the twin of the woman holding his arm. She had to be Megan. What in the world was going on?

Valerie stared as Phil and the woman got closer. She looked to her left to make sure Megan was, in fact, standing there. It was uncanny how much like Megan this woman looked. A few years older, maybe, but she could be Megan's twin sister! Her mouth dropped open.

Passers-by, if they'd have been paying attention, would have thought that aliens had landed, the way the two groups looked at each other. Svetlana saw immediately that the boy standing with the two pregnant women was Phil's son. She hoped Thomas grew up to look like this boy ... no man would be better. He wasn't much younger than she was. And the girl! It was like looking in a mirror! She looked at Phil, whose eyes were bugged out.

Megan was the only one in her group who didn't pay any attention to the woman with her father. Her eyes were fixed on her Daddy and she couldn't wait any longer. "Daddy!" she screamed and rushed to hug him. She jostled the woman, who let go of his arm.

"Sorry," said Megan as she tried to crush her father in her arms.

Phil felt his fantasy girl in his arms and felt her proud young breasts pressing against his chest. He smelled her hair and heard her familiar voice. He was fully erect in seconds, and felt that erection pressing into her abdomen as she crushed him and kissed his cheeks.

"Baby," he sighed into her hair. "It's so good to see you again."

Megan had planned and practiced what she was going to say to her father - many times, in fact - but it all fled now as she hugged him.

"Daddy you can't be mad, because it was all a big mix-up and stuff happened and we all love you and you can't go away or anything, pleease, DADDY?" she ended, pleading like a girl five years younger.

Phil was thunderstruck. It sank in that his wife was pregnant and standing only a few feet away from him. He pulled Megan into one arm and held out his other to Val. "I don't know what's going on, but I can't tell you how happy I am to see you ... I think," he ended.

Val's eyes were serious. She came over and leaned up to kiss him ... on the cheek. "We need to talk Phil, but this isn't the place. Will you let me explain?" Her eyes went to Svetlana, who was standing quietly, holding the baby, who bore a remarkable resemblance to Robby when he was a baby.

Phil didn't know what to do. Obviously his wife was pregnant with a baby not his own. There was a place down deep in him that wanted to rage and hurt something ... or somebody. But a much stronger part of him reminded him that his own indiscretion was standing beside him, dependant on him, at least for a while.

"Yes, we need to talk," he said. "This is Svetlana. She works for me. She's my translator."

Four people stared at the girl. In a dignified voice she said, "Hello. I hope we can be friends."

Robby too had planned and practiced what he was going to say to his father. He was so intent on that that he missed a lot of the signs that both Val and Penny picked up on, concerning Svetlana and her baby. There were conflicting emotions going on in Valerie and she was getting agitated.

Penny was beginning to smile. If things were like she thought they might be, this might all work out wonderfully after all.

"Dad," started Robby. "When you left, you told me I was the man of the family while you were gone. Well. I was the man of the family. And this is all my fault, so if you decide to be pissed off, you need to be pissed off at me and not anybody else. It's very important to me that you understand that."

It was very quiet in the little bubble that surrounded the group, in the midst of chaos and confusion. Robby backed up a step, tense, muscles bunched, ready for anything. Anything except the roar of laughter that came from his father's mouth. It was laughter tinged with hysteria, but he got it under control.

"Yes," he said firmly. "We all need to go somewhere where we can talk."

It was hurriedly agreed that they'd come back for the luggage later, and the whole troop went to the parking lot. There wasn't a vehicle large enough to accommodate them all. Penny said that Megan, Svetlana and the baby could ride with her, while Valerie and Phil took their car. Robby insisted on riding with them and, in fact driving. Phil thought that was a good idea. Valerie had gotten a suite at the Airport Hilton, thinking that neutral ground might be best for the initial ... negotiations. Penny knew the way.

But by the time they got there, the need for negotiation was almost gone.

In Penny's car, Svetlana, sensing the possibility of a bond with Megan, and liking the sassy pregnant woman who was driving like a maniac, told them everything that had happened in Russia. In fact, she told them more than she'd told Phil, whom she credited for saving her from a life of drug addiction and prostitution after her parents were taken by the authorities and thrown in a Gulag as political prisoners. She, in turn, was told the story of why things were so tense, and she laughed, saying it sounded like the kind of things that happened at her aunt and uncle's house when she was a young girl. They, too, were arrested and never seen again when she was twelve.

In the other car, Phil listened to the explanation his wife and her sister had worked so hard on and which she gave for the predicament she was in and stared in wonder at his son, who darted frequent glances in the mirror to make sure things were OK in the back, where his mother and father were.

"I missed you so much," she said. "And Robby was so much like you. I know it was wrong, and I know I can never make it up to you, but I love you Phil, and I would never have hurt you intentionally. And, considering the father ... I had to have this baby."

Phil took a breath and said. "OK, I've heard your explanation. Now I have one of my own to make." He held his wife's hand as he talked. When he admitted he was drawn to Svetlana because she looked like Megan, she started to jerk hers away once, but forced herself to stop, and then, later, didn't want to any more. She was a little thunderstruck that both of them had given in to temptation, when neither thought the other would. It was also ironic that both of them had indulged in incestuous thoughts. It was almost ... poetic justice.

As they arrived at the parking area of the Hilton, Phil said, "Aren't we a pair, Val?" He got out and found himself facing his son. It was a little like two bulls, sizing each other up, getting ready to decide who got the heifers. Valerie got out of the car and stood between them. "I love you both," she said.

Phil ignored her and addressed his son. "Both of them? You knocked both of them up?"

Robby stood tall. "It wasn't intended. There was a problem with the birth control pills."

Valerie's hand flew to her mouth. She'd completely forgotten about that part of the story. "Honey!" she yipped. "I forgot that part. There were fake pills marketed, and we got some of them, and there was a big investigation and then a lawsuit. We were part of that too, and they found in our favor ..." She stopped explaining, but looked excited.

"And?" asked Phil.

"They awarded me two million dollars, and they awarded Megan nine hundred thousand dollars." She hoped he wouldn't notice that she didn't specify an amount of damages for Penny, who had not been part of the suit.

Phil's mouth dropped open. He sat down on a nearby bench.

"We put it all in the bank," said Valerie. She looked up and saw Penny's car pulling into the valet area. She leaned down. "Phil, there's one more thing, and I don't know how to say this. I've thought about it for months and I couldn't think of a way to tell you, so I'm just going to say it."

He looked up, fear on his face. Valerie saw that fear and leaned down to kiss him. "No, it's nothing bad. Well, maybe. I just don't know what to think. It's Megan."

Phil sat up. "What about her? Don't tell me she's pregnant too."

"No, she's not. In fact she's still a virgin. But with all this ... other going on ... she doesn't want to be."

Phil's eyes got a little crazy. "You mean she told you she wants to have sex?" he ended on that word hard and people looked his way. He saw Megan getting out of Penny's car and felt his boner start again. She was so beautiful, and ... grown up looking.

"Calm down." said Val. "Yes, she wants to have sex. But not with just anybody. She has one particular man in mind."

Now his eyes looked dangerous. "Who?" It was amazing how ugly one word could sound.

Valerie sat down beside him on the bench. She leaned toward him and said, "You told me Svetlana reminded you of her. Phil ... she's had romantic thoughts about ... you."

Phil leaned back and his head smacked the wall with a thump. His eyes went to his daughter, who was walking toward him, smiling and talking to Svetlana. Together they looked like twin sisters, with different hairdos, and different taste in clothes. One of them had let him slide his prick deep in her, had welcomed his seed into her womb, and had born his child.

And almost every time he had done that with her, he had been thinking of the girl walking along beside her right now.

And now he had just been told that the one he thought of most was willing to welcome his prick, if not the rest. He felt like someone had jerked him out of his life and thrust him into some mad soap opera, that was, in actuality a reality TV show based on candid camera. His mind whirled.

"Don't tell her I told you," whispered Valerie. "She'd be embarrassed."

There was temporary chaos as they checked in and gave the concierge the information about the luggage so that someone could go and claim it for them. Then they filled one elevator and went up to the suite. Valerie had held nothing back, because she didn't know how long they'd need it, because she didn't know how long the negotiations would take. She had hoped desperately that there would be negotiations.

So, she had taken a suite with three bedrooms so that they'd all have someplace to rest and Phil could have a room to himself if he wanted it that way.

Now it appeared that they might not need any of it. When they got there she sat down in a chair and sighed. "What should we do?" she asked no one and everyone in general. She looked at Megan and Penny. "Phil and I worked things out on the ride over."

Penny slumped. "Thanks goodness," she sighed.

Megan was stunned. "You mean that's it? It's over? All is forgiven? Come on people. There are pregnancies involved here. People cheated on each other! You can't just forget about it! What about Svetlana? What's going to happen to her? And my new little brother? What's going to happen to him? Where's he going to live?" She looked prepared to go on and on, but Phil cut her off.

"Megan!" he barked. She jumped, unaccustomed to the command in his voice. "All those things will get worked out. What your mother's asking is, do we need to stay here tonight, or just go on home?"

Megan sulked. "Home is hours away. I want to stay here. They have a hot tub. And room service. And cable. And you guys can work out all the little details so that when we get home everything will be back to normal."

Val looked at Phil. Both were thinking the same thing. They had tried to act normally and she had pitched a fit. Who understood teenagers?

In the end, Valerie and Penny went into one of the bedrooms to take a nap. Robby didn't know what to do, but he was still on guard, so he sat in a chair near that bedroom. Within ten minutes Svetlana was sitting in the chair next to him asking him all kinds of questions about America, and where he lived, and how old he was. She needed to change Thomas and she offered to teach him how to do that, since he would no doubt have to start doing it soon. They went into another bedroom. Megan, still sulking, plopped down in front of the huge TV and started watching music videos.

Phil explored, found the hot tub, stripped down and got in. This was something he had missed in Russia. He leaned back and let the heat soak the tenseness out of his body. He reached out and turned a dial that started bubbles going. He let his overburdened mind float, thinking of nothing for a while.

Ten minutes later Megan came looking for him. She stood, shifting from one foot to the other. "It looks nice," she said.

"Come on in," he invited her.

"I don't have a swimming suit," she said sadly.

"I didn't either," said her father, remembering what his wife had said about Megan's fantasies.

"You mean I could get in there with you ... naked?" She didn't sound like the urbane almost woman right now.

"Yes," he said.

"I'm embarrassed," said Megan, hating the words and blushing furiously. She started to turn but he stopped her.

"Megs, look honey, tell you what. I'll cover my eyes while you get undressed. OK? It's really nice in here and you shouldn't have to go without. Once you get in I won't be able to see you. You'll be fine."

Megan bit her lip. She felt so juvenile, but this was exactly the kind of thing she'd dreamed of getting to do, especially with her father.

"OK," she said. She stood there waiting until he covered his eyes with his open hands. He wanted to peek in the worst way, but knew that if he did, and got caught, it wouldn't help, and would probably hurt. He felt the water swirl and move as she got in. When he uncovered his eyes she was sitting straight across from him.

"It is nice," she moaned.

"I told you so," he said. He began to ask her questions about what her life had been like while he was gone, catching up. Then she asked him questions, some of them hard ones. She asked him why he'd done with Svetlana ... what he'd done. He tried to explain his attraction to her without saying she looked like Megan, but it didn't work out well. He was about to try again when the subject of their discussion came into the room, dragging Robby along behind her by his hand.

"Ooooo, here is the hot tub. I've heard all about them, but never been in one," she cooed, dipping her hand into the bubbling water.

"Come on in," said Phil. Then his eyes darted to Megan, who probably didn't want the woman to interrupt them. But Megan was just looking at her.

"What do I do?" asked Svetlana.

Megan's head jerked and she beat her father by saying, "Just take off your clothes and get in."

Svetlana must be given a little slack. She was in a strange country that she had heard a lot about, but didn't actually know a lot about. She'd been a virgin when she met Phil, and he was the only man she knew anything about, other than her Father and Uncle, whom she hadn't seen in over a decade. So it never occurred to her that most people don't just drop their clothes in America and get into hot tubs naked.

Robby stared and blushed as the woman got naked right in front of him. Megan groaned as her plan to get rid of Svetlana so she could be alone with her father backfired. She looked at her father and he was grinning at her. Miffed, she swam over next to him and said in a soft voice. "OK, but I'm sitting next to you." He reached out and put his arm around her, pulling her against his side.

Svetlana stood, naked, and proud of the fact that, after only a month, her stomach was again almost flat. There was still a lot of loose skin there, but she worked hard to tone herself up. She climbed up and put one leg over the wall of the tub, remarking on how hot the water was. The other three people in the room stared at her blond pubic hair and pink pussy lips, which were clearly visible in her position. They also couldn't help but take in her big milk-filled breasts that swayed gently back and forth as she balanced on the edge of the tub.

She looked at Robby. "You must come into the hot tub too, yes Robby?"

Robby stuttered and stammered and then, to his own disgust, he looked at his father. When all he did was nod, Robby took a breath and began taking his clothes off.

Now it was Megan who stared. She'd seen the painting that her mother was doing of Robby, but had never been in the room while Robby was naked. She looked curiously as his body was bared to her and she couldn't stifle her gasp as his penis was exposed.

It was stiff and sticking straight out from his body.

Svetlana was watching, out of the corner of her eye, trying not to stare at her lover's son, but she couldn't resist. When she too saw the magnificent teenage erection she'd caused, her pussy spasmed. The doctor had told her not to have sex for six weeks after Thomas was born. There was one more week to go. She wasn't sure she could wait that long. Then she laughed, realizing that she had no one to even have sex with. Phil had made it clear that they couldn't continue their relationship.

Perhaps his son might be available.

When Robby got into the tub she began a carefully calculated series of tiny movements that would, eventually, have her sitting as close to him as Megan was sitting to her father.

Robby, trying to get everyone's attention off his obvious arousal, said, "Gee, I can't get over how much Svetlana and Megan look like each other."

Megan snorted. Svetlana was beautiful, a woman, a mother. How could she look like that?

There was a little more talk as Phil probed his children's minds to get more and more information about things that had happened while he was gone. About half an hour later Valerie and Penny came looking for them.

"Ohhh, what a good idea" said Valerie, thinking about how light she'd feel in the water. Without a word she began shedding her maternity clothing until she was gloriously and pregnantly naked, her big belly sticking out in front of her like the front end of a Mack truck. Her breasts were swollen too, full of milk for the baby that would soon be born.

Penny, not to be left out, dropped her clothing almost as quickly. Phil appreciated her nakedness, though she looked nothing like he thought she would. She too had a bulging belly, but her breasts looked normal. Then he remembered hugging her in the past and feeling that she had almost nothing up top.

The two pregnant women helped Svetlana's plan along nicely, as she moved to sit hip to hip next to Robby, making room for the women. Soon, Robby was flanked by two naked women, Penny and Svetlana, while Phil was sandwiched between his wife and daughter.

Valerie wasted no time in reaching over to find Phil's soft prick and began playing with it. It was their first intimate act since he had gotten home, and, considering the revelations that had been exposed to both of them, it was not done flippantly. She needed to know how he would react to her sexually. He smiled, and let his left hand slide between her legs, to grip her thigh. She sighed in relief.

In a moment of boldness, Phil also let his right arm slide down and slipped his hand into Megan's armpit, beside her breast.

Meanwhile, Penny claimed Robby's prick, and was delighted to find it hard. She began stroking it up and down while he hissed and whispered for her to stop before there were strings of spooge floating in the water. She laughed.

Megan, feeling her father's hand so close to her breast, did something that young people have done for centuries. She made up an excuse to turn around so that her the man's hand next to her could "accidentally" touch her breast.

"Is that the phone?" she asked as she turned and her breast slid right into her father's hand. She tingled at the feel and was surprised when he squeezed her tit gently. When he pinched her nipple she squeaked and turned back around, blushing furiously. She looked at her dad and he just grinned.

Svetlana, sitting next to Robby, could feel his body moving as Penny jacked on his hard cock. She felt the water move and saw Penny's arm moving too, and put two and two together.

She turned to the handsome young man. "This is a thing Americans do in the hot tub a lot?" she looked down at where his lap would be exposed if there were no water.

Penny laughed. "No, I'm just trying to embarrass him. He got us both pregnant, and now we're too pregnant to have sex, and I'm making him pay for that. I mean, here I am all fat and ugly and I did it just so Phil might not be so mad at Valerie, and it looks like I did it all for nothing!

Svetlana frowned. "You're unhappy about the baby?"

Penny stopped laughing. "No, dear. I'm going to love this baby with all my heart. I was just complaining because once the baby's born I'll have to go back to plain old Penny with no man and no sex."

"Robby cannot make love to you any more?" asked the Russian woman.

"Well, no!" started Penny. The look on everyone else's face made her realize that perhaps there might not be the objection she would have expected if she'd said she wanted that relationship to go on. "Um I mean I don't think so." She kept waiting for someone to tell her what a perverted idea it was for her to continue letting her own nephew fuck her.

"Can I have him then?" asked Svetlana, sliding her hand onto his leg. "I have no man either, and my baby is almost old enough that I can enjoy sex again."

Robby spluttered and coughed as he was discussed like all he was was a big penis. Penny grinned at his discomfort. "Perhaps we could share him dear." she said. Svetlana, not aware that this was possibly just as big a societal problem in America as the incest angle was, nodded her head and said "I think I would like that. I think I like him. He is very handsome."

Valerie, hearing all the talk about sex and unhappy because she was too close to term to safely have a rutting man in her, turned to her husband, whose prick had gotten long and hard in her hand. "I'm a little hungry," she said, squeezing his cock. "You want to go get something to ... satisfy us?"

Phil, who had been sure that his married life was over, and who was still a little amazed that it wasn't, and that he wasn't even furious about another man impregnating his wife - as long as that man was his son - stood up, exposing his prick to everyone in the tub.

"I didn't have a suit," he said, as if that made it all OK. He turned and that prick went within two inches of his daughter's face as her round startled eyes stared at it.

He left, holding his wife's hand and they went into a bedroom and closed the door.

Penny also stood up. "Robby, honey, would you help me get out and go get dried off? Svetlana, maybe you could help too." She had a grin on her face as she said it. Robby was led unsuspectingly away toward another bedroom, not knowing that the sharing was about to begin.

Megan didn't figure it out until ten minutes later when she heard Robby's groan come through the thin bedroom door. She looked around, the only person alone in the suite. She was pissed. She got out of the tub and padded naked into the third bedroom. There was a TV in there, and so, after she toweled off she lay down in bed, still naked, to watch a movie.

It was a pretty good movie, but after it was over she couldn't remember the name of it.

Megan was lying quietly in bed, trying to fall asleep. She had the sheet over her, even though it was hot, because one finger was gently stroking her tender clit, and sometimes people just barged in.

She saw the door move out of the corner of her eye. Someone was ... barging in. It was her father.

"Hi baby, you still awake?" he asked softly.

She thought about keeping quiet, because her feelings right now were roiling and she was afraid she'd make a fool of herself. But she turned her head and said, "Yes."

"I came to kiss you good night," he said.

"I've missed that Daddy," said Megan and she felt the emotions rushing up. She couldn't stop them and was overwhelmed by her feelings of love and ... something else for her father. Tears began leaking from her eyes.

He walked over to the bed and sat, stroking her face.

"Don't cry, Baby," he said. "Everything is going to be fine."

Acting on impulse, Megan threw the sheet back, off of her naked body.

"I don't want that between me and my good night hug," she said. She was tense, because she had no idea how he'd react, his earlier grasp on her boob notwithstanding. Her hand gripped the sheet with white knuckles, wanting to draw it back over her. She held her breath.

Phil stopped, frozen as he saw, in the dim light, her milky white breasts, with their cherry nipples, her flat stomach and the soft mat of blond hair between her legs. Her legs were spread just a little, and he thought he could see something there besides hair. He felt blood rush to his face and cock at the same time.

"Daddy?" There was a tremor in her voice.

"Baby, you're so beautiful," he sighed.

Her body relaxed and she let out a gust of air.

"You've grown up so much. You're almost a woman," he went on.

"My kiss?" she prompted.

As he bent over, not knowing where to put his hands, she whispered, "I want to be a woman Daddy."

Knowing what his daughter had told his wife, and hearing those words were like an electric cattle prod to Phil. What he had intended to be a simple peck on the lips turned into a long, lingering, wet kiss with tongue's involved. She might be a virgin, but she had plenty of practice with hot kisses. Her hands came up and held his head to hers.

Gently, with care, in case he was wrong, he lifted one hand and slid it to her right breast. She arched up into his hand and said, "Mmmmmmmm" into his mouth. His hand slid down, his longest finger twitching with impatience to be buried in warm pussy.

She was wet and slippery when it got there and he slid right in.

Her hips twisted and he heard pain in her "Ohhhhhh," as he slid that finger deep. He lifted his head. "You OK?"

"Oh yesss, but it feels satrange," she moaned.

"I[m glad it does," he said. "I dont like the thought that some boy has done this already."

"No," she panted. "I don't let boys do anything but kiss me."

"Good," he said. "You're very tight."

"Do you have anything that can stretch me>?" she moaned.

"I do, baby, but are you sure?"

"Yes. I've been waiting for this for so long."

"We really shouldn't be doing this," he said, the last piece of his shredded conscience speaking out.

"Everybody else is being happy. I want to be happy too," she said. If it's not you it will be some boy. I love you daddy. There aren't any boys I love right now." He stood up and dropped the gym shorts he was wearing. His cock was hard. She looked at it and her eyes got huge. "It's so ... so ... big." she stuttered to an end.

Actually, what she had been about to say was "Ugly". Phil's cock had an almost tiny glans, not much bigger than the tip of his thumb, and from there it got progressively larger around until, at the base, it was as big around as Megan's wrist.

When she'd seen it earlier, in the hot tub, what flitted through her mind was the picture of a baby toy she'd seen that had colored plastic rings, each a little larger than the other, and the child could put them on a stand that looked just like her father's penis.

She suddenly laughed at the thought of him lying down and her putting colored plastic rings on his dick.

"I know, it's goofy looking," he said. "But I promise you'll like it later."

"I love it already," she said and rolled over to plant a kiss on the tip. She nipped it with her lips, on instinct and then drew away.

That felt fantastic, but for the last year, when that penis had been digging deep into Svetlana's pussy, Phil had been pretending she had been Megan.

Now the real Megan was here, and willing, and that's where he wanted his prick ... not in her mouth.

He crawled up on the bed and she spread her legs in welcome. He had the urge to make her cum with his mouth, but fought that off too. He fisted his prick and nosed the tiny head between her slick labia.

"Oooo," she said, with anticipation.

"I'll go slow baby," he promised. "Tell me if I'm hurting you."

He gave a convulsive shove with his hips, and the head popped in her. "OHhhh owwwww," she complained as her pussy lips registered discomfort.

The nice thing about the shape of his cock was that with just the head in her she wasn't being stretched much, but her clit was being massaged. And as he went in further and further, and the circumference got larger and larger, it would be massaged more and more until it was mashed flat and screaming. For now, though, he played with her pussy, moving the little glans around, pulling it out and pushing it back in, letting her body adjust to the intrusion. She started humming and said that it didn't hurt any more.

Then he started working that awful thing into her. He did go slowly and it took him more than five minutes until he knew he had only two more inches to give her. Her moans and groans and yips and cries told him when to back off a little and when to fill her with more. From experience he knew not to shove that last bit in until later because he was both too large and too long to fit, especially in a virgin pussy like Megan's. He started making little rabbit thrusts into her and jerking it out again. It was extremely tiring for him, but experience told him this was the stroke that would drive his daughter crazy and he stuck with it.

When she began crying out and writhing under him, and he knew she was there, he leaned down and softly bit one of her stiff turgid nipples, and then sucked on it. He knew everyone in the suite heard her, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. He was too close to stop and quiet her down. The temptation to shove the whole thing in her was beginning to be too much to resist, but he knew he'd have to be careful.

"Megan, honey," he panted.

Her eyes opened and she looked at him with a slightly unfocused stare.

"Your mother got you more pills? Real pills?" he asked.

She nodded and then added in a somewhat slurred voice, "We got a lifetime supply in the settlement."

"Thank you," he groaned and gave his last shove. He felt that tiny head nose into her cervix and push through and felt his pubes crush her own blond curls. Then he grunted and shot her womb full of long streams of hot white sperm, the same sperm that had caused her to be born in the first place, and which had just recently made another baby in Svetlana.

Megan sighed as she felt each spurt of her father's hot juice. "I decided not to take them though," she said.

Her words struck Phil like a whip and he shoved even deeper into her as his cock spat three more times. The thought that he might be impregnating his beloved Megan made him shake like a rat in a terrier's mouth.

"Ohhhh babyyyyyyy," he groaned.

Megan put her hands on his butt and said, "Shoot me full of baby juice Daddy. I want to be like Mommy and Aunt Penny."

As he felt the last drips of his essence move from his body to hers, he knew that, if this time didn't fulfill her dream, he'd be back tomorrow and every day until she was ... just like her mother.

The End (Version Charlie)

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