The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 3

Megan's head came up and her book went down. "What?" she responded.

"Well, some of the classic paintings of all time are of two people ... a man and a woman ... together ..." She didn't want to actually say "naked" in this situation.

Megan's voice sounded like she needed to clear her throat. "You mean me and ... Robby ... together?"

"Well, yes, that's what I was thinking," said Valerie.

"But you're not finished with this painting are you?" asked Megan.

"No, but I can work on several paintings at the same time. That's no real problem."

"Oh." Megan appeared to be thinking. "What kind of painting?"

"Oh ... well ... maybe something like 'The Love Of Souls', by the Belgian painter Jean Delville. Here, I think I have a picture of it in this book." She went to a shelf and pulled down a thick book that was full of pictures produced by well known artists over the centuries. She thumbed through it until she found what she was looking for.

"Kind of like this one, though I might pose you a little differently. These people are standing, and I'm thinking of a couple reclining."

Megan peered at the page. "But mom, they're naked."

"Well of course they are dear. That's the point. It's the anatomy that's being displayed and highlighted."

Megan looked up at Robby, who hadn't moved and hadn't said a word. He stood there, his prick rock hard, pointing at both women. He didn't know what to do. Or say.

"What do you think Robby?" she asked. The thought of her body up against his, naked, touching. That thought made her feel hot all over.

"Um ... well ... I don't know," he finally said in defeat.

"OK. Let's do it," said Megan, as if she had actually received information and made a decision based on that information. "What do we do first?"

Valerie hadn't realized Megan would agree to posing with her brother so quickly, and she was caught off guard. She looked around. She didn't have a love seat for them to recline on, and in her mind's eye she wanted the female's back facing the viewer. She stepped up to Robby, who was still standing like he had been posed, still erect. She had to move him to one side, her hands slipping over his oily body. "Move dear," she said and he stepped to one side. She moved the pillar and found a tarp.

She turned to Robby. "Go down in the basement. Over in one corner there's a mattress and box springs that used to be in your room before we had to get you a longer bed. Bring up the mattress."

Bobby came to life and stepped down off the dais, his prick bobbing up and down. Both women watched it and watched as his hand caught it to stop it from bobbing.

Fresh juice seeped into two pussies.

When he got back, his sister was naked. He'd tried for years to peek at her, wondering what she'd look like without clothes on. He had a picture in his mind of her, but it was off in several particulars. First of all he visualized her as plump, and short, but she wasn't plump at all. Her slim form looked like almost any of the models in the magazines he often looked at. Her breasts rode high on her chest, but they weren't big and round, like his mother's. Instead they were more like cones and they came to points that were darker pink than her skin. Her nipples were different than the girls in the magazines. They were puffy, and he really couldn't differentiate the nipples themselves from the areolas that surrounded them. His eyes dropped to her thighs and he saw her nest of light colored hair.

She was blushing under his examination, but made no complaint.

He was glad he had the mattress in front of him, because his cock was leaking stuff again.

Valerie turned around. "Good. Put it up there." She pointed to where he had been standing, and where the tarp was now spread. Once the mattress was settled the way she wanted it, she draped a maroon colored satin sheet over it. Then she had him lie down on his left side, with pillows bunched up under his armpit, which raised his upper torso off the mattress. She had Megan lie facing him, against his body, her right arm up and out, making a pillow for her head. Valerie draped Megan's left arm across his waist. Then she took Robby's right wrist and had him rest it on Megan's hip.

She stood back, looking at the scene. "Robby, bend your right knee and put your foot on top of your left knee. I want your knee standing straight up." He did and she liked the look. "OK, now Megan, turn your face down a little, like you were sniffing his left armpit or burying your face in his chest."

There was nervous laughter from the teens. But Valerie liked the pose. "That's good. Now pay attention to how you're lying, because this is what we're going to do for a while."

Megan was out of her element. She had thought it would be fun to be next to her naked brother. She hadn't thought about what she would actually feel when his skin touched hers. And she was mildly freaked out that his penis was touching her too. Right now it was sandwiched between their stomachs and she could feel the hot column of stiff flesh where it pressed against her. There was also something tickling the hair on her mons, and she realized it had to be his balls.

"This is weird," she said softly to her brother.

"Do you want to quit?" he asked her, leaning back a little.

"No," she answered. "Mom wants to do this, so let's give it a chance." She pulled with her left hand and he rolled back against her. For some reason she felt better about the emotions that were flooding through her if she thought she was doing this for her mother.

"Sorry about the ... " he whispered, without completing the sentence.

She knew exactly what he was talking about, even though he couldn't bring himself to say 'erection'. "No, it's OK," she said. "You feel warm."

"Thanks," he said.

"No problem," she said to his armpit.

He felt her breath there and suddenly felt uneasy about what that armpit smelled like. "Um ... do I need to put something on that armpit?" he asked. "To make it smell better?"

Megan thought about that and realized that she hadn't registered the odor she had been breathing in for the last few minutes. She paid attention to it now and realized she liked it. "No ... you smell ... I don't know ... OK I guess." She had been about to say he smelled good, but she was to embarrassed to admit she liked his manly scent.

There was a subtle change that took place in the teens over the next half hour they posed. Being in such close proximity to a naked person of the opposite sex, while being new to both of them, rapidly became something they both decided they liked - a lot. And, the feel of flesh on flesh brought on, in each of them, a natural tendency to ... rub. The first thing they each moved was their hands, caressing each other without even being aware of it.

"Don't move your hands," ordered their mother, who was extremely pleased that, for the last half hour, she hadn't once thought of her son's strong, hard penis, and had paid attention only to her art.

Then Megan found herself pulling her brother harder against her. His skin felt good on her breasts, and his penis felt really good against her stomach, for some reason. When he felt it he reciprocated. It felt just as good to him. Megan didn't even realize she hadn't thought once about what Tommy Valderburg's naked skin might feel like against hers.

Finally Valerie told them they had posed long enough, and that she had enough sketched in to do some background work. "You two can go do whatever you want."

When they rolled apart Megan looked down at the thing that had been pressing into her belly and her eyes widened as she saw a string of almost clear ... something ... stretched between her body and the tip of his prick.

He looked down too. "Sorry," he whispered. "Sometimes it leaks a little. It'll wash off."

Megan felt her whole body shiver as she realized what that stuff must be. Her pussy, which up to now had only been feeling warm and nice, suddenly got wet.

Robby picked up his robe, but didn't put it on. Megan picked up her clothes, but didn't put them on either. They left the studio together while their mother dabbed at the canvas, ignoring them both.

"I need a shower," said Megan, rubbing her finger through the precum he'd deposited on her stomach.

"Yeah. Me too. I'm all oily." said Robby.

They walked down the hall together. "It wasn't so bad," said Megan.

"Yeah," said her brother. "Weird, huh? You can go first."

Megan went in the bathroom while Robby headed for his bedroom ... and some badly needed relief. While he 'flogged his log', thinking of his sister, she squatted in the shower and crammed two fingers in her as deep as they'd go. She had the sweetest cum of her life as he spurted, not twenty feet away.

Then, drying off as she went, Megan went to her room. The first thing she did once she got there, was take one of her birth control pills.

As Megan swallowed the pill, a series of muscular events took place. Her throat muscles forced the pill down to her stomach, which flexed as it realized something had been deposited in it. Associated organs produced digestive fluids that were forced into the stomach. Her arm and hand movements were involved too. With all those muscles moving, Megan never felt the twitch inside her as her left ovary squeezed an egg into the attached fallopian tube. The egg, as if it hadn't a care in the world, drifted in the tube, slowly making its way toward her uterus.

As for Valerie, she slumped when her two children finally left the studio. Just after she so proudly noticed she hadn't thought of her son's penis for a while, she couldn't stop thinking of it. Seeing them there together, in so intimate a pose, she had mentally placed herself in Megan's place, pressed against Robby's strong, wide chest, his penis ... his hard penis pressed into her groin. She'd sketched on autopilot, but now her hands were shaking. With an anguished moan she undid her pants and slid her hand into them, mauling her pussy until she felt the sweet release of her orgasm.

"Ohhh, what am I going to do?" she asked herself as she pulled her wet hand back out and stared at it. She knew she needed to get laid, and she needed it badly. But Phil wouldn't be back for months yet, and she'd never even contemplated cheating on him before. While she thought about what to do about her itch, she went into her bathroom and took a birth control pill.

The next morning all three of them were up before nine. Valerie made breakfast, mostly out of habit, since her mind was still on how she could deal with her recent upwelling of lust. Megan walked in next and sat down to a plate of bacon and eggs. She looked tired, but happy somehow. Before Valerie could ask how she'd slept, Robby stumbled in. He looked haggard, like he'd had a hard night.

"What's wrong dear?" asked his solicitous mother, not dreaming that his sleep was interrupted time and again by dreams of him on top of his mother, fucking her long and deep. And, since last night, when it wasn't his mother, it was Megan whose legs were flung wide as he plowed her furrow in his sleep. He mumbled something about dreams.

"Are we going to paint today?" asked Megan in her chipper voice.

"I can't," said Robby. He didn't notice both women's shoulders sag a little. "I have to go to the gym. I need to work out bad." It was his hope that, if he did double his normal workout, he could use up some of the hormones raging through his veins. "Maybe later, this evening," he said. He also didn't notice both women brighten at that possibility.

Robby did feel better when he got finished with his workout. He had pushed hard, and all his muscles burned from the buildup of lactic acid produced by his repetitive motions. But he felt more awake and in control. There had been a few women at the gym. Usually he looked at them and had daydreams, but not today. He had enough dreams already. He planned on beating off before posing tonight ... maybe twice, if he had time. Then, he thought, he could handle the situation.

Later, Robby threw the decidedly damp washcloth he'd used to catch the results of his beat off session in the laundry hamper. His prick was as limp as it had been in a long time.

His first glimmer that his well laid plans might not work out so well was when he walked into the studio and saw that his mother was wearing that damn robe again. And it was loosely tied again. And she was barefoot, with her hair down. He felt his prick try to lurch, and smiled as that failed. He'd just delivered his second load of cum into that washrag, and his prick couldn't do much yet.

He unbelted his own robe and then saw Megan. She had arrived earlier than he, wearing only a T shirt, and since he wasn't there yet, she'd picked up a magazine and was reading an article in it. She was leaned back in the old arm chair, her legs straight out and slightly spread. Her T shirt would have just covered her pussy if she were standing.

But she wasn't standing.

Robby had a straight up-her-legs shot of her teenage pussy, with its firm almost white lips and the crease that he knew led to her vaginal tunnel. Again, his penis tried to erect, but failed.

With a sigh of satisfaction he lay down on the mattress and propped the pillows under his arm pit.

Megan heard his sigh, looked up, saw him and jumped up. She whipped her shirt up and off her, baring her body to the room. She couldn't wait to get snuggled up to her big brother. As she approached she saw the limp, wrinkled thing that was where that nice, hard, long prick had been the day before.

"What happened?!" she squealed.

"What?" chorused both mother and son.

"Your ..." Megan pointed at the abused member.

Robby glared at her. "It's not always hard, you know!" he said gruffly. "A guy does have some control, you know!"

"Megan, don't tease your brother," said Valerie firmly. "Just get down there. We have work to do."

As Megan lay down beside him, Robby put his hand down and shoved his flaccid cock between his legs, where it couldn't get into any trouble. So far his plan had taken a couple of hits, with no real damage, since his penis couldn't do what it wanted to do.

Half an hour later Robby's plans took another hit. Valerie had been painting with single-minded attention, and had forgotten to draw the drapes across the big windows on the west side of the room. The sun blazing through those windows provided excellent light, but produced large amounts of heat too.

Not thinking, Valerie untied her robe, and let it hang open to cool off a little. Robby saw her do it, and his cock lurched again.

By this time, it had had 45 minutes or so to recover.

To a teenage penis, 45 minutes is plenty of time to recuperate. It crawled out of the area it had lain so peacefully in, and went exploring, seeking some dark place in which to play. Like some unruly serpent, it pressed forward into the only available crevice near it ... the space between Megan's legs.

Robby felt his prick move, and as soon as it hit flesh, he knew where it had moved to. That knowledge shot his plan all to pieces. His fully rested cock bloomed to full hard and tried to stand straight out from his body. The crevice between Megan's legs restrained it, making it point down toward their feet.

Megan, feeling something poking against her legs, did the most normal thing in the world. She looked down and raised one leg. Robby's fully erect rod snapped up and slapped those taut white pussy lips he had seen only half an hour earlier.

"Don't move," came the command from their mother.

Megan promptly let her leg fall, trapping the snake between her thighs where it pressed directly against her sex. She shuddered.

"What are you doing?" whispered Robby urgently.

"Nothing," came the automatic teenage reply to any question where there might be danger of punishment. And she was just positive that if her mother knew where Robby's penis was right now, there would be swift and sure punishment.

"Megan," he hissed. "Get that out of there now!"

"shhh. I can't," she hissed back. "Relax. Just don't move. Didn't you say you could control that thing?"

"Ohhh shit," moaned Robby as he felt a dollop of precum ooze out of the tip of his cock. He could feel her skin around his cock, but he couldn't tell where the tip was for sure.

"Just lie still," whispered Megan to him, afraid he would move. Right now she didn't want him to move. Maybe ever. The feel of that solid column of flesh against her pussy was the most delightful thing she'd ever felt down there. It was hot and hard and she just knew if she moved like ... that ... that it would feel fantastic.

It did.

Robby felt his sister's hips flex toward him, and he felt her slippery pussy lips slide over his glans. Then she moved back and stroked his knob again. Another dollop of precum dripped out.

"Megan," he hissed again. "Please don't do that!"

"What are you two doing over there?" came their mother's plaintive question. "You're moving all around and it's making things difficult. What's wrong?"

"Nothing Mom," rang out Megan's high pitched voice.

"It's just a little uncomfortable," croaked Robby.

"Do you need to take a break?"

"No!" Megan beat him to the punch as he started to say "Yes!" and ended up moaning "YEEaaahhhh, in a little while I guess."

Valerie peered around the easel, actually looking at her children, as opposed to "seeing" the posing couple. She gasped, and her pussy spritzed as she saw what was obviously the tip of Robby's erect penis just peeking out from between the bottom of Megan's butt crack. His penis was between her legs!"

What should she do? She acted like she was painting and watched them more closely. Megan was moving ... very slowly, but obviously moving ... as her hips went toward him, making the tip of his cock disappear and then reappear, and then over again. With a cramp of lust in her own pussy, Valerie realized her little girl was dry fucking her son. She barely stopped her hand as it darted toward her pussy.

It was then she realized she had unconsciously exposed herself to Robby. She heard Robby's anguished voice in a harsh whisper say, "Stop!". She was relieved, because that meant they hadn't been doing this for weeks or months without her knowledge. It must have just been the situation. Knowing how she felt about her son's erections, she couldn't really blame Megan for making the most of the situation.

Something snapped in the horny woman. "Well, I'm tired too. Let's call it a night."

Megan groaned, and Valerie had to stifle a laugh. But they rolled apart and Megan jumped up and almost ran out of the room, headed for her bedroom, where she could deal with the raging lust in her pussy.

"Robby? Wait a minute honey. I need to talk to you." She took a couple of steps toward him. He was still lying on the dais, his firm manhood now revealed. Valerie went over and sat down, her robe carelessly flopped open, revealing one breast. She didn't care. Robby's eyes got big though and he began breathing deeply. Her eyes flickered to his prick just in time to see a huge drop of milky white seep from the little eye and drool down his shiny prick tip, where it hung.

"What?" said Robby, his voice shaky.

"I told you before, that it's perfectly normal for you to get erect whenever you think about ... her."

"Yeah," he sighed.

"But I think maybe you're having some ... problems ... handling the situation. Is that true?"

"Yes," he said firmly. "I can't do anything about it. I mean not in front of you." His eyes looked up at the ceiling as he realized he'd all but admitted he beat his meat, and had admitted it to his own mother.

"Is that why you're having trouble sleeping?" she asked, inching closer to him, and that lovely hard penis.

"Yeah," he sighed again.

"I want to ... help you," she said softly.

"What?" he gasped.

"It's not good for you to be so ... emotional ... and for so long. It can cause problems. It can cause pain."

"Oh ... well, yeah, I guess so" he stammered. "But it's OK"

"But I feel responsible ... at least a little bit." she said. His eyebrows raised. "I mean I've been very careless about ... well about this" she said as she held her robe open, exposing her other breast to him as well. The robe slipped back off her shoulders and caught on her elbows. Her upper torso was now bare to him.

"And I put you with your sister ... naked. You're a normal young man, who reacts in a perfectly normal way to being around ... naked women."

Robby's eyes bulged and his right hand shot to his cock and gripped it tightly, to keep it from spewing cum all over his mother's bare torso.

"See?" she said soothingly. "Don't you see what I've done to you?" she shook her head.

"So since I helped cause this," she put her hand on top of his white knuckled fist, "It's only right that I help you with it."

Robby opened his mouth and a high pitched squeak came out, "How?"

"You just lie back and let Mommy help you," she cooed.

She pushed on his chest, and he rolled backward onto the pillow that had been stuffed under his arm. As he fell he automatically let go of his cock and Valerie struck like a cobra, grasping it in her hand. She lunged up off the step and her mouth descended on his aching cock. As her hand slid over his slick glans, her lips closed over the head and sealed.

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