The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Author's Note: This story is written in four versions, with four different plot lines.

In version Alpha mother and son are the primary characters.

In version Bravo mother, son and daughter are the primary characters.

In version Charlie the Alpha plot is used, but introduces an Aunt into the story.

In version Delta the Bravo plot is used, but introduces an Uncle into the story.

This is an interactive story, which means that, while you're reading the story, you will be given a choice of where to go as the story begins to expand. At the end of chapter one, for example, you will be given a chance to select the next chapter that most matches your particular fantasy or interest. To navigate at interactive points, all you have to remember is which version you want to read.

You can, if you wish, read the story four different times, with four different outcomes. Some of the text in each plot line is the same. For example, the first three chapters of versions Alpha and Charlie are identical, while the remaining chapters of each are different. But the four stories end up in different ways, involving different characters. All you have to do is remember which version you read last time, as you select where to go.


Chapter One

Valerie Hudson sighed as she looked at her latest landscape. She loved working in oils because it gave her so much time to make little adjustments before the paint dried.

But she was tired of landscapes.

She'd painted in college and loved it. But being a mother and wife was too time consuming, so her easel and paints sat in the attic for years. Now that Robby was seventeen and Megan fifteen the time she had to spend parenting was much shorter. He was a good kid, with good friends and good habits, and she didn't have to worry about him when he was out with his friends, or on dates. Megan was a "popular" girl, on the cheerleading squad, a debater, and in all the musicals the school produced. She didn't even date yet, and hadn't asked to.

Valerie wasn't spending much time being a wife either, now that Phil, her husband, had gone off to Russia to establish a branch office of his company there.

"I'll only be gone a year, Babe," he'd said, standing there all tall and handsome, as he packed the last things in his carry on. "Once it's set up and running I'll come back home and we'll be able to retire."

She had laughed at that. She'd had Robby when she was 20. He was as unplanned as they come, but they'd managed, and she'd still graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Art. She was going to teach in the Elementary grades, but Phil's business took off and she didn't need to work. So she stayed home, being a Mommy with Robby and then had Megan. When Phil got back she'd be 38. Who retired at 38?

She had to pee and went to the bathroom. While there she saw her birth control pills and popped one out of its plastic cocoon. There were only two left in the pack. She unconsciously counted in her mind. Yes, that was right. She should have two left. She'd have to go to the pharmacy and get the prescription refilled. She wondered why she bothered. Phil wasn't coming back for another eight months. Habit, probably. She counted them from habit too. She'd started doing that when Megan turned 14 and her body just exploded into womanhood. Valerie worried that Megan would be tempted to steal a pill here, and a pill there, to save up her own supply for when she decided to give up her virginity.

It hadn't happened, but Valerie was a careful woman, and it was also a good habit to ensure she knew if she missed one, and to prevent her from taking too many. As she swallowed the pill she thought again about her daughter. Fifteen was a tough time for a girl these days. There were lots of temptations. Maybe she'd better get Megan her own prescription. Just in case.

She went back out to the big sunny room where she painted. She thought about doing some still life work, but that didn't appeal to her either. She'd liked doing portraits, but no one wanted those nowadays.

She heard a sound and turned around.

"Hey mom." It was Robby. He'd just taken a shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist. "I'm out of lotion. Can I borrow some of yours?"

"Sure honey," she said automatically. "It's on the counter in the bathroom." She pointed to her bathroom and admired her son's broad, well-muscled back as he turned to go in there. He was a good looking boy, the spitting image of Phil when she met him and he swept her off her feet - literally - bedding her the first night they went out. She shivered as she remembered that night.

Neither of them had planned on things going that far, but she found out that night just how hot blooded she was. When she felt his manhood push its way into her she loved everything about it ... even the pain of being stretched in ways she'd never been stretched before.

She shuddered again and looked up to see her son holding her packet of birth control pills, reading the back.

"Put those down" she said. "You don't need them"

He turned his brown-eyed gaze on her. "And you do?"

She blushed. "Once you start taking them they make changes in your body, and it's a good idea not to mess with the chemistry. He'll be back in eight months. I want to be ready."

She blushed again as she realized just how intimate the conversation had become. Robby dropped the pills on the counter, found the lotion and squirted a dollop in his hand. He rubbed it all over his chest and arms. He was a wrestler, and his skin took a beating during training. Valerie watched his muscles ripple as he bent and moved.


That was it!

"Robby!" she said, a little loudly.

He turned to look at her.

"Would you do me a favor?" she asked.

"Sure mom, what?" he said.

"I'm getting bored with painting landscapes and still lifes. I was thinking about doing some body work. But I'll need a model. Would you sit for me?"

"Yeah, I guess. How long will it take?"

"Oh, I can do it in stages. We can work it into your schedule. An hour here, half an hour there. It won't interfere too much with your routine."

"OK," he said. "Sure."

"Are you going out on a date Friday night?" she asked.

"No, not this Friday," he said. "I was going to go shoot some pool over at Ricky's."

"Well, save me an hour or two when you get done shooting pool," she said.

Homer Watkins finished his dirty little business in the basement of his shabby house in Ontario Canada. He was a counterfeiter, and a fairly good one at that. He held up the completed product and admired it. It looked exactly like a brand new packet of Benzostyrillenophyl Oxyflorrinal, a popular new generic birth control pill. What it actually was were some sugar pills wrapped up in his latest creation. He looked closely at the printing on the foil backing of the push-out tabs.

It was perfect. And the outer packaging had been like falling off a log. No one would ever be able to tell it from the real thing. Not even his cousin Mort, who owned a pharmaceutical supply company, and who would be paying Homer a lot of money for sealing a deal with the supplier of the popular new drug. He told Mort he cut the deal for only 75% of the normal price. Mort already had buyers lined up. And most of those were in the States, far away from his little counterfeiting operation. They'd both make a killing and Mort would never know anything was wrong. Of course he'd make a lot more than Mort ... but he was the one doing all the work.

George Harrison Watkins IV wasn't an evil man. He had inherited the family pharmacy while he was in college and, thinking it would support his lifestyle, had neglected to study the ins and outs of business, preferring to party instead.

Now, because he was no businessman, the seventy-nine year old Drug Store was in trouble. He was going to have to do something. He couldn't fire Frank, his Pharmacist. Everybody loved the old coot and firing him would lose him half his customers.

The very first thing he decided to do was start importing drugs from Canada. That would save him a bundle, and he would sell them at his normal prices. He'd already made a deal on his first shipment. It was a new brand of generic birth control pill that would cost him only half of what he usually had to spend. By charging just a little less than he would for the name brand, he'd still make twice as much profit.

He wasn't an evil man, he was just a greedy one.

"I'm surprised at you Mom" said Megan as they left the Doctor's office. "I can't believe you got me a prescription for the pill. I told you I don't do that stuff."

"I know, sweetie, but I'll feel a lot better knowing you're protected. There are so many bad people out there nowadays. I know nothing will happen to you, and I don't want you to think this means I approve of premarital sex. I'll just feel better. That's all."

"Whatever," drawled Megan, rolling her eyes like a typical teenager.

The problem was, she was a typical teenager. Inside she was about to burst. She wasn't worried about some rapist. She was worried about Tommy Valderburg, the second string quarterback she'd been exchanging hot kisses with after practice for the last month. Those kisses were making her get strange and wonderful feelings between her legs, and, for the first time in her young life, she was beginning to think a lot about sex.

"Hi Frank" said Valerie to her friendly neighborhood Pharmacist.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Hudson," said Frank, "What can I do for you today?"

"I need a refill on my birth control pills," she said, distracted by a lovely display of sunglasses on the counter.

"No problem Mrs. Hudson" said Frank. "I just got a new shipment in today. They're the new generic kind, and they're a little less expensive."

"Oh, good, because I have another prescription here for my daughter."

"I'll mark the backs of them differently so the two of you don't get them mixed up." said Frank helpfully.

Valerie spent the next three days making sketches, trying to get an idea of how she wanted to pose Robby. Friday night arrived and she relaxed, taking a nice long bubble bath and drinking wine while she watched TV. She had on her favorite silk robe, the one that caressed her body so sensually when she was naked under it, like tonight.

She heard the front door open and close. Robby was home. For some reason she was excited about the project.

He came into the living room, where she was sprawled on the recliner, her robe carelessly closed. There was a lot of her naked legs showing and a lot of cleavage as well.

Robby looked at his mother and, in the dim light, saw someone else. The way she was lying was almost exactly like one of the pictures he'd downloaded recently from a website called M.I.L.F.S. of America. And there had been a lot of Mothers He'd Like To Fuck. Her dark hair was fanned out on the chair behind her head, and the dark reds in the robe made her milky white skin almost glow in the dim light. She was beautiful!

He felt his prick begin to wake up.

The beautiful woman on the chair spoke. "Robby, you're back! Good, I want to get started."

He shook his head. It was his mother, not some slutty M.I.L.F. out there in cyberland.

"Yeah ... right," he said. He was glad it was dark in the room. He didn't want her to see the lump in the front of his pants.

She took him to the studio, which now had shades drawn tightly. She had erected a platform, made of pine boards, and there was a short plastic column standing on one side, on top of an ornate base. It looked vaguely Roman to him.

"OK, take your clothes off and stand by the column," said his mother, while she was moving things around on the easel.

"What?" he responded.

He'd been watching the way the robe showed off her long slim legs. The knot holding the robe together was only loosely tied and it was open from the top clear down to her belly button. He was having trouble looking at her as his mother, instead of as a woman. He shook his head again. He thought she'd said he had to take his clothes off.

"I said take your clothes off and stand by the column," she repeated. "I'm painting you nude."

"No way!" he gulped.

"Way," his mother said. She pointed at the platform with her brush.

"But Mom, you'll see me naked!" he gasped.

"What in the world is wrong with you?" she said, turning to look at him. "I'm your mother. I've seen you naked ever since you wiggled your way out of me in that hospital."

Robby suddenly had a vivid picture in his mind of his mother, stark naked, lying on a hospital bed, her belly swollen huge because of him. She had her legs spread and had this look of expectation on her face, waiting for him.

It was the most erotic thing he'd thought of in a long time. His cock went to full stiff instantly.

"No, really Mom, I can't. um ... I have this ... problem," he moaned. In his shock he'd forgotten to keep his groin covered, and Valerie's eyes immediately saw his 'problem'.

"Oh, you poor baby," she cooed. "Did some naughty girl get you all worked up and then leave you high and dry?"

She used her talking-to-a-five-year-old-voice. Robby didn't know if she was making fun of him or not. On just the possibility that she didn't realize it was she who was the naughty girl in question, he said, "Yeah ... something like that."

Valerie wanted to laugh, but she knew it would hurt his feelings. Imagine, her little boy with an erection. "Well, you don't have to worry about that. Mommy has seen lots of erections, so you don't need to feel shy. Now, come on. I want to get the preliminary sketch-in done tonight."

Robby thought hard. Obviously his mother didn't realize that she was the cause of his boner. So as long as she thought it was for some other girl he was OK. And the idea of her seeing him like this ... of the woman who had caused his 'problem' seeing it ... was strangely exciting. He wasn't thinking about this rationally. Hormones were already coursing through his veins. He took off his T shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. When he dropped them, his briefs stood out four inches as the tip of his cock tried to tear a hole through them. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and started to push them down.

Valerie wasn't exactly watching her son disrobe. But she wasn't exactly not watching either. When he dropped his jeans she took in a breath. He was a lot bigger under there than she had expected.

When was the last time she'd seen her son's penis? She thought and thought, and decided it was when he was ten or eleven, before he even had any body hair. She turned her head to watch as he slid his underwear down.

When he stepped out of them and stood up she felt her knees go weak.

What was she thinking? He wasn't a little boy any more. That was no little boy penis. That part of him was all man. She almost panicked as she felt her pussy weep slick moisture. She hadn't had a cock in over four months and her pussy wanted one bad! It did when she saw this one anyway.

It wasn't at all like Phil's. Phil had a club, small at the tip, but getting larger all the way back until it was as big around as her wrist at the base. Robby's was long and slim, pointed at the end where the foreskin was missing. It looked like some kind of viper, looking at her, albeit with only one eye. It jutted out of a thick nest of black hair that looked springy and soft.

Valerie coughed and turned away as she found herself envisioning her lips and nose bouncing off of that nest of hair. What in the world was happening to her? This was her son! She realized she was breathing deeply and tried to control herself. Robby just stood there, uncertainly.

"Well," she was finally able to articulate, "I guess you're a bigger boy than I thought. That must be one heck of a girl." Suddenly her whole body shook, almost like a dog drying off after a dip in the river. "OK ... well ... get up on the dais and stand by the column. Drape one arm over the top of it."

Her eyes narrowed as he turned and climbed the one step. He was nothing but muscle! Even his ass cheeks tensed and rippled as he lifted one foot to climb the step and then transferred his weight onto it. He turned, under the hair light she had fixed in place on the ceiling. That cast his face in the shadows, but highlighted the muscles on his arms and chest.

It also highlighted his erection.

It took her five tries to get anything even remotely like what she had envisioned before she started. For some reason, all her sketches ended up with the roughly drawn amorphous figure having a fairly detailed and obvious boner. That wasn't her plan at all. She had planned on painting her son with a normal flaccid penis that would be de-emphasized by strategically placed leaves from a plant she planned on "putting" on the top of the column. What she wanted to stand out was the muscle definition on the chest, arms and thighs.

It took the whole hour just to get one finished sketch and transfer it to a canvas. His erection never flagged even half an inch the whole time.

"That's gotta be some girl," she thought to herself as she told him they were finished for the night and he could go to bed.

Without thinking, she gave her son a hug good night.

Valerie was a tall woman. That loosely tied silk robe of hers did nothing whatsoever to keep his long, firm cock from sliding between the opening and then between her legs. She jerked as it grazed her still damp pussy lips.

"Oh Mom," he said, horrified. "I'm so sorry." He pulled back. The top of his penis was shiny where her juices had transferred to it.

"Don't be silly," she said, her voice husky with emotion. "It was an accident. Go on to bed. You have football practice tomorrow."

Two hours later both of them were still awake. Both were lying in dark rooms. Each wanted to masturbate, but neither of them was willing to do it. Robby wouldn't do it because he thought he was a pervert. All he could think of was the feel of his mother's hot, slick pussy lips on his penis. Valerie wouldn't do it because she felt too guilty that she was thinking of her son's prick, and the feel of it sliding across her vulva.

It took them another hour to finally fall asleep.

The next day, while Robby was at practice, and Megan was at a friend's house, Valerie worked on the sketch and put down some base colors. She roughed-in the plant that would almost cover the model's penis. She thought seriously about going out and buying a plant with large leaves that she could actually cover him with. She was just stubborn enough to decide not to.

It was their second night, and it started with the sexual tension high. The previous night had left both of them unsatisfied, though neither of them would have been able to identify that as the reason for the level of suppressed excitement in the studio. Robby had stripped in his room and put on his robe to walk through the house to the studio. Just the anticipation of standing nude in front of his mother was making his cock get hard. By the time he got into the studio and went to the platform, he was fully erect.

Valerie, for her part, had also unconsciously prepared for her session with her son by putting on her silk robe again over her otherwise naked body. She hadn't had any wine yet, but she had a glass in her hand as she came into the room. Her eyes flickered to her son, standing quietly on the platform beside the white column. When he saw her looking, he dropped his robe, like he was trying to wait as long as possible to let her see him naked again.

Valerie felt her stomach lurch. Her little boy seemed to have a perpetual erection.

"Have you been thinking about that girl again?" she suggested, her voice low.

"Yes, Mother, I have," he said, truthfully. "I think about her a lot."

"She must be very beautiful," said his mother.

"She is," said Robby simply.

Valerie picked up her brush and began to make delicate strokes. "And has she seen you ... naked?"

She stopped painting. Why on earth had she asked him that? She looked at him, expecting to see him getting angry at her prying. Instead he was standing just as before, his face calm.

"Yes, she has," he said quietly.

Valerie felt another lurch in her stomach and moisture began to seep into her pussy. She couldn't resist asking another question.

"And you've ... seen her too?"

"No," he said tersely.

"So you've never ..." she trailed off, embarrassed now to be prying, and to care so much what his answer would be.

"No, Mom, I'm still a virgin, if that's what you meant," he sighed.

"I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to pry. It's just a mommy thing, I guess. I know you don't want to talk about your sex life with your mother." She began to paint again.

She was surprised to hear him say, "Actually, it doesn't bother me that much. I thought it would, but standing here with a hardon in front of my mother, it doesn't seem all that strange to talk about that stuff."

"Oh," she said. "Well, thank you. It means a lot to me to be able to talk to my children."

"What else do you want to know?" he asked.

She painted for a while, working on his shoulder. The light just wasn't what she wanted. "Well, since you asked, when you think about this girl ... the one that makes you like that," she pointed her brush at his manly erection," don't you ever ... you know ... take care of it?"

Now he did flush along his upper chest and face. But he took a breath and responded. "Well ... um ... sure, sometimes."

"Does she ever do it for you?" asked his mother. She stepped forward with one foot, to lower the shoulder of the arm she was painting with and one slim white leg slipped through the closure of her robe. He could now see her leg clear up to her thigh.

"No," he grunted. In his mind's eye he saw his mothers slim long painter's fingers stroking his cock. He felt the soothing balm of precum begin to inch its way through his prick. What was he going to do if it made it all the way out? He tensed, trying to close off his penis. All that did was make it bob up and then back down.

Valerie saw the bobbing boner. "But you want her to, don't you?" In her mind, she winced. What the fuck was wrong with her? She was distracted from her self recrimination when he answered.

Robby gritted his teeth. "Yeah, I have to admit I do."

Valerie missed that odd phrasing. She missed it because, in her mind's eye, Valerie saw her own fingers grasp his thick stalk and slide up and down as she brought her lips to the tip to kiss it.

Her hand trembled, ruining a brush stroke and she put the brush down. She reached for the wine glass and took a sip. Her shaking hand caused the wine to slip past the corners of her lips and cascade down onto her bare cleavage.

"Damn!" she said, putting the glass down and leaning forward. She didn't want the wine to stain her silk robe. She pulled the edges of the robe apart and looked for something to wipe it off her skin with. She didn't think about the fact she was showing Robby all of the insides of her breasts.

"Robby, honey ... get me a towel or something please," she said. He jumped down from the platform and reached for a rag on the table nearby. She watched his penis bounce and sway as he walked toward her. She was so mesmerized by the sight that she didn't pay any attention when he offered her the rag.

Because of that, Robby assumed she wanted him to wipe up the wine.

He reached between her breasts and dabbed gently at the pale stain.

Valerie was so shocked at his touch that she just froze. She felt the cloth caressing the insides of both breasts and a groan began in the bottom of her lungs. Her hands pulled the cloth farther apart and one nipple popped into view. She heard her son's intake of breath as the stiff point was exposed.

Now he pressed the rag lower, following the runnel of wine that had gone clear to her abdomen. Her hands followed his, spreading the robe until they hit the knot that was all that kept him from seeing the rest of her. Her fingers twitched, wanting to do untie that knot, but she wasn't wearing panties, and she was afraid of what he would think if she bared that part of her.

"That's fine," she gasped, trying to regain control of her voice. "I'll get the rest ... thank you." Her hand reached for the rag and her skin touched his. She felt an almost electric spark. His skin felt hot.

Then, feeling more secure in her body now that this man wasn't touching it, she unthinkingly pulled at the loose end of the knot. The knot fell open and her robe parted, as her hand, with the rag, began to descend to where the wine was now dripping through where her pubic hair should have been.

There was ho hair there to catch the wine, however, because she kept that shaved off.

She realized what she'd done as the cloth slid down her stomach toward her pussy. Her eyes darted to her son's face to find his mouth hanging open as his eyes followed that rag. Her pussy spritzed as the rag caught up with the leading edge of the wine, stopping it just above where her now wet pussy lips pooched out from between her legs.

Basically, she was pointing at her pussy as her son watched.

Her eyes darted next to his cock, still iron hard, still standing out proudly from that thick black bush of hair. But now, there was a long, milky colored drip of what she was quite positive was precum ... hanging from the tip.

She shuddered. It took every single scrap of self control for her to close her robe and say, "I'm sorry, Robby, I shouldn't have exposed myself to you like that."

With an audible gulp, Robby staggered backward a step. The long drip of precum waved around briefly and then broke loose and dropped to the floor.

"S'Ok Mom," he slurred as he swallowed again. "I didn't really see anything," he lied.

Valerie managed to begin painting again, but her strokes were erratic. Her mind was on fire. Robby's prick had obviously responded to her body when the wine dripped on her. Again she fantasized about her hands on his cock as her lips got closer and closer, until they slid over the head of his cock and he squirted in her mouth. Her pussy was so wet she could feel her moisture begin running down her leg.

"Excuse me," she said, her voice rough with passion. "I have to go to the bathroom."

She went into her bathroom and got a wad of toilet tissue to dry her pussy lips with. As soon as she touched herself, though, she knew she needed relief. Instead of drying her pussy, she slid one long finger into her wet sheath and pressed the base of that finger against her aching clit.

She came almost immediately, and the orgasm was so hard that her knees bent and she ended up squatting on the floor as her pussy dripped its essence into a small pool. She felt light headed and tilted backwards, her buttocks hitting the floor and her head hitting the door with a resounding thunk. Her orgasm wasn't even over yet, and she moaned, as she lay back against the door, her legs splayed open, her finger still stuck in her.

"Mom?" she heard through the thin door. "Are you OK?"

"Yes!" she barked. The last thing she needed was her son pushing his way into the bathroom and finding her like this. "I just ... stumbled dear" she yelled, still gasping for air. "I'll be out in a minute."

She got shakily to her feet and leaned against the counter. Her new birth control pills were lying next to her hand, on the counter. "How appropriate" she thought, as she realized she had just gotten off thinking about a man's penis. The fact that that penis was her own son's didn't bother her half as much as the idea that she could be so horny with her husband only gone such a short time.

She took one of her new pills and popped it in her mouth. It was silly, but she seemed to feel better immediately.

When she finally calmed down and was breathing normally, Valerie went back outside to face her son. He was sitting on the edge of the platform, elbows on his knees, head in his hands. For once his cock was not rock hard. It had softened enough to hang down, a thick meaty thing dangling between his legs, pushed out a little by balls that were suddenly much more noticeable, because their hairy fullness made a bed for his penis.

He looked up, his eyes troubled. "I heard noises. I thought you were hurt."

"I'm sorry sweetie" she cooed at him. "I just banged the door with my elbow when I tripped over the bath mat. I'm fine now."

They spent another 30 minutes working. She had tied her robe more tightly, and his prick stayed mostly soft.

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