The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 4

They lay there, in each other's arms, sometimes talking, sometimes kissing, sometimes saying nothing at all.

At one point Valerie gave him a soft kiss on the lips and said, "So, this woman. You think she'll let you do that to her?"

"I feel really positive about it ... now that I've practiced," he said, smiling.

"Well, this is important. You did OK, but there are several things you need to work on. I suppose I could ... help you. I mean if you want me to."

He started to roll on top of her and she pushed him back. "As much as I'd love to help you right now, your sister is due home and I'm not sure she'd understand the ... educational nature ... of what we've been doing.

Robby whined in his best little boy voice. "But Mommeeeeeee".

Valerie smacked him on his naked ass hard and he yelped. Then, before he could retaliate she jumped out of bed and fled to her bathroom, slamming the door and locking it a split second before he caught her. He rattled the knob and growled like a bear while she giggled.

She felt like a teenager again, full of excitement and joy. She suddenly realized she was full of something else too. She felt something running down her thigh and looked between her legs. A thick runnel of sperm was streaming out of her pussy. She couldn't believe how much there was. Her eyes strayed to the counter, where her birth control pills were.

Blissfully ignorant of the fact that she was already pregnant with her own son's baby, she swallowed one.

She had to find something else to wear, since she had left her original outfit and robe in the studio. As she was walking out of her room she heard Megan come in the front door.

"Hey," she heard her daughter say, obviously to Robby. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing much," came his deep voice. Valerie couldn't believe that just his voice sent a spike of pleasure to her pussy. She pulled on a T shirt and gym shorts.

"Aren't you and Mom painting tonight?" asked Megan.

"She had something else to do I guess," said her son.

"She asked me about your girlfriend," said Megan.

"What?" came his voice.

"Mom wanted to know about your girlfriend the other day."

"What girlfriend?" Valerie felt another spike of pleasure as he confirmed that she and she alone was responsible for his erections.

"That's what I told her. I suggested you might be gay. You should have seen her face." Megan laughed.

There was a squawk and then a scream, as thuds and moving furniture made other noises.

"Robeee!" squealed Megan "Knock it off!"

Valerie hurried into the living room, where she found her daughter flat on her back, Robby sitting on her hips, holding her down with his hands on her wrists, which were pinned to the floor by her head.

"Robby, don't be mean to your sister!" she ordered as she walked through the living room toward the kitchen.

"Yeah!" said Megan triumphantly. "What she said!"

"You're lucky I'm not worried about Mom thinking I'm gay," said Robby, in a voice his sister should have recognized as something different, but didn't. He let her up and everything was back to normal.

They all watched a movie together a little later and then went to bed. For the first time in days, neither Valerie nor her son felt the overpowering urge to masturbate.

The next morning, as soon as Megan had asked for and received permission to go to her friend's house, Valerie approached her son, who had just finished breakfast and was putting his dishes in the sink.

"I need to make some progress on the painting or Megan is going to think something is strange," she said as she snaked her arms around her son and hugged him. She felt his erection instantly and looked up at his face.

"Are you always hard?" she smiled.

"Only since I became an artist's model," he said.

She took his hand and led him to the studio, where she lovingly removed his robe for him as he stood there. He was painfully stiff.

"I know what to do about this," she said, kneeling. Robby watched in awe as her open mouth approached his cock and her lips started sliding down his long, veined shaft. They didn't quit until her nose was pushing into his nest of curly brown pubes. He groaned as her hot, wet mouth sucked him.

"Oh Mom," he moaned. "You have no idea how wonderful that feels."

"She dragged her lips back up his column, sucking hard and there was a "pop" as she broke the suction to say, "I have a pretty good idea." Then she went back to work on him.

It didn't take long before his balls wriggled in their heavy sack and began pumping luscious thick cream into Valerie's mouth. She sucked and swallowed happily, continuing to suck until he was completely limp. Then, wiping her mouth, she stood up and walked over to the easel. She picked up a brush. "That's better," She said as she began daubing paint onto the canvass.

Robby agreed completely.

Forty-five minutes later Robby's cock started lifting again.

"You've got to be kidding," said his mother.

"I can't help it. I was thinking about her nipples," said Robby, unashamed of the fact that his cock was pointing directly at his mother.

Valerie put down her brush and unbuttoned the loose shirt she was wearing. When she spread it apart she was naked underneath.

"You mean nipples like these? Are hers anything like these?" asked Valerie, looking down as her nipples crinkled and began to erect.

"I don't know" said Robby. "I'll have to get closer." He stepped down and walked to his mother, bending over. He sucked in a nipple and chewed on it as his mother mewled her approval. Then he stood and ground his cock into her groin as he kissed her lips. His hands fumbled at the waistband of her gym shorts and slid inside to find she was naked under those too. In only a few seconds he stripped her naked and took her back into his arms. Now his cock was between her legs and she was dry fucking it as they swapped tongue kisses. She reached between them to grasp his prick and swab the opening of her pussy, which was hot, slick and wet. Valerie, not intending to actually let him fuck her again, was enjoying the feel of his smooth glans sliding around in her pussy mouth and she spread her legs a little.

Robby dipped his knees and, though it wasn't actually her intent, he was able to get his cock to slide into her a little. As soon as he felt the heat of her pussy around the head of his cock, he thrust forward and stood up, piercing her with one quick lunge.

Valerie gasped as she was filled unexpectedly and then began to convulse as all her weight settled right on her clit. The feeling was so intense that she didn't even have time to stand on her tiptoes before she was surprised by an almost instant orgasm. She tried to go up on her toes to lessen the excruciating feeling, but he was too tall and she was helpless. He humped upward and she cried out as that first orgasm tumbled into a second harder one that made her shake and start going limp. Robby's arms around her held her to him and he walked forward until she was pinned to the wall by the window.

Then, though anyone passing the window could have clearly seen them, he began thrusting up into his helpless impaled mother until his cock expanded and belched her full of his cream.

They were insatiable for the rest of the morning, and she got almost none of the painting done that she had intended to do. As soon as they had gotten their breath from his stand-up assault on her pussy, she went to take a shower because she was slick with sweat, and her legs were running with his sperm again.

He followed her, and, before they got out, he'd pinned her to the wall in the shower too, powering another load of hot spunk up into her firm, flat belly.

She was so limp and satisfied after that that she flopped down on the bed to rest for a while. But, with typical teenage enthusiasm, Robby's prick refused to relax along with the rest of him, and quite soon he was hunched over his mother, her legs spread wide as his cock made short, vicious jabs up into her cunt, over and over again. Having cum twice in a period of about an hour, he was able to go for half an hour before he felt the urge to fertilize his mother yet again. Valerie was glad to feel his hot, wet offering inside her, both because of what it was, and because she was actually getting a little sore. Her pussy wasn't used to being ravaged so often, by such a nice, long cock.

Robby managed to make it to his room, stark naked, as his sister walked in the front door, yelling to see if lunch was ready. Valerie only groaned and pulled the comforter over her naked, sperm-filled body. She planned on taking a nice, long nap. The kids could fend for themselves for lunch.

Around three in the afternoon, Valerie got up, put on a bra, panties, jeans that covered her legs, and a sweat shirt, even though it was warm outside. She tied her hair in a pony tail. Then she went to find Robby, who was taking his own nap on the couch. She got him up, slapped his hands away from her breasts, and took him to the studio. Though he wasn't actually erect, she played with his cock and got it that way before deep throating him and getting everything that was in his balls in her stomach.

Then she painted.

She had to blow him twice more that afternoon to get any work done. She made sure not to let him touch her, and even then it was hard to keep from using that wonderful stiff bone for what it was made to do. She had to content herself with having a stomach full of his rich cream, and the memory of his sighs as he spurted her mouth full each time.

But by supper she had everything on canvass that she needed. She could finish the painting now without him, if she had to. She wanted to do that because it bothered her that all she could think about was her son's thick stiff cock in her pussy. She hoped that, without him standing there, naked, in front of her, she could begin to think of something else.

She tried thinking about her husband's lovemaking, but the images in her mind kept coming back to her tall, handsome son. She took a shower and went to bed early, not saying good night to either of her children.

Just before she got in bed, she took a pill.

The next morning, Valerie was standing at the counter, making dough for biscuits. She was in her silk robe, with nothing on under it, and her hands were all sticky with wet dough. She heard footsteps and looked over her shoulder to see Robby, wearing his own robe, walking toward her.

"Morning," she said, turning back around to knead the dough.

"You know it was that robe that got me going the very first time I got hard for you," he said, coming up behind her.

She chuckled. "I heard you say something about 'that damn robe' once. I wondered what that was all about."

"It doesn't close up very well" he said and she sucked in a breath as his hands slid around the outside of the robe, over her breasts and then dipped inside the opening to cradle those breasts in his big rough hands. His fingers sought out her nipples and played with them as they stiffened.

"Robby!" she barked. "Your sister could walk in at any minute." "She's sleeping like a log. She always does on Saturdays." One of his hands started sliding down from her breasts, across her flat abdomen, toward her shaved and now damp pussy.

She shoved her ass at him, trying to get away from that hand before she ended up with a pussy full of his finger. She knew if she let him get that far things would be hard to stop.

"Robby! Stop!" she whispered.

But in shoving her ass backward, all she did was press it against his erection, which was now sticking out from the opening of his own robe. About the time she felt it, his finger slipped between her slick pussy lips and his fingertip found her clit. He knew what to do and she sagged forward as his finger sent thrills and chills through her body.

"Ohhhh Robby, you can't! Not now baby ... not here. Megan ... ohhhhhh ..." she trailed off as he bent over her further and managed to slick his finger deep into her pussy.

Then, before she realized what was happening, his hands were gone from her body and she felt her robe being lifted up, exposing her buttocks to the morning air. Then she felt his long hard cock probing between her legs as her son's hands clamped onto her hips.

"Robbbeeeeeeee!" she squealed as he bent his knees and shoved, his prick tip finding her sex like a dog on a rabbit's trail. Suddenly she was full of hot prick and her white sticky hands were trying to hold on to the counter edge as her son powered his hips forward and up, almost lifting her up on her toes. His cock didn't reach as far up inside her as she liked, but he made up for that by beginning a series of rapid pounding strokes that had the big round head of his cock scraping across her G spot as if his cock was sandpaper and he was trying to rub it off.

Valerie's eyes went glassy and her mouth hung open, a drool of spittle dropping out of it to hit the counter as she was overcome by a series of orgasms that left her breasts lying on top of the blob of dough that was supposed to be biscuits, and her arms spread out on the counter as her ass was thrust backwards to receive the cock she craved so much.

Then she heard the familiar grunting he made when his prick started spurting the heavy streams of spunk he always produced, and she felt the wet heat of his spend saturating her insides and running down her thighs. He leaned over, resting on her back, his lungs heaving as he tried to get enough air in to stand up.

Finally he pushed off the edge of the counter with his hands and stepped back, his cock pulling free with a wet squelch, leaving his mother bent over the counter, her ass bare, her robe bunched up across her back.

In her mind's eye she saw what she must look like and felt completely slutty. She pushed herself up off the counter and her robe fell to cover her ass as she made unhappy sounds and turned around. Her flour and dough covered breasts were hanging out of the front of her robe, which was also covered with flour. One cheek, which had been pressed to the counter as he pounded her full of his sperm was dusted white, and her hair was white with flour on that side of her head. She held her hands out to her sides and looked down.

"Robby, you just have to learn to control yourself!" she moaned.

"Gosh, Mom, I'm sorry" he said, but he didn't sound very sorry. It was then that they heard Megan's footsteps coming toward the kitchen.

It was already too late. There was nothing Valerie could do, and she was still standing there, breasts hanging out, covered in flour and dough when Megan walked into the kitchen. Robby had closed his robe, and was standing back, looking at his mother as Megan took in the whole scene.

"Mom!" she said, stopping. "Your boobs are showing!" Then she appeared to see the mess that was covering her mother. "What's that all over you?"

Valerie's mouth opened and closed twice, like a fish out of water. Robby turned to face his sister. "I sort of scared her." he said. "She was doing something at the counter and I snuck up behind her and tickled her."

Megan was looking at him. She folded her arms under her own robe-covered breasts. "And it caused ... that." She pointed at her mother, whose brain still sent signals that she shouldn't touch her silk robe with her sticky fingers because it would get the robe dirty ... even though the robe was covered with the same flour and dough. Robby looked helplessly at his mother, who was still unable to say anything.

He looked back at his sister, shrugged and said, "OK, you caught us. We were having hot torrid sex at the counter and it caused the dough to get all over her."

Megan's mouth fell open and her eyes got wide. Then she barked a laugh. "Boy do I feel sorry for you when Mom gets over her shock at being scared so much ... especially after what you just said! You're gonna be grounded for months!"

And with that she turned to the refrigerator, got out the milk and started fixing herself a bowl of cereal. Robby looked back at his mother, who was finally beginning to realize that they had actually gotten away with it. He saw her take a breath.

"That's right Robby," said his mother. "You are grounded for a month. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying something like that to your sister. And you scared me half to death. And just LOOK what you made me do to my silk robe!!"

Valerie continued to complain about her son's behavior for a while longer and then told both kids they'd have to take care of their own breakfast, since she had to go clean up.

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