The Passion Of Art

by Lubrican

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Chapter 2

Valerie was about ready to tell him to relax and go to bed when Megan barged into the studio.

"Mom!" She yelled. She pulled up short when she saw her mother standing at the easel. "Oh. Mom. Do you have any body lotion? Mine's all gone." Her eyes had gone to the easel, with the roughed in sketch of a man standing by a column, and the partly painted shoulder. Naturally, her eyes then went to the platform, where the column ... and the man ... were.

"Robby!" she squealed. 'What are you doing?!"

Robby, who had wanted to hide when his sister barged in, decided to be brazen about it. "I'm standing by a pillar naked. Got any more intelligent questions?"

"Now Robby," his mother chided.

Megan turned on her mother. "Mommy! What's going on here? Why is Robby naked?!"

"Calm down Megan," said her mother. "I'm doing a painting and Robby was nice enough to pose for me. It's nothing, really."

Megan was craning around the painting and her mother to get a better look at her naked brother.

"Wow," she thought. "He's actually pretty hot looking."

"How come you never wanted to paint me?" said Megan, in typical teenage self centeredness.

"Don't be silly dear," said her mother. "It's not that I wanted to paint Robby. I wanted to paint the figure of a man, and Robby agreed to be my model. If I didn't use Robby I'd have had to hire someone, or paint from a picture, and I don't like doing that."

"Oh!" said the teenager. "Well, it seems ... you know ... strange or something ... for him to be all naked in front of us."

"We're all family here darling," said Valerie. "And none of us should be ashamed of our bodies. Especially around family. We all love each other, and that's what's important."

Megan, who had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach from staring at her brother's cock, decided that maybe him running around naked wasn't so bad after all. "OK," she said, simply. "Now ... body lotion?"

"In the bathroom dear," said her mother, pointing.

Megan went into the bathroom. "This isn't body lotion," said Megan. "It's baby oil."

"Next to it, dear. To the right ... yes," said Valerie.

Megan left and, after another fifteen minutes of painting Valerie told Robby to go to bed. She was tired too, and relaxed from her bathroom masturbatory session. When she got to bed herself, she surrendered again and allowed herself one more orgasm, achieved more slowly. It was painfully sweet. She unashamedly thought about her little boy's not-so-little penis while she came.

Two rooms away, Robby's fist flailed his cock frantically, the vision of his mother's open robe and pooching pussy lips clearly in his mind. It was those lips his cock had touched the night before. With a long groan of delayed satisfaction, his balls emptied themselves through his cock in gut-wrenching spasms.

Next door to Robby, Megan's fingers were busy in her own pussy as she remembered seeing her brother's long, hard, yummy-looking cock. The first thing she'd done when she left the studio was to get her brand new supply of birth control pills and swallow one. Now, as she played with her pussy, she wondered if Tommy Valderburg's cock looked like that. She jammed two fingers deep into her adolescent sexual slot, dreaming it was Tommy's prick instead of her fingers.

The only problem was, as an orgasm washed over her, she saw Robby's face in her mind instead of Tommy's.

The next day was Saturday and Valerie woke up refreshed from two orgasms and a good sleep. She worried a little about those orgasms. She knew it was wrong to lust after her own son, but it was harmless, wasn't it? What could happen? He obviously had a girlfriend who made him crazy. True, he'd seen his own mother's pussy, and that delicious string of precum had dripped out, but surely he'd been thinking about that girl, whoever she was. She made a note to find out who this mystery girl was. She wanted to see the girl who had so obviously captured the heart of her first born.

Her opportunity came as she was eating breakfast and Megan slowly walked into the kitchen, wearing her big fluffy pink bunny slippers and a T shirt Valerie recognized as one of Robby's when he was several years younger. Megan was rubbing her eyes.

"Morning Mommy," she said.

"Hi, sweetheart. Have some breakfast. Can I get you something?"

"I just want some cereal," said her daughter. She got a bowlful and sat down with the milk and a spoon.

Valerie made her first stab at interrogating her daughter. "I hear Robby has a girlfriend. He's never mentioned her to me. Who is she?"

Megan looked up from her bowl, her mouth full of Chocolate Krispies. Between spoonfuls she said, "What girlfriend? He doesn't have a girl friend."

Valerie was stumped. "Surely your brother has a girlfriend. I mean look at him."

She blushed as Megan's eyes got a little wider. "I mean ... well ... you saw him. He's handsome ... isn't he?"

Megan's eyes got wary. This had to be a trick question. "I guess some girls might think so," she replied, safely.

Valerie frowned. "Megan, if I was twenty years younger I'd be all over him. Why wouldn't he have a girlfriend?" Valerie suddenly thought the thought that terrifies every heterosexual mother at least once in her life. 'You don't suppose he's ..."

Megan didn't get it. "What? He's what?"

Valerie didn't want to say the word. "You know ... different? Doesn't like girls very much?"

Megan got it. "Gay? You think Robby's gay?!" She broke into peals of laughter.

"What's wrong?" said her flustered mother. "Why are you laughing?"

"Robby's not gay!" laughed Megan. "I caught him trying to peek into my window last month when I had Becca over for a sleepover. Remember? Yeah, he was trying to see us when we got undressed to go to bed. Becca wanted to give him a show, but I just stuck my butt in front of the window he was peeking in. He's not gay. He might be a perveert, but he's not gay."

Valerie was conflicted. Part of her was happy to hear that Robby peeked at girls, but another part wanted to spank him for peeking in windows. She also thought Megan's attitude about this was a bit cavalier. Her daughter's use of the word "pervert" struck a little too close to home too.

"Did it ever occur to you that it might be you he was peeking at, and not Becca?

"Mom!" squealed Megan. "Why would he want to look at me? I'm his sister!"

"And I remember you leaning around me last night to get a nice long look at your brother, don't I?" said Valerie smugly.

"But that's different. He was naked!" said Megan.

"And when you were getting ready for bed what were you?" asked her mother.

A look of horrified epiphany came over Megan's face. "But why would he want to see me naked?" she said.

"Why did you want to look at him naked?" asked her mother, in a maddeningly normal voice.

Megan knew why she wanted to look at her brother's naked body, but she wasn't about to admit it to her mother.

Valerie, however, had been a girl herself. "Hey, I looked at him a lot longer than you did. He's a hunk, and I'm not afraid to admit it."

Megan was astounded. If she hadn't misunderstood what her mother had just said, it sounded like her Mom had the hots for her own son. "Mom, you can't be serious. He's your own son!"

"Yes, and that means I have to behave myself. But he's good looking, now isn't he?"

"Well, yeah ... but ..." Megan didn't know what to say.

"So, who's this girlfriend of his?" Valerie got back to the subject she was interested in.

"I really don't think he has one Mom. He wrestles, and he hangs out with a whole bunch of the kids. But he doesn't, like stand close to a particular girl, or talk to one more than the others. When he goes out on dates it's with different girls as far as I know." Megan looked at the frustration on her mother's face. "Mom? Why do you care? What's going on?"

Valerie didn't want to admit that the reason she wanted to know was because her son was sporting a monster stiffy in front of her. Not to her daughter anyway. "He just seemed to be thinking about a girl. You know, chit chat while I painted? That sort of thing."

"So are you going to paint some more today?"

"I want to. I haven't asked Robby if he's free yet."

"Can I watch?"

"Megan Lynn ... I'm shocked!" said Valerie, trying not to laugh.

"Hey ... you're the one who said he was such a hunk."

"Well, I suppose that will be up to Robby." said Valerie.

"Mom!" wailed Megan. "There's no way he'll let me in there."

"We'll see dear. We'll see."

Robby got up an hour later and came into the kitchen while Valerie was loading the dishwasher.

"Morning Mom," he said, going to the refrigerator.

"Hi honey. Don't drink from the carton. Use a glass," she said.

"Sure," he said, lowering the carton from his mouth, closing it and putting it back in the refrigerator. "We going to paint today?"

"If you have time that would be nice." she said.

"Sure," he said. "Let me hit the shower first."

An hour later he came into the studio wearing his robe. Valerie had on a halter top and her running shorts. She heard Robby say something under his breath that sounded like, "Thank goodness she's not wearing that robe."

"What dear?" she said.

"Nothing Mom."

Valerie started painting. Today his penis was limp. Still, it hung long and low.

Conversationally she said, "Megan asked if she could come in and watch me paint."

"You've got to be kidding me," said Robby. "Why?"

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?" said his mother. "You're a good looking guy, you know."

"Mom, I'm her brother. Why would she want to look at her brother naked?"

"Why would her brother want to peek in her window at night while she and Becca are getting undressed?" said Valerie, her attention on the canvas.

"Shit" said Robby. "She told you huh?"

"She told me. She asked the same question you did. I asked her the same question I just asked you. I think you're both probably pretty normal."

"I'm not so sure about that," he mumbled.

"Well, I told her you'd have to approve it. You're the model, and the model specifies who may and may not be in the room."

"OK, so let's say I let her come in. What if I ... get that way again?"

"You mean what if you get an erection?" asked his mother.

"Yeah," he said.

"I don't see why you would. Megan says you don't have a girlfriend."


"She said you don't have a special girl. I don't know who you were thinking about last night, or the night before, but if you just don't think about her, whoever she is, you shouldn't have any problem, right?"

"I can't just 'not think about her' like that," he said, not meeting her eye.

"Why? Who is she?"

"I can't tell you that," he said softly.

"I see," she said, her voice normal. But inside she was puzzled. Her curiosity was eating away at her now. "Well, like I said, it's up to you."

Robby thought about it for a while. Maybe if his little sister was in here he would be able to control himself. Yeah, that might even help him think about something other than what was under that halter top.

He felt his prick begin to stiffen as he thought about what was under that halter top.

"OK," he said. "I don't mind."

Then he thought about road kill, and stopping the car to look at road kill ... old road kill ... really stinky old road kill. He sighed as he felt his penis fall limp again.

They took a break half an hour later. Megan just happened to be standing around in the hall, outside the studio.

"Hi, guys!" she said brightly. "How's it going in there?"

Valerie chuckled. "He said you can watch, honey."

"Really?" she was obviously trying to sound like she didn't really care one way or the other. "I guess that might be OK. I don't really have anything else to do."

Robby looked at his mother with a raised eyebrow and she just winked at him.

Then she addressed her daughter. "We're taking a break. We'll be back in a few minutes."

After getting a drink and a sandwich, Valerie and Robby returned to the studio. Megan was already ensconced in the old easy chair. She had a book open and appeared to be reading it.

Robby stepped up on the dais and dropped his robe. Megan looked over the top of her book, but didn't say anything.

About fifteen minutes later Valerie put down her brush and stood there. "Something's wrong." she said. She moved to one side, and then the other. "I'm not getting the definition in the painting that I want. I think I need to oil you up."

"Oil me up?" asked Robby.

"Yes, with baby oil. It makes you shiny and the light reflects differently, enhancing muscle definition." She turned to Megan. "Honey, can you get me the baby oil out of the bathroom?"

Megan hopped out of the chair and, without a word, went into the bathroom. She brought back the big bottle of oil and handed it to her mother. Valerie squirted a pool of it in her hand and then slapped that hand on Robby's chest. Then she handed the bottle back to Megan and used both hands to spread the oil all over his upper chest and shoulders. She held out her hand, palm up, cupped and Megan squirted more oil into it. Now she slid her oily hands all over his right arm. After getting more oil she did his left.

She heard Megan gasp and involuntarily looked down. Robby's penis was standing straight out from his body again, fully erect. Her eyes went to his face, and she saw he was staring down at the generous cleavage that her halter top exposed.

Valerie knew then that at least some of his erections were not about some girl who wasn't there at the moment. She felt a flood of wet in her panties at the idea that her son found her as attractive as she found him.

While she had been thinking about this her hands had slid across his flat abdomen and were down to his hips. She wanted to oil his penis, but her daughter was standing right beside her.

She shook her head, forcing her desire down. How could she think about such things?

"I think that will do for now." she said, proud that the shakiness in her mind didn't come out in her voice. She looked up into her son's eyes. There was pain there, and embarrassment.

"Don't you worry about it," she said, trying to sound confident. "It's a perfectly normal reaction to the ... situation."

Relief flooded his eyes. "Thanks," he said.

Valerie turned to find Megan standing there, mouth open, breasts rising and falling as she breathed more quickly than she should. In her hand was the bottle of baby oil, tipped sideways. It was dripping on the floor.

Valerie took the bottle from Megan's unresisting hand. "Don't stare, dear. You'll make him feel awkward."

Megan's eyes snapped to her mother's and she flushed pink. She turned and went back to the chair, flopping in it. She picked up her book and held it up, like she had just started reading again. You know ... no big deal.

The only person in the room who didn't notice she had the book upside down was Megan.

"That's much better," said Valerie from behind the easel. "Yes ... much better."

She painted for another five minutes, getting down on canvas what she hadn't been able to see before. Then she noticed that Robby's eyes kept flickering toward his sister. She looked at Megan and saw that Megan had figured out about the book, and now had it turned right side up.

She also saw what had captured Robby's attention.

Megan was wearing a pair of terrycloth shorts. They were one of her favorite pairs, though she only wore them around the house. They were several years old though, and a little small for her at this point in her life. They were pulled up tightly enough that they had created a camel toe.

A perverse thrill shot through Valerie. Her eyes flickered back to Robby and she saw that he was still fully erect. Maybe he had been thinking about his sister before, when he had all those erections. She felt less guilty about her possible role in those disturbing hardons. In the mixed up cauldron of passion that was Valerie Hudson at that moment it didn't occur to her that she shouldn't feel good about him lusting after his sister. All she felt was some measure of relief that, maybe, he wasn't lusting after his mother.

At the same time, there was ... disappointment.

It was also that mixed up cauldron of passion inside Valerie that caused the next words to exit her mouth.

"Megan, dear? You know how you wanted me to paint you too? Well I have an idea."

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