The Making of a Gigolo (10)- Elizabeth Sinderson

by Lubrican

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Chapter Seven

On a day late in August, Bobby knocked on Liz and Jeff's front door. He had a bottle of wine with him, and was dressed semi-casually. That was primarily because he had no idea what was going to happen that night. He was there in response to a somewhat formal invitation to attend the celebration of their wedding anniversary. Dinner would be served.

Jeff answered the door and smiled, sticking out his hand.

"Congratulations," said Bobby, smiling back.

"Thanks," said Jeff. "Come on in. She's still in the kitchen, doing some kind of magic with a roast."

They went into the living room, where a football game was on TV. Jeff took the wine and disappeared. When he came back, they sat and chatted, while they watched the game. It was the first time Bobby had had a chance to say much to the man, but the atmosphere was relaxed in a way that made it seem like they had known each other for a long time. At first, the talk was all about the game, but, eventually, other topics were discussed.

"You probably think I'm some kind of freak," said Jeff, suddenly, and without prelude.

Bobby looked at him. "I wouldn't have put it that way."

"How would you have put it?" asked Jeff.

Bobby thought about it. "Different, maybe. I haven't really thought about it that much."

Jeff was clearly surprised.

"You don't think I'm some kind of weirdo?"

"Who am I to decide what's weird and what's not?" asked Bobby. "A lot of people would say what I do is weird, or twisted, or something like that."

"Being a gigolo, you mean," said Jeff.

"That's a good example. I don't know how you feel about yourself, but I don't actually think of myself as a gigolo," said Bobby. "Sometimes people pay me, but that's not why I do it."

"You do it just for the sex?" asked Jeff.

"That's part of it," admitted Bobby. "It's complicated in some ways. Sex, these days, in this society, is everywhere. Everybody is involved in it, or wants to be, but it seems to drive people apart, instead of bring them together. For me, it's more important that sex brings people together. I think that's what it was intended to be for."

Jeff laughed. "You know, a month or two ago, I would have looked at you like you were crazy, for saying that. I mean sex, by its very nature, brings people together. But I know what you mean, and now, I agree with you. As odd as it sounds, Liz and I are closer now than we've ever been."

"I'm glad," said Bobby. "I was worried that it wasn't going to work out."

"That's what makes you different from all the other men I know," said Jeff, quite seriously. "Most men would have jumped at the chance to get whatever they could from Liz, and wouldn't have given a damn about whether it caused problems or not."

"Maybe it's because I was raised with seven sisters, by a single mother," said Bobby. "My focus has always been on paying attention to women's needs."

"Well, whatever it is, I just want to say thanks," said Jeff.

"Now that is what makes you different from most men I know," said Bobby, grinning. "Most men would be after my hide. You're a very strong man."

Jeff sighed. "That's the opposite of how I see myself. I think of myself as weak, and unable to conquer my desires."

Bobby snorted. "No weak man could stand by and watch his wife being pleasured by another man. To have that much confidence in yourself, and your wife, is something I hope to be able to have some day. And I'll tell you this too. I don't know Liz as well as I know some people, but she's strong. Some of this has been hard on her. She loves you enough that that has taken her through the rough spots."

"I know," said Jeff quietly. "I think that's what got me through the rough spots too."

Liz walked into the room. She was wearing the same summer dress she had worn when Bobby took her to the Rodeo. Without a word, she went to Bobby, leaned over, and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"Welcome to our home," she said.

Then she went to her husband and kissed him just as ardently.

"Dinner is ready," she said.

The meal was as unremarkable as it was possible to be. Bobby got them to tell him how they met, which generated a couple of humorous stories about their early relationship. The food was good, and the conversation enjoyable. They lingered, sipping wine, until Liz stood up.

"Anybody want to dance?" she asked.

They moved back to the living room, and Liz went to the record player, where a record was already mounted. She had obviously planned this.

The music was slow, and with no words. She danced first with Jeff, swaying with him and rubbing up against him.

"Bobby is your present from me, tonight," she said into Jeff's ear.


"I'm going to be very naughty with him," she said, pushing her loins against him.

"How naughty?" asked Jeff, his respiration increasing.

"Very naughty," she said.

"Ohhhhh," he sighed.

She danced next with Bobby.

"I want to show him what we've done on our dates," she whispered.

"All of it?" he asked.

"All of it," she answered, pushing her loins against him. "It's important that you only do what I ask you to do, though."

"All right," he said, stroking her back.

"Will you do that for me?" she asked.

"Of course," he said.

When the song was over, she took him by the hand and pulled him toward Jeff, who was sitting down in his favorite chair.

"I'm horny, honey," she said, making her voice young. "Can I play with Bobby a little?"

Jeff gulped, and nodded.

"I want to play with him in the bedroom. Do you want to come with us?" She batted her eyes at her husband.

His eyes bright, he nodded again.

When they all got there, it was obvious she had planned this, because there was a chair in the bedroom for Jeff to sit in. She turned to him.

"Gee, honey, it would be all wrong to let him take my clothes off. Would you do that for me?" She kissed him.

His hands fumbled, as she turned her back, to let him unbutton the buttons that went all the way down her back. When she felt him get to the bottom, she stepped away, holding the dress on by crossing her arms and putting a hand on each shoulder.

"I was naughty, when I put this dress on," said Liz. "I didn't put on any underwear."

She pulled the dress forward and it fell in a puddle around her feet, leaving her naked.

"Ooooo" she said, covering her breasts. "I forgot something!" She looked at her husband. "Will you help me with something else?"

"Of course, darling," rasped Jeff.

"Okay!" she said, brightly. "I'll be right back!"

She bounced out of the room, and both men's eyes were glued to her bouncing buttocks.

Bobby sighed. "Do you know what's going on here?" he asked.

"No," rasped Jeff. "She didn't say anything ... just that she had a present for me."

"You okay?" asked Bobby.

"I'm fine," said Jeff. "Believe me, I'm fine. When she acts like this, something really good is going to happen."

Liz came into the room with another chair, just like Jeff's. She put it on the floor in front of his chair, kissed him, and left again. When she came back, she had a towel over her arm, a bowl of water in her hands, a can of shaving cream tucked under her chin, and a safety razor in her fingers. She sat on the empty chair, put the bowl of water on her husband's lap, handed him the shaving cream and razor, and then sat back, scooting her butt to the edge of the chair, and spreading her legs wide ... like only a cheerleader can spread her legs.

"I want to see what it looks like when there's no hair down there," she said, sweetly.

"You want me to shave your pussy?" squeaked Jeff.

"Somebody," she looked over at Bobby, "told me I might look good with a shaved pussy."

Jeff was sweating now. He leaned forward, the razor in his hand. It was shaking.

"I don't know if I can, baby," he moaned.

"You have to put on the shaving cream first," she said.

He dropped the razor into the water, and picked up the can, pointed at his other hand. Then he changed, and pointed it at her pussy. From a foot away, he pressed the release, and a stream of shaving cream splatted right onto her pussy lips.

"Ooooo! That tickles!" she said. "I think you missed. You'll have to rub it ... higher."

Jeff's hand darted forward to push the mushy mess up, over the top of her split, and onto the curls above that.

"Mmmmm," she said. "That feels nice. I see why you men love to shave so much." She scooted forward a tiny bit more. "Rub it in good. I don't want to get cut."

He did, and she let him know how much she liked it, and what a good job he was doing. He fished the razor out of the water, but his hand was still shaking.

"Maybe Bobby should help us," she said, staring straight into her husband's eyes. "Maybe his hand isn't shaking like that."

Jeff sat back suddenly, and his arm went up, the razor in his hand. Bobby took it, silently, and waited. Jeff jerked and jumped up, since Liz wasn't moving, to give Bobby his chair. He knelt beside it as Bobby sat down.

Bobby "re-rubbed" the cream into her, obviously rubbing places where there was no hair. He said he was sorry, but was grinning. He started on one side, moving in, and then went to the top, moving down. He put the fingers of his other hand right on her clit, to pull and tug her flesh taut.

"You're not supposed to touch me there," she chided, breathing faster. "I'm a married woman, you know."

Bobby ignored her, and continued to cut the hair off, baring starkly white skin, until the right side was bare, all the way to her pussy lips. She hadn't brought a wash cloth, so he just scooped some water out of the pan and splashed it on her mons, wiping it.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

Bobby turned to Jeff.

"What do you think?" he asked, casually. "Half bald, half hairy. Kind of has an interesting look, don't you think?"

Jeff was staring, but darted his eyes toward Bobby's face.

"Think we should just leave it like that?" asked Bobby.

Jeff took a breath, and his face lost some of its wild-eyed look.

"It is interesting," he said. "But which half is yours, and which is mine? How do we decide that?"

"You guys!" Liz broke her little girl character. "You're teasing me!"

Jeff picked up the shaving cream.

"I think all bald is probably more common," he said.

He squirted another stream at her pussy. Bobby reached to rub it in and stuck a finger inside her pussy. She jumped, and almost slid off the chair. Bobby left his finger in her, helping her get back on.

"Ooooo!" she said, back in character again. "He's being awfully naughty with me now, Jeff!"

"Let him finish," said Jeff, his voice stronger.

Bobby cleared away the rest of the hair and then rubbed the towel over her sex to remove all traces of shaving cream. Her pussy lips were distended and thick. Even though the towel had just rubbed them, they glistened with a sheen of dampness.

She stood up and moved to where her husband was kneeling.

"Did he get it all?" she asked, shoving her naked mons against her husband's nose. "Is it nice and smooth?" She grabbed his head and rubbed his face against her shaven pussy. He must have licked her, because she purred. Then she pushed his head away.

"It's smooth," he gasped. "I like it a lot."

She giggled and went to lie on the bed. Drawing her knees up, she let them fall outward, exposing herself as much as she had been before.

"Bobby? He's probably biased," said Liz. "You should check to make sure you got every hair. I wouldn't want one to peek out of my bikini and embarrass me."

Bobby stood, wiping his hands on the towel.

"Ooooo," she said. "Your clothes might have shaving cream on them ... or some of my hairs. I don't want to get those on the bed. You should take your clothes off first."

Bobby silently got naked, as the other two watched him.

He crawled onto the bed, between her spread thighs, and looked at her newly shaven pussy.

"I think I missed some shaving cream," he said, and leaned forward to lick her split, from bottom to top, with the flat of his tongue.

"Ohhmmmmmm," she moaned. She gulped for breath. "He's being naughty, Jeff," she complained. She lifted her head, to look at the top of Bobby's head. "You shouldn't do that! I'm married!"

"I'm just cleaning you up," said Bobby. "That's all."

Then he licked and sucked her to orgasm. She complained for the next two minutes, verbally, but her hands came to his head and held him there, until she quit complaining.

"Jeff!" she gasped. "He's gonna make me cum, honey. Can I have an orgasm ... pleeeeease?"

"Yes," he choked.

"Ohhhhhh thank youuuuuuu!" she cried, bucking her pussy up against Bobby's face.

He licked her until she pushed him away and rolled, closing her legs. She stood up quickly and went behind Bobby to push him flat on his stomach, on the bed. He could have resisted her, but was playing it by ear.

She slapped his butt twice ... hard.

"You were bad!" she said. "I told you I was married, and you did that anyway!"

"It was fun!" he said, over his shoulder, a grin on his face.

"It's not fair!" she said. "You got to see me, and you made me feel good. Turn over, mister!"

He did and she crawled up on the bed between his thighs, pushing them apart, until her face was right over his cock and balls.

"Oh look, Jeff!" she squealed. "His looks all different than yours."

"It does?" asked a panting and somewhat bewildered Jeff.

"Uh huh! Take your clothes off and come over here ... I'll show you!"

Jeff started slow, but almost tripped trying to get his pants off his feet. He pushed his underwear down. He was as hard as Bobby was.

"Your shirt too," she commanded. "You look funny in a shirt and no pants."

He took that off and came to the side of the bed, where she gestured. Her hand reached out and grasped his prick.

"See?" she said. Then she went into a comparison of the two penises, holding Bobby's in one hand, and Jeff's in the other. She did a lot of jerking on them while she did that.

"I wonder if he tastes different too," she said, as if she were talking to herself.

Still holding her husband's penis tightly, she lowered her mouth onto Bobby's and sucked for ten or fifteen seconds. Then she pulled off of him and, while holding his penis in her other hand, pulled her husband's to where she could put her mouth on it. She sucked him for ten or fifteen seconds too.

She sat back on her haunches, her upper chest and face flushed.

"I can't tell," she said softly. "They both taste good."

She looked from one to the other.

"I wonder if they feel different?" she said to herself. She put one finger to her lips, and looked up, like she was thinking hard. "How could I tell?" she asked. She looked at her husband. "Don't go anywhere," she said, her voice low and filled with passion.

She got up on her feet, stepped forward and began to squat.

"I'll have to compare them this way too," she said.

She reached between her legs and spread her naked pussy lips with two fingers of one hand, and reached for Bobby's iron hard prick with the other. She brought them together and, slowly, inched her pussy down onto Bobby's prick. Jeff leaned forward, staring as her pussy slowly moved down the stiff shaft, and her pussy lips spread around the base of his cock.

"Mmmmmm," was all she said, at first.

She pulled back up and reached for it again. There was a wet, sucking sound as her pussy came clear of the tip, and hovered an inch above it.

"Look Jeff," she said. "I can feel my pussy pushing the skin off the tip."

She let herself down, and they could all see the foreskin being pushed down, bunched up at first, as it began to disappear inside her again. She dropped, and rotated her hips, looking up at the ceiling.

"Uhhhhhhhh," she groaned. "It does feel different," she panted.

"Oh baby," sighed Jeff.

"I think," she added.

She pulled off again, and stood up.

"Get on the bed, Jeff," she said.

Like he was in a dream, Jeff went to the other side of the bed. He lay down carefully, several inches away from Bobby. She stepped over, straddled him, and did the same thing she'd done with Bobby, lowering herself until he penetrated her.

"Mmmmmm," she said. "Yes ... definitely different. This is what I'm used to. He feels different."

She rubbed for a minute and then stopped.

"I wonder if it would feel different with him on top."

She stood, and Bobby got off the bed, anticipating what was next. She lay down and spread herself for him.

Bobby got between her legs and eased himself into her. Her sigh made it quite clear she enjoyed the feeling.

"I can't tell for sure," she panted. "Maybe you should move it around a little."

He fucked her for five minutes, during which she had a very obvious and very audible orgasm, describing it in detail to her husband. Jeff got so excited that he began masturbating.

"Stop that!" she panted, reaching over to grip his wrist. "I have to be able to compare."

She pushed at Bobby, who pulled out of her with a sigh, his prick dripping. He got off the bed, and Jeff took his place, slamming into his wife.

"Not so rough!" she complained. "I can't tell the difference if you're rough."

He slowed a bit, and she told him she was going to have another orgasm. When that was over, she panted and pulled Jeff's face down for a long kiss. When that was over she held his face inches from hers.

"I wonder if it would feel different if he ... squirted in me."

"Ahhrrrgggg." A groan exploded from Jeff's lungs, and his prick jumped as it fired off into her pussy.

"Ooooo, you're cumming in me, darling!" she panted. "You're not wearing a rubber and you're cumming in meeee!"

Jeff collapsed, gasping for breath, and her hands roamed over his back.

"Should I see if it feels different, honey?" she whispered in his ear.

"Ohhhhhh," he moaned.

His answer came as he rolled off of her, to lie limply beside her. Her legs were still spread, and she rolled her head, to look at Bobby.

Without a word, Bobby remounted her, sliding into her exceedingly hot ... exceedingly wet pussy.

Jeff groaned as he rolled to his side, watching.

"No rubber," he panted. It wasn't clear what he meant.

"Of course not, silly," moaned Liz. "I couldn't see if it felt different if he was wearing a rubber."

She squealed her way through an orgasm as Bobby sped up. He was pounding into her now, but she no longer said anything.

"I ... could ... pull ... out," he panted to the woman straining under him.

"I wouldn't ... be able ... to tell ... the difference," she panted back.

Her head rolled towards Jeff.

"Can he?" she gasped. "Can he cum in me?"

Jeff's face twisted. He looked like he was in agony.

"Yes," he whispered.

Liz put her hands on Bobby's shoulders. She teased him then.

"Jeff says you can cum in me, Bobby," she panted. "But be careful. I'm fertile, Bobby. Don't cum too much."

Bobby almost growled and pounded her rapidly.

"I let him cum in me first," she gasped. "So he could get me pregnant. Don't cum in me too much, Bobby."

Bobby stopped, deep inside her.

"He's doing it!" squealed Liz, looking over at Jeff. "I can feel him squirting, Darling!"

Bobby gave her two exquisite shots, and then jerked out, rising to his knees and right hand. With his left, because Jeff was on that side, he gripped his prick and aimed it at her gaping, already sperm-filled pussy lips. Three more streams shot out, making a complete mess of her bald pussy as it was thickly coated. He wanted to lie back down on her, but he rocked back to sit on his haunches, leaving her pussy visible to Jeff, who was staring at it, his mouth open.

Her hand went to her pussy and she rubbed furiously, spreading the mess around.

"Kiss me, Darling," she moaned.

Jeff leaned over to weld his lips to hers. His hand pushed hers away, and he rubbed for her, sliding his fingers up into her, as if he were trying to stuff all that sperm inside her.

When she began to buck and cum, Bobby eased himself off the bed. He quietly picked up his clothes. Jeff was still fingerfucking her as their kiss went on and on. From their lips came the muffled sounds of something like two animals fighting as they moaned and growled into each other's mouths.

Bobby got dressed in the living room, and went out to his car.

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