The Making of a Gigolo(10)- Elizabeth Sinderson

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

She turned off some lights, to set the mood, and make it look a little more like what a bar might look like. She poured Jeff a bourbon and coke, and handed it to him, before going to the door. Taking a deep breath, she turned off the light. She'd felt Jeff getting hard, while she sat on his lap. She knew he was already excited. She felt her nipples stiffen more. She decided that was because that excited her too. She opened the door, and saw Bobby, standing there, dressed in a suit, his hand out to knock, and realized she hadn't even given him time to do so.

"Hello!" she said, startled.

"Hi," he said, smiling. "You look nice."

It was awkward, bringing him into the house, with her husband sitting ten feet away. Bobby blew her mind by walking right by her, to Jeff, and extending his hand.

"Happy birthday," he said. "I'm Bobby."

She was sure Jeff was surprised too. He looked surprised. He set his drink down and stuck his hand out automatically. Then he started to stand up.

"Sit," said Bobby. "This is your night. Just relax and enjoy it."

Liz felt like she was in some kind of weird dream. He was so open about what was going on, like it was the most normal thing in the world!

"Thanks," mumbled Jeff. "You want a drink?"

"No thanks," said Bobby standing up. He looked over his shoulder at Liz, who was still standing by the open door. "You're a very lucky man, Jeff," he said. "Would it be possible for me to have a dance with your wife?"

Liz felt like the dream had taken a crazy turn. He was asking for permission!

"I guess one dance wouldn't hurt anything," said Jeff.

Bobby turned to Liz. "Got any music around this joint?" he asked.

Her mouth fell open, but she jerked into action, going to the record player, where the first record was all ready to go. Bobby came with her. She lifted a shaking hand, and he grasped her wrist gently, stopping her.

"Allow me," he said. He lifted the arm, and settled the needle into place gently.

They had chosen rock and roll, an old one, to start with. It brought back memories of when they'd been in school together, and they both were already comfortable with that type of dancing. It also let him throw her away from him, and pull her back, twirling her, like he'd said he'd do. Her dress did fly up, swirling out into a gently curved bell, and showing at least her thighs. He was a good dancer, and the moves came back to her like dim memories of riding a bike.

She realized she was having a good time, and grinned as he dipped her and threw her back to her feet. On the last notes, he whirled her in, capturing her with his arm around her, her face inches from his. She could feel his breath on her lips, and knew she was panting into his face too.

"Go sit on his lap," he whispered.

He took her to Jeff, holding her hand, and "giving her back" to her husband, who was sitting, his eyes bright, and his drink forgotten.

"Thank you," he said. "She's not only beautiful, she's a good dancer. Like I said, you're a lucky man."

Liz sank down on Jeff's lap, and felt a full blown erection under her bottom.

"It's too bad I only get one dance," said Bobby.

Liz kissed Jeff on the lips this time.

"That was fun!" she said. "Could I have just one more dance with him?"

"Yes!" blurted Jeff, his hand stroking her bare back.

"Great!" said Bobby. "You two just do whatever while I pick something else, okay?" He went to the record player and appeared to look through the records that were there, lying where they hadn't been that morning.

"That was hot," moaned Jeff. "I could see your panties!" he gasped.

"I wore them for you," she said, kissing him again.

"Was it fun?" he asked.

"Uh huh," she said. "He's a pretty good dancer."

The song Bobby put on wasn't a Tango, but they danced to it as if it were. Bobby put his right hand on her lower back, and pulled her to him firmly, holding her right hand out, away from their bodies, with his left. She realized he had kicked off his shoes, and was dancing in his socks, as he moved her around the living room. He threw her away from him and twirled her again, right in front of Jeff, and then pulled her lower body firmly against him. She felt something dig into her loins, and realized that Jeff wasn't the only man in the room with an erection. The wildness of the dancing, and that erection, rubbing against her, made her emotions surge. This was fun! Knowing that nothing was going to happen, made it exciting in a way she'd never felt when she danced with other men.

"You're being naughty," she gasped, when he pulled her hard against that lump.

"Sorry," he said, loud enough for Jeff to hear. "I can't help it. You're a beautiful woman."

"Thank you," she said, also loud enough for Jeff to hear. "But I'm taken."

"More's the pity," said Bobby, flinging her away from him, only to bring her back and crush her to him again. "I'm envious of him."

"You just behave yourself," she said. "And maybe I'll ask him if I can dance with you again."

"Oh, please do," said Bobby, as they swirled by Jeff.

Liz realized she hadn't been watching her husband, like she usually did when something like this was going on. She looked at him now, and felt an electric thrill go through her. He was rubbing the front of his pants!

That song ended and she went back to sit on Jeff's lap. She was panting again, and his hand went to her breast and squeezed.

"Are you having fun?" she asked.

"Ohhh baby, you have no idea," he moaned.

"He was being naughty," she whispered. "If I were sitting on his lap, it would feel the same as yours does." She wiggled her butt on Jeff's boner.

"Ohhhhh," he moaned.

"Should I dance with him again?" she asked.

"Yessss," he hissed.

Bobby had already put on another record. He didn't ask for this dance. He just waited, while she got up and went to him.

"He said I can dance with you again," she said in a voice that was intended to carry to her husband. "Behave yourself, though."

"Yes ma'am," said Bobby.

This was a slow song, and he pulled her against him, putting both hands on her bare back. He was anything but polite, though, and his hands strayed, moving along her back, and onto her barely covered butt. He made sure he was right in front of Jeff, when both hands cupped her buttocks.

"Careful," she whispered in his ear.

He turned her, so she could turn her face to Jeff, who was almost glassy-eyed now. The drink was in his right hand again, and his left was pressing hard into his lap. He drained the bourbon as she watched.

With something like shock, she realized that she had molded her body to that of her dancing partner. His hands were pulling her loins into that disturbing lump, and she felt the first seeping of what she'd never felt when she'd danced with a man other than her husband. She was getting exzcited. She was getting damp!

When that song was over, and she sat on Jeff's lap, he kissed her hungrily. She didn't care about her lipstick any more, and kissed him back, just as hard.

"Are you okay with this?" she asked, into his open mouth.

"I love this," he sighed.

"He was very naughty with me," she moaned.

"I loved that too," he whispered. "Are you turned on?"

"Yesss," she admitted.

"Dance with him again," he urged.

"He's touching me," she whined. "He's being so naughty!"

"I love it," he gasped, moving her to massage his stiff prick.

"If I dance with him again, he might touch me here!" she said, putting her hand on top of his, which was on her breast.

"Ohhhhhh," he groaned.

"Do you want him to?" she whined.

"Ohhh honey," moaned her husband. "I can't help it. Don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad," she said, kissing him. "I'm doing this for you ... but I'm getting awfully excited. That's never happened before."

"We can send him away soon," said her husband.

"Yes," she whispered. "And then you can fuck me. You might even make a baby in me tonight."

That wasn't technically true. She'd been finishing her period when she'd called Bobby. It was highly unlikely that she was fertile, but she wanted to give Jeff the best birthday he'd ever had.

Her comment had the intended effect, though. Jeff squeezed her breast harder, and thrust up against her bottom.

"Get me another drink first," he said. "Then dance with him, and let him be naughty."

She hopped up, disturbed that she was so eager to do exactly what he'd said. She hadn't expected to be this excited by what was happening. Maybe it was because she was so in touch with Jeff, while it was happening. As she poured the drink, though, she thought about what might happen. Bobby might touch her. Her panties were definitely damp now. She wanted to think it was just perspiration ... from the dancing ... but her belly told her otherwise.

Bobby had waited for her ... just standing beside the record player. She handed Jeff his drink, and he tossed off half of it before the music even started. She knew he wouldn't get drunk. It would take three or four before that would happen.

The music started. It was heavy with drumbeats, a throbbing rhythm that she felt in her bones. When he pulled her against him, her mouth went to his ear.

"He says you can touch me," she whispered.

"How do you feel about that?" he asked calmly. He sounded so completely normal. Any other man would have groped her already. She realized, suddenly, that she wasn't "handling" him at all. It was the other way around. He was sticking to the plan, while she was way too excited to feel his hands on her.

"I want him to be happy," she whispered.

"Is it okay if I make you happy too?" he asked.

She didn't know what that meant, but her euphoria at this working out so well made her pass over that.

"Of course," she said, not really knowing what that meant.

For the first third of the song, he danced with her like anyone would have danced with her, holding her close. Then, when they were right in front of Jeff, he stopped, and moved behind her, pulling her against him. She felt his obvious erection in her butt, and his hands went to her waist, just swaying her back and forth, in front of Jeff.

His hands went to her stomach, and moved, in alternating circles. She didn't know what to do with her hands, but simply put them on his. The circles got bigger, and suddenly his hands were cupping her breasts. She hissed, as strange hands mauled her tender orbs.

She looked down at Jeff, looking up. His mouth was hanging open. The half of his drink that was left was on the end table beside him, and his hand was rubbing hard in his lap.

"Ohhhhh Jeff," she moaned. "He's being very naughty with meeee."

"Oh baby," gasped Jeff.

Bobby's hands went back down, pulling out from under hers, to her thighs. He dragged the dress up as he rubbed up the fronts of her thighs. Jeff's eyes went to where her panties were almost visible.

"Higher," he whispered.

Bobby's hands went down and his fingers grasped the hem of the dress, lifting it until the front of it was gathered around her waist, and her hips were clearly visible. He held it there for a few seconds, then let it drop. He slid his hands back, over her hips, and up to where the dress gave him access to her sides. She was shocked as he slid his hands inside her dress, and looked down to see his hands slide up onto her naked breasts, under the dress.

Jeff hissed again.

"Oooooo baby," she whined. "He's touching my breasts!"

"I know," groaned Jeff. "Does it feel good?"

"Yessss," she moaned. "I can't help it Jeff! I'm sorry, but it feels good!"

Leaving his left hand where it was, Bobby extracted his right, and moved it down, and under her dress, to slide up her thigh again. She jerked as his fingers cupped her pussy through the wispy panties.

"Ahhhh," she groaned, feeling him press, and feeling the delight of it.

"What's he doing, baby?" gasped Jeff, leaning forward.

"He's touching meeee," she whined.

Jeff's hands came out, and he lifted the dress, so he could see.

Bobby had heard, "He says you can touch me," from the lips of this woman. It was only natural that he thought of this as "touching". It wasn't what she'd meant, but he didn't know that. It wasn't what Jeff had meant either ... technically. But the fact was that this was exactly what Jeff's fantasies involved ... another man abusing his wife ... getting her hot ... and then Jeff taking over to cool her off. When nobody raised an outcry, Bobby did the next most logical thing.

He slid his hand up to her belly, and dipped it into her panties. Her husband's face was less than a foot away, as he slid his middle finger through puffy, wet pussy lips, mauling her clitty, and dipped it inside her, where no man's finger, other than Jeff's, had been, since she'd graduated high school. Her string of failed relationships, before marrying Jeff had been precisely because she refused to "mess around" with any man who wasn't committed to marrying her. She'd kiss a boyfriend, and maybe let him fondle her breasts, but that was all.

Her cry of relief astonished her. If she'd been given time to think about this, she would have slapped Bobby for even thinking about doing this. But now, in the heat of passion, with her husband holding up her dress ... actually assisting this ... her clitty did her thinking for her.

The orgasm she hadn't planned on having hit her like a ton of bricks. The thick finger, wiggling in her pussy, sending those electric shocks from her clit to the nipple he was squeezing with his left hand, left her so weak that he was actually holding her up with the finger buried in her pussy. She sobbed with a mixture of relief and shame, as she welcomed that orgasm ... and the finger in her pussy that was giving it to her.

That lasted only as long as her orgasm, though. When that was winding down, she felt almost rage that she had been manipulated by this man, who had promised not to do anything she didn't want done.

Her hand went to his wrist and gripped it, pulling savagely.

"Let me go!" she barked.

His hands slid away from her instantly and she collapsed onto her husband's lap.

"Get out!" she growled. "Only my husband can touch me like that!"

Without a word, Bobby backed up. He picked up his shoes and, went to the door. He opened it and turned his face toward the couple in the chair.

"You're a very lucky man, Jeff," he said, yone last time.

And then he left.

Liz lay sated and happy. Jeff was snoring beside her. He had been like an animal after Bobby left. She'd never be able to wear that dress again, because the zipper was ruined. He had pounded her. Even if she'd demanded he wear a rubber, it wouldn't have happened. He'd never been that insistent ... that demanding. She couldn't know that her honest anger at Bobby had transmitted to him, and that that, too, fit his fantasy perfectly. She did want only Jeff. She had obviously been having a good time with the man ... but she had taken Jeff to bed, and let him spurt into her unprotected pussy.

She could have no idea that this had opened new doors in her relationship with Jeff. It wouldn't be until they talked about it later, that she'd realize just how great she had made his birthday.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked him, when they woke.

"Of course not," he said, cupping her naked breast.

"Did you have fun?" she asked.

"I had the best time of my life," he said.

"He wasn't supposed to go that far," she sighed.

"It was perfect," he sighed back.

"Really?" she was astonished.

"I thought I showed you how perfect it was last night," he said. "Do I need to show you again?"

"Oh, please do," she moaned.

He wasn't quite as wild as he had been the night before, but he made it very clear he was still excited. He lasted longer this time too. He just mounted her again. Neither of them mentioned a rubber, and she let him spurt in her again. After all, last night's spend was still inside her.

"I'm so glad it worked out," she sighed, as they relaxed again.

"How much did that cost?" he asked.

"I don't actually know," she said. "He just said that if it worked out, I could pay him whatever I thought it was worth."

"Well, it sure worked out," he sighed. "You were right. This is a lot better than going out to a bar somewhere."

"I'm glad you're happy," she said, kissing him.

"Do you think you'll ever want to make me happy like that again?" he asked.

"With him?" She was shocked.

"Why not?" asked Jeff. "He was perfect."

"He went too far," she said.

"No he didn't," said Jeff.

"But I had an orgasm!" she moaned.

"That was what made it so hot," he whispered.

"You liked that part?" She was astonished.

"I liked that part," he said firmly.

She felt something like panic shoot through her. She'd liked that part too. She just hadn't wanted to admit it. Her anger, though directed at him, in telling him to get out, had really been at herself, for loving that orgasm.

"But I won't ask you to do that again, if it makes you upset," Jeff added.

"I never thought about doing it again," she said. "This was just for your birthday." Her voice was tentative. "I just wanted to make you feel good."

Jeff's thought processes were complicated. What got him going was the danger involved in another man making his wife feel good. Bobby had been right, though Jeff didn't think about it as completely as Bobby had. What Jeff wanted, more than anything else, was for her to keep choosing him, even though other men made her feel good. It had made him feel powerful, when she told the other man to leave, and that she belonged only to Jeff. He had almost ... but not quite ... shot off in his pants at that moment. The juxtaposition of his wife, who had clearly had an orgasm from Bobby's manipulations, choosing to mate with Jeff, instead of this other man, was what made him feel complete. Though Liz had no idea of this, Jeff wouldn't have cared if Bobby had fucked her ... as long as she didn't go home with Bobby, and chose to stay with Jeff. That tug of war, which depended completely on Liz's will, was what made this dangerous game so satisfying. His first wife had failed him ... had been weak ... had succumbed to the other man's charms. But Liz had passed the test. She'd had a good time ... had been obviously erotically involved ... but had stayed with her husband. That fact put Jeff on cloud nine.

"You did make me feel good, Baby," he said, squeezing her breast again.

"I'm glad," she sighed.

"That's why I think we should hire him again," said her husband.

Jeff and Liz didn't head willy nilly into this new relationship. They talked about it, in very stark and clear terms. Jeff didn't tell her how far he was willing to let her go. Part of that was because he didn't want her to pull back. Part of it was because, subconsciously, he wanted her to be exposed to honest seduction ... and still choose him.

But, overall, their conversation was plain. She told him how far she was comfortable going, (which had changed, somewhat compared to what she would have said she was comfortable with a week ago,) and he told her what kind of scenarios he found exciting.

When she called Bobby, the first thing she did was apologize to him.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you," she said, when he answered the phone. "I have a check for you."

"I may have misunderstood how far you two wanted things to go," he said.

"I thought so too ... then," she said. "It turns out that what happened was perfect."

"Really?" he said. "I'm happy for you."

"Jeff wants to know if you'd ... um ... be willing to help us some more."

"Sure," he said. "I don't know him very well, but I like him."

"What about me?" she asked. She immediately wished she hadn't said it.

He laughed. "I like you too. I had a good time too, you know."

"Yes," she said, still rattled. "I could feel that." It occurred to her that, after all that had happened, she had been able to find an outlet for the passion he had built up in her ... but he had just been chased out ... into the dark, lonely night.

"I hope running you off like that didn't cause you any ... um ... discomfort," she said. She immediately hit her forehead with her palm. Why did this man make her act so stupid?

"It was no problem," he said. "I have other outlets."

In fact, Bobby had gone home that night and spent the night with his mother, who got the full benefit of what Liz had built up in him.

"Oh!" said Liz. She'd already forgotten that he did this ... professionally? Now that she thought about it ... he had been quite professional. He'd certainly gotten her going, when she hadn't intended that to happen at all! She suddenly remembered him saying he knew how to take care of a woman. "Of course," she added.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

"We can talk about that when you come by to pick up the check," she said.

"Sounds good to me," said Bobby.

Bobby stood behind the counter of the Sinclair service station, owned and operated by Jeff Sinderson. He wondered if things weren't getting a little strange, but what they wanted seemed harmless enough.

It was the fourth of July, late in the evening, and the station had only been open for gas. The employees had the day off, and Jeff ran things. Bobby had come in late in the day, dressed like he might work there. Jeff was in the garage, puttering around with a car. Bobby was his "assistant" for the evening, but all he'd done was pump a little gas. Jeff trusted him with his wife, but not his money. Whenever someone paid for anything, Bobby stepped aside, and Jeff came in and smiled and made change.

Jeff came into the office, looked at his watch, and flipped the sign in the window from the "Open" side to the "Closed - Sorry We Missed You" side. He hadn't said much to Bobby, and everything he had said would have been normal stock for any boss talking to one of his employees. After turning over the sign, he went back into the shop.

Right on cue, Liz pulled into the station, driving her car to one of the garage doors. Bobby heard it scrape open. By the time he walked into the shop, the door was closed again. Liz got out of the car. She was wearing a white bikini, with a shirt on over it, unbuttoned. She had on dark glasses.

"I need my tires checked," she said.

Jeff was nowhere to be seen, but Bobby knew he was watching. He was the one, according to Liz, who had come up with the little one-act play that was happening ... had started when Liz arrived. She had been a little embarrassed to tell him about it, but his calm acceptance of the plan had reassured her.

Bobby looked her up and down, in a way he normally wouldn't have. It wasn't hard. She looked great in the bikini. She folded her arms and tapped her toe impatiently.

"We're closed, ma'am," said Bobby.

"But I need my tires checked!" she insisted. "I think one of them is low."

"Look, lady," said Bobby, playing his part. "It's been a long day. It's a holiday and I had to work, and now we're closed. There's a place down the road that can check your tires."

"It's so hot," she complained. "I don't want to go somewhere else. Isn't there anything I could do to get you to check them here?"

"Sure," said Bobby. "You could kiss me."

"That's ridiculous!" said Liz. "I'm married!"

"Then why isn't your husband checking your tires?" asked Bobby, wiping his hands with a rag, even though they didn't need it.

"He's a busy man," said Liz. "Please ... just check my tires."

"We're closed," said Bobby, his voice firm.

Liz dithered for a minute, stepping from one foot to the other.

"All right," she sighed. "But just a kiss ... and then you check my tires!"

Bobby stepped up to her and took her in his arms. Liz knew he was going to kiss her. She expected that, because that had been discussed. What she didn't expect was the kind of kiss she got. When Bobby's lips pressed against hers, and his strong arms crushed her to him, the electricity she felt in his lips and embrace was more than she was prepared for. Her lips softened, and his tongue pushed into her mouth. Within seconds, she was kissing him back, caught up in the embrace.

She was also expecting his hand to go to her breast. That had been discussed too. She was supposed to object. What she wasn't prepared for was for Bobby to push the shirt back, off her shoulders, which pulled her elbows back, making her arms basically useless to defend herself with. Then, when he pushed her back onto the hood of the car, her feet became useless as well.

With her arms pinned at her sides, the panting woman looked up at Bobby through eyes that had panic in them that wasn't rehearsed. His hand went casually to the bikini top, pulled and lifted, and suddenly, her breasts were naked, pushing up into the air.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"I knew they'd be gorgeous," said Bobby, just looking at them.

"You can't do this!" she yelled. "I'm married!"

"Of course I can do this," he said, leaning over her.

He licked one of her thrusting nipples, and she moaned. After licking the other, he sucked it into his mouth and pulled at it.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" she moaned. "You can't do this ... please don't do this ... waaaaaaa!" she whined.

He worked her breasts over for five minutes, during which Liz began to forget that this was just a game.

"It feels so gooood," she moaned. "But you can't ... please ... I love my husband."

"I bet you do," said Bobby. "And I bet he loves this lush body of yours too, baby."

He put his hand on her stomach, and began inching it down. Liz, feeling so good already, felt real terror as she thought about how, in a few minutes, she would cum on his finger again. Her legs flopped, and she realized she was actually spreading them for him. Clamping down on her emotions, she closed her legs.

"Please!" she groaned, really begging him now. "Don't do this! I'm faithful to my husband!"

"Don't do what?" asked Bobby, grinning.

He slid his hand into her bikini bottom. She was wet ... slick ... and her legs opened for him.

"Eeeeeee!" screamed Liz, as she felt the welcome fingers of his hand probing her sex. His mouth went down on her nipples again, and he fucked her with his fingers. She flopped and came within a minute, moaning and crying the whole time. He waited until she was finished, and pulled his hand out, holding it up to look at his glistening fingers.

"I bet you taste good," he said, his voice rough. He licked and sucked her juices off his fingers. "Yup," he said, grinning. "You do. I bet you'd feel good wrapped around my cock too."

"No!" she gasped. "Not that ... anything but that!" Her voice was a hoarse scream.

"What will you do for me?" he said. "You got me going, lady."

"I'll touch you!" she moaned. "I'll touch you ... but don't make me be unfaithful to my husband."

Bobby seemed to think about it for a few seconds, and then took his hand off her. She almost slid off the car onto the dirty floor, and Bobby jumped to help her.

"Sorry," he said, under his breath.

"It's okay," she panted back, quietly. "I just didn't expect to cum like that."

"You want to quit?" he whispered.

She bit her lip. The problem was that she didn't want to stop. But Jeff was watching, and they'd done everything he'd asked, thus far. There was only one more thing to do, and then he'd take her home. The thought of that made the excitement of the forbidden thing she'd just allowed come back.

"No," she said softly.

Bobby didn't question her further. Their whispered exchange had taken only seconds. He grabbed the fender protector that had been placed nearby for this very purpose, and spread it on the floor. When he stood up he saw she had removed the shirt, and put it on the hood of the car, but hadn't covered her breasts.

"We wouldn't want your pretty knees to get all dirty, and your husband to ask you how that happened," he said loudly.

She got on her knees, and Bobby stepped up.

"Don't make me do this," she moaned, her voice filling the shop.

"You offered, baby," said Bobby.

Her hands went to his zipper, and pulled it down. She was momentarily stymied by the fact that his jeans were tight, and his prick was hard. She felt a little thrill as she realized he was hard for her. Then she felt a little stab of guilt, for being thrilled that this man obviously wanted her. She remembered his offer to let her stop, and felt something like gratitude to him. That frustration ... that mix of jumbled up emotions ... made her attack his belt, which wasn't in the script. She got his jeans open and pulled at them, almost viciously. His underwear and jeans suddenly slid down, off his hips, and his erection popped up right in front of her face.

As she had been unprepared for the kiss, and the speed with which his fingers brought her to orgasm, she was also unprepared for what stood out from his body, inches from her face. Jeff, like most men, was circumcised. She was intimately familiar with his penis, and had spent long minutes examining it, and holding it in her hand. She had expected something similar. But Bobby's penis looked so completely different that it froze her. She stared at it in shock. Where Jeff's was ridged and curvy, almost bumpy, Bobby's looked uniformly smooth along its length. It looked bigger, somehow. Her hand went to it, in an unconscious attempt to measure it. The feel was similar, in terms of the warmth of it, and the hard, yet soft texture, and she saw that about the same amount stuck out of her hand as when she gripped Jeff's. It wasn't really bigger. It just looked bigger, for some reason.

Jeff's also had a bend in it, to his left, but this one was straight as an arrow. She leaned forward, and was amazed to feel her hand moving, even though her grip on the skin was tight. She was amazed even more as the tip was suddenly uncovered, almost like magic, right before her eyes. That looked more like Jeff's, and she pushed harder, to find that, when the loose skin was pushed all the way back, it did look like Jeff's.

"That's nice," said Bobby. "Do that some more."

She kept her grip tight, something she couldn't do with Jeff, and pulled forward. The loose skin in front of her hand bunched, and slid forward, to cover the tip again. It made a wrinkled little "O" at the tip that looked like flabby lips, almost.

"Kiss it," said Bobby.

That wasn't in the script.

"No," she said.

"Aww, come on, baby, your husband will never know. Just give it a little kiss ... a little suck, maybe."

"No!" she said. "I said I'd touch it ... but not that way!"

"Well come on and touch it then," complained Bobby. "I'm dying here."

"I am touching it," she insisted, moving it back and forth again, experimentally.

She was amazed at how smoothly that skin slid back and forth. To get her hand to slide like this on Jeff's penis, she'd have to use oil. But she could grip this one tightly, and it still slid effortlessly back and forth. She knew, from doing this to Jeff, that she needed to go fast, so she sped up.

"Ohhh yeah," groaned Bobby. "That's it ... just like that."

She was supposed to move it to one side, when it spurted. That hadn't been discussed, but when Jeff had asked her to masturbate Bobby, she'd just decided to do that. She hadn't looked forward to this part. She'd expected to find it distasteful, actually. Now, though, as she felt the hard thing moving inside her grip, she realized it wasn't distasteful at all. Bobby had played his role perfectly. He'd been so convincing that she'd felt real fear in places. He'd seen that fear ... recognized her weakness ... helped her ... offered to let her stop.

She decided that, especially after the last time, when she'd thrown him out after obviously getting him so excited, he deserved this orgasm. It was with that attitude that she worked on his prick, biting her lower lip gently between pearly white teeth in concentration, as she watched the tip appear and then disappear.

"Uhhhh," grunted Bobby. "Yeah!" He held his hips stock still, even though she could see the muscles bunch and strain. She saw, briefly, a drop of something clear appear, and soak into the little lips that she made each time she brought her hand toward her face. She felt the insane urge to kiss those odd, circular, puckered 'lips', as he had asked her to. She loved sucking Jeff's prick. She knew, somehow, that she'd like having this one, with its loose skin, in her mouth too. She pushed that away, and her hand moved frantically.

"Ohhhh yeeeahhh!" groaned Bobby.

The first thick stream of white surprised her. Her bikini top was still up above her breasts, and that stream hit her between that, and her chin, on her upper chest. She thought of several things at once. The first thing she thought of was how warm it was. Jeff had only spurted on her body that one time, when he wasn't wearing a condom. It had been so sudden ... happened so quickly, she couldn't remember what it was like. The next thing that popped into her mind was that it was dripping downward, toward her bikini top, and that it might stain it. The hand gripping him moved downward, and the next spurt landed on her right breast. Her other hand went to her chest to scoop up the first splatter, so it wouldn't get on her bikini top.

The next thing she knew, her breasts were dripping with Bobby's spunk.

They hadn't thought this part out and there was no towel handy for Bobby to give Liz. Jeff appeared out of nowhere - they hadn't even seen where he'd been hiding while he watched - and he thrust a towel at Liz.

"Thanks," he panted to Bobby.

Liz realized she was still gripping Bobby's penis, as it softened in her hand. She let go and took the towel. Bobby stepped back and pulled his jeans up. Refastening them, he looked at Liz, to gauge her reaction. She was staring at her breasts, and wiping at them, though, so he couldn't see her face.

"You want me to lock up?" asked Bobby, as Jeff helped his wife to her feet. She looked around, her eyes seeming to be unfocused.

"Yeah," panted Jeff. "Thanks. All you have to do is lock the garage door, and pull the office door closed when you leave. It will lock by itself."

In his haste, Jeff went to the garage door and it rocketed up, with Liz still standing there, her breasts bare. Bobby reached to pull her bikini top down over her breasts. She began helping him, finally, and reached to get her shirt, though she didn't put it on. Jeff ran back to the driver's side of her car and got in, while Bobby ushered her to the passenger side and put her in the front seat. The tires slid on the grimy shop floor as Jeff accelerated backwards, and then slid again on the driveway as he took off toward home.

Bobby sighed, closed the garage door, and went out the office door to get to his car.

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