The Making of a Gigolo (10)- Elizabeth Sinderson

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Liz lay on her back, her eyes closed, as she concentrated on the sensations she was feeling. Jeff was beside her, still panting from his exertions. He had been wild again, rutting into her in the most delightful way, again without a rubber on. He hadn't even given her time to wash Bobby's sperm off her front, where the towel had only half-removed it, and half-smeared it. That sperm had, in fact, assisted him as his chest rubbed through it, making her easy to lunge into because its slippery texture helped his chest slide over her breasts.

She'd had an orgasm, and it had been a good one, but Jeff was over-excited, and came quickly. To her surprise, when he did cum, he jerked his prick out of her and spurted on her belly, obviously trying to get it on her breasts, like Bobby had, though his stream wasn't quite as strong, and reached only her lower breasts. She had been both unprepared and somewhat shocked at the feel of Bobby's semen on her chest. Her mind had gone into ... something ... she couldn't remember some of it. She had reacted by instinct, after that first jet painted her upper chest.

Now, though, with her husband's semen on her, she experimented, rubbing the warm fluid across her belly, and up onto her breasts. It felt good, like lotion, and she felt like she needed to make love again. She knew Jeff would need time to recover ... an hour or two, probably. She was a bit confused by all these new feelings that were coursing through her body.

She had liked what Bobby did to her at the station. She had liked it a lot. He had been gentle, in a rough kind of way. Jeff had been anything but gentle, and she liked that too. She liked it all. That was the problem. She wasn't sure she was supposed to like it all. Her very normal upbringing and very conforming attitude made her similar to most women. They expected to fall in love with one man, have sex with one man, enjoy that sex with one man, and live happily ever after with one man.

Now she had met another man, a man from her past, who muddled up her conforming opinions. She didn't love him, and she wasn't interested in marrying him. On the other hand, she liked the sexual things she'd done with that other man. She liked feeling his hands and lips on her body. She liked that he had spurted for her ... and how that felt on her body. She'd wanted to put her mouth on him. All that didn't fit with her opinions about how she should feel. Worst of all, she knew that she didn't want to stop playing this dangerous game of Jeff's. She knew, somehow, that it would escalate ... that Jeff's suppressed desires would lead him to ask her to do more.

The problem was that as much as she enjoyed doing this for Jeff ... she enjoyed doing it for herself too.

And that worried her.

When Jeff calmed enough, and was breathing more slowly, she turned, rubbing her sperm-smeared front to his side. He jerked, but didn't pull away.

"You really like this, don't you?" she asked.

He sighed. "I can't help it, but yes, I do."

"I'm worried," she said.

"I love you, honey," he said earnestly. "Honest, I really love you."

"I know that," she said. "The problem is that I like it too."

"You do?" He sounded breathless. "I'm so glad, baby! I was afraid I was making you do things that would make you miserable."

"I should be miserable!" she insisted. "That's the problem. I'm not." She frowned. "Well, I'm worried ... but not miserable."

"What are you worried about?" he said. "It's all gone perfectly."

"I like him!" she said.

"Do you love him?" asked Jeff.

"No, not like that," she said. "I mean I like what he does. I have orgasms, Jeff!"

"I know you do," he said. "That's part of why it's so exciting."

"What if I like it too much?" she moaned.

"You want to see him again ... don't you?" said Jeff.

"Yes!" She pushed at him. "But I shouldn't want to see him again. I should be happy with just you."

"If I asked you to never see him again ... would you do that?" asked Jeff.

"Of course!" she said. "You're my husband. I love you."

"Then I don't see the problem," he said. "I don't mind if you have a good time. I want you to have a good time. I don't want you to fall in love with him, of course. I don't know what to do," he finally moaned.

"You want him to do even more ... don't you?" she asked.

"I don't know," he moaned. "It's so exciting to see you like that ... with him touching you. I wanted to masturbate while he was doing that, it was so exciting. But I didn't. I waited. I wanted to be sure I could make love to you as soon as possible."

"I like that," she said. "That makes me want to have you again."

"Soon," he promised.

"I want you now," she pouted.

"Soon," he said again.

"I'm impatient!" she said.

She sat up and rearranged herself so she could get to his penis. It was spermy, where he had rubbed it on her belly after he squirted, but she didn't care. She sucked him into her mouth, and made him clean. Then she pulled off, and flopped him around with her fingers.

"What if I did this to him?" she asked, her voice sultry. "Would that make you hard?"

She took him into her mouth again and sucked.

"Awwwww," he moaned.

She felt him stiffen a little, and was delighted. It had only been ten or fifteen minutes.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she said, licking the head. "If I put my mouth on his prick? You'd like it if I was that naughty."

She sucked some more, and he grew even stiffer. She scrambled around, to lower her pussy onto his mouth.

"Suck my pussy, Bobby," she said, rubbing her slick pussy lips against her husband's mouth. "Suck my pussy while I suck your cock ... Bobby."

He groaned into her pussy, and she could feel the vibrations of it as he attacked her slippery slit. He was wild about that too, nipping with his lips and sucking and sticking his tongue into her. She sucked just as avidly on his prick. It didn't get completely hard, but it was long, and firm enough, so she pulled off of him, scrambled around, held it, and then sank down on it. Leaning forward, she teased her husband.

"What if I did this to him, Jeff? What if I let him put his nasty prick in my poor pussy? What if he'd taken off my bikini bottoms, and laid me on the hood of my own car ... and fucked me?"

Jeff lunged up against her, shaking his head back and forth. He groaned almost constantly.

"I love you" he gasped. "I love you so much."

"You want Bobby to fuck me ... don't you?" she whispered, leaning forward and hunching her loins as fast as she could. "You nasty man!" she moaned. "You want him to fuck my pussy!"

"Oh fuck! Babeeee," he whined. "Don't make me say it!"

"Tell me, Jeff!" she commanded. "Do you want him to fuck me?"

"Noooooooo," he pleaded.

"No what, Jeff?" she said, rubbing her tits on his face.

"Nooooo," was all he said.

"Fuck me, Bobby," she whispered.

"Ahhhhhhh," he screamed, and she felt him cum.

She slowed, and sat, her hands on his chest, as he cried. He broke down almost completely.

"I'm sorry," he gasped. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, baby," she crooned into his face, leaning down to kiss him. "It's okay. I love you. I'll always love you. I won't leave you. You're my man."

Something deep in her mind resonated with her words, and she realized, for the first time since they were married, that she did love him. All the things that had happened had carried her to a place she'd never been before. Most of all, Jeff's admissions ... the way he stripped everything away and laid his most secret fantasies clear, knowing he might lose her in the process ... that, above all, made her love him. Had he told her all that sooner, it might have been different. She might have been disgusted. But now, seeing the pain with which he faced his shame, she loved him in a way she hadn't loved him until now.

"It's all right, darling," she said again, laying down on him. "I'll always love you, no matter what happens."

He gripped her tightly. His sobs became sniffles, and then died away to an occasional quick moan. She kissed him over and over again until he started kissing her back. They did that for ten minutes, until he was calm again.

"I won't make you do that," he finally said.

"We'll talk about that later," she said. "I'm not thinking about Bobby now. I'm thinking about you."

"How can I possibly deserve you?" he asked, wonder in his voice.

"I'm not worried about that either," she said. "You're stuck with me, no matter what happens."

For an hour after that, they just held each other. Then she got him hard again. This time, she used his own name, and told him she loved him.

She also let him cum in her pussy again.

When Bobby got home, he thought no one would be there. The evening celebration at the town square was going on. Soon there would be fireworks. He'd thought about going over there, where many of the women he'd made love to would be. He was a little worried about Liz and Jeff, though. The last thing he wanted to do was break up a marriage. He liked Jeff, though he didn't know him well. He liked Liz too. He didn't quite understand this strange compulsion that Jeff had, even though instinct had led him to say some of the things he'd said, and do some of the things he'd done, because he somehow knew that Jeff would like that.

Making Liz immobile and helpless was something that had come to him naturally. If she was going to resist his advances, like Jeff wanted, it only seemed natural to help her do that, even though it went against Bobby's grain to force her. He had forced other women in the past, but in those situations, they had wanted to be forced ... needed to be forced ... because they couldn't allow themselves to have what they really wanted.

Liz wasn't like that, though. She trusted him to honor his commitment to only do what Jeff wanted. She had become passionate during their little play, obviously returning his kisses. Her voice had said the rehearsed words of the play, but her body had spoken a different language, and that worried him a little.

He decided not to go to the celebration. Instead, he'd just go home, deal with his erection, and get some extra sleep.

It didn't quite happen that way.

Linda was there, and she was miserable.

"Why aren't you at the park?" he asked, when he walked in and saw her curled up in a chair. She'd been crying.

"He's probably there," she said, her voice shaking. "He's probably taking some other girl on the rides!"

"You're an idiot," he said. "I told you to make up with him. You still love him, and he still loves you."

"I caaaan't!" she moaned.

"Then I don't feel sorry for you," he said.

She jumped up and ran to him, hugging him.

"Love me, Bobby," she cried.

"You know I love you," he said. "I just don't feel sorry for you."

She pushed him away, angrily, and turned around, to stand, not knowing what else to do. Her life had been so perfect. If only Paul would listen to reason. A tiny sliver of her mind reminded her that her plan wasn't reasonable, and she stomped her foot. She turned around, wanting to yell at somebody, but Bobby was gone. She heard the door to his room close.

Bobby was remembering the look of Liz, spread out on the hood of the car, her breasts heaving as he diddled her clit. She'd liked that part. He could tell. Her eyes had stared right at him, until she'd had to close them when the orgasm rocked her body.

His door opened, and Linda came in, naked. His hand kept going as he looked at his sister's breasts, so different, yet so similar to Liz's.

"Don't waste it," growled Linda.

She came to the side of the bed, and when he didn't stop, she reached for his wrist.

"Love me, Bobby," she pleaded.

Thirty seconds later she went "Ooof" as he slammed into her. He held her wrists above her body, and she spread her legs wide. He was excited. She could tell how excited he was.

"Love me, Bobby," she whined.

He went in deep and abused her clitty, rubbing his hips back and forth until she exploded in an orgasm. Then he let her hands loose, and she pulled him to her as he grunted, and shot her full of incestuous sperm.

"I love you, Linda," he sighed, just before he kissed her.

That kiss was really what she needed, though his strong, jetting semen in her pussy was very welcome too.

"You're sure about this?" asked Bobby. He was sitting across from Liz at the Wagon Wheel, coffee cups in front of them.

"I asked him the same question," said Liz, staring steadily at Bobby. "He said he was sure."

"This seems kind of off ... for his fantasy," said Bobby. "I'm worried about you two."

"You know something?" said Liz, taking a sip.


"You're not at all like I thought you'd be." She still stared at him steadily. She found it amazing that she could do that, since she had butterflies in her stomach.

"Why's that?" he asked.

"You actually care," she said.

"Of course I care," he said.

"That's what I mean. You hire out for sex ... but it's not like you're hiring out for sex."

"Look," he said. "I'm not in this for the money. It's nice. It helps. I've been able to help my sisters because of it, but that's not the deal here."

"I know that," she said. "That's why you seem so different. When we were in high school, you were scared to death of me."

"If we were back then, I'd probably still be scared to death of you." He grinned. "But that was a long time ago."

"Now, I'm scared to death of you," she said.

"You don't have to be afraid of me," he responded.

"I know that too," she said. "What scares me is that I'm attracted to you."

"I'm not interested in breaking up your marriage," said Bobby firmly.

"I also know that," she said. "Jeff knows that too, I think. He also knows how I feel about you. I think that's why he wants us to do this."

"I don't get that part," said Bobby. "He's always wanted to watch, before. I can kind of get that. But to just send us out on a date? By ourselves?"

"I'm supposed to come back and describe what happened," she said. "We did ... something like that ... after the garage. He liked that a lot."

"What are we supposed to do on this date?" asked Bobby.

"I don't know," she said. "I tried to get him to tell me, but he just wouldn't."

"What did he say?" asked Bobby.

"He said that it should be like I had bumped into you, and remembered you from school. You're supposed to ask me if I want to go do something, and I'm supposed to say Okay. After that, he wouldn't provide any details."

"Well, we obviously remember each other from school," said Bobby, smiling.

"Yes," she said, cracking a smile for the first time since they'd "bumped into each other" outside on the street.

"Unless we go to Wichita, or maybe Hutch, our options are pretty limited as to where we can go on a date," said Bobby. "Everybody around here knows us."

"True," she said.

"I guess we could just drive around, like we would have in high school ... if I'd had the guts to ask you out, and you'd been charitable enough to accept, back then."

"You should have asked me out back then," she said. "I might have said yes."

"I doubt that," he said.

"Well, for our purposes, you did, and I did. Pick me up at eight?"

"Okay," said Bobby, thought there was some doubt in his voice.

"What shall I wear?" she asked.

Bobby thought for a minute. "You decide," he said. "Wear whatever you would have wanted to wear back then, if you were going out with a boy that might get a little lucky." He grinned.

Her stomach did flip flops. The directness of this whole charade was both exciting, and a little daunting. The games that people played, in their dating years, were being dispensed with. That was refreshing, in one sense, except she wasn't really dating. It was all a fantasy ... another little play to be acted out.

This time, though, the director would be absent ... waiting at home ... to find out what his actors had come up with.

Jeff lay on the bed, almost rigid with anticipation. She had told him to be naked and ready, when she got home. She'd said she'd be home by eleven, and it was eleven fifteen. He'd been hard, off and on ever since she'd waved goodbye and blown him a kiss, walking out the door. He didn't understand why she'd put her hair up in pig tails, and worn a pair of cutoffs that she'd spent an hour making ragged. That and the man's short sleeved shirt, pulled up and tied under her breasts, with maybe one button buttoned above that, and no bra on either. It had made her look like Daisy Duke, going out to get pregnant.

He wasn't worried. He had it firmly in his mind that she'd come back to him. He knew she would. But ... she was fifteen minutes late.

He heard the rattle of the front door, and her high pitched voice calling out "Thanks, Bobby ... bye!"

She appeared in the door of the bedroom, her shirt hanging open, no longer tied. He could see most of her breasts. Her hair looked wet, and her eyes were dark and wild.

"You're late," he complained.

"I know," she said, breathing fast. "I'm sorry. He kissed me good night. We've been out in his car since eleven." Her hands went to the button and zipper of the shorts and pushed.

"Like that?" He pointed at her shirt.

"It's been like that since we left the swimming hole," she said, pushing her shorts down. He saw she didn't have any panties to push down. His prick leapt to full rigidity.

"Swimming hole?" he croaked.

"We went skinny dipping," she said, working her shirt off her shoulders. Suddenly she was naked. She almost ran to the bed. Putting her hands on his chest, she mounted him feverishly.

"I need you so bad!" she moaned. Then "Ahhhhhhhhhh" as she sank down on him, impaling herself in one quick drop. She leaned forward. "Suck my nipples, baby. He sucked them. I'm so horny! Suck them honey!"

He delayed long enough to gasp "Start at the beginning," and captured a stiff pink nipple in his mouth.

She wanted an orgasm quickly, but she disciplined herself. Jeff's fantasy came first. She rocked gently, grinding her clitty into his pubic bone as she began to describe the date.

"He picked me up and whistled! He said I looked so good that it made him want to take me out behind the middle school and get me pregnant!"

"Ohhh shit!" moaned Jeff.

"Well, I told him that wasn't going to happen! He laughed! Anyway, then we went and had burgers, fries and chocolate shakes, at the A&W," she said. "Then we drove around for a while, just talking about old times. He asked me all about what it was like for me, growing up. He wanted to know about every boy who had ever touched me in high school. I told him about you too ... all about how I was married now ... and that you didn't know about him."

She lifted, put the other nipple in his mouth, and went on.

"Then we ended up at this pond, out in the country. He drove in, past a farm house, like he lived there or something, and didn't care if anybody saw us. But the pond was way away. He said we should go swimming, and I told him I couldn't ... that I didn't have a suit. He said we could skinny dip, and I reminded him I was married now. He said nobody would ever know, and that it wouldn't hurt anything to just swim. It was hot, and I thought the water would cool me off, so I let him talk me into that. He said he wouldn't look."

She sped up, rocking faster.

"He lied. The moon was full, and when I turned around, all naked, he was right there, looking at me."

"Ohhhh," moaned Jeff. "He saw you naked?"

"Completely naked, honey!" she moaned herself. "He said I was so beautiful, and that he was so foolish for never asking me out. He said he'd had dreams about me. He showed me ... he showed me his ... his erection!" she gasped.

"He was hard?" panted Jeff.

"He said it was because of me!" she squealed. "He put his hand on it, and told me that if only he'd asked me out, way back then, maybe he could have fucked me! He was so nasty, honey ... talking like that to a married woman!"

Jeff lunged up into her. "Go on!" he panted.

"Well, at first, we just kind of floated in the water, and talked some more. Then I heard a coyote howling, and it scared me, and the next thing I knew he had his arms around me. I felt his naked body right up against mine. It was so naughty. He said he'd protect me ... that everything would be all right, but then he kisseed me! Right on the lips. And he stuck his nasty tongue right inside my mouth and made me French kiss him like that."

"How long?" gasped Jeff.

"It seemed like an hour," she said. "I can't remember because his hands were like an octopus. They were everywhere. I couldn't keep them away. He tweaked my tender nipples, and put his hand between my legs, and all the time he was kissing me and I couldn't think!"

"Yeah ... Yeah," panted Jeff.

"He had a blanket, and he said we could dry off on that, so that, when I came home, you wouldn't know I'd been skinny dipping. So I had to leave my clothes off ... so I could get dry. But then he started kissing me again ... and then we were lying down ... and then he was on top of me!"

"Ohhh fuck!" gasped Jeff. "Did he put it in you, baby?"

"He tried. He tried really hard, but I wouldn't let him. He almost got it in. I could feel the tip of it rubbing up between my poor pussy lips."

She stopped talking, and rocked faster. "Oh baby," she whined. "I need to cum so bad."

"Okay, okay," he panted. "Cum on my cock, baby."

She was already there and froze, then moved her hips in tiny circles, leaning down just enough to put the pressure where she wanted it. Her pussy flexed and rippled.

"Ahhh fuck!" he groaned, and his prick spurt in her.

"Ohhhhhh honey we forgot the rubber," she moaned, feeling his liquid heat infusing her pussy.

Her orgasm over, she sat, and panted, catching her breath. He was going soft in her, but it still felt good to sit and rub gently.

"You probably made a baby in me," she said softly. "This is not a good time for this."

"I'm sorry," he panted. "I just forgot. Honest. You were late, and I was so excited."

"I know," she said. "I shouldn't have let him feel me up in the car like that, when I should have been in here with you."

"He felt you up?"

"I have lots more to tell you," she sighed.

"You want to take a shower and start again later?" he asked.

"Yeah," she sighed. "That would be good. I have pond water and semen all over me."

"Semen?" he choked.

She leaned down to kiss his lips gently.

"I told you, I have lots more to tell you."

They spent an hour, naked, while she cleaned up and he fixed them a snack. They had never just been naked together in the kitchen, and it was an interesting new experience for them both. He loved olives, so she sat him in a chair and straddled him, pressing her breasts against his chest and then leaning back to feed him olives, while she resumed her story.

"He wanted to put it in me," she whispered. "He begged me to let him fuck me, but I wouldn't do it. He tried everything."

"Everything?" whispered Jeff.

"He put his face ... down there," she said, blushing. "He licked me."

She wasn't having any trouble blushing, because she remembered that part with exquisite detail. She hadn't put up nearly as much resistance to all this as she was saying she had, or at least suggesting, in the little girl way she was telling the story. They had lain on the blanket, kissing for a long time, and then he'd simply said "I'm going to give you an orgasm now." He'd gotten up and moved to position her. It had only taken minimal pressure to get her legs open, because she was now anticipating what she knew he was going to do. It had been so delicious. Jeff didn't give her nearly as much oral love as she would have liked, but she'd never felt comfortable asking him to do that. If he wanted to ... he would ... wouldn't he?

"He licked me so good that I had another orgasm," she moaned, remembering the three orgasms she'd had as he sucked and licked and probed with his tongue. He'd used the tip of his tongue on her clit for two of them. That was all it had taken. Just the tip of his tongue, flicking, and licking and circling, and then flicking again.

"He licked me so good I couldn't help it," she whined. "I had to cum. I would have gone crazy if I hadn't."

"It's okay," said her husband soothingly. His hands pulled at her hips, to move her pussy closer to his cock. She looked down to see him, stiff as a board. "You couldn't help it," he said.

"He crawled up on me again!" she whined. "He tried to put it in me again!"

That part was only half true too. What Bobby had done was use the tip of his prick to rub her clitty, giving her a fourth orgasm.

"I told him no!!" As she said that, she lifted herself, reached for Jeff's prick, and scooted forward onto it, sighing as she was filled.

"He wanted to put it where yours is now," she whispered, kissing her husband and squeezing his penis with her pussy muscles.

"I had to be bad, to keep him from fucking me," she said, her voice rough.

"How bad?" panted Jeff, pulling her hips and digging as deeply into her as he could.

"I had to put my mouth on him," she said, just barely loud enough to be heard.

"You sucked him?" gasped Jeff.

"I had to!" she said, her voice high and soft, almost a whine. Her pussy muscles belied her false shame, milking the penis in her pussy. Her pussy muscles shouted how excited she was at remembering having that beautiful uncircumcised prick in her mouth. She wouldn't have been able to do that, if Jeff had been watching. But, alone on a blanket, in the moonlight, she gave in to her urge to repay Bobby for what he'd done. She knew, deep in her heart that, after all those oral orgasms, while the tip of his prick was giving her the last one, he could have sunk deep into her ... violated her trust. She wouldn't have been able to stop him ... at that moment she might even have welcomed him in her. She knew she'd been as hot right then as she'd ever been in her life. It had scared her, when she felt him there, at her entrance. But he hadn't violated their trust. He'd simply given her another orgasm.

"I put my mouth on him, so he wouldn't fuck me," she sighed. "It was the only thing I could think of to do. I was so stupid to even go out there with him."

"Did he ...?" panted Jeff.

"Did he squirt?" she asked. "In my mouth?"

"Yes!" gasped her husband.

"I don't want to say," she moaned. "I feel so slutty."

"He did!" moaned Jeff. "He came in your mouth ... didn't he?"

"Yes," she cried, burying her face in her husband's neck.

She hunched hard and fast, and felt him jerking. She turned her face to his ear.

"You're not wearing a rubber again," she whispered. "You're trying to knock me up. I know you are. You know I don't want to ruin my figure. You know I'm not ready to be a mommy. But you're trying, aren't you?"

"Oh Baby!" he grunted. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry!"

She felt him then, spurting deep inside her again. Before, after the last time, she'd stood in the shower, feeling him draining out of her, and she'd closed off her pussy lips, trying to keep his semen in her. She'd finally had to give up, but that was all right, because she knew the time would come, like now, when she would be full of spunk again. She thought about that, dreamily. Her attitude had changed a lot recently, about a lot of things. She knew that, sooner or later, Bobby Dalton was going to fuck her. She knew Jeff would get her to that point, sooner or later. She and Bobby had even talked about it, there on that blanket, after she'd had all those orgasms. She'd told him that might happen. She'd also explained about her ambivalence about starting a family.

"Look," he'd said, lying on his side with his head propped up on his elbow and hand. "You guys are playing a dangerous game. I don't wear rubbers."

"Not ever?" she'd asked.

"Not ever," he'd said. "If nature had wanted men to wear rubbers, they would have been born with them on." It sounded silly, but it explained his point of view.

It was on the way home, with the windows down, and her shirt open, so Bobby could reach over and fondle her breasts as they drove, that she decided that Jeff needed to make the baby in her ... before Bobby did.

To that end, when she had kissed her husband some more, she pulled off of him, pressed her fingers to her pussy lips, and lay down beside him, so it wouldn't drip out of her.

When Bobby came in after his date with Liz, Linda was asleep in his bed, naked.

He woke her up with his mouth, and she spread her legs for him. It wasn't until he was nearing the end, that she gasped out: "I quit taking my pills!"

"You're stupid," he groaned.

Then he filled her full, pushing hard, trying to get the tip of his prick clear into her womb.

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