The Making of a Gigolo (10)- Elizabeth Sinderson

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six August came with little break from the heat. The harvest had gone well, and people were generally in a good mood. At Jeff and Liz's house, they were in a good mood too. Liz hadn't told Jeff that she was going to let him get her pregnant, but, each time they'd had sex, she'd "forgotten" to remind him to put a rubber on. And, each time she sensed he was getting close, she then reminded him that he was doing something very dangerous. She found out how much that impassioned him, and realized that she'd avoided this situation much too long. Jeff wanted a baby and the thought of making one in her drove him crazy.

They had just finished such a lovemaking session when he rolled to face her.

"How would you feel about going on another date?"

"With Bobby?" she asked, knowing that's who he meant.

"Of course," he said. "I know you have fun with him. I could tell, when you were describing it. And you know I don't mind that. I like it, in fact."

"I know," she said. She'd liked it too. "If you want me to, I will."

"Do you want to?" he asked.

"I told you, if you ..."

"Liz!" he interrupted her. "Do you want to go on another date?"

She looked at him for a few seconds.

"Okay, yes I do," she admitted. "It's just that I'm worried I might let him ..."

"Don't tell me!" said Jeff, interrupting her again. "I don't want to know until afterwards."

"You're sure?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "I know you love me. I trust you to keep loving me no matter what happens with him. I love you. And I love what you do for me."

Liz looked at the calendar, and located the last big X on it, just to be sure. She felt bloated, and tense ... two of the signs she was about to have her period. She told Jeff he'd just have to wait.

Had she called Bobby it wouldn't have mattered. He wasn't available anyway. Both Felicity and Annie were occupying his time, and Amanda still called him to Hutchinson about once or twice a week. Jill and Christy wanted him once a week too. Jill had become a full time employee of Christy's portrait studio. They were gearing up to take school pictures and, once that started, they'd be busy for weeks. They wanted Bobby now, while things were slow enough that they could take the time to enjoy him. Prudence and his mother still wanted him, more often than in the past, because Ted, their former and still sometimes lover had been spending most of his energy on Flo, who was about to give birth.

Added in there was the first birthday of Theodore, the love child of Bobby and his mother, and she was going all out to make it a huge celebration.

By the time Liz called Bobby to arrange another date, he apologized, and told her he was booked up for another week and a half. Sighing, she told Jeff he'd have to wait a little longer.
Bobby knocked on the door, and Liz opened it. It was exactly ten days after she had ended her period, but that was forgotten in her excitement to see him again. He handed her flowers, and she giggled with pleasure at that.

He had told her to wear a summer dress, but not where they were going. She was, therefore, unprepared when he put her in a rusty old pickup truck and started out for the State Fair, in Hutchinson. She had worn neither bra, nor panties, and objected, since her nipples could be seen through the flower pattern on her thin dress. He simply told her she could tell Jeff about all the men who would undoubtedly leer at her.

As it turned out, she didn't stand out all that much. There were a number of young women at the fair, many of them in cutoffs, tank tops, halter tops, and tube tops. Most of them weren't wearing bras either.

It was the rodeo that got Liz going. She'd never been to one, and had never thought to go to one. With a funnel cake in one hand, and a 32 ounce drink in the other, she sat on a hard bench and watched. She couldn't finish the funnel cake, but Bobby helped her. Part of the reason was that she couldn't keep her eyes in one place. There were strong, handsome, and incredibly brave cowboys everywhere. The bull riding made her wet and she wished she'd worn panties just because of that. She shrieked as the clowns dared the bulls to charge, while the poor cowboys, thrown impossible distances, scurried to safety.

By the time they got back to the truck, she was inflamed, and didn't mind admitting it.

"You knew this would make me horny," she accused him, as they drove off.

"I kind of got the impression you were horny all the time anyway," he said, grinning.

"We've only got two and a half hours, before I have to be back," she said, checking her watch. "It takes an hour just for the drive!"

"If you don't think I can take care of one horny woman in an hour and a half," he said sadly, "you're in big trouble!" he finished, with a grin. "Look in the back," he said.

She looked through the back window of the truck, and, in the late evening glow of the sunset, she saw a mattress in the bed.

"You nasty boy!" she said. "You're going to try to get into my panties!"

"You bet I am," he said, grinning.

"Well, you can't" she squealed triumphantly. "'Cause I'm not wearing any!"

"Show me," he said, his voice husky.

"Here? In the truck? With people driving by?" She was scandalized.

"Nobody will see it," he said. "Come on, pretty lady, give me a little beaver shot."

"Ooooo you're just awful!" she moaned.

Her fingers told the real story, though, as they walked on her thighs, staying in one place, and the light fabric of her dress began gathering under her hands. It came to her upper thighs and stopped.

"I can't see it yet," he said, leering.

"You just keep your eyes on the road," she said.

When no one was coming, she pulled it the rest of the way up, baring her copper colored curls.

"Spread your legs," urged Bobby. "Let me see that luscious pussy of yours."

She turned her back to the door and leaned against it, drawing her left knee up and laying it flat on the bench seat, between them.

"Ooooo, this is so nasty," she whispered.

"You should shave your pussy," he commented. "It would look so good bare and soft."

"Oh!" she gasped. "I couldn't possibly do that!"

"You should have Jeff shave it," said Bobby. "Tell him you're going to show it to me after he shaves it."

"Do you think he'd like that?" she asked, her pussy still on display.

"I think he'd love that," said Bobby. "I'd love to see it shaved." He looked at the road, and then back at her. "If you're too horny, you can play with yourself, if you want."

"Oh my gosh you're so nasty!" she squealed.

"Go on," he urged. "Give yourself a little pleasure. You still have forty miles before I can do it for you."

Tentatively, at first, she barely touched her pussy lips. She flamed red at doing this in front of him. She'd never even let Jeff see her do this. But, whenever he looked forward, she rubbed one fingertip in circles around her clitty and bit her lip to hold in a moan. He looked at her and she stopped.

"Don't stop on my account," he said. "I think it looks sexy."

Then she went to work on herself, rubbing and even sinking a finger into her. She came hard, and didn't try to hold in her groans of pleasure this time.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Get that baby primed for me."

"Ohhhhh, you're just awful!" she moaned, starting again. This, piled on top of the rodeo, was so exciting that she couldn't stop, once she'd gotten through the first cum. Over the next fifteen miles, she came three more times.

"Stop!" she panted. "Find somewhere to pull over. I need you now!"

Seeing a grove of trees up ahead in the dying daylight, Bobby suspected a house. He slowed down and, to his delight, saw it was abandoned, and falling down. He pulled into the overgrown drive and behind the house.

She had lowered the tail gate and was climbing in the back of the truck when he got there. He stopped her and flipped her dress up onto her back. Reaching between her legs, he caressed her pussy lips as she lifted one leg and groaned. She rolled, flopping onto her back, her dress up around her waist, and he crawled up to push his face into her pussy. Two orgasms later, he stopped. The dress was loose enough that he just pulled it down over her shoulders, so she could pull her arms out of the sleeves, baring her breasts.

"Suck them," she moaned.

He did that, and remembered how wild she had gotten last time, when he'd used the tip of his prick to rub her clit. He was doing that when she pushed him away.

"On your back!" she panted. She sat up as he shucked his shirt and jeans, kicking his boots off into the dirt under the tail gate.

He expected her to suck him off but, holding her dress up, she scrambled on top of him.

"I have to do this," she panted, reaching for his stiff prick.

She held it up, lifted her butt up off of him and notched it into her sex. She was panting heavily.

"He said I could do this," she moaned, rubbing her clit with the tip of his cock.

Bobby knew she meant more than rubbing. "But do you want to do this?" he asked.

"I shouldn't" she moaned.

"But do you?" he insisted.
For answer she slowly sank down on it.

"Ohhhh yesss," she sighed. "I knew you'd feel so good."

"Careful," he warned. "I wasn't expecting this."

"Me neither," she moaned, starting to whip her loins back and forth. "It feels so different," she panted. She leaned over, to let her breasts dangle in front of his face.

"Suck them some more ... I'm so close."

He did, and felt her pussy muscles start spasming almost immediately. She was strong ... much stronger than he'd anticipated. It was almost like he was being masturbated, even as she sat up straight and froze. Her fingers flashed to her clit and rubbed in a peculiar way as her face went into a grimace and she opened her mouth in a silent scream.

He felt it happening ... tried to stop it, but couldn't.

"Liz!" he yelled.

Whether it was his tone of voice, or the fact that her pussy felt him swell, she understood the danger. The problem was she was on her knees and, when she lifted, the tip was still in her. She felt the first wash of warmth in her pussy as she dragged one foot up, and put her hand on his chest. She pushed with hand and foot, while the other hand dragged at her dress, so she could see. Her pussy came off him, gaping open, just as his second shot fired into the maw of her sex. His third shot painted her pubic hair as his penis began to fall toward his stomach. Feeling a burst of lust that would later make her tremble in her husband's arms, she scooted back, pressing her weeping pussy on his knee as she grabbed his prick and lowered her mouth onto it. The last time she had done this, on the previous date, she had been startled by the amount of semen he produced. Jeff usually pulsed three times, and was done. Bobby had grunted five times, and she had swallowed out of pure self defense. Now, as she rubbed her pussy lips against his knee, she swallowed quickly, and then again, loving his taste.

Sated, a little embarrassed at her wild and lewd behavior, and feeling guilty, Liz sat and let the wind blow through the open window. Her hair whipped around her face, and she finally raised her hands to gather it and hold it behind her head.

"You okay?" asked Bobby. They were just entering Granger.

"I don't know," she said. "I think so."

"You want me to talk to Jeff?"

She shook her head. "I don't think he'll be mad. He all but told me to do that with you."

"But you feel guilty anyway," said Bobby.

"Yes," she said.

"Talk to him," said Bobby. "Explain how you felt. You still love him, and that's what he needs."

"I do love him," she said. "I shouldn't have let things go that far."

"Just talk to him."
He was waiting for her, in bed, like before. She was on time, tonight, ten minutes early, in fact. She walked quietly to the bed and stood there, her head hanging.

"I did a bad thing tonight," she said, tears leaking from her eyes.

He got up, and held her, while she cried. He took her dress off, and laid her on the bed. Spreading her legs, he looked. Her pussy hair was matted with milky white cum. Bobby hadn't had a rag, or towel in the truck.

"He put it in you," sighed Jeff, staring at the evidence.

"I let him," she sobbed.

"Did he cum in you?" asked Jeff, his voice shaky.

"I made him pull out," she whimpered. She couldn't admit that one strong shot had gone up inside her. "It got all over me, and I couldn't clean up, and I'm so sorry I lost control."

He stopped staring at his wife's sperm-drenched pussy hair. Her pussy lips were closed, and looked normal. He moved up to her face and kissed her cheeks and nose and chin.

"My darling," he said. "This is my fault. I made you do this."

"I want you," she moaned. "I wanted you, but you weren't there, and I got so excited ..."

"Do you want me now?" he asked.

"Yes!" she almost screamed. "Please, Jeff, make love to me!"

Oddly, tonight, he went forever, stroking her and telling her he loved her, and that it didn't matter. She crushed him to her, thanking him over and over for still loving her. She didn't feel the urge to have an orgasm until she felt him spill his seed in her, deep ... deeper than Bobby had.

"Don't stop," she moaned. "Just keep rubbing me there."

He did, and, knowing that her husband's seed was deeper than Bobby's she let herself celebrate that. This orgasm was sweet, and long, and she wished it would never end.

An hour later, they made love again.

Two hours later, he asked for the details. Again, she rode him while she told him what had happened. This time she got all the way through it before he exploded. He made it quite clear to her that he was not angry with her for what had happened.

By morning, she felt calm, refreshed, and at peace with everything that had taken place.
It was pure chance that led Bobby to be at Florence and Ted's house when her water broke. Ted was at work. School had been in session for barely a week. Flo, her abdomen bulging with life, leaned too hard on the old sink fastened to the bathroom wall, and it fell with a clang. Water started squirting everywhere. It was, as they all looked at it later, an oddly prophetic event. In a panic, Flo called home, as she still thought of it, and Bobby answered. Ten minutes later he turned the valve that shut off water to the house.

They stood and surveyed what looked like two inches of water on the bathroom floor, which was happily spreading through the doorway and moving steadily toward the rest of the house. Flo, with one hand in the middle of her back to ease the pressure her bulging belly caused the muscles there, found a mop and handed it to Bobby.

He had just finished wringing out the last mopful of water into the toilet when there was a splatter of new fluid between Flo's feet.

"Oh my!" she yipped.

Dressed only in her robe, she opened it to look down, which didn't do any good at all, since all she could see was what seemed like a mountain of flesh. Then, her whole belly writhed, as if her skin was trying to change its form into something else.

"Ahhhhhh" she screamed as the pain of a contraction gripped her.

Bobby looked appreciatively at her nearly nude pregnant form and grinned.

"As much as I love looking at you like that," he said calmly. "I suspect I should take you to the hospital instead."

Flo was not amused.

Bobby had plenty of time, after he got her to the emergency room, to go to the school and wade through the bureaucracy there to get word to Ted that his wife was having a baby, collect a clearly elated, but panic stricken brother-in-law, and get back to the hospital before anything of any real import had happened. He called Prudence's house, where his mother was, and was informed that he had babysitting duty there.

He took care of three of the children he had produced, while his sister gave birth, attended by her mother. Prudence took care of Ted, who was a basket case, in the waiting room.

The little girl, who fought her way from Flo's womb later that day, was clearly Ted's daughter. Her hair was the same brown as his. Her nose was the same pug shape as his. Her eyes were the same brown as his.

Mirriam gave a sigh of relief.

Florence, her eyes filled with awe, examined her newborn daughter, like every mother does. Her fingers touched her daughter all over as the little girl squirmed, already exploring the world One finger stopped on what was clearly a birthmark, in the shape that reminded her of the sun.

"Your name," she said to the little girl, "is Star."

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