Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Ten

"Judith!" squealed Tiffany, looking up from kissing Bob again. "You're doing it!"

"Shit!" yelled Kendi, as she scooted off the bed to stand, wide eyed. It was the first curse word any of them had ever heard her utter.

"Oh man," moaned Monica, as all her feelings from watching Janice the night before surged through her again.

Bob lifted his head. He'd felt her hot sheath engulf him, and had known from experience that it wasn't a mouth causing those feelings.

"Oh baby," he groaned. "You can't, baby!"

"I have to!" she panted. "Please don't make me stop."

"We shouldn't," the last of his morals forced out.

"I don't care," she sobbed. Her hips increased their pace as her clit was massaged. Her over-excited body was primed to feel again what had been so delicious in the dark, with him lunging into her. Biology urged her on, to wrench out of this forbidden activity what she so desperately wanted to feel again.

The girls watched in frozen silence, staring at the joining of man and woman. Even with her leaning forward, the lack of hair around her sexual mouth made it possible to see how she was split open. They had all seen her pussy before, many times, in fact, but of course this looked so completely different that it was as if this was the first time she had exposed her body to them. And, having seen his prick only seconds before, they knew what had disappeared up inside her. It seemed impossible, and yet the evidence was right in front of their eyes. It was a lesson none of them thought they'd get, and their own emotions surged as they recognized Judith's ecstasy promised each of them the same thing at some hazy time in their own futures.

They, too, would do this some day. It wasn't a dream any longer. The reality of what they were witnessing meant that their dreams would someday yield to reality as well.

If Judith could do this ... then they could do it too.

And now, seeing the look on Judith's face as an orgasm made her writhe on top of the man they now all had a crush on ... they knew they would do it too.

And a lot sooner than any of them had planned on before this.

Reality can be perceived from numerous vantage points.

One such vantage point has already been pointed out. Three of the girls not being fucked decided they were no longer afraid of engaging in that activity. They didn't know who they'd engage in it with, but they were no longer dreaming about it. They were looking forward to it. The other, Janice, simply decided that she'd gone too long without, and that she intended to rectify that problem, later that night, with Judith's father. He couldn't possibly say "No" after this.

But when Bob arched his hips, and the reality of his orgasm hit the girls, Janice included, there was a different reaction.

All four girls were aware that the penis, buried deep in their friend, was in the act of spurting, and they knew, academically, what the fluid spurting from it was intended to do.

It was intended to make babies.

Suddenly, it wasn't a game any longer. Suddenly, it was serious.

"Judith! No!" yelled Janice, who reached for her friend to try to pull her off the thing that might be making her pregnant.

That reaction might have been because her uncle, while more than willing to plumb her depths, had been totally averse to impregnating her. He had used condoms, her first lesson that some Catholics defied the teachings of the church. So he had never soiled her pussy with his sperm. She had accepted that as necessary, even wise.

She hadn't been prepared for things to get to this level. Her only thought had been to play with Judith's father and make him spurt - into the air - and then maybe have a round robin of masturbation to satisfy their own desires.

The urge to suck him had come upon her without warning. So had her intent to get him to fuck her later. But when he spurted in Judith, she sobered, and realized how out of control things had gotten, not only in her mind, but in real life as well.

But Judith had felt the warm bath of a man's sperm inundating her pussy before this. For her, it was part of the experience. Janice had no frame of reference to compare her own experiences to.

Judith resisted being pulled off that spurting penis.

But she couldn't resist three girls at once, and she was dragged away from Bob's face, which was up again as he watched, helplessly, and spurted just as helplessly. He was able, therefore, along with Tiffany, who was still crouched by his head, to see his cock produce one last squirt as Judith's pussy lips slid off the end of his cock. Those lips oozed his spunk, as that last shot landed on her mons before his cock flopped up to slap wetly on his abdomen.

Five sets of eyes watched as his cock oozed its last, and a small white puddle grew right below his belly button.

"Oh shit," said Kendi again.

"That was so hot!" moaned Tiffany.

"Let me go!" yelled Judith.

"You let him get it in you, you idiot!" yipped Monica. "What if he got you pregnant?!"

"Let me go," said Judith, firmly.

She was released, and she immediately crawled up to lie down on her father. She had seen Tiffany kissing him. She tried it now herself, though not as long or passionately, and then lifted her face so it was right above his.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I think I'm the one supposed to be asking that question," he said, tiredly. It was hopeless. He knew that now. He couldn't blame it on being drunk or confused, this time. He had agreed to all of this. He knew he shouldn't have, but he had. And now he felt helpless, like there was no hope that anything could ever be normal again.

"I love you," she said, softly. "I love you so much."

Then she kissed him again.

The girls all knew things had gotten out of control too. In the cold light of reason, as their passions bled out of them, they knew they had pushed things too far, had engaged in more than they had intended, and that they were probably to blame for "making" Judith go crazy again.

That's how they looked at it. Adolescent girls all think that someone makes you break a rule. They don't see getting into trouble as the result of their own bad choices. It's a coping mechanism, and one of the hardest lessons in life is when you realize you're responsible for your own actions and choices.

Nobody "makes" you do anything. There are always other options.

It was as if cold water had been splashed on them, like the Gatorade had been dumped over Bob's head the night before.

And suddenly, the intimacy Judith was sharing with her father was uncomfortable for them. They withdrew, silently, leaving the two lovers alone.

"Wow," said Kendi, as they padded silently back to their bedroom.

"I never heard you say that word before," commented Monica.


"No. Shit. You said it twice in there!"

"I did?" Kendi seemed genuinely doubtful.

"Twice," agreed Janice.

"Wow," said Kendi again.

"What do we do now?" asked Tiffany. "What about Judith?"

"Judith will be fine," said Janice, who was beginning to think more naturally. "Unless she got knocked up, of course."

"Oh shit," said Kendi. Her hand slapped over her mouth, and her eyes opened wide.

"See?" laughed Monica. Then she sobered. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be laughing. What if she really did get..."

"Pregnant?" Janice frowned. "Maybe she didn't. I mean I don't think you can get pregnant from just one time." She said that hopefully, remembering what had happened in the shower room with that big, black football player.

"But she did it twice!" moaned Tiffany.

"You have to do it lots of times to get pregnant," said Janice.

"That's not what the sisters say," said Monica.

"Think about it. Married people are always saying they're trying to have a baby. It doesn't always happen right away."

Such is the innocence and ignorance of youth.

In the other bedroom, things were just as confused.

"Don't be mad, Daddy," said Judith, who decided she liked kissing her father like she had just done a few times.

"I don't know what to be," he sighed.

"I loved it," she said.

"You're not supposed to love that," he responded.

"I know, but I don't care," she said. "I love you."

"I love you too," he insisted. "You know that. But that doesn't make what happened right."

"It does for me," she said, simply, and with full conviction.

"Your mother wouldn't agree," he said.

"My mother will never find out this happened."

"Your friends know," he said, almost groaning.

"They won't say anything," she said. "They can't. Janice was right. They've all broken the rules too."

"That's what makes this all so unbelievable," he sighed. "I can't believe this happened."

"Me either," she said. "But I'm glad it did. You have to understand that, Daddy. I'm not sorry any of this happened."

"Not even the part with your friends?"

She kissed him. "You're mine. I admit I was jealous, but not anymore. They got to borrow you, but I get to keep you forever. That's all I care about."

"Forever," he mused. He stared into her eyes. "That almost sounds like you want to do this again."

"I do," she said, without shame. "I'm going to want to do this with you for the rest of my life."

"That's crazy," he moaned.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you're supposed to fall in love with a boy your own age," he said. "You're supposed to get married. And Janice was right about that too. You're supposed to have your husband's babies ... not mine."

"I probably will meet a boy some day, and get married and have his babies," said Judith. "I know that. But I can't deny what I feel for you. I've loved you as my daddy for as long as I can remember. Now I just love you in a different way too."

"I shouldn't have cum in you," he said. He frowned. "I shouldn't even have been in a position to cum in you!"

"It was my fault, not yours," she argued. "I'm the one who got into bed with you last night. And I didn't ask you to do it this time either. I just did it to you."

"That's not how it works, baby," he said. "I'm the adult. I'm supposed to control things."

"We're going to do this again," she said, in the same voice she'd used when she told Janice to let go of her. "I'm not giving you up. I'm not giving this up." She wiggled her belly against his now flaccid penis.

"This is crazy!" he groaned.

"Crazy or not ... it's how things are," she said.

Then she kissed him again.

And this time, he kissed her back ... eagerly

Most of us have a baseline of morality. It is established as we grow up, primarily in our formative years, when we learn right from wrong. Later, as we enter puberty, direction is given to us, either by parents or by culture, about what is expected of us in terms of sex. But that education is much more spotty than learning that lying, or cheating, or stealing is wrong, and honesty and bravery and self control is good.

When it comes to forming who we are sexually, the messages are also mixed. One set of values may be that one should not have sex until one is married. Another may be something entirely different, as happened in the sexual revolution in America in the sixties. Adolescents may be told "Don't have sex until later!" and then be offered condoms. That the condoms are there is because adults know that "Don't have sex until later!" is, at best, a lame attempt by one segment of the culture to try to beat Mother Nature ... and that it will likely fail. Offering condoms is a pragmatic reaction to knowing the moralistic ploys will probably fail.

But young, developing minds don't understand all that. The moral lives of children are based on black and white distinctions made by adults. And when they see what they perceive to be shades of gray, children begin to question the authority and wisdom of those adults.

Life itself also impacts young people's view of right and wrong. When a child is told "Don't touch that stove!" and they do so anyway, the burn they get reinforces the warning. But when an adult says "No kissing!" the kisses that may be stolen produce only something pleasurable. Nothing bad happens after that kiss. In fact, kids find out that kissing is fun!

After that, anything an adult warns about needs to have immediate, visible, undeniable unhappy consequences, or the teen may assume that's just one more thing adults want to keep for themselves, and deny to those younger.

Sex isn't the only category like this, of course. Smoking, drugs and alcohol are right up there with the things kids try ... and see no immediate danger in.

It's especially bad when the kind of warnings given can be positively identified as being fictional. Take, for instance, the time honored scare tactic of telling a child that masturbation will make hair grow on his or her palms, and that then everyone will know that you have done that.

The adult who provides that kind of "information" invariably loses his or her credibility, both quickly and permanently.

In the case of the girls, the bond they had as friends was strong enough, and they were young enough, that what they perceived with their eyes (and emotions) outweighed what they had been told by adults whose credibility was, at least in part, in question. They all "knew" that incest was wrong. But they had already received mixed signals about that too, specifically in their religious indoctrination. Adam and Eve populated creation. Later, Noah and his family repopulated what was left of creation. Logic, whether it was flawed or not, suggested incest played a role in both of those situations.

Basically, seeing no damage from what they knew to have taken place, their reflection on the taboo of incest left them unwilling to proclaim that Judith and her father had done anything really wrong.

For Bob, of course, it wasn't so easy to reverse course on something he'd believed all his life.

And yet, his senses also suggested that he hadn't hurt his daughter. And seeing ... can be very powerful in terms of believing.

It would be some time before he no longer felt guilt about the different kind of love he now felt for his little girl.

In the meantime ... he simply went with the flow.

Of course nobody said anything to Brady and Sister Francine when they returned. The relationship between the girls and their teacher tilted a bit, when Francine came back wearing hip hugger jeans and a form fitting blouse that left no doubt that she was well endowed in the chest department. Only two of the girls, Tiffany and Kendi, to be precise, had seen her in anything other than her habit. That had been on an occasion where they were working off demerits by helping out in the garden. Sister Francine had been wearing straight legged jeans and a flannel shirt at the time.

This was so different from what they were used to that the girls stared, at first.

But modern clothes on Francine couldn't compete with what their teacher had missed while she was gone, so this new appearance soon fell in the category of "different and interesting" but no big deal, relatively speaking.

Then there was general elation as the girls dug into the bags and Francine learned that her guesses had been right on the money. She had shooed Brady out of the room as the bags were unpacked, and soon the girls were prancing around in their new underwear, giggling and telling each other how beautiful they looked, while they checked themselves out in the mirrors in the room. Francine's judgment on sizes was close enough that even if things didn't fit perfectly, the girls didn't mind.

Being dressed more or less normally led to feeling more normal than they had in quite a while, and that settled them down quite a bit so that when Bob knocked on the door and was allowed entry, the emotion they felt didn't show on their faces.

As for Bob, it had taken him more time and courage than he thought it should to face the girls again. But he knew he had to do that. A call from his PR person gave him an idea, which is why he went to see the girls.

"I invited Judith and you ladies here so you could attend the game," he said. "But it was also so Judith could see what her old man does when he's at work. Granted, this is a bit unusual, since we're not at home. And you missed the game, as we all know. But I've got a press conference scheduled, so I thought I'd ask if you want to see what that's like. It's okay if you don't. I'd understand how that might seem boring to you. I'm sure Sister Francine would be happy to take you sightseeing instead, if that's more appealing to you."

The last thing the girls wanted to do, being intimately acquainted with the third eye all nuns seemed to have, was be under the close eye of Sister Francine. They were already worried that she suspected they'd done something terrible. Well ... something else terrible.

So, oddly, the idea of going to a press conference, where Sister might be distracted by all the hubbub, appealed to them. In fact, it was lucky they did that, because it was during the press conference that Monica glanced over at Francine and that Brady person ... and saw them holding hands.

She nudged Janice and then Judith, and hid her hand with her body while pointing.

By the time Francine realized, to her horror, that all five girls were staring at her holding Brady's hand ... it was too late.

The girls had pulled back away from the crowd of clamoring people with microphones and notebooks. Bob was answering questions. Nobody seemed to notice the group of girls. Francine wasn't looking at them either, primarily because she was too embarrassed to do so. She had jerked her hand from Brady's and he'd turned to look at her with raised eyebrows. She'd whispered something to him, whereupon he'd darted a look at the girls. Now he seemed interested in what Bob was saying too.

"She slept in his room last night!" whispered Monica. "You don't suppose..." She left the sentence unfinished, but the insinuation was plain.

"No way!" gasped Tiffany.

"Shit!" whispered Kendi.

"You need to work on that potty mouth," suggested Janice, but she was looking at Sister Francine with wide eyes.

"What does it mean?" asked Monica, to no one in particular.

"It doesn't mean anything happened in his room last night," said Judith. "I mean ... come on! It's Sister Francine!"

"I would have sworn nothing happened in your father's room last night too," pointed out Janice.

"Oh," said Judith, weakly.

"I know how to find out," whispered Kendi.

"How?" asked three of the other girls together.

"We make room for her in our room and see if she finds a reason to go to his room again tonight," said the Oriental girl.

"And what if she does stay with us?" asked Janice.

"Then there's nothing going on," said Kendi.

"And if she stays with us, there won't be anything going on in our room either," pointed out Janice. "Is that what you want?"

"Oh," said Kendi, blushing. "I didn't think of that."

"So you do want to do something with him tonight," said Janice, smiling.

"I didn't say that," said Kendi.

"Well I do," said Tiffany.

"I can't believe you guys," scolded Judith. "You tell me I shouldn't do things with him, but you all want to."

"You're his daughter," said Monica.

"You think I don't know that?" Judith pouted, but only for a few seconds.

"We only have one night left," said Tiffany. "It makes me horny just thinking about it."

"You can't all go to bed with my daddy," insisted Judith. "He's only one man. He can't do that with everybody!"

"She's right," said Janice, thoughtfully. "But if Sister Francine stays in Brady's room again tonight, there won't be anybody there to make us stay in that room. We could find our own guys."

"You mean stay out all night with ... men?" Kendi's voice was shaky.

"Exactly," said Janice.

"That's a stupid idea," said Judith. "If you go to a man's room, you know what he's going to want to do."

"Of course I do," said Janice. "That's the whole point. Like we said before, we'll never get a chance to do this again. And we'll never see these guys again either. They're going home, and so will we. It's the perfect one night stand."

"What is wrong with you?" asked Judith.

"The same thing that's wrong with you," said the wild one in the bunch. "You've gotten laid twice since we've been here. Why do you want to keep us from doing the same thing?"

"Because it's a crazy idea. My daddy loves me. He would never hurt me. What if the guy you're with decides he wants to do something kinky?"

"Like what?" asked Monica, who looked interested rather than wary.

"Like butt fuck you," blurted Kendi.

All four of her friends turned to stare at her.

"Who are you?" asked Monica. "And what did you do with our friend?"

"Just because you think I'm little miss goody two shoes doesn't mean I don't know anything," said Kendi, sticking her chin out.

"So where did you come up with that one?" asked Monica.

"It happened to me while I was home for the summer. I was surfing and I met this guy and he told me I looked hot and had a beautiful butt. He said he wanted to ... you know ... with me ... in my butt."

"Did you let him?" asked Tiffany, her eyes wide.

"Of course not!" said Kendi, looking offended. "That's nasty!"

"These guys just won the Super Bowl," said Monica. "What makes you think they'd want to do anything with a bunch of teenage girls anyway?"

"Where were you during that party in the locker room?" asked Judith. "Hiding somewhere? Because everybody else practically got raped!"

"They were out of control then," said Janice. "They've had time to calm down. And all we have to do is make sure that we stay in groups of at least two. It will be like double dating. If one of us gets in trouble, the other will be there to make noise or whatever. They'll be too scared of getting in trouble to get too pushy."

"And just how do you propose meeting these men?" asked Judith.

"At the banquet tonight, of course," said Janice smugly. "Where they will be on their best behavior."

Thus is another example of adolescent reasoning. And another example of why it gets them in so much trouble.

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